(sciglossary: draft v499)


Plan for a web page to support the release of certain aspects of an agents plan to facilitate coordination while enabling empowerment

Problem statement

Frame program within the awffw business and its proximate environment. 

Web page SWOT analysis

  1. <Strength>
  1. <Weakness>

  1. <Opportunity>
  1. <Threat>


Business planning vision process defines vision.  The web site should demonstrate that focus. 


Creating an adaptive planning hoshin network.  

Strategy definitions


Action Plan

Each page in the web is defined by an instance in the content list.  The web consists of frames (built by the same istrings file) which are made up of pages with the same within frame navigation. 

Create the informational pages that link from the web page framework:

Framework page plans

Each of the frames that you decide will support your business should be constructed in its own section below.  Currently there are three samples of RSS pages representing the how to page, the references page and the glossary page.  The items in the glossary can be deployed automatically into an active glossary. The javascript must look for your glossary page name.  



Glossary of terms

Terms are either outlined here or in their own page on the site and have a link here.  It is assumed that the frame has been deployed with the frame name 'frame name'.