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Competitor - Competitor analysis /Competitor
awffwpwac.htm#Competitor_analysis_ Competitor analysis Competitor Summary Competitor competitor Competitor analysis Competitor segments Competitor provider Competitor types Competitor robsstrategystudio Competitor org Competitor awfcpiref Competitor Porter_Michael_E Competitor _1980 Competitor _Competitive Competitor Medical_system_quality_differentiation Competitor quality Competitor cost leadership Competitor innovation Competitor focus #Hospital_business_model_focus_strategies Competitor business #Medical_system_for_profit Competitor model Competitor profit #Geographic_niche_hospital_strategies Competitor geographic Competitor niche Competitor discusses Competitor entrants Competitor Key_flows_in_the_health_care_provider Competitor Significant Competitor across Competitor value delivery system Competitor detailed Competitor Introduction Competitor health Competitor care Competitor industry Competitor complex Competitor VDS Competitor cooperating Competitor competing Competitor payers Competitor providers Competitor physicians Competitor includes #Provider_business_analysis Competitor General #Customer_segmentation_analysis_ Competitor Provider Competitor segmentation Competitor Integrated Competitor system Competitor delivery Competitor network Competitor differentiation #Medical_system_cost_leadership Competitor leadership #Hospital_network_power_ Competitor Hospital Competitor power #Medical_system_Innovation_focus Competitor science Competitor Hospital_business_model_focus_strategies

Provider analysis - Competitor analysis /Provider analysis
awffwpwac.htm#Provider_business_analysis Provider business analysis Provider US Provider health Provider care Provider providers Provider increasingly Provider affected Provider Introduction Provider exotic Provider diseases Provider altering Provider hospital Provider demodwbp Provider awffwpwgl Provider gl_Infection_control Provider infection Provider strategies Provider Increasing Provider specialization Provider doctors Provider driven Provider robsstrategystudio Provider org Provider awfcasag Provider Medical_education_focused_onto_Johns Provider educational Provider results Provider shorter Provider times Provider patient Provider operational Provider complexity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Antibiotics Provider Antibiotics Provider dependent Provider processes Provider evolving Provider resistant Provider super Provider bugs Provider C Provider diff ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MRSA Provider MRSA Provider XDR Provider tuberculosis Provider undermine Provider treatment Provider Surgery Provider Perioperative Provider antibiotics ../demodwbp/awffwpwbvds13.htm Provider Health Provider Value Provider Delivery ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VDS Provider System Provider VDS Provider divided Provider islands Provider vertical Provider integration Provider large Provider insurers Provider pharmacists Provider PAC ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urgent_care_clinic Provider urgent care Provider businesses Provider awffwpwgco Provider Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Provider surgical Provider physician Provider groups Provider community Provider clinics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Provider CVS Provider continues ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ Provider UHG Provider like Provider diversified Provider services Provider strategy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ Provider merging Provider Aetna ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Provider responding Provider Amazon Provider potential Provider disruption Provider pharmacy Provider market Provider awffwpwbeco13 Provider Oct_2017_NYT_CVS_Is_Said_to_Be_in_Talks Provider purchases Provider 69 Provider Billion Provider developing Provider based Provider sites Provider big Provider deal Provider awffwpwgsu Provider Leerink_Partners_ Provider Gupte Provider Dec_2017_NYT_CVS_to_Buy_Aetna_for_69

Customer - Competitor analysis /Customer
awffwpwac.htm#Customer_segmentation_analysis_ Customer segmentation analysis Customer Hospital Customer agency Customer only Customer understood Customer viewed Customer terms Customer demodwbp Customer awffwpwbphp Customer pressured_by_political_actions Customer political Customer cost Customer growth Customer generation Customer jobs Customer reimbursement Customer pricing Customer forces Customer dominate Customer US Customer health Customer care Customer dramatic Customer pressures Customer providers Customer altering Customer structured Customer make Customer money ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Customer current Customer network Customer costly Customer underperforming

pressured by political actions - Competitor analysis /pressured by political actions
awffwpwac.htm#pressured_by_political_actions pressured by political actions pressured by political pressured by actions pressured by reduce pressured by medically pressured by driven pressured by unsustainable pressured by growth pressured by national pressured by debt pressured by move pressured by away ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk pressured by low pressured by risk pressured by FFS pressured by shop pressured by business pressured by model pressured by restructure pressured by focus pressured by acute pressured by care pressured by hospital pressured by transactional pressured by services pressured by leverage pressured by bundled pressured by payments pressured by tightly pressured by integrating pressured by PAC pressured by network ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCMH

Christensen argues that each business - Competitor analysis /Christensen argues that each business
awffwpwac.htm#Christensen_argues_that_each_business Christensen argues that each business Christensen argues robsstrategystudio Christensen argues org Christensen argues awfcasdh Christensen argues Disrupting_health_cares_hospital Christensen argues diseases Christensen argues typically Christensen argues intersecting Christensen argues more Christensen argues system Christensen argues body Christensen argues Typical Christensen argues hospital Christensen argues organizations Christensen argues encourage Christensen argues specialists Christensen argues focus Christensen argues systems Christensen argues deal Christensen argues diagnosis Christensen argues treatment Christensen argues But Christensen argues studying Christensen argues perspective Christensen argues only Christensen argues therefore Christensen argues develop Christensen argues integrated Christensen argues solution Christensen argues consonant Christensen argues Christensen Christensen argues demodwbp Christensen argues awffwpwgco Christensen argues Texas_Heart_Institute_ Christensen argues Heart ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Cleveland_clinic_ Christensen argues Cleveland Christensen argues Clinic Christensen argues Institutes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mayo_Clinic_business_model Christensen argues Mayo Christensen argues separated Christensen argues shops Christensen argues For Christensen argues un Christensen argues optimized Christensen argues hospitals Christensen argues find Christensen argues wrong Christensen argues prescription Christensen argues drugs Christensen argues devices Christensen argues inaccurate Christensen argues incomplete Christensen argues diagnoses Christensen argues stream Christensen argues individually Christensen argues operating Christensen argues awfcpiref Christensen argues Steele_Jr Christensen argues _Glenn_D Christensen argues _and_David_T Christensen argues awfcaseqc Christensen argues Building_a_better_health_care_network Christensen argues agree Christensen argues 24 Christensen argues 7 Christensen argues Branded Christensen argues Urgent Care Christensen argues 1 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Christensen argues ramp Christensen argues disruption Christensen argues CVS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Wal-Mart_ Christensen argues Wal Christensen argues Mart Christensen argues intend Christensen argues enter Christensen argues health Christensen argues care Christensen argues provider Christensen argues market Christensen argues 5th_Feb_2014_CVS_announce_stopping_sales Christensen argues offering

Patient hospitals - Competitor analysis /Patient hospitals
awffwpwac.htm#Patient_centered_hospitals Patient centered hospitals Patient makes Patient hospital Patient experience Patient great Patient factors Patient include Patient Pricing Patient care Patient lead Patient financial Patient ruin ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Patient Medicare Patient 340B Patient payments Patient hospitals Patient reduced Patient significantly Patient demodwbp Patient awffwpwgco Patient VA_Boston_Healthcare_System Patient awffwpwgsu Patient BUSPH_Dr Patient _Austin_Frakt_ Patient Austin Patient Seems Patient clear Patient after Patient program Patient expanded Patient misusing Patient discount Patient drug Patient margin Patient ment Patient fund Patient more Patient services Patient poor Patient Hospital Patient lobbyists Patient fighting Patient reduction Patient court Patient while Patient pharmaceutical Patient companies Patient pushing Patient reductions Patient awffwpwbpol13 Patient Aug_2018_NYT_A_Little Patient Known_Windfall_for Patient awffwpwpal Patient Patient_segmentation_analysis_ Patient _Core_ Patient People Patient approach Patient Auxiliary Patient etc Patient Children Patient oriented Patient available Patient Approach Patient elderly Patient designed Patient stress Patient Impacts Patient stays Patient disrupted Patient sleep Patient unappetizing Patient meal Patient impacts Patient muscle Patient mass Patient balance Patient medicine Patient complications Patient delirium Patient pain Patient internal ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anemia Patient bleeding Patient anemia ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Patient ED Patient crowding Patient chaos ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PTSD Patient induced Patient PTSD Patient forced Patient walk Patient gowns Patient results Patient post Patient syndrome ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Discharge_procedures Patient discharge ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Yale_University_ Patient Yale Patient Harlam Patient Krumholz Patient concluded Patient based Patient readmission Patient unrelated Patient problems Patient initial Patient cause Patient hospitalization Patient awffwpwbtec13 Patient Aug_2018_NYT_The_Illness_Is_Bad_Enough Patient infrastructure Patient expert Patient surgeons Patient physicians Patient ensure Patient quality Patient patient Patient convenience Patient lean Patient production Patient architecture Patient used Patient Geisinger Patient overcome Patient described Patient robsstrategystudio Patient org Patient awfcpiref Patient Steele_Jr Patient _Glenn_D Patient _and_David_T Patient Glenn Patient Pearl_Robert_2017 Patient _Mistreated Patient Robert Patient value delivery system Patient prioritized Patient timely Patient access Patient limited Patient resources ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_attack Patient critical Patient Heart Patient attacks Patient awffwpwbsoc13 Patient Jul_2015_NYT_Mysteries_of_the_Heart_ Patient Strokes Patient Jun_2015_NYT_Racing_the_Clock_Saving

Medical system quality differentiation strategies - Competitor analysis /Medical system quality differentiation strategies
awffwpwac.htm#Medical_system_quality_differentiation Medical system quality differentiation ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Geisinger_Health_System Medical Geisinger Medical differentiated Medical superorganism Medical integrated Medical health Medical plan Medical care Medical delivery Medical network Medical Similar Medical businesses Medical include Medical demodwbp Medical awffwpwgco Medical Intermountain_Healthcare_of_Utah Medical VA Medical Veterans_Health_AdministrationVHA_ Medical Health ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mayo_Clinic Medical Mayo Medical Clinic Medical Virginia_Mason_Medical_Center_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Cleveland_clinic_ Medical Cleveland Medical alternative Medical structures Medical cooperate Medical compete Medical independent Medical Notable Medical events Medical involving Medical hospital Medical networks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Broad_Institute Medical Broad Medical Institute Medical finds Medical glioblastomas ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DNA Medical grow Medical fast Medical DNA Medical islands Medical linked Medical methylation Medical Cleveland_clinic_ Medical Rich Medical discovery Medical rule Medical changing Medical awffwpwbtec13 Medical Dec_2015_NYT_Scientists_Discover_Reason Medical Robert Medical Califf Medical nominated Medical President Medical Obama Medical FDA Medical commissioner

Medical leadership strategies - Competitor analysis /Medical leadership strategies
awffwpwac.htm#Medical_system_cost_leadership Medical system cost leadership ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Kaiser_Permanente Medical Kaiser Medical cost leadership Medical superorganism Medical business strategies Medical assume Medical risk Medical Since Medical 1944 Medical Permanente Medical health Medical system Medical group Medical practice Medical composed Medical three Medical associated Medical operations Medical plan Medical initially Medical contracted Medical insurers Medical non Medical profit Medical hospital Medical infrastructure Medical owner Medical operator Medical generates Medical large Medical revenues Medical margins Medical Group Medical partnership Medical employs Medical doctors Medical Such Medical managed Medical care Medical contrast Medical ubiquitous Medical FFS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AMA Medical anathema Medical AMA Medical tied Medical together Medical Eugene Medical Trefethen Medical 1955 Medical medical Medical drives Medical model Medical seek Medical encourages Medical behaviors Medical limit Medical characteristic Medical noted Medical Nixon Medical aid Medical John Medical Ehrlichman Medical focused Medical HMO Medical act ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HMO Medical 6 Medical qualified Medical regions Medical 1977 Medical subsequently Medical added Medical Mid Medical Atlantic Medical District Medical Columbia Medical Maryland Medical Georgia Medical But

- Competitor analysis /during the 1990s
awffwpwac.htm#during_the_1990s_Kaiser_abandoned during the 1990s Kaiser abandoned during the Kaiser during the abandoned during the aspects during the business during the Texas during the total during the 1998 during the North during the Carolina during the health during the plan during the 2002 during the Northeast during the 2000 during the And during the growing during the more during the slowly during the managed during the care during the groups during the demodwbp during the awffwpwgsu during the DaVita_Healthcare_partners ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#KP_HealthConnect during the Adopting during the Geisinger ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#EPIC during the Epic during the integration during the strategy during the 2003 during the transformed during the quality during the model during the expanded during the strategic during the value during the br during the formed during the series during the regional during the operations during the reflected during the structures during the Like during the global during the telcos during the Vodafone during the power centers during the resist during the doing during the anything during the company wide during the might during the reduce during the Hence during the about during the only during the IT during the infrastructure during the truly during the across ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#EPIC during the EHR during the branded during the HealthConnect during the Notable during the events during the involving during the hospital during the networks during the include ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hypertension during the Hypertension ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk during the high during the risk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Dementia during the factor during the later during the dementia ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Kaiser_Permanente during the researchers during the find during the awffwpwbtec13 during the Oct_2017_NYT_High_Blood_Pressure_in ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ during the UnitedHealth ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#DaVita during the purchases ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#OPTUM during the physician during the Optum ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US during the 4 during the 9 during the Billion during the US ../demodwbp/awffwpwbvds13.htm during the Value during the Delivery ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VDS during the System during the VDS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Asthma during the chronic during the disease during the asthma ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Type_2_diabetes during the diabetes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Northwestern_University_ during the Northwestern ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#NWU_SMan_Dr._Craig_Garthwaite_ during the Garthwaite ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Kaiser_Permanente during the asks

Hospital network power - Competitor analysis /Hospital network power
awffwpwac.htm#Hospital_network_power_ Hospital network power ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Sutter_Health_ Hospital network Sutter Hospital network Health Hospital network hospital Hospital network strategy Hospital network based Hospital network network Hospital network effects Hospital network Notable Hospital network events Hospital network involving Hospital network networks Hospital network include ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hospital_system Hospital network Major Hospital network systems Hospital network Dignity Hospital network demodwbp Hospital network awffwpwgco Hospital network Catholic_Health_InitiativesCHI Hospital network Ascension ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Advocate_Health_Care Hospital network Advocate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aurora_Health_Care_ Hospital network Aurora Hospital network plan Hospital network mergers Hospital network Tenet Hospital network Community_Health_Systems_Inc Hospital network _ Hospital network sell Hospital network off Hospital network poor Hospital network performing Hospital network hospitals Hospital network shift Hospital network outpatient Hospital network services Hospital network hoping Hospital network capture Hospital network patient Hospital network before Hospital network entrents Hospital network UnitedHealth ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Hospital network CVS Hospital network Amazon Hospital network And Hospital network scale Hospital network help Hospital network margin Hospital network HCIT Hospital network costs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#OPTUM Hospital network Optum Hospital network purchases Hospital network awffwpwgsu Hospital network The_Advisory_Board_Company Hospital network Advisory Hospital network Republican Hospital network tax Hospital network law Hospital network suggests Hospital network reduced Hospital network funding ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Hospital network ACA Hospital network Medicare Hospital network Medicaid Hospital network impacting Hospital network revenue Hospital network awffwpwbeco13 Hospital network Dec_2017_NYT_Hospital_Giants_Vie_for

Medical Innovation focus strategies - Competitor analysis /Medical Innovation focus strategies
awffwpwac.htm#Medical_system_Innovation_focus Medical system Innovation focus ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCSF_Medical_Center_ Medical UCSF Medical Johns Medical Hopkins Medical Harvard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Partners_Healthcare_ Medical affiliated Medical Partners ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCLA_Health_ Medical Healthcare Medical UCLA Medical NYULMC Medical niche Medical business Medical AMC Medical strategy Medical focused Medical innovative Medical medical Medical science Medical technology Medical alignment Medical innovation Medical right Medical product Medical quality Medical channel Medical leading Medical edge Medical drugs Medical devices Medical deploy Medical research Medical reduces Medical constraining Medical fear Medical mistakenly Medical killing Medical patient Medical otherwise Medical forces Medical doctors Medical carefully Medical follow Medical historic Medical precedent Medical Notable Medical events Medical involving Medical hospital Medical networks Medical include Medical difficulty Medical finding Medical patients Medical specific Medical cancer Medical mutations Medical leaves Medical biotechnology Medical AMCs Medical struggling Medical increase Medical base Medical Early Medical F Medical D Medical approvals Medical significant Medical competitive Medical advantages ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Personalized_medicine Medical Personalized Medical medicine Medical immunotherapy Medical constrained Medical Limited Medical argue Medical clinical trial ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Yale_Cancer_Center Medical Yale Medical CC Medical MS Medical KCC ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Genentech Medical Genentech Medical Companies Medical too Medical products Medical requesting Medical trials Medical situation ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Medical companies ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Merck Medical Merck Medical happy Medical see Medical Targeted Medical therapies Medical GSK Medical Pfizer Medical Loxo Medical Oncology Medical potential Medical concern Medical demodwbp Medical awffwpwgco Medical Fred_Hutchinson_Cancer_Research_Center_ Medical awffwpwbtec13 Medical Aug_2017_NYT_A_Cancer_Conundrum Medical _Too

amc S1 - Competitor analysis /amc S1
awffwpwac.htm#amc_S1 amc S1 amc S1 research amc S1 skills

amc S2 - Competitor analysis /amc S2
awffwpwac.htm#amc_S2 amc S2 amc S2 support amc S2 medical amc S2 researchers

amc S3 - Competitor analysis /amc S3
awffwpwac.htm#amc_S3 amc S3 amc S3 technology amc S3 companies amc S3 researchers amc S3 demodwbp amc S3 awffwpwbsoc13 amc S3 Jun_2017_NYT_Cancer_Drug_Proves_to_Be amc S3 awffwpwbtec13 amc S3 Jan_2018_NYT_Apple_in_Sign_of_Health

amc S4 - Competitor analysis /amc S4
awffwpwac.htm#amc_S4 amc S4 amc S4 economists amc S4 etc

amc S5 - Competitor analysis /amc S5
awffwpwac.htm#amc_S5 amc S5 amc S5 reflect amc S5 latest amc S5 theory amc S5 practice amc S5 demodwbp amc S5 awffwpwbsoc13 amc S5 Sep_2015_NYT_Mood_Lighting_From_a_Lab_ amc S5 awffwpwbtec13 amc S5 Feb_2017_NYT_The_purpose_of_sleep_To amc S5 Feb_2018_NYT_Gut_Microbes_Combine_to amc S5 Jan_2018_NYT_Scientists_Discover_a

amc S6 - Competitor analysis /amc S6
awffwpwac.htm#amc_S6 amc S6 amc S6 advanced amc S6 devices

amc S7 - Competitor analysis /amc S7
awffwpwac.htm#amc_S7 amc S7 amc S7 amc_S7 amc S7 7 amc S7 Experts amc S7 genomics amc S7 leverage amc S7 big amc S7 data amc S7 highlight amc S7 risks amc S7 find amc S7 good amc S7 mutations amc S7 search amc S7 internationally amc S7 target amc S7 patients amc S7 trials amc S7 demodwbp amc S7 awffwpwbtec13 amc S7 May_2017_NYT_Rare_Gene_Mutations_Inspire amc S7 Aug_2018_NYT_Clues_to_Your_Health_Are

amc S8 - Competitor analysis /amc S8
awffwpwac.htm#amc_S8 amc S8 amc S8 amc_S8 amc S8 8 amc S8 Powerful amc S8 brands amc S8 demodwbp amc S8 awffwpwbeco13 amc S8 Jul_2014_NYT_E amc S8 R amc S8 _Not_a_Hospital_Is amc S8 Weaknesses

amc W1 - Competitor analysis /amc W1
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W1 amc W1 amc W1 amc_W1 amc W1 1 amc W1 Lack amc W1 patients amc W1 biologic amc W1 treatment amc W1 trials amc W1 demodwbp amc W1 awffwpwbtec13 amc W1 Aug_2017_NYT_A_Cancer_Conundrum amc W1 _Too

amc W2 - Competitor analysis /amc W2
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W2 amc W2 amc W2 relatively amc W2 costly amc W2 risky amc W2 demodwbp amc W2 awffwpwbsoc13 amc W2 Dec_2015_NYT_A_Surgery_Center_That amc W2 awffwpwbeco13 amc W2 Nov_2017_NYT_Endowments_Boom_as_Colleges amc W2 Apr_2018_NYT_For_Cancer_Centers_Proton

amc W3 - Competitor analysis /amc W3
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W3 amc W3 amc W3 independent amc W3 specialists

amc W4 - Competitor analysis /amc W4
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W4 amc W4 amc W4 amc_W4 amc W4 4 amc W4 Lack amc W4 leverage amc W4 EHR amc W4 based amc W4 process amc W4 integration amc W4 3rd amc W4 party amc W4 specialists amc W4 AMCs amc W4 costs

amc W5 - Competitor analysis /amc W5
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W5 amc W5 amc W5 plan

amc W6 - Competitor analysis /amc W6
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W6 amc W6 amc W6 practice amc W6 NCCN amc W6 demodwbp amc W6 awffwpwbsoc13 amc W6 Aug_2015_NYT_Ovarian_Cancer_Treatment_Is

amc W7 - Competitor analysis /amc W7
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W7 amc W7

amc W8 - Competitor analysis /amc W8
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W8 amc W8

amc W9 - Competitor analysis /amc W9
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W9 amc W9

amc W10 - Competitor analysis /amc W10
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W10 amc W10

amc W11 - Competitor analysis /amc W11
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W11 amc W11

amc W12 - Competitor analysis /amc W12
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W12 amc W12

amc W13 - Competitor analysis /amc W13
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W13 amc W13

amc W14 - Competitor analysis /amc W14
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W14 amc W14

amc W15 - Competitor analysis /amc W15
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W15 amc W15

amc W16 - Competitor analysis /amc W16
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W16 amc W16

amc W17 - Competitor analysis /amc W17
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W17 amc W17

amc W18 - Competitor analysis /amc W18
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W18 amc W18

amc W19 - Competitor analysis /amc W19
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W19 amc W19

amc W20 - Competitor analysis /amc W20
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W20 amc W20

amc W21 - Competitor analysis /amc W21
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W21 amc W21

amc W22 - Competitor analysis /amc W22
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W22 amc W22

amc W23 - Competitor analysis /amc W23
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W23 amc W23

amc W24 - Competitor analysis /amc W24
awffwpwac.htm#amc_W24 amc W24 amc W24 Opportunities

amc O1 - Competitor analysis /amc O1
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O1 amc O1 amc O1 amc_O1 amc O1 1 amc O1 Medicare amc O1 demonstrator amc O1 funding amc O1 hot amc O1 spot amc O1 patient amc O1 demodwbp amc O1 awffwpwgl amc O1 gl_Care_coordination amc O1 care amc O1 nurses amc O1 induce amc O1 5 amc O1 cost amc O1 reduction

amc O2 - Competitor analysis /amc O2
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O2 amc O2 amc O2 reduction amc O2 fear amc O2 killing amc O2 patients ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk amc O2 enables amc O2 risky ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Innovation amc O2 innovative amc O2 treatment

amc O3 - Competitor analysis /amc O3
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O3 amc O3 amc O3 amc_O3 amc O3 3 amc O3 Integration amc O3 larger amc O3 demodwbp amc O3 awffwpwgl amc O3 gl_Hospital_system amc O3 hospital amc O3 increase amc O3 competitive amc O3 power amc O3 gain amc O3 access amc O3 more amc O3 patients

amc O4 - Competitor analysis /amc O4
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O4 amc O4 amc O4 access amc O4 clinical amc O4 labs amc O4 experts amc O4 demodwbp amc O4 awffwpwbsoc13 amc O4 Jun_2017_NYT_Cancer_Drug_Proves_to_Be

amc O5 - Competitor analysis /amc O5
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O5 amc O5 amc O5 amc_O5 amc O5 5 amc O5 Early amc O5 F amc O5 D amc O5 approval amc O5 locks amc O5 down amc O5 trial amc O5 opportunities amc O5 demodwbp amc O5 awffwpwbsoc13 amc O5 Jun_2017_NYT_Cancer_Drug_Proves_to_Be amc O5 awffwpwbtec13 amc O5 Apr_2018_NYT_Lung_Cancer_Patients_Live

amc O6 - Competitor analysis /amc O6
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O6 amc O6 amc O6 control amc O6 trials amc O6 clarify amc O6 strategy amc O6 good amc O6 treatment amc O6 demodwbp amc O6 awffwpwbtec13 amc O6 Feb_2015_NYT_Mothers_Sounds_required amc O6 awffwpwbpol13 amc O6 Jan_2017_NYT_Wider_Racial_Gap_Found_in

amc O7 - Competitor analysis /amc O7
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O7 amc O7 amc O7 patients amc O7 rational amc O7 fears amc O7 DCIS amc O7 demodwbp amc O7 awffwpwbsoc13 amc O7 Aug_2015_NYT_Fear_a_Useful_Ally_in

amc O8 - Competitor analysis /amc O8
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O8 amc O8 amc O8 plans amc O8 except amc O8 HMO

amc O9 - Competitor analysis /amc O9
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O9 amc O9 amc O9 amc_O9 amc O9 9 amc O9 Can amc O9 participate amc O9 innovation amc O9 hubs amc O9 public amc O9 private amc O9 universities amc O9 demodwbp amc O9 awffwpwbeco13 amc O9 Nov_2017_NYT_Building_a_Buzzy_Hive_of

amc O10 - Competitor analysis /amc O10
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O10 amc O10 amc O10 access amc O10 trials

amc O11 - Competitor analysis /amc O11
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O11 amc O11 amc O11 amc_O11 amc O11 11 amc O11 Improving amc O11 demodwbp amc O11 awffwpwgl amc O11 gl_Medication_adherence amc O11 medication amc O11 awffwpwbtec13 amc O11 Apr_2017_NYT_The_Cost_of_Not_Taking_Your

amc O12 - Competitor analysis /amc O12
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O12 amc O12 amc O12 collapse amc O12 capture amc O12 valuable amc O12 patients ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED amc O12 free amc O12 standing amc O12 ED amc O12 demodwbp amc O12 awffwpwbeco13 amc O12 Jul_2014_NYT_E amc O12 R amc O12 _Not_a_Hospital_Is

amc O13 - Competitor analysis /amc O13
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O13 amc O13 amc O13 amc_O13 amc O13 13 amc O13 EBM amc O13 research amc O13 investments amc O13 make amc O13 humanity amc O13 focused amc O13 treatments amc O13 robust amc O13 budget amc O13 cuts

amc O14 - Competitor analysis /amc O14
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O14 amc O14 amc O14 amc_O14 amc O14 14 amc O14 Leverage amc O14 demodwbp amc O14 awffwpwgco amc O14 xG_Health_Solutions_ amc O14 integrate amc O14 processes amc O14 doctors

amc O15 - Competitor analysis /amc O15
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O15 amc O15

amc O16 - Competitor analysis /amc O16
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O16 amc O16

amc O17 - Competitor analysis /amc O17
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O17 amc O17

amc O18 - Competitor analysis /amc O18
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O18 amc O18

amc O19 - Competitor analysis /amc O19
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O19 amc O19

amc O20 - Competitor analysis /amc O20
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O20 amc O20

amc O21 - Competitor analysis /amc O21
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O21 amc O21

amc O22 - Competitor analysis /amc O22
awffwpwac.htm#amc_O22 amc O22 amc O22 Threats

amc T1 - Competitor analysis /amc T1
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T1 amc T1 amc T1 reduces amc T1 value amc T1 trials amc T1 constrains amc T1 treatment amc T1 2013 amc T1 demodwbp amc T1 awffwpwbtec13 amc T1 Aug_2017_NYT_Drug_Aimed_at_Inflammation

amc T2 - Competitor analysis /amc T2
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T2 amc T2 amc T2 infrastructure

amc T3 - Competitor analysis /amc T3
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T3 amc T3 amc T3 patients

amc T4 - Competitor analysis /amc T4
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T4 amc T4 amc T4 amc_T4 amc T4 4 amc T4 Stark amc T4 laws amc T4 block amc T4 demodwbp amc T4 awffwpwgl amc T4 gl_EMR amc T4 linkups amc T4 partner amc T4 physicians

amc T5 - Competitor analysis /amc T5
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T5 amc T5 amc T5 amc_T5 amc T5 5 amc T5 Cost amc T5 Epic amc T5 Cerner amc T5 demodwbp amc T5 awffwpwgl amc T5 gl_EMR amc T5 systems amc T5 power amc T5 companies

amc T6 - Competitor analysis /amc T6
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T6 amc T6 amc T6 patient amc T6 damage amc T6 demodwbp amc T6 awffwpwbtec13 amc T6 Nov_2016_NYT_Promising_Drug_For amc T6 2

amc T7 - Competitor analysis /amc T7
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T7 amc T7 amc T7 strategies amc T7 high amc T7 risk amc T7 patients

amc T8 - Competitor analysis /amc T8
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T8 amc T8 amc T8 academics amc T8 undermines amc T8 reputation amc T8 AMC

amc T9 - Competitor analysis /amc T9
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T9 amc T9 amc T9 treatment amc T9 space amc T9 access amc T9 health amc T9 plan amc T9 data

amc T10 - Competitor analysis /amc T10
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T10 amc T10 amc T10 important amc T10 politically amc T10 risky amc T10 demodwbp amc T10 awffwpwbeco13 amc T10 Nov_2017_NYT_Endowments_Boom_as_Colleges

amc T11 - Competitor analysis /amc T11
awffwpwac.htm#amc_T11 amc T11 amc T11 medicine amc T11 demodwbp amc T11 awffwpwbtec13 amc T11 Aug_2016_NYT_Study_Finds_Misdiagnosis amc T11 Jun_2018_Computer_History_Museum_talk_on amc T11 table amc T11 following amc T11 analysis amc T11 discusses amc T11 gross amc T11 implications

amc Imbalances - Competitor analysis /amc Imbalances
awffwpwac.htm#amc_Imbalances amc Imbalances

AMC S2, S3, S4, O2, O11, O16, O17, O18, O21, O22, T6, - Competitor analysis /AMC S2, S3, S4, O2, O11, O16, O17, O18, O21, O22, T6,
awffwpwac.htm#AMC_SWOT_Cl1 AMC SWOT Cl1 AMC Cluster AMC 2 AMC W13 AMC W14 AMC W15 AMC W16 AMC 3 AMC W17 AMC S5 AMC 4 AMC W18 AMC W19 AMC O6 AMC O7 AMC Un AMC assigned AMC S1 AMC W2 AMC W3 AMC W4 AMC W5 AMC W6 AMC W7 AMC W8 AMC W12 AMC W20 AMC W21 AMC O1 AMC O3 AMC O4 AMC O5 AMC O8 AMC O9 AMC O10 AMC O12 AMC O13 AMC O14 AMC O15 AMC O16 AMC T1 AMC T2 AMC T3 AMC T4 AMC T5 AMC T7 AMC br AMC Like AMC Geisinger ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#xG_Health_Solutions_ AMC xG AMC startup AMC many AMC hospital AMC groups AMC looking AMC spinoff AMC technologies AMC startups AMC health AMC care AMC IT AMC incubators ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HCIT AMC gain AMC access AMC HCIT AMC revenues AMC value delivery system AMC forming AMC clusters AMC providers AMC UHC AMC technology AMC AVIA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCLA_Health_ AMC UCLA AMC describes AMC investment AMC research AMC EBM AMC processes AMC used AMC make AMC treatments AMC People AMC Animal AMC Connection AMC robust AMC face AMC budget AMC cuts AMC At AMC Laguna AMC Honda AMC equivalent AMC therapy AMC strategies AMC barnyard AMC greenhouse AMC aviary AMC undermined AMC cost AMC cutting AMC regulations AMC aimed AMC cleanliness AMC Without AMC evidence AMC benefits AMC programs AMC easily AMC constrained ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCLA_Health_ AMC Health AMC focuses AMC JIT ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCLA_Health_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leadership AMC exceptional AMC leader AMC differentiation AMC strategy AMC build AMC leverage AMC great AMC culture AMC achieve AMC broad AMC excellence AMC builds AMC itself AMC various AMC ways AMC demodwbp AMC awffwpwgco AMC UCLA_ensure_timely_outpatient_scheduling AMC Scheduling

Partners Healthcare has used geographic - Competitor analysis /Partners Healthcare has used geographic
awffwpwac.htm#Partners_Healthcare_has_used_geographic Partners Healthcare has used geographic Partners Healthcare Partners_Healthcare_has_used_geographic Partners Healthcare demodwbp Partners Healthcare awffwpwgco Partners Healthcare used Partners Healthcare awffwpwbpol13 Partners Healthcare Jul_7_2014_NYT_The_Risks_of_Hospital Partners Healthcare geographic Partners Healthcare based Partners Healthcare customers Partners Healthcare wanting Partners Healthcare access Partners Healthcare lead Partners Healthcare hospitals Partners Healthcare strategy Partners Healthcare limited Partners Healthcare insurance Partners Healthcare companies Partners Healthcare ability Partners Healthcare demand Partners Healthcare lower Partners Healthcare prices Partners Healthcare required Partners Healthcare nothing Partners Healthcare integration Partners Healthcare network

Hospital business model focus strategies - Competitor analysis /Hospital business model focus strategies
awffwpwac.htm#Hospital_business_model_focus_strategies Hospital business model focus strategies ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Service_line Hospital Both Hospital specialists Hospital service Hospital line Hospital focused Hospital generalists Hospital leverage Hospital generic Hospital strategy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCMH

Reengineering ED use - Competitor analysis /Reengineering ED use
awffwpwac.htm#Reengineering_ED_use Reengineering ED use ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Reengineering ED high Reengineering ED cost Reengineering ED ED Reengineering ED makes Reengineering ED major Reengineering ED focus Reengineering ED improvements Reengineering ED demodwbp Reengineering ED awffwpwpacu Reengineering ED NYT_Dec_2013_E Reengineering ED R Reengineering ED _Costs_for_Mentally_Ill Reengineering ED Raleigh Reengineering ED NC Reengineering ED attempts Reengineering ED limit Reengineering ED inappropriate Reengineering ED use Reengineering ED mentally Reengineering ED ill Reengineering ED And Reengineering ED awffwpwgco Reengineering ED NYT_Sep_6_2013_Ezekiel_Emmanuel_notes Reengineering ED 40 Reengineering ED percent Reengineering ED visits Reengineering ED more Reengineering ED handled Reengineering ED home Reengineering ED Companies Reengineering ED Carna Reengineering ED providing Reengineering ED doctors Reengineering ED nurse Reengineering ED practitioners Reengineering ED supported Reengineering ED customer Reengineering ED care Reengineering ED software Reengineering ED uses Reengineering ED algorithms Reengineering ED help Reengineering ED differentiate Reengineering ED between Reengineering ED cases Reengineering ED safe Reengineering ED require Reengineering ED There Reengineering ED profit Reengineering ED competition Reengineering ED awffwpwgl Reengineering ED gl_Urgent_care_clinic Reengineering ED urgent care Reengineering ED awffwpwsigov Reengineering ED Jul_2014_NYT_Race_Is_On_to_Profit_From Reengineering ED Wall Reengineering ED But Reengineering ED hospital systems Reengineering ED awffwpwac Reengineering ED Medical_system_Innovation_focus Reengineering ED focused

Government sustained, safety net focus - Competitor analysis /Government sustained, safety net focus
awffwpwac.htm#Government_sustained_safety_net_focus_ Government sustained safety net focus ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Safety_net_hospitals Government Safety Government net Government hospitals Government demodwbp Government awffwpwgco Government Grady_Memorial_Hospital_Atlanta_ Government benefit Government high Government volumes Government acute Government patients Government helping Government specialists Government build Government operational Government expertise Government Notable Government events Government involving Government networks Government include ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Government ACA Government funding Government adjustments Government state Government Georgia Government SCOTUS Government refusal Government Medicaid Government expansion Government threatening Government awffwpwgl Government gl_Safety_net_hospitals Government awffwpwbeco13 Government Aug_2016_NYT_Book_Review_Americas ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HRRP Government Issues Government identified Government HRRP ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Government Harvard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cardiology Government cardiologist Government Wadhera Government awffwpwgsu Government Washington_University_in_St Government _Louis_ Government Maddox Government Beth_Israel_Deaconess_Medical_Center Government Yeh Government returning Government processed Government ED Government placed Government observation Government penalized Government low Government income ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Readmissions Government bases Government higher Government readmissions Government rates Government falling Government death Government rising Government awffwpwbpol13 Government Dec_2018_NYT_Did_This_Health_Care_Policy

Medical profit differentiation strategies - Competitor analysis /Medical profit differentiation strategies
awffwpwac.htm#Medical_system_for_profit Medical system for profit ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Hospital_Corporation_of_America_ Medical HCA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Health_Management_Associates_Inc._ Medical HMA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Community_Health_Systems_Inc._ Medical CYH ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#LifePoint_Hospitals_Inc._ Medical LPNT ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Universal_Health_Services_Inc._ Medical UHS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Tenet_Healthcare_Corporation_ Medical Tenet Medical THC Medical strategy Medical profit Medical hospital Medical management Medical companies ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS Medical leveraged Medical FFS Medical powerful Medical mechanism Medical capturing Medical treatment Medical revenue ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Medical benefit Medical ACA Medical driven Medical reductions Medical uninsured Medical develop Medical strategies Medical cope ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Meaningful_use Medical meaningful use Medical constraints Medical least Medical while Medical Administration Medical Senate Medical Democratic Medical Counter Medical cyclical Medical generation Medical growth Medical aging Medical population Medical demographics Medical cash Medical high Medical priced Medical services Medical along Medical consolidation Medical popular ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Medical shareholders Medical hedge Medical funds Medical Glenview ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#2013_CYH_is_aiming_to_purchase_HMA._ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Jun_2013_Tenet_buys_Vanguard Medical target Medical major Medical purchases Medical 2013 Medical bid Medical demodwbp Medical awffwpwgco Medical CYH_takeover_of_HMA_to_consolidate_the Medical opportunity Medical during Medical shift Medical shared Medical risk Medical push Medical independent Medical PCPs Medical specialists Medical towards Medical direct Medical employment Medical Jan_2014_NYT_Hospital_Chain_Said_to Medical just Medical increase Medical cost Medical structure Medical undermine Medical profitability Medical More Medical likely Medical consolidate Medical disintermediate Medical sustain Medical profits Medical unless Medical constrained Medical awffwpwbpol13 Medical Sep_2014_NYT_F Medical _Wary_of_Mergers_By Medical sep

Geographic niche hospital strategies - Competitor analysis /Geographic niche hospital strategies
awffwpwac.htm#Geographic_niche_hospital_strategies Geographic niche hospital strategies Geographic traditional Geographic community Geographic hospitals Geographic provided Geographic infrastructure Geographic lifier Geographic supporting Geographic Development Geographic network Geographic businesses Geographic current Geographic attract Geographic residents Geographic population Geographic independent Geographic doctors Geographic gained Geographic low Geographic cost Geographic access Geographic capital Geographic intensive Geographic medical Geographic explore Geographic proximate Geographic niches Geographic enabling Geographic evolutionary Geographic pressure Geographic build Geographic But Geographic model Geographic undermined Geographic evolved Geographic lifiers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFV Geographic Driving Geographic FFV Geographic transition Geographic forward Geographic physicians Geographic assistance Geographic MACRA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EHR Geographic added Geographic expense Geographic EHR Geographic requirements Geographic Notable Geographic events Geographic involving Geographic networks Geographic include Geographic New York Geographic City Geographic demodwbp Geographic awffwpwgco Geographic New_York_City_Health_and_Hospitals Geographic Health Geographic president Geographic Katz Geographic focus Geographic primary Geographic care Geographic leverage Geographic technology Geographic eConsult Geographic reduce Geographic use Geographic consultants Geographic improve Geographic profitability Geographic awffwpwbpol13 Geographic Jan_2018_NYT_Citys_New_Public_Hospitals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Geographic Amazon Geographic awffwpwgsu Geographic Berkshire_Hathaway_ Geographic _P Geographic _Morgan_Chase_ Geographic JPMorgan Geographic disrupt Geographic health Geographic leveraging Geographic combined Geographic consumer Geographic choice Geographic insurance Geographic knowledge Geographic enable Geographic simplify Geographic awffwpwbeco13 Geographic Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway Geographic Analysts Geographic Berkeley ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Geographic Harvard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Northwestern_University_ Geographic NorthWestern Geographic doubt Geographic achieve Geographic goals Geographic Jan_2018_NYT_Can_Amazon_and_Friends

Key provider network - Competitor analysis /Key provider network
awffwpwac.htm#Key_flows_in_the_health_care_provider Key flows in the health care provider Key provider key Key provider plans Key provider P Key provider flows Key provider F Key provider signals Key provider C Key provider infrastructure Key provider lifiers Key provider IA Key provider evolved Key provider EA Key provider hospital Key provider management Key provider companies Key provider Regulator Key provider NY Key provider DOH Key provider demodwbp Key provider awffwpwgocu Key provider NYT_Aug_2013_NYSDOH_and_Price_gouging Key provider limiting Key provider pricing Key provider relaxed

US Congress and trade deals - Competitor analysis /US Congress and trade deals
awffwpwac.htm#US_Congress_and_trade_deals US Congress and trade deals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TPP US Congress trade US Congress deals US Congress TPP ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biologics US Congress provide US Congress biologic ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Data_exclusivity US Congress data US Congress exclusivity US Congress creating US Congress barrier US Congress entry US Congress biosimilars US Congress requiring US Congress manufacturers US Congress fund US Congress drug US Congress trials ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FSMB US Congress C US Congress FSMB US Congress Interstate US Congress Commission US Congress demodwbp US Congress awffwpwbpol13 US Congress Interstate_medicine_regulation US Congress enable US Congress tele US Congress health US Congress networks US Congress Mayo US Congress Medical US Congress guilds US Congress ACG US Congress advocating US Congress hospital US Congress based US Congress yearly US Congress test US Congress use US Congress obstetrician US Congress rather US Congress midwife US Congress Enhancing US Congress process US Congress increases US Congress revenues US Congress significantly US Congress EA US Congress awffwpwgco US Congress Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges US Congress Federal ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Narrow_networks US Congress payer US Congress narrow

- Competitor analysis /Formilary blocks and copayments removed
awffwpwac.htm#Formilary_blocks_and_copayments_removed Formilary blocks and copayments removed Formilary blocks Formulary Formilary blocks blocks Formilary blocks demodwbp Formilary blocks awffwpwbeco13 Formilary blocks Oct_2015_NYT_Drug_Makers_Sidestep Formilary blocks copayments Formilary blocks awffwpwgl Formilary blocks gl_Specialty_pharmacies Formilary blocks specialty Formilary blocks tied Formilary blocks awffwpwgsu Formilary blocks Pershing_Square_Capital_Management Formilary blocks highly Formilary blocks pharmaceutical Formilary blocks companies Formilary blocks Valeant ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Questcor_pharmaceuticals_ Formilary blocks Questcor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Horizons_Prescriptions_Made_Easy Formilary blocks Horizon Formilary blocks etc ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Formilary blocks C Formilary blocks PBM Formilary blocks pharmacists Formilary blocks Drug_distributors_ Formilary blocks drug Formilary blocks work Formilary blocks together Formilary blocks control Formilary blocks channel Formilary blocks generic Formilary blocks drugs Formilary blocks driving Formilary blocks down Formilary blocks manufacturers Formilary blocks prices Formilary blocks Aug_2017_NYTPropublica_Generic_Drug ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Formilary blocks EA Formilary blocks selecting Formilary blocks based Formilary blocks size Formilary blocks rebate Formilary blocks company Formilary blocks Feb_2016_NYT_Break_Up_the_Insulin_Racket

- Competitor analysis /Hospitals
awffwpwac.htm#Hospitals_limiting_access_to_pricing Hospitals limiting access to pricing Hospitals limiting Hospitals access Hospitals pricing Hospitals data Hospitals 98 Hospitals AHA Hospitals ACHE Hospitals CEOs Hospitals expect Hospitals provide Hospitals cost Hospitals quality Hospitals public Hospitals 2024 Hospitals EA Hospitals Hospices Hospitals billing Hospitals Medicare Hospitals inpatient Hospitals care Hospitals patients Hospitals needed Hospitals routine Hospitals home Hospitals demodwbp Hospitals awffwpwbpol13 Hospitals Apr_2016_NYT_Medicare_Often_Overbilled ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS Hospitals FFS Hospitals standard Hospitals resources Hospitals supplies Hospitals procedures Hospitals labs Hospitals awffwpwbeco13 Hospitals Jan_2014_NYT_Patients_Costs_Skyrocket Hospitals Small Hospitals especially Hospitals valuable Hospitals specialists Hospitals hospitals Hospitals Sep_2014_NYT_After_Surgery_117000 Hospitals Fee Hospitals increase Hospitals shared Hospitals revenue Hospitals surgery Hospitals IA Hospitals Hospitals Hospitals using Hospitals gratitude Hospitals successful Hospitals treatment Hospitals use Hospitals responsible Hospitals doctors Hospitals gain Hospitals donations Hospitals Sep_2015_NYT_A_New_Effort_Has_Doctors

- Competitor analysis /'Independent'
awffwpwac.htm#Independent_doctors_have_invested Independent doctors have invested Independent' doctors Independent' demodwbp Independent' awffwpwbeco13 Independent' Infrastructure_amplifies_the_income_of Independent' invested Independent' imaging Independent' driving Independent' returns Independent' referral Independent' practices ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Independent' Private Independent' equity Independent' buying Independent' up Independent' high Independent' profit Independent' dermatology Independent' awffwpwgco Independent' Advanced_Dermatology_and_Cosmetic Independent' Schweiger_Dermatology_ Independent' United_Skin_Specialists_ Independent' peer Independent' reviewed Independent' paper Independent' describing Independent' purchase Independent' throughput Independent' billing Independent' generate Independent' significant Independent' removed Independent' AAD Independent' website Independent' after Independent' powerful Independent' dermatologists Independent' linked Independent' private equity Independent' complained Independent' Oct_2018_NYT_Why_Private_Equity_Is Independent' EA Independent' Costs Independent' infrastructure Independent' like Independent' awffwpwbtec13 Independent' Jan_31_2014_NYT_We_are_giving_ourselves Independent' CT Independent' drives Independent' owners Independent' expand Independent' FFS Independent' use

Process to handle epidemic infected - Competitor analysis /Process to handle epidemic infected
awffwpwac.htm#Process_to_handle_epidemic_infected Process to handle epidemic infected ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Epidemic Process to handle Process to epidemic Process to infected Process to patient Process to safe Process to entry Process to hospital Process to demodwbp Process to awffwpwgco Process to Texas_Health_Presbyterian_ Process to ED Process to Texas_Health_Presbyterian_ED_fails_to Process to fails Process to Ebola Process to infection Process to respond Process to Texas_Health_ships_Ebola_waste_to_Port Process to unusual Process to F Process to Patients Process to informed Process to where Process to process Process to C Process to registered Process to admitted Process to treated Process to EA Process to Reputation Process to expert Process to doctors Process to Dunn Process to Kliman Process to builds Process to UCLA_developed_and_leverage_a_reputation Process to base Process to challenging Process to patients Process to technology Process to partnerships Process to supporting Process to Surgeons Process to performing Process to treatments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hernia Process to Hernia Process to occurrence Process to young Process to boys Process to encourages Process to pediatric Process to involvement Process to facilitates Process to surgical Process to awffwpwbsoc13 Process to Mar_2016_NYT_How_to_Spot_and_Treat_a

Medicare Part B drug payment - Competitor analysis /Medicare Part B drug payment
awffwpwac.htm#Medicare_Part_B_drug_payment Medicare Part B drug payment Medicare Part EA Medicare Part Medicare_Part_B_drug_payment Medicare Part Part Medicare Part B Medicare Part drug Medicare Part payment Medicare Part encourages Medicare Part prescription Medicare Part expensive Medicare Part alternative Medicare Part treatment Medicare Part demodwbp Medicare Part awffwpwbpol13 Medicare Part Mar_2016_NYT_U Medicare Part S Medicare Part _to_Test_Ways_to_Cut Medicare Part D Medicare Part reinsurance Medicare Part insurers Medicare Part finance Medicare Part costly Medicare Part drugs Medicare Part subscribers Medicare Part transfers Medicare Part funds Medicare Part taxpayers Medicare Part Aug_2018_NYT_The_Large_Hidden_Costs_of Medicare Part C Medicare Part Regulatory Medicare Part constraint Medicare Part Nov_2014_NYT_Private_oncologists_being Medicare Part oncology ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Reimbursement Medicare Part F Medicare Part Reimbursements Medicare Part treatments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Copayment Medicare Part Copayments Medicare Part Bedding Medicare Part resupplied Medicare Part Food Medicare Part Medicines Medicare Part Patients Medicare Part awffwpwgl Medicare Part gl_Medication_adherence Medicare Part don Medicare Part take Medicare Part prescribed Medicare Part awffwpwbtec13 Medicare Part Apr_2017_NYT_The_Cost_of_Not_Taking_Your ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_M-Health Medicare Part IA Medicare Part health Medicare Part medicine Medicare Part caps Medicare Part pill Medicare Part boxes Medicare Part pharmacy Medicare Part support Medicare Part improve Medicare Part flow Medicare Part medicines Medicare Part Hospital Medicare Part requests Medicare Part saline Medicare Part IV

- Competitor analysis /Saline
awffwpwac.htm#Saline_purchased_by_hospital_purchasing_ Saline purchased by hospital purchasing Saline purchased Saline hospital Saline purchasing Saline IA Saline Saline Saline distributed Saline EA Saline demodwbp Saline awffwpwgsu Saline Hospital_clinical_supplies_ Saline bundled Saline free Saline devices Saline specific Saline pharmaceuticals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Immunotherapy Saline Immunotherapies Saline commercialized Saline awffwpwgco Saline MSK_Office_of_Technology_Development_ Saline technology Saline executive Saline relationships Saline biotechnology Saline startups Saline awffwpwbpol13 Saline Sep_2018_NYTProPublica_Sloan_Kettering Saline Patient Saline advocates Saline conflict Saline interest Saline supports Saline huge Saline profits Saline beverage Saline companies Saline awffwpwbeco13 Saline Oct_2016_NYT_Soda_Giants_Back_Then Saline Surgeons Saline lobby Saline builds Saline arguments Saline obesity Saline surgery Saline education Saline awffwpwbsoc13 Saline Nov_2016_NYT_Many_Wrong_On_Causes_Of Saline F Saline resupplied Saline IV Saline manufacturers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Hospital_supplies_distributors Saline Distributors Saline Group Saline purchasing_hospital_supplies Saline group

- Competitor analysis /High cost
awffwpwac.htm#High_cost_biologic_insulin_manufacturer High cost biologic insulin manufacturer High cost biologic High cost insulin High cost manufacturer High cost price High cost fixing High cost PBM High cost rebates High cost alleged High cost demodwbp High cost awffwpwbeco13 High cost Jan_2017_NYT_Drug_Makers_Accused_of ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer High cost C High cost cancer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Rituxan High cost drugs High cost Rituxan High cost etc High cost independent High cost oncologists High cost refer High cost patients High cost treatment High cost hospitals High cost awffwpwbpol13 High cost Nov_2014_NYT_Private_oncologists_being High cost awffwpwgsu High cost Hospital_ED_and_Pharmacies_generic High cost Generic High cost costly High cost produce High cost inducing High cost weak High cost low High cost profit High cost pipeline High cost May_2016_NYT_Sometimes_Drugs_Are_Not High cost May_2017_NYT_A_Vital_Drug_Runs_Low

reduced wealth and aging - Competitor analysis /reduced wealth and aging
awffwpwac.htm#reduced_wealth_and_aging reduced wealth and aging reduced wealth reduced_wealth_and_aging reduced wealth wealth reduced wealth aging reduced wealth US reduced wealth population reduced wealth forcing reduced wealth state reduced wealth politicians reduced wealth look ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid reduced wealth ways reduced wealth restrict reduced wealth Medicaid reduced wealth demodwbp reduced wealth awffwpwbpol13 reduced wealth NYT_Mar_2014_Pitfalls_Seen_in_a_States reduced wealth spending reduced wealth Given reduced wealth Avoiding_the_nursing_home_lobby reduced wealth power reduced wealth political reduced wealth risks reduced wealth leveraging reduced wealth funding reduced wealth private reduced wealth long reduced wealth term reduced wealth care reduced wealth alternatives reduced wealth indirection ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Uncertainty reduced wealth mitigate reduced wealth financial reduced wealth uncertainty ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk reduced wealth via reduced wealth global reduced wealth capitation reduced wealth flexibility reduced wealth But reduced wealth Constrained_state_budgets_limit_access reduced wealth scenario

Analysis - Analysis frame /Analysis
awffwpwanhp.htm#Analysis_Frame_ Analysis Frame Analysis Summary Analysis page Analysis introduce Analysis analysis Analysis covered Analysis frame Analysis First Analysis conclusions Analysis listed Analysis imply Analysis solve Analysis strategic Analysis dilemma #Trends_in_the_Environment Analysis associates Analysis trends Analysis environment Analysis Emergent Analysis forces Analysis focused Analysis After_many_years_when_health_care Analysis state #reduced_wealth_and_aging Analysis impact Analysis 2008 Analysis financial Analysis crisis Analysis aging Analysis population Analysis evolution Analysis US Analysis health Analysis care Analysis market Analysis Single Analysis payer Analysis scenario Analysis Singapore #Key_influences_of_the_health_care Analysis Key Analysis influences Analysis network Analysis highlighted #Porter_Power_Relationships Analysis Both Analysis power Analysis Longview Analysis discussed #lifiers Analysis lifiers Analysis reviewed Analysis small Analysis leverages Analysis assessment Analysis outlining Analysis long Analysis term Analysis shape Analysis key Analysis variables Analysis tax Analysis policy Analysis elites Analysis mass Analysis production Analysis transactional Analysis architecture Analysis based Analysis Dorner Analysis methodology Analysis goal #generated_web_structure Analysis generated Analysis web Analysis structure Analysis allow Analysis reader Analysis follow Analysis either Analysis Thematic Analysis top Analysis down Analysis described Analysis pages Analysis proximity Analysis various Analysis detailed Analysis observations Analysis look Analysis alternative Analysis causal Analysis associations Analysis Detailed Analysis PEST Analysis current Analysis business Analysis situation Analysis about Analysis operation Analysis supported Analysis increasingly Analysis level Analysis abstract Analysis assessments

generated web structure - Analysis frame /generated web structure
awffwpwanhp.htm#generated_web_structure generated web structure generated web structure generated web includes generated web small ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Frame generated web providing generated web list generated web pages generated web oriented generated web around generated web particular generated web perspective generated web business generated web customers generated web competitors generated web etc generated web Agents generated web addressable generated web action generated web Hospitals generated web Geisinger generated web demodwbp generated web awffwpwgco generated web Mount_Sinai_Health_System_ generated web Insurers generated web Aetna generated web UHG generated web New generated web entrants generated web Amazon generated web CVS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HHS generated web Government generated web S generated web secretary ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CMS generated web administrator ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA generated web F generated web D generated web commissioner generated web associated generated web model generated web description generated web PEST generated web links generated web Glossary generated web evolvable generated web baseline generated web terms generated web ACA generated web ACO generated web Economics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFV generated web FFV generated web Hot generated web Spot ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Immuno-oncology generated web immuno generated web oncology ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Precision_medicine generated web Precision generated web medicine generated web historic generated web details generated web Introduction ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AWF generated web AWF generated web generic generated web analysis generated web US generated web health generated web care generated web network generated web written generated web hospital generated web system generated web structured generated web leverage generated web complex generated web adaptive generated web CAS generated web theory generated web generated generated web source generated web provided generated web data generated web your generated web enterprise generated web situation generated web models generated web implications generated web hope generated web open generated web template generated web customize generated web see generated web fit generated web useful generated web shape generated web awffwpwgl generated web gl_Frame generated web soon generated web creative generated web private generated web alternatives generated web Our generated web main generated web conclusions generated web patient generated web becoming generated web older generated web healthy generated web developing generated web conditions generated web require generated web chronic generated web acute generated web services generated web But generated web majority generated web people generated web getting generated web poorer generated web Traditional generated web hospitals generated web grab generated web bag generated web inefficient generated web cross generated web subsidized generated web transactional generated web operations #Successive_governments_have generated web forced generated web legislation generated web regulation generated web indirect generated web impacts generated web competitive generated web strategy generated web awffwpwac generated web Medical_system_quality_differentiation generated web integrated generated web end generated web focused generated web processes generated web payer generated web providers #EHR_technology_has_enabled_Geisingers generated web leveraging generated web technology generated web improve generated web quality generated web reduce generated web costs generated web line generated web extend generated web robsstrategystudio generated web org generated web awfcaseqc generated web ProvenCare_Acute generated web _Implementing_the ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hot_Spot generated web community generated web effects generated web switching generated web insurance generated web awffwpwgsu generated web Fail_to_Scale generated web difficult ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED generated web ED generated web treatment generated web volume generated web targeted generated web gl_Urgent_care_clinic generated web urgent care generated web Powerful ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS generated web Walmart generated web attacking generated web market generated web efficient generated web awffwpwpo generated web Drive_towards_community_based_sites_of generated web chain generated web business models generated web aim generated web PCP generated web relationship generated web awfcasdh generated web Disrupting_primary_care_businesses generated web disrupt

Successive governments have - Analysis frame /Successive governments have
awffwpwanhp.htm#Successive_governments_have Successive governments have Successive governments Successive_governments_have Successive governments supported Successive governments robsstrategystudio Successive governments org Successive governments awfcashn Successive governments The_significant_feedback_networks Successive governments economic Successive governments forces Successive governments undermining Successive governments health Successive governments majority Successive governments But Successive governments differ Successive governments approach Successive governments public Successive governments finance Successive governments safety Successive governments net Successive governments services Successive governments treatment Successive governments expenses Successive governments There Successive governments agreement Successive governments care Successive governments cost Successive governments impacts Successive governments business Successive governments constrained Successive governments legislation Successive governments HIPAA Successive governments HITECH Successive governments ACA Successive governments MACRA Successive governments associated Successive governments regulations Successive governments reducing Successive governments government Successive governments employer Successive governments healthcare Successive governments spending Successive governments hospital Successive governments revenues

EHR technology has enabled Geisingers - Analysis frame /EHR technology has enabled Geisingers
awffwpwanhp.htm#EHR_technology_has_enabled_Geisingers EHR technology has enabled Geisingers EHR technology EHR_technology_has_enabled_Geisingers EHR technology robsstrategystudio EHR technology org EHR technology awfcaseqc EHR technology Transformative_use_of_EHR_through_a EHR technology technology EHR technology Geisinger EHR technology vision EHR technology end EHR technology efficient EHR technology care EHR technology bundle EHR technology And EHR technology influenced EHR technology health EHR technology systems EHR technology HCIT EHR technology strategies EHR technology driven EHR technology associated EHR technology regulations EHR technology high EHR technology lifier EHR technology significantly EHR technology affecting EHR technology increased EHR technology leverage ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Robots EHR technology robots EHR technology cloud ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Big_Data EHR technology services EHR technology Big EHR technology data EHR technology analytics EHR technology help EHR technology impact EHR technology subscriber EHR technology costs EHR technology obvious EHR technology HITECH EHR technology act EHR technology HIPAA EHR technology ACA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EHR EHR technology entrenched EHR technology developers EHR technology particularly EHR technology Epic EHR technology Cerner EHR technology core ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HCIT EHR technology hospitals EHR technology infrastructure EHR technology evolved EHR technology government EHR technology setup EHR technology deployed EHR technology up EHR technology data silos EHR technology provide EHR technology power EHR technology patient EHR technology But EHR technology records EHR technology business EHR technology model EHR technology reach EHR technology across EHR technology whole EHR technology continuum EHR technology low EHR technology PAC EHR technology providers EHR technology home EHR technology agencies EHR technology outpatient EHR technology rehabs EHR technology support EHR technology current EHR technology margins EHR technology appear EHR technology essential EHR technology making EHR technology FFV EHR technology profitable EHR technology integrated EHR technology episode EHR technology financial EHR technology flows EHR technology Biotechnology EHR technology advances EHR technology based EHR technology demodwbp EHR technology awffwpwgl EHR technology gl_Genomics EHR technology gene EHR technology sequencing EHR technology turn EHR technology network EHR technology powerful EHR technology diagnostic EHR technology aid EHR technology Hospitals EHR technology potential EHR technology diagnoses EHR technology augmented EHR technology intelligence EHR technology like EHR technology IBM EHR technology Watson EHR technology Data EHR technology artificial EHR technology transform EHR technology pathology EHR technology expertise EHR technology sample EHR technology bases EHR technology sources ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Immunotherapy EHR technology value EHR technology Immunotherapy EHR technology supports EHR technology transformative EHR technology treatments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#DeepMind_Technologies_ EHR technology DeepMind ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Protein EHR technology wins EHR technology protein EHR technology folding EHR technology modelling EHR technology competition EHR technology Critical EHR technology Assessment EHR technology Structure EHR technology Prediction EHR technology contest EHR technology Academic EHR technology scientists EHR technology Pharmaceutical EHR technology giants EHR technology Merck EHR technology Novartis EHR technology lagging EHR technology applying EHR technology deep EHR technology learning EHR technology structure EHR technology work EHR technology awffwpwbtec13 EHR technology Feb_2019_NYT_Making_New_Drugs_With_a

Hospital suppliers including the big - Analysis frame /Hospital suppliers including the big
awffwpwanhp.htm#Hospital_suppliers_including_the_big Hospital suppliers including the big Hospital suppliers suppliers Hospital suppliers big Hospital suppliers pharmaceutical Hospital suppliers biotechnology Hospital suppliers companies awffwpwgsu.htm Hospital suppliers Still Hospital suppliers supported Hospital suppliers awffwpwpo Hospital suppliers Legislation Hospital suppliers legislation Hospital suppliers structural Hospital suppliers constraints Hospital suppliers CMS Hospital suppliers power Hospital suppliers price Hospital suppliers treatments Hospital suppliers demodwbp Hospital suppliers awffwpwbpol13 Hospital suppliers 1979_court_injunction_prohibits_Medicare Hospital suppliers Medicare Hospital suppliers pricing Hospital suppliers visibility Hospital suppliers until Hospital suppliers March_2014_Medicare_policy_change_to Hospital suppliers PPS Hospital suppliers product Hospital suppliers model Hospital suppliers medical Hospital suppliers equipment Hospital suppliers drugs Hospital suppliers MMA Hospital suppliers valuable Hospital suppliers The_power_of_suppliers Hospital suppliers Generic Hospital suppliers supplies Hospital suppliers suffer Hospital suppliers shortages Hospital suppliers awffwpwbeco13 Hospital suppliers May_2016_NYT_Sometimes_Drugs_Are_Not Hospital suppliers awffwpwanhp Hospital suppliers Pharmaceutical_trends_ Hospital suppliers _Slow_expansion Hospital suppliers grand Hospital suppliers uses Hospital suppliers US Hospital suppliers economic Hospital suppliers political Hospital suppliers might Hospital suppliers products Hospital suppliers across Hospital suppliers globe Hospital suppliers exchange Hospital suppliers level Hospital suppliers cooperation Hospital suppliers R Hospital suppliers D Hospital suppliers home Hospital suppliers market Hospital suppliers But Hospital suppliers outliers Hospital suppliers Valeant ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Questcor_pharmaceuticals_ Hospital suppliers Questcor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Lannett_ Hospital suppliers Lannett ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Shire_ Hospital suppliers Shire Hospital suppliers moved Hospital suppliers intend Hospital suppliers tax Hospital suppliers base ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Hedge_funds Hospital suppliers leverage Hospital suppliers Hedge

Trends Environment - Analysis frame /Trends Environment
awffwpwanhp.htm#Trends_in_the_Environment Trends in the Environment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Trends Major Trends US Trends robsstrategystudio Trends org Trends awfcasnd Trends What_Does_the_Federal_Government_Do Trends spending Trends reflect Trends New Trends Deal Trends policies Trends FDR Trends SSA Trends LBJ Trends Medicare Trends Medicaid Trends along Trends Defense Trends Since Trends 1930s Trends corporate Trends elite Trends adopted Trends long Trends term Trends strategies Trends undermine Trends while Trends liberals Trends worked Trends maintain Trends public Trends From Trends 1980s Trends Democratic Trends Republican Trends parties Trends converged Trends globalized Trends financial Trends services Trends high Trends technology Trends based Trends strategy Trends But Trends escalating Trends cost Trends health Trends care Trends retirement Trends baby Trends boomers Trends demanded Trends action Trends Nixon Trends presidency Trends USA Trends indirectly Trends integrated Trends education Trends energy Trends food Trends omnivore Trends dilemma Trends raw ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Public_Health Trends materials Trends abandoning Trends Bretton Trends Woods Trends real Trends estate Trends News Trends film Trends broadcasting Trends advertising Trends awfcaspuh Trends Madison_Avenue_medicine Trends critical Trends political Trends During Trends Reagan Trends awfcasfw Trends Ferguson_asserts_by_1980_it_was_clear Trends time Trends removed Trends many Trends previous Trends constraints Trends free Trends flow Trends network Trends nation Trends states Trends centered ../demodwbp/awffwpwate.htm#Tax_and_budget Trends supported Trends tax Trends budget Trends lifiers Trends Gingrich Trends Clinton ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NAFTA Trends completed Trends process Trends NAFTA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Dodd-Frank Trends Global Trends limits Trends Dodd Trends Frank ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Capital Trends capital Trends resources Trends added Trends back Trends response Trends 2008 Trends recession Trends demodwbp Trends awffwpwbpol13 Trends Apr_2016_NYT_Judge_Rejected_Regulators ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Trends Private

After many years when health care - Analysis frame /After many years when health care
awffwpwanhp.htm#After_many_years_when_health_care After many years when health care After many health After many care After many providers After many little After many direct After many competition After many successful After many providing After many valued After many profitable After many costly After many treatment After many variable After many quality After many patient After many base After many introduction After many technological After many political After many forces After many undermined After many profitability After many made After many landscape After many more After many strategic After many competitive After many particular ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA After many ACA After many supported After many narrow After many networks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare After many reduced After many Medicare ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid After many Medicaid After many reimbursement ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS After many constraints After many FFS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk After many Extending After many risk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFV After many hospitals After many FFV ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACO After many incentives After many ACO After many limiting After many demand After many copayments After many consolidation After many power After many largest After many payers After many PBMs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VA After many VA After many uses After many 5 After many star After many rating ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SAIL After many system After many SAIL After many initially After many developed After many monitor After many enhance After many subsequently After many used After many rate After many punish After many administrators After many Atlanta After many demodwbp After many awffwpwgco After many VA_Connecticut_Healthcare_System_ After many West After many Dr After many Ken After many Kizer After many punishing After many people After many instead After many fixing After many architecture After many causes After many hide After many errors After many distort After many statistics After many awffwpwbpol13 After many Nov_2018_NYT_Canceled_Operations After many _ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Innovation After many Obama After many White After many House After many innovation After many strategy After many references After many 2009 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#The_Information_Technology_and After many ITIF After many benchmark After many international After many competitiveness After many USA After many adapting After many trillions After many dollars After many 2008 After many financial After many crisis After many Among After many impacts After many undercut After many wealth After many majority After many Americans After many population After many aging After many rapidly After many Health After many provision After many older After many best After many focused After many person After many rather After many facility After many typical After many federal After many structure After many promotes After many between After many states After many based After many add After many generates After many environment After many niches After many 2014 After many healthcare After many accounts After many sixth After many engine After many drives ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics After many economy After many For After many twenty After many years After many grown After many consistently ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA After many But After many designed After many change After many two After many conflicting After many mechanisms After many Expand After many coverage After many millions After many without After many insurance After many Make After many efficient After many forcing After many doctors After many deliver After many way After many Which After many aspects After many economic After many effect After many contentious After many While After many awffwpwbeco13 After many Dec_2013_NYT_Growth_in_U After many _Health_Care After many numbers After many include After many surprise After many drop After many spending After many only After many fourth After many quarterly After many decline After many 80 After many quarters After many government After many actuaries After many Jul_29_2015_NYT_Health_Spending_Is

reduced wealth and aging - Analysis frame /reduced wealth and aging
awffwpwanhp.htm#reduced_wealth_and_aging reduced wealth and aging reduced wealth reduced_wealth_and_aging reduced wealth wealth reduced wealth aging reduced wealth US reduced wealth population reduced wealth forcing reduced wealth state reduced wealth politicians reduced wealth look ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid reduced wealth ways reduced wealth restrict reduced wealth Medicaid reduced wealth demodwbp reduced wealth awffwpwbpol13 reduced wealth NYT_Mar_2014_Pitfalls_Seen_in_a_States reduced wealth spending reduced wealth Given reduced wealth Avoiding_the_nursing_home_lobby reduced wealth power reduced wealth political reduced wealth risks reduced wealth leveraging reduced wealth funding reduced wealth private reduced wealth long reduced wealth term reduced wealth care reduced wealth alternatives reduced wealth indirection ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Uncertainty reduced wealth mitigate reduced wealth financial reduced wealth uncertainty ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk reduced wealth via reduced wealth global reduced wealth capitation reduced wealth flexibility reduced wealth But reduced wealth Constrained_state_budgets_limit_access reduced wealth scenario

Singapore as a vision of a - Analysis frame /Singapore as a vision of a
awffwpwanhp.htm#Singapore_as_a_vision_of_a Singapore as a vision of a Singapore as Singapore_as_a_vision_of_a Singapore as vision Singapore as well Singapore as functioning Singapore as state Singapore as health Singapore as care Singapore as system Singapore as Initially Singapore as weak Singapore as uses Singapore as focus Singapore as succeed Singapore as plans Singapore as long Singapore as term Singapore as using Singapore as cost Singapore as public Singapore as strategies Singapore as backed up Singapore as government Singapore as funded Singapore as insurance Singapore as Protected Singapore as hospitals Singapore as clinics Singapore as constrain Singapore as prices Singapore as private Singapore as sector Singapore as comparison Singapore as US Singapore as complex Singapore as adaptive Singapore as political Singapore as network Singapore as robsstrategystudio Singapore as org Singapore as awfcasgl Singapore as Global_reconstruction Singapore as diverse Singapore as awfcashn Singapore as political_agents_conflicting_democratic Singapore as conflicting Singapore as contributes Singapore as nation Singapore as Housing Singapore as access Singapore as constrained Singapore as creating Singapore as two Singapore as tier Singapore as own Singapore as houses Singapore as mainly Singapore as white Singapore as capital Singapore as gain Singapore as trapped Singapore as rural Singapore as urban Singapore as ghettos Singapore as US_economy_and_its_main_food_production Singapore as Food Singapore as matches Singapore as housing Singapore as structure Singapore as High Singapore as income Singapore as correlates Singapore as supplies Singapore as good Singapore as food Singapore as Low Singapore as neighborhoods Singapore as limited Singapore as choices Singapore as Instead Singapore as offered Singapore as foods Singapore as enriched Singapore as fructose Singapore as economy Singapore as built Singapore as patchwork Singapore as states Singapore as differing Singapore as economic Singapore as Some Singapore as follow Singapore as low Singapore as strategy Singapore as minimal Singapore as safety Singapore as average Singapore as salary Singapore as Others Singapore as adopted Singapore as high Singapore as sections Singapore as population Singapore as live Singapore as poor Singapore as stressed Singapore as conditions Singapore as undermine Singapore as wellbeing Singapore as Power_of_the_elites_is_increasing Singapore as highly Singapore as segments Singapore as having Singapore as no Singapore as financial Singapore as ability Singapore as Super Singapore as rich Singapore as leverage Singapore as best Singapore as aspects Singapore as superb Singapore as Shrinking Singapore as middle Singapore as African Singapore as American Singapore as subjected Singapore as inhuman Singapore as medical Singapore as experimentation Singapore as constraints Singapore as trust Singapore as demodwbp Singapore as awffwpwgl Singapore as gl_Public_Health Singapore as provider Singapore as infrastructure Singapore as awffwpwbpol13 Singapore as NYT_Dec_2013_Racial_Gap_in_Breast_Cancer

Single - Analysis frame /Single
awffwpwanhp.htm#Single_payer_scenario Single payer scenario Single National Single Health Single Service Single used Single UK Single removes Single threat Single financial Single ruin Single treatment Single transaction Single But Single single Single payer Single forces Single government Single pays Single bills Single confront Single problem Single limiting Single demands Single health Single care Single system Single consequently Single uses Single power Single purchaser Single risks Single introducing Single distortions Single rest Single And Single carry Single mandate Single plan Single allocation Single resources Single central Single planning Single discussed Single Hayek Single robsstrategystudio Single org Single awfcasli Single Road Single only Single allocates Single unfairly ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Innovation Single undermines Single innovation Single explained Single awfcasdh Single Innovations Single tend Single introduced Single US Single faster Single cost ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Single-payer Single constrained Single systems Single Democrats Single demodwbp Single awffwpwbpol13 Single Jan_1_2014_NYT_The_Obamacare_We_Deserve_ Single Michael Single advocate Single Michael_Moores_public_insurance_options Single state Single complex Single adaptive Single scenario Single Any Single alternative Single dilemma Single Profits Single diverted Single reinvestment Single efficiency Single effectiveness Single profit Single leadership Single reward Single maximization Single Treatment Single catastrophic Single condition Single required Single whenever Single occurs Single Kaiser Single likely Single immediate Single access Single infrastructure Single skills Single private Single solution Single requires Single network Single providers Single paid Single ED Single reengineered

Key influences of the health care - Analysis frame /Key influences of the health care
awffwpwanhp.htm#Key_influences_of_the_health_care Key influences of the health care Key influences health Key influences care Key influences network Key influences Legislation Key influences constrains Key influences forcing Key influences various Key influences agents Key influences adapt Key influences demodwbp Key influences awffwpwbpol13 Key influences Sep_2015_NYT_House_Hearing_on_Insurer Key influences gain Key influences access Key influences participate Key influences awffwpwac Key influences Key_flows_in_the_health_care_provider Key influences ACA Key influences expanded Key influences number Key influences people Key influences Aug_2015_NYT_Number_of_Uninsured_Has Key influences Mar_2016_NYT_Report_Offers_a_Mixed_View

Genomic proteomic and medical knowledge - Analysis frame /Genomic proteomic and medical knowledge
awffwpwanhp.htm#Genomic_proteomic_and_medical_knowledge Genomic proteomic and medical knowledge Genomic proteomic proteomic Genomic proteomic medical Genomic proteomic knowledge Genomic proteomic trends Genomic proteomic expanding Genomic proteomic set Genomic proteomic discoveries Genomic proteomic about Genomic proteomic cellular Genomic proteomic system Genomic proteomic operations Genomic proteomic pathology Genomic proteomic Precision Genomic proteomic diagnosis Genomic proteomic treatment Genomic proteomic Needed Genomic proteomic progress Genomic proteomic demodwbp Genomic proteomic awffwpwgl Genomic proteomic gl_Prostate_cancer Genomic proteomic prostate Genomic proteomic awffwpwbeco13 Genomic proteomic Nov_2015_NYT_Prostate_Advice_Is_Put_in Genomic proteomic Recommended Genomic proteomic brain Genomic proteomic tumors Genomic proteomic awffwpwbtec13 Genomic proteomic Jun_2015_NYT_Genetic_Traits_of_Tumor Genomic proteomic Powerful Genomic proteomic genetic Genomic proteomic engineering Genomic proteomic techniques Genomic proteomic allow Genomic proteomic development Genomic proteomic custom Genomic proteomic animals Genomic proteomic plants Genomic proteomic potentially Genomic proteomic catastrophic Genomic proteomic risks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CRISPR Genomic proteomic CRISPR Genomic proteomic Cas9 Genomic proteomic Nov_2015_NYT_The_Risks_of_Assisting Genomic proteomic Nanoparticle Genomic proteomic drug Genomic proteomic delivery Genomic proteomic slowly Genomic proteomic moving Genomic proteomic towards Genomic proteomic targeted ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Genomic proteomic metastatic Genomic proteomic cancer Genomic proteomic killer Genomic proteomic Mar_2016_Science_Friday_Mauro_Ferrari ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Ligandal_ Genomic proteomic Ligandal Genomic proteomic uses Genomic proteomic logically Genomic proteomic similar Genomic proteomic model Genomic proteomic deployment Genomic proteomic awffwpwgsu Genomic proteomic SJSU_Biomedical_Engineering_professor

Device trends - Analysis frame /Device trends
awffwpwanhp.htm#Device_trends Device trends Device trends networked Device trends sensors Device trends IEEE Device trends nano Device trends medicine Device trends demodwbp Device trends awffwpwgsu Device trends SJSU_Biomedical_Engineering_professor Device trends computer Device trends controls Device trends appliance Device trends based Device trends mobility Device trends cloud Device trends algorithms Device trends awffwpwgl Device trends gl_Laboratory_automation Device trends laboratory Device trends deployed Device trends diagnosis Device trends Theranos Device trends potentially ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Quest_Diagnostics Device trends disrupting Device trends Quest Device trends Laboratory_Corporation_of_America Device trends transforming Device trends medical Device trends workflow Device trends outlined Device trends UCSF Device trends MC Device trends David Device trends Helfet Device trends vision Device trends David_Helfet_chief_of_orthopedic_trauma Device trends rapid ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Theranos_vision Device trends patented Device trends arm Device trends patch Device trends drug Device trends delivery Device trends system Device trends tele Device trends health Device trends connection Device trends popularized Device trends Lanier Device trends Owns Device trends Future Device trends Google ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Johnson__Johnsons_Ethicon Device trends J Device trends awffwpwbtec13 Device trends Mar_2015_NYT_Google_and_J Device trends _J Device trends _to_Work Device trends partnering

Pharmaceutical trends - Slow expansion - Analysis frame /Pharmaceutical trends - Slow expansion
awffwpwanhp.htm#Pharmaceutical_trends_-_Slow_expansion Pharmaceutical trends - Slow expansion Pharmaceutical trends trends Pharmaceutical trends Slow Pharmaceutical trends expansion Pharmaceutical trends targeted Pharmaceutical trends treatments Pharmaceutical trends micro Pharmaceutical trends segmented Pharmaceutical trends patient Pharmaceutical trends groups Pharmaceutical trends disruption Pharmaceutical trends block Pharmaceutical trends buster Pharmaceutical trends business Pharmaceutical trends systems Pharmaceutical trends although Pharmaceutical trends industry Pharmaceutical trends flows Pharmaceutical trends court Pharmaceutical trends support Pharmaceutical trends sustain Pharmaceutical trends blockbuster Pharmaceutical trends model Pharmaceutical trends Making Pharmaceutical trends Risperdal Pharmaceutical trends demodwbp Pharmaceutical trends awffwpwgsu Pharmaceutical trends Sep_2015_NYT_Nicholas_Kristof_editorial Pharmaceutical trends big Pharmaceutical trends pharma Pharmaceutical trends results Pharmaceutical trends key Pharmaceutical trends advances ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biologics Pharmaceutical trends Biologics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biosimilars Pharmaceutical trends biosimilars ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TPP Pharmaceutical trends Completion Pharmaceutical trends TPP Pharmaceutical trends provide Pharmaceutical trends awffwpwbeco13 Pharmaceutical trends Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Patents_Are_a_Hurdel Pharmaceutical trends pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical trends clinical trial Pharmaceutical trends entry Pharmaceutical trends barrier Pharmaceutical trends So Pharmaceutical trends US Pharmaceutical trends working Pharmaceutical trends remove Pharmaceutical trends barriers Pharmaceutical trends signing Pharmaceutical trends proposes Pharmaceutical trends exclude Pharmaceutical trends tobacco Pharmaceutical trends companies Pharmaceutical trends using Pharmaceutical trends legal Pharmaceutical trends apparatus Pharmaceutical trends Oct_2015_NYT_U Pharmaceutical trends _Proposes_Provision_On

Trial trends - Analysis frame /Trial trends
awffwpwanhp.htm#Trial_trends Trial trends Trial trends Trial_trends Trial trends trends Trial trends CAS Trial trends agents ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bayesian Trial trends Bayesian Trial trends models Trial trends expanded Trial trends informatics Trial trends targeted Trial trends cellular Trial trends markers Trial trends make Trial trends faster Trial trends cheaper Trial trends smaller Trial trends more Trial trends questionable Trial trends demodwbp Trial trends awffwpwbtec13 Trial trends Aug_2015_NYT_Psychologys_Fears Trial trends Sep_2015 Trial trends trials ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_I-SPY_2_TRIAL Trial trends I Trial trends SPY Trial trends 2 Trial trends demonstrates Trial trends potential Trial trends reduce Trial trends cost Trial trends time Trial trends number Trial trends patients Trial trends required Trial trends breast Trial trends cancer Trial trends drug Trial trends Paxil Trial trends unsafe Trial trends teenagers Trial trends analysis Trial trends concludes Trial trends Sep_2015_NYT_Antidepressant_Paxil_Is Trial trends Trials Trial trends funded Trial trends pharmaceutical Trial trends companies Trial trends constrained Trial trends F Trial trends D Trial trends typically Trial trends lock Trial trends treatment Trial trends protocols Trial trends UK Trial trends government Trial trends Cambridge Trial trends University Trial trends study Trial trends shows Trial trends Herceptin Trial trends early Trial trends stage Trial trends works Trial trends best Trial trends after Trial trends 6 Trial trends months Trial trends rather Trial trends current Trial trends 12 Trial trends May_2018_NYT_For_Women_With_Early_Breast Trial trends Limited Trial trends support Trial trends integrating Trial trends better Trial trends practice ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EHR Trial trends vision Trial trends EHR Trial trends interface Trial trends enhanced Trial trends planning Trial trends execution Trial trends learning Trial trends driven Trial trends health Trial trends care Trial trends network Trial trends But ../demodwbp/awffwpwehra.htm Trial trends suggests Trial trends process Trial trends adopted Trial trends limited Trial trends immediate Trial trends emergent Trial trends lification Trial trends infrastructure Trial trends Instead Trial trends robsstrategystudio Trial trends org Trial trends awfcpiep Trial trends extended Trial trends increasingly Trial trends Further Trial trends way Trial trends used Trial trends counterproductive Trial trends Oct_2014_NYT_Repeating_the_Mistakes_of Trial trends Increasing Trial trends sensing Trial trends populations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anesthesiologist Trial trends Today Trial trends anesthesiologists Trial trends included Trial trends many Trial trends routine Trial trends operations Trial trends 80 Trial trends cardiac Trial trends role Trial trends interpret Trial trends stream Trial trends simple Trial trends biosensors Trial trends applying Trial trends pattern Trial trends recognition Trial trends sensors Trial trends associated Trial trends modeling Trial trends applications Trial trends able Trial trends perform Trial trends five Trial trends roles Trial trends Providing Trial trends data Trial trends cloud Trial trends based Trial trends analyze Trial trends level ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#IBMs_Watson_ Trial trends IBM Trial trends Watson Trial trends alternative Trial trends awffwpwgsu Trial trends Big_data_and_Population_Health Trial trends big

dfp1 - Analysis frame /dfp1
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp1 dfp1

dfp2 - Analysis frame /dfp2
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp2 dfp2 dfp2 alignment dfp2 Disruption dfp2 low dfp2 cost dfp2 differentiation dfp2 implications dfp2 Power dfp2 shifts dfp2 rich dfp2 separated dfp2 militias

dfp3 - Analysis frame /dfp3
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp3 dfp3

dfp4 - Analysis frame /dfp4
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp4 dfp4 dfp4 AT dfp4 T

dfp5 - Analysis frame /dfp5
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp5 dfp5

dfp6 - Analysis frame /dfp6
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp6 dfp6

dfp7 - Analysis frame /dfp7
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp7 dfp7 dfp7 P7 dfp7 China dfp7 successfully dfp7 pairing dfp7 communist dfp7 government dfp7 Free dfp7 Capital dfp7 economy dfp7 Making dfp7 world dfp7 safe dfp7 markets dfp7 HBR dfp7 volume dfp7 81 dfp7 no

dfp8 - Analysis frame /dfp8
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp8 dfp8 dfp8 factional dfp8 wars

dfp9 - Analysis frame /dfp9
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp9 dfp9 dfp9 implies dfp9 more dfp9 demand dfp9 resources dfp9 hospital dfp9 beds

dfp10 - Analysis frame /dfp10
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp10 dfp10 dfp10 short term

dfp11 - Analysis frame /dfp11
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp11 dfp11 dfp11 demographic dfp11 shifts

dfp12 - Analysis frame /dfp12
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp12 dfp12 dfp12 P12 dfp12 HITECH dfp12 Affordable dfp12 Care dfp12 Act dfp12 rules dfp12 incentives dfp12 Deceleration dfp12 health dfp12 spending dfp12 forcing dfp12 providers dfp12 eliminate dfp12 costs dfp12 demodwbp dfp12 awffwpwbeco13 dfp12 Oct_2015_NYT_Closing_a_Hospital_and dfp12 Provider dfp12 partnering dfp12 plans dfp12 Vivity

dfp13 - Analysis frame /dfp13
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfp13 dfp13 dfp13 P13 dfp13 demodwbp dfp13 awffwpwgsu dfp13 Processed_food_companies dfp13 dependence dfp13 sugar dfp13 Promotes dfp13 distortions dfp13 awffwpwbeco13 dfp13 Aug_2015_NYT_Coca dfp13 Cola_Funds_Effort_To dfp13 protection dfp13 Oct_2015_NYT_Mexico_Moves_to_Scale_Back dfp13 Mar_2016_NYT_A_Soda_Tax_in_Britain_Could

dfe1 - Analysis frame /dfe1
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe1 dfe1

- Analysis frame /E1:
awffwpwanhp.htm#Unpredictable_Infrastructure_build_out_Positive_return Unpredictable Infrastructure build out Positive return E1: Positive E1: return E1: infrastructure E1: build

dfe2 - Analysis frame /dfe2
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe2 dfe2 dfe2 E2 dfe2 Transaction dfe2 cost dfe2 economics dfe2 shift dfe2 M dfe2 business

dfe3 - Analysis frame /dfe3
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe3 dfe3

Financial measurement system and stock assessment - Analysis frame /Financial measurement system and stock assessment
awffwpwanhp.htm#Financial_measurement_system_and_stock_assessment Financial measurement system and stock assessment Financial measurement Financial_measurement_system_and_stock_assessment

- Analysis frame /E4: Financial measurement system and stock
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe4 dfe4 E4: assessment

dfe5 - Analysis frame /dfe5
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe5 dfe5 dfe5 E5 dfe5 Friction dfe5 free dfe5 electronic dfe5 business dfe5 economics

dfe6 - Analysis frame /dfe6
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe6 dfe6 dfe6 vertical dfe6 horizontal dfe6 integrated dfe6 firms

dfe7 - Analysis frame /dfe7
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe7 dfe7 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Robots dfe7 computers dfe7 robots dfe7 lower dfe7 cost dfe7 offshore dfe7 strategies dfe7 4 dfe7 3 dfe7 million dfe7 jobs dfe7 lost dfe7 high dfe7 school dfe7 graduates dfe7 qualified

dfe8 - Analysis frame /dfe8
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe8 dfe8 dfe8 inequality

dfe9 - Analysis frame /dfe9
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe9 dfe9 dfe9 million dfe9 jobs dfe9 college dfe9 graduates

dfe10 - Analysis frame /dfe10
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe10 dfe10

dfe11 - Analysis frame /dfe11
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe11 dfe11 dfe11 E11 dfe11 China dfe11 economic dfe11 challenger dfe11 2013

dfe12 - Analysis frame /dfe12
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe12 dfe12 dfe12 Forests dfe12 Fish

dfe13 - Analysis frame /dfe13
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe13 dfe13 dfe13 supported dfe13 US dfe13 farm dfe13 bill

dfe14 - Analysis frame /dfe14
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe14 dfe14 dfe14 E14 dfe14 Internet dfe14 economy dfe14 growth dfe14 taxation

dfe15 - Analysis frame /dfe15
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe15 dfe15 dfe15 enterprises

dfe16 - Analysis frame /dfe16
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe16 dfe16 dfe16 chronic dfe16 health dfe16 care dfe16 bulge

dfe17 - Analysis frame /dfe17
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe17 dfe17 dfe17 carbon dfe17 traditional dfe17 fracturing dfe17 horizontal dfe17 drilling dfe17 rather dfe17 wind dfe17 solar dfe17 nuclear dfe17 sequestration

dfe18 - Analysis frame /dfe18
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe18 dfe18 dfe18 constrained dfe18 debt dfe18 reduction

dfe19 - Analysis frame /dfe19
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe19 dfe19 dfe19 aged dfe19 55 dfe19 years

dfe20 - Analysis frame /dfe20
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe20 dfe20 dfe20 E20 dfe20 25 dfe20 000 dfe20 shortage dfe20 PCP dfe20 2020 dfe20 demodwbp dfe20 awffwpwbpol13 dfe20 Nov_2016_NYT_Were_Thinking_About_Doctor

dfe21 - Analysis frame /dfe21
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe21 dfe21 dfe21 systems dfe21 demodwbp dfe21 awffwpwbeco13 dfe21 Oct_2015_NYT_Closing_a_Hospital_and dfe21 strengthen dfe21 powerful

dfe22 - Analysis frame /dfe22
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe22 dfe22 dfe22 health dfe22 care dfe22 coverage dfe22 exchanges dfe22 Trader dfe22 Joe dfe22 consequent dfe22 impact dfe22 pricing dfe22 ACA

dfe23 - Analysis frame /dfe23
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe23 dfe23 dfe23 E23 dfe23 HDHP dfe23 copayments dfe23 introduce dfe23 pricing dfe23 pressure dfe23 providers

dfe24 - Analysis frame /dfe24
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe24 dfe24 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS dfe24 away dfe24 FFS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_RAC dfe24 leverage dfe24 RAC dfe24 increase dfe24 provider dfe24 risk dfe24 demodwbp dfe24 awffwpwgl dfe24 gl_Narrow_networks dfe24 narrowing

dfe25 - Analysis frame /dfe25
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfe25 dfe25 dfe25 E25 dfe25 FFS dfe25 remains dfe25 dominant dfe25 until dfe25 2020

dfs1 - Analysis frame /dfs1
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs1 dfs1

dfs2 - Analysis frame /dfs2
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs2 dfs2 dfs2 world dfs2 Getting dfs2 real dfs2 about dfs2 virtual dfs2 commerce dfs2 HBR dfs2 volume dfs2 77 dfs2 no dfs2 6

dfs3 - Analysis frame /dfs3
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs3 dfs3 dfs3 S3 dfs3 Hierarchies dfs3 demodwbp dfs3 awffwpwgl dfs3 gl_Evolutionary_psychology dfs3 evolutionary

dfs4 - Analysis frame /dfs4
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs4 dfs4

dfs5 - Analysis frame /dfs5
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs5 dfs5 dfs5 S5 dfs5 80 dfs5 year dfs5 down dfs5 cycle dfs5 1980 dfs5 2050

dfs6 - Analysis frame /dfs6
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs6 dfs6 dfs6 mountain dfs6 snowpack dfs6 directly dfs6 generating dfs6 floods dfs6 lack dfs6 water dfs6 indirectly dfs6 expanding dfs6 conflict

dfs7 - Analysis frame /dfs7
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs7 dfs7 dfs7 transforming dfs7 unskilled dfs7 while dfs7 Germany dfs7 use dfs7 government dfs7 funding dfs7 support dfs7 apprenticeships dfs7 differentiated dfs7 industry

dfs8 - Analysis frame /dfs8
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs8 dfs8 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PHM dfs8 How dfs8 fast dfs8 PHM dfs8 evolve dfs8 incentives dfs8 analytics dfs8 management dfs8 legal dfs8 contracts dfs8 applicable dfs8 populations

dfs9 - Analysis frame /dfs9
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs9 dfs9 dfs9 costs dfs9 complicated dfs9 housing dfs9 issues dfs9 substance dfs9 abuse dfs9 legal dfs9 problems dfs9 language dfs9 barriers dfs9 education dfs9 level dfs9 lack dfs9 contact ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP dfs9 PCP ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACO dfs9 S10 dfs9 Accountable care ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Uncertainty dfs9 pushes dfs9 uncertainty dfs9 onto dfs9 providers dfs9 payers dfs9 PCPs

dfs11 - Analysis frame /dfs11
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs11 dfs11 dfs11 S11 dfs11 Taylorism dfs11 fights dfs11 robsstrategystudio dfs11 org dfs11 awfcpiref dfs11 Sweet_Victoria_2012 dfs11 _Gods_Hotel dfs11 Florence

dfs12 - Analysis frame /dfs12
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs12 dfs12 dfs12 S12 dfs12 Stock dfs12 option dfs12 venture dfs12 capital dfs12 rewards

dfs13 - Analysis frame /dfs13
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs13 dfs13

dfs14 - Analysis frame /dfs14
awffwpwanhp.htm#dfs14 dfs14 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HCIT dfs14 health dfs14 care dfs14 HCIT

dft1 - Analysis frame /dft1
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft1 dft1

dft2 - Analysis frame /dft2
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft2 dft2 dft2 Food dft2 Energy dft2 Finance dft2 Circuit dft2 Packet

dft3 - Analysis frame /dft3
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft3 dft3

dft4 - Analysis frame /dft4
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft4 dft4 dft4 insecticides dft4 herbicides dft4 ingested dft4 food dft4 chain dft4 demodwbp dft4 awffwpwbpol13 dft4 Sep_2015_NYT_Pesticides_Tied_to_Youth dft4 Oct_2015_NYT_Reducing_Internal

dft5 - Analysis frame /dft5
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft5 dft5

Modularity of integrated systems suspect - Analysis frame /Modularity of integrated systems suspect
awffwpwanhp.htm#Modularity_of_integrated_systems_suspect Modularity of integrated systems suspect Modularity of Modularity_of_integrated_systems_suspect

- Analysis frame /T6: Modularity fails when merge systems with
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft6 dft6 T6: disjoint T6: design T6: rules

dft7 - Analysis frame /dft7
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft7 dft7 dft7 data

dft8 - Analysis frame /dft8
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft8 dft8

dft9 - Analysis frame /dft9
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft9 dft9 dft9 T9 dft9 Moore dft9 law dft9 robsstrategystudio dft9 org dft9 awfcasbt dft9 Moores_law_and_exponential_growth dft9 64 dft9 demodwbp dft9 awffwpwbtec13 dft9 May_2016_NYT_No_More_Room_to_Shrink dft9 Oct_2016_NYT_Looking_Beyond_Silicon_to

dft10 - Analysis frame /dft10
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft10 dft10

dft11 - Analysis frame /dft11
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft11 dft11 dft11 medicine

dft12 - Analysis frame /dft12
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft12 dft12 dft12 infrastructure dft12 health dft12 care

dft13 - Analysis frame /dft13
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft13 dft13 dft13 T13 dft13 Interoperable dft13 demodwbp dft13 awffwpwgl dft13 gl_EMR dft13 infrastructure dft13 deployed dft13 operational dft13 across dft13 health dft13 care dft13 continuum dft13 relative dft13 power dft13 mediation

dft14 - Analysis frame /dft14
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft14 dft14 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Cerner dft14 Cerner dft14 increase dft14 market dft14 share dft14 increasing dft14 influence dft14 HCIT

dft15 - Analysis frame /dft15
awffwpwanhp.htm#dft15 dft15 dft15 T15 dft15 demodwbp dft15 awffwpwgl dft15 gl_Antibiotic_resistance dft15 Antibiotic dft15 superbugs dft15 awffwpwbtec13 dft15 May_2015_NYT_Drug_Overuse_Begins_an dft15 undermine dft15 health dft15 care dft15 processes dft15 surgery dft15 inpatient dft15 antibiotics dft15 br dft15 SWOT dft15 used dft15 derive dft15 execution dft15 clusters

2013 2013 SWOT Analysis - Analysis frame /2013 2013 SWOT Analysis
awffwpwanhp.htm#SWOT SWOT SWOT legislative SWOT rule SWOT changes SWOT executive SWOT action SWOT creates SWOT opportunities SWOT business SWOT strategy SWOT table SWOT width SWOT 80 SWOT border SWOT 5 SWOT 10 SWOT cols SWOT 2 SWOT Strengths

jm S1 - Analysis frame /jm S1
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_S1 jm S1

jm S2 - Analysis frame /jm S2
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_S2 jm S2

jm S3 - Analysis frame /jm S3
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_S3 jm S3

jm S4 - Analysis frame /jm S4
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_S4 jm S4

jm S5 - Analysis frame /jm S5
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_S5 jm S5 jm S5 Weaknesses

jm W1 - Analysis frame /jm W1
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W1 jm W1 jm W1 jm_W1 jm W1 1 jm W1 FFS jm W1 incentives jm W1 generate jm W1 more jm W1 payment jm W1 complications

jm W2 - Analysis frame /jm W2
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W2 jm W2 jm W2 outcomes jm W2 quality

jm W3 - Analysis frame /jm W3
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W3 jm W3 jm W3 acute jm W3 care

jm W4 - Analysis frame /jm W4
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W4 jm W4 jm W4 acute jm W4 care

jm W5 - Analysis frame /jm W5
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W5 jm W5 jm W5 jm_W5 jm W5 5 jm W5 Shortage jm W5 PCPs

jm W6 - Analysis frame /jm W6
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W6 jm W6

jm W7 - Analysis frame /jm W7
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W7 jm W7

jm W8 - Analysis frame /jm W8
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W8 jm W8

jm W9 - Analysis frame /jm W9
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W9 jm W9

jm W10 - Analysis frame /jm W10
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W10 jm W10

jm W11 - Analysis frame /jm W11
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W11 jm W11

jm W12 - Analysis frame /jm W12
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W12 jm W12

jm W13 - Analysis frame /jm W13
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W13 jm W13

jm W14 - Analysis frame /jm W14
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W14 jm W14

jm W15 - Analysis frame /jm W15
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W15 jm W15

jm W16 - Analysis frame /jm W16
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W16 jm W16

jm W17 - Analysis frame /jm W17
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W17 jm W17

jm W18 - Analysis frame /jm W18
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W18 jm W18

jm W19 - Analysis frame /jm W19
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W19 jm W19

jm W20 - Analysis frame /jm W20
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W20 jm W20

jm W21 - Analysis frame /jm W21
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W21 jm W21

jm W22 - Analysis frame /jm W22
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_W22 jm W22 jm W22 Opportunities

jm O1 - Analysis frame /jm O1
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O1 jm O1 jm O1 jm_O1 jm O1 1 jm O1 awffwpwgl jm O1 gl_HRRP jm O1 Hospital jm O1 readmissions jm O1 robsstrategystudio jm O1 org jm O1 awfcpiea jm O1 evolved jm O1 driving jm O1 integration jm O1 acute jm O1 care jm O1 hospitals jm O1 post jm O1 facilities

jm O2 - Analysis frame /jm O2
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O2 jm O2 jm O2 required jm O2 efficiently jm O2 executing jm O2 operational jm O2 plans

jm O3 - Analysis frame /jm O3
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O3 jm O3 jm O3 support jm O3 expertise jm O3 during jm O3 chaotic jm O3 episodes

jm O4 - Analysis frame /jm O4
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O4 jm O4 jm O4 proteomics jm O4 improve jm O4 sensors jm O4 specificity jm O4 association jm O4 mechanism jm O4 disease

jm O5 - Analysis frame /jm O5
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O5 jm O5 jm O5 between jm O5 cost jm O5 acute jm O5 care jm O5 quality

jm O6 - Analysis frame /jm O6
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O6 jm O6 jm O6 acute jm O6 care jm O6 explained jm O6 severity jm O6 stratification

jm O7 - Analysis frame /jm O7
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O7 jm O7 jm O7 frequency jm O7 acute jm O7 care

jm O8 - Analysis frame /jm O8
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O8 jm O8 jm O8 jm_O8 jm O8 8 jm O8 ACA jm O8 power jm O8 shift jm O8 payer jm O8 narrow jm O8 networks jm O8 forcing jm O8 consolidation jm O8 hospital systems

jm O9 - Analysis frame /jm O9
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O9 jm O9 jm O9 services

jm O10 - Analysis frame /jm O10
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O10 jm O10 jm O10 jm_O10 jm O10 10 jm O10 Shift jm O10 PHM jm O10 requires awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IOP jm O10 enhanced jm O10 IOP

jm O11 - Analysis frame /jm O11
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O11 jm O11 jm O11 across jm O11 continuum jm O11 care

jm O12 - Analysis frame /jm O12
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O12 jm O12 jm O12 jm_O12 jm O12 12 jm O12 Shift jm O12 PAC jm O12 providers

jm O13 - Analysis frame /jm O13
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O13 jm O13

jm O14 - Analysis frame /jm O14
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O14 jm O14 jm O14 jm_O14 jm O14 14 jm O14 Medicaid jm O14 expansion

jm O15 - Analysis frame /jm O15
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O15 jm O15 jm O15 jm_O15 jm O15 15 jm O15 opportunity jm O15 VA

jm O16 - Analysis frame /jm O16
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O16 jm O16 jm O16 jm_O16 jm O16 16 jm O16 PCP jm O16 shift jm O16 employment

jm O17 - Analysis frame /jm O17
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O17 jm O17 jm O17 jm_O17 jm O17 17 jm O17 ACA jm O17 shift jm O17 FFV jm O17 increases jm O17 focus jm O17 costs

jm O18 - Analysis frame /jm O18
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O18 jm O18 jm O18 jm_O18 jm O18 18 jm O18 ACA jm O18 shift jm O18 FFV jm O18 increases jm O18 focus jm O18 provider jm O18 utilization

jm O19 - Analysis frame /jm O19
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O19 jm O19 jm O19 jm_O19 jm O19 19 jm O19 Payer jm O19 power jm O19 drives jm O19 HDHP

jm O20 - Analysis frame /jm O20
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O20 jm O20 jm O20 jm_O20 jm O20 20 jm O20 BPCI

jm O21 - Analysis frame /jm O21
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O21 jm O21 jm O21 evidence jm O21 based jm O21 guidelines

jm O22 - Analysis frame /jm O22
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_O22 jm O22 jm O22 jm_O22 jm O22 22 jm O22 PCP jm O22 awffwpwref jm O22 Casalino_Lawrence_P jm O22 _Sean_Nicholson jm O22 integration jm O22 Threats

jm T1 - Analysis frame /jm T1
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_T1 jm T1

jm T2 - Analysis frame /jm T2
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_T2 jm T2 jm T2 between jm T2 doctor jm T2 patient jm T2 reduces jm T2 efficiency jm T2 humanity

jm T3 - Analysis frame /jm T3
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_T3 jm T3 jm T3 between jm T3 doctor jm T3 patient jm T3 expertise jm T3 intuition jm T3 cumbersome jm T3 representations jm T3 standard jm T3 operating jm T3 procedures jm T3 searches jm T3 alternatives

jm T4 - Analysis frame /jm T4
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_T4 jm T4 jm T4 variety jm T4 actual jm T4 causes jm T4 disease

jm T5 - Analysis frame /jm T5
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_T5 jm T5

jm T6 - Analysis frame /jm T6
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_T6 jm T6

jm T7 - Analysis frame /jm T7
awffwpwanhp.htm#jm_T7 jm T7 jm T7 table jm T7 br jm T7 Porter jm T7 power jm T7 analysis jm T7 health jm T7 care jm T7 industry jm T7 demonstrates jm T7 concentration jm T7 government ../demodwbp/awffwpwpo.htm#The_power_of_suppliers jm T7 capital jm T7 markets

Porter value delivery system relations Porter value delivery system relations
- Analysis frame /Porter value delivery system relations Porter value delivery system relations

awffwpwanhp.htm#Porter Porter Porter value significant Porter value aspect Porter value development Porter value industry Porter value relationship Porter value various Porter value components Porter value US Porter value health Porter value care Porter value robsstrategystudio Porter value org Porter value awfcasdh Porter value Disrupting_health_care_value_networks Porter value value Porter value VDS Porter value style Porter value weight

- Analysis frame /Porter Power
awffwpwanhp.htm#Porter_Power_Relationships Porter Power Relationships Porter Power Relationships Porter Power Biotech Porter Power Physicians Porter Power Porter Porter Power Research Porter Power 2012 Porter Power suggests Porter Power survey Porter Power respondents Porter Power see Porter Power ACOs Porter Power power Porter Power grab Porter Power Hospitals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Porter Power PCP ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Aledade_ Porter Power Startup Porter Power Aledade Porter Power demonstrates Porter Power way Porter Power integrate Porter Power health Porter Power care Porter Power network Porter Power lower Porter Power costs Porter Power demodwbp Porter Power awffwpwbeco13 Porter Power Aug_2017_NYT_A_Start Porter Power Up_Suggests_a_Fix Porter Power Business Porter Power model Porter Power individual Porter Power collapses Porter Power under Porter Power pressure Porter Power various Porter Power large Porter Power organizations Porter Power executing Porter Power acquisitions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Apple_Computer_ Porter Power mergers Porter Power Apple Porter Power running Porter Power own Porter Power clinics Porter Power employees Porter Power Large Porter Power hospitals Porter Power setting up Porter Power urgent care Porter Power HCA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Dignity_Health_ Porter Power Dignity Porter Power Health ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Northwell_Health_ Porter Power Northwell Porter Power GoHealth ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Porter Power CVS Porter Power Aetna Porter Power Wal Porter Power Mart Porter Power Humana Porter Power United Porter Power employs Porter Power 30 Porter Power 000 Porter Power physicians Porter Power owns Porter Power largest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Urgent_care_clinics_ Porter Power groups ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Medexpress_Urgent_Care Porter Power MedExpress Porter Power leverage Porter Power employed Porter Power prescriptions Porter Power PBMs Porter Power driving Porter Power PCPs Porter Power compete Porter Power Healthy Porter Power Now Porter Power nurse Porter Power practitioners Porter Power others Porter Power explore Porter Power One Porter Power Medical ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Aledade_ Porter Power Apr_2018_NYT_The_Disappearing_Doctor

Judicial bias - Analysis frame /Judicial bias
awffwpwanhp.htm#Judicial_bias_ Judicial bias ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Judicial bias Harvard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_Law_School_ Judicial bias law Judicial bias school Judicial bias Alma Judicial bias Cohen Judicial bias Crystal Judicial bias Yang Judicial bias study Judicial bias found Judicial bias black Judicial bias Americans Judicial bias longer Judicial bias sentences Judicial bias Republican Judicial bias appointed Judicial bias judges Judicial bias demodwbp Judicial bias awffwpwbpol13 Judicial bias May_2018_NYT_Black_Defendants_Get_Longer Judicial bias State Judicial bias health Judicial bias strategies Judicial bias Democratic Judicial bias implementing Judicial bias Medicaid Judicial bias under Judicial bias ACA Judicial bias New York Judicial bias where Judicial bias hospitals Judicial bias funded Judicial bias state Judicial bias struggling Judicial bias serve Judicial bias city Judicial bias politically Judicial bias significant Judicial bias developments Judicial bias include ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Long_Island_College_Hospital_ Judicial bias LICH ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Fortis_Property_Group_ Judicial bias sale Judicial bias Fortis Judicial bias property Judicial bias investigated Judicial bias federal Judicial bias authorities Judicial bias Jul_2016_NYT_Hospitals_Sale_Backed_by Judicial bias Scaling Judicial bias down Judicial bias awffwpwgco Judicial bias Mount_Sinai_Beth_IsrAEl_ Judicial bias awffwpwbeco13 Judicial bias May_2016_NYT_Familiar_Feeling_as

Amplifiers - Analysis frame /Amplifiers
awffwpwanhp.htm#Amplifiers Amplifiers awffwpwate.htm Amplifiers lifiers Amplifiers significantly Amplifiers shape Amplifiers health Amplifiers care Amplifiers industry Amplifiers Evolved Amplifiers support Amplifiers high Amplifiers margins Amplifiers US Amplifiers promote Amplifiers selection Amplifiers expensive Amplifiers treatments Amplifiers price Amplifiers opacity Amplifiers cost Amplifiers management Amplifiers constraints Amplifiers screening Amplifiers diagnosis Amplifiers colorectal Amplifiers cancer Amplifiers provide Amplifiers illustrative Amplifiers case Amplifiers Patients Amplifiers little Amplifiers impact Amplifiers prices Amplifiers encouraged Amplifiers screened Amplifiers CMS Amplifiers reimbursement Amplifiers robsstrategystudio Amplifiers org Amplifiers awfcasdh Amplifiers Disrupting_health_care_reimbursement Amplifiers lobbying Amplifiers medical Amplifiers guilds Amplifiers supported Amplifiers demodwbp Amplifiers awffwpwgco Amplifiers VASC_colonoscopy_process_constrained Amplifiers risk Amplifiers encourages Amplifiers lifying Amplifiers development Amplifiers fat Amplifiers overelaborate Amplifiers procedures Amplifiers benefit Amplifiers participants Amplifiers financed Amplifiers taxes Amplifiers insurance Amplifiers fees Amplifiers style Amplifiers left Amplifiers 40px ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#VASC_Screening_decision: Amplifiers decision Amplifiers important Amplifiers Americans Amplifiers shaped Amplifiers powerful Amplifiers actors ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACG Amplifiers ACG Amplifiers promotes Amplifiers colonoscopy Amplifiers preferred Amplifiers strategy Amplifiers necessity Amplifiers mandated Amplifiers Congress Amplifiers after Amplifiers gastroenterologists Amplifiers medically Amplifiers necessary Amplifiers cannot Amplifiers refused Amplifiers Medicare Amplifiers Medicaid

State local government provide a - Payer analysis /State local government provide a
awffwpwapy.htm#State__local_government_provide_a State local government provide a State government State provide State promise State retirement State major State sets State employees State Teachers State Nurses State Police State Fire State difficult State guarantee State keep State often State leverage State focused State organization State CalPERS State manage State funding State stream State match State increasingly State stressed State Actuaries State yearly State employer State valuations State pension State liabilities State systemically State low State demodwbp State awffwpwbeco13 State Sep_2016_NYT_A_Sour_Surprise_for_Public State KQED State Forum State California State politics State economics State losses State Great State Recession State limited State capital State growth State City State revenues State depleted State cost State impacts State inhibit State infrastructure State maintenance State No ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Single-payer State single State payer State health State care State Voters State rejecting State tax State increases State Jul_2017_Forum_Sacramento_Bee_reporter State drives State prices State elective State surgery State down State Aug_2016_NYT_How_Surgery_Got_Cheaper_for ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CMS State CMS State awffwpwgocu State 2017_CMS_administrator_Seema_Verma State administrator

The law attempted but ultimately failed - Payer analysis /The law attempted but ultimately failed
awffwpwapy.htm#The_law_attempted_but_ultimately_failed The law attempted but ultimately failed law attempted attempted law attempted ultimately law attempted failed law attempted develop law attempted demodwbp law attempted awffwpwgco law attempted Health_Insurance_Co law attempted operatives law attempted co law attempted mandated law attempted Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges law attempted individual law attempted Increase law attempted state law attempted insurance law attempted plan law attempted competition law attempted supporting law attempted startup law attempted costs law attempted non law attempted profit law attempted insurers law attempted awffwpwbeco13 law attempted Nov_2015_NYT_Fresh_Fuel_for_G law attempted O law attempted Ps_War law attempted half law attempted ops law attempted markets law attempted theoretically law attempted lified law attempted IRS law attempted under law attempted attack law attempted Republicans law attempted struggled law attempted maintain law attempted resource law attempted base law attempted large law attempted responded ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ law attempted UnitedHealth law attempted Nov_2015_NYT_Huge_Insurer_Weighs_Exit

Pressure networks - Payer analysis /Pressure networks
awffwpwapy.htm#Pressure_for_narrow_networks Pressure for narrow networks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#WellPoint_ Pressure Insurers Pressure Wellpoint Pressure demodwbp Pressure awffwpwgco Pressure Feb_2014_NYT_Onetime_Critic_of_Health Pressure benefit Pressure narrow Pressure networks Pressure increasing Pressure power Pressure providers Pressure implementation ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Pressure ACA Pressure drives Pressure consumers Pressure join ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Pressure mandates Pressure Americans Pressure take Pressure health Pressure insurance Pressure 2013 Pressure policies Pressure web Pressure site Pressure hard Pressure compare Pressure assess Pressure cost Pressure coverage Pressure failure Pressure risk Pressure forced Pressure major Pressure Both ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Anthem_Inc._Wellpoint_until_2014 Pressure Anthem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ Pressure Aetna Pressure Pressure_to_Merge_health_insurers Pressure large Pressure plans ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HHS Pressure 2015 Pressure HHS Pressure audit Pressure indicates Pressure awffwpwbeco13 Pressure Aug_2015_NYT_Insurance_Co Pressure ops_Are_Losing Pressure federal

Efficient operations - Influential amplifiers /Efficient operations
awffwpwate.htm#Efficient_operations Efficient operations

Stand alone clinics are problematic - Influential amplifiers /Stand alone clinics are problematic
awffwpwate.htm#Stand_alone_clinics_are_problematic Stand alone clinics are problematic #Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Stand alone clinics Stand alone Surgery #Imaging_Centers_Free_standing_Radiology Stand alone Imaging Stand alone Laboratories Stand alone Oncology Stand alone problematic Stand alone general Stand alone hospitals

Stand value added surgery centers - Influential amplifiers /Stand value added surgery centers
awffwpwate.htm#Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Stand alone value added surgery centers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VASC Stand VASC Stand hospitals Stand designed Stand accept Stand patients Stand already Stand diagnosed Stand straight Stand forward Stand problems Stand treated Stand surgery Stand organize Stand conveniently ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Stand economically Stand integrate Stand preadmission Stand rehabilitation Stand discharge Stand focused Stand repetitive Stand value Stand added Stand processes Stand supports Stand increased Stand quality Stand allows Stand robsstrategystudio Stand awfcpisc Stand Shewhart Stand make Stand agents Stand standardized Stand highly Stand Complications Stand often Stand 0 Stand 5 Stand vs Stand 10 Stand general Stand When Stand complications Stand centers Stand defined Stand response Stand Checklists Stand improvement Stand business Stand model Stand facilities Stand used Stand increasingly Stand screening Stand procedures Stand colon Stand cancer Stand costs Stand relative Stand PCP Stand specialist Stand office Stand based Stand previously Stand High Stand throughput Stand operations Stand very Stand lucrative Stand FFS Stand 6am Stand 4pm Stand optimizations Stand competition Stand Only Stand day Stand shift Stand nurses Stand care Stand teams Stand necessary Stand more Stand half Stand number Stand beds Stand long Stand advance Stand allowing Stand tight Stand scheduling Stand No Stand emergency Stand sustained Stand staff Stand required Stand operate Stand Some Stand times Stand staffed Stand Patients Stand elective Stand specialists Stand leveraging Stand ability Stand pay Stand simplicity Stand reduce Stand infrastructure Stand hence Stand price Stand generate Stand profit ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ICU Stand ICU Stand limiting Stand expensive Stand complexity Stand commitment Stand Specialists Stand particularly Stand internal Stand medicine Stand radiation Stand oncology Stand ophthalmology Stand invested Stand standalone Stand labs Stand imaging Stand systems Stand capture Stand returns Stand referals Stand treatments Stand performed

VASC - Influential amplifiers /VASC
awffwpwate.htm#VASC_Colonoscopy_procedure_screening_ VASC Colonoscopy procedure screening

VASC Screening decision: - Influential amplifiers /VASC Screening decision:
awffwpwate.htm#VASC_Screening_decision: VASC Screening decision: VASC Screening US VASC Screening population VASC Screening conditioned VASC Screening seek VASC Screening screening VASC Screening colo VASC Screening rectal VASC Screening cancer VASC Screening If VASC Screening caught VASC Screening early VASC Screening easy VASC Screening remove VASC Screening polyps VASC Screening later ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CDC VASC Screening deadly VASC Screening CDC VASC Screening says VASC Screening 10 VASC Screening million VASC Screening Americans VASC Screening use VASC Screening colonoscopy VASC Screening year VASC Screening cost VASC Screening billion ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACG VASC Screening 2000 VASC Screening ACG VASC Screening made VASC Screening demodwbp VASC Screening awffwpwgco VASC Screening ACG_annoints_colonoscopy VASC Screening prevention VASC Screening But VASC Screening studies VASC Screening clearly VASC Screening shown VASC Screening prevents VASC Screening death VASC Screening better VASC Screening methods VASC Screening Some VASC Screening recent VASC Screening papers VASC Screening suggest VASC Screening lesions VASC Screening hard VASC Screening parts VASC Screening Potential VASC Screening include VASC Screening Yearly VASC Screening fecal VASC Screening blood VASC Screening tests VASC Screening unattractive VASC Screening many VASC Screening happy VASC Screening view VASC Screening discount VASC Screening Sigmoidoscopy VASC Screening uses VASC Screening scope VASC Screening look VASC Screening lower VASC Screening where VASC Screening cancers VASC Screening every VASC Screening five VASC Screening years VASC Screening Colonoscopy VASC Screening ten VASC Screening Each VASC Screening rated VASC Screening equal VASC Screening government VASC Screening expert VASC Screening panel VASC Screening preventative VASC Screening care VASC Screening Other VASC Screening countries VASC Screening commonly VASC Screening cheaper

VASC Screening process via colonoscopy: - Influential amplifiers /VASC Screening process via colonoscopy:
awffwpwate.htm#VASC_Screening_process_via_colonoscopy: VASC Screening process via colonoscopy: VASC Initially VASC performed VASC office VASC procedure VASC only VASC patients VASC high VASC risk VASC colon VASC cancer VASC seek VASC diagnosis VASC intestinal VASC bleeding VASC However VASC typical VASC schedule VASC demodwbp VASC awffwpwgco VASC Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers VASC surgical VASC Hence VASC instead VASC center VASC used VASC reduce VASC price VASC improve VASC effectiveness VASC general VASC hospital VASC inflate VASC screening VASC activity VASC Multiple VASC activities VASC charged VASC Gastroenterologist VASC performing VASC Anesthesiologist ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Sedation VASC sedation VASC countries VASC sedative VASC mixtures VASC administered VASC offices VASC hospitals VASC wide VASC range VASC doctors VASC nurses VASC countless VASC minor VASC procedures VASC colonoscopies VASC US VASC anesthesiologists VASC doubled VASC between VASC 2003 VASC 2009 VASC payments VASC quadrupled VASC Insurers VASC facility VASC fee VASC treatment VASC PCP

VASC colonoscopy process constrained: - Influential amplifiers /VASC colonoscopy process constrained:
awffwpwate.htm#VASC_colonoscopy_process_constrained: VASC colonoscopy process constrained: VASC Gastroenterologists VASC keen VASC remove VASC F VASC D VASC anesthesiologist VASC advisory VASC administering VASC Propofol VASC requiring VASC anesthesiologists VASC impose VASC constraint VASC high VASC priority VASC review VASC But VASC while VASC exists VASC potential VASC law VASC suits VASC keeps VASC present VASC PAMF VASC demodwbp VASC awffwpwgco VASC PAMFs_Palo_Alto_value_added_surgical VASC Palo

Standalone clinics - Influential amplifiers /Standalone clinics
awffwpwate.htm#Standalone_Oncology_clinics_ Standalone Oncology clinics

New Cancer Center - Influential amplifiers /New Cancer Center
awffwpwate.htm#New_Mexico_Cancer_Center_ New Mexico Cancer Center New Cancer NMCC New Cancer operated New Cancer demodwbp New Cancer awffwpwgco New Cancer New_Mexico_Oncology_Hematology New Cancer Ltd New Cancer CEO New Cancer Dr New Cancer Barbara New Cancer McAneny New Cancer Provides New Cancer care New Cancer three New Cancer Mexicans New Cancer facing New Cancer cancer New Cancer Focus New Cancer adult New Cancer cancers New Cancer blood New Cancer Alburquerque New Cancer Gallup New Cancer Silver New Cancer City New Cancer Las New Cancer Cruces

Imaging hospital - Influential amplifiers /Imaging hospital
awffwpwate.htm#Imaging_Centers_Free_standing_Radiology Imaging Centers Free standing Radiology Imaging hospital There Imaging hospital variety Imaging hospital images Imaging hospital ordered ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CT Imaging hospital CT Imaging hospital transmission Imaging hospital imaging Imaging hospital Ultra Imaging hospital Sound Imaging hospital Reflection ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FMRI Imaging hospital functional Imaging hospital MRI Imaging hospital Emission Imaging hospital 3 Imaging hospital D Imaging hospital Interventional Imaging hospital Radiology Imaging hospital Result Imaging hospital radiology Imaging hospital report Imaging hospital Director Imaging hospital PACS Imaging hospital Administrator Imaging hospital Head Imaging hospital Radiologist ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PACS Imaging hospital Workflows Imaging hospital include ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_RIS Imaging hospital RIS Imaging hospital based Imaging hospital VNA Imaging hospital strategy Imaging hospital aims Imaging hospital support Imaging hospital IOP Imaging hospital via Imaging hospital standard Imaging hospital storage Imaging hospital comms ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PAMA Imaging hospital PAMA Imaging hospital constrained Imaging hospital interaction Imaging hospital ordering Imaging hospital furnishing Imaging hospital physicians Imaging hospital use Imaging hospital CDSS Imaging hospital improve Imaging hospital validity Imaging hospital cost Imaging hospital effectiveness Imaging hospital diagnostics Imaging hospital requirement Imaging hospital obtain Imaging hospital pre Imaging hospital authorization Imaging hospital procedure ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACR Imaging hospital ACR Imaging hospital specifies Imaging hospital content Imaging hospital provided Imaging hospital Select Imaging hospital web Imaging hospital services Imaging hospital used Imaging hospital Technology Imaging hospital evolution Imaging hospital expected Imaging hospital make Imaging hospital taking Imaging hospital interpretation Imaging hospital low Imaging hospital skill Imaging hospital activity Imaging hospital carried Imaging hospital specialists Imaging hospital scenario Imaging hospital hospitals Imaging hospital forced Imaging hospital unbundle Imaging hospital capability Imaging hospital weakening Imaging hospital overall Imaging hospital business Imaging hospital model Imaging hospital Free Imaging hospital standing Imaging hospital centers Imaging hospital outpatient

Reference hospital - Influential amplifiers /Reference hospital
awffwpwate.htm#Reference_Laboratories_ Reference Laboratories Reference hospital Tests Reference hospital include Reference hospital chemistry Reference hospital urine Reference hospital analysis ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Coagulation Reference hospital Hematology Reference hospital Microbiology Reference hospital Serology Reference hospital Immunology Reference hospital Reference Reference hospital laboratories Reference hospital focus Reference hospital specimens Reference hospital Revenue Reference hospital growth Reference hospital physician Reference hospital base Reference hospital improve Reference hospital profitability Reference hospital relative Reference hospital hospital Reference hospital limiting Reference hospital opening Reference hospital hours Reference hospital prime Reference hospital time Reference hospital employing Reference hospital shift Reference hospital staff Reference hospital Most Reference hospital reference Reference hospital portal Reference hospital strategy Reference hospital But Reference hospital many Reference hospital results Reference hospital faxed Reference hospital 2013 Reference hospital Urgent Reference hospital phoned Reference hospital requesting Reference hospital br

Uniqueness - Influential amplifiers /Uniqueness
awffwpwate.htm#Uniqueness Uniqueness

VDS alignment - Influential amplifiers /VDS alignment
awffwpwate.htm#VDS_alignment VDS alignment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Geisinger_Health_System VDS alignment Geisinger VDS alignment powerful VDS alignment synergies VDS alignment between VDS alignment stable VDS alignment population VDS alignment health VDS alignment plan VDS alignment GHP VDS alignment EHR VDS alignment medical VDS alignment organization VDS alignment structure VDS alignment But VDS alignment integration VDS alignment places VDS alignment business VDS alignment conflict VDS alignment demodwbp VDS alignment awffwpwgco VDS alignment Health_management_organizations_HMO VDS alignment major VDS alignment br

Strategic - Influential amplifiers /Strategic
awffwpwate.htm#Strategic_flexibility Strategic flexibility

Prophylaxis - Influential amplifiers /Prophylaxis
awffwpwate.htm#Prophylaxis Prophylaxis

Centralization - Influential amplifiers /Centralization
awffwpwate.htm#Centralization Centralization

Business rule centralization - Influential amplifiers /Business rule centralization
awffwpwate.htm#Business_rule_centralization Business rule centralization Business rule centralization Business rule Centralization Business rule business Business rule rules Business rule repository Business rule ensures Business rule process Business rule flows Business rule apply Business rule agent Business rule like Business rule use Business rule sensors Business rule leverage Business rule executable Business rule derivative Business rule plan Business rule select Business rule proceed Business rule audit Business rule monitoring Business rule lifecycles Business rule editing Business rule capabilities Business rule allows Business rule PDCA Business rule interactively Business rule improve Business rule schematic Business rule application Business rule genetic Business rule algorithm Business rule viability Business rule set Business rule offset Business rule centralized Business rule ability Business rule alter Business rule key aspects Business rule Given Business rule specialize Business rule facility Business rule relationship Business rule environment Business rule would Business rule seem Business rule benefit Business rule GA Business rule goal Business rule control Business rule architectural Business rule understanding Business rule undermined Business rule real Business rule implementations Business rule surprisingly Business rule challenged ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#FICO_ Business rule products Business rule FICO ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blaze_Advisor_ Business rule Blaze Business rule Advisor Business rule complex Business rule sets Business rule computer Business rule programs Business rule written Business rule primitive Business rule languages Business rule BASIC Business rule without Business rule type Business rule checking Business rule scope Business rule memory Business rule management Business rule support Business rule Therefore Business rule brittle Business rule difficult

Network effects - Influential amplifiers /Network effects
awffwpwate.htm#Network_effects Network effects Network effects Insurance Network effects subscriber Network effects provider Network effects physician Network effects networks Network effects difficult Network effects build Network effects scratch Network effects undermining Network effects ACA Network effects awffwpwgco Network effects Health_Insurance_Co Network effects operatives Network effects health Network effects display Network effects typical Network effects effects Network effects Narrow Network effects easier Network effects insurers Network effects develop Network effects But Network effects opportunities Network effects exclude Network effects doctors awffwpwpo.htm Network effects providers Network effects increasing Network effects power Network effects Insurers Network effects leverage Network effects legal Network effects financial Network effects physical ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ Network effects UnitedHealth Network effects purchases Network effects demodwbp Network effects Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Network effects standalone Network effects Surgical_Care_Affiliates_ Network effects Optum Network effects OptumCare Network effects awffwpwbeco13 Network effects Jan_2017_NYT_UnitedHealth_To_Buy_Chain ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#DaVita Network effects DaVita ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#OPTUM Network effects group ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Network effects 4 Network effects 9 Network effects Billion Network effects US ../demodwbp/awffwpwbvds13.htm Network effects Value Network effects Delivery ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VDS Network effects System Network effects VDS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Asthma Network effects chronic Network effects disease Network effects asthma ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Type_2_diabetes Network effects diabetes

Infrastructure amplifiers - Influential amplifiers /Infrastructure amplifiers
awffwpwate.htm#Infrastructure_amplifiers_ Infrastructure amplifiers

Private equity provides funding and - Influential amplifiers /Private equity provides funding and
awffwpwate.htm#Private_equity_provides_funding_and Private equity provides funding and Private equity Private_equity_provides_funding_and Private equity funding Private equity strategic Private equity pressure Private equity hospitals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Private equity equity Private equity buying Private equity up Private equity high Private equity profit Private equity dermatology Private equity practices Private equity demodwbp Private equity awffwpwgco Private equity Advanced_Dermatology_and_Cosmetic Private equity Schweiger_Dermatology_ Private equity United_Skin_Specialists_ Private equity peer Private equity reviewed Private equity paper Private equity describing Private equity purchase Private equity throughput Private equity billing Private equity generate Private equity significant Private equity removed Private equity AAD Private equity website Private equity after Private equity powerful Private equity dermatologists Private equity linked Private equity private equity Private equity complained Private equity awffwpwbeco13 Private equity Oct_2018_NYT_Why_Private_Equity_Is ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Private equity companies Private equity pool Private equity money Private equity partners Private equity wealthy Private equity individuals Private equity endowments Private equity sovereign Private equity pension Private equity funds Private equity 33 Private equity 50 Private equity assets Private equity keen Private equity returns Private equity aim Private equity make Private equity more Private equity attractive Private equity public Private equity sale Private equity former Private equity corporate Private equity raiders Private equity Dec_2015_NYT_The_Fees_Are_Sky Private equity High_Yes Private equity no Private equity longer Private equity case Private equity private_equity_firms_are_already_under ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Bain_Capital_ Private equity Bain

The use of centralized EHR - Influential amplifiers /The use of centralized EHR
awffwpwate.htm#The_use_of_centralized_EHR The use of centralized EHR ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EHR use EHR use systems use required use health use care use delivery use federal use government use seems use intent use acting use sensor use evolved use lifier use infrastructure use ONC use chartered use path use finder use sponsoring use radical use architecture use projects use eHealth use exchange ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Direct_Project use direct use identifies use best use practices ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HIT use driven use HIT use mainstream use provider use network ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EHR use key use lification use process use But use concerned use about use business use silos use demodwbp use awffwpwbpol13 use May_2015_Dr use _Karen_DeSalvo_is_the ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UC_San_Francisco_ use UCSF use awffwpwgco use UCSF_Institute_for_Computational_Health use Computational

SMART on FHIR - Influential amplifiers /SMART on FHIR
awffwpwate.htm#SMART_on_FHIR_ SMART on FHIR SMART on Federal SMART on government SMART on responded SMART on challenge SMART on sponsoring SMART on application SMART on development SMART on environment SMART on developing SMART on applets SMART on operate SMART on distributed SMART on sets SMART on EHRs SMART on HIEs SMART on HITs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SMART SMART on developed SMART on SMART ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FHIR SMART on FHIR SMART on br

HIE infrastructure - Influential amplifiers /HIE infrastructure
awffwpwate.htm#HIE_infrastructure HIE infrastructure HIE infrastructure HIE_infrastructure HIE infrastructure publishing HIE infrastructure EHR HIE infrastructure data HIE infrastructure architected HIE infrastructure facilitated HIE infrastructure RHIO HIE infrastructure agents HIE infrastructure via HIE infrastructure demodwbp HIE infrastructure awffwpwgl HIE infrastructure gl_HIE HIE infrastructure health HIE infrastructure information HIE infrastructure infrastructure ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_RHIO HIE infrastructure organizational HIE infrastructure emergent HIE infrastructure structured HIE infrastructure enhance HIE infrastructure funding HIE infrastructure deployment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EHR HIE infrastructure use ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HIE HIE infrastructure argued HIE infrastructure formed HIE infrastructure collaboration HIE infrastructure convenors HIE infrastructure transactors HIE infrastructure grids HIE infrastructure last HIE infrastructure miles HIE infrastructure logic HIE infrastructure followed HIE infrastructure case HIE infrastructure Massachusetts HIE infrastructure awffwpwgco HIE infrastructure Massachusetts_Virtual_RHIO HIE infrastructure virtual HIE infrastructure implemented HIE infrastructure using HIE infrastructure centralized HIE infrastructure federated HIE infrastructure technologies HIE infrastructure complexity HIE infrastructure security HIE infrastructure privacy HIE infrastructure prompted HIE infrastructure office HIE infrastructure National HIE infrastructure Coordinator HIE infrastructure Health HIE infrastructure IT HIE infrastructure HHS HIE infrastructure AHRQ HIE infrastructure Governors HIE infrastructure Association HIE infrastructure sponsor HIE infrastructure Information HIE infrastructure Security ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HISPC HIE infrastructure Privacy HIE infrastructure Collaborative HIE infrastructure HISPC HIE infrastructure br ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HIE HIE infrastructure Exchanges HIE infrastructure viewed HIE infrastructure schematically HIE infrastructure generated HIE infrastructure phenotypic HIE infrastructure supporting HIE infrastructure robsstrategystudio HIE infrastructure awfcpiss HIE infrastructure signal HIE infrastructure necessary HIE infrastructure interaction HIE infrastructure adaptive HIE infrastructure system HIE infrastructure CAS HIE infrastructure care HIE infrastructure provider HIE infrastructure network

Evolved amplifiers - Influential amplifiers /Evolved amplifiers
awffwpwate.htm#Evolved_amplifiers_ Evolved amplifiers Evolved amplifiers Evolved Evolved amplifiers lifiers Evolved amplifiers support Evolved amplifiers high Evolved amplifiers margins Evolved amplifiers US Evolved amplifiers health Evolved amplifiers care Evolved amplifiers promote Evolved amplifiers selection Evolved amplifiers expensive Evolved amplifiers treatments Evolved amplifiers price Evolved amplifiers opacity Evolved amplifiers cost Evolved amplifiers management Evolved amplifiers constraints Evolved amplifiers screening Evolved amplifiers diagnosis Evolved amplifiers colorectal Evolved amplifiers cancer Evolved amplifiers provide Evolved amplifiers illustrative Evolved amplifiers case Evolved amplifiers Patients Evolved amplifiers little Evolved amplifiers impact Evolved amplifiers prices Evolved amplifiers encouraged Evolved amplifiers screened Evolved amplifiers CMS Evolved amplifiers reimbursement Evolved amplifiers robsstrategystudio Evolved amplifiers org Evolved amplifiers awfcasdh Evolved amplifiers Disrupting_health_care_reimbursement Evolved amplifiers lobbying Evolved amplifiers medical Evolved amplifiers guilds Evolved amplifiers supported Evolved amplifiers demodwbp Evolved amplifiers awffwpwgco Evolved amplifiers VASC_colonoscopy_process_constrained Evolved amplifiers risk Evolved amplifiers encourages Evolved amplifiers lifying Evolved amplifiers development Evolved amplifiers fat Evolved amplifiers overelaborate Evolved amplifiers procedures Evolved amplifiers benefit Evolved amplifiers participants Evolved amplifiers financed Evolved amplifiers taxes Evolved amplifiers insurance Evolved amplifiers fees Evolved amplifiers style Evolved amplifiers left Evolved amplifiers 40px ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#VASC_Screening_decision: Evolved amplifiers decision Evolved amplifiers important Evolved amplifiers Americans Evolved amplifiers shaped Evolved amplifiers powerful Evolved amplifiers actors ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACG Evolved amplifiers ACG Evolved amplifiers promotes Evolved amplifiers colonoscopy Evolved amplifiers preferred Evolved amplifiers strategy Evolved amplifiers necessity Evolved amplifiers mandated Evolved amplifiers Congress Evolved amplifiers after Evolved amplifiers gastroenterologists Evolved amplifiers medically Evolved amplifiers necessary Evolved amplifiers cannot Evolved amplifiers refused Evolved amplifiers Medicare Evolved amplifiers Medicaid Evolved amplifiers insurers

Aligned federal policy and industry - Influential amplifiers /Aligned federal policy and industry
awffwpwate.htm#Aligned_federal_policy_and_industry Aligned federal policy and industry Aligned federal policy Aligned federal industry Aligned federal practice Aligned federal rewards Aligned federal generate Aligned federal powerful Aligned federal cascades Aligned federal pharmaceutical Aligned federal lobbied Aligned federal 2006 Aligned federal bar Aligned federal Medicare Aligned federal negotiating Aligned federal drug Aligned federal prices Aligned federal legislated ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MMA Aligned federal MMA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Purdue_Pharma_ Aligned federal Purdue Aligned federal owning Aligned federal Sackler Aligned federal family Aligned federal knew Aligned federal OxyContin Aligned federal abused Aligned federal concealed Aligned federal promoted Aligned federal addictive Aligned federal Prosecutors Aligned federal discovered Aligned federal issues Aligned federal George Aligned federal W Aligned federal Bush Aligned federal White Aligned federal House Aligned federal soft Aligned federal peddled ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DOJ Aligned federal DOJ Aligned federal actions Aligned federal FDA Aligned federal allowed Aligned federal claim Aligned federal formulation Aligned federal believed Aligned federal reduce Aligned federal drugs Aligned federal appeal Aligned federal abusers Aligned federal sending Aligned federal signal Aligned federal lified Aligned federal During Aligned federal Rudy Aligned federal Giuliani Aligned federal advising Aligned federal defense Aligned federal team Aligned federal demodwbp Aligned federal awffwpwbpol13 Aligned federal May_2018_NYT_Origins_of_an_Epidemic ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UC_San_Francisco_ Aligned federal UCSF Aligned federal awffwpwgco Aligned federal UCSF_Institute_for_Computational_Health Aligned federal Computational Aligned federal leader Aligned federal UCSF_ICHS_leader_Atul_Butte_ Aligned federal Atul Aligned federal DNA Aligned federal limits Aligned federal impact Aligned federal genome Aligned federal web Aligned federal sites Aligned federal 23andMe Aligned federal etc Aligned federal awffwpwgl Aligned federal gl_Precision_medicine Aligned federal Precision Aligned federal history Aligned federal classification Aligned federal Challenge Aligned federal studying Aligned federal understanding Aligned federal long Aligned federal term Aligned federal illness Aligned federal Privacy Aligned federal Whole Aligned federal vs Aligned federal Specific Aligned federal strategies Aligned federal Sequencing Aligned federal directions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Helix_ Aligned federal Helix Aligned federal CRISPR Aligned federal challenge Aligned federal treatment Aligned federal delivery Aligned federal Surprises Aligned federal Interest Aligned federal ancestry Aligned federal Failure ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk Aligned federal comprehend Aligned federal risk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Probe_companies Aligned federal Leverage Aligned federal personal Aligned federal fitness Aligned federal probes Aligned federal Problems Aligned federal rapid Aligned federal change Aligned federal overloading Aligned federal doctors Aligned federal awffwpwbtec13 Aligned federal Jun_2018_Computer_History_Museum_talk_on Aligned federal President Aligned federal Obama Aligned federal awffwpwgsu Aligned federal Precision_Medicine_Initiative_ Aligned federal precision

Tax and budget - Influential amplifiers /Tax and budget
awffwpwate.htm#Tax_and_budget Tax and budget Tax and powerful Tax and evolutionary Tax and lifier Tax and health Tax and care Tax and strengthen Tax and strategies Tax and cost Tax and control Tax and rationing Tax and Tax Tax and bill Tax and written Tax and Kevin Tax and Brady Tax and passes Tax and Senate Tax and 51 Tax and 48 Tax and allowing Tax and House Tax and vote Tax and send Tax and President Tax and Trump Tax and Desk Tax and sets Tax and up Tax and evolved ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Tax and contains Tax and Removal Tax and ACA Tax and individual Tax and mandate Tax and pushing Tax and insurers Tax and markets Tax and risk Tax and pools Tax and collapse Tax and Opening Tax and Arctic Tax and Wildlife Tax and Refuge Tax and oil Tax and gas Tax and drilling Tax and 1 Tax and trillion Tax and allowed Tax and deficit Tax and justifying Tax and Medicare Tax and Medicaid Tax and defunding Tax and limits Tax and state Tax and tax Tax and deductions Tax and impacting Tax and large Tax and Democratic Tax and states Tax and California Tax and New York Tax and Jersey Tax and 10 Tax and 000 Tax and Top Tax and corporate Tax and rate Tax and reduced Tax and 35 Tax and 21 Tax and Individual Tax and rates Tax and 39 Tax and 6 Tax and 37 Tax and sunsets Tax and 2025 Tax and Inheritances Tax and 22 Tax and million Tax and shielded Tax and Pass Tax and businesses Tax and able Tax and income Tax and demodwbp Tax and awffwpwbpol13 Tax and Dec_2017_NYT_Republican_Tax_Bill_Passes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_BBA_of_2018 Tax and Budget Tax and deal Tax and BBA Tax and expanding Tax and military Tax and nonmilitary Tax and spending Tax and 300 Tax and billion Tax and signed Tax and Feb_2018_NYT_Trump_Signs_Budget_Deal_to Tax and includes Tax and funding Tax and changes Tax and IPAB Tax and removed Tax and CHIP Tax and extended Tax and four Tax and years Tax and 2027 Tax and awffwpwgco Tax and Community_Health_Centers_ Tax and allocated Tax and 8 Tax and 2018 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Tax and 2019 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare_Part_D Tax and prescription Tax and drug Tax and doughnut Tax and hole Tax and pharmaceutical Tax and company Tax and funds Tax and helping Tax and Spending Tax and offset Tax and removing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Public_Health Tax and public Tax and coverage Tax and low Tax and people Tax and sudden Tax and windfall Tax and Feb_2018_NYT_From_Clinics_to_Child

Dialysis provides another - Influential amplifiers /Dialysis provides another
awffwpwate.htm#Dialysis_provides_another Dialysis provides another Dialysis provides powerful Dialysis provides evolved Dialysis provides lifier Dialysis provides hospitals Dialysis provides 2013 Dialysis provides value delivery system Dialysis provides dialysis Dialysis provides treatment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Dialysis_centers Dialysis provides stocked Dialysis provides clinics Dialysis provides relative Dialysis provides potential Dialysis provides demand Dialysis provides occured Dialysis provides opportunity Dialysis provides capture Dialysis provides revenue Dialysis provides Medicare Dialysis provides reimbursement ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ESRD Dialysis provides ESRD Dialysis provides demodwbp Dialysis provides awffwpwbpol13 Dialysis provides NYT_Aug_2013_Health_lobby_tries_to_undo Dialysis provides Until Dialysis provides 2011 Dialysis provides government Dialysis provides paid Dialysis provides dosage Dialysis provides anti Dialysis provides anemia Dialysis provides drug Dialysis provides Epogen ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS Dialysis provides administered Dialysis provides FFS Dialysis provides purscription Dialysis provides issue Dialysis provides compounded Dialysis provides research Dialysis provides suggested Dialysis provides caused Dialysis provides health Dialysis provides issues Dialysis provides switched Dialysis provides flat Dialysis provides fee Dialysis provides response Dialysis provides use Dialysis provides plunged Dialysis provides more Dialysis provides federal Dialysis provides expected Dialysis provides designed Dialysis provides bundle Dialysis provides while Dialysis provides companies Dialysis provides margins Dialysis provides consequently Dialysis provides rose Dialysis provides industry Dialysis provides collected Dialysis provides extra Dialysis provides 530 Dialysis provides 880 Dialysis provides million Dialysis provides year Dialysis provides payments Dialysis provides Congress Dialysis provides responded Dialysis provides ordering Dialysis provides cut Dialysis provides Companies Dialysis provides enlisted Dialysis provides patients Dialysis provides members Dialysis provides congress Dialysis provides protect Dialysis provides argue Dialysis provides funding Dialysis provides used Dialysis provides support Dialysis provides costs Dialysis provides covered Dialysis provides Without Dialysis provides services Dialysis provides rural Dialysis provides areas Dialysis provides poor Dialysis provides major Dialysis provides cities Dialysis provides lowest Dialysis provides profit Dialysis provides br

ED referral incentives are - Influential amplifiers /ED referral incentives are
awffwpwate.htm#ED_referral_incentives_are ED referral incentives are ED referral ED_referral_incentives_are ED referral referral ED referral incentives ED referral problematic ED referral hospitals

2012 HMA ED incentives - Influential amplifiers /2012 HMA ED incentives
awffwpwate.htm#2012_HMA_ED_incentives 2012 HMA ED incentives HMA ED Having HMA ED contest HMA ED expanding HMA ED Government HMA ED investigation HMA ED associated HMA ED legal HMA ED costs HMA ED 2013 HMA ED Includes HMA ED 60 HMA ED minute HMA ED expose HMA ED Alleged HMA ED improper HMA ED coding HMA ED short HMA ED stay HMA ED inpatient HMA ED stays ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare HMA ED Medicare HMA ED patients HMA ED more HMA ED appropriately HMA ED classified HMA ED Jan_2014_NYT_Hospital_Chain_Said_to HMA ED outpatient HMA ED observation HMA ED Maximum HMA ED exposure HMA ED estimated HMA ED 50 HMA ED 100 HMA ED Million

Chain Hospital Chain Said to Scheme to Inflate Bills - Influential amplifiers /Chain Hospital Chain Said to Scheme to Inflate Bills
awffwpwate.htm#Jan_2014_NYT_Hospital_Chain_Said_to Jan 2014 NYT Hospital Chain Said to ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Chain ED Chain staff Chain presented Chain scorecards Chain Physicians Chain hitting Chain admission Chain targets Chain admitting Chain least Chain half Chain patients Chain aged Chain 65 Chain coded Chain green Chain Failing Chain red Chain According Chain whistleblower Chain law Chain suite Chain many Chain more Chain ways Chain HMA Chain kept Chain tabs Chain internal Chain strategy Chain regulators Chain argue Chain intended Chain increase Chain admissions Chain regardless Chain needed Chain hospital Chain care Chain month Chain Justice Chain Department Chain joined Chain eight Chain separate Chain blower Chain lawsuites Chain against Chain six Chain states Chain unfortunate Chain timing Chain board Chain recently Chain approved Chain demodwbp Chain awffwpwgco Chain CYH_takeover_of_HMA_to_consolidate_the Chain accused Chain government Chain 2013_CYH_is_investigated_for_ED Chain inappropriately Chain Still Chain stock Chain hardly Chain moved Chain investors Chain viewing Chain issues Chain cost Chain doing Chain business Chain typical Chain penalties Chain only Chain tens Chain millions Chain suites Chain qui Chain tam Chain litigation Chain brought Chain physicians Chain adminstrators Chain compliance Chain describe Chain wide Chain range Chain strategies Chain leveraging Chain sophisticated Chain software Chain financial Chain incentives Chain threats Chain inflate Chain companies Chain fees Chain Medicare Chain Medicaid Chain Admitting Chain like Chain infant Chain whose Chain temperature Chain normal Chain 98 Chain 7F Chain fever Chain 18 Chain year Chain old Chain righ Chain knee Chain laceration Chain admitted Chain treated Chain discharged Chain Using Chain finance Chain monitor Chain computer Chain data Chain Pro Chain Administrators Chain directed

Patient advocates for drugs - Influential amplifiers /Patient advocates for drugs
awffwpwate.htm#Patient_advocates_for_drugs Patient advocates for drugs Patient advocates drugs Patient advocates demodwbp Patient advocates awffwpwbeco13 Patient advocates Sep_2016_NYT_Furor_Over_Drug_Prices_Puts Patient advocates enable Patient advocates evolved Patient advocates lifier Patient advocates awffwpwgco Patient advocates Donohhue_successfully_pushed_large Patient advocates framed Patient advocates USCC Patient advocates lobbying Patient advocates Patient Patient advocates advocate Patient advocates associations Patient advocates foot Patient advocates solders Patient advocates helping Patient advocates patients Patient advocates access Patient advocates Pharmaceutical Patient advocates companies Patient advocates funding Patient advocates Health Patient advocates care Patient advocates suppliers Patient advocates doctors Patient advocates hospitals Patient advocates leverage Patient advocates margin Patient advocates high Patient advocates priced Patient advocates successfully Patient advocates pushed Patient advocates large Patient advocates arguing Patient advocates small Patient advocates members Patient advocates would Patient advocates provide Patient advocates soldiers Patient advocates often Patient advocates political Patient advocates cover Patient advocates issues Patient advocates big Patient advocates want Patient advocates pursued Patient advocates Generally Patient advocates chamber Patient advocates gets Patient advocates more Patient advocates 150 Patient advocates million Patient advocates revenue Patient advocates year Patient advocates Affiliates Patient advocates bring

Hedge funds private equity banks - Influential amplifiers /Hedge funds private equity banks
awffwpwate.htm#Hedge_funds_private_equity__banks Hedge funds private equity banks
Hedge funds Hedge_funds_private_equity__banks Hedge funds private equity Hedge funds banks Hedge funds collaborate Hedge funds lawyers Hedge funds surgeons Hedge funds enable Hedge funds evolved Hedge funds lifier Hedge funds medical Hedge funds device Hedge funds litigation ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#EJF_Capital_ Hedge funds EJF Hedge funds demodwbp Hedge funds awffwpwgsu Hedge funds Melody_Capital_Partners_ Hedge funds Partners Hedge funds Banks Hedge funds DZ Hedge funds provide Hedge funds finance Hedge funds loan Hedge funds arrangers Hedge funds Law Hedge funds Cash Hedge funds Banyan Hedge funds Finance ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Medstar_Funding Hedge funds Medstar Hedge funds Funding Hedge funds driving Hedge funds loans Hedge funds perform Hedge funds surgeries Hedge funds Earle Hedge funds Pescatore Hedge funds increase Hedge funds likely Hedge funds size Hedge funds coordinated Hedge funds Surgical Hedge funds Assistance Hedge funds leveraging Hedge funds marketing Hedge funds operations Hedge funds Conferences Hedge funds business Hedge funds development Hedge funds web Hedge funds tele Hedge funds sales Hedge funds litigant Hedge funds capture Hedge funds payouts Hedge funds personal Hedge funds injury Hedge funds suits Hedge funds organized ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Alpha_Law_ Hedge funds Alpha ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#McSweeney_Langevin Hedge funds McSweeney Hedge funds Langevin Hedge funds against Hedge funds manufacturers Hedge funds Boston_Scientific_ Hedge funds J Hedge funds pelvic Hedge funds mesh Hedge funds implants Hedge funds removal Hedge funds bond Hedge funds living Hedge funds tissue Hedge funds highly Hedge funds risky Hedge funds awffwpwbeco13 Hedge funds Apr_2018_NYT_How_Profiteers_Lure_Women Hedge funds Personal Hedge funds mass Hedge funds tort Hedge funds financing Hedge funds strategy Hedge funds expands Hedge funds hedge Hedge funds funds Hedge funds Fir_Tree_Partners_ Hedge funds Tree Hedge funds Deer Hedge funds Fortress ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pravati_Capital_ Hedge funds Pravati Hedge funds Virage ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Hedge funds equity Hedge funds Blackstone ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#PIMCO_ Hedge funds DRB Hedge funds Capital Hedge funds PIMCO Hedge funds state Hedge funds federal Hedge funds authorities Hedge funds Congress Hedge funds studying Hedge funds going Hedge funds Jun_2018_NYT_Hedge_Funds_Look_to_Profit Hedge funds br Hedge funds Economic Hedge funds situation Hedge funds Summary Hedge funds page Hedge funds review Hedge funds proximate Hedge funds economic Hedge funds trends Hedge funds discussed Hedge funds Introduction Hedge funds Heath Hedge funds care Hedge funds markets Hedge funds key aspects Hedge funds US Hedge funds economy

Dramatic economic shifts suggest - Economic situation /Dramatic economic shifts suggest
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dramatic_economic_shifts_suggest Dramatic economic shifts suggest Dramatic economic Dramatic_economic_shifts_suggest Dramatic economic demodwbp Dramatic economic awffwpwbeco13 Dramatic economic Impact_of_economics Dramatic economic economic Dramatic economic suggest Dramatic economic major Dramatic economic transformations Dramatic economic health Dramatic economic care Dramatic economic New Dramatic economic theories Dramatic economic Justify Dramatic economic legislation Dramatic economic improve Dramatic economic efficiency Dramatic economic network Dramatic economic just Dramatic economic power Dramatic economic nodes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Dramatic economic ACA Dramatic economic HITECH Dramatic economic acts Dramatic economic Pushing Dramatic economic High Dramatic economic entry Dramatic economic barriers Dramatic economic awffwpwgco Dramatic economic Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Dramatic economic limited Dramatic economic growth Dramatic economic co Dramatic economic ops ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Dramatic economic funding Dramatic economic adjustments Dramatic economic state Dramatic economic Georgia Dramatic economic SCOTUS Dramatic economic refusal Dramatic economic Medicaid Dramatic economic expansion Dramatic economic threatening Dramatic economic awffwpwgl Dramatic economic gl_Safety_net_hospitals Dramatic economic hospital Dramatic economic Grady_Memorial_Hospital_Atlanta_ Dramatic economic Aug_2016_NYT_Book_Review_Americas ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Molina_Healthcare Dramatic economic Molina

Puerto Rico is only the - Economic situation /Puerto Rico is only the
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Puerto_Rico_is_only_the Puerto Rico is only the Puerto Rico high Puerto Rico profile Puerto Rico demodwbp Puerto Rico awffwpwbeco13 Puerto Rico Jun_2016_NYT_Senate_Votes_to_Approve Puerto Rico persued Puerto Rico hedge Puerto Rico funds Puerto Rico 2015 Puerto Rico Nov_2015_NYT_Creditors_Signal_Potential Puerto Rico hurricane Puerto Rico damage Puerto Rico disrupts Puerto Rico producers Puerto Rico AdvaMed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Baxter_International_ Puerto Rico Baxter ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Johnson__Johnson Puerto Rico Janssen Puerto Rico Mylan Puerto Rico medical Puerto Rico supply Puerto Rico chain Puerto Rico 40 Puerto Rico drugs Puerto Rico Humira Puerto Rico Xarelto ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Methotrexate Puerto Rico methotrexate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#JJs_Tylenol_ Puerto Rico Tylenol Puerto Rico Prezista ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Baxter_International_ Puerto Rico small Puerto Rico saline Puerto Rico 13 Puerto Rico sole Puerto Rico source Puerto Rico devices Puerto Rico produced Puerto Rico 10 Puerto Rico companies Puerto Rico concerning Puerto Rico F Puerto Rico D Puerto Rico Gottlieb Puerto Rico Oct_2017_NYT_Hurricane_Damage_in_Puerto Puerto Rico collapse Puerto Rico exodus Puerto Rico impact Puerto Rico housing Puerto Rico generate Puerto Rico likely Puerto Rico foreclosure Puerto Rico crisis Puerto Rico Bottom Puerto Rico feeder Puerto Rico banks Puerto Rico Credit Puerto Rico Suisse ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Goldman_Sachs_ Puerto Rico Goldman Puerto Rico Sachs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Puerto Rico Perella Puerto Rico Weinberg

Impact of economics - Economic situation /Impact of economics
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Impact_of_economics Impact of economics Impact of potential Impact of destabilize Impact of US Impact of health Impact of care Impact of network Impact of Americans Impact of increasing Impact of use Impact of prescription Impact of drugs Impact of demodwbp Impact of awffwpwbeco13 Impact of Nov_2015_NYT_A_Prescription_for_Sticker ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Federal_Reserve_Act Impact of Federal Impact of Reserve Impact of report Impact of Economy Impact of robust Impact of allowing Impact of interest Impact of rate Impact of increases Impact of Wage Impact of growth Impact of sluggish ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Productivity Impact of poor Impact of productivity Impact of Decline Impact of work Impact of force Impact of participation Impact of among Impact of educated Impact of technology Impact of Women Impact of providing Impact of child Impact of rather Impact of entering Impact of Oil Impact of increasingly Impact of produced Impact of domestically Impact of reducing Impact of export Impact of dollars Impact of Trade Impact of war Impact of mentioned Impact of significant Impact of risk Impact of Jul_2018_NYT_Fed_Plays_Down_Trade_Woes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Finance_network Impact of financial Impact of betting ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Genomics Impact of Supply Impact of genomics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CRISPR Impact of Crispr Impact of genetic Impact of engineering ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Synthego_ Impact of Synthego Impact of raises ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Founders_Fund_ Impact of 41 Impact of million Impact of Founders

Bear catalyst - Economic situation /Bear catalyst
awffwpwbeco13.htm#2007_Jun_Bear_Stearns_mortgage_finance 2007 Jun Bear Stearns mortgage finance Bear NYTimes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Bear Two Bear hedge Bear funds Bear aimed Bear avoiding Bear fire Bear sale Bear mortgage Bear securities Bear market Bear getting Bear stuck Bear exploding Bear liability Bear steep Bear losses Bear financiers Bear melt Bear down Bear avoided Bear New York Bear Times Bear wonders Bear talks Bear just Bear delayed Bear inevitable Bear collapse Bear time ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Bear_Stearns_ Bear Stearns Bear investment Bear bank Bear aiming Bear find Bear obtain Bear payments Bear auctioned Bear off Bear face Bear value Bear 2 Bear billion Bear solicitations Bear hastily Bear withdrawn Bear investors Bear reacted Bear little Bear enthusiasm Bear However Bear end Bear day Bear risky Bear exchanged Bear hands Bear under Bear pressure Bear lenders Bear worried Bear about Bear effect Bear book Bear valuations Bear week Bear escalating Bear problems Bear High Bear Grade Bear Structured Bear Credit Bear Strategies Bear Enhanced Bear Leveraged Bear Fund Bear related Bear jarred Bear confronting Bear systemic Bear risks Bear booming Bear bonds Bear backed Bear mortgages Bear homeowners Bear weak Bear subprime Bear credit Bear Last Bear year Bear more Bear 483 Bear issued Bear up Bear 5 Bear 2005 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#J._P._Morgan_Chase_ Bear deal Bear JP Bear Morgan Bear Chase Bear reached Bear asset Bear Management Bear allowed Bear sell Bear 400 Bear million Bear collateral Bear cash Bear released Bear price ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Goldman_Sachs_ Bear Goldman Bear Sachs Bear Bank Bear America Bear similar Bear deals Bear details Bear remained Bear unclear Bear assets Bear eventually Bear fetch Bear types Bear unable Bear redeem Bear investments Bear causing Bear concern Bear known Bear collateralized Bear debt Bear obligations Bear D Bear O Bear Run Bear portfolio Bear managers Bear complex Bear instruments Bear akin Bear mutual Bear buy Bear stakes Bear variety Bear often Bear riskiest Bear portion Bear usually Bear hundreds Bear millions Bear billions Bear borrowed Bear money Bear About Bear 316 Bear Os Bear specializing Bear last Bear 178 Bear One Bear worry Bear possible Bear unwinding Bear cascade Bear larger Bear liquidations Bear hold Bear far Bear higher Bear prices Bear Accounting Bear rules Bear require Bear banks Bear robsstrategystudio Bear org Bear awfcasde Bear Das_discusses_the_accounting_models Bear trading Bear Many Bear particular Bear trade Bear frequently Bear making Bear hard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Merrill_Lynch_ Bear Merrill Bear seized Bear quietly Bear showing Bear small Bear group Bear potential Bear buyers Bear Such Bear approach Bear helps Bear keep Bear pricing Bear wraps Bear allowing Bear Wall Bear Street Bear firms Bear marking Bear own Bear Keeping Bear sales Bear means Bear add Bear immediately Bear shore Bear portfolios Bear Yet Bear another Bear big Bear until Bear generously Bear lent Bear dollars Bear good Bear terms Bear traders Bear pulling Bear demanding Bear stricter Bear industry Bear executive Bear said Bear involved Bear collectively Bear lose Bear lending Bear Lenders Bear already Bear reducing Bear amount Bear willing Bear against

Year A Choppy Year for Hedge Funds, but Chiefs Cashed In - Economic situation /Year A Choppy Year for Hedge Funds, but Chiefs Cashed In
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_A_Choppy_Year_for_Hedge May 2016 NYT A Choppy Year for Hedge Year Alexandra Year Stevenson Year reports Year JPMorgan Year Chase Year paid Year chief Year executive Year Jamie Year Dimon Year 27 Year million Year 2015 Year another Year Wall Year Street Year universe Year hedge Year fund Year manager Year Kenneth Year Griffin Year Citadel Year made Year 1 Year 7 Year billion Year same Year year Year Institutional Year Investor Year Alpha Year magazine Year 25 Year best Year managers Year together Year received Year 12 Year 94 Year income Year funds Year struggled Year perform Year industry Year trillion Year size Year James Year H Year Simons Year demodwbp Year awffwpwgsu Year Renaissance_Technologies Year took Year home Year Leda Year Braga Year Systematica_Investments_ Year 60 Year Earlier Year she Year BlueCrest_Capital_Management_ Year Five Year lost Year money Year investors Year list Year Ray Year Dalio Year 4 Year Bridgewater_Associates_ Year Pobert Year Prince Year Greg Year Jenson Year Daniel Year Och Year 140 Year Ziff_Capital_ Year Michael Year Platt Year 260

Funds NYT Hedge Funds Reach for Hard Hats in Year of Collapsing Mergers - Economic situation /Funds NYT Hedge Funds Reach for Hard Hats in Year of Collapsing Mergers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_Hedge_Funds_Reach_for_Hard May 2016 NYT Hedge Funds Reach for Hard Funds Leslie Funds Picker Funds reports Funds while Funds last Funds year Funds set Funds record Funds amount Funds money Funds spent Funds corporate Funds mergers Funds 4 Funds 7 Funds trillion Funds far Funds setting Funds very Funds different Funds dollar Funds deals Funds come Funds undone Funds 400 Funds billion Funds worth Funds withdrawn Funds three Funds times Funds 2007 Funds Deals Funds backed Funds include Funds Staples Funds Office Funds Depot Funds 6 Funds 3 Funds Halliburton Funds Baker Funds Hughes Funds 35 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pfizer Funds Pfizer Funds Allergan Funds 152 Funds Anbang Funds Insurance Funds Starwood Funds Hotels Funds 14 Funds acquisition Funds Energy Funds Transfer Funds equity Funds Williams Funds Companies Funds 38 Funds no Funds evidence Funds collapse Funds treated Funds backing Funds markets ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Abbott_Labs_ Funds Abbott Funds labs Funds Alere Funds 5 Funds 8 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Funds Hedge Funds funds ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Merger_arbitrage Funds focus Funds arbitrage Funds seeing Funds greater Funds uncertainty Funds strategies Funds April Funds macro Funds worst Funds performing Funds hedge Funds Ramius Funds impacted Funds share Funds price

Market Everyone. - Economic situation /Market Everyone.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2018_NYT_The_Stock_Market_Is Aug 2018 NYT The Stock Market Is Market Jeff Market Sommer Market reports Market American Market stock Market market Market shrinking Market happening Market slow Market motion Market you Market noticed Market But Market change Market unmistakable Market half Market size Market mid Market 1990s Market peak Market 25 Market percent Market smaller Market 1976 Market National Market Bureau Market Economic Market Research Market Ohio Market State Market Rene Market Stulz Market concludes Market troubling Market economy Market innovation Market transparence Market more Market 8 Market 000 Market publicly Market traded Market companies Market By Market 2016 Market only Market 3 Market 627 Market Companies Market exchanges Market far Market larger Market fast Market rising Market growth Market hard Market find Market There Market few Market opportunities Market investment Market Only Market top Market 200 Market corporations Market make Market profit Market 5 Market making Market vast Market amounts Market fewer Market initial Market offerings Market IPO Market currently Market Private Market allow Market visibility Market doing Market although Market reveal Market details Market private equity Market investors Market sector Market while Market leaving Market focused Market diverse Market set Market Small Market company Market asset Market values Market previously Market lots Market increase Market reflects Market non Market GAAP Market intellectual Market property Market valuations Market deducted Market corporate Market income Market use Market accounting

Buyers Now - Economic situation /Buyers Now
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_The_Biggest_Buyers_of Oct 2018 NYT The Biggest Buyers of Buyers Matt Buyers Philips Buyers reports Buyers plenty Buyers potential Buyers catalysts Buyers stock Buyers market Buyers sell Buyers off Buyers swept Buyers markets Buyers week Buyers include Buyers rising Buyers interest Buyers rates Buyers growing Buyers tensions Buyers China Buyers expanding Buyers federal Buyers deficits Buyers increasing Buyers regulatory Buyers risks Buyers technology Buyers companies Buyers But Buyers largest Buyers buyers Buyers repurchasing Buyers own Buyers stocks Buyers aren Buyers buying Buyers ready Buyers earnings Buyers Some Buyers dips Buyers 2018 Buyers correspond Buyers quarterly Buyers reporting Buyers periods Buyers Repurchasing Buyers reached Buyers 770 Buyers billion Buyers year Buyers twice ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ETF Buyers size Buyers ETF Buyers generated Buyers demand

T E.T.Fs Try to Lure Investors Into Ever Narrower Niches - Economic situation /T E.T.Fs Try to Lure Investors Into Ever Narrower Niches
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2019_NYT_E.T.Fs_Try_to_Lure Jan 2019 NYT E.T.Fs Try to Lure ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ETF Fs Try Conrad Fs Try De Fs Try Aenlie Fs Try reports Fs Try E Fs Try T Fs Try F Fs Try became Fs Try next Fs Try big Fs Try thing Fs Try portfolio Fs Try management Fs Try couple Fs Try decades Fs Try ago Fs Try cheaper Fs Try easier Fs Try trade Fs Try mutual Fs Try funds Fs Try Now Fs Try managers Fs Try offering Fs Try Fs Fs Try representing Fs Try small Fs Try thematic Fs Try parts Fs Try stock Fs Try market Fs Try gaming Fs Try Robotics Fs Try Medical Fs Try devices Fs Try 5G Fs Try Big Fs Try Data Fs Try artificial Fs Try intelligence Fs Try privacy Fs Try ciberthreats Fs Try supporting Fs Try increased Fs Try risk Fs Try reduced Fs Try diversification Fs Try FundX Fs Try Investment Fs Try Group Fs Try chief Fs Try investment Fs Try strategist Fs Try Jason Fs Try Browne Fs Try recommend Fs Try would Fs Try prefer Fs Try someone Fs Try build Fs Try around Fs Try more Fs Try diversified Fs Try If Fs Try you Fs Try average Fs Try investor Fs Try probably Fs Try look Fs Try back Fs Try think Fs Try something Fs Try sold Fs Try thoughtfully Fs Try invested Fs Try aligned Fs Try long Fs Try term Fs Try goals Fs Try manages Fs Try investments Fs Try wealthy Fs Try individuals Fs Try RegentAtlantic Fs Try officer Fs Try Christopher Fs Try Cordaro Fs Try using Fs Try Bank Fs Try America ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Merrill_Lynch_ Fs Try Merrill Fs Try Lynch Fs Try head Fs Try investing Fs Try Haim Fs Try Israel Fs Try technologies Fs Try covered Fs Try opportunities Fs Try advisers Fs Try dubious Fs Try about Fs Try Most Fs Try technology Fs Try forecasts Fs Try speculative Fs Try LJPR Fs Try Financial Fs Try Advisors Fs Try Leon Fs Try LaBrecque Fs Try noted Fs Try ve Fs Try enough Fs Try see Fs Try lot Fs Try Remember Fs Try Blockbuster Fs Try Boston Fs Try Chicken Fs Try Anyone Fs Try remember Fs Try first Fs Try search Fs Try engine Fs Try New Fs Try old

Automation The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite - Economic situation /Automation The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2019_NYT_The_Hidden_Automation Jan 2019 NYT The Hidden Automation Automation Kevin Automation Roose Automation reports Automation ll Automation never Automation admit Automation public Automation many Automation your Automation bosses Automation want Automation machines Automation soon Automation possible Automation attending Automation World Automation Economic Automation Forum Automation concluded Automation corporate Automation executives Automation answers Automation AI Automation questions Automation depended Automation listening Automation private Automation promise Automation automating Automation away Automation work Automation forces Automation agressively Automation stay Automation ahead Automation competition Automation Billions Automation dollars Automation spent Automation make Automation corporations Automation lean Automation digital Automation highly Automation automated Automation CEOs Automation measured Automation quarter ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#UBS_ Automation UBS Automation market Automation I Automation growint Automation 180 Automation billion Automation next Automation year Automation Consultants Automation see Automation aggressive Automation plans Automation executed Automation Infosys Automation president Automation Mohit Automation Joshi Automation noted Automation Earlier Automation incremental Automation 5 Automation 10 Automation percent Automation goals Automation reducing Automation Now Automation saying Automation Why Automation people ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#IBM_ Automation IBM Automation cognitive Automation solutions Automation unit Automation second Automation largest Automation division Automation revenue Automation last Automation help Automation businesses Automation increase Automation efficiency Automation Cognizant Automation profit Automation driving Automation automation Automation worried Automation about Automation backlash ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#McKinsey__Company_ Automation McKinsey Automation Katy Automation George Automation issue Automation disrupted Automation don Automation Asian Automation firms Automation society Automation reacting Automation China Automation JD Automation 100 Automation future Automation Taiwan Automation Foxconn Automation wants Automation 80 Automation workers Automation years Automation companies Automation retraining Automation whose Automation jobs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Accenture_provider_practice_ Automation Accenture Automation 17 Automation 000 Automation office Automation processing Automation without Automation layoffs Automation 2017 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Automation Amazon Automation 16 Automation warehouse Automation retrained Automation nursing Automation aircraft Automation maintenance Automation Most Automation analysts Automation unscalable Automation 4 Automation best ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MIT Automation MIT Automation robsstrategystudio Automation org Automation awfcpiref Automation Brynjolfsson_Erik_and_Andrew_McAfee Automation Erik Automation suggests Automation choice Automation between Automation whether Automation use Automation technology Automation way Automation creates Automation shared Automation prosperity Automation more Automation concentration Automation wealth

Penthouse May Rarely Live There - Economic situation /Penthouse May Rarely Live There
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2019_NYT_The_238_Million_Penthouse Jan 2019 NYT The 238 Million Penthouse Penthouse NIkita Penthouse Stewart Penthouse David Penthouse Gelles Penthouse report Penthouse Manhattan Penthouse where Penthouse multimillion Penthouse dollar Penthouse real Penthouse estate Penthouse sales Penthouse downright Penthouse routine Penthouse hedge Penthouse fund Penthouse tycoon Penthouse managed Penthouse set Penthouse standard Penthouse conspicuous Penthouse consumption Penthouse paying Penthouse fortune Penthouse unfinished Penthouse piece Penthouse property Penthouse sky ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Citadel_ Penthouse Citadel Penthouse founder Penthouse Kenneth Penthouse Griffin Penthouse spent Penthouse 238 Penthouse million Penthouse penthouse Penthouse 220 Penthouse Central Penthouse Park Penthouse South Penthouse built Penthouse space Penthouse landlord Penthouse evicted Penthouse rent Penthouse stabilized Penthouse apartments Penthouse based Penthouse Chicago Penthouse worth Penthouse 10 Penthouse billion Penthouse Has Penthouse three Penthouse children Penthouse Invests Penthouse art Penthouse Jasper Penthouse Johns Penthouse Jackson Penthouse Pollock Penthouse de Penthouse Kooning Penthouse philanthropy Penthouse giving Penthouse away Penthouse 700 Penthouse 150 Penthouse Harvard Penthouse 125 Penthouse University Penthouse board Penthouse member Penthouse Whitney

Care Health Care May Not Cure What Ails Portfolios This Time - Economic situation /Care Health Care May Not Cure What Ails Portfolios This Time
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2019_NYT_Health_Care_May_Not_Cure Jan 2019 NYT Health Care May Not Cure Care Ryan Care Derousseau Care reports Care health Care care Care stocks Care traditionally Care well Care during Care market Care downturns Care But Care whether Care repeat Care feat Care continuing Care uncertainty Care about Care future ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Care insurance Care US Care big Care question Care When Care recently Care started Care decline Care healthcare Care resist Care fall Care invested Care Mutual Care funds ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ETF Care ETF Care fell Care 14 Care 6 Care compared Care S Care P Care 500 Care drop Care 13 Care 3 Care Health Care historically Care counter Care cyclical Care noted Care Vanguard Care portfolio Care manager Care Wellington Care Management Care Jean Care Hayes Care outperformed Care limiting Care near Care term Care potential Care index Care grew Care annualized Care vs Care full Care 11 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Care ACA Care allowed Care more Care people Care use Care services Care 35 Care increased Care spend Care between Care 2010 Care 2017 Care inpatient Care beds Care prescription Care drugs Care Market Care owned Care hospital Care groups Care HCA Care revenue Care 36 Care PEs Care 17 Care 7 Care During Care last Care recession Care didn Care perform Care And Care Congressional Care Republicans Care President Care Trump Care demodwbp Care awffwpwbpol13 Care Major_political_actions_aim_to_limit Care while Care federal Care judge Care declared Care unconstitutional Care Dec_2018_NYT_Texas_Judge_Strikes_Down Care Even Care ill Care hurt Care maintaining Care demand Care true Care recessions Care 1974 Care losing Care broad Care lost Care 39

to How to Protect a Drug Patent? Sell it to a Native American Tribe - Economic situation /to How to Protect a Drug Patent? Sell it to a Native American Tribe
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2017_NYT_How_to_Protect_a_Drug Sep 2017 NYT How to Protect a Drug Katie Thomas reports drug maker Allergan announced Friday tht transferred patents best selling eye Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe upstate New York unusual gambit protect dispute ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Allergan agreed lease back Restasis tribe paid 13 75 million claim sovereign immunity grounds dismiss challenge filled generic makers Teva under ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AIA AIA provide annually long remain valid Brent Saunders siad company made move avoid described double jeopardy having same issue heard two venues really sure defend only forum 2nd quarter 2017 revenues 336 4 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Allergan Botox leading product novel legal strategy devised Shore Chan DePumpo following similar successful defense developed University Florida owned challenged ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Medtronic Covidien Medtronic argued successfully review panel arm state US District Court Texas If court finds invalid avoidance irrelevant

Considers - Economic situation /Considers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_NYT_Pfizer_Considers_Spinning Oct 2017 NYT Pfizer Considers Spinning Considers Amie Considers Tsang Considers reports Considers pharmaceutical Considers giant Considers Pfizer Considers said Considers begun Considers strategic Considers review Considers demodwbp Considers awffwpwgsu Considers Pfizer_Consumer_Health_ Considers consumer Considers health Considers unit Considers spun Considers off Considers sold Considers 2016 Considers 3 Considers 4 Considers billion Considers revenue Considers products Considers include Considers Advil Considers Centrum Considers supplements Considers ChapStick Considers Ian Considers Read Considers reviewing Considers business Considers strategy Considers alignment Considers year Considers extensive Considers evaluation Considers resulted Considers concluding Considers split Considers up Considers Innovative Considers Health Considers Essential Considers divisions Considers separately Considers traded Considers companies Considers commented Considers Although Considers strong Considers connection Considers between Considers care Considers elements Considers core Considers biopharmaceutical Considers businesses Considers distinct Considers enough Considers potential Considers value Considers more Considers fully Considers realized Considers outside Considers company

Pays NYT Pfizer Pays $14 Billion To Expand In Oncology - Economic situation /Pays NYT Pfizer Pays $14 Billion To Expand In Oncology
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_NYT_Pfizer_Pays_14_Billion_To Aug 2016 NYT Pfizer Pays 14 Billion To Pays Andre Pays Pollack Pays Lesie Pays Picker Pays report Pays Medivation Pays makes Pays big Pays selling Pays drug Pays Xtandi ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Prostate_cancer Pays treat Pays prostate Pays cancer Pays finally Pays found Pays buyer Pays fellow Pays American ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pfizer Pays maker Pays Pfizer Pays deal Pays subject Pays regulatory Pays clearance Pays shareholder Pays agreement Pays tender Pays shares Pays put Pays self Pays up Pays auction Pays avoid Pays board Pays takover ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofi_ Pays threatened Pays Sanofi Pays after Pays bid Pays company Pays rejected Pays demodwbp Pays awffwpwbeco13 Pays Apr_2016_NYT_Flurry_of_Deals_as_Health Pays Most Pays pharmaceutical Pays giants Pays pushing Pays oncology Pays leverage Pays Drug Pays development Pays enabling Pays discoveries Pays genomics Pays immuno Pays High Pays product Pays prices Pays resisted Pays insurers Pays cost Pays cutting Pays efforts Pays strategy Pays weak Pays until Pays Ibrance Pays became Pays hit Pays Now Pays add Pays another Pays although Pays global Pays sales Pays shared Pays Astellas Pays Pharma Pays competes Pays awffwpwgsu Pays Johnson__Johnson Pays Zytiga Pays follow Pays apalutamide ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Immuno-oncology Pays developments Pays allow Pays attack Pays BMS Pays Merck Pays leadership Pays positions Pays late Pays stage Pays PARP Pays Inhibitor Pays AstraZeneca Pays breast ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#AstraZenecas_Lynparza Pays Lynparza

Myers Bristol-Myers to Acquire Celgene in Deal Worth $74 Billion - Economic situation /Myers Bristol-Myers to Acquire Celgene in Deal Worth $74 Billion
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2019_NYT_Bristol-Myers_to_Acquire Jan 2019 NYT Bristol-Myers to Acquire Myers Tiffany Myers Hsu Myers Katie Myers Thomas Myers report Myers demodwbp Myers awffwpwgsu Myers Bristol Myers Myers_Squibb Myers said Myers would Myers buy Myers Celgene ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Myers maker Myers cancer Myers fighting Myers drugs Myers cash Myers stock Myers deal Myers valued Myers 74 Myers billion Myers first Myers major Myers pharmaceutical Myers 2019 Myers combined Myers organization Myers produce Myers nine Myers blockbuster Myers sales Myers more Myers 1 Myers hoped Myers combining Myers support Myers work Myers oncology Myers awffwpwgl Myers gl_Cardiovascular_disease Myers cardiovascular Myers immunology Myers inflammation Myers BMS Myers CEO Myers Chairman Myers Giovanni Myers Caforio Myers very Myers excited Myers about ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Celgene_Corporation_ Myers near Myers top Myers Trump Myers F Myers D Myers awffwpwbpol13 Myers May_2018_NYT_F Myers _Names_and_Shames Myers shame Myers Cancelled Myers REVOLVE Myers Crohn Myers disease Myers trial Myers Makes Myers Thalomid Myers 3 Myers companies Myers revenues Myers edge Myers patent Myers cliff Myers resisting Myers providing Myers samples Myers generic Myers makers Myers Revlimid Myers Acquired Myers Impact Myers Biomedicines Myers Juno_Therapeutics_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#BMS_Opdivo Myers Opdivo ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Merck Myers lagged Myers Merck Myers Keytruda

Up Rolling Up Deals While Rates Are Low And Confidence High - Economic situation /Up Rolling Up Deals While Rates Are Low And Confidence High
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_Rolling_Up_Deals_While Nov 2016 NYT Rolling Up Deals While Up Steven Up Davidoff Up Solomon Up reports Up world Up changing Up corporate Up transactions Up just Up seem Up keep Up coming Up won Up last Up however Up Huge Up numbers Up multibillion Up dollar Up deals Up 329 Up billion Up US Up announced Up October Up 2016 Up AT Up T Up acquisition Up Time Up Warner Up 85 Up 4 Up gain Up control Up content Up compete Up Facebook Up Google ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#G.E._-_General_Electric_ Up General Up Electric Up Baker Up Hughes Up BAT Up 47 Up Reynolds Up American Up Qualcomm Up 38 Up 5 Up NXP Up semiconductor Up Earlier Up year Up 56 Up Bayer Up Monsanto Up Microsoft Up acquired Up LinkedIn Up 26 Up maintain Up Internet Up reach Up And Up soon Up come Up restructuring Up Viacom Up CBS Up cheap Up money Up interest Up rates Up 400 Up low Up liquidity Up looking Up yield Up conventional Up explanation Up Hence Up easily Up borrow Up concedes Up banks Up limiting Up leverage Up lending Up But Up asserts Up confidence Up high Up major Up trading Up blocks Up exhibiting Up stability Up reasons Up growth Up economy Up massive Up technological Up transformations Up CEOs Up using Up consolidation Up justify Up positions Up acquisitions Up easy Up way Up capture Up products Up services Up reduce Up competition Up before Up anti Up trust Up rules Up introduced Up response Up development Up oligopolies Up pharmaceutical Up giants Up captured Up drugs Up rather Up developing Up Snap Up valuation Up IPO Up more Up activity Up technology Up worries Up inefficient Up conglomerates Up returning Up destroy Up capital Up caught Up bursting Up bubble Up rise Up market Up destabilizes Up another Up catastrophe Up occurs

in NYT Swimming in a Rising Tide of Mortgage Debt - Economic situation /in NYT Swimming in a Rising Tide of Mortgage Debt
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_Swimming_in_a_Rising_Tide Nov 2016 NYT Swimming in a Rising Tide Paula Span reports proportion older adults paying off homes climbing owe Prior housing bubble consequent financial crisis 2008 majority couples 65 year husband 62 wife would expecting retire fully paid house But increasing percentages amassing ever more mortgage debt see selling only way escape Two recent studies Urban Institute Boston College group indicate growing homeowners 35 carry particularly true Black Hispanics without college degrees Three quarters Americans owners largest capital asset little equity second loans lines credit taken houses average amount doubled 82 000 1998 under water 2012 And 5 80 value ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Economists looking situation likely persist time onetime phenomenon already clear people avoiding retirement

Fargo in Fake Accounts Cases - Economic situation /Fargo in Fake Accounts Cases
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_Wells_Fargo_Asks_Federal Nov 2016 NYT Wells Fargo Asks Federal ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Wells_Fargo_ Fargo Reuters Fargo report Fargo Wells Fargo asked Fargo Federal Fargo District Fargo Court Fargo order Fargo dozens Fargo customers Fargo suing Fargo bank Fargo opening Fargo unauthorized Fargo accounts Fargo resolve Fargo disputes Fargo private Fargo arbitrations Fargo instead Fargo court Fargo according Fargo legal Fargo documents Fargo files Fargo motion Fargo Utah Fargo US Fargo response Fargo first Fargo action Fargo lawsuit Fargo about Fargo up Fargo 2 Fargo million Fargo deposit Fargo credit Fargo card Fargo names Fargo without Fargo asking Fargo permission Fargo agreed Fargo pay Fargo 185 Fargo penalties Fargo 5 Fargo far Fargo And Fargo CEO Fargo John Fargo Stumpt Fargo eventually Fargo forced Fargo resign Fargo questions Fargo lawmakers Fargo wrote Fargo would Fargo stand Fargo policy Fargo offering Fargo free Fargo mediation Fargo services Fargo affected Fargo Mandatory Fargo rules Fargo inserted Fargo agreements Fargo prohibit Fargo joining Fargo actions Fargo demodwbp Fargo awffwpwbpol13 Fargo Apr_2011_NYT_Supreme_Court_Allows Fargo Supreme Court decision Fargo validated Fargo practice Fargo mandating Fargo beneficial Fargo large Fargo enterprises Fargo Denies Fargo protection Fargo preceding Fargo right Fargo appeal Fargo Helps Fargo conceal Fargo corporate Fargo misconduct Fargo public Fargo regulators Fargo no Fargo hearings Fargo becoming Fargo Disuades Fargo small Fargo claims Fargo fund Fargo lawyer Fargo Cases Fargo set Fargo precedents Fargo 2015 Fargo dismissed Fargo against Fargo signed Fargo clauses Fargo opened ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CFPB Fargo CFPB Fargo developing Fargo banks Fargo issuers Fargo companies Fargo forcing Fargo Trump Fargo administration Fargo likely Fargo restrain

C NYT E.C.B. Is Worried, but Not Enough to Try 'Helicopter Money' - Economic situation /C NYT E.C.B. Is Worried, but Not Enough to Try 'Helicopter Money'
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_E.C.B._Is_Worried_but_Not Apr 2016 NYT E.C.B. Is Worried but Not E.C Jack E.C Ewing E.C reports E.C eurozone E.C economy E.C listless E.C despite E.C aggressive E.C stimulus E.C measures E.C taken E.C European E.C Central E.C Bank E.C economists E.C conference E.C Frankfurt E.C full E.C advice E.C next E.C steps E.C officials E.C pushed E.C back E.C against E.C proposal E.C arguing E.C helicopter E.C money E.C discussion E.C topic E.C central E.C bank E.C acknowledged E.C deep E.C concerns E.C about E.C risk E.C situation E.C recently E.C released E.C summary E.C noted E.C alarmed E.C inflation E.C showed E.C decline E.C without E.C factoring E.C energy E.C prices E.C recorded E.C February E.C element E.C Eurozone E.C growth E.C momentum E.C would E.C slower E.C lower E.C longer E.C previously E.C anticipated E.C expect E.C reach E.C 2 E.C until E.C after E.C 2018 E.C already E.C stimulate E.C zone E.C Printing E.C buy E.C bonds E.C issued E.C corporations E.C Offering E.C pay E.C banks E.C lend E.C Penalizing E.C hording E.C cash E.C Economists E.C doubt E.C current E.C enough E.C counteract E.C global E.C slowdown E.C Charles E.C Bean E.C LSE E.C said E.C Britain E.C arguably E.C distributed E.C England E.C printed E.C purchase E.C government E.C turn E.C made E.C tax E.C cuts

Plays NYT Fed Plays Down Trade Woes and Suggests Rosy Economic Outlook - Economic situation /Plays NYT Fed Plays Down Trade Woes and Suggests Rosy Economic Outlook
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2018_NYT_Fed_Plays_Down_Trade_Woes Jul 2018 NYT Fed Plays Down Trade Woes Plays Jim Plays Tankersley Plays reports Plays Federal Plays Reserve Plays officials Plays presented Plays rosy Plays economic Plays card Plays Congress Plays Friday Plays playing Plays down Plays risks Plays growth Plays trade Plays tensions Plays declaring Plays financial Plays system Plays substantially Plays more Plays resilient Plays during Plays decade Plays before Plays crisis Plays Inflation Plays high Plays enough Plays no Plays longer Plays indicating ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk Plays deflation Plays semiannual Plays Monetary Plays Policy Plays Report Plays asserted ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Plays Economy Plays robust Plays allowing Plays four Plays planned Plays interest Plays rate Plays increases Plays year Plays short term Plays rates Plays back Plays historic Plays levels Plays Wage Plays sluggish Plays poor Plays productivity Plays while Plays benefit Plays costs Plays health Plays care Plays increased Plays marginally Plays Decline Plays work Plays force Plays participation Plays among Plays educated Plays Americans Plays technology Plays automating Plays jobs Plays Women Plays providing Plays child Plays rather Plays entering Plays impacting Plays why Plays would Plays legislators Plays policy Plays makers Plays find Plays tradeoff Plays acceptable Plays Oil Plays prices Plays domestically Plays reducing Plays disposable Plays income Plays oil Plays increasingly Plays produced Plays export Plays dollars Plays drag Plays GDP Plays Trade Plays war Plays handled Plays current Plays policies

crosses - Economic situation /crosses
awffwpwbeco13.htm#2008_Mar_A_fed_bailout_crosses_a_line_ 2008 Mar A fed bailout crosses a line crosses Gretchen crosses Morgenson crosses Potential crosses consequences crosses world crosses regulators crosses rescue ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Wall_Street_finance crosses financial crosses institutions crosses whose crosses recklessness crosses greed crosses helped crosses create crosses titanic crosses credit crosses mess crosses Weaker crosses currency crosses Rampant crosses inflation crosses Continuation crosses slow crosses bleed crosses witnessed crosses banks crosses brokerage crosses firms crosses last crosses year crosses Or crosses above crosses don crosses guess crosses answered crosses soon crosses Federal crosses reserve crosses agreeing crosses guarantee crosses 28 crosses day crosses line crosses Bear crosses Stearns ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#J._P._Morgan_Chase_ crosses way crosses J crosses Morgan crosses Chase crosses conceded crosses Friday crosses no crosses sizeable crosses book crosses mortgage crosses securities crosses loans crosses issuers crosses allowed crosses fail crosses right crosses explicit crosses sign crosses doctrine crosses already crosses forced crosses marriage crosses Bank crosses America crosses Countrywide crosses ill crosses deserving crosses winner crosses take crosses high crosses risk crosses positions crosses failed crosses However crosses biggest crosses players crosses business crosses Wall crosses Street crosses provided crosses munificent crosses lines crosses public crosses spirited crosses subprime crosses lenders crosses like crosses New crosses Century crosses bankrupt crosses owner crosses EMC crosses Mortgage crosses Servicing crosses aggressive crosses servicers crosses ended crosses up crosses situation crosses Drexel crosses Burnham crosses Lambert crosses left crosses die crosses 1980s crosses reason crosses supported crosses change crosses environment crosses believes crosses US crosses huge crosses nobody crosses sink crosses beneath crosses waves crosses Otherwise crosses tsunami crosses would crosses swamp crosses hedge crosses funds crosses remain crosses afloat crosses If crosses wholesale crosses dumping crosses assets crosses onto crosses market crosses frozen crosses where crosses buyers crosses hiding crosses fire crosses sale crosses surviving crosses carrying crosses same crosses types crosses books crosses down crosses generating crosses more crosses margin crosses calls crosses creating crosses failures crosses 30 crosses approximately crosses 46 crosses billion crosses mortgages crosses backed crosses Jettisoning crosses portfolio crosses operative crosses plain crosses see crosses disaster crosses asks crosses knows crosses really crosses worth crosses According crosses annual crosses report crosses 29 crosses valued crosses using crosses computer crosses models crosses derived crosses kind crosses observable crosses data crosses 17 crosses estimate crosses based crosses internally crosses generated crosses methodologies crosses utilizing crosses significant crosses inputs crosses generally crosses readily crosses For crosses government crosses print crosses money crosses expense crosses taxpayers crosses opposed crosses requiring crosses going crosses receivership crosses troubling crosses payers crosses crossed crosses very crosses clear crosses moral crosses hazard crosses opened crosses door crosses view crosses required crosses save crosses almost crosses non crosses recourse crosses says crosses hugely crosses problematic crosses systems crosses reputation crosses broadest crosses deepest crosses transparent crosses properly crosses regulated crosses capital crosses impacted crosses Investors crosses assured crosses again crosses authorities crosses nothing crosses wrong crosses Once crosses proved crosses hollow crosses claims crosses recently crosses put crosses press crosses release crosses saying crosses absolutely crosses truth crosses rumors crosses liquidity crosses problems crosses circulated crosses today crosses next crosses Christopher crosses Cox ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SEC crosses chairman crosses said crosses comfortable crosses major crosses resting crosses satisfactory crosses cushions crosses Three crosses days crosses later crosses bail crosses time crosses undermines crosses confidence crosses underwriting crosses she crosses asserts crosses architect crosses crisis crosses wonders crosses many crosses well crosses capitalized crosses outs crosses Since crosses Banks crosses assumes crosses eventually crosses come crosses Analysis crosses Edmund crosses Andrews crosses actions crosses included crosses assisting crosses JP crosses purchasing crosses share crosses FED crosses resources crosses far crosses reaching crosses mistakes crosses Over crosses few crosses months crosses hundreds crosses billions crosses dollars crosses investment crosses financed crosses mountain crosses debt crosses heading crosses towards crosses default crosses scope crosses unknown crosses lose crosses borrowers crosses repay crosses latest crosses offer crosses limit crosses So crosses taken crosses credibility ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Moral_hazard crosses having crosses rescued crosses investors crosses potentially crosses encouraging crosses others crosses future crosses Further crosses doing crosses something crosses unprecedented crosses added crosses strategic crosses reduction crosses rates crosses certain crosses external crosses inflationary crosses pressures crosses undermining crosses keep crosses collapse crosses finds crosses itself crosses sustaining crosses losses ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US crosses reduce crosses payments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Treasury crosses Treasury crosses point crosses make crosses difference

Doesnt NYT Time Doesn't Heal Wounds Of Bad Loans - Economic situation /Doesnt NYT Time Doesn't Heal Wounds Of Bad Loans
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_NYT_Time_Doesnt_Heal_Wounds_Of Jun 2016 NYT Time Doesnt Heal Wounds Of Doesnt Gretchen Doesnt Morgenson Doesnt reports Doesnt U Doesnt S Doesnt cleared Doesnt Angelo Doesnt Mozilo Doesnt borrowers Doesnt seethe Doesnt june Doesnt Justice Doesnt Department Doesnt told Doesnt Mr Doesnt Mozillo Doesnt former Doesnt CEO Doesnt Countrywide Doesnt no Doesnt longer Doesnt under Doesnt investigation Doesnt connection Doesnt civil Doesnt mortgage Doesnt fraud Doesnt government Doesnt criminal Doesnt inquiry Doesnt role Doesnt financial Doesnt crisis Doesnt dropped Doesnt previously Doesnt impacted Doesnt reckless Doesnt lending Doesnt abusive Doesnt foreclosure Doesnt practices Doesnt angry Doesnt She Doesnt concludes Doesnt flunked Doesnt failing Doesnt keep Doesnt O Doesnt K Doesnt maintaining Doesnt integrity Doesnt reputational Doesnt concedes Doesnt ever Doesnt 2007 Doesnt collapse ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Bank_of_America_ Doesnt sale Doesnt Bank Doesnt America Doesnt argued Doesnt neither Doesnt nor Doesnt anything Doesnt wrong Doesnt But Doesnt recalls Doesnt Thousands Doesnt loans Doesnt exploding Doesnt interest Doesnt rates Doesnt made Doesnt unsophisticated Doesnt investors Doesnt ability Doesnt repay Doesnt Abusive Doesnt increased Doesnt burden Doesnt struggling Doesnt people Doesnt Shattered Doesnt lives Doesnt Interviews Doesnt investigators Doesnt where Doesnt maintained Doesnt company Doesnt strong Doesnt ethical Doesnt standards Doesnt Private Doesnt communications Doesnt between Doesnt criticized Doesnt resulted Doesnt requirement Doesnt buy Doesnt back Doesnt troubled Doesnt One Doesnt eight Doesnt audited Doesnt six Doesnt largest Doesnt regions Doesnt severely Doesnt unsatisfactory Doesnt Profit Doesnt machine Doesnt architected Doesnt Vertical Doesnt integration Doesnt allowed Doesnt leverage Doesnt fees Doesnt sometimes Doesnt more Doesnt 100 Doesnt markup Doesnt stage Doesnt servicing Doesnt process Doesnt house Doesnt appraisals Doesnt Property Doesnt maintenance Doesnt insurance ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FTC Doesnt FTC Doesnt case Doesnt against Doesnt excessive Doesnt determined Doesnt overcharged Doesnt about Doesnt half Doesnt million Doesnt customers Doesnt concluded Doesnt designed Doesnt earnings Doesnt default Doesnt related Doesnt services Doesnt during Doesnt economic Doesnt downturn Doesnt commissioner Doesnt noted Doesnt business Doesnt model Doesnt based Doesnt deceit Doesnt corruption Doesnt harm Doesnt caused Doesnt American Doesnt consumers Doesnt absolutely Doesnt massive Doesnt extraordinary Doesnt Company Doesnt ran Doesnt roughshod Doesnt nation Doesnt bankruptcy Doesnt court Doesnt system Doesnt levied Doesnt improper Doesnt twice Doesnt claimed Doesnt behind Doesnt payments Doesnt moved Doesnt seize Doesnt property Doesnt only Doesnt withdrew Doesnt proved ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SEC Doesnt E Doesnt filed Doesnt suit Doesnt settled Doesnt October Doesnt 2010 Doesnt Regulators Doesnt contended Doesnt two Doesnt execs Doesnt hid Doesnt growing Doesnt risks Doesnt operations Doesnt generated Doesnt profits Doesnt stock Doesnt sales Doesnt admit Doesnt deny Doesnt claims Doesnt agreed Doesnt permanent Doesnt prohibition Doesnt serving Doesnt officer Doesnt director Doesnt public Doesnt paid Doesnt 22 Doesnt 5 Doesnt Point Doesnt 4 Doesnt billion Doesnt later Doesnt 50 Doesnt fines Doesnt relating Doesnt own Doesnt settlements

It NYT How It Got Riskier to Own High-Quality Corporate Bonds - Economic situation /It NYT How It Got Riskier to Own High-Quality Corporate Bonds
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2018_NYT_How_It_Got_Riskier_to_Own Jul 2018 NYT How It Got Riskier to Own Carla Fried reports bonds issued US companies strong balance sheets delivering weakest returns major American categories year adding headaches fixed income investors Rising interest rates pushed yields higher prices more significantly lower High quality performed particularly badly index funds E T investment grade corporate down Government robsstrategystudio org awfcasfw Junk_Bonds_Leveraged_Buyouts_and_the junk better poor performance credit risk Many rated used environment post 2008 borrow heavily locking long period longer maturity drop rise duration potential recession given length current bull market reflected overall debt dropped 2007 27 BBB Now 50 Companies strategically decided increase leverage acquisitions CVS merger Aetna demodwbp awffwpwbeco13 Dec_2017_NYT_CVS_to_Buy_Aetna_for_69 Bayer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#General_Mills_ AT General Mills 10 historically causing track sell

Oversees Man Oversees $5 Trillion - Economic situation /Oversees Man Oversees $5 Trillion
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_This_Man_Oversees_5 Sep 2016 NYT This Man Oversees 5 Oversees Landon Oversees Thomas Oversees reports Oversees Laurence Oversees Fink Oversees blew Oversees 100 Oversees million ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#BlackRock_ Oversees Now Oversees chief Oversees BlackRock Oversees changed Oversees Wall Oversees Street Oversees balance Oversees power Oversees On Oversees stage Oversees investor Oversees conference Oversees John Oversees Cryan Oversees CEO Oversees Deutsche Oversees Bank Oversees proposed Oversees Larry Oversees You Oversees becoming Oversees supplier Oversees liquidity Oversees last Oversees resort Oversees beyond Oversees central Oversees banks Oversees assertion Oversees suggesting Oversees 5 Oversees trillion Oversees assets Oversees guarantor Oversees stability Oversees ability Oversees buy Oversees sell Oversees stocks Oversees bonds Oversees times Oversees duress Oversees role Oversees Investment Oversees performed Oversees past Oversees investment Oversees argue Oversees financial Oversees system Oversees riskier Oversees similar Oversees firms Oversees cannot Oversees market Oversees making Oversees function Oversees replied Oversees shifted Oversees shop Oversees serving Oversees pension Oversees funds Oversees CalPERS Oversees insurance Oversees companies Oversees gathering Oversees machine Oversees uses Oversees advanced Oversees technology Oversees reimagine Oversees investors Oversees assess Oversees risks Oversees securities Oversees E Oversees allow Oversees create Oversees markets Oversees high Oversees yield Oversees corporate Oversees undermines Oversees business Oversees model Oversees like Oversees would Oversees offer Oversees individual Oversees while Oversees competes Oversees against Oversees sales Oversees Blackrock Oversees Aladdin Oversees stress Oversees test Oversees respond Oversees certain Oversees situations Oversees Sudden Oversees rise Oversees interest Oversees rates Oversees Donald Oversees Trump Oversees election Oversees President Oversees promising Oversees help Oversees trade Oversees analyze Oversees evaluate Oversees compliance Oversees manage Oversees explains Oversees network Oversees integrates Oversees code Oversees trades Oversees chat Oversees algorithms Oversees predictive Oversees models Oversees highlight Oversees vulnerabilities Oversees opportunities Oversees connected Oversees 15 Oversees external Oversees customers Oversees want Oversees information Oversees tracks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#G.E._-_General_Electric_ Oversees 1994 Oversees General Oversees Electric Oversees contracted Oversees wind Oversees down Oversees Kidder Oversees Peabody Oversees Co Oversees period Oversees severe Oversees regulatory Oversees scrutiny Oversees service Oversees increasingly Oversees popular Oversees Seventy Oversees five Oversees management Oversees unit Oversees Freddie Oversees Mac Oversees price Oversees doubled Oversees 2011 Oversees performing Oversees Goldman Oversees Sachs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#J._P._Morgan_Chase_ Oversees Morgan Oversees Chase Oversees traditional Oversees index ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mutual_Funds_ Oversees more Oversees 30 Oversees mutual Oversees doubling Oversees size Oversees years

Bee - Economic situation /Bee
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2017_Forum_Sacramento_Bee_reporter Jul 2017 Forum Sacramento Bee reporter Bee Key Bee points Bee included Bee CalPERS Bee massive Bee losses Bee during Bee great Bee recession Bee trying Bee make Bee up Bee more Bee conservative Bee investment Bee strategies Bee appears Bee unlikely Bee Result Bee huge Bee pressure Bee California Bee cities Bee fund Bee pension Bee short Bee falls Bee Consequently Bee no Bee money Bee updating Bee infrastructure Bee Roads Bee aging Bee badly Bee currently Bee structured Bee revenues ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Single-payer Bee support Bee single Bee payer Bee health Bee insurance Bee Sales Bee taxes Bee eroded Bee many Bee years Bee 70 Bee based Bee income Bee surcharge Bee richest Bee 1 Bee progressive Bee fails Bee recessions Bee At Bee funds Bee schools Bee dependent Bee poor Bee etc Bee Jerry Bee Brown Bee rainy Bee day Bee far Bee small Bee cope Bee major Bee impact Bee gathered Bee No Bee politician Bee willing Bee raise Bee via Bee increases Bee voters Bee signalled Bee would Bee rejected Bee polls

Reinhardt - Economic situation /Reinhardt
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2017_NYT_Uwe_Reinhardt_80_Dies_a Nov 2017 NYT Uwe Reinhardt 80 Dies a Reinhardt Sam Reinhardt Roberts Reinhardt reports Reinhardt Uwe Reinhardt economist Reinhardt whose Reinhardt keen Reinhardt caustic Reinhardt unconventional Reinhardt insights Reinhardt cast Reinhardt colleagues Reinhardt national Reinhardt conscience Reinhardt policy Reinhardt debates Reinhardt about Reinhardt health Reinhardt care Reinhardt died Reinhardt Princeton Reinhardt N Reinhardt J Reinhardt 80 Reinhardt taught Reinhardt demodwbp Reinhardt awffwpwgsu Reinhardt PU_Woodrow_Wilson_School_of_Public_and Reinhardt Woodrow Reinhardt PU_WWSPIA_Economics_Department_ Reinhardt economics Reinhardt sepsis Reinhardt considered Reinhardt German Reinhardt system Reinhardt best Reinhardt available Reinhardt asserted Reinhardt blends Reinhardt private Reinhardt delivery Reinhardt unversal Reinhardt coverage Reinhardt social Reinhardt solidarity Reinhardt inexpensive Reinhardt equitable Reinhardt Coverage Reinhardt portable Reinhardt You Reinhardt never Reinhardt unisured Reinhardt Germany Reinhardt No Reinhardt family Reinhardt goes Reinhardt broke Reinhardt bills Reinhardt His Reinhardt work Reinhardt influenced Reinhardt aspects Reinhardt ACA Reinhardt reforms ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Reinhardt Medicare Reinhardt pay Reinhardt performance ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS Reinhardt rather Reinhardt using Reinhardt FFS Reinhardt Penalizing Reinhardt uninsured Reinhardt would Reinhardt wait Reinhardt until Reinhardt became Reinhardt ill Reinhardt purchase Reinhardt insurance Reinhardt individual Reinhardt mandate Reinhardt accepted Reinhardt architects Reinhardt Subsidizing Reinhardt low Reinhardt income Reinhardt families Reinhardt afford Reinhardt mandated ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Reinhardt Asserted Reinhardt US Reinhardt costs Reinhardt high Reinhardt prices Reinhardt driven Reinhardt failed Reinhardt market Reinhardt hidden Reinhardt expensive Reinhardt transactions Reinhardt priced Reinhardt prescription Reinhardt drugs Reinhardt inefficient Reinhardt interface Reinhardt network Reinhardt see Reinhardt doctor Reinhardt issue Reinhardt argued Reinhardt collective Reinhardt take Reinhardt home Reinhardt amounted Reinhardt only Reinhardt 10 Reinhardt spending Reinhardt Slicing Reinhardt 20 Reinhardt reduce Reinhardt total Reinhardt return Reinhardt wholly Reinhardt demoralized Reinhardt medical Reinhardt profession Reinhardt often Reinhardt look Reinhardt save Reinhardt lives Reinhardt Professor Reinhardt developed Reinhardt Taiwan Reinhardt single Reinhardt payer Reinhardt National Reinhardt Health Reinhardt Insurance Reinhardt program ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Dartmouth_College Reinhardt Dartmouth Reinhardt Elliot Reinhardt Fisher Reinhardt many Reinhardt ways

Cancer Lagging Demand - Economic situation /Cancer Lagging Demand
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2018_NYT_For_Cancer_Centers_Proton Apr 2018 NYT For Cancer Centers Proton Cancer Jay Cancer Hancock Cancer reports Cancer demodwbp Cancer awffwpwgco Cancer Georgetown_University_Hospital_ Cancer opened Cancer proton Cancer therapy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer cancer Cancer unit Cancer expected Cancer treat Cancer about Cancer 300 Cancer patients Cancer year Cancer premium Cancer prices Cancer using Cancer proponents Cancer promote Cancer advanced Cancer radiology Cancer attacking Cancer certain Cancer tumors Cancer first Cancer beam Cancer setup Cancer Massachusetts_General_Hospital Cancer 2001 Cancer After Cancer 2013 Cancer Yale Cancer study Cancer found Cancer little Cancer benefit Cancer use Cancer treatment Cancer prostate cancer Cancer insurers Cancer reduced Cancer coverage Cancer Doctors Cancer consequently Cancer hesitate Cancer prescribe Cancer commercial Cancer often ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Cancer procedure Cancer Medicare Cancer But Cancer vast Cancer sums Cancer invested Cancer hospitals Cancer investors Cancer clinical Cancer justification Cancer cost Cancer third Cancer 27 Cancer existing Cancer centers Cancer losing Cancer money Cancer Hampton Cancer University Cancer Proton Cancer Therapy Cancer Institute Cancer Virginia Cancer Provision Cancer CARES Cancer Center Cancer Knoxville Cancer Tennessee Cancer defaulted Cancer debt Cancer ProCure Cancer financially Cancer restructure Cancer Maryland Cancer Scripps Cancer California Cancer Protons Cancer Seattle Cancer Care Cancer Alliance Cancer Fred_Hutchinson_Cancer_Research_Center_ Cancer Seattle_Childrens_Hospital_ Cancer awffwpwgsu Cancer University_of_Washington_ Cancer Others Cancer closed Cancer Indiana_University_Health_System_ Cancer 2014 Cancer more Cancer facilities Cancer planned Cancer industry Cancer attempting Cancer Reduce Cancer scope Cancer investments Cancer only Cancer room Cancer 40 Cancer million Cancer Share Cancer New York Cancer partnering Cancer help Cancer capture Cancer Memorial_Sloan Cancer Kettering_Cancer_Center Cancer Mount_Sinai_Health_System_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Montefiore_ Cancer Montefiore Cancer Health Cancer same Cancer large Cancer East Cancer Harlem

debate Terminally Broken? - Economic situation /debate Terminally Broken?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_Intelligence_Squared_debate_- Oct 2017 Intelligence Squared debate - debate Debators debate For debate motion debate demodwbp debate awffwpwgco debate LI_Senior_VP_Shannon_Brownlee_ debate Shannon debate CEO_of_Kaiser_NCMG_1999_to_May_2017_Dr debate Dr debate Against debate awffwpwgsu debate UPen_dme_hp_chair_Ezekiel_Emanuel_ debate From_May_1_2015_Dr debate _David_T_Feinberg debate First debate round debate summary debate arguments debate Brownlee debate Two debate ideas debate How debate broken debate If debate patient debate would debate ICU debate Can debate reforms debate revive debate system debate cant debate US debate health debate care debate network debate problems debate very debate significant debate Fragmented debate Burned debate physicians debate nurses debate Quarter debate million debate people debate die debate errors debate awffwpwgl debate gl_Nosocomial_infection debate nosocomial debate adverse debate drug debate events debate year debate Record debate recalls debate last debate decade debate partly debate captive debate pharmaceutical debate industries ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS debate FFS debate induces debate more debate main debate way debate pay debate Costs debate include debate lots debate waste debate 300 debate billion debate unneeded debate services debate 1 debate trillion debate total debate Massive debate investment debate hospitals debate too debate little debate reward debate PCPs debate community debate drives debate focus debate margins debate mission debate highlights debate typical debate issue

- Economic situation /Hospital
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Hospital_infrastructure_competition Hospital infrastructure competition Hospital infrastructure Hospital competition Hospital results Hospital unnecessary Hospital costly Hospital duplication Hospital 100 Hospital million Hospital demodwbp Hospital awffwpwgl Hospital gl_Proton_beam_therapy Hospital proton Hospital systems Hospital treating Hospital handful Hospital cancers Hospital built Hospital hospitals Hospital 2 Hospital Baltimore Hospital 30 Hospital miles Hospital D Hospital C Hospital 4 Hospital Washington Hospital Reforms Hospital too Hospital small Hospital scale ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACO Hospital 2012 Hospital 32 Hospital pioneer Hospital ACO Hospital By Hospital 2017 Hospital only Hospital 8 Hospital left Hospital 24 Hospital dropped Hospital risk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS Hospital profile Hospital FFS Hospital limits Hospital shift Hospital Legacy Hospital players Hospital insurers Hospital drug Hospital companies Hospital invested Hospital push Hospital back Hospital against Hospital systemic Hospital fixes Hospital Scale Hospital current Hospital solutions Hospital change Hospital Private Hospital plans Hospital incented Hospital follow Hospital CMS Hospital FFV Hospital Points Hospital light Hospital appear Hospital fantastic Hospital primary care Hospital gl_EMR Hospital offs Hospital won Hospital up Hospital legacy Hospital pushes Hospital ACOs Hospital grow Hospital large Hospital enough Hospital Emanuel Hospital Everyone Hospital agrees Hospital broken Hospital There Hospital trillion Hospital waste Hospital 200 Hospital billion Hospital care Hospital 130 Hospital inefficient Hospital underperforming Hospital But Hospital question Hospital whether Hospital terminally Hospital Dr Hospital jokes Hospital oncologist Hospital expert Hospital about Hospital conditions Hospital multiple Hospital points Hospital around Hospital country Hospital Mayo Hospital Clinic Hospital Geisinger ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Kaiser_Permanente Hospital Kaiser ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CareMore_Health_Plan_ Hospital CareMore ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare_Advantage Hospital Medicare Hospital Advantage Hospital caring Hospital very Hospital sick Hospital chronically Hospital ill Hospital elderly Hospital 45 Hospital fewer Hospital admissions Hospital readmission ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Hospital vs

- Economic situation /Jack
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jack_Pearl_was_son Jack Pearl was son Jack Pearl Jack son Jack two Jack immigrants Jack fought Jack Second Jack World Jack War Jack Later Jack life Jack developed Jack demodwbp Jack awffwpwgl Jack gl_Heamolytic_anaemia Jack heamolytic Jack spleen Jack removed Jack Robert Jack brother Jack Chair Jack anesthesia Jack Stanford Jack handpicked Jack doctors Jack treat Jack father Jack Jack Jack spent Jack half Jack year Jack New York Jack Florida Jack selected Jack geographically Jack split Jack groups Jack excellent Jack physicians Jack knew Jack after Jack splenectomy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Vaccines Jack vaccinated Jack against Jack pneumococcus Jack But Jack region Jack thought Jack given Jack treatment Jack died Jack morning Jack arriving Jack visit Jack 200 Jack 000 Jack people Jack every Jack preventable Jack medical Jack errors Jack 92 Jack paid Jack FFS Jack rewarded Jack thinking Jack about Jack vaccine Jack Cost Jack quality Jack improvement Jack require Jack shift Jack total Jack capitation Jack Difficult Jack anything Jack incomplete ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bundled_Payments Jack Bundled Jack payment Jack evidence Jack says Jack costs Jack come Jack down Jack unit Jack basis Jack more Jack When Jack hospitals Jack consolidate Jack see Jack happening Jack don Jack use Jack restructuring Jack efficiency Jack effectiveness Jack care Jack Instead Jack raise Jack price Jack controlling Jack market Jack place Jack alphabet Jack soup Jack Medicare Jack MACRA Jack MIPS Jack APM Jack understand Jack won Jack change Jack way Jack provide Jack information Jack would Jack needed Jack Every Jack American Jack full Jack point Jack contact Jack health Jack network Jack APMs Jack EHR Jack interfaces Jack remain Jack closed Jack sustain Jack suppliers Jack power Jack users ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Jack PCP Jack overwhelmed Jack seeing Jack 30 Jack patients Jack day Jack things Jack system Jack terminally Jack broken Jack fixes Jack described Jack Zeek Jack make Jack small Jack amount Jack offs Jack only Jack areas Jack Change Jack medicine Jack How Jack organized Jack reimbursed Jack led Jack technologically Jack supported Jack Vote Jack motion Jack work Jack begin Jack Feinberg Jack problem Jack immediately Jack 50 Jack Eat Jack right Jack Didn Jack illegal Jack drugs Jack Drank Jack alcohol Jack moderation Jack Wore Jack seat Jack belts Jack Don Jack shoot Jack another Jack Overnight Jack debate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MIPS Jack hear ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MACRA Jack mumbo Jack jumbo Jack Argument Jack United Jack states Jack spends Jack bad Jack outcomes Jack industrialized Jack nations Jack comparison Jack flawed Jack US Jack social Jack services Jack Once Jack you Jack add Jack sums Jack together Jack middle Jack pack Jack Could Jack awffwpwgco Jack Kaiser_Permanente Jack showed Jack country Jack Oakland Jack Geisinger Jack Danville Jack illustrate Jack solution Jack Washington Jack comes Jack Communities Jack committed Jack living Jack problems Jack Engage Jack creative Jack innovative Jack solutions Jack better Jack gets Jack compassionate Jack safe Jack dignified Jack low Jack At Jack sequenced ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DNA Jack 100 Jack entire Jack DNA Jack free Jack looking Jack find Jack 4 Jack conditions Jack where Jack intervene Jack before Jack happens Jack Health Jack just Jack getting Jack understanding Jack your Jack genetic Jack code Jack zip

We have towns like Shamokin - Economic situation /We have towns like Shamokin
awffwpwbeco13.htm#We_have_towns_like_Shamokin We have towns like Shamokin like Shamokin Shamokin Shamokin like Pennsylvania Shamokin Pennsylvania like where Shamokin where like 80 Shamokin 80 like kids Shamokin kids like subsidized Shamokin subsidized like lunch Shamokin lunch like rate Shamokin rate like diabetes Shamokin diabetes like 1 Shamokin 1 like 4 Shamokin 4 like 5 Shamokin 5 like Guess Shamokin Guess like happens Shamokin happens like bring Shamokin bring like people Shamokin people like say Shamokin say like here Shamokin here like food Shamokin food like fresh Shamokin fresh like fruit Shamokin fruit like vegetables Shamokin vegetables like lean Shamokin lean like meat Shamokin meat like going Shamokin going like teach Shamokin teach like you Shamokin you like about Shamokin about like your Shamokin your like give Shamokin give like family Shamokin family like eat Shamokin eat like Every Shamokin Every like single Shamokin single like patient Shamokin patient like improvements Shamokin improvements like A1c Shamokin A1c like demodwbp Shamokin demodwbp like awffwpwgl Shamokin awffwpwgl like gl_Hypertension Shamokin gl_Hypertension like blood Shamokin blood like weight Shamokin weight like If Shamokin If like pill Shamokin pill like would Shamokin would like multi Shamokin multi like billion Shamokin billion like dollar Shamokin dollar like use Shamokin use like medicine Shamokin medicine like When Shamokin When like dermatologist Shamokin dermatologist like Kaiser Shamokin Kaiser like check Shamokin check like close Shamokin close like detected Shamokin detected like care Shamokin care like gaps Shamokin gaps like Primary Shamokin Primary like interventions Shamokin interventions like used Shamokin used like save Shamokin save like millions Shamokin millions like lives Shamokin lives like Shannon Shamokin Shannon like asked Shamokin asked like just Shamokin just like pilots Shamokin pilots like scale Shamokin scale like more Shamokin more like People Shamokin People like across Shamokin across like country Shamokin country like interested Shamokin interested like doing Shamokin doing like same Shamokin same like thing Shamokin thing like Geisinger Shamokin Geisinger ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bundled_Payments like Bundles Shamokin Bundles like spreading Shamokin spreading like Health Shamokin Health like reform Shamokin reform like begins Shamokin begins like doctors Shamokin doctors like nurses Shamokin nurses like patients Shamokin patients like moms Shamokin moms like brothers Shamokin brothers like sisters Shamokin sisters like community Shamokin community like coming Shamokin coming like together Shamokin together like taking Shamokin taking like another Shamokin another like scaling Shamokin scaling like great Shamokin great like ideas Shamokin ideas like making Shamokin making like sure Shamokin sure like every Shamokin every like gets Shamokin gets like exact Shamokin exact like kind Shamokin kind like want Shamokin want like everyone Shamokin everyone like Second Shamokin Second like round Shamokin round like cross Shamokin cross like questioning Shamokin questioning like Brownlee Shamokin Brownlee like Points Shamokin Points like light Shamokin light like always Shamokin always like pushed Shamokin pushed like back Shamokin back like legacy Shamokin legacy like agents Shamokin agents like Why Shamokin Why like different Shamokin different like time Shamokin time like Emanuel Shamokin Emanuel like Mid Shamokin Mid like 90s Shamokin 90s like control Shamokin control like health Shamokin health like costs Shamokin costs like after Shamokin after like failure Shamokin failure like Clinton Shamokin Clinton like plan Shamokin plan like Managed Shamokin Managed like 800 Shamokin 800 like no Shamokin no like public Shamokin public like revolted Shamokin revolted like management Shamokin management like removed Shamokin removed like went Shamokin went like up Shamokin up like Now Shamokin Now like upset Shamokin upset like problem Shamokin problem like affordability Shamokin affordability like frustration Shamokin frustration like employers Shamokin employers like needed Shamokin needed like policy Shamokin policy like change Shamokin change like system Shamokin system like Feinberg Shamokin Feinberg ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EHR like data Shamokin data like EHR Shamokin EHR like clunky Shamokin clunky like helps Shamokin helps like decisions Shamokin decisions like Pearl Shamokin Pearl ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bundled_Payments like Bundled Shamokin Bundled like payments Shamokin payments like lowers Shamokin lowers like unit Shamokin unit like price Shamokin price like physicians Shamokin physicians like total Shamokin total like joints Shamokin joints like spine Shamokin spine like surgeons Shamokin surgeons like complex Shamokin complex like procedures Shamokin procedures like higher Shamokin higher like overall Shamokin overall like complexity Shamokin complexity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Geisinger_Health_System ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Kaiser_Permanente ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mayo_Clinic like Mayo Shamokin Mayo like working Shamokin working like 100 Shamokin 100 like years Shamokin years like excellent Shamokin excellent like How Shamokin How like take Shamokin take like 19th Shamokin 19th like century Shamokin century like cottage Shamokin cottage like industry Shamokin industry like using Shamokin using like FFS Shamokin FFS like pockets Shamokin pockets like America Shamokin America like turn Shamokin turn like whole Shamokin whole like Quoting Shamokin Quoting like Robert Shamokin Robert like book Shamokin book like transform Shamokin transform like Patients Shamokin Patients like aware Shamokin aware like mistreated Shamokin mistreated like 2 Shamokin 2 like Leverage Shamokin Leverage like youthful Shamokin youthful like optimism Shamokin optimism like 3 Shamokin 3 like Years Shamokin Years like hard Shamokin hard like Free Shamokin Free like American Shamokin American like problems Shamokin problems like Need Shamokin Need like read Shamokin read like And Shamokin And like won Shamokin won like Pittsburgh Shamokin Pittsburgh like One Shamokin One like state Shamokin state like gl_Maryland_All Shamokin gl_Maryland_All like Payer_Model Shamokin Payer_Model like Maryland Shamokin Maryland like globally Shamokin globally like budgeted Shamokin budgeted like hospitals Shamokin hospitals like Medicare Shamokin Medicare like reimbursements Shamokin reimbursements like getting Shamokin getting like requires Shamokin requires like top Shamokin top like synergistic Shamokin synergistic like innovative Shamokin innovative like below Shamokin below like Leaders Shamokin Leaders like altering Shamokin altering like financial Shamokin financial like incentives Shamokin incentives like above Shamokin above like massive Shamokin massive like Incentives Shamokin Incentives like EHRs Shamokin EHRs like drove Shamokin drove like 7 Shamokin 7 like But Shamokin But like fewer Shamokin fewer like 20 Shamokin 20 like offices Shamokin offices like communicate Shamokin communicate like next Shamokin next like door Shamokin door like Thats Shamokin Thats like big Shamokin big like leap Shamokin leap

Bank - Economic situation /Bank
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_Deutsche_Bank_Denies_It Sep 2016 NYT Deutsche Bank Denies It Bank Landon Bank Thomas Bank Jr Bank Chad Bank Bray Bank report Bank sickly Bank European Bank banks Bank Deutsche Bank US Bank Justice Bank Department Bank seeking Bank 14 Bank billion Bank penalties Bank underwriting Bank sub Bank prime Bank mortgages Bank equal Bank current Bank market Bank capitalization Bank But Bank John Bank Cryan Bank denied Bank asked Bank Chancellor Bank Angela Bank Merkel Bank assistance Bank arguing Bank meet Bank challenges Bank own Bank likely Bank amount Bank JD Bank asking Bank reduce Bank investors Bank concerned Bank more Bank cash Bank Germany Bank largest Bank financial Bank institution Bank crucial Bank lender Bank nation Bank export Bank system Bank 2016 Bank CEO Bank shifting Bank businesses Bank asset Bank management Bank currently Bank revenues Bank come Bank trading Bank bonds Bank derivatives Bank decline Bank Wall Bank Street Bank competitors Bank already Bank made Bank moves Bank took Bank huge Bank 2015 Bank year Bank 5 Bank 8 Bank legal Bank costs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Bank Hedge Bank funds Bank attacking Bank Investors Bank rejecting Bank banking Bank models Bank volatile ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Deutsche_Bank_ Bank activities Bank preferring Bank collecting Bank deposits Bank managing Bank accounts Bank Barclays Bank P Bank Morgan Bank Chase Bank Fed Bank gave Bank failing Bank grade Bank stress Bank tests Bank subsidiary Bank Some Bank governors Bank pushing Bank increase Bank buffer Bank carry Bank sector Bank relatively Bank unhealthy Bank demodwbp Bank awffwpwbeco13 Bank Oct_2016_NYT_Markets_Skittish_Over

Bank Deutsche Bank Has Become the Darling of Short-Sellers - Economic situation /Bank Deutsche Bank Has Become the Darling of Short-Sellers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_Deutsche_Bank_Has_Become Sep 2016 NYT Deutsche Bank Has Become Bank Landon Bank Thomas Bank reports Bank market Bank full Bank crowded Bank trades Bank few Bank fashionable Bank bet Bank Deutsche Bank stock Bank price Bank keep Bank falling Bank Pressure Bank intense ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Bank Hedge Bank funds ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Short_sell Bank shorting Bank 39 Bank million Bank shares Bank 2 Bank 8 Bank total Bank outstanding Bank borrowed Bank around Bank 480 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Soros_Fund_Management_ Bank George Bank Soros Bank largest Bank position Bank Long Bank term Bank institutional Bank investors Bank dumping Bank positions Bank demodwbp Bank awffwpwbeco13 Bank Sep_2016_NYT_This_Man_Oversees_5 Bank Independent Bank researchers Bank arguing Bank enough Bank cash Bank survive Bank Global Bank Macro Bank Investor Bank argued Bank two Bank years Bank risk Bank financial Bank system Bank bank Bank sold Bank Abbey Bank Life Bank Chinese Bank September Bank 1 Bank billion Bank suggesting Bank asset Bank sales Bank help Bank finances Bank already Bank set Bank aside Bank 5 Bank euros Bank settlements

Skittish Markets Skittish Over Deutsche's Exposure - Economic situation /Skittish Markets Skittish Over Deutsche's Exposure
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Markets_Skittish_Over Oct 2016 NYT Markets Skittish Over Skittish James Skittish B Skittish Stewart Skittish reports Skittish took Skittish threat Skittish 14 Skittish billion ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Deutsche_Bank_ Skittish fine Skittish against Skittish Deutsche Skittish Bank Skittish demodwbp Skittish awffwpwbeco13 Skittish Sep_2016_NYT_Deutsche_Bank_Denies_It Skittish word Skittish contagion Skittish rear Skittish ugly Skittish head Skittish Investors Skittish worries Skittish include Skittish High Skittish borrowing Skittish uses Skittish support Skittish asset Skittish base Skittish Difficulty Skittish valuing Skittish many Skittish assets Skittish risk Skittish strategies Skittish clients ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_Law_School_ Skittish Harvard Skittish awffwpwgsu Skittish HLS_Professor_Hal_Scott Skittish professor Skittish Hal Skittish disagrees Skittish high Skittish level Skittish worry Skittish bottom Skittish line Skittish think Skittish issues Skittish resolved Skittish won Skittish episode Skittish But Skittish wake Skittish up Skittish call Skittish Are Skittish prepaired Skittish ever Skittish happens Skittish answer Skittish no Skittish Scott Skittish indiscriminate Skittish run Skittish short term Skittish creditors Skittish financial Skittish institutions Skittish render Skittish otherwise Skittish solvent Skittish insolvent Skittish fire Skittish sale Skittish necessary Skittish fund Skittish withdrawals Skittish decline Skittish prices Skittish triggered Skittish sales Skittish agrees Skittish virulent Skittish systemic Skittish facing Skittish today Skittish situation Skittish similar Skittish Arthur Skittish Andersen ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DOJ Skittish Does Skittish Justice Skittish Department Skittish understand Skittish reminds Skittish me Skittish No Skittish thought Skittish enforcement Skittish action Skittish would Skittish force ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bankruptcy Skittish bankruptcy Skittish hope Skittish global Skittish game Skittish plan Skittish take Skittish If Skittish set Skittish off Skittish Europe Skittish next Skittish require Skittish coordination

for Rush for Deals May Let Banks Save Billions - Economic situation /for Rush for Deals May Let Banks Save Billions
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2016_NYT_Rush_for_Deals_May_Let Dec 2016 NYT Rush for Deals May Let Landon Thomas Jr Jack Ewing report European banks rushed cut deals prosecutors longstanding claims pushed toxic mortgage securities years before financial crisis ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Deutsche_Bank_ Deutsche Bank ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Credit_Suisse_ Credit Suisse reported would pay 13 billion settle US DOJ appears discounting amounts tries complete agreements Trump administration January 2017 7 settlement good news investors expecting larger penalty demodwbp awffwpwbeco13 Oct_2016_NYT_Markets_Skittish_Over But terms reducing competitiveness relative Goldman Sachs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#J._P._Morgan_Chase_ P Morgan Chase ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#2016_CEO_John_Cryan John Cryan trying remove impact alleged wrong doing Benchmark Interest rate manipulation Russian money laundering keep global player attempting Infuse ethical culture limit future scandals Shrink asset base reduce capital meet strict regulatory requirements Cut costs improve efficiency required thousands layoffs restructuring information technology infrastructure currently reflects number acquisitions made former CEOs Convince employees sources profits growth strengths include Top currency trader operations Frankfurt London benefit international company responding Brexit constraints Ability leading issuer corporate debt leverage bond market companies increasingly shift financing loans markets Clients wary investment banking dominance said 5 3 slashed organization ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Barclays_Bank Barclays announced fight court government sold more 31 became catastrophic failures legal ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Williams__Connolly_WC_ team Williams Connolly successfully argued federal appeals overturn 27 against America May_2016_Bank_of_America_wins_appeal ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#UBS_ UBS awffwpwgsu Royal_Bank_of_Scotland_RBS talks

struggling Merrill Lynch struggling to turn around - Economic situation /struggling Merrill Lynch struggling to turn around
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2008_Merrill_Lynch_struggling_to Jul 2008 Merrill Lynch struggling to ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Merrill_Lynch_ struggling decline struggling Merrill struggling faster struggling predicted struggling consecutive struggling fourth struggling quarterly struggling 4 struggling 9 struggling billion struggling exceeded struggling pessimistic struggling forecasts struggling total struggling 19 struggling 2 struggling 12 struggling months struggling CEO struggling Thain struggling said struggling credit struggling market struggling likely struggling remain struggling problem struggling least struggling year struggling While struggling moved struggling increase struggling capital struggling base struggling continuing struggling losses struggling undermined struggling position struggling again struggling And struggling harder struggling more struggling protected struggling investors struggling stock struggling dilution struggling Hence struggling looking struggling sell struggling assets struggling Bloomberg struggling BlackRock struggling Ten struggling days struggling later struggling stunned struggling Wall struggling Street struggling announcement struggling multi struggling dollar struggling write struggling down struggling 11 struggling 6 struggling 7 struggling sold struggling public struggling private struggling investment struggling company struggling Singapore struggling sale struggling mortgage struggling debt struggling Lone struggling Star struggling Funds struggling specializes struggling distressed struggling purchased struggling 22c struggling Dollar struggling required struggling provide struggling 5 struggling loan struggling finance struggling 75 struggling Mortgage struggling books struggling hence struggling covers struggling up struggling action struggling call struggling question struggling valuations struggling holders struggling sub struggling prime

wins of America wins appeal against DOJ - Economic situation /wins of America wins appeal against DOJ
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_Bank_of_America_wins_appeal May 2016 Bank of America wins appeal wins federal wins appeal wins court wins rejected wins DOJ wins 1 wins 27 wins billion wins penalty ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Bank_of_America_ wins against wins Bank wins America wins instigated wins sale wins troubled wins mortgages wins demodwbp wins awffwpwgl wins gl_Fannie_Mae wins Fanny wins Freddie wins Mac wins appeals wins courts wins found wins prosecutors wins provide wins sufficient wins evidence wins Banks wins Countrywide wins unit wins Former wins executives wins committed wins fraud wins loan wins program wins known wins hustle wins case wins argued wins team wins awffwpwgsu wins Williams__Connolly_WC_

is - Economic situation /is
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2008_Merrill_Lynch_is_sold_ Sep 2008 Merrill Lynch is sold ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Merrill_Lynch_ Merrill Lynch agreed sell itself Bank America 50 billion avert collapse

given at Merrill given million dollar bonus as company lost 27 billion - Economic situation /given at Merrill given million dollar bonus as company lost 27 billion
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2009_700_at_Merrill_given_million Feb 2009 700 at Merrill given million given Andrew given Cuomo given disclosed given Merrill given Lynch given Brought given forward given annual given bonus given December given 2008 given just given before given purchased given Bank given America given Distributed given group given about given 700 given staff given 39 given 000 given Each given least given million given House given financial given services given committee given questioned given bankers given collapse given Barney given Frank given commented ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anger given country given great given deal given anger given institutions given represented given here given Franks given went given say given would given impractical given scrap given entire given system given anew given no given option given credit given flowing given work given existing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#CEO_2007_to_2008_John_Thain given Thain given later given ordered given give given more given details given Attorney given General given argued given bound given keep given information given Bonuses given confidential given critical given competitive given position given company given private given individuals given attorney given general given inquiry given focused given 36 given billion given bonuses given paid given end given struggling given survive given agreed given taken given Since given neither given nor given problems given merger given closed given expected given broaden given enquiries given Typically given payments given until given books given year given 21st given 8th given said given time given using given estimated given pre given tax given actually given occurred given When given asked given worsened given results given altered given avoided given unrelated given performance given retention given goals given drove

Hazard Behavioral Hazard - Economic situation /Hazard Behavioral Hazard
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2013_NYT_Behavioral_Hazard_ Aug 2013 NYT Behavioral Hazard Hazard 11 Hazard 2013 Hazard demodwbp Hazard awffwpwbeco13 Hazard Aug_2013_NYT_Behavioral_Hazard_ Hazard Sendhil Hazard Behavioral Hazard hazard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Copayment Hazard copayments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Brigham_and_Womens_Hospital_ Hazard Brigham Hazard Women Hazard Hospital Hazard Harvard Hazard awffwpwgsu Hazard Harvard_Medical_School_ Hazard Medical Hazard Niteesh Hazard Choudry Hazard studied Hazard 6000 Hazard patients ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_attack Hazard suffered Hazard heart Hazard attack Hazard prescribed Hazard drugs Hazard known Hazard reduce Hazard chance Hazard another Hazard statins Hazard beta Hazard blockers Hazard angiotensin Hazard converting Hazard enzyme Hazard inhibitors Hazard receptor Hazard Half Hazard copays Hazard waived Hazard half Hazard paid Hazard usual Hazard fee Hazard expected Hazard more Hazard people Hazard zero Hazard group Hazard took Hazard health Hazard improved Hazard Those Hazard 31 Hazard likely Hazard stroke Hazard major Hazard vascular Hazard episode Hazard 16 Hazard myocardial Hazard infarction Hazard unstable Hazard angina Hazard None Hazard benefits Hazard came Hazard cost Hazard insurers Hazard spend Hazard total Hazard By Hazard measures Hazard spent Hazard The_New_England_Health_Institute_NEHI_ Hazard New Hazard estimates Hazard 290 Hazard billion Hazard saved Hazard year Hazard execute Hazard behavioral ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Moral_hazard Hazard Since Hazard moral Hazard reduced Hazard constraining Hazard targeted Hazard approach Hazard taken Hazard reducing Hazard Take Hazard shown Hazard very Hazard high Hazard make Hazard free Hazard Additionally ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Value_based_health_insurance Hazard Value Hazard based Hazard insurance Hazard used Hazard logically Hazard Signalling

of Percentage of doctors accepting new Medicare patients is rising - Economic situation /of Percentage of doctors accepting new Medicare patients is rising
awffwpwbeco13.htm#NYT_Sep_2013_Percentage_of_doctors_ NYT Sep 2013 Percentage of doctors ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HHS HHS analysts reviewing seven years federal survey data found percentage doctors ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare accepting Medicare patients rose 90 7 2012 87 2005 recent slightly higher privately insured comparable better access medical services reported individuals aged 50 64 Around 500 opt compared 735 000 participate

in NYT Growth in U.S. Health Care Spending Slows - Economic situation /in NYT Growth in U.S. Health Care Spending Slows
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2013_NYT_Growth_in_U.S._Health_Care Dec 2013 NYT Growth in U.S. Health Care Nationally spending health care growing slowest rate ever recorded Annual greater 10 during 70s 80s started falling early 2000 under 4 percent More people high deductables 1000 limit amount use services And recession businesses respond pressure raising wages means individuals feel costs significantly

of Growth of Health Care Spending Slowed Last Year - Economic situation /of Growth of Health Care Spending Slowed Last Year
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2018_NYT_Growth_of_Health_Care Dec 2018 NYT Growth of Health Care Robert Pear reports growth national health spending surged millions Americans gained coverage under ACA slowed last year Trump administration said ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Growth U S healthcare Slowed 2017 3 9 back levels 2008 13 Total federal trillion huge tax subsidies total 5 17 economy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Medicaid 70 people increased 582 billion vs 4 2016 2015 11 8 2014 Federal payments 6 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Medicare shift using private demodwbp awffwpwgl gl_Medicare_Advantage plans use more PCP hospital services prescribed drugs awffwpwgco Retail_drugstores_and_pharmacists_and pharmacies prescription 0 totaling 333 Drug prices Generics declined Brand name increases Pain killer volume Household grew Out pocket 365 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA driven rapidly 15 expansion Added public insurance Hepatitis C generated high rose Health dropped slightly ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HDHP selected HDHP ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HHS HHS awffwpwbpol13 HHS_Office_of_the_Actuary_ office economist Anne Martin commented relatively low rate similar average annual during predated major expansions colleagues noted share fell

Spending NYT Health Spending Is Expected to Rise as Slowdown Ends - Economic situation /Spending NYT Health Spending Is Expected to Rise as Slowdown Ends
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_29_2015_NYT_Health_Spending_Is Jul 29 2015 NYT Health Spending Is Spending Federal Spending actuaries Spending project Spending US Spending spending Spending health Spending care Spending rise Spending 5 Spending 8 Spending year Spending 2024 Spending vs Spending current Spending 4 Spending large Spending increase Spending number Spending people Spending using Spending system ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Spending ACA Spending major Spending cause Spending increased Spending projection Spending prescription Spending drugs Spending jumped Spending mainly Spending introduction Spending very Spending expensive Spending treatments Spending Sovaldi Spending hepatitis Spending C Spending argue Spending economic Spending slowdown Spending after Spending 2008 Spending caused Spending drop Spending economy Spending speeds Spending up Spending again Spending However Spending expect Spending reach Spending 9 Spending high Spending levels Spending occurred Spending before Spending recession Spending Charles Spending Roehrig Spending Altarum Spending Institute Spending studies Spending argued Spending estimated Spending trajectory Spending feels Spending prior Spending already Spending steadily Spending declining Spending excess Spending growth

and Rents and Medical Costs Drive Inflation Up - Economic situation /and Rents and Medical Costs Drive Inflation Up
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_Rents_and_Medical_Costs Mar 2016 NYT Rents and Medical Costs Reuters reported underlying inflation US increased more expected February rents medical costs maintained upward factors kept FED raising short term interest rates Medical care rose 0 5 after advancing same margin January Prescription drug prices 9 while hospital services

Policyholders to Insurers - Economic situation /Policyholders to Insurers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_Newest_Policyholders_Under Mar 2016 NYT Newest Policyholders Under Policyholders Robert Policyholders Pear Policyholders reports Policyholders people Policyholders newly Policyholders insured Policyholders under Policyholders ACA Policyholders sicker Policyholders used Policyholders more Policyholders medical Policyholders care Policyholders higher Policyholders costs Policyholders already Policyholders coverage Policyholders demodwbp Policyholders awffwpwgocu Policyholders Blue_Cross_Blue_Shield_Association_ Policyholders said Policyholders study Policyholders policyholders Policyholders examined Policyholders services Policyholders 4 Policyholders 7 Policyholders million Policyholders enrolled Policyholders plans Policyholders before Policyholders after Policyholders major Policyholders provisions Policyholders took Policyholders effect Policyholders 2014 Policyholders People Policyholders individual Policyholders 2015 Policyholders rates Policyholders hypertension Policyholders diabetes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Depression Policyholders depression ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HIV Policyholders coronary Policyholders artery Policyholders disease Policyholders HIV ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hepatitis_C Policyholders 3 Policyholders hepatitis Policyholders C Policyholders covered Policyholders Hospital Policyholders admission Policyholders 84

ED NYT OP-ED How to Contain Health Care Costs - Economic situation /ED NYT OP-ED How to Contain Health Care Costs
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_OP-ED_How_to_Contain_Health May 2016 NYT OP-ED How to Contain Health ED article ED demodwbp ED awffwpwgsu ED University_of_California_Berkeley ED UC ED professor ED health ED economics ED public ED policy ED UCB_Professor_Richard_Scheffler_health ED Richard ED New_York_University ED New York ED NYU_Robert_Wagner_Graduate_School_of ED Robert ED Dean ED NYU_RWSPS_Dean_Sherry_Glied ED Sherry ED argue ED architects ED ACA ED counted ED competition ED insurance ED market ED keep ED costs ED down ED quality ED high ED While ED law ED accomplished ED many ED goals ED vision ED more ED competitive ED seems ED fading ED Scheffler ED Glied ED while ED mergers ED awffwpwgco ED Pressure_to_Merge_health_insurers ED Anthem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ ED Aetna ED Humana ED control ED 35 ED leaving ED fewer ED competitors ED research ED identifies ED path ED success ED legislation ED regulation ED compared ED operation ED markets ED state ED California ED allows ED flexibility ED design ED marketplaces ED might ED insurers ED participate ED limit ED number ED New_York_State_of_Health_Insurance

Debate Cheerleaders: Actuaries - Economic situation /Debate Cheerleaders: Actuaries
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_NYT_Spirited_Debate_Over_U.S. Jun 2016 NYT Spirited Debate Over U.S. Debate Robert Debate Pear Debate reports Debate Geisinger ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#GHP Debate Health Debate Plan Debate run Debate nation Debate top Debate rated Debate health Debate care Debate organizations Debate forsees Debate demodwbp Debate awffwpwgco Debate In_Jun_2016_GHP_said_it_forsees_medical Debate medical Debate people Debate buying ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Debate insurance Debate under Debate ACA Debate alone Debate Insurers Debate proposed Debate premium Debate increases Debate averaging Debate 23 Debate 6 Debate individual Debate coverage Debate 2017 Debate Blue_Cross_Blue_Shield_of_Texas_ Debate Texas Debate requested Debate 60 Debate catalysing Debate fire Debate storm Debate complaints Debate Donald Debate Trump Debate assumed Debate unable Debate using Debate system Debate hoped Debate healthier Debate tail Debate off Debate Kevin Debate Counihan Debate CEO Debate Federal_health_insurance_exchange_

Wisdom NYT Conventional Wisdom Clashes With Data on Health Care Savings - Economic situation /Wisdom NYT Conventional Wisdom Clashes With Data on Health Care Savings
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2015_NYT_Conventional_Wisdom_Clashes Aug 2015 NYT Conventional Wisdom Clashes Wisdom Does Wisdom prevention Wisdom save Wisdom money Wisdom There Wisdom various Wisdom aspects Wisdom randomized Wisdom control Wisdom trial Wisdom uninsured Wisdom low Wisdom income Wisdom people Wisdom Oregon Wisdom where Wisdom placed Wisdom lottery Wisdom demodwbp Wisdom awffwpwbpol13 Wisdom Jan_3_2014_NYT_Emergency_visits_seen Wisdom allowing Wisdom access Wisdom Medicaid Wisdom health Wisdom insurance Wisdom recently Wisdom reported Wisdom findings Wisdom Researchers Wisdom tracked Wisdom groups Wisdom Those Wisdom given Wisdom spent Wisdom more Wisdom healthcare Wisdom Giving Wisdom enables Wisdom use Wisdom preventative Wisdom care Wisdom often Wisdom argued Wisdom saves Wisdom long Wisdom run Wisdom disagrees Wisdom number Wisdom taking Wisdom needed Wisdom treat Wisdom vastly Wisdom outnumbers Wisdom ill Wisdom disease Wisdom prevented Wisdom If Wisdom cost Wisdom significant Wisdom overall Wisdom deficit Wisdom seems Wisdom true Wisdom screening Wisdom diabetes Wisdom mammography Wisdom People Wisdom getting Wisdom usually Wisdom die Wisdom another Wisdom costly Wisdom Patients Wisdom leverage Wisdom cholesterol Wisdom treatment Wisdom develop Wisdom cancer Wisdom Alzheimer Wisdom etc Wisdom coverage Wisdom stress Wisdom induced Wisdom fears Wisdom Some Wisdom preventions Wisdom Contraception Wisdom counseling Wisdom ACA Wisdom expansion

on NYT Spending on Health To Hit High This Year - Economic situation /on NYT Spending on Health To Hit High This Year
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2016_NYT_Spending_on_Health_To_Hit Jul 2016 NYT Spending on Health To Hit Robert Pear reports national health spending average more 10 000 person year first time Obama administration said milestone heralds somewhat faster growth after several years exceptionally low 2013 2015 reported Health Affairs By 2025 care risen 3 trillion total economy 17 8 One five Americans Medicare 18 beneficiary ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Medicaid nearly 12 500 up 8000 Spending private insurers increase 600 400 pace pick higher overall driven Improvements provide consumers incomes Higher medical prices For demodwbp awffwpwgl gl_Specialty_medications specialty Because drug wages workers Aging people born between 1946 1964 Mitigating deductibles copayments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Narrow_networks narrow network effects ACA

Commerce NYT E-Commerce Might Help Solve the Mystery of Low Inflation - Economic situation /Commerce NYT E-Commerce Might Help Solve the Mystery of Low Inflation
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2018_NYT_E-Commerce_Might_Help_Solve Jun 2018 NYT E-Commerce Might Help Solve Commerce Patricia Commerce Cohen Commerce Jim Commerce Tankersley Commerce report Commerce unemployment Commerce sinking Commerce businesses Commerce churning Commerce more Commerce goods Commerce services Commerce Yet ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Commerce economy Commerce standing Commerce tippy Commerce toes Commerce prices Commerce wages Commerce climbing Commerce lot Commerce slowly Commerce anyone Commerce expected ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_BLS Commerce federal Commerce BLS Commerce BEA Commerce try Commerce measure Commerce economic Commerce activity Commerce broadly Commerce current Commerce rate Commerce change Commerce causes Commerce challenges Commerce Researchers Commerce concluded Commerce commerce Commerce having Commerce significant Commerce effect Commerce previously Commerce hidden Commerce poor Commerce metrics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CPI Commerce CPI Commerce outlet Commerce substitution Commerce bias Commerce increased Commerce growth Commerce channels Commerce demodwbp Commerce awffwpwgsu Commerce Northwestern_University_ Commerce Robert Commerce Gordon Commerce explains Commerce efficient Commerce method Commerce selling Commerce holding Commerce inflation Commerce down Commerce compared Commerce would Commerce otherwise Commerce important Commerce Consumer Commerce information Commerce items Commerce Audio Commerce equipment Commerce Floor Commerce coverings Commerce Sports Commerce Footwear Commerce Cosmetics Commerce Newspapers Commerce magazines Commerce Chicago Commerce Austan Commerce Goolsbee Commerce Stanford Commerce Peter Commerce Klenow Commerce analysis Commerce Adobe Commerce Systems Commerce Digital Commerce Price Commerce Index Commerce database Commerce created Commerce rapidly Commerce reflected Commerce discovered Commerce updated Commerce products Commerce reaching Commerce online Commerce marketplaces Commerce faster Commerce larger Commerce quantities Commerce estimated Commerce M Commerce Erik Commerce Brynjolfsson Commerce don Commerce measures Commerce many Commerce digital Commerce At Commerce same Commerce time Commerce digitization Commerce creates Commerce huge Commerce opportunity Commerce better Commerce measurement Commerce deflationary Commerce pressure Commerce pulling Commerce Fed Commerce wants Commerce around Commerce 2 Commerce GDP Commerce encourage Commerce limit Commerce constraints Commerce currently Commerce deploying

for Shopping for Health Care Simply Doesn't Work. What Might? - Economic situation /for Shopping for Health Care Simply Doesn't Work. What Might?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2018_NYT_Shopping_for_Health_Care Jul 2018 NYT Shopping for Health Care ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#BUSPH_Dr._Austin_Frakt_ Austin Frakt reports year well decade more people faced higher health insurance deductibles theory goes like your own money spend care careful buying only necessary purging waste system match reality People cut back pay wasteful Shopping elective joint replacements routine checkups 30 40 services possible very few shop around Price transparency tools available no uses working paper National Bureau Economic Research reveals patients actually follow advice doctors provider recommended 50 000 adults age 19 64 included study told non emergency outpatient M I lower limb There 15 locations hour Prices quality varied independently across providers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Hospital_Radiology_ Hospital based average price 500 demodwbp awffwpwgco Imaging_Centers_Free_standing_Radiology Independent 700 used imaging found associated orthopedist attended rather highest outcome lowest concludes providing distance information help awffwpwbeco13 Jan_2014_NYT_Patients_Costs_Skyrocket make better recommendations

Happened NYT Something Happened to U.S. Drug Costs in the 1990s - Economic situation /Happened NYT Something Happened to U.S. Drug Costs in the 1990s
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2018_NYT_Something_Happened_to_U.S. Nov 2018 NYT Something Happened to U.S. ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#BUSPH_Dr._Austin_Frakt_ Happened Austin Happened Frakt Happened explains Happened time Happened America Happened approximated Happened wealthy Happened countries Happened drug Happened spending Happened But Happened late Happened 1990s Happened U Happened S Happened took Happened off Happened tripled Happened between Happened 1997 Happened 2007 Happened according Happened study Happened Health Happened Affairs Happened US Happened uses Happened higher Happened ratio Happened generic Happened brand Happened name Happened drugs Happened developed Happened lower Happened person Happened prices Happened driving Happened up Happened amount Happened spent Happened describes Happened network Happened generated Happened exceptional Happened History Happened shows Happened just Happened two Happened bumps Happened relative Happened rest Happened world Happened 2013 Happened 2018 Happened Opioid Happened lifier Happened demodwbp Happened awffwpwbpol13 Happened Jun_2017_NYT_Ohio_Sues_Drug_Makers Happened More Happened priced Happened Developed Happened robsstrategystudio Happened org Happened awfcasag Happened Cancer_research_and_treatment_actions Happened 1970 Happened genomics Happened based Happened disease Happened treatment Happened explosion Happened development Happened expensive Happened branded Happened hypertension ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Happened cancer Happened Approved Happened increased Happened fees Happened manufacturers Happened approvals Happened rate Happened again Happened very Happened recently Happened standards Happened lowered Happened periods Happened TV Happened promotion Happened reduced Happened regulatory Happened constraints Happened advertising Happened New Happened public Happened payment Happened mechanisms Happened CHIP Happened Medicaid ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MMA Happened expansions Happened MMA Happened Medicare Happened awffwpwgl Happened gl_Medicare_Part_D Happened universal Happened supported Happened flows Happened No Happened mandating Happened negotiate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_UK Happened contrast Happened UK Happened Germany Happened apply Happened value Happened prescribing Happened recommendations Happened models Happened prescription Happened Between Happened 2000 Happened 2014 Happened 30 Happened rise Happened attributed Happened increases ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Happened Hedge Happened funds Happened awffwpwgsu Happened Group_long_investments Happened group Happened strategy Happened encourage Happened leveraged Happened pharmaceutical Happened Valeant Happened patents Happened top Happened selling Happened Lipitor Happened therapies Happened started Happened expire Happened shifting Happened gl_Specialty_medications Happened specialty Happened gl_Specialty_pharmacies Happened lifying Happened channel Happened Philidor Happened became Happened available Happened hepatitis Happened Sovaldi Happened Aug_2014_Congress_takes_interest_in Happened gl_Cystic_fibrosis Happened cystic ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MAB Happened MAB ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Precision_medicine Happened precision Happened medicines Happened highly Happened targeted Happened entering Happened market Happened limited Happened competition Happened awffwpwbeco13 Happened Sep_2017_NYT_How_to_Protect_a_Drug Happened awffwpwbtec13 Happened May_2018_NYT_For_Women_With_Early_Breast Happened concludes Happened escalate Happened near Happened future

Single Why Single-Payer Health Care Saves Money - Economic situation /Single Why Single-Payer Health Care Saves Money
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2017_NYT_Why_Single-Payer_Health Jul 2017 NYT Why Single-Payer Health ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Single Cornell Single economics Single professor Single Robert Single Frank Single lingering Single uncertainty Single about ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Single fate Single ACA Single spurred Single California Single legislature Single consider Single adoption ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Single-payer Single statewide Single single Single payer Single health Single care Single system Single Colorado Single Vermont Single demodwbp Single awffwpwbpol13 Single Jan_1_2014_NYT_The_Obamacare_We_Deserve_ Single legislatures Single considered Single financing Single gave Single up Single suggests Single projected Single cost Single running Single programs Single But Single logic Single flawed Single asserts Single Countries Single demonstrate Single reduced Single overall Single providing Single coverage Single systems Single more Single efficient Single Total Single costs Single lower Single under Single Administrative Single 2 Single total Single expenses Single Medicare Single instead Single 12 Single private Single insurers Single don Single spend Single money Single advertising Single 15 Single Large Single government Single entities Single negotiate Single good Single terms Single providers Single Commentators Single continue Single warn Single huge Single implications Single note Single VA Single Medicaid Single costly Single person Single ignores Single populations Single support Single include Single Old Single Poor Single disabled Single Retired Single service Single personnel Single If Single risk Single pool Single larger Single would Single drop Single remove ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA_title_I Single politically Single toxic Single individual Single mandate Single while Single enabling Single awffwpwgl Single gl_ACA_title_I Single people Single preexisting Single And Single two Single mechanisms Single only Single ones Single AHCA Single Senate Single draft ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Reconciliation Single Better Single Care Single Reconciliation Single Act Single fail Single conditions Single without Single inducing Single affordable Single premiums

Legs Three Legs Good, No Legs Bad - Economic situation /Legs Three Legs Good, No Legs Bad
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2017_NYT_Three_Legs_Good_No_Legs Jul 2017 NYT Three Legs Good No Legs Legs Paul Legs Krugman Legs asks Legs 50 Legs Republican Legs senators Legs willing Legs inflict Legs grievous Legs harm Legs constituents Legs name Legs party Legs loyalty Legs responds Legs I Legs no Legs idea Legs asserts Legs health Legs care Legs alternatives ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Legs ACA Legs law Legs emergent Legs whole Legs collapse Legs aspect Legs removed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Legs economists ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Single-payer Legs like Legs single Legs payer Legs demodwbp Legs awffwpwbeco13 Legs Jul_2017_NYT_Why_Single Legs Payer_Health Legs suggests Legs unrealistic Legs option Legs awffwpwgco Legs Health_management_organizations_HMO Legs Insurance Legs would Legs threat Legs switch Legs require Legs large Legs tax Legs increase Legs premium Legs payments Legs politically Legs problematic Legs majority Legs Americans Legs under Legs 65 Legs covered Legs awffwpwgl Legs gl_Payer_mix Legs employer Legs organized Legs forced Legs change Legs architects Legs accepted Legs realities Legs coupled Legs individual Legs mandate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Legs expanded Legs Medicaid ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk_corridors Legs federally Legs maintained Legs subsidized Legs Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Legs build Legs interdependent Legs coverage Legs network Legs bad Legs Removing Legs Cutting Legs subsidies Legs Allowing Legs high Legs risk Legs pools Legs ensure

Care - Economic situation /Care
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2017_NYT_As_Health_Care_Changes Nov 2017 NYT As Health Care Changes Care Reed Care Abelson Care reports Care seem Care like Care odd Care couples Care Aetna Care nation Care largest Care health Care insurers Care talks Care combine Care CVS Care Health Care manages Care pharmacy Care benefits ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Cleveland_clinic_ Care Cleveland Care Clinic Care highly Care regarded Care system Care joined Care forces ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Oscar_ Care insurance Care up Care Oscar Care offer Care individuals Care plan Care Ohio Care partnerships Care systems Care include Care hospitals Care doctors Care groups Care Northern Care California Care Virginia Care Mega Care mergers Care demodwbp Care awffwpwgco Care Pressure_to_Merge_health_insurers Care Anthem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Rite-Aid Care Rite ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Walgreens Care Aid Care Walgreens Care blocked Care federal Care government Care But Care continued Care pressures Care care Care network Care entrants Care Amazon Care technology Care startups Care forcing Care strategic Care actions Care Columbia Care policy Care professor Care John Care Rowe Care commented Care There Care strong Care organizations Care want Care broaden Care footprint Care especially Care more Care direct Care contact Care businesses Care appear Care impressed Care UnitedHealth Care Group Care diversified Care services Care strategy Care process Care Promoted Care shopping Care Will Care control Care subscribers Care forced Care particular Care Could Care limit Care tests Care prescribe Care based Care end Care concerns Care Encourages Care prescribers Care PBMs Care use Care profitable Care drugs Care Increases Care power Care drive up Care consumers Care expenses Care Oliver Care Wyman Care consultant Care Tom Care Robinson Care 200 Care between Care occurred Care last Care five Care years Care concluded Care starting Care own Care awffwpwbeco13 Care Oct_2017_NYT_Anthem_Joins_With_CVS_to

Dec 2017 NYT Dec 2017 NYT CVS to Buy Aetna for $69 Billion in a Deal That May Reshape the Health Industry - Economic situation /Dec 2017 NYT Dec 2017 NYT CVS to Buy Aetna for $69 Billion in a Deal That May Reshape the Health Industry
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_CVS_to_Buy_Aetna_for_69 Dec 2017 NYT CVS to Buy Aetna for 69 CVS Michael CVS J CVS de CVS la CVS Merced CVS Reed CVS Abelson CVS report CVS Health CVS said CVS Sunday ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ CVS agreed CVS buy CVS Aetna CVS about CVS 69 CVS billion CVS deal CVS would CVS combine CVS drugstore CVS giant CVS biggest CVS health CVS insurers CVS United CVS States CVS potential CVS reshape CVS nation CVS care CVS industry CVS Together CVS supply CVS basic CVS services CVS people CVS use CVS regularly CVS Employers CVS obtain CVS shopping CVS insurance CVS But CVS customers CVS forced CVS fill CVS prescription CVS demodwbp CVS awffwpwbeco13 CVS Nov_2017_NYT_As_Health_Care_Changes CVS noted CVS ability CVS transform CVS pharmacy CVS clinic CVS locations CVS 10 CVS 000 CVS community CVS based CVS sites CVS far CVS expensive CVS patients CVS CEO CVS Larry CVS Merlo CVS think CVS creating CVS front CVS door CVS America CVS Mark CVS Bertolini CVS using CVS company CVS provide CVS better CVS way CVS accessing CVS medical CVS home CVS draw CVS People CVS trust CVS pharmacist CVS Community CVS clinics CVS provided CVS technology CVS information CVS together CVS able CVS enhanced CVS If CVS adoption CVS delivery CVS model CVS important CVS asserts CVS Leerink CVS Partners CVS Ana CVS Gupte CVS responds CVS UnitedHealth CVS Group ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ CVS Amazon CVS moves CVS Oct_2017_NYT_Hearing_Amazons_Footsteps

Dec 2017 NYT Dec 2017 NYT CVS and Aetna Say Merger Will Improve Your Health Care. Can They Deliver? - Economic situation /Dec 2017 NYT Dec 2017 NYT CVS and Aetna Say Merger Will Improve Your Health Care. Can They Deliver?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_CVS_and_Aetna_Say_Merger Dec 2017 NYT CVS and Aetna Say Merger CVS Reed CVS Abelson CVS Katie CVS Thomas CVS report CVS Health CVS Aetna CVS announced CVS merger CVS demodwbp CVS awffwpwbeco13 CVS Dec_2017_NYT__to_Buy_Aetna_for_69 CVS executives CVS painted CVS image CVS dawning CVS health CVS care CVS utopia ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Willis_Towers_Watson_ CVS Willis CVS Towers CVS Watson CVS awffwpwgsu CVS WTW_health_and_group_benefits_pharmacy CVS leader CVS Nadina CVS Rosier CVS agreed CVS going CVS immediately CVS shake CVS up CVS world CVS I CVS think CVS you CVS two CVS behemoths CVS battleships CVS slow CVS turn CVS least CVS create CVS environment CVS information CVS shared CVS innovation CVS take CVS place CVS But CVS sceptics CVS disagree CVS argue CVS merged CVS strengthen CVS competitive CVS position CVS enable CVS opportunities CVS Either CVS powerful CVS enough CVS change CVS benefit CVS customers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ CVS UHG CVS already CVS reduced CVS drug CVS prices CVS There CVS potential CVS huge CVS islands CVS where CVS patients CVS trapped CVS Until CVS insurance CVS provider CVS bounced CVS 10 CVS 000 CVS stores CVS data CVS support CVS chronic CVS diseases CVS Jefferies CVS equity CVS analyst CVS Brian CVS Tanquilut CVS execution CVS difficult CVS automatically CVS translate CVS better CVS cost CVS just CVS response CVS threat CVS Amazon CVS cell CVS phone CVS delivered CVS solutions CVS Changing CVS peoples CVS minds CVS about CVS happens CVS pharmacy CVS big CVS hurdle CVS easily CVS disjointed CVS low CVS quality CVS People CVS seek CVS PCP CVS instead CVS Hospitals CVS throw CVS barriers CVS setting ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urgent_care_clinic CVS urgent CVS clinics CVS building CVS coordination CVS Employers CVS use CVS advantage CVS Demand CVS guarantees CVS overall CVS representatives CVS synergies CVS flow CVS way CVS Instead CVS entrenched CVS business models CVS more ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Express_Scripts CVS Express CVS scripts CVS only CVS large CVS standalone CVS PBM CVS CEO CVS Wentworth CVS having CVS captively CVS plans CVS Others CVS suggest CVS Express scripts CVS talk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Humana_ CVS merging CVS Humana ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CIGNA_ CVS Cigna

Persistent NYT Those Persistent Prostate Tests - Economic situation /Persistent NYT Those Persistent Prostate Tests
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_Those_Persistent_Prostate May 2016 NYT Those Persistent Prostate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PSA Persistent Paula Persistent Span Persistent reports Persistent PSA Persistent screening Persistent continues Persistent among Persistent older Persistent men Persistent although Persistent experts Persistent advise Persistent against Persistent 2012 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_USPSTF Persistent USPSTF Persistent recommended Persistent routine Persistent use Persistent regardless Persistent age Persistent demodwbp Persistent awffwpwbpol13 Persistent Apr_2016_NYT_A_Lifesaving_Side_to Persistent Because Persistent prostate cancer Persistent develops Persistent slowly Persistent cause Persistent problems Persistent eight Persistent ten Persistent years Persistent Even Persistent medical Persistent associations Persistent disagree Persistent conclusions Persistent awffwpwbeco13 Persistent Nov_2015_NYT_Prostate_Advice_Is_Put_in Persistent AUA Persistent discourage Persistent limited Persistent life Persistent expectancy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Persistent But Persistent PCP Persistent test Persistent every Persistent send Persistent urologists Persistent tests Persistent From Persistent 2010 Persistent 2013 Persistent rate Persistent fell Persistent 44 Persistent 37 Persistent And Persistent high Persistent likelihood Persistent death Persistent next Persistent 10 Persistent 38 Persistent screened Persistent JAMA Persistent article Persistent awffwpwgco Persistent Henry_Ford_Health_System Persistent Ford Persistent Dr Persistent Jesse Persistent Sammon Persistent colleagues Persistent reported Persistent statistically Persistent significant Persistent declines Persistent only Persistent younger Persistent 75 Persistent group Persistent 39 Persistent 36 Persistent lose Persistent accuracy Persistent overtreatment Persistent problematic Persistent Apr_2016_NYT_A_Hormone_Link_to Persistent awffwpwbtec13 Persistent Dec_2015_NYT_Hormones_as_Alzheimers Persistent Prolaris ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Persistent FDA_medical_device_report_in_Nov_2015

Trend Latest Trend in Treating Prostate Cancer: Don't - Economic situation /Trend Latest Trend in Treating Prostate Cancer: Don't
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_Latest_Trend_in_Treating May 2016 NYT Latest Trend in Treating Trend Gina Trend Kolata Trend reports Trend seemingly Trend overnight Trend treatment Trend men ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Prostate_cancer Trend early Trend stage Trend prostate Trend cancer Trend undergone Trend sea Trend change Trend Five Trend years Trend ago Trend nearly Trend opted Trend surgery Trend radiation Trend half Trend choosing Trend no ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Active_surveillance Trend Active Trend surveillance Trend used Trend just Trend 10 Trend 15 Trend cases Trend until Trend recently Trend National Trend data Trend shows Trend 40 Trend 50 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Trend cancers Trend actively Trend surveilled Trend major Trend research Trend organizations Trend started Trend recommend Trend Previously Trend only Trend promoted Trend medical Trend centers Trend Most ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urology Trend urologists Trend private Trend practice Trend adopted Trend approach Trend But Trend NIH Trend ASCO Trend recommending Trend based Trend Collected Trend 000 Trend AUA Trend national Trend registry Trend 45 Trend urological Trend practices Trend From Trend Michigan Trend standard Trend changing Trend very Trend quickly Trend shift Trend people Trend 70s Trend appears Trend make Trend sense Trend Half Trend newly Trend diagnosed Trend prostate cancer Trend low Trend risk Trend tumors Trend death Trend about Trend complex Trend issue Trend 60 Trend olds Trend People ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Happiness Trend unhappy Trend performance Trend biopsies Trend And Trend treatments Trend impact Trend massively Trend causing Trend impotence Trend incontinence Trend tragic Trend mistake Trend age Trend range Trend treating Trend too Trend late

Costs Patients' Costs Skyrocket; Specialists' Incomes Soar - Economic situation /Costs Patients' Costs Skyrocket; Specialists' Incomes Soar
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2014_NYT_Patients_Costs_Skyrocket Jan 2014 NYT Patients Costs Skyrocket Costs Elizabeth Costs Rosenthal Costs doctor Costs entrepreneur Costs small Costs procedures Costs offer Costs big Costs returns Costs She Costs demonstrates Costs phenomenon Costs demodwbp Costs awffwpwgco Costs Jan_2014_NYT_small_procedures_offer_big Costs Kim Costs Arkansas_Skin_Cancer_Center Costs Baptist_Health_Medical_Center Costs Mohs Costs surgery Costs history Costs lecturer Costs University Costs Central Costs specialists Costs particularly Costs adept Costs business Costs medicine Costs becoming Costs more Costs entrepreneurial Costs protecting Costs turf Costs aggressive Costs lobbying Costs medical Costs societies Costs increasing Costs revenues Costs offering Costs doing Costs lucrative Costs ones Costs matter Costs learned Costs decade Costs training Costs week Costs long Costs course Costs fact Costs minor Costs typically Costs best Costs investment Costs cardiac Costs surgeon Costs perform Costs only Costs couple Costs bypass Costs operations Costs day Costs dozen Costs time Costs math Costs explains Costs why Costs incomes Costs dermatologists Costs gastroenterologists Costs oncologists Costs rose Costs 50 Costs percent Costs between Costs 1995 Costs 2012 Costs adjusted Costs inflation Costs while Costs PCP Costs 10 Costs lag Costs far Costs behind Costs insurers Costs pay Costs traditional Costs doctoring Costs tasks Costs like Costs listening Costs heart Costs murmur Costs prescribing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Antibiotics Costs antibiotic Costs continues Costs By Costs whose Costs internists Costs 1985 Costs beome Costs fourth Costs highest Costs earners Costs American Costs surveys Costs bringing Costs average Costs 471 Costs 555 Costs according Costs Medical_Group_Management_Association_ Costs tracks Costs doctors Costs workload Costs lightest Costs addition Costs salary Costs figures Costs often Costs understate Costs physician Costs earning Costs power Costs include Costs activities

Infrastructure amplifies the income of doctors - Economic situation /Infrastructure amplifies the income of doctors
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Infrastructure_amplifies_the_income_of Infrastructure amplifies the income of Infrastructure Jean Infrastructure Mitchell Infrastructure professor Infrastructure health Infrastructure economics Infrastructure Georgetown Infrastructure University Infrastructure comments Infrastructure better Infrastructure wait Infrastructure see Infrastructure waiting Infrastructure doesn Infrastructure make Infrastructure you Infrastructure money Infrastructure Let Infrastructure me Infrastructure little Infrastructure snip Infrastructure tissue Infrastructure professional Infrastructure lab Infrastructure facility Infrastructure fees Infrastructure Each Infrastructure patient Infrastructure like Infrastructure ATM Infrastructure machine Infrastructure demodwbp Infrastructure awffwpwgco Infrastructure Hospital_specialists_ Infrastructure specialists Infrastructure value Infrastructure added Infrastructure service Infrastructure infrastructure Infrastructure labs Infrastructure imaging Infrastructure surgery ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AAD Infrastructure AAD Infrastructure AAD_and_Mohs_surgery Infrastructure argue Infrastructure But Infrastructure Dr Infrastructure Cary Infrastructure Gross Infrastructure Yale Infrastructure Medical Infrastructure School Infrastructure adds Infrastructure real Infrastructure question Infrastructure true Infrastructure epidemic Infrastructure biopsies Infrastructure treatments Infrastructure needed Infrastructure I Infrastructure think Infrastructure answer Infrastructure Though Infrastructure Mohs Infrastructure disseminating Infrastructure rapidly Infrastructure very Infrastructure few Infrastructure comparative Infrastructure studies Infrastructure evidence Infrastructure evolving Infrastructure about Infrastructure beneficial Infrastructure When Infrastructure people Infrastructure trained Infrastructure perform Infrastructure procedure Infrastructure believe Infrastructure just Infrastructure human Infrastructure Physicians Infrastructure often Infrastructure complain Infrastructure government Infrastructure commercial Infrastructure insurance Infrastructure reimbursement Infrastructure seeing Infrastructure patients Infrastructure decreasing Infrastructure while Infrastructure office Infrastructure expenses Infrastructure going Infrastructure up Infrastructure deal Infrastructure mountains Infrastructure paperwork Infrastructure demands Infrastructure insurers Infrastructure Congress Infrastructure currently Infrastructure considering Infrastructure bill Infrastructure would Infrastructure freeze Infrastructure doctors Infrastructure Medicare Infrastructure next Infrastructure decade Infrastructure found Infrastructure alternative Infrastructure income Infrastructure streams Infrastructure appear Infrastructure surveys Infrastructure estimates ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urology Infrastructure Many Infrastructure urologists Infrastructure 50 Infrastructure dealing Infrastructure rest Infrastructure investing Infrastructure machines Infrastructure deliver Infrastructure radiation Infrastructure prostate cancer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Kidney Infrastructure kidney Infrastructure stones Infrastructure 2012 Infrastructure average Infrastructure 416 Infrastructure 322 Infrastructure according Infrastructure include Infrastructure investment Infrastructure Oncologists Infrastructure benefit Infrastructure ability Infrastructure mark Infrastructure dose Infrastructure chemotherapy Infrastructure administer Infrastructure private Infrastructure offices Infrastructure practice Infrastructure increased Infrastructure dramatically Infrastructure late Infrastructure 1990s Infrastructure median Infrastructure compensation Infrastructure oncologists Infrastructure nearly Infrastructure doubled Infrastructure 1995 Infrastructure 2004 Infrastructure 350 Infrastructure 000 Infrastructure recent Infrastructure study Infrastructure attributed Infrastructure 65 Infrastructure revenue Infrastructure typical Infrastructure oncology Infrastructure payments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Orthopedics Infrastructure Orthopedists Infrastructure performing Infrastructure joint Infrastructure replacements Infrastructure gone Infrastructure down Infrastructure last Infrastructure two Infrastructure decades Infrastructure based Infrastructure congressional Infrastructure constraints Infrastructure Medscape Infrastructure showed Infrastructure risen Infrastructure 27 Infrastructure percent Infrastructure 2011 Infrastructure paid Infrastructure payers Infrastructure many Infrastructure minor Infrastructure procedures Infrastructure more Infrastructure important Infrastructure own Infrastructure centers Infrastructure scanners Infrastructure physical Infrastructure therapy Infrastructure use Infrastructure Rosenthal Infrastructure accepts Infrastructure training Infrastructure costly Infrastructure putting Infrastructure 150 Infrastructure debt Infrastructure And Infrastructure malpractice Infrastructure premiums Infrastructure 100 Infrastructure year Infrastructure societies Infrastructure note Infrastructure long Infrastructure unpredictable Infrastructure hours Infrastructure justify Infrastructure high Infrastructure life Infrastructure style Infrastructure practices Infrastructure radiology Infrastructure ophthalmology Infrastructure anesthesiology Infrastructure dermatology Infrastructure relatively Infrastructure well Infrastructure having Infrastructure attractive Infrastructure schedules Infrastructure reviews Infrastructure operation Infrastructure medical Infrastructure lobby Infrastructure More Infrastructure 750 Infrastructure lobbyists Infrastructure represent Infrastructure groups Infrastructure professionals Infrastructure Washington Infrastructure pushing Infrastructure back Infrastructure effort Infrastructure limit Infrastructure incomes Infrastructure biggest Infrastructure spenders Infrastructure lobbying Infrastructure 80 Infrastructure million Infrastructure annually Infrastructure closely Infrastructure align Infrastructure highest Infrastructure specialties Infrastructure valuation Infrastructure physician Infrastructure services Infrastructure uses Infrastructure complex Infrastructure algorithm Infrastructure intended Infrastructure take Infrastructure account Infrastructure Time Infrastructure skill Infrastructure required Infrastructure task Infrastructure adjusting Infrastructure Specialties Infrastructure rates Infrastructure Insurer Infrastructure aim Infrastructure good Infrastructure job Infrastructure Adjusting Infrastructure times Infrastructure reduce Infrastructure involve Infrastructure negotiations Infrastructure AMA Infrastructure AMA_Relative_Value_Scale_Update Infrastructure Relative

Medical Management Association doctors salaries: - Economic situation /Medical Management Association doctors salaries:
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Medical_Group_Management_Association Medical Group Management Association ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Orthopedics Medical Orthopedic Medical Surgery Medical hip Medical joint Medical 920 Medical 555 Medical spine Medical 820 Medical 569 Medical neurological Medical 707 Medical 252 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cardiology Medical Cardiology Medical Invasive Medical interventional Medical 583 Medical 837 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Dermatology Medical Dermatology Medical Mohs Medical surgery Medical 516 Medical 081 Medical Hematology Medical Oncology Medical 425 Medical 006 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anesthesiology Medical Anesthesiology Medical 378 Medical 009 Medical Opthalmology Medical 345 Medical 726 Medical Neurology Medical 264 Medical 863 Medical Internal Medical Medicine Medical 220 Medical 000 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Development Medical Pediatrics Medical child Medical development Medical 166 Medical 754

Private Journal - Economic situation /Private Journal
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_Why_Private_Equity_Is Oct 2018 NYT Why Private Equity Is Private Katie Private Hafner Private reports Private early Private month Private respected Private medical Private journal Private published Private research Private paper Private website Private analyzed Private effects Private business Private roiling Private field Private dermatology ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Private rapid Private entrance Private private Private equity Private firms Private specialty Private buying Private running Private practices Private around Private country Private explains Private authored Private demodwbp Private awffwpwgsu Private University_of_Florida_ Private College Private Medicine Private Dr Private Salesh Private Konda Private Florida Private dermatologist Private Joseph Private Francis Private concluded Private based Private data Private provided Private private equity Private acquiring Private outlier Private performed Private high Private numbers Private well Private reimbursed Private procedures Private bill Private large Private amounts Private Medicare Private noted Private many Private backed Private acquired Private labs Private process Private pathology Private specimens Private removed Private Journal Private AAD Private peer Private reviewed Private accepted Private publication Private 5th Private 2018 Private outcry Private executives Private dermatologists Private associated Private drove Private Dirk Private Elston Private editor Private site Private without Private stated Private reason Private told Private authors Private would Private factual Private errors Private put Private Since Private unlikely Private issue Private requested Private corrections Private actually Private designed Private Protect Private reputation Private leaders Private George Private Hruza Private incoming Private president Private sold Private awffwpwgco Private United_Skin_Specialists_ Private objected Private conclusion Private influential Private recruited Private work Private promote Private purchased Private Darrell Private Rigel Private New York Private previously Private whose Private Schweiger_Dermatology_ Private corporatization Private areas Private medicine Private exposed Private article Private Dermatology Private accounts Private 1 Private physicians Private US Private 15 Private acquisitions Private largest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Private Advanced_Dermatology_and_Cosmetic Private purchasing Private orthopedics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cardiology Private radiology Private cardiology ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urgent_care_clinic Private urgent care ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anesthesiology Private anesthesiology ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Ophthalmology Private ophthalmology

Surgery After Surgery, $117,000 Bill For Doctor He Didn't Know - Economic situation /Surgery After Surgery, $117,000 Bill For Doctor He Didn't Know
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2014_NYT_After_Surgery_117000 Sep 2014 NYT After Surgery 117000 Surgery Out Surgery network Surgery assisting Surgery specialists Surgery generate Surgery high Surgery priced Surgery surgery Surgery bills Surgery Peter Surgery Drier Surgery three Surgery hour Surgery herniated Surgery disks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Lenox_Hill_Hospital_ Surgery Lenox Surgery Hill Surgery Hospital Surgery generated Surgery many Surgery 56 Surgery 000 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anesthetist Surgery Anesthetist Surgery 4 Surgery 300 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Orthopedics Surgery Orthopedist Surgery 133 Surgery demodwbp Surgery awffwpwgco Surgery Medical_Group_Management_Association_ Surgery Spine Surgery makes Surgery best Surgery paid Surgery type Surgery Doctor Surgery Assistant Surgery surgeon Surgery 117 Surgery Queen Surgery based Surgery neurosurgeon Surgery Jamaica_Hospital_Medical_Center Surgery Queens Surgery private Surgery practice Surgery NeuroAxis Surgery Neurosurgical Surgery Associates Surgery Kew Surgery Gardens Surgery met Surgery becoming Surgery more Surgery common Surgery surgeries Surgery include Surgery participants Surgery justified Surgery drive up Surgery fees Surgery charged Surgery Patients Surgery often Surgery don Surgery realize Surgery participated Surgery until Surgery arrive Surgery increases Surgery revenue Surgery time Surgery insurers Surgery cutting ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Reimbursement Surgery down Surgery reimbursements Surgery services Surgery surprise Surgery charges Surgery significant Surgery 20 Surgery 40 Surgery usual Surgery rates Surgery collect Surgery close Surgery full Surgery amount Surgery Insurers Surgery say Surgery proliferated Surgery filed Surgery lawsuits Surgery challenging Surgery New York Surgery State Surgery unexpected Surgery top Surgery complaint Surgery agency Surgery regulates Surgery insurance Surgery companies Surgery Health Surgery care Surgery provider Surgery backed Surgery lobbyists Surgery pushing Surgery hard Surgery retain Surgery ER Surgery decision Surgery made Surgery find Surgery win Surgery court Surgery cases Surgery Aetna Surgery Aetna_pushes_back_against_surgery Surgery litigated

Is Dementia Is Draining Families' Bank Accounts - Economic situation /Is Dementia Is Draining Families' Bank Accounts
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Dementia_Is_Draining Oct 2015 NYT Dementia Is Draining Gina Kolata reports research demodwbp awffwpwgco Mount_Sinai_Hospital Mt Sinai New published Annals Internal Medicine finding ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Dementia dementia far more ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_disease costly heart health system patients families study looked Medicare average total care person Dementia five years 287 038 Heart disease 175 136 Cancer 173 383 paid same amount types about 100 000 many expenses covered Out pocket costs 61 522 Caregivers multiple needed eating up no medical issues Help basic activities like dressing bathing Supervision ensure harm themselves others wander off Icahn School Dr Amy Kelley geriatrician noted consumed entire ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Wealth household wealth counted include lost salaries pensions family members took time support demented relative And initially assume pay Hospital Diane E Meier professor geriatrics palliative don realize own Christine Cassel CEO awffwpwgsu National_Quality_Forum_ described typical situation When nursing home gets fever staff calls 911 sent hospital But delirious confused fall bed break bone choke food Medical soar constant Once sick enough move insurance More half spend down savings Eventually ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid supported Medicaid

Suffers - Economic situation /Suffers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2018_NYT_Care_Suffers_as_More Jan 2018 NYT Care Suffers as More Suffers Jordan Suffers Rau Suffers reports Suffers Martha Suffers Jane Suffers Pierce Suffers sons Suffers peeled Suffers back Suffers white Suffers sock Suffers covering Suffers 82 Suffers year Suffers old Suffers mother Suffers right Suffers foot Suffers month Suffers discovered Suffers rotting Suffers flesh Suffers Mrs Suffers resident Suffers demodwbp Suffers awffwpwgco Suffers Allenbrooke_Nursing_and_Rehabillitation Suffers appeared Suffers severely Suffers underfunded Suffers 2 Suffers million Suffers deficit Suffers books Suffers 12 Suffers operating Suffers expenses Suffers flowed Suffers network Suffers corporations Suffers controlled Suffers nursing Suffers homes Suffers owners Suffers two Suffers Long Suffers Island Suffers accountants Suffers Donald Suffers Denz Suffers Norbert Suffers Bennett Suffers family Suffers trusts Suffers 33 Suffers owned Suffers paid Suffers companies Suffers provide Suffers physical Suffers therapy Suffers management Suffers drugs Suffers services Suffers ensured Suffers 28 Suffers profit Suffers margin Suffers comparison Suffers 4 Suffers typical Suffers standalone Suffers Scarcity Suffers nurses Suffers aids Suffers law Suffers suite Suffers testified Suffers Sometimes Suffers short Suffers diapers Suffers sheets Suffers linens Suffers told Suffers jury Suffers trial Suffers added Suffers staff Suffers state Suffers inspections Suffers specifically Suffers Supervisors Suffers fill Suffers blanks Suffers medical Suffers records Suffers updated Suffers ate Suffers full Suffers meal Suffers day Suffers after Suffers died Suffers explains Suffers commonly Suffers outsource Suffers supply Suffers many Suffers goods Suffers financial Suffers interest Suffers Nearly Suffers three Suffers quarters Suffers 11 Suffers 000 Suffers US Suffers use Suffers related Suffers party Suffers transaction Suffers setup Suffers Nursing Suffers spent Suffers billion Suffers transactions Suffers advantages Suffers structure Suffers include Suffers Tax Suffers efficiency Suffers pay Suffers more Suffers profits Suffers register Suffers accounts Suffers Legal Suffers protection Suffers But Suffers Kaiser Suffers Health Suffers News Suffers analysis Suffers identified Suffers issues Suffers business Suffers organizations Suffers generally Suffers Fewer Suffers aides Suffers patient Suffers Higher Suffers rates Suffers injuries Suffers unsafe Suffers practices Suffers Subject Suffers complaints Suffers twice Suffers often Suffers independent ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCSF_Medical_Center_ Suffers UCSF Suffers Professor Suffers Charlene Suffers Harrington Suffers noted Suffers Almost Suffers every Suffers single Suffers chains Suffers doing Suffers same Suffers thing Suffers just Suffers pulling Suffers money Suffers away Suffers staffing Suffers American_Health_Care_Association_ Suffers disputed Suffers Our Suffers members Suffers strive Suffers quality Suffers care Suffers affordable Suffers cost Suffers There Suffers always Suffers exceptions Suffers few Suffers represent Suffers majority Suffers profession Suffers California Suffers auditor Suffers examining ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Brius_Healthcare_ Suffers Bruis Suffers Healthcare Suffers associated Suffers Medicaid Suffers reimbursements Suffers Rental Suffers prices Suffers third Suffers higher Suffers average Suffers areas Suffers structuring Suffers LLC Suffers networks Suffers popular Suffers public Suffers private equity Suffers investors Suffers focused Suffers market Suffers opportunity Suffers Owners Suffers advised Suffers separate Suffers businesses Suffers detached Suffers entities Suffers themselves Suffers attempt Suffers government Suffers recoup Suffers overpayments Suffers legal Suffers judgments Suffers injury Suffers claims Suffers Subsequently Suffers placed Suffers corporate Suffers between Suffers bring Suffers lawsuit Suffers attorneys Suffers persuade Suffers judges Suffers acting Suffers decisions Suffers made Suffers argued Suffers Nashville Suffers conference Suffers long Suffers term Suffers health Suffers industry Suffers Pros Suffers Complex Suffers Corporate Suffers Structure Suffers Many Suffers plaintiffs Suffers never Suffers conduct Suffers discovery Suffers too Suffers expensive Suffers time Suffers consuming Suffers Financial Suffers statement Suffers punitive Suffers damages Suffers phase Suffers shows Suffers income Suffers assets Suffers unusual Suffers found Suffers reported Suffers tax Suffers returns Suffers actively Suffers participated Suffers claimed Suffers court

Urges NYT Academy Urges Pediatricians to Screen for Childhood Hunger - Economic situation /Urges NYT Academy Urges Pediatricians to Screen for Childhood Hunger
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Academy_Urges_Pediatricians Oct 2015 NYT Academy Urges Pediatricians Urges Catherine Urges Saint Urges Louis Urges reports Urges AAP ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pediatrician Urges urged Urges pediatricians Urges screen Urges patients Urges food Urges insecurity Urges refer Urges parents Urges appropriate Urges agencies Urges children Urges hungry Urges There Urges 16 Urges million Urges sick Urges more Urges often Urges poorer Urges overall Urges health Urges hospitalized Urges frequently Urges better Urges fed Urges peers Urges develop Urges behavioral ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Emotions Urges emotional Urges problems Urges preschool Urges adolescence Urges demodwbp Urges awffwpwgco Urges Oct_2015_AAP_urges_screening_for Urges recommended Urges identifies Urges 97 Urges families Urges insecure Urges about Urges And Urges asked Urges advocate Urges programs Urges provide Urges healthy Urges Because Urges always Urges under Urges pressure Urges cut Urges screening Urges tool Urges helps Urges find Urges open Urges communication Urges Otherwise Urges reticent Urges come Urges forward Urges Hungry Urges jobs Urges Income Urges unpredictable Urges used Urges Food stamps Urges cover Urges whole Urges month

Up Stamp Giant Is Blocking It. - Economic situation /Up Stamp Giant Is Blocking It.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2018_NYT_This_Start-Up_Says_It_Wants Apr 2018 NYT This Start-Up Says It Wants Up Steve Up Lohr Up reports Up four Up years Up ago Up Jimmy Up Chen Up left Up lucrative Up perch Up product Up manager Up Facebook Up found Up Propel Up calls Up anti Up poverty Up software Up company ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SNAP Up FreshEBT Up allows Up SNAP Up recipients Up access Up How Up money Up account Up Links Up food Up coupons Up Healthy Up recipes Up Budgeting Up tools Up Job Up opportunities Up Over Up million Up users Up provided Up data Up across Up US Up government Up runs Up infrastructure Up operated Up FIS Up Global Up Conduent Up 2018 Up stopped Up working Up Runs Up stamp Up network Up 25 Up states Up New York Up California Up Pennsylvania Up Operates Up database Up accesses Up support Up developing Up competitor Up ConnectEBT Up limited Up functionality Up availability Up Utah Up South Up Carolina Up Oklahoma Up funded Up 5 Up demodwbp Up awffwpwgsu Up Andreessen_Horowitz_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Omidyar_Network Up Omidyar Up Network Up Has Up 11 Up employees Up CEO Up founder Up 30 Up attended Up Stanford Up full Up scholarship

Advice NYT Prostate Advice Is Put in Doubt By New Study - Economic situation /Advice NYT Prostate Advice Is Put in Doubt By New Study
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Prostate_Advice_Is_Put_in Nov 2015 NYT Prostate Advice Is Put in Advice Denise Advice Grady Advice reports Advice fewer Advice men Advice screened Advice prostate cancer Advice early Advice stage Advice cases Advice detected Advice according Advice two Advice studies Advice published Advice November Advice 2015 Advice Journal Advice AMA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_USPSTF Advice found Advice USPSTF Advice demodwbp Advice awffwpwgsu Advice 2012_USPSTF_recommendation_on_prostate Advice PSA Advice based Advice screening Advice resulted ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Advice cancer Advice 220 Advice 800 Advice 27 Advice 540 Advice deaths Advice awffwpwgco Advice American_cancer_society_ACS_ Advice collaboration Advice between Advice various Advice centers Advice acompanying Advice article Advice suggested Advice health Advice care Advice compensated Advice adapting Advice recommendations Advice Dr ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urology Advice Penson Advice chairman Advice urologic Advice surgery Advice Vanderbilt Advice Ingram_Cancer_Center Advice Vanderbuilt Advice correct Advice strategy Advice smarter Advice testing Advice often Advice focusing Advice risk Advice About Advice people Advice die Advice would Advice rigorous Advice agreed Advice better Advice tests Advice identified Advice deadly Advice cancers Advice treated Advice needed Advice There Advice imaging ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biomarkers Advice blood Advice biomarkers Advice development Advice ready Advice deployment

Group 45 - Economic situation /Group 45
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2018_NYT_Cancer_Group_Calls_for May 2018 NYT Cancer Group Calls for Group Roni Group Caryn Group Rabin Group reports Group prominent Group cancer Group organization Group first Group time Group recommending Group Americans Group initiate Group demodwbp Group awffwpwgl Group gl_Colorectal_cancer Group colorectal Group screening Group age Group 45 Group instead Group waiting Group until Group 50 Group threshold Group long Group endorsed Group many Group medical Group groups Group guidelines Group awffwpwgco Group American_cancer_society_ACS_ Group ACS Group would Group extend Group routine Group 22 Group million Group adults Group between Group ages Group 49 Group send Group clear Group message Group rising Group young Group no Group longer Group just Group disease Group older Group people Group Analysis Group national Group registries Group concludes Group significant Group increase Group incidence Group colon Group especially Group rectal Group among Group individuals Group under Group particularly Group 40 Group led Group change Group use Group six Group screens Group stool Group test Group sigmoidoscopy Group colonoscopy Group starting Group researchers Group estimate Group 16 Group 450 Group cases Group diagnosed Group year Group 140 Group 000 Group 2018 Group deaths Group every Group 90 Group diagnoses Group patients Group physicians Group aware Group cancers Group Because Group early Group treatment Group dropping Group But Group rise Group rates Group 1994 Group 2014 Group Rates Group increased Group born Group after Group 1950 Group For Group person Group 1990 Group four Group times Group likely Group comparable Group No Group knows Group why Group occurring Group Potential Group causes Group include Group Obesity Group Lack Group exercise Group Processed Group food Group Red Group meat Group Prolonged Group antibiotics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Microbiome Group affecting Group gut Group microbiome Group Below Group very Group low Group conflict Group USPSTF Group issued Group 2016 Group Multi Group Society Group Task Group Force Group Cancer Group recommends Group African Group high Group risk

Link Hormone Link to Depression - Economic situation /Link Hormone Link to Depression
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_A_Hormone_Link_to Apr 2016 NYT A Hormone Link to ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Androgen_deprivation_therapy Link Androgen Link deprivation Link therapy Link prostate cancer Link increase Link risk Link depression Link study Link reported Link Journal Link Clinical Link Oncology Link 78 Link 552 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Link patients Link older Link 65 Link 1992 Link 2006 Link 33 Link 382 Link given Link hormone Link researchers Link found Link incomparison Link treated Link therapies Link 23 Link likelyhood Link receiving Link diagnosis Link 29 Link increased Link having Link inpatient Link psychiatric Link treatment Link Longer Link treatments

Cancer Prostate Cancer and Dementia - Economic situation /Cancer Prostate Cancer and Dementia
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Prostate_Cancer_and Oct 2016 NYT Prostate Cancer and Cancer Nicholas Cancer Bakalar Cancer reports Cancer reducing Cancer testosterone Cancer levels Cancer demodwbp Cancer awffwpwgl Cancer gl_Androgen_deprivation_therapy Cancer androgen Cancer common Cancer treatment Cancer prostate cancer Cancer But Cancer study Cancer found Cancer more Cancer doubles Cancer risk Cancer Dementia Cancer Prior Cancer studies Cancer already Cancer associated Cancer therapy Cancer increased Cancer depression Cancer awffwpwbeco13 Cancer Apr_2016_NYT_A_Hormone_Link_to Cancer gl_Alzheimers_disease Cancer Alzheimer Cancer awffwpwbtec13 Cancer Dec_2015_NYT_Hormones_as_Alzheimers Cancer retrospective Cancer awffwpwgsu Cancer UPen_Perelman_School_of_Medicine Cancer University Cancer resident Cancer Dr Cancer Kevin Cancer Nead Cancer JAMA Cancer Oncology Cancer reviewed Cancer medical Cancer records Cancer 9 Cancer 272 Cancer men Cancer diagnosed Cancer between Cancer 1994 Cancer 2013 Cancer no Cancer previous Cancer dementia Cancer diagnosis Cancer absolute Cancer 7 Cancer treated Cancer deprivation Cancer compared Cancer 3 Cancer 5 Cancer otherwise

Patients Overtreated Patients, Underwhelming Results - Economic situation /Patients Overtreated Patients, Underwhelming Results
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Overtreated_Patients Nov 2015 NYT Overtreated Patients Patients Paula Patients Span Patients reports Patients reconsidering Patients treatment Patients older Patients adults ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Diabetes Patients diabetes Patients chronic conditions Patients recent Patients study Patients demodwbp Patients awffwpwgco Patients University_of_Michigan Patients _ Patients VA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Ann_Arbor_Healthcare_System_ Patients Ann Patients Arbor Patients Health Patients System Patients asked Patients 600 Patients PCPs Patients nurse Patients practitioners Patients physician Patients assistants Patients respond Patients regarding Patients case Patients 77 Patients year Patients patient ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Type_2_diabetes Patients Type Patients 2 Patients under Patients control Patients Hemoglobin Patients Alc Patients 5 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hypertension Patients High Patients blood Patients pressure ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Chronic_kidney_disease Patients Severe Patients kidney ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pain Patients Lower Patients back Patients pain ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#JJs_Tylenol_ Patients treated Patients Tylenol Patients doing Patients reasonably Patients well Patients using Patients four Patients prescription Patients drugs Patients researchers Patients created Patients scenario Patients see Patients respondents Patients enquiry Patients would Patients recognize Patients danger Patients developing Patients hypoglycemia Patients About Patients half ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Overtreatment Patients overtreatment Patients Michigan Patients responding Patients accumulating Patients evidence Patients hypertension Patients agressively Patients currently Patients hard Patients practicing Patients physicians Patients data Patients reseacher Patients Dr Patients Ann_Arbor_researcher_Dr Patients _Jeremy_Sussman_ Patients Jeremy Patients noted Patients doctors Patients worry Patients about Patients treating Patients Sussman Patients colleagues Patients reviewed Patients 211 Patients 000 Patients patients Patients JAMA Patients internal Patients medicine Patients found Patients fewer Patients 19 Patients percent Patients very Patients low Patients sugar Patients scaled Patients problem Patients complex Patients Under Patients guidelines Patients diabetics Patients only Patients 8 Patients Blood Patients readings Patients allowed Patients rise

Equitys Private Equity's Stake in Keeping the Elderly at Home - Economic situation /Equitys Private Equity's Stake in Keeping the Elderly at Home
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_NYT_Private_Equitys_Stake_in Aug 2016 NYT Private Equitys Stake in Equitys Sarah Equitys Varney Equitys reports Equitys promising Equitys program Equitys turns Equitys profit Equitys stoking Equitys high Equitys tech Equitys ideas Equitys cost Equitys cutting Equitys fears ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CMS Equitys After Equitys CMS Equitys allows ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PACE Equitys profits Equitys PACE Equitys highlighted Equitys 2016 Equitys J Equitys Morgan Equitys demodwbp Equitys awffwpwgsu Equitys _Morgan_Healthcare_Conference_ Equitys Healthcare Equitys gains Equitys interest Equitys private equity Equitys old Equitys only Equitys attracted Equitys 40 Equitys 000 Equitys users ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Equitys Medicare Equitys acting Equitys awffwpwgocu Equitys 2016_CMS_Acting_administrator_Andrew Equitys administrator Equitys argued Equitys awffwpwgco Equitys National_PACE_Association_ Equitys meeting Equitys secret Equitys minds Equitys public Equitys challenge Equitys make Equitys clear Equitys solution ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Capitation Equitys capitated Equitys payment Equitys model Equitys push Equitys risk Equitys onto Equitys providers Equitys Several Equitys firms Equitys venture Equitys capitalists Equitys entrepreneurs Equitys responding Equitys growth Equitys demand Equitys aging ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#OPTUM Equitys population Equitys Optum ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Jan_2016_Optum_-_Amir_Dan_Rubin Equitys Amir ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Equitys Dan Equitys Rubin Equitys economist Equitys Michael Equitys Zubkoff Equitys Dartmouth Equitys interested ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#InnovAge_ Equitys InnovAge Equitys transformed Equitys itself Equitys nonprofit Equitys obtained Equitys 196 Equitys million Equitys funding Equitys WCAS

Health NYT Home Health Care: Shouldn't It Be Work Worth Doing? - Economic situation /Health NYT Home Health Care: Shouldn't It Be Work Worth Doing?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYT_Home_Health_Care:_Shouldnt Aug 2017 NYT Home Health Care: Shouldnt Health Edwardo Health Porter Health reports Health you Health know Health going Health care Health old Health frail Health By Health current Health standards Health likely Health middle Health aged Health immigrant Health woman Health maybe Health high Health school Health education Health little Health training Health making Health 20 Health 000 Health year Health MIT Health Paul Health Osterman Health without Health incentives Health bring Health workers Health field Health home Health health Health aides Health personal Health assistants Health CNAs Health shortage Health more Health 350 Health 2040 Health expanding Health demand Health tens Health millions Health aging Health Americans Health job Health poorly Health paid Health 25 Health live Health poverty Health 40 Health leave Health next Health book Health Will Health Care Health For Health Us Health explains Health roles Health made Health save Health overall Health network Health money Health integrated Health design Health processes Health long Health term Health teams Health Aides Health trained Health Spot Health patients Health problems Health Support Health demodwbp Health awffwpwgl Health gl_Medication_adherence Health medication Health Manage Health appointments Health Advise Health healthy Health choices ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Obesity Health Assist Health obesity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Type_2_diabetes Health diabetes Health management Health gl_Discharge_procedures Health hospital Health limit Health number Health relapses Health require Health readmission Health nursing Health help Health up Health 250 Health billion Health building Health strategically Health important Health country Health But Health currently Health unattractive Health viewed Health babysitting Health Most Health immigrants Health legislation Health requires Health many Health tasks Health performed Health certified Health nurse Health Intravenous Health insulin Health delivery Health Drops Health administered Health eye Health undermining Health benefits ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Health Medicaid Health budget Health funds Health half Health 300 Health States Health add Health 200 Health Money Health reimburse Health agencies Health would Health allocations Health Obama Health administration Health proposed Health FLSA Health support Health resisted Health states Health unions Health older Health representatives Health feared Health hour Health week Health cap Health And Health while Health Medicare Health readmissions

to How to Tame Health Care Spending? Look for One-Percent Solutions - Economic situation /to How to Tame Health Care Spending? Look for One-Percent Solutions
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2018_NYT_How_to_Tame_Health_Care Aug 2018 NYT How to Tame Health Care Margot Sanger Katz reports health care ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US system US costs nearly double peer countries without better outcomes Many scholars policymakers looked state affairs dreamed big Maybe broad fix ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HDHP high deductibles improvements end life single payer make expensive economists think strategy lot small issues drug copayment coupons network payments more data available government private insurance companies possible research items One according recent study Stanford ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MIT Liran Einav MIT Amy Finkelstein demodwbp awffwpwgsu University_of_Chicago_ Neale Mahoney reported National Bureau Economic Research working paper associated LTCHs 1980s congress allowed special basis Medicare reimbursements 1990 2014 effect opening geographic area where none previously More patients sent instead SNFs No change discharge death rates Increased researchers concluded save up 5 billion year paying same ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MedPac note MedPAC highlighted years hospital industry disagrees conclusions NALTH noted extreme proposals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Select_Medical_ Select Medical largest networks commented measuring only whether long term died went home capture subtle benefits hospitals provided compared PAC providers

Home NYT In the Nursing Home, Empty Beds and Quiet Halls - Economic situation /Home NYT In the Nursing Home, Empty Beds and Quiet Halls
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_In_the_Nursing_Home_Empty Oct 2018 NYT In the Nursing Home Empty Home Paula Home Span Home reports Home more Home 40 Home years Home Morningside Home Ministries Home operated Home nursing Home home Home San Home Antonio Home caring Home many Home 113 Home elderly Home residents Home facility Home Chandler Home Estate Home added Home small Home independent Home living Home building Home 1980s Home smaller Home assisted Home center Home 90s Home same Home four Home acre Home campus Home complex Home Medicare Home 5 Home star Home rating Home like ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SNF Home SNF Home empty Home One Home five Home beds Home nationally Home Occupancy Home lowest Home tracking Home started Home 2011 Home 81 Home 7 Home 200 Home 300 Home homes Home close Home number Home shrinking Home problem Home Financial Home strains Home regulatory Home requirements Home designed Home control Home costs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Home ACA Home hospital Home readmission Home penalties Home encouraged Home hospitals Home shift Home inpatient Home care Home discharge Home demodwbp Home awffwpwgl Home gl_Outpatient_observaton_stays Home outpatient Home where Home cover Home rehabilitation Home More Home surgical Home procedures Home performed Home awffwpwbpol13 Home Dec_2016_NYT_Fixing_Bad_Knees ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare_Advantage Home Advantage Home plans Home bundled Home FFV Home encouraging Home reductions Home use Home lower ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PAC_provider Home Lower Home PAC Home providers Home attractive Home patients ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DRA Home DRA Home allowed Home states ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Home Medicaid Home funds Home SNFs Home only Home 43 Home long Home term Home expenditures Home asserts Home profitably Home concentrating Home short term Home higher Home reimbursement Home funded Home make Home rooms Home private Home occupancy Home But Home margins Home squeezed Home feel Home pressure Home reduce Home staffing Home seems Home likely Home baby Home boomers Home turn Home 80 Home demand Home increase Home again

Sick NYT Getting Sick Can Be Really Expensive, Even for the Insured - Economic situation /Sick NYT Getting Sick Can Be Really Expensive, Even for the Insured
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2018_NYT_Getting_Sick_Can_Be_Really Mar 2018 NYT Getting Sick Can Be Really Sick Margot Sick Sanger Sick Katz Sick reports Sick hospital Sick visit Sick hit Sick your Sick paycheck Sick Among Sick people Sick 50s Sick hospitalized Sick about Sick 10 Sick percent Sick never Sick went Sick back Sick work Sick Some Sick others Sick scaled Sick hours Sick took Sick lower Sick paying Sick jobs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MIT Sick MIT Sick economist Sick Amy Sick Finkelstein Sick Northwestern Sick Matt Sick Notowidigdo Sick research Sick studied Sick hospitalizations Sick where Sick found Sick income Sick levels Sick fell Sick 11 Sick 000 Sick average Sick third Sick subsequent Sick years Sick conclude Sick 60 Sick driven Sick used Sick two Sick major Sick sources Sick data Sick Longitudinal Sick government Sick survey Sick starting Sick 60s Sick monitoring Sick earnings Sick bias Sick drop Sick younger Sick find Sick California Sick base Sick 24 Sick admitted Sick matched Sick credit Sick indicated Sick Peoples Sick spending Sick after Sick remained Sick afterwards ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bankruptcy Sick Risk Sick bankruptcy Sick increased Sick But Sick retired ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SSA Sick social Sick security Sick authors Sick concluded Sick US Sick health Sick insurance Sick insufficient Sick protection Sick sustain Sick person Sick demodwbp Sick awffwpwgl Sick gl_Standard_of_living Sick standard Sick note Sick countries Sick systems Sick include Sick wage Sick disability Sick sick Sick leave Sick provide Sick type Sick support Sick supported Sick earlier Sick findings ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kaiser_family_foundation_ Sick Kaiser Sick Family Sick Foundation Sick 2015 Sick struggling Sick medical Sick bills Sick 29 Sick illness Sick led Sick household Sick Hunter Sick College Sick public Sick professor Sick David Sick Himmelstein ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Sick Harvard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_Law_School_ Sick Law Sick Elizabeth Sick Warren Sick already Sick problems Sick cause Sick large Sick proportion Sick American Sick bankruptcies Sick Economics Sick indicates Sick having Sick child Sick graduating Sick recession Sick long Sick term Sick impacts

Little 'Too Little Too Late': Bankruptcy Booms Among Older Americans - Economic situation /Little 'Too Little Too Late': Bankruptcy Booms Among Older Americans
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2018_NYT_Too_Little_Too_Late: Aug 2018 NYT Too Little Too Late: Little Tara Little Siegel Little Bernard Little reports Little rapidly Little growing Little share Little older Little Americans Little traditional Little ideas Little about Little life Little retirement Little upended Little dismal Little reality Little bankruptcy Little years Little signs Little evident Little vanishing Little pensions Little soaring Little medical Little expenses Little inadequate Little savings Little But Little she Little explains Little research Little Consumer Little Bankruptcy Little Project Little quantified Little issue Little Three Little times Little many Little people Little 65 Little filing Little 1991 Little three Little decade Little shift Little financial Little risk Little government Little employers Little individuals Little caused Little transfer Little Longer Little waits Little full Little social Little security Little benefits Little Replacement Little provided Little final Little salary Little 401 Little plans Little More Little pocket Little spending Little premiums Little high Little deductibles Little co Little payments Little insurance Little exclusions Little rising Little service Little drug Little prices Little health Little care Little although Little Medicare Little D Little helped Little offset Little Declining Little incomes Little leading Little Only Little small Little stumble Little needed Little force Little retirees Little little Little too Little assets Little left Little few Little remaining Little reorganize Little signal Little far Little broader Little distress Little retired Little community Little Many Little supplementing Little jobs Little Most Little capital Little nest Little egg Little best Little And Little more Little entering Little debt Little lowest Little households Little having Little highest Little loads Little third Little filers Little supporting Little others Little children Little parents Little Some Little signed Little loans Little adult Little well Little student Little reach Little 100 Little 000 Little For Little medication Little costs Little often Little mean Little medications Little forgone

taking relief from pain? - Economic situation /taking relief from pain?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_Does_taking_an_NSAID_for Apr 2016 NYT Does taking an NSAID for ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NSAID taking NSAID taking used ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pain taking treat taking pain taking inflammation taking tendinitis taking But taking research taking shows taking often taking problem taking damage taking degeneration taking tendon taking rather taking Since taking NSAIDs taking anit taking inflammatory taking drugs taking inhibit taking tissue taking repair taking poor taking match taking treating taking tendonopathy

Review NYT Book Review Treatment for Medical Whiplash - Economic situation /Review NYT Book Review Treatment for Medical Whiplash
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Book_Review_Treatment_for Nov 2015 NYT Book Review Treatment for Review Dr Review Abigail Review Zuger Review reviews Review Ending Review Medical Review Reversal Review Vinayak Review Prasad Review Adam Review Cifu Review Changes Review medical Review treatment Review strategy Review increasingly Review often Review according Review She Review sudden Review flip Review flops Review standards Review care Review problems Review everyone Review book Review aims Review identify Review happens Review why Review fix Review First Review authors Review conclude Review 40 Review state Review art Review health Review turn Review wrong Review unhelpful Review harmful Review Problems Review introduced Review Trials Review overly Review complicated Review rigorous Review strategies Review used Review Financial Review incentives Review distort Review scientific Review results Review Treatments Review make Review theoretical Review sense Review fail Review Complexity Review undermines Review simple Review models Review happening Review list Review number Review treatments Review undermined Review lead Review poisoning Review blood Review clots Review Kidney Review stones Review heart Review attacks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Review Finding Review cancers Review early Review Fixing Review torn Review meniscus Review knee Review just Review physical Review therapy Review Basic Review science Review drives Review training Review school Review Initially Review students Review learn Review theory Review allowed Review practice Review patients Review without Review robustness Review activity Review doctors Review work Review Much Review later Review catches Review up Review shows Review suggest Review would Review transformed Review Emphasis Review proven Review practical Review rather Review Reward Review common Review ideas

Review Book Review America's Safety Nets Are Full of Holes - Economic situation /Review Book Review America's Safety Nets Are Full of Holes
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_NYT_Book_Review_Americas Aug 2016 NYT Book Review Americas Review Dr Review Abigail Review Zuger Review reviews Review Spirit Review Charity Review Mike Review King Review writes Review spirit Review stinginess Review threatening Review nation Review demodwbp Review awffwpwgl Review gl_Safety_net_hospitals Review hospitals Review She Review explains Review Atlanta Review based Review health Review care Review journalist Review explores Review ACA Review problematic Review changes Review complex Review landscape Review safety Review net Review left Review full Review holes Review looks Review awffwpwgco Review Grady_Memorial_Hospital_Atlanta_ Review 1892 Review opened Review municipal Review private Review funding Review strictly Review segregated Review until Review 1964 Review Now Review world Review academic Review program Review important Review social Review mission Review But Review struggles Review financing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Review specifically Review excludes Review noncitizens Review benefits Review leaving Review last Review resort Review around Review Competition Review improved Review reimbursements Review certain Review services Review increased Review Georgia Review refused Review Medicaid Review expansion ../demodwbp/awffwpwbpol13.htm#Legislation Review after Review SCOTUS Review workers Review make Review too Review access Review traditional Review little Review insurance Review 3 Review 500 Review trauma Review cases Review handled Review very Review expensive Review gl_Level_1_trauma_center Review Level Review equipped Review injuries Review For Review profit Review providers Review keen Review capture Review profitable Review often Review insured Review blunt Review victims Review business Review cope Review penetrating Review associated Review knives Review guns Review Outsourced Review outpatient Review kidney Review dialysis Review 2009 Review companies Review treat Review uninsured ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Review patients Review use Review ED Review where Review costly Review emergency Review provided Review 5000 Review homeless Review 2500 Review mentally Review ill Review addicted Review Again Review charity Review clinics Review funded ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AIDS Review 60 Review AIDS Review live Review below Review poverty Review line Review uses Review Federal Review dollars Review support Review treatments Review government Review shifting Review flow Review book Review talks Review about Review Cook Review County Review Miami Review Jackson Review Memorial

a Closing a Hospital, and Fearing for the Future - Economic situation /a Closing a Hospital, and Fearing for the Future
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Closing_a_Hospital_and Oct 2015 NYT Closing a Hospital and Closing a Mitch Closing a Smith Closing a Abby Closing a Goodnough Closing a report Closing a Mainstay Closing a Gone Closing a Kansas Closing a Town Closing a Faces Closing a Lost Closing a Jobs Closing a Longer Closing a Drives Closing a Uncertainty ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mercy_Hospital_Independence_Kansas Closing a Mercy Closing a Hospital Closing a Independence Closing a shutting Closing a Even Closing a 1 Closing a 6 Closing a million Closing a would Closing a received Closing a ACA Closing a Medicaid Closing a expansion Closing a probably Closing a closed Closing a But Closing a Sam Closing a Brownback Closing a Governor Closing a opposed Closing a anyway Closing a 58th Closing a rural Closing a hospital Closing a 2010 Closing a Many Closing a more Closing a expected Closing a follow Closing a growing Closing a regulatory Closing a burdens Closing a shrinking Closing a populations Closing a older Closing a sicker Closing a pool Closing a patients Closing a Closures Closing a typically Closing a hit Closing a midsize Closing a hospitals Closing a rather Closing a small Closing a critical Closing a access Closing a reimbursed Closing a higher Closing a rate Closing a Medicare Closing a academic Closing a study Closing a Health Closing a Affairs Closing a Ashish Closing a Jha Closing a Harvard Closing a found Closing a closings Closing a affecting Closing a health Closing a outcomes Closing a People Closing a treated Closing a best Closing a after Closing a travel Closing a time Closing a sensitive Closing a conditions Closing a don Closing a seem Closing a affected

in Deep in Trump Country, a Big Stake in Health Care - Economic situation /in Deep in Trump Country, a Big Stake in Health Care
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_NYT_Deep_in_Trump_Country_a Oct 2017 NYT Deep in Trump Country a Patricia Cohen reports Marjorie Swanson first family job demodwbp awffwpwgco Baxter_Regional_Medical_Center_ after moving rural Ozark town Chicago South Side 1995 her relatives employed hospital County northern Arkansas largest employer 600 staff doctors nurses paramedics medical technicians administrators nearly white votes overwhelmingly Republican loyal President Trump blames corrupt Washington establishment failing FIX health care Regional independent nonprofit If ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA loses ACA Medicaid funding stream merge with larger system awffwpwbeco13 Apr_2016_NYT_Flurry_of_Deals_as_Health cut back services Hospitals areas struggled financially years From 2008 2017 rate closings increased young migrated urban populations became smaller poorer sicker likely insurance Ron Peterson economic anchor community When downsize whole downsizes Health accounts four jobs locally offers neurosurgery emergency awffwpwgl gl_Cardiac_catheterization cardiac 3 D mammograms MRI But operating margin hovered breakeven 2006 expansion pool reduced cost uninsured adding 4 million regional ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare revenues Medicare ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Reimbursement reimbursement reductions 12 67 patients 40 nationally impact review funded concluded Workers earnings combined spending generated 216 activity helped create 280 beyond own spent goods ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA repeal cause 500 layoffs Care hub economy awffwpwgsu Arkansas_State_University_Mountain_Home_ focused science education around supplying workers

The Away. - Economic situation /The Away.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2018_NYT_Its_4_A.M._The_Babys Jul 2018 NYT Its 4 A.M. The Babys Jack Healy reports few hours after only hospital town shut doors forever Kela Abernathy bolted awake 4 30 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pain screaming pain Premature twins forced her seek maternity help open southeast Missouri 100 miles away 85 rural hospitals 5 country total closed 2010 demodwbp awffwpwgco Community_Health_Systems_Inc _ strategically consolidated Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Kennett Maternity units more significant cutbacks response reduced birthrates doctor nursing shortages falling revenues Financial issues Cuts public health insurance programs Debt financing weakness where state decided expand Medicaid Significant levels uncompensated care Lower funded treatment 179 counties lost obstetric 2004 But effects Women use doctors More babies born prematurely labor ED deliver without support Families impacted take time expense access long distance NICU lots mothers Clinics overwhelmed setting up waiting lists Local economies Health systems reconfiguring ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EMS EMS organizing shuttle patients distant Consumers_will_be_able_to_shop_for helicopter serious emergencies hub ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urgent_care_clinic Urgent clinics opening

Town Foe? A Larger Hospital. - Economic situation /Town Foe? A Larger Hospital.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2018_NYT_A_Rural_Town_Banded Sep 2018 NYT A Rural Town Banded Town Jack Town Healy Town reports Town long Town after Town Beau Town Braden Town moved Town southwest Town Florida Town open Town medical Town clinic Town injured Town strangers Town started Town showing Town up Town house Town boy Town split Town head Town pool Town People Town gashes Town broken Town bones Town There Town nowhere Town hours Town told Town Dr Town stitched Town dining Town room Town table Town Rural Town Collier Town County Town 40 Town miles Town inland Town beach Town resort Town Naples Town agricultural Town large Town seasonal Town migrant Town labor Town force Town Immokalee Town nearly Town planned Town community Town Ave Town Maria Town 50 Town 000 Town residents Town current Town poverty Town rate Town 45 Town Adding Town 25 Town bed Town hospital Town backing Town businesses Town fire Town department Town county Town commissioners Town developers Town nonprofit Town health Town providers Town regulators Town granting Town certificate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Town ED Town physician Town argued Town facing Town crisis Town Babies Town born Town ambulances Town Injured Town adults Town forced Town themselves Town demodwbp Town awffwpwgco Town Naples_Community_Hospital_ Town weak Town coverage ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Town Deaths Town parking Town places Town fields Town increased Town 143 Town between Town 2014 Town 2017 Town dying Town 3 Town times Town rest Town Federally Town funded Town rural Town run Town Healthcare Town Network Town Southwest Town only Town operates Town week Town days Town 9am Town 5pm ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#NCH_Healthcare_ Town But Town NCH Town objected Town proposed Town development Town arguing Town doomed Town failure Town two Town hospitals Town already Town offered Town care Town people Town around Town area Town neither Town underserved Town nor Town served Town Branden Town experience Town too Town limited Town serving Town poor Town population Town high Town uninsured Town rates Town would Town lack Town staff Town equipment Town handling ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Stroke Town catastrophic Town traumas Town strokes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_attack Town heart Town attacks

Feeling Sinai Beth Israel Added to a Growing List - Economic situation /Feeling Sinai Beth Israel Added to a Growing List
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_Familiar_Feeling_as May 2016 NYT Familiar Feeling as Feeling Marc Feeling Santora Feeling reports Feeling demodwbp Feeling awffwpwgco Feeling Mount_Sinai_Beth_IsrAEl_ Feeling Sinai Feeling 865 Feeling bed Feeling hospital Feeling served Feeling downtown Feeling Manhattan Feeling more Feeling 125 Feeling years Feeling close Feeling smaller Feeling building Feeling officials Feeling said Feeling Health Feeling System Feeling President Feeling CEO Feeling Dr Feeling Kenneth Feeling Davis Feeling commented Feeling downsizing Feeling Beth Feeling Israel Feeling arguing Feeling core Feeling health Feeling care Feeling too Feeling costly Feeling macroeconomics Feeling unaffordable Feeling everyone Feeling stands Feeling lose Feeling 2 Feeling billion Feeling next Feeling ten Feeling changes Feeling federal Feeling reimbursement Feeling structures Feeling alone Feeling Last Feeling operating Feeling 115 Feeling million Feeling explained Feeling For Feeling several Feeling transforming Feeling toward Feeling model Feeling where Feeling focus Feeling keeping Feeling entire Feeling communities Feeling healthy Feeling Downtown Feeling dramatic Feeling step Feeling enable Feeling us Feeling improve Feeling access Feeling increase Feeling quality Feeling providing Feeling residents Feeling live Feeling work Feeling large Feeling hospitals Feeling no Feeling longer Feeling efficient Feeling vehicles Feeling delivering Feeling medical Feeling advances Feeling Not Feeling ago Feeling instance Feeling surgery Feeling hip Feeling knee Feeling would Feeling require Feeling stay Feeling patient Feeling undergoing Feeling procedure Feeling often Feeling home Feeling same Feeling day Feeling br ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mount_Sinai_Health_System_ Feeling take Feeling four Feeling before Feeling closed Feeling primary Feeling specialty Feeling behavioral Feeling outpatient Feeling services Feeling expanded Feeling time Feeling There Feeling 20 Feeling New York Feeling City Feeling either Feeling reduced Feeling operate Feeling 2000 Feeling Hospitals Feeling across Feeling America Feeling struggling Feeling financially Feeling situation Feeling difficult Feeling Major Feeling Blasio Feeling campaigned Feeling opposition Feeling closing Feeling city Feeling joined Feeling protests Feeling against ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#St_Vincents_Hospital Feeling Brooklyn Feeling St Feeling Vincent Feeling While Feeling good Feeling see Feeling layoffs Feeling unionized Feeling staff Feeling avoided Feeling important Feeling investments Feeling made Feeling community Feeling ensure Feeling inpatient Feeling emergency Feeling met Feeling Representative Feeling Carolyn Feeling Maloney Feeling Democrat Feeling complained Feeling constant Feeling presence Feeling resource Feeling East Feeling Side Feeling particular Feeling Any Feeling closure Feeling threatens Feeling strain Feeling already Feeling overburdened Feeling network Feeling providers Feeling options Feeling curtail Feeling immediate Feeling neighborhood Feeling eliminate Feeling jobs

Hospitals - Economic situation /Hospitals
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_NYT_Boston_Hospitals Jun 2016 NYT Boston Hospitals Hospitals Abby Hospitals Goodnough Hospitals reports Hospitals public Hospitals hearing Hospitals year Hospitals nursing Hospitals director Hospitals demodwbp Hospitals awffwpwgco Hospitals Boston_Childrens_Hospital_ Hospitals made Hospitals painfully Hospitals detailed Hospitals case Hospitals why Hospitals hospital Hospitals expand Hospitals argument Hospitals 1 Hospitals 068 Hospitals billion Hospitals expansion Hospitals plan Hospitals Cheryl Hospitals Toole Hospitals included ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NICU Hospitals NICU Hospitals crowded Hospitals main Hospitals area Hospitals beds Hospitals causing Hospitals conflict Hospitals care Hospitals drop Hospitals patient Hospitals volume Hospitals recent Hospitals years Hospitals But Hospitals earned Hospitals more Hospitals revenue Hospitals operations Hospitals mainly Hospitals surge Hospitals international Hospitals patients Hospitals 1068 Hospitals proposes Hospitals 11 Hospitals story Hospitals building Hospitals placed Hospitals where Hospitals 60 Hospitals old Hospitals Prouty Hospitals Gardens Hospitals housing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MRI Hospitals 3 Hospitals MRI Hospitals machines ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_OR Hospitals 4 Hospitals OR ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NICU Hospitals bigger Hospitals heart Hospitals surgery Hospitals center Hospitals 71 Hospitals private Hospitals rooms Hospitals instead Hospitals doubles Hospitals separate Hospitals outpatient Hospitals exam Hospitals Renovation Hospitals two Hospitals existing Hospitals buildings Hospitals campus Hospitals 48 Hospitals inpatient Hospitals satellite Hospitals location Hospitals Waltham Hospitals 300 Hospitals million Hospitals destruction Hospitals raised Hospitals visibility Hospitals strategy Hospitals E Hospitals Wilson Hospitals Berry Hospitals Brazelton Hospitals joined Hospitals 16 Hospitals 000 Hospitals petition Hospitals strong Hospitals campaign Hospitals save Hospitals And Hospitals asks Hospitals Will Hospitals higher Hospitals tech Hospitals thwart Hospitals state Hospitals national Hospitals efforts Hospitals spiraling Hospitals medical Hospitals costs Hospitals under Hospitals control Hospitals argue Hospitals expanding Hospitals Attract Hospitals many Hospitals whom Hospitals pay Hospitals services Hospitals teaching Hospitals hospitals Hospitals contributed Hospitals Massachusetts Hospitals expensive Hospitals places Hospitals country Hospitals Regulators Hospitals invoked Hospitals four Hospitals law Hospitals asking Hospitals seek Hospitals independent Hospitals analysis Hospitals projects

a Building a Buzzy Hive of Invention and Collaboration - Economic situation /a Building a Buzzy Hive of Invention and Collaboration
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2017_NYT_Building_a_Buzzy_Hive_of Nov 2017 NYT Building a Buzzy Hive of Building a Lisa Building a Prevost Building a reports Building a while Building a pursuing Building a plan Building a student Building a housing Building a city Building a historic Building a jewelry Building a district Building a Brown Building a University Building a officials Building a sidetracked Building a discussions Building a about Building a massive Building a century Building a old Building a power Building a station Building a sitting Building a vacant Building a alongside Building a site Building a Providence Building a River ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#CV_Properties_ Building a CV Building a Properties Building a Richard Building a Galvin Building a proposed Building a synergistic Building a development Building a would Building a build Building a value Building a Enhancing Building a medical Building a school Building a two Building a nearby Building a hospitals Building a high Building a technology Building a nursing Building a developed Building a partners Building a demodwbp Building a awffwpwgsu Building a University_of_Rhode_Island_URI Building a Rhode_Island_College_ Building a includes Building a Health Building a care Building a simulation Building a lab Building a Obtaining Building a long Building a term Building a lease Building a agreement Building a property Building a state Building a Bringing Building a together Building a administrative Building a staff Building a Integrating Building a emerging Building a innovation Building a design Building a Baltimore Building a Wexford Building a Science Building a Technology Building a specializes Building a investing Building a knowledge Building a communities Building a invested Building a 12 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Building a around Building a US Building a leveraged Building a 41 Building a million Building a subsidies Building a 89 Building a project Building a partnered Building a 191 Building a 000 Building a square Building a ft Building a center Building a house Building a School Building a Professional Building a Studies Building a Cambridge Building a Innovation Building a Center Building a sublet Building a space Building a startups Building a Johnson__Johnson Building a health Building a business Building a attractive Building a proximate Building a New York Building a Boston Building a Island Building a government Building a academic Building a leaders Building a Having Building a studied Building a similar Building a districts Building a Pittsburgh Building a Louis Building a see Building a networking Building a essential Building a success Building a enterprise Building a governor Building a providing Building a incentives Building a tax Building a breaks Building a catalyze Building a growth Building a building Building a connecting Building a walkways Building a downtown Building a waterfront Building a park ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Lifespan_ Building a Lifespan Building a AMC Building a awffwpwgco Building a Rhode_Island_Hospital_ Building a close Building a Design Building a hope Building a synergize Building a cooperation Building a engineering Building a Chattanooga Building a Tennessee Building a used Building a installation Building a ultra Building a speed Building a broadband Building a bootstrap Building a support Building a public Building a system Building a expand Building a centered Building a front Building a research Building a university Building a set Building a companies Building a integrated Building a retail Building a restaurants Building a explains Building a Brookings Building a Institution Building a Bruce Building a Katz Building a challenge Building a getting Building a private Building a civic Building a entrepreneurial Building a interests Building a act Building a unison Building a feels Building a far Building a reaching Building a full Building a potential Building a There Building a intense Building a focus Building a universities Building a better Building a commercialization Building a early Building a days Building a think Building a remarkable

Innovate Workplaces Innovate, Thinking Like Programmers - Economic situation /Innovate Workplaces Innovate, Thinking Like Programmers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_Workplaces_Innovate Nov 2016 NYT Workplaces Innovate Innovate Quentin Innovate Hardy Innovate reports Innovate whether Innovate you Innovate like Innovate your Innovate boss Innovate want Innovate acting Innovate more Innovate programmer Innovate many Innovate companies Innovate looking Innovate adopt Innovate agile Innovate views Innovate Rather Innovate try Innovate giant Innovate projects Innovate take Innovate months Innovate years Innovate create Innovate small Innovate teams Innovate bit Innovate time Innovate Small Innovate problems Innovate don Innovate balloon Innovate enormous Innovate ones Innovate hidden Innovate inside Innovate huge Innovate bureaucracy Innovate Progress Innovate measured Innovate steps Innovate AllState Innovate Douglass Innovate Stafford Innovate commented Innovate layers Innovate specialization Innovate breaking Innovate down Innovate Instead Innovate put Innovate idea Innovate front Innovate customer Innovate week Innovate third Innovate employees Innovate jump Innovate resist Innovate come Innovate onboard Innovate hide Innovate conversations Innovate amount Innovate die Innovate hill Innovate think Innovate going Innovate away Innovate Companies Innovate always Innovate integrated Innovate technologies Innovate organized Innovate around Innovate Assembly Innovate line Innovate factories Innovate leveraged Innovate corporate Innovate organization Innovate charts Innovate power Innovate resting Innovate corner Innovate office Innovate executives Innovate Now Innovate collaboration Innovate demanding Innovate strategies Innovate Work Innovate life Innovate balance Innovate work Innovate mix Innovate Information Innovate flow Innovate continuous Innovate Cloud Innovate computing Innovate having Innovate outsize Innovate influence Innovate Agile Innovate augments Innovate cloud Innovate powerful Innovate combination Innovate creating Innovate tweaking Innovate products Innovate faster Innovate competition Innovate Tools Innovate Atlassian Innovate Jira Innovate Hipchat Innovate allow Innovate rapid Innovate management Innovate Sensors Innovate provide Innovate feedback ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Stanford_University_ Innovate Stanford ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Stanford_Professor_Pamela_Hinds Innovate Pamela Innovate Hinds Innovate comments Innovate changed Innovate everyone Innovate expertise Innovate consultation Innovate There Innovate speed Innovate people Innovate pulled Innovate constantly Innovate walk Innovate walls Innovate producing Innovate no Innovate chance Innovate regroup Innovate humans Innovate crave Innovate known Innovate something Innovate If Innovate moving Innovate identity

Care Health Care Trade-off: FeWer CHoices, Lower Bills - Economic situation /Care Health Care Trade-off: FeWer CHoices, Lower Bills
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2015_NYT_Health_Care_Trade-off: Apr 2015 NYT Health Care Trade-off: ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#McKinsey__Company_ Care McKinsey Care Center Care U Care S Care Health Care System Care Reform Care reports Care consumers Care seem Care increasingly Care comfortable Care trading Care off Care greater Care cholce Care hospitals Care doctors Care narrow Care network Care health Care plan Care costs Care significantly Care money Care 70 Care lowest Care priced Care plans Care 2015 Care based Care networks Care lower Care rate Care increases Care median Care 4 Care comparison Care 8 Care broader Care Consumers Care went Care 2014 Care mainly Care stayed Care But Care lot Care research Care switched Care offering Care prefered Care demodwbp Care awffwpwgco Care Texas_Childrens_Hospital Care Houston_Methodist_Hospital_ Care accepted Care larger Care deductable Care Land_of_Lincoln_Health_Cooperative Care run Care oriented Care op Care teams Care eight Care specific Care providers Care lowered Care prices Care year Care Enrolement Care 3 Care 800 Care 50 Care 000 Care By Care paying Care more Care customers Care bredth Care Large Care companies Care started Care use Care convinced Care high Care quality Care care Care available Care Insurers Care criticised Care opacity Care Much Care concern Care dissipated Care states Care formalized Care rules

Price NYT The High Price of Failing America's Costliest Patients - Economic situation /Price NYT The High Price of Failing America's Costliest Patients
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2017_NYT_The_High_Price_of_Failing Sep 2017 NYT The High Price of Failing Price Dr Price Dhruv Price Khullar Price patients Price whom Price I Price best Price rapport Price would Price probably Price rather Price see Price me Price often Price People Price want Price health Price care Price asserts Price 50 Price cost Price consumed Price population Price 20 Price costs Price just Price 1 Price asks Price hot Price spot Price people Price more Price handled Price identifies Price 12 Price million Price Americans Price three Price chronic conditions Price functional Price limitation Price difficulty Price dressing Price bathing Price feeding Price themselves Price walking Price taking Price medications Price using Price transportation Price found Price medical Price four Price times Price higher Price average Price spend Price twice Price pocket Price visit Price doctors Price use Price home Price services Price likely Price hospitalized Price Three Price quarters Price white Price Two Price thirds Price women Price Half Price 65 Price Over Price 25 Price finish Price school Price Suffer Price housing Price insecurity Price social Price isolation Price Many Price mental Price issues Price substance Price abuse ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Price ED Price increase Price hospitalizations Price make Price cope Price system Price large Price number Price procedures Price needed Price makes Price illnesses ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS Price very Price attractive Price FFS Price providers Price fails ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFV Price Insurers Price FFV ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CareMore_Health_Plan_ Price CareMore Price Health Price Geisinger Price having Price success ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CareMore_Health_Plan_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare_Advantage Price Medicare Price Advantage Price plan Price California Price specializes Price caring Price chronically Price overall Price payment Price expected Price beneficiary Price benchmarks Price quality Price coverage Price levels Price own Price highly Price Each Price enrollee Price initial Price where Price team Price nurse Price practitioners Price dietitians Price workers Price behavioral Price specialists Price evaluate Price tailored Price program Price nutritional Price counseling Price support Price referrals Price therapy Price disease Price used Price keep Price Special Price sensors Price weight Price scale Price wirelessly Price transmits Price readings Price allowing Price closely ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CHF Price monitor Price CHF Price sufferers Price identify Price respond Price problem Price trends Price customized Price outpatient Price treatment Price intensity Price matches Price specific Price By Price spending Price traditional Price preventative Price management Price programs Price sickest Price end Price up Price half Price fewer Price spent Price 23 Price days ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FFS Price compared Price based Price strategies Price similar Price Sachin Price Jain Price comments Price hospitals Price great Price customizing Price different Price intensities Price observation Price unit Price general Price ward Price intensive Price But Price side Price haven Price your Price clinic Price scheduled Price 15 Price 30 Price minutes Price regardless Price whether Price list Price empty Price 10 Price pages Price long Price Our Price model Price tries Price fix ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Geisinger_Health_System ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#GHP Price Plan Price pays Price extra ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Price nurses Price present Price PCP Price offices Price help Price diseases Price filling Price prescriptions Price checking Price blood Price pressure Price ensuring Price regular Price checkups Price employs Price case Price managers Price coordinate Price transitions Price PAC Price promotes Price benefits Price PACE Price received ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Price investments Price private Price equity Price WCAS Price suggests Price improvements Price optimize Price value Price Align Price models Price across

Is Atlantic The Hospital Is No Place for the Elderly - Economic situation /Is Atlantic The Hospital Is No Place for the Elderly
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2013_Atlantic_The_Hospital_Is_No Dec 2013 Atlantic The Hospital Is No Jonathan Rauch writes 1976 Brad Stuart third ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Stanford_school_of_medicine year medical school Stanford doing first clinical rotation told look elderly man advanced lymphoma patient feeble near death bone marrow eviscerated cancer supervising oncologist ordered course chemotherapy using very toxic investigational drug knows enough feel certain treatment kill believe understands Like buck private challenging colonel appeals decision panel doctors declines intervene Well thinks I myself mixes administers says hurts few days later bed empty happened bled brain died last night robsstrategystudio org awfcasbmm Pearl_asserts_that_inside_each_doctor Now promotes primary care homes developed program Sutter AIM left ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#ACIStrategies_ ACIStrategies Advanced Care Innovation consultancy support health systems making transition ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hot_Spot Frail hot spot numbers grown significantly better ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VA VA based demodwbp awffwpwgco Hospice_of_the_Valley_ David Butler awffwpwgsu Georgetown_University_ MedStar ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#MedStar_Washington_Hospital_Center_ Washington hospital center Taler see cross functional teams ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hot_Spot treating aging patients value removing frail ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ICU ICU dangers problems holding back use American hospitals improving Multi disciplinary focused goals radical medical_training_reinforce_doctors ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Medicare funding historically awffwpwgl gl_Care_coordination social workers constrained strategy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Primary_care Home enabled ACA readmission penalties ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bundled_Payments bundled payment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACO ACO CMMI encouraging insurance companies providers seek hospice linked cost savings Insurance plans asking contract pick up caseloads high chronically ill At beginning 2013 earned reimbursements cover seven covers 3

of NYT Cost-of-Living Health Care - Economic situation /of NYT Cost-of-Living Health Care
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2016_NYT_Cost-of-Living_Health_Care Feb 2016 NYT Cost-of-Living Health Care Reed Abelson reports medical plan vows curb annual price increases holding line own costs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Intermountain_Healthcare_of_Utah Intermountain Healthcare promising sharply cut rather pass rising payers patients health demodwbp awffwpwgco SelectHealth_Share_ guaranteeing yearly rate third half employers across country typically face approach very innovative Dave Jackson FirstWest_Benefit_Solutions_ systems likely reduce services shrink money losing operations help risk specific But others heading similar direction CDPHP ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACO However ACO structures progressed slowly Brian Marcotte National_Business_Group_on_Health_

Chaos NYT Amid Chaos of Storms, U.S. Shows It Has Improved Its Response - Economic situation /Chaos NYT Amid Chaos of Storms, U.S. Shows It Has Improved Its Response
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2017_NYT_Amid_Chaos_of_Storms_U.S. Sep 2017 NYT Amid Chaos of Storms U.S. Chaos Richard Chaos Fausset Chaos reports Chaos two Chaos massive Chaos storms Chaos brought Chaos death Chaos suffering Chaos damage Chaos measured Chaos billions Chaos dollars Chaos left Chaos millions Chaos residents Chaos cowering Chaos homes Chaos ride Chaos pounding Chaos rains Chaos evacuees Chaos hundreds Chaos thousands Chaos scattered Chaos across Chaos Texas Chaos Southeast Chaos Hurricanes Chaos Harvey Chaos Irma Chaos forced Chaos US Chaos improved Chaos hurricane Chaos response Chaos Political Chaos stimulated Chaos September Chaos 11 Chaos 2001 Chaos attacks Chaos Katrina Chaos 800 Chaos dead Chaos New Chaos Orleans Chaos FEMA Chaos training Chaos people Chaos respond Chaos disasters Chaos last Chaos 16 Chaos years Chaos There Chaos improvements Chaos weather Chaos forecasting Chaos evacuation Chaos policies Chaos resistant Chaos building Chaos practices Chaos Houston Chaos hit Chaos hard Chaos tropical Chaos Allison Chaos July Chaos serious Chaos flooding Chaos demodwbp Chaos awffwpwgco Chaos Texas_Medical_Center Chaos Medical Chaos undertook Chaos 50 Chaos upgrade Chaos included Chaos installing Chaos doors Chaos raising Chaos generators Chaos above Chaos where Chaos inundated Chaos water ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk Chaos reduce Chaos risk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NICU Chaos babies Chaos NICU Chaos patients Chaos ventilators Chaos power

Rise NYT Average Rise On Insurance Seen at 4% In California - Economic situation /Rise NYT Average Rise On Insurance Seen at 4% In California
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2015_NYT_Average_Rise_On_Insurance Jul 2015 NYT Average Rise On Insurance Rise California Rise health Rise insurance Rise rates Rise rise Rise average Rise 4 Rise Rates Rise generally Rise higher Rise Northern Rise 7 Rise premiums Rise 384 Rise month Rise where Rise competition Rise between Rise hospitals Rise physician Rise groups Rise Southern Rise 1 Rise 8 Rise sending Rise 296 Rise encouraging Rise consumers Rise shop Rise around Rise limit Rise increases Rise few Rise states Rise actively Rise negotiate Rise prices Rise demodwbp Rise awffwpwbpol13 Rise May_2014_California_health_marketplace Rise purchaser Rise meaning Rise selects Rise plans Rise participate Rise marketplace Rise negotiates Rise standardized Rise coverage Rise greater Rise degree Rise federal Rise exchanges Rise requires Rise insurers Rise offer Rise same Rise allowing Rise individual Rise compare Rise choices Rise directly Rise Caps Rise specalty Rise drug Rise costs Rise Prices Rise Which Rise doctors Rise participage Rise Federal Rise marketplaces Rise accepted Rise met Rise standards Rise complied ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Rise ACA Rise sell Rise whichever Rise products Rise choose Rise awffwpwgco Rise Blue_Cross_Blue_Shield Rise Blue Cross Rise requested Rise 10 Rise 40

Insurance Insurance Deductibles Rising Faster Than Wages, a Study Finds - Economic situation /Insurance Insurance Deductibles Rising Faster Than Wages, a Study Finds
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2015_NYT_Health_Insurance Sep 2015 NYT Health Insurance Insurance Reed Insurance Abelson Insurance reports Insurance demodwbp Insurance awffwpwgsu Insurance Kaiser_family_foundation_ Insurance study Insurance found Insurance steady Insurance upward Insurance creep Insurance health Insurance insurance Insurance deductibles Insurance outpacing Insurance average Insurance increase Insurance wages Insurance last Insurance five Insurance years Insurance calculates Insurance risen Insurance 900 Insurance 2010 Insurance 1300 Insurance individual Insurance 1800 Insurance small Insurance company Insurance employee Insurance 2015 Insurance more Insurance six Insurance times Insurance fast Insurance worker Insurance earnings Insurance And Insurance four Insurance workers Insurance getting Insurance employer Insurance paying Insurance dedictible Insurance Companies Insurance used Insurance high deductables Insurance reduce Insurance premiums Insurance lowering Insurance own Insurance costs Insurance reducing Insurance take Insurance Total Insurance increasing Insurance slightly Insurance percent Insurance vs Insurance double Insurance digit Insurance 10 Insurance ago Insurance So Insurance employees Insurance feeling Insurance very Insurance vulnerable Insurance large Insurance care Insurance bills Insurance Many Insurance delaying Insurance prescribed Insurance diagnostics Insurance procedures Insurance Truven Insurance Health Insurance Analytics Insurance reviewed Insurance employers Insurance claims Insurance reduction Insurance chronic Insurance Employers Insurance providing Insurance pricing Insurance tools Insurance alert Insurance likely Insurance impact Insurance treatments

Health On Health Care, Who Needs Congress? - Economic situation /Health On Health Care, Who Needs Congress?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYT_On_Health_Care_Who_Needs Aug 2017 NYT On Health Care Who Needs Health Robert Health Andrews Health CEO Health demodwbp Health awffwpwgsu Health Health_Transformation_Alliance_ Health regardless Health whether Health Congress Health enacts Health health Health care Health reform Health private Health sector Health isn Health waiting Health employees Health too Health expensive Health employer Health based Health system Health reformed Health Private Health insurance Health 146 Health million Health people Health 57 Health Americans Health premiums Health co Health payments Health rising Health purchase Health getting Health affordable Health offers Health cutting Health edge Health cures Health treatments Health cumbersome Health inefficient Health especially Health routine Health services Health Individual Health companies Health tried Health reduce Health costs Health improve Health coverage Health hit Health wall Health stimulated Health corporate Health chief Health human Health resources Health officers Health Express Health Verizon Health Macy Health lead Health group Health figuring Health better Health way Health provide Health workers Health rates Health 21 Health four Health together Health initially Health Currently Health 41 Health spending Health 25 Health billion Health year Health representing Health segments Health US Health economy Health alliance Health aims Health confront Health issues Health Cost Health prescription Health drugs Health number Health middlemen Health driving Health up Health price Health leverage Health data Health member ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#IBM_ Health support Health analysis Health IBM Health generate Health roadmap Health future Health See Health where Health money Health going Health Evaluate Health impact Health having Health patient Health Judge Health networks Health hospitals Health doctors Health best Health results Health Alter Health members Health relationships Health organizations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Health PBM Health CVS Health OptumRx Health agreed Health more Health access Health pricing Health structures Health helping Health negotiations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Formularies Health Formularies Health optimal Health alliances Health rather Health just Health profitable Health PBMs Health increasing Health use Health low Health generics Health Projected Health save Health 600 Health 3 Health years

Providers of high volume procedures - Economic situation /Providers of high volume procedures
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Providers_of_high_volume_procedures_ Providers of high volume procedures Providers of high Providers of volume Providers of procedures Providers of ailments Providers of 5 Providers of billion Providers of year Providers of spent Providers of Knee Providers of replacements Providers of demodwbp Providers of awffwpwbpol13 Providers of Dec_2016_NYT_Fixing_Bad_Knees Providers of Hip Providers of Back Providers of pain Providers of diabetes Providers of 20 Providers of alliance Providers of companies Providers of health Providers of care Providers of treatment Providers of spend Providers of responding Providers of New Providers of networks Providers of three Providers of major Providers of cities Providers of promoting Providers of competition Providers of focused Providers of better Providers of results Providers of prices

Dropouts NYT Insurance Dropouts Present A Challenge for Health Law - Economic situation /Dropouts NYT Insurance Dropouts Present A Challenge for Health Law
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Insurance_Dropouts_Present Oct 2015 NYT Insurance Dropouts Present Dropouts Abby Dropouts Goodnough Dropouts reports Dropouts people Dropouts low Dropouts incomes Dropouts lots ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Dropouts repayments Dropouts abandon Dropouts ACA Dropouts subsidized Dropouts health Dropouts insurance Dropouts contracts Dropouts House Dropouts payments Dropouts car Dropouts child Dropouts care Dropouts seem Dropouts higher Dropouts priority Dropouts more Dropouts sign Dropouts up Dropouts year Dropouts last Dropouts means Dropouts successfully Dropouts targeting Dropouts 10 Dropouts 5 Dropouts million Dropouts Americans Dropouts uninsured Dropouts And Dropouts keeping Dropouts already Dropouts signed Dropouts While Dropouts 11 Dropouts 7 Dropouts enrolled Dropouts before Dropouts March Dropouts 2015 Dropouts 15 Dropouts dropped Dropouts There Dropouts no Dropouts scientific Dropouts study Dropouts explaining Dropouts why Dropouts theses Dropouts dropouts Dropouts occurred Dropouts suggests Dropouts unaffordable Dropouts poor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Dropouts states Dropouts without Dropouts Medicaid Dropouts expansion Dropouts Mississippi Dropouts highest Dropouts rate Dropouts confusion Dropouts caused Dropouts difficult Dropouts wording Dropouts mails Dropouts exchange Dropouts websites Dropouts commissioner Dropouts suggested Dropouts attrition Dropouts disenchantment Dropouts cost Dropouts demodwbp Dropouts awffwpwgco Dropouts Magnolia_Health_Plan_ Dropouts Health Dropouts trying Dropouts ensure Dropouts respond Dropouts calls Dropouts help Dropouts provider Dropouts networks Dropouts sufficient

Out NYT Insurance Out of Reach For Many, Despite Law - Economic situation /Out NYT Insurance Out of Reach For Many, Despite Law
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Insurance_Out_of_Reach_For Oct 2015 NYT Insurance Out of Reach For ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Out Stacy Out Cowley Out reports Out ACA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA_title_I Out employer Out mandate Out encouraging Out very Out many Out employees Out buy Out health Out insurance Out companies Out offer Out appears Out low Out wage Out workers Out choose Out between Out paying Out premiums Out buying Out food Out gas Out rent Out estimated Out salary Out 45 Out 000 Out needed Out able Out include Out costs Out Eventually Out without Out cover Out face Out penalties Out getting Out covered

grows NYT Concern grows on health tax - Economic situation /grows NYT Concern grows on health tax
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2015_NYT_Concern_grows_on_health_tax Jul 2015 NYT Concern grows on health tax ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA grows ACA grows demodwbp grows awffwpwgl grows gl_ACA_title_IX grows tax grows high grows cost grows encouraging grows employers grows downgrade grows benefits grows provided grows workers grows before grows 2018 grows cadillac grows applies grows policies grows costing grows 10 grows 200 grows individuals grows 27 grows 500 grows families grows Workers grows already grows suffering grows complex grows conditions grows likely grows pay grows more grows health grows care grows Employers grows trimming grows time grows adds grows another grows reason grows Over grows large grows companies grows expect grows plans grows subject grows 40 grows excise grows goes grows effect

Alliance to Fight the 40 - Economic situation /Alliance to Fight the 40
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Alliance_to_Fight_the_40 Alliance to Fight the 40 Alliance to Insurers Alliance to large Alliance to employers Alliance to setup Alliance to campaign Alliance to fight Alliance to cadillac Alliance to tax Alliance to Fight Alliance to 40 Alliance to coallition Alliance to interested Alliance to parties Alliance to drug Alliance to maker Alliance to Pfizer Alliance to corproate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CIGNA_ Alliance to insurance Alliance to plan Alliance to operator Alliance to Cigna

Act NYT Health Act Is Credited WIth Fueling Competition - Economic situation /Act NYT Health Act Is Credited WIth Fueling Competition
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2015_NYT_Health_Act_Is_Credited_WIth Jul 2015 NYT Health Act Is Credited WIth Act Obama Act administration Act released Act report Act indicating Act insurers Act competing Act county Act served Act Federal Act demodwbp Act awffwpwgsu Act Insurance_marketplaces Act insurance Act moderated Act premium Act increases Act study Act based Act data Act 35 Act states Act using Act federal Act marketplace Act 2014 Act 2015 Act premiums Act mid Act level Act plan Act declined Act counties Act rose Act 12 Act percent Act fewer Act 86 Act eligible Act health Act plans Act choice Act least Act three Act up Act 70 Act Fifty Act nine Act number Act Eight Act decrease Act stayed Act same Act Researchers Act found Act more Act competition Act populous Act Richard Act Frank Act Assistant Act Secretary Act HHS Act argued Act played Act important Act role Act moderating Act risk Act Competition Act helped Act keep Act down Act growth Act undercut Act prevailing Act Sylvia Act Mathews Act Burwell Act said Act showed Act Affordable Act Care Act working Act consumers Act check Act Officials Act would Act speculate Act effect Act awffwpwgco Act Pressure_to_Merge_health_insurers Act major Act noted Act Justice Act Department Act process Act review Act proposed Act mergers

of NYT Flurry of Deals as Health Companies Bulk Up - Economic situation /of NYT Flurry of Deals as Health Companies Bulk Up
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_Flurry_of_Deals_as_Health Apr 2016 NYT Flurry of Deals as Health Leslie Picker reports spate deals Thursday showed health care companies convinced regardless demodwbp awffwpwbpol13 Apr_2016_NYT_U S _Moves_To_Thwart tax bigger only better necessary Mergers market share leader providing Porter power Regulation payment models CMS mandated bundled knee ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Reimbursement hip reimbursement ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CMMI CMMI evaluations certain cities encourages merging explained ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Christensen_Institute_on_integrated Christensen institute likely expand cancer cardiovascular treatment payments prior consolidation catalyzed 40 billion ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Abbott_Labs_ Abbott agreed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#St._Jude_Medical purchase St Jude Medical 25 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofi_ Sanofi offered ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Medivation_Inc acquire Medivation 9 3 focus prostate cancer

Turn Deals Turn Into 2 Headaches for Abbott Labs - Economic situation /Turn Deals Turn Into 2 Headaches for Abbott Labs
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_NYT_2_Deals_Turn_Into_2 Aug 2016 NYT 2 Deals Turn Into 2 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Abbott_Labs_ Turn Leslie Abbott Leslie Turn Picker Abbott Picker Turn reports Abbott reports Turn Abbott Abbott Abbott Turn Laboratories Abbott Laboratories Turn announced Abbott announced Turn two Abbott two Turn large Abbott large Turn acquisitions Abbott acquisitions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Alere_Inc Turn last Abbott last Turn year Abbott year Turn Alere Abbott Alere ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#St._Jude_Medical Turn 2016 Abbott 2016 Turn St Abbott St Turn Jude Abbott Jude Turn Medical Abbott Medical Turn demodwbp Abbott demodwbp Turn awffwpwbeco13 Abbott awffwpwbeco13 Turn Apr_2016_NYT_Flurry_of_Deals_as_Health Abbott Apr_2016_NYT_Flurry_of_Deals_as_Health Turn recent Abbott recent Turn days Abbott days Turn deals Abbott deals Turn major Abbott major Turn land Abbott land Turn mines Abbott mines Turn subject Abbott subject Turn series Abbott series Turn regulatory Abbott regulatory Turn inquiries Abbott inquiries Turn foreign Abbott foreign Turn sales Abbott sales Turn practices Abbott practices Turn causing Abbott causing Turn delay Abbott delay Turn release Abbott release Turn financial Abbott financial Turn known Abbott known Turn acquired Abbott acquired Turn wants Abbott wants Turn cancel Abbott cancel Turn rejected Abbott rejected Turn helped Abbott helped Turn expand Abbott expand Turn position Abbott position Turn cardiovascular Abbott cardiovascular Turn device Abbott device Turn market Abbott market Turn But Abbott But Turn investors Abbott investors Turn worried Abbott worried Turn pacemakers Abbott pacemakers Turn vulnerable Abbott vulnerable Turn cyberattacks Abbott cyberattacks Turn recalled Abbott recalled Turn possible Abbott possible Turn bet Abbott bet Turn decline Abbott decline Turn If Abbott If Turn devices Abbott devices Turn would Abbott would Turn consume Abbott consume Turn half Abbott half Turn revenue Abbott revenue Turn years Abbott years Turn debt Abbott debt Turn financing Abbott financing

Feb 2017 NYT Feb 2017 NYT Judge, Citing Harm to Customers, Blocks $48 Billion Anthem-Cigna Merger - Economic situation /Feb 2017 NYT Feb 2017 NYT Judge, Citing Harm to Customers, Blocks $48 Billion Anthem-Cigna Merger
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2017_NYT_Judge_Citing_Harm_to Feb 2017 NYT Judge Citing Harm to Judge Michael Citing Michael Judge J Citing J Judge de Citing de Judge la Citing la Judge Merced Citing Merced Judge Leslie Citing Leslie Judge Parker Citing Parker Judge report Citing report Judge federal Citing federal Judge judge Citing judge Judge blocked Citing blocked Judge proposed Citing proposed Judge 48 Citing 48 Judge billion Citing billion Judge merger Citing merger Judge Anthem Citing Anthem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CIGNA_ Judge Cigna Citing Cigna Judge derailing Citing derailing Judge another Citing another Judge effort Citing effort Judge top Citing top Judge health Citing health Judge insurers Citing insurers Judge reshape Citing reshape Judge industry Citing industry Judge combining Citing combining Judge Amy Citing Amy Judge Berman Citing Berman Judge Jackson Citing Jackson Judge Federal Citing Federal Judge District Citing District Judge Court Citing Court Judge Columbia Citing Columbia Judge ruled Citing ruled Judge two Citing two Judge weeks Citing weeks Judge after Citing after Judge John Citing John Judge Bates Citing Bates Judge United Citing United Judge States Citing States Judge agreed Citing agreed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DOJ Judge DOJ Citing DOJ Judge argument Citing argument ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ Judge Aetna Citing Aetna Judge Humana Citing Humana Judge would Citing would Judge lessen Citing lessen Judge competition Citing competition Judge demodwbp Citing demodwbp Judge awffwpwgl Citing awffwpwgl Judge gl_Medicare_Advantage Citing gl_Medicare_Advantage Judge Medicare Citing Medicare Judge plans Citing plans Judge individual Citing individual Judge insurance Citing insurance Judge sold Citing sold Judge awffwpwgco Citing awffwpwgco Judge Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Citing Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Judge state Citing state Judge wrote Citing wrote Judge putting Citing putting Judge together Citing together Judge harm Citing harm Judge consumers Citing consumers Judge She Citing She Judge concluded Citing concluded Judge evidence Citing evidence Judge shown Citing shown Judge likely Citing likely Judge higher Citing higher Judge prices Citing prices Judge anticompetitive Citing anticompetitive Judge effects Citing effects Judge eliminate Citing eliminate Judge firms Citing firms Judge vigorous Citing vigorous Judge against Citing against Judge national Citing national Judge accounts Citing accounts Judge reduce Citing reduce Judge number Citing number Judge carriers Citing carriers Judge available Citing available Judge respond Citing respond Judge solicitations Citing solicitations Judge future Citing future Judge diminish Citing diminish Judge prospects Citing prospects Judge innovation Citing innovation Judge market Citing market Judge compete Citing compete Judge comercial Citing comercial Judge 14 Citing 14 Judge markets Citing markets Judge large Citing large Judge group Citing group Judge customers Citing customers Judge Richmond Citing Richmond Judge Virginia Citing Virginia Judge pay Citing pay Judge 85 Citing 85 Judge breakup Citing breakup Judge fee Citing fee

Co NYT Insurance Co-ops Are Losing Money, Federal Audit Finds - Economic situation /Co NYT Insurance Co-ops Are Losing Money, Federal Audit Finds
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2015_NYT_Insurance_Co-ops_Are_Losing Aug 2015 NYT Insurance Co-ops Are Losing Co Robert Co Pear Co writes Co Most Co federal Co insurance Co cooperatives Co created ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Co under Co ACA Co losing Co money Co difficulty Co repaying Co millions Co dollars Co loans Co Congress Co authorized Co ops Co attempt Co increase Co competition Co state Co markets Co add Co choice Co hold Co down Co premium Co prices Co issue Co prompted Co increased Co oversight Co carriers Co CMS Co Six Co informal Co watch Co list ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HHS Co HHS Co demodwbp Co awffwpwbpol13 Co HHS_Office_of_the_Inspector_General Co inspector Co Daniel Co Levinson Co said Co enrolled Co fewer Co people Co predicted Co 22 Co 23 Co lost Co last Co year Co And Co number Co enrolling Co data Co 2015 Co shows Co noted Co low Co enrollments Co net Co losses Co might Co limit Co ability Co up Co solvency Co remain Co viable Co sustainable Co exceptionally Co well Co awffwpwgco Co Community_Health_Options_ Co Health_Republic_Insurance_ Co says Co use Co funds Co marketing Co argue Co problem Co competing Co known Co consumer Co brands Co like Co Blue_Cross_Blue_Shield Co Blue Cross Co Aetna ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Humana_ Co Humana Co received Co 4 Co billion Co help Co costs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CoOportunity_Health Co Already Co CoOportunity Co found Co insolvent Co Iowa Co court Co Louisiana_Health_Cooperative Co halt Co operations Co end Co chairman Co National_Alliance_of_State_Health_Coops_

With The Problem With Selling Health Insurance Nationwide - Economic situation /With The Problem With Selling Health Insurance Nationwide
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2015_NYT_The_Problem_With_Selling Sep 2015 NYT The Problem With Selling Margot Sanger Katz reports Republican candidates president continue advocate national health insurance market Current leader Donald Trump suggested way lower care costs allow insurers sell policies across state lines offered anecdote I big company thousands employees And negotiating New York Jersey California like bidder Nobody But facts different Eliminating red tape associated regulation small businesses individuals would only help problem constraining Insurers regulatory ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA ACA actually helps few provisions encourage more regional sales proved popular ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare_Advantage Medicare Advantage plans already rules 97 percent counties highly concentrated hard enter financial network constraints Sabrina Corlette director demodwbp awffwpwgsu Georgetown_University_Health_Policy Demographics understood profitable varies significantly Allowing offers seek bases states limited requirements occurs Delaware credit cards South Dakota Large enterprises operate U self insured apply Of course gain access provider CIGNA operates many employers

People Them - Economic situation /People Them
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYT_Getting_People_to_Enroll_in Aug 2017 NYT Getting People to Enroll in People Abby People Goodnough People reports People Sharon People Barker People isn People used People recruiting People health People insurance People customers People deepest People summer People long People before ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA People enrollment People season People ACA People But People year People everything People different People asserts People survived People initial People Republican People attempts People demodwbp People awffwpwbpol13 People Jan_2017_NYT_No_Sudden_Changes_If_Health People May_2017_NYT_The_Trumpcare_Disaster_ People vulnerable People President People Trump People continues People awffwpwbeco13 People May_2017_NYT_Trump_Shouting_Death People threaten People end People billions People dollars People reimbursements People insurers People administration People provide People monthly People payments People far People Administration People officials People worked People reduce People subscriber People base People awffwpwgco People Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges People individual People advertised People signup People period People ended People 23 People million People contracts People two People companies People help People ensure People people People up People kept People 100 People Navigator People groups People informed People activities People clear People grants People provided People shortened People half People 45 People days People states People line People Insurers People requests

Insurers in Payments - Economic situation /Insurers in Payments
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2018_NYT_Health_Insurers_Warn_of Jul 2018 NYT Health Insurers Warn of Insurers Robert Insurers Pear Insurers reports Insurers Trump Insurers administration Insurers said Insurers suspending Insurers program Insurers pays Insurers billions Insurers dollars Insurers insurers Insurers stabilize Insurers health Insurers insurance Insurers markets Insurers under Insurers ACA Insurers freeze Insurers increase Insurers uncertainty Insurers drive up Insurers premiums Insurers fall Insurers encouraged Insurers enroll Insurers subscribers Insurers little ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk_adjustment Insurers history Insurers risk Insurers adjustment Insurers payments Insurers aimed Insurers limit Insurers cherry Insurers picking Insurers base Insurers officials Insurers explained Insurers decided Insurers ruling Insurers February Insurers Federal Insurers District Insurers Court Insurers New Insurers Mexico Insurers judge Insurers rejected Insurers flawed Insurers formula Insurers used Insurers calculating Insurers concluded Insurers federal Insurers assumed Insurers erroneously Insurers collections Insurers offset Insurers noted Insurers government Insurers never Insurers articulated Insurers reasons ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CMS Insurers CMS Insurers demodwbp Insurers awffwpwgocu Insurers 2017_CMS_administrator_Seema_Verma Insurers administrator Insurers disappointed Insurers court Insurers recent Insurers litigation Insurers hold Insurers Verma Insurers asked Insurers reconsider Insurers prevent Insurers more Insurers adverse Insurers impacts Insurers Americans Insurers receive Insurers individual Insurers small Insurers group Insurers caught Insurers between Insurers Massachusetts Insurers January Insurers 2018 Insurers upheld Insurers method Insurers calculate Insurers Dr Insurers Martin Insurers Hickey Insurers founder Insurers awffwpwgco Insurers New_Mexico_Cooperative Insurers filed Insurers lawsuit Insurers argued Insurers would Insurers beneficial Insurers consumers Insurers extremely Insurers biased Insurers favor Insurers large Insurers established Insurers discriminated Insurers against Insurers ops Insurers like Insurers ours Insurers People Insurers spin Insurers decision Insurers trying Insurers harm Insurers exactly Insurers opposite Insurers allow Insurers companies Insurers competition Insurers help Insurers keep Insurers prices Insurers down

Administration Health Insurers - Economic situation /Administration Health Insurers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2018_NYT_Trump_Administration_in Jul 2018 NYT Trump Administration in Administration Robert Administration Pear Administration reports Administration Trump Administration administration Administration abrupt Administration reversal Administration said Administration would Administration restart Administration program Administration pays Administration billions Administration dollars Administration insurers Administration stabilize Administration demodwbp Administration awffwpwgco Administration Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Administration health Administration under Administration ACA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CMS Administration CMS Administration awffwpwgocu Administration 2017_CMS_administrator_Seema_Verma Administration administrator Administration stopped Administration payments Administration awffwpwbeco13 Administration Jul_2018_NYT_Health_Insurers_Warn_of Administration concluded Administration plans Administration insolvent Administration leave Administration markets Administration inducing Administration chaos Administration subscribers Administration Verma Administration issued Administration rule Administration she Administration restore Administration operation Administration risk Administration adjustment Administration mitigate Administration uncertainty Administration caused Administration New Administration Mexico Administration litigation Administration Payments Administration resume Administration 22nd Administration HHS Administration noted Administration provided Administration more Administration detailed Administration explanation Administration formula Administration requested Administration Judge Administration Browning Administration But Administration changed Administration acceptable Administration New_Mexico_Cooperative Administration judge Administration Congressional Administration Republicans Administration fearing Administration blamed Administration rising Administration premiums Administration punished Administration mid Administration terms Administration pressured Administration reverse Administration course

Shouting Downward - Economic situation /Shouting Downward
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2017_NYT_Trump_Shouting_Death May 2017 NYT Trump Shouting Death ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ Shouting Robert Shouting Pear Shouting reports Shouting Aetna Shouting health Shouting insurance Shouting giant Shouting announced Shouting month Shouting pulling ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Shouting ACA Shouting demodwbp Shouting awffwpwgco Shouting Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Shouting Virginia Shouting 2018 Shouting President Shouting Trump Shouting responded Shouting Twitter Shouting Death Shouting spiral ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Humana_ Shouting used Shouting Humana Shouting subsequent Shouting exit Shouting individual Shouting markets Shouting note Shouting Obamacare Shouting continues Shouting fail Shouting major Shouting factor Shouting companies Shouting retreat Shouting administration Shouting refusal Shouting guarantee Shouting payment Shouting subsidies Shouting paying Shouting only Shouting Poor Shouting outlook Shouting Congress ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Shouting Doubts Shouting mandate Shouting enforced Shouting encourage Shouting young Shouting healthy Shouting individuals Shouting drop Shouting premium Shouting prices Shouting increasing Shouting State Shouting officials Shouting aiming Shouting sustain Shouting bounced Shouting around Shouting HHS Shouting referred Shouting OMB ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DOJ Shouting DOJ Shouting eventually Shouting went Shouting White Shouting House Shouting Office Shouting Intergovernmental Shouting Affairs Shouting concludes Shouting considering Shouting whether Shouting stabilize Shouting help Shouting collapse Shouting company Shouting subsidy Shouting payments Shouting deemed Shouting illegal Shouting courts Shouting awffwpwbpol13 Shouting May_2016_NYT_Judge_Backs_Challenge_on Shouting state Shouting commissioners Shouting insurers Shouting hospitals Shouting congressional Shouting Democrats Shouting urged Shouting cost Shouting sharing Shouting Federal Shouting indicated Shouting would Shouting countermanded Shouting Democratic Shouting attorneys Shouting general Shouting filed Shouting motion Shouting intervene Shouting appeals Shouting case Shouting demanding Shouting Senate Shouting Republicans Shouting Lamar Shouting Alexander Shouting ways Shouting provide Shouting support Shouting 2019 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Anthem_Inc._Wellpoint_until_2014 Shouting Anthem Shouting already Shouting expects Shouting serve Shouting smaller Shouting sicker Shouting group Shouting people Shouting exchanges Shouting next Shouting year Shouting set Shouting accordingly Shouting Connecticut Shouting 24 Shouting 38 Shouting increase Shouting But Shouting assuming Shouting paid

Fuel NYT Fresh Fuel for G.O.P's War on Health Law - Economic situation /Fuel NYT Fresh Fuel for G.O.P's War on Health Law
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Fresh_Fuel_for_G.O.Ps_War Nov 2015 NYT Fresh Fuel for G.O.Ps War Fuel Robert Fuel Pear Fuel reports Fuel financial Fuel failure Fuel more Fuel half Fuel nonprofit Fuel health Fuel insurance Fuel companies Fuel created Fuel under Fuel ACA Fuel handed Fuel Republicans Fuel weapon Fuel campaign Fuel against Fuel law Fuel throws Fuel Obama Fuel administration Fuel defensive Fuel left Fuel million Fuel consumers Fuel cold ../demodwbp/awffwpwgocu.htm#2015_C.O.O_Dr._Mandy_Cohen Fuel Dr ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CMS Fuel Mandy Fuel Cohen Fuel S Fuel told Fuel congressmen Fuel ops Fuel faced Fuel stiff Fuel challenges Fuel struggled Fuel networks Fuel doctors Fuel hospitals Fuel win Fuel support Fuel compete Fuel demodwbp Fuel awffwpwgco Fuel Pressure_to_Merge_health_insurers Fuel larger Fuel She Fuel noted Fuel history Fuel claims Fuel data Fuel define Fuel cost Fuel pricing Fuel models Fuel Congress Fuel contributed Fuel issue Fuel cutting Fuel budget Fuel federal Fuel 60 Fuel billion Fuel 2 Fuel 4 Fuel funds Fuel helped Fuel pay Fuel up Fuel costs Fuel meet Fuel state Fuel solvency Fuel requirements Fuel government Fuel would Fuel use Fuel every Fuel tool Fuel available Fuel recover Fuel taxpayer Fuel dollars Fuel going Fuel business Fuel needed Fuel provide Fuel competition Fuel consolidating Fuel big Fuel commercial Fuel insurers Fuel Representative Fuel Kevin Fuel Brady Fuel Texas Fuel Chairman Fuel subcommittee Fuel said Fuel doubted Fuel money Fuel back Fuel concluded Fuel program Fuel fundamentally Fuel flawed Fuel artificially Fuel trying Fuel inject Fuel market Fuel shoddily Fuel designed Fuel ups Fuel Jim Fuel McDermot Fuel Washington Fuel senior Fuel Democrat Fuel sabotaged Fuel steeply Fuel Risk Fuel corridor Fuel defunding Fuel awffwpwbpol13 Fuel Dec_2015_NYT_Rubio_Measure_Delivers_a Fuel State Fuel regulators Fuel taken Fuel lead Fuel shutting Fuel down Fuel losing Fuel immediate Fuel prospects Fuel success

Insurer Huge Insurer Weighs Exit From Health Exchanges - Economic situation /Insurer Huge Insurer Weighs Exit From Health Exchanges
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Huge_Insurer_Weighs_Exit Nov 2015 NYT Huge Insurer Weighs Exit Insurer Reed Insurer Abelson Insurer reports Insurer UnitedHealth Insurer Group Insurer nation Insurer largest Insurer health Insurer insurance Insurer companies Insurer demodwbp Insurer awffwpwgco Insurer Nov_2015_UnitedHealth_Group_lowered Insurer stunned Insurer Some Insurer argue Insurer UHC Insurer signaling Insurer Federal Insurer government Insurer raise Insurer reimbursement Insurer pays Insurer insurers Insurer Currently Insurer about Insurer 13 Insurer cents Insurer dollar Insurer annoucement Insurer puts Insurer pressure Insurer regulators Insurer reviewing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ Insurer mergers Insurer Aetna Insurer Humana Insurer Anthem Insurer Cigna Insurer making Insurer Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges

To NYT UnitedHealth To Buy Chain Of Facilities For Surgeries - Economic situation /To NYT UnitedHealth To Buy Chain Of Facilities For Surgeries
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2017_NYT_UnitedHealth_To_Buy_Chain Jan 2017 NYT UnitedHealth To Buy Chain Reed Abelson reports UnitedHealth Group largest diversified health insurance companies US said planned buy demodwbp awffwpwgco Surgical_Care_Affiliates_ chain Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers outpatient about 2 3 billion deal expected close first half 2017 UHC 2016 revenues 180 migrating insurer services company UHC_Optum_Strategy_ strategic Optum group line ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ unit offers broad range care hospitals doctors insurers medical directly patients via ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#OptumCare_ OptumCare primary care practices urgent care centers 000 affiliated physicians ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Surgical_Care_Affiliates_ Care Affiliates broaden offering Larry Renfro explained Combining SCA enable us continue transition high quality value ambulatory surgical partnering full systems groups plans joining avoid left without network

Buys - Economic situation /Buys
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_UnitedHealth_Buys_Large Dec 2017 NYT UnitedHealth Buys Large Buys Reed Buys Abelson Buys reports Buys another Buys blurring Buys boundaries Buys health Buys care Buys industry Buys UnitedHealth Buys Group Buys nation Buys largest Buys insurers Buys said Buys buying Buys physician Buys group Buys add Buys existing Buys roster Buys 30 Buys 000 Buys doctors ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#OPTUM Buys Optum Buys unit Buys acquire Buys medical Buys demodwbp Buys awffwpwgsu Buys DaVita_Healthcare_partners Buys HealthCare Buys Everett Buys Clinic Buys profit ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Dialysis_centers Buys chain Buys dialysis Buys centers Buys about Buys 4 Buys 9 Buys billion Buys cash Buys subject Buys regulatory Buys approval Buys operates Buys nearly Buys 300 Buys clinics Buys across Buys half Buys dozen Buys states Buys California Buys Florida ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#OPTUM Buys Larry Buys Renfro ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#DaVita Buys commented Buys Combining Buys Medical Buys advances Buys shared Buys goal Buys supporting Buys physicians Buys delivering Buys exceptional Buys patient Buys innovative Buys efficient Buys ways ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Leerink_Partners_ Buys Leerink Buys Ana Buys Gupta Buys asset Buys strongly Buys synergistic Buys UHG Buys mission ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UHC_Strategy Buys strategy Buys likely Buys completion Buys Republican Buys tax Buys cut ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Buys destabilization Buys ACA Buys logical Buys next Buys step Buys reductions Buys funding Buys Medicare Buys Medicaid Buys would Buys destabilize Buys delivery Buys current Buys network Buys well Buys structured Buys managing Buys chronic Buys costly Buys diseases Buys asthma Buys diabetes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Buys Integration Buys Amazon Buys disruptive Buys business Buys high Buys price Buys concerns Buys subscribers Buys employers Buys encouraging Buys major ../demodwbp/awffwpwbvds13.htm Buys participants Buys consider Buys Value ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VDS Buys Delivery Buys System Buys VDS Buys redesigns ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Northwestern_University_ Buys NorthWestern Buys Northwestern_Universitys_Kellogg_school Buys Kellogg Buys NWU_SMan_Dr Buys _Craig_Garthwaite_ Buys Craig Buys There Buys no Buys chance Buys companies Buys hospital Buys right Buys configuration Buys assets Buys successful Buys For Buys long Buys time Buys thought Buys world Buys Kaiser Buys future Buys Now Buys ones Buys seeking Buys integrate Buys operations Buys Analysts Buys warn Buys appears Buys limited Buys scope Buys restructurings Buys build Buys competition Buys down Buys prices

Giants - Economic situation /Giants
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_Hospital_Giants_Vie_for Dec 2017 NYT Hospital Giants Vie for Giants Reed Giants Abelson Giants reports Giants about Giants patient Giants Or Giants least Giants keeping Giants patients Giants revenue Giants generated Giants medical Giants care Giants Patients Giants increasingly Giants using Giants cellphone Giants apps Giants walk Giants clinics Giants urgent care Giants centers Giants rapid Giants treatment Giants simple Giants chronic Giants problems Giants Hospitals Giants responding Giants moves Giants offer Giants more ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ Giants choice Giants UnitedHealth Giants Group Giants demodwbp Giants awffwpwbeco13 Giants Dec_2017_NYT_UnitedHealth_Buys_Large Giants CVS Giants Health Giants Dec_2017_NYT_CVS_to_Buy_Aetna_for_69 Giants possible Giants competition Giants Amazon Giants Oct_2017_NYT_Hearing_Amazons_Footsteps Giants merging ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Dignity_Health_ Giants Dignity Giants announced Giants merger Giants awffwpwgco Giants Catholic_Health_InitiativesCHI Giants 28 Giants state Giants hospital Giants network Giants 30 Giants billion Giants year Giants employ Giants 25 Giants 000 Giants doctors Giants clinicians Giants greater Giants 700 Giants sites Giants Two Giants largest Giants Midwestern Giants systems Giants Advocate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aurora_Health_Care_ Giants Aurora Giants combining Giants US Giants non Giants profit ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Ascension_Health_ Giants Ascension Giants currently Giants intends Giants expand Giants too Giants hospitals Giants hope Giants influence Giants where Giants gets Giants after Giants visit Giants groups Giants include Giants physician Giants imaging Giants home Giants services Giants plan Giants shift Giants closer Giants worried Giants insurance Giants companies Giants finance Giants nurse Giants undermine Giants access Giants base Giants see

Hospitals Catholic Hospitals Expand, So Do Limits on Some Procedures - Economic situation /Hospitals Catholic Hospitals Expand, So Do Limits on Some Procedures
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2018_NYT_As_Catholic_Hospitals Aug 2018 NYT As Catholic Hospitals Hospitals Katie Hospitals Hafner Hospitals reports Hospitals after Hospitals experiencing Hospitals life Hospitals threatening Hospitals pre Hospitals eclampsia Hospitals during Hospitals her Hospitals first Hospitals two Hospitals pregnancies Hospitals Jennafer Hospitals Norris Hospitals decided Hospitals she Hospitals risk Hospitals getting Hospitals pregnant Hospitals again Hospitals But Hospitals several Hospitals years Hospitals later Hospitals suffering Hospitals debilitating Hospitals headaches Hospitals soaring Hospitals blood Hospitals pressure Hospitals realized Hospitals I Hospitals U Hospitals D Hospitals failed Hospitals She Hospitals condition Hospitals returned Hospitals admitted Hospitals Arkansas Hospitals hospital Hospitals emergency Hospitals cesarean Hospitals section Hospitals asked Hospitals obstetrician Hospitals perform Hospitals tubal Hospitals ligation Hospitals told Hospitals Catholic Hospitals would Hospitals permit Hospitals procedure Hospitals Such Hospitals refusals Hospitals more Hospitals common Hospitals Mergers Hospitals groups Hospitals demodwbp Hospitals awffwpwbeco13 Hospitals Dec_2017_NYT_Hospital_Giants_Vie_for Hospitals secular Hospitals extended Hospitals influence Hospitals Ethical Hospitals Religious Hospitals Directives Hospitals ERDs Hospitals 30 Hospitals networks Hospitals merged Hospitals affiliated Hospitals Combined Hospitals treat ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Hospitals sixth Hospitals US Hospitals patients Hospitals After Hospitals Roe Hospitals Wade Hospitals Bishops Hospitals became Hospitals forceful Hospitals about Hospitals enforcing Hospitals doctrine Hospitals Those Hospitals constraints Hospitals affecting Hospitals transgender Hospitals too Hospitals difficult Hospitals tell Hospitals refuse Hospitals provide Hospitals service Hospitals Many Hospitals rebranded Hospitals Dignity Hospitals Mercy Hospitals etc Hospitals removed Hospitals religious Hospitals symbols Hospitals icons Hospitals lobby Hospitals highly Hospitals visible Hospitals details ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HHS Hospitals President Hospitals Trump Hospitals HHS Hospitals OCR Hospitals awffwpwbpol13 Hospitals Conscience_and_Religious_Freedom Hospitals updated Hospitals conscience Hospitals protections Hospitals rules Hospitals support Hospitals health Hospitals care Hospitals workers Hospitals objecting Hospitals procedures Hospitals find Hospitals immoral Hospitals objections Hospitals increased Hospitals 15 Hospitals fold Hospitals took Hospitals office Hospitals few Hospitals states Hospitals require Hospitals providers Hospitals advice Hospitals options Hospitals Other Hospitals don Hospitals information Hospitals shared

Says to Consumers - Economic situation /Says to Consumers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2018_NYT_UnitedHealthcare_Says_It Mar 2018 NYT UnitedHealthcare Says It Says Reed Says Abelson Says reports Says response Says growing Says consumer Says frustration Says demodwbp Says awffwpwbeco13 Says May_2017_NYT_Drug_Lobbyists_Battle_Cry Says drug Says UnitedHealthcare Says nation Says largest Says health Says insurers Says said Says would Says keeping Says millions Says dollars Says discounts Says gets Says companies Says share Says customers Says UHG Says Dan Says Schumacher Says policy Says apply Says greater Says seven Says people Says enrolled Says plans Says starting Says next Says year Says Returns Says range Says few Says thousand Says depending Says current Says rebate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HHS Says HHS Says awffwpwbpol13 Says 2018_HHS_secretary_ Says _Alex_Azar_ Says secretary Says proposal Says prime Says type Says movement Says toward Says transparency Says lower Says prices Says patients Says Trump Says administration Says championing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Says Previously Says Insurers Says PBM Says argued Says use Says rebates Says reduce Says premiums Says Now Says appears Says shifting Says position ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Pharmaceutical_Researchers_and Says PhRMA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Says pointed Says fingers Says OptumRx Says advert Says Share Says Savings Says Adding Says pressure Says signalled ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Says require Says private Says Medicare Says pass Says Typically Says competitive Says branded Says drugs Says Humira Says Enbrel Says significant Says Others Says little Says competition Says very Says Employers Says self Says option Says PBMs Says CVS Says employees Says Most Says resisted Says doing

The NYT editorial The A.C.A. Will Survive Aetna's Retreat - Economic situation /The NYT editorial The A.C.A. Will Survive Aetna's Retreat
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_NYT_editorial_The_A.C.A._Will Aug 2016 NYT editorial The A.C.A. Will Die hard opponents 2010 health reform law ACA often used real imagined problems argue fatally flawed Now seizing announcement Aetna reduce participation demodwbp awffwpwgco Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges set up Donald Trump campaign move latest blow broken slowly imploding under regulatory tape ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ UnitedHealth awffwpwbeco13 Nov_2015_NYT_Huge_Insurer_Weighs_Exit Humana already said losing too money marketplace policies 200 million pretax second quarter would number counties where sells 242 778 Previously Mark Bertolini CEO told analysts considered competing marketplaces good investment 2016 expand parts country However before merger blocked

Will Anthem Will Exit Health Insurance Exchange in Ohio - Economic situation /Will Anthem Will Exit Health Insurance Exchange in Ohio
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2017_NYT_Anthem_Will_Exit_Health Jun 2017 NYT Anthem Will Exit Health Will Reed Anthem Reed Will Abelson Anthem Abelson Will reports Anthem reports Will Anthem Anthem Anthem Will nation Anthem nation Will largest Anthem largest Will insurers Anthem insurers Will major Anthem major Will player Anthem player Will demodwbp Anthem demodwbp Will awffwpwgco Anthem awffwpwgco Will Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Anthem Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Will individual Anthem individual Will created Anthem created Will federal Anthem federal Will health Anthem health Will care Anthem care Will law Anthem law Will announced Anthem announced Will would Anthem would Will offering Anthem offering Will policies Anthem policies Will Ohio Anthem Ohio Will marketplace Anthem marketplace Will next Anthem next Will year Anthem year Will decide Anthem decide Will June Anthem June Will deadline Anthem deadline ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Will participate Anthem participate Will ACA Anthem ACA Will markets Anthem markets Will 2018 Anthem 2018 Will But Anthem But Will Republicans Anthem Republicans Will increased Anthem increased Will stranglehold Anthem stranglehold Will President Anthem President Will Trump Anthem Trump Will refusal Anthem refusal Will commit Anthem commit Will subsidies Anthem subsidies Will while Anthem while Will weakening Anthem weakening Will application Anthem application Will mandate Anthem mandate Will constraints Anthem constraints Will awffwpwbeco13 Anthem awffwpwbeco13 Will May_2017_NYT_Trump_Shouting_Death Anthem May_2017_NYT_Trump_Shouting_Death Will Insurers Anthem Insurers Will responding Anthem responding Will Increasing Anthem Increasing Will premiums Anthem premiums Will Harvard_Pilgrim_Health_Care_ Anthem Harvard_Pilgrim_Health_Care_ Will Maine Anthem Maine Will Exiting Anthem Exiting Will risky Anthem risky Will Blue Cross Anthem Blue Cross Will plans Anthem plans Will exits Anthem exits Will recently Anthem recently Will made Anthem made Will decision Anthem decision Will more Anthem more Will 12 Anthem 12 Will operates Anthem operates Will 2017 Anthem 2017

Yorks Business - Economic situation /Yorks Business
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYT_New_Yorks_Largest_Hospital Aug 2017 NYT New Yorks Largest Hospital Yorks Sarah Yorks Maslin Yorks Nir Yorks reports Yorks citing Yorks financial Yorks losses Yorks wrought Yorks inaction Yorks uncertainty Yorks Washington Yorks New York Yorks State Yorks biggest Yorks hospital Yorks system Yorks shuttering Yorks four Yorks year Yorks old Yorks health Yorks insurance Yorks division Yorks sold Yorks coverage Yorks via Yorks Obamacare ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Northwell_Health_ Yorks Northwell Yorks Health Yorks Michael Yorks Dowling Yorks closing Yorks CareConnect Yorks Insurance Yorks generating Yorks large Yorks 13 Yorks customers Yorks use Yorks ACA Yorks demodwbp Yorks awffwpwgco Yorks Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Yorks personal Yorks Most Yorks small Yorks business Yorks plans Yorks increasingly Yorks clear Yorks continuing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CareConnect_ Yorks financially Yorks unsustainable Yorks given Yorks failure Yorks federal Yorks government Yorks Congress Yorks correct Yorks regulatory Yorks flaws Yorks destabilized Yorks markets Yorks refusal Yorks honor Yorks promises Yorks funding Yorks problems Yorks aimed Yorks constrain Yorks newer Yorks companies Yorks targeting Yorks only Yorks healthy Yorks clients Yorks risk Yorks adjustment Yorks required Yorks contribute Yorks 112 Yorks million Yorks 2016 Yorks 44 Yorks reduction Yorks revenue Yorks businesses Yorks fewer Yorks 100 Yorks employees Yorks estimated Yorks 2017 Yorks would Yorks payment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk_corridors Yorks corridor Yorks transfer Yorks payments Yorks impacted Yorks legislation Yorks driven Yorks Senator Yorks Marco Yorks Rubio Yorks awffwpwbpol13 Yorks Dec_2015_NYT_Rubio_Measure_Delivers_a Yorks reimbursements Yorks reduced Yorks expected Yorks receive Yorks 150 Yorks first Yorks three Yorks years Yorks operation Yorks withheld

Surprise An Obamacare Surprise in the Mail: New Insurers and New Costs - Economic situation /Surprise An Obamacare Surprise in the Mail: New Insurers and New Costs
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_An_Obamacare_Surprise_in Dec 2017 NYT An Obamacare Surprise in Surprise Robert Surprise Pear Surprise reports Surprise Meg Surprise Holub Surprise surprised Surprise receive Surprise letter Surprise last Surprise week Surprise welcoming Surprise health Surprise insurance Surprise plan Surprise telling Surprise pay Surprise 3 Surprise 483 Surprise 8 Surprise subscribers Surprise enrolled Surprise federal Surprise government Surprise ACA Surprise demodwbp Surprise awffwpwgco Surprise Government_Health_Insurance_Exchanges Surprise individual Surprise insurers Surprise 2017 Surprise But ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ Surprise Aetna ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CIGNA_ Surprise Cigna Surprise Humana Surprise left Surprise market Surprise across Surprise nation Surprise Trump Surprise HHS Surprise used Surprise automatic Surprise reenrollment Surprise before Surprise signup Surprise window Surprise place Surprise closes Surprise Holubs Surprise transferred Surprise Anthem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Optima_Health_ Surprise Virginia Surprise Optima Surprise Health Surprise monthly Surprise premium Surprise more Surprise three Surprise times Surprise previous Surprise price Surprise explaining Surprise detail Surprise coverage Surprise deductible Surprise etc Surprise stated Surprise 50 Surprise 000 Surprise people Surprise assigned Surprise leaving Surprise shortened Surprise period Surprise caused Surprise ramp Surprise activity Surprise end Surprise December Surprise noted Surprise counselors Surprise Community Surprise Works Surprise Fred Surprise Ammons Surprise Maine Surprise pulled Surprise marketplaces Surprise Harvard_Pilgrim_Health_Care_ Surprise Community_Health_Options_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Blue_Cross_Blue_Shield_of_Georgia_ Surprise Blue Surprise Cross Surprise Blue Shield Surprise Georgia Surprise pulling Surprise markets Surprise 74 Surprise 159 Surprise counties Surprise Premiums Surprise replacement Surprise higher Surprise many Surprise cases Surprise large Surprise tax Surprise credits Surprise If Surprise exchanges Surprise likely Surprise find Surprise cheaper Surprise options Surprise whose Surprise eliminated Surprise eligible Surprise extra Surprise up

Aug 2017 NYT Aug 2017 NYT Gilead to Buy Kite, Maker of Cancer Treatments, for $11.9 Billion - Economic situation /Aug 2017 NYT Aug 2017 NYT Gilead to Buy Kite, Maker of Cancer Treatments, for $11.9 Billion
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYT_Gilead_to_Buy_Kite_Maker Aug 2017 NYT Gilead to Buy Kite Maker Gilead Michael Gilead de Gilead la Gilead Merced Gilead reports Gilead drug Gilead maker Gilead Sciences Gilead said Gilead Monday Gilead would Gilead buy Gilead Kite Gilead Pharma Gilead about Gilead 11 Gilead 9 Gilead billion Gilead bolster Gilead aging Gilead portfolio Gilead emerging ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Gilead cancer Gilead treatment Gilead first Gilead major Gilead deal Gilead 2011 Gilead Most Gilead pharmaceutical Gilead companies Gilead limiting Gilead acquisitions Gilead 2017 Gilead process Gilead ones Gilead executed Gilead recent Gilead years Gilead except Gilead demodwbp Gilead awffwpwgsu Gilead Johnson__Johnson Gilead 30 Gilead takeover Gilead Actelion Gilead initially Gilead provided Gilead _HIVAIDS_treatments Gilead H Gilead I Gilead V Gilead augmented Gilead acquiring Gilead Pharmasset Gilead hepatitis Gilead C Gilead marketed Gilead Sovaldi Gilead put Gilead pressure Gilead acquistion Gilead Under Gilead agreement Gilead pay Gilead 180 Gilead share Gilead cash ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kite_Pharma_ Gilead acquire ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cell_therapy Gilead Cell Gilead therapy Gilead operations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NHL Gilead NHL

Tears As Cancer Tears Through Africa, Drug Makers Draw Up a Battle Plan - Economic situation /Tears As Cancer Tears Through Africa, Drug Makers Draw Up a Battle Plan
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_NYT_As_Cancer_Tears_Through Oct 2017 NYT As Cancer Tears Through Tears Donald Tears McNeil Tears reports Tears deal Tears similar Tears turned ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AIDS Tears tide Tears against Tears AIDS Tears manufacturers Tears charities Tears make Tears chemotherapy Tears drugs Tears available Tears six Tears poor Tears countries Tears steep Tears discounts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_WHO Tears W Tears H Tears O Tears cancer Tears breast Tears cervical Tears prostate Tears kills Tears 450 Tears 000 Tears Africans Tears year Tears By Tears 2030 Tears million Tears annually Tears But Tears diseases Tears far Tears more Tears lethal Tears More Tears surviving Tears ages Tears where Tears impacted Tears ill Tears equipped Tears cope Tears few Tears oncologists Tears radiotherapy Tears machines Tears advanced Tears surgical Tears suites Tears leading Tears misdiagnosis Tears high Tears rates Tears metastasis Tears Lack Tears encouraged Tears dangerous Tears black Tears market Tears counterfeits Tears Most Tears wealthy Tears India Tears South Tears diagnosis Tears treatments Tears brokered Tears ACS Tears CHAI Tears NCCN Tears Cancer Tears Coalition Tears aims Tears build Tears low Tears cost Tears network Tears Ethiopia Tears Nigeria Tears Uganda ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Epidemiology Tears initiatied Tears epidemiologist Tears Dr Tears Brien Tears formerly Tears chief Tears V Tears mathematical Tears modeling Tears convinced Tears leadership Tears give Tears grant Tears study Tears approach Tears pharmaceutical Tears companies Tears previously Tears worked Tears expertise Tears price Tears negotiations Tears supply Tears chains Tears currently Tears overwhelmed Tears plan Tears help Tears transforming Tears protocols Tears written Tears specialists Tears applicable Tears generalists Tears types Tears IBM Tears provide Tears Watson Tears based Tears support Tears Everyone Tears warns Tears progress Tears slower Tears complex Tears problem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pfizer Tears Pfizer Tears Cipla Tears promised Tears charge Tears close Tears prices Tears 16 Tears common Tears save Tears tens Tears thousands Tears would Tears otherwise Tears die Tears Subsequently Tears asked Tears contribute Tears needed Tears Essential Tears Health Tears Group Tears president Tears John Tears Young Tears arrangements Tears advantage Tears charity Tears sustainable Tears offered Tears HAART Tears 350 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Doctors_Without_Borders Tears Doctors Tears Without Tears Borders Tears rest Tears industry Tears charging Tears 12 Tears intends ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NIAID Tears NIAID Tears director Tears Fauci Tears designed Tears delivery Tears system Tears Pepfar Tears 2002 Tears effort Tears comparable Tears finding Tears biggest Tears burden Tears designing Tears getting Tears down ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#American_cancer_society_ACS_ Tears directory Tears global Tears Megan Tears commented Tears friend Tears back Tears home Tears whose Tears daughter Tears believe Tears outpouring Tears she Tears like Tears lacrosse Tears games Tears T Tears shirts Tears There Tears nothing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leukemia Tears child Tears leukemia Tears 300 Tears 90 Tears cure Tears America Tears death

Companies NYT Drug Companies Increasingly Pushed to Explain High Prices - Economic situation /Companies NYT Drug Companies Increasingly Pushed to Explain High Prices
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Companies_Increasingly Jul 2015 NYT Drug Companies Increasingly Companies Andrew Companies Pollack Companies reports Companies high Companies drug Companies prices Companies creating Companies pushback Companies multiple Companies places Companies 100 Companies prominent Companies oncologists Companies wrote Companies article Companies Mayo Companies Clinic Companies Proceedings Companies noting Companies companies Companies keep Companies challenging Companies market Companies higher Companies proposed Companies responses Companies calling Companies grass Companies roots Companies movement Companies stem Companies rapid Companies increases ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Companies cancer Companies drugs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Companies Letting Companies Medicare Companies negotiate Companies pharmaceutical Companies patients Companies import Companies expensive Companies Canada Companies Senate Companies finance Companies committee Companies demanded Companies detailed Companies cost Companies data Companies Gilead Companies Sciences Companies Charles Companies Grassley Companies Ron Companies Wyden Companies reported Companies results Companies enquiry Companies UAW Companies Retiree Companies Medical Companies Benefits Companies trust Companies Eli Companies Lilly ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Vertex_Pharamaceuticals_ Companies Vertex ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Celgene_Corporation_ Companies Celgene Companies shareholders Companies more Companies information Companies about Companies set Companies risks Companies businesses Companies says Companies reached Companies settlement Companies two Companies Shareholders Companies voted Companies down Companies resolutions Companies State Companies bills Companies requiring Companies justification Companies New Companies York Companies California Companies Sponsor Companies David Companies Chiu Companies Massachusetts Companies North Companies Carolina Companies Oregon Companies Pennsylvania Companies started Companies stalled Companies demodwbp Companies awffwpwgco Companies Health_management_organizations_HMO Companies helped Companies develop Companies Some Companies required Companies disclosures Companies costing Companies 000 Companies year Companies costs Companies manufacture Companies marketing Companies advertising Companies ask Companies history Companies profit Companies attributable Companies spending Companies financial Companies assistance Companies using Companies Two Companies allow Companies states Companies act Companies allows Companies insurers Companies refuse Companies pay Companies manufacturer Companies filed Companies commissioner Companies maximum Companies Hearings Companies held Companies Current Companies revenue Companies pays Companies current Companies past Companies difficult Companies interpret Companies Prices Companies routinely Companies exceed Companies increasing Companies Even Companies only Companies extend Companies life Companies few Companies months

Price Hefty Price Set On a New Drug That Can Stunt Muscle Disease - Economic situation /Price Hefty Price Set On a New Drug That Can Stunt Muscle Disease
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2016_NYT_Hefty_Price_Set_On_a_New Dec 2016 NYT Hefty Price Set On a New ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Price Katie Price Thomas Price reports Price F Price D Price approved Price first Price drug Price treat Price patients Price SMA Price savage Price disease Price severe Price kills Price infants Price before Price turn Price 2 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#biogen Price Biogen ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Biogens_Spinraza Price Spinraza Price highly Price trials ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PDUFA Price awarded Price PDUFA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA_amendments_act Price FDA Price amendments Price act Price voucher Price priority Price review Price future Price demodwbp Price awffwpwgsu Price Biogens_Spinraza_pricing_ Price extremly

Jan 2016 NYT Jan 2016 NYT Gilead Faces Fights Over Price of Its Hapatitis C Drug and Patents on H.I.V. Drugs - Economic situation /Jan 2016 NYT Jan 2016 NYT Gilead Faces Fights Over Price of Its Hapatitis C Drug and Patents on H.I.V. Drugs
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2016_NYT_Gilead_Faces_Fights_Over Jan 2016 NYT Gilead Faces Fights Over Gilead Andrew Faces Andrew Gilead Pollack Faces Pollack Gilead reports Faces reports Gilead attorney Faces attorney Gilead general Faces general Gilead Massachusetts Faces Massachusetts Gilead said Faces said Gilead Wednesday Faces Wednesday Gilead she Faces she Gilead opened Faces opened Gilead inquiry Faces inquiry Gilead whether Faces whether Gilead Sciences Faces Sciences Gilead violated Faces violated Gilead state Faces state Gilead consumer Faces consumer Gilead protection Faces protection Gilead laws Faces laws Gilead charging Faces charging Gilead too Faces too Gilead demodwbp Faces demodwbp Gilead awffwpwgsu Faces awffwpwgsu Gilead May_2014_Haseltine_discussion_of Faces May_2014_Haseltine_discussion_of Gilead awffwpwbeco13 Faces awffwpwbeco13 Gilead Jun_2014_NYT_Health_Insurers_pressing Faces Jun_2014_NYT_Health_Insurers_pressing Gilead Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Companies_Increasingly Faces Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Companies_Increasingly Gilead awffwpwbpol13 Faces awffwpwbpol13 Gilead Sep_2015_NYT_Costly_Hepatitis_C_Drugs Faces Sep_2015_NYT_Costly_Hepatitis_C_Drugs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sovaldi_ Gilead hepatitis Faces hepatitis

Shot NYT Last Shot at EpiPen Profits Ends in a Mylan Monopoly - Economic situation /Shot NYT Last Shot at EpiPen Profits Ends in a Mylan Monopoly
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_NYT_Last_Shot_at_EpiPen_Profits Aug 2016 NYT Last Shot at EpiPen Profits Shot Andrew Shot Pollack Shot reports Shot 2012 Shot company Shot behind Shot EpiPen Shot settled Shot lawsuit Shot agreeing Shot allow Shot generic Shot competitor Shot market Shot 2015 Shot potentially Shot cutting Shot big Shot business ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylan_ Shot Mylan Shot purchased Shot 2007 Shot steadily Shot increased Shot US Shot price Shot product ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylan_ Shot raised ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylans_EpiPen Shot ever Shot 100 Shot 600 Shot between Shot increases Shot larger Shot 2013 Shot 2016 Shot threat Shot competition Shot started Shot prices Shot aggressively Shot 265 Shot 609 Shot two Shot pens ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Shot F Shot D Shot blocked Shot release Shot Teva Shot equivalent Shot says Shot reach Shot until Shot 2017 Shot earliest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofi_ Shot After Shot Sanofi Shot non Shot Auvi Shot Q Shot pulled Shot dosing Shot problems Shot left Shot 14 Shot popular Shot branded Shot products Shot under Shot entry Shot rose Shot 35 Shot while Shot unthreatened Shot 22 Shot average ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HDHP Shot HDHP Shot make Shot issue Shot voters Shot elected Shot representatives Shot response Shot uproar Shot about Shot high Shot proposing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Copayment Shot provide Shot copayment Shot assistance Shot undermine Shot constraint Shot purchasing Shot allowing Shot continue Shot benefiting Shot monopoly Shot pricing Shot opportunity

Soars EpiPen Soars And So Does Bosses' Pay - Economic situation /Soars EpiPen Soars And So Does Bosses' Pay
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_EpiPen_Soars_And_So_Does Sep 2016 NYT EpiPen Soars And So Does ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylan_ Soars Gretchen Soars Morgenson Soars reports Soars Mylan Soars executives Soars profit Soars special Soars stock Soars grant Soars tied Soars earnings Soars share Soars price Soars CEO Soars Bresch Soars suggested Soars maintained Soars balance Soars benefiting Soars stakeholders Soars But Soars Proxy Soars filings Soars about Soars pay Soars indicate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leadership Soars leaders Soars received Soars windfalls Soars after Soars inversion Soars completed Soars included Soars paying Soars taxes Soars owed Soars payments Soars time Soars provide Soars large Soars rewards Soars certain Soars performance Soars goals Soars derived Soars EpiPen Soars pricing Soars strategy Soars misalignment Soars between Soars management Soars shareholders Soars While Soars aligns Soars interests Soars found Soars use Soars GAAP Soars designed Soars make Soars achievement Soars far Soars easier Soars while Soars reducing Soars return Soars Earnings Soars fallen Soars 2015 Soars company Soars metrics Soars calculating Soars voted Soars against Soars more Soars typical Soars Standard Soars Poor Soars 500 Soars median

Maker NYT EpiPen Maker Steers Effort to Protect Its Price - Economic situation /Maker NYT EpiPen Maker Steers Effort to Protect Its Price
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_EpiPen_Maker_Steers_Effort Sep 2016 NYT EpiPen Maker Steers Effort Maker Eric Maker Lipton Maker Rachel Maker Abrams Maker report Maker against Maker growing Maker outcry ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylans_EpiPen Maker surging Maker price Maker EpiPens Maker chorus Maker prominent Maker voices Maker emerged Maker smart Maker sounding Maker solution Maker Add Maker lifesaving Maker allergy Maker treatment Maker federal Maker list Maker preventative Maker medical Maker services Maker move Maker would ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Copayment Maker eliminate Maker pocket Maker costs Maker product Maker millions Maker families Maker mute Maker protests ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylan_ Maker Mylan Maker coordinating Maker funding Maker campaign Maker add Maker item Maker Americans Maker no Maker insurance Maker copayment Maker limiting ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anger Maker patient Maker anger Maker high Maker UCLA Maker demodwbp Maker awffwpwgsu Maker UCLASM_family_prof_Leonard_Fromer Maker Professor Maker promoted Maker idea Maker Journal Maker Medicine Maker article Maker drafted Maker revised Maker writing Maker consulting Maker firm Maker paid Maker supported Maker lobbying Maker groups Maker preparing Maker formal Maker request Maker government Maker Tonya Maker Winders Maker lobbyed Maker Congressional Maker lawmakers Maker change Maker Her Maker organization Maker awffwpwgco Maker Allergy_and_Asthma_Network_ Maker met Maker coordinate Maker strategy Maker Latex Maker Association Maker Asthma Maker Foundation Maker Food Maker Anaphylaxis Maker Connection Maker Team Maker 2016 Maker decided Maker longer Maker accept Maker donations Maker pharmaceutical Maker companies Maker make Maker products Maker serve Maker members Maker used Maker 227 Maker 500 Maker listing Maker total Maker donated Maker 1 Maker 8 Maker nine Maker nonprofits Maker anaphylaxis Maker awareness Maker education Maker contributes Maker Democratic Maker Republican Maker Congressmen Maker If Maker successful Maker Health_management_organizations_HMO Maker health

of NYT Rival of EpiPen Readies For Return to the Shelves - Economic situation /of NYT Rival of EpiPen Readies For Return to the Shelves
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Rival_of_EpiPen_Readies_For Oct 2016 NYT Rival of EpiPen Readies For Katie Thomas reports EpiPen about more competition ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kaleos_Auvi-Q_ Auvi Q returned US market 2017 epinephrine injector competing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofi_ initially marketed Sanofi sold rights Kaleo released 2013 pulled 2015 amid failing deliver correct dose cases demodwbp awffwpwbeco13 Aug_2016_NYT_Last_Shot_at_EpiPen_Profits During time competed Mylan fought hard using discounts gain access PBM Express Scripts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Formularies formulary again owns said working make affordable argued 2016 raised price found 10 expensive product

Over - Economic situation /Over
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_Furor_Over_Drug_Prices_Puts Sep 2016 NYT Furor Over Drug Prices Puts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anger Over Katie Over Thomas Over reports Over public Over anger Over cost Over drugs Over burned Over hot Over year Over coursing Over social Over media Over popping Over up Over presidential Over campaign Over erupting Over series Over congressional Over hearings ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Allergies Over rising Over price Over allergy Over treatment Over EpiPen Over But Over patient Over advocates Over muted Over many Over funding Over pharmaceutical Over companies Over demodwbp Over awffwpwbeco13 Over Sep_2016_NYT_EpiPen_Maker_Steers_Effort Over If Over interests Over sponsors Over align Over patients Over conflict ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#National_Multiple_Sclerosis_Society_ Over National Over Multiple Over Sclerosis Over Society Over CEO Over Cyndi Over Zabieboylo Over found Over after Over charity Over identified Over priority Over MS Over sufferers Over warned Over her Over tread Over carefully Over 10 Over million Over 4 Over budget Over society Over 2015 Over came Over industry Over manufacturers Over pushed Over back Over interested Over influence Over driving Over VDS Over position Over undermining Over revenues Over went Over ahead Over way Over accepting Over lose Over donors Over Many Over advocacy Over groups Over take Over stand Over against Over wishes Over Typically Over blame Over insurance Over issues Over awffwpwgco Over Leukemia_and_Lymphoma_Society_LLS_ Over complains Over about Over high Over pocket Over costs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leukemia Over Lymphoma Over annual Over 300 Over Eight Over 16 Over largest Over Each Over eight Over donated Over more Over 2016 Over said Over evaluating Over pricing Over access Over exceptions Over American_Diabetes_Association_

of Shortage of Anxiety Drug Leaves Patients Scrambling - Economic situation /of Shortage of Anxiety Drug Leaves Patients Scrambling
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2019_NYT_Shortage_of_Anxiety_Drug Feb 2019 NYT Shortage of Anxiety Drug Roni Caryn Rabin reports sudden shortage safest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anxiety anti anxiety drugs market spread alarm among people rely medication ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Buspirone buspirone day without debilitating panic attacks Physicians expressing concern no information about supply resume making difficult manage patients Persistent shortages morphine intravenous fluids stimulants psychiatric medications many generics supported low prices little margin manufacturers Generic hard make profit Impax already ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylan_ stopped producing Mylan ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA responded F D order clean manufacturing facility Morgantown West Virginia suspending production problem comes power distributors consolidated three powerful middlemen Amerisource Cardinal McKesson control customers pay

Lobbyists NYT Drug Lobbyists' Battle Cry Over Prices: Blame the Others - Economic situation /Lobbyists NYT Drug Lobbyists' Battle Cry Over Prices: Blame the Others
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2017_NYT_Drug_Lobbyists_Battle_Cry May 2017 NYT Drug Lobbyists Battle Cry Lobbyists Eric Lobbyists Lipton Lobbyists Katie Lobbyists Thomas Lobbyists report Lobbyists hundreds Lobbyists independent Lobbyists pharmacists Lobbyists swarmed Lobbyists House Lobbyists Senate Lobbyists office Lobbyists buildings Lobbyists recent Lobbyists afternoon Lobbyists climbing Lobbyists marble Lobbyists staircases Lobbyists rushed Lobbyists appointment Lobbyists next Lobbyists pitching Lobbyists lawmakers Lobbyists plan Lobbyists rein Lobbyists soaring Lobbyists drug Lobbyists prices Lobbyists enraged Lobbyists American Lobbyists consumers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NCPA Lobbyists lobby Lobbyists NCPA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Lobbyists keen Lobbyists blame Lobbyists PBM Lobbyists escalations Lobbyists note Lobbyists pharmaceutical Lobbyists industry Lobbyists spends Lobbyists double Lobbyists business Lobbyists sectors Lobbyists allocate Lobbyists lobbying Lobbyists politicians Lobbyists sums Lobbyists rising Lobbyists resulted Lobbyists development Lobbyists broad Lobbyists set Lobbyists defenses Lobbyists Funding Lobbyists 58 Lobbyists million Lobbyists 2016 Lobbyists political Lobbyists campaigns Lobbyists Congressmen Lobbyists Representative Lobbyists John Lobbyists Shimkus Lobbyists Trump Lobbyists administration Lobbyists demodwbp Lobbyists awffwpwbpol13 Lobbyists 2017_HHS_secretary_ Lobbyists _Tom_Price_ Lobbyists Tom Lobbyists May_2017_NYT_Senate_Confirms_Scott Lobbyists Scott Lobbyists 1100 Lobbyists Patient Lobbyists advocates Lobbyists public Lobbyists anger Lobbyists about Lobbyists Insulin Lobbyists awffwpwbeco13 Lobbyists Feb_2016_NYT_Break_Up_the_Insulin_Racket Lobbyists EpiPen Lobbyists Aug_2016_NYT_Last_Shot_at_EpiPen_Profits Lobbyists means Lobbyists defensive Lobbyists President Lobbyists accused Lobbyists fixing Lobbyists Members Lobbyists proposed Lobbyists number Lobbyists strategies Lobbyists handling Lobbyists increases Lobbyists Requiring Lobbyists brand Lobbyists name Lobbyists manufacturers Lobbyists samples Lobbyists generic Lobbyists competitors Lobbyists Dec_2016_NYT_Senate_Aims_to_Stop_Price

Drug Benefiting? - Economic situation /Drug Benefiting?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYTPropublica_Generic_Drug Aug 2017 NYTPropublica Generic Drug Drug Charles Drug Ornstein Drug Katie Drug Thomas Drug report Drug drug Drug prices Drug going Drug up Drug Amid Drug public Drug fury Drug escalating Drug costs Drug brand Drug name Drug medications Drug generic Drug drugs Drug falling Drug raising Drug fears Drug about Drug profitability Drug major Drug manufacturers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Teva_Pharmaceuticals Drug Teva Drug Pharmaceuticals Drug reported Drug missed Drug analysts Drug earnings Drug estimates Drug second Drug quarter Drug 2017 Drug planned Drug lay Drug off Drug 7 Drug 000 Drug workers Drug share Drug plummeted Drug 24 Drug percent Drug day Drug investors Drug worried Drug no Drug end Drug sight ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylan_ Drug Mylan Drug protected Drug EpiPen Drug business Drug assumed Drug decrease Drug Generic Drug Arrival Drug first Drug competitor Drug reduces Drug pricing Drug power Drug branded Drug Market Drug regulations Drug setup Drug encourage Drug flood Drug competitors Drug protections Drug pushing Drug down ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Drug FDA Drug clearing Drug backlog Drug approvals Drug Congress Drug examining Drug fixing Drug activities Drug demodwbp Drug awffwpwbeco13 Drug Jan_2017_NYT_Drug_Makers_Accused_of Drug model Drug under Drug pressure Drug Fewer Drug coming Drug patent Drug next Drug few Drug years Drug consolidating Drug gain ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Drug PBM Drug distributors Drug pharmacies Drug moved Drug create Drug huge Drug powerful Drug buying Drug groups Drug control Drug channel Drug customer ../demodwbp/awffwpwbpol13.htm#FDA_Commissioner_ Drug Commissioner Drug Gottlieb Drug asserts Drug constraining ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Drug_distributors_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Cardinal_Health_ Drug Cardinal Drug Health Drug struggled Drug predict Drug shifts Drug Consumers Drug seeing Drug benefits Drug reductions Drug PBMs Drug capture Drug margins Drug Insurance Drug copayments Drug hide Drug underlying

the They Are Not. - Economic situation /the They Are Not.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYTPropublica_Take_the Aug 2017 NYTPropublica Take the Charles Ornstein Katie Thomas report standard advice consumers If you prescribed medicine always ask cheaper generic explain patients started find ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Humana_ insurers Humana refusing cover alternatives drugs like Adderall XR Zetia Aggrenox Voltaren etc And more recently practice extending ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biosimilars biosimilars asked copay towards brand name medication assert deals between manufacturer PBMs Insurers maintained pricing power last two ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Shire_ years Shire ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#PBM_rebates_ used rebates defend margins Remicade incented similarly UHC require number strategies successfully protect market share adderall Mid 2000 sued manufacturers alleging patent infringement Later made sell authorized copies exchange royalties But found starved supply terminated agreements law suits settlements Providing discounts preferential access channel problem proportion rebated grown announced off attention deficit focus developing rare disease treatments Generic makers note increase actions sales demodwbp awffwpwgco CVS_Caremark_Pharmacy_Beneftis_Manager wrote pharmacies 2016 noting ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Medicare prescription plans would only versions 12 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#JJ_Janssens_Invega Invega ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Tevas_Copaxone Copaxone legally prohibited negotiating gets paid operate

Pharmaceuticals NYT Teva Pharmaceuticals to Cut 25% of Jobs in Huge Reshaping - Economic situation /Pharmaceuticals NYT Teva Pharmaceuticals to Cut 25% of Jobs in Huge Reshaping
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_Teva_Pharmaceuticals_to_Cut Dec 2017 NYT Teva Pharmaceuticals to Cut Pharmaceuticals Chad Pharmaceuticals Bray Pharmaceuticals reports Pharmaceuticals demodwbp Pharmaceuticals awffwpwgsu Pharmaceuticals Teva_Teva Pharmaceuticals world Pharmaceuticals biggest Pharmaceuticals maker Pharmaceuticals generic Pharmaceuticals drugs Pharmaceuticals said Pharmaceuticals would Pharmaceuticals cut Pharmaceuticals about Pharmaceuticals quarter Pharmaceuticals work Pharmaceuticals force Pharmaceuticals 14 Pharmaceuticals 000 Pharmaceuticals jobs Pharmaceuticals close Pharmaceuticals manufacturing Pharmaceuticals research Pharmaceuticals facilities Pharmaceuticals suspend Pharmaceuticals dividend Pharmaceuticals seeks Pharmaceuticals simplify Pharmaceuticals structure Pharmaceuticals reduce Pharmaceuticals debt Pharmaceuticals full Pharmaceuticals year Pharmaceuticals forcast Pharmaceuticals after Pharmaceuticals poor Pharmaceuticals third Pharmaceuticals followed Pharmaceuticals second Pharmaceuticals awffwpwbeco13 Pharmaceuticals Aug_2017_NYTPropublica_Generic_Drug Pharmaceuticals 2017 Pharmaceuticals former Pharmaceuticals CEO Pharmaceuticals Erez Pharmaceuticals Vigodman Pharmaceuticals Kare Pharmaceuticals Shultz Pharmaceuticals management Pharmaceuticals team Pharmaceuticals carry Pharmaceuticals two Pharmaceuticals restructuring Pharmaceuticals aiming Pharmaceuticals Reduce Pharmaceuticals costs Pharmaceuticals 3 Pharmaceuticals billion Pharmaceuticals end Pharmaceuticals 2019 Pharmaceuticals current Pharmaceuticals base Pharmaceuticals 16 Pharmaceuticals Meet Pharmaceuticals financial Pharmaceuticals commitments Pharmaceuticals Severence Pharmaceuticals least Pharmaceuticals 700 Pharmaceuticals million Pharmaceuticals 2018 Pharmaceuticals Closing Pharmaceuticals add Pharmaceuticals extra Pharmaceuticals charges ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Tevas_Copaxone Pharmaceuticals Copaxone Pharmaceuticals revenue Pharmaceuticals under Pharmaceuticals pressure Pharmaceuticals generics Pharmaceuticals delivered Pharmaceuticals first Pharmaceuticals three Pharmaceuticals quarters Pharmaceuticals included Pharmaceuticals 8 Pharmaceuticals decline Pharmaceuticals US Pharmaceuticals 35 Pharmaceuticals acquisitions Pharmaceuticals past Pharmaceuticals years Pharmaceuticals Two Pharmaceuticals ago Pharmaceuticals purchased Pharmaceuticals Allergan Pharmaceuticals business Pharmaceuticals 40 Pharmaceuticals 5 Pharmaceuticals deal Pharmaceuticals closed Pharmaceuticals 2016 Pharmaceuticals aims Pharmaceuticals improve Pharmaceuticals margins Pharmaceuticals increasing Pharmaceuticals prices Pharmaceuticals discontinuing Pharmaceuticals Prices Pharmaceuticals falling Pharmaceuticals power Pharmaceuticals awffwpwgco Pharmaceuticals Retail_drugstores_and_pharmacists_and Pharmaceuticals pharmacy Pharmaceuticals wholesalers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Pharmaceuticals PBM Pharmaceuticals formed Pharmaceuticals huge Pharmaceuticals buying Pharmaceuticals groups

Thought Crisis - Economic situation /Thought Crisis
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_Nobody_Thought_It_Would Dec 2017 NYT Nobody Thought It Would Thought David Thought Segal Thought Isabel Thought Kershner Thought report Thought rest Thought world Thought demodwbp Thought awffwpwgsu Thought Teva_Pharmaceuticals Thought simply Thought biggest Thought makers Thought generic Thought drugs Thought Israel Thought corporate Thought version Thought national Thought celebrity Thought largest Thought employers Thought company Thought shares Thought owned Thought Israeli Thought pension Thought funds Thought lending Thought name Thought people Thought stock Thought But Thought business Thought problems Thought awffwpwbeco13 Thought Dec_2017_NYT_Teva_Pharmaceuticals_to_Cut Thought reduced Thought stocks Thought value Thought 50 Thought respond Thought cutting Thought 14 Thought 000 Thought workforce Thought 700 Thought targeted Thought Workers Thought responded Thought protests Thought supported Thought tax Thought breaks Thought subsidies Thought 6 Thought billion Thought last Thought ten Thought years Thought started Thought 1901 Thought distributor Thought During Thought 1967 Thought response Thought Arab Thought boycott Thought passed Thought law Thought allowing Thought domestic Thought copying Thought foreign Thought under Thought Eli Thought Hurvitz Thought built Thought expertise Thought allowed Thought shift Thought manufacture Thought Kare Thought Shultz Thought current Thought CEO Thought former Thought Novo Thought Nordisk Thought executive Thought pharmaceutical Thought experts Thought applaud Thought actions Thought likely Thought renegotiate Thought bond Thought deals Thought bank Thought loans Thought gain Thought space Thought later Thought strategic Thought growth

Patents New Patents Aim to Delay Generics Of Biologics - Economic situation /Patents New Patents Aim to Delay Generics Of Biologics
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2016_NYT_New_Patents_Aim_to_Delay Jul 2016 NYT New Patents Aim to Delay Patents Andrew Patents Pollack Patents reports Patents best Patents selling Patents drugs Patents Humira Patents Enbrel Patents lot Patents common Patents use Patents biotechnology Patents treat Patents rheumatoid Patents arthritis Patents psoriasis Patents demodwbp Patents awffwpwgl Patents gl_Autoimmune_diseases Patents autoimmune Patents come Patents giant Patents price Patents tags Patents approaching Patents 50 Patents 000 Patents year Patents prices Patents risen Patents lock Patents step Patents about Patents 3 Patents times Patents 2008 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Patents ACA Patents allowed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biosimilars Patents biosimilars Patents Until Patents only Patents deployed Patents US Patents mimic Patents Neupogen ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Patents Now Patents F Patents D Patents recommended Patents broad Patents approval Patents competing Patents blockbusters Patents well Patents Remicade Patents Amgen Patents tested ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Novartiss_Sandoz Patents Sandoz Patents Pfizer Patents There Patents 60 Patents 13 Patents versions Patents clinical trial ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Amgen Patents AbbVie Patents developing Patents patents Patents awffwpwbeco13 Patents Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Patents_Are_a_Hurdel Patents jul Patents sustain Patents exclusivity Patents profitability Patents biologics Patents hope Patents delay Patents introduction Patents approved Patents impede Patents sale Patents enabling Patents law Patents suits Patents advocacy Patents insurer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Patents requiring Patents PBM ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Formularies Patents formularies Patents But Patents manufacturers Patents view Patents ancillary Patents vulnerable Patents failed Patents break Patents first Patents attempt Patents 61 Patents Abbvie Patents revenues Patents 2015 Patents main Patents expires Patents end Patents 2016 Patents amassed Patents 70 Patents newer Patents 2013 Patents covering Patents formulations Patents manufacturing Patents methods

Youre Think You're Seeing More Drug Ads on TV? You Are, and Here's Why - Economic situation /Youre Think You're Seeing More Drug Ads on TV? You Are, and Here's Why
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_Think_Youre_Seeing_More Dec 2017 NYT Think Youre Seeing More Youre Joanne Youre Kaufman Youre reports Youre swelling Youre legs Youre hands Youre feet Youre capillary ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pain Youre leak Youre syndrome Youre fever Youre muscle Youre pain Youre unusual Youre bruising Youre dizziness Youre blurry Youre vision Youre rash Youre hives Youre blisters Youre nervous Youre system Youre blood Youre disorders Youre lymphoma Youre swollen Youre tongue Youre dry Youre mouth Youre weight Youre gain Youre inability Youre fight Youre infections ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Diarrhea Youre nausea Youre diarrhea ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Depression Youre constipation Youre depression Youre dehydration Youre suicidal Youre thoughts Youre Oh Youre death Youre explains Youre listed Youre during Youre side effect Youre prescription Youre drug Youre adverts Youre Such Youre Advertisements Youre broadcast Youre more Youre often Youre previously Youre Major Youre pharmaceutical Youre companies Youre targeting Youre 65 Youre age Youre group Youre spending Youre doubling Youre four Youre years Youre Dramas Youre News Youre shows Youre targets Youre brand Youre name Youre drugs Youre Lyrica Youre Humira Youre Eliquis ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Youre treating Youre cancer Youre demodwbp Youre awffwpwgl Youre gl_Cardiovascular_disease Youre cardiovascular Youre Seniors Youre targeted Youre focused Youre messages Youre facing Youre experiencing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Youre found Youre seniors Youre view Youre F Youre required Youre adding Youre credibility Youre But Youre expansion Youre impact Youre heard Youre So Youre interest Youre study Youre suggests Youre shorter Youre only Youre items Youre agency Youre classes Youre serious Youre actionable

Best Higher. - Economic situation /Best Higher.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2018_NYT_Humiras_Best-Selling_Drug Jan 2018 NYT Humiras Best-Selling Drug ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Abbvies_Humira_ Best Danny Best Hakim Best reports Best Humira Best best Best selling Best prescription Best drug Best world Best You Best commercials Best powerful Best injectable Best pen Best dispensed Best anti Best inflammatory Best biologic Best treatment Best arthritis Best colitis Best psoriasis Best But Best cost Best huge Best price Best after Best rebates Best risen Best 19 Best 000 Best year Best 2012 Best 38 Best person Best 2018 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Best industry Best argued Best high Best US Best prices Best needed Best fund Best R Best costs Best biologics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AMA Best AMA Best study Best found Best no Best evidence Best association Best between Best research Best development Best rather Best drugs Best priced Best United Best States Best primarily Best basis Best market Best bear ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Abbvie Best Abbvie Best worked Best limit Best competition Best government Best along Best Takeda ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Astellas_Pharma_ Best Astellas Best invested Best 86 Best million Best successfully Best blocking Best Proposition Best 61 Best proposed Best controls Best California Best pharmaceutical Best lobbied Best 2006 Best bar Best Medicare Best negotiating Best legislated ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MMA Best MMA Best Competing Best similarly Best highly Best indicating Best working ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biosimilars Best Biosimilars Best difficult Best produce Best hard Best guarantee Best equivalence Best And Best aggressive Best patent Best strategy Best demodwbp Best awffwpwbeco13 Best Jul_2016_NYT_New_Patents_Aim_to_Delay Best deterred Best generic Best manufacturers Best How Best patients Best pay Best pocket Best insurance Best eligibility Best discounts Best International Best pricing Best two Best syringes Best reviewed Best awffwpwgco Best International_Federation_of_Health_Plans Best 2015 Best 669 Best UK Best 362 Best Switzerland Best 822 Best South Best Africa Best 552 Best Advocate Best Patients_for_Affordable_Drugs_ Best PFAD_2017_Executive_director_Ben_Wakana Best Ben ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Abbvie Best compared ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylan_ Best actions Best Mylan Best EpiPens

Jul 2017 NYT Jul 2017 NYT AstraZeneca's Cancer Drug Trial Disappoints, Sending Shares Lower - Economic situation /Jul 2017 NYT Jul 2017 NYT AstraZeneca's Cancer Drug Trial Disappoints, Sending Shares Lower
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2017_NYT_AstraZenecas_Cancer_Drug Jul 2017 NYT AstraZenecas Cancer Drug AstraZeneca Prashant AstraZeneca Rao AstraZeneca Amie AstraZeneca Tsang AstraZeneca report AstraZeneca Astrazeneca ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer AstraZeneca announced AstraZeneca cancer AstraZeneca drug AstraZeneca development AstraZeneca shown AstraZeneca progress AstraZeneca expected AstraZeneca setback AstraZeneca pharmaceutical AstraZeneca company AstraZeneca grappling AstraZeneca weak AstraZeneca sales AstraZeneca competition AstraZeneca demodwbp AstraZeneca awffwpwgco AstraZeneca Generic_pharmaceutical_association AstraZeneca manufacturers AstraZeneca Crestor AstraZeneca formerly AstraZeneca bestselling AstraZeneca undercut AstraZeneca generics AstraZeneca approved AstraZeneca 2016 AstraZeneca Mystic AstraZeneca meet AstraZeneca primary AstraZeneca endpoint AstraZeneca trial AstraZeneca estimated AstraZeneca analysts AstraZeneca 2014 AstraZeneca market AstraZeneca 6 AstraZeneca billion AstraZeneca annually AstraZeneca But AstraZeneca trail AstraZeneca failure AstraZeneca impact AstraZeneca projection AstraZeneca Astrazenenca AstraZeneca developed AstraZeneca strong AstraZeneca pipeline AstraZeneca separate AstraZeneca Tagrisso AstraZeneca showed AstraZeneca help AstraZeneca patients AstraZeneca received AstraZeneca treatment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Lung_cancer AstraZeneca lung ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pfizer AstraZeneca Pfizer AstraZeneca attempted ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#_ AstraZeneca buy AstraZeneca 119 AstraZeneca drugs AstraZeneca Using AstraZeneca same AstraZeneca logic AstraZeneca said AstraZeneca no AstraZeneca arguments AstraZeneca looking AstraZeneca shaky ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#_ AstraZeneca recently AstraZeneca collaboration AstraZeneca Merck AstraZeneca Lynparza ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Array_BioPharmas_Selumetinib_ AstraZeneca selumetinib AstraZeneca similar AstraZeneca Ketruda AstraZeneca found AstraZeneca alter AstraZeneca survival AstraZeneca rate AstraZeneca head AstraZeneca neck

Cancer NYT Evaluating Cancer Drugs On Cost, Too - Economic situation /Cancer NYT Evaluating Cancer Drugs On Cost, Too
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2015_NYT_Evaluating_Cancer_Drugs_On Jun 2015 NYT Evaluating Cancer Drugs On Cancer high Cancer price Cancer oncology Cancer drugs Cancer stimulated Cancer ASCO ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ Cancer UHC Cancer develop Cancer analyses Cancer values Cancer costs Cancer published ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#ASCO_Value_Framework Cancer framework Cancer journal Cancer public Cancer review Cancer require Cancer oncologists Cancer approval Cancer every Cancer cancer Cancer administer Cancer Studies Cancer demodwbp Cancer awffwpwgsu Cancer National_Cancer_Institute_NCI_ Cancer JAMA Cancer Oncology Cancer failed Cancer correlate Cancer prices Cancer approved Cancer between Cancer 2009 Cancer 2013 Cancer prolonging Cancer life Cancer novelty Cancer awffwpwgco Cancer Memorial_Sloan Cancer Kettering_Cancer_Center Cancer recently Cancer announced Cancer tool Cancer allows Cancer people Cancer evaluate Cancer effectiveness Cancer clinical Cancer director Cancer center Cancer Beth_Israel_Deaconess_Medical_Center Cancer Dr Cancer Lowell Cancer Schnipper Cancer noted Cancer way Cancer ranking Cancer simply Cancer understanding Cancer outcome Cancer Hospital_clinical_trials_

V NYT I.V.F.'s Misleading Promise to Those Over 40 - Economic situation /V NYT I.V.F.'s Misleading Promise to Those Over 40
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_I.V.F.s_Misleading_Promise Oct 2016 NYT I.V.F.s Misleading Promise I.V Jane I.V E I.V Brody I.V reports I.V many I.V young I.V women I.V understandably I.V seduced I.V widely I.V publicised I.V message I.V chose I.V delay I.V pregnancy I.V unable I.V conceive I.V babies I.V vitro I.V fertilization I.V known I.V I I.V V I.V F I.V For I.V 40 I.V success I.V rate I.V around I.V 20 I.V fertility I.V industry I.V focus I.V successes I.V downplay I.V 80 I.V failure I.V And I.V healthy I.V unlikely I.V talk I.V about I.V experience I.V checked I.V data I.V C I.V D I.V clinics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IVF I.V results I.V disappointing I.V Using I.V fresh I.V frozen I.V eggs I.V embryos I.V age I.V fewer I.V 30 I.V became I.V pregnant I.V gave I.V birth I.V live I.V own I.V 42 I.V year I.V old I.V patients I.V delivered ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Columbia_University_Medical_Center_ I.V Columbia I.V Presbyterian I.V Medical I.V Center I.V former I.V director I.V Dr I.V Mark I.V Sauer I.V commented I.V Programs I.V brag I.V best I.V extraordinary I.V high I.V rates I.V There I.V hardly I.V turn I.V away I.V Saur I.V noted I.V younger I.V undergo I.V better I.V Fertility I.V Sterility I.V wrote I.V advanced I.V risk I.V factor I.V Pregnancy I.V Fetal I.V abnormalities I.V Stillbirths I.V Obstetric I.V complications I.V accepted I.V delaying I.V child I.V bearing I.V pursue I.V education I.V career I.V goals I.V But I.V real I.V danger I.V childlessness I.V individuals I.V choose I.V reproduction I.V Biology I.V means I.V fertile I.V between I.V 15 I.V ages I.V 35 I.V 45 I.V represent I.V terminal I.V decline I.V normal I.V fercundity I.V well I.V great I.V chromosomal

Effort A New Effort Has Doctors Turn Patients Into Donors - Economic situation /Effort A New Effort Has Doctors Turn Patients Into Donors
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2015_NYT_A_New_Effort_Has_Doctors Sep 2015 NYT A New Effort Has Doctors Effort Gina Effort Kolata Effort reports Effort well Effort cancer Effort patient Effort nearing Effort end Effort her Effort treatments Effort During Effort office Effort visit Effort she Effort says Effort doctor Effort I Effort thank Effort you Effort enough Effort care Effort provided Effort asks Effort simply Effort accept ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Gratitude Effort gratitude Effort gently Effort suggest Effort way Effort donation Effort There Effort pitfalls ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Emotions Effort Patients Effort emotionally Effort vulnerable Effort Doctors Effort very Effort close Effort ties Effort patients Effort strain Effort asking Effort sides Effort Incentives Effort sometimes Effort skew Effort toward Effort own Effort program Effort rather Effort needy Effort areas Effort hospital Effort research Effort study Effort Journal Effort Clinical Effort Oncology Effort conducted Effort Dr Effort Reshma Effort Jagsi Effort radiation Effort oncologist Effort ethicist Effort University Effort Michigan Effort asked Effort ethical Effort doctors Effort help Effort stay Effort business Effort completely ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Effort Harvard Effort demodwbp Effort awffwpwgco Effort Dana Effort Farber_Cancer_Institute_ Effort aims Effort leave Effort equation Effort just Effort directs Effort requesting Effort development Effort rejected Effort handing Effort brochurs Effort North Effort Carolina Effort LineBerger_Comprehensive_Cancer_Center_ Effort Lineberger Effort advises Effort oncologists Effort solicit Effort directly Effort notify Effort officer Effort seems Effort able Effort willing Effort donate Effort invites Effort lunch Effort When Effort gets Effort time Effort discuss Effort Previously Effort 2013 Effort noted Effort Beth_Israel_Deaconess_Medical_Center Effort Beth_Israel_and_flim_flam Effort encouraged

Back Bring Back House Calls - Economic situation /Back Bring Back House Calls
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Bring_Back_House_Calls Oct 2015 NYT Bring Back House Calls ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cardiology Back Sandeep Back Jauhar Back cardiologist Back novelist Back doctors Back improve Back treatments Back reduce Back costs Back smart Back use Back house Back calls Back writes Back US Back health Back system Back incorrectly Back views Back costly Back inefficient Back Before Back 1940 Back 40 Back patient Back encounters Back Today Back provide Back invaluable Back data ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CHF Back severe Back heart Back failure Back consequently Back too Back weak Back visit Back consulting Back room Back unless Back brought Back ED Back ambulance Back hospitalized Back four Back times Back six Back months Back lived Back mile Back visited Back kitchen Back sink Back mess Back dirty Back dishes Back fridge Back close Back empty Back Canned Back soup Back high Back sodium Back would Back problematic Back His Back wife Back appeared Back exhausted Back She Back stopped Back driving Back way Back medications Back prescribed Back Doctors Back hospitals Back Have Back tried Back ensure Back patients Back obtain Back know Back take Back Don Back often Back communicate Back PCP Back timely Back follow Back ups Back home ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Readmissions Back Re Back hospitalization Back medical Back network Back increased Back 50 Back last Back thirty Back years Back One Back five Back Medicare Back discharged Back And Back traumatizing Back Unplanned Back readmissions Back 17 Back billion Back CMS Back punishing Back rates Back 2014 Back 600 Back fined Back 3 Back total Back revenue Back 420 Back million Back fines Back surprisingly Back changed Back behavior Back Hospitals Back found Back more Back profitable Back keep Back beds Back full Back readmitted Back payment Back rewarding ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Medstar_Texas Back Medstar Back integrated Back service Back If Back 911 Back visits Back resulted Back 80 Back reduction Back group

Arrest NYT An Executive's Arrest Gives Drug Makers Cover - Economic situation /Arrest NYT An Executive's Arrest Gives Drug Makers Cover
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_An_Executives_Arrest_Gives Dec 2015 NYT An Executives Arrest Gives Arrest Andrew Arrest Pollack Arrest reports Arrest during Arrest three Arrest months Arrest household Arrest name Arrest Martin Arrest Shkreli Arrest walking Arrest talking Arrest incessantly Arrest personification Arrest pharmaceutical Arrest industry Arrest worst Arrest nightmares Arrest greedy Arrest drug Arrest company Arrest executive Arrest But Arrest removed Arrest focus Arrest real Arrest cause Arrest high Arrest cost Arrest impacts Arrest economy Arrest large Arrest numbers Arrest above Arrest inflation Arrest increases Arrest volume Arrest drugs Arrest mainline Arrest companies Arrest argue Arrest research Arrest invent Arrest innovative Arrest while ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Turing_Pharmaceuticals_ Arrest Turing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Questcor_pharmaceuticals_ Arrest Ovation Arrest Questcor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Valient_Pharmaceuticals Arrest Valeant Arrest rotten Arrest apples Arrest demodwbp Arrest awffwpwbeco13 Arrest Sep_2015_NYT_Once_a_neglected_treatment Arrest Congress Arrest investigations Arrest focused Arrest Really Arrest situation Arrest broad Arrest based Arrest contributions Arrest Eli Arrest Lilly Arrest Pfizer Arrest Dec_2015_NYT_No_Justification_for_High Arrest wasting Arrest hours Arrest hospital Arrest staff Arrest time Arrest arrange Arrest reimbursement Arrest financial Arrest assistance Arrest patients ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Gilead_Sciences_ Arrest Gilead ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sovaldi_pricing Arrest pricing Arrest Sovaldi Arrest Pricing Arrest awffwpwgl Arrest gl_Multiple_sclerosis Arrest multiple Arrest risen Arrest 10 Arrest 000 Arrest around Arrest 2000 Arrest 60 Arrest year Arrest 2015 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Novartis Arrest Novartis Arrest Gleevec Arrest trippling Arrest price Arrest 2001

Justification NYT No Justification for High Drug Prices - Economic situation /Justification NYT No Justification for High Drug Prices
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_No_Justification_for_High Dec 2015 NYT No Justification for High Justification editors Justification argue Justification le Justification evidence Justification drug Justification prices Justification pushed Justification astronomical Justification heights Justification no Justification reason Justification desire Justification makers Justification maximize Justification profits Justification Prices Justification many Justification cases Justification far Justification exceed Justification needed Justification cover Justification costs Justification research Justification demodwbp Justification awffwpwgco Justification Hospital_clinical_trials_ Justification clinical Justification companies Justification found Justification ways Justification rake Justification without Justification shouldering Justification development Justification While Justification PhRMA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Turing_Pharmaceuticals_ Justification described Justification Turing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Valient_Pharmaceuticals Justification Valeant Justification awffwpwbeco13 Justification Sep_2015_NYT_Once_a_neglected_treatment Justification essentially Justification investment Justification vehicles Justification masquerading Justification pharmaceutical Justification mainstream Justification set Justification high ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Eli_Lilly Justification Eli Justification Lilly Justification Portrazza Justification costing Justification 11 Justification 430 Justification month Justification U ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pfizer Justification Pfizer Justification Ibrance Justification 9 Justification 850 Justification editorial Justification industry Justification often Justification defends Justification noting Justification drugs Justification account Justification only Justification 10 Justification nation Justification wide Justification health Justification spending Justification But Justification write Justification employer Justification based Justification insurance Justification plans Justification benefits Justification 19 Justification inpatient Justification hospital Justification care Justification according Justification recent Justification analysis Justification awffwpwgsu Justification Kaiser_family_foundation_ Justification And Justification surveys Justification shown Justification Americans Justification difficulty Justification paying Justification Major Justification increase Justification more Justification year Justification faster Justification inflation Justification straining Justification system

Jun 2016 NYT Valeant Jun 2016 NYT Valeant Reports First-Quarter Loss as Chief Assures Bright Future - Economic situation /Jun 2016 NYT Valeant Jun 2016 NYT Valeant Reports First-Quarter Loss as Chief Assures Bright Future
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_NYT_Valeant_Reports Jun 2016 NYT Valeant Reports Valeant Katie Valeant Thomas Valeant reports Valeant Joseph Valeant C Valeant Papa Valeant chief Valeant executive Valeant demodwbp Valeant awffwpwgsu Valeant Valient_Pharmaceuticals Valeant strove Valeant signal Valeant company Valeant worst Valeant problems Valeant behind Valeant telling Valeant analysts Valeant future Valeant bright Valeant despite Valeant repeatedly Valeant described Valeant speed Valeant bumps Valeant noted Valeant results Valeant actually Valeant disapointing Valeant trouble Valeant core Valeant businesses Valeant Dermatology Valeant revenue Valeant fell Valeant 43 Valeant relative Valeant Q1 Valeant 2015 Valeant Gastrointestinal Valeant sales Valeant Xifaxan Valeant reached Valeant 208 Valeant million Valeant lower Valeant expected Valeant steming Valeant _and_Walgreens Valeant prescription Valeant Walgreens Valeant Ophthalmology Valeant 30 Valeant earnings Valeant forcasts Valeant adjusted Valeant suggests Valeant companies Valeant troubles Valeant extend Valeant legal Valeant issues Valeant investigations Valeant awffwpwbpol13 Valeant Nov_2015_AP_Senate_Opens_Inquiry_Into Valeant 374 Valeant quarter Valeant troubling Valeant By_11_Nov_2015_the_shares_have_fallen Valeant huge Valeant shifts Valeant away Valeant price Valeant increases Valeant acquisitions Valeant executives Valeant said Valeant working Valeant insurers Valeant secure Valeant better Valeant coverage Valeant Jublia ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Valient_Pharmaceuticals Valeant Shares Valeant traded Valeant after Valeant presentation Valeant Analysts Valeant argued Valeant debt Valeant load Valeant leaves Valeant little Valeant room Valeant error Valeant And Valeant based Valeant cash Valeant operations Valeant David Valeant Maris Valeant Wells Valeant Fargo Valeant see Valeant debtholders Valeant enthusiastic Valeant about Valeant restructuring

the Money-Back Guarantees - Economic situation /the Money-Back Guarantees
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2017_NYTProPublica_Considering_the Jul 2017 NYTProPublica Considering the Katie Thomas Charles Ornstein report more decade ago Italy tried novel approach help bring down drug costs asking pharmaceutical companies return money national health system medicines failed work expected effort largely flopped note Trump administration considering encouraging similar demodwbp awffwpwgl gl_Outcomes based_contracts outcomes prescription drugs after executives raised idea meeting January 2017 draft order focused combating rising prices includes concept variety developed deals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Merck Merck diabetes Januvia Janumet sold contracts patients goals control ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Novartis Novartis offers CHF treatment Entresto refunds too many hospitalized ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Amgen Amgen agreed pay full awffwpwgco Harvard_Pilgrim_Health_Care_ taking Repatha ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_attack suffered heart attack setbacks back pocket expenses spent But Lahey_Hospital__Medical_Center_ chief cardiologist Dr Fredrick Resnic noted costly doctors only prescribe really There little reason why reduce Pharmaceutical list manufacturers require agreement criteria measured

May 2018 NYT May 2018 NYT Novartis's Top Lawyer is Out Amid Furor Over Payments to Michael Cohen - Economic situation /May 2018 NYT May 2018 NYT Novartis's Top Lawyer is Out Amid Furor Over Payments to Michael Cohen
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2018_NYT_Novartiss_Top_Lawyer_is May 2018 NYT Novartiss Top Lawyer is Novartis Prashant Novartis S Novartis Rao Novartis Katie Novartis Thomas Novartis report Novartis top Novartis lawyer Novartis retire Novartis company Novartis payments Novartis made Novartis pharmaceutical Novartis giant Novartis President Novartis Trump Novartis personal Novartis Michael Novartis D Novartis Cohen Novartis Swiss Novartis drug Novartis maker Novartis said Novartis gain Novartis good Novartis relationship Novartis US Novartis federal Novartis government Novartis keen Novartis repeal Novartis ACA Novartis promised Novartis tough Novartis prices Novartis demodwbp Novartis awffwpwbpol13 Novartis May_2018_NYT_As_Trump_Prepares_Plan_to Novartis applications Novartis F Novartis drugs Novartis Kymriah Novartis 475 Novartis 000 Novartis investigated Novartis Marketing Novartis practices Novartis Gilenya Novartis Subpoenaed Novartis industry Novartis wide Novartis investigations Novartis Price Novartis fixing Novartis among Novartis generic Novartis makers Novartis Role Novartis contributions Novartis awffwpwbeco13 Novartis Sep_2016_NYT_Furor_Over_Drug_Prices_Puts Novartis charitable Novartis patients Novartis products Novartis For Novartis conduct Novartis overseas Novartis Asia Novartis Greece Novartis Russia

Describe NYT Researchers Describe Costly Waste in Cancer Drugs - Economic situation /Describe NYT Researchers Describe Costly Waste in Cancer Drugs
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_Researchers_Describe_Costly Mar 2016 NYT Researchers Describe Costly Describe Gardiner Describe Harris Describe reports Describe federal Describe Medicare Describe program Describe private Describe health Describe insurers Describe waste Describe nearly Describe 3 Describe billion Describe every Describe year Describe buying Describe cancer Describe medications Describe thrown Describe many Describe drug Describe makers Describe distribute Describe drugs Describe only Describe vails Describe hold Describe too Describe patients Describe group Describe researchers Describe led Describe Dr Describe Peter Describe Bach Describe Leonard Describe Saltz Describe demodwbp Describe awffwpwgco Describe Memorial_Sloan Describe Kettering_Cancer_Center Describe Center Describe policy Describe reported Describe BMJ Describe Europe Describe governments Describe insist Describe distribution Describe smaller Describe vials ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mercks_Keytruda_ Describe Expensive Describe Ketruda Describe 100mg Describe 2 Describe 4 Describe 5 Describe years Describe discards ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Centocors_Remicade Describe Remicade Describe Velcade Describe 309 Describe million Describe discarded Describe supplies Describe US Describe typically Describe injected Describe nurses Describe Drug Describe exclusively Describe sell Describe size Describe fits Describe Often Describe pay Describe 20 Describe copayment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Describe F Describe Christopher Describe Kelly Describe said Describe practice Describe acceptable Describe 18 Describe top Describe sold Describe just Describe two Describe sizes Describe average ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Tevas_Treanda Describe Some Describe Treanda Describe little Describe calculated Describe selling Describe 8 Describe another Describe spent Describe markups

Sales Lucrative Drugs, Raising Ethical Issues - Economic situation /Sales Lucrative Drugs, Raising Ethical Issues
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2016_NYT_The_Patients_Sales_Pitch_- Jan 2016 NYT The Patients Sales Pitch - Sales Andre Sales Pollack Sales reports Sales LaQuenta Sales Caldwell Sales Moody Sales considered Sales improper Sales pharmacy Sales sales Sales representative Sales tried Sales take Sales her Sales teenage Sales son Sales minor Sales dinner Sales without Sales salesman Sales parent Sales hemophiliac Sales She Sales felt Sales trying Sales woo Sales business Sales Austin Sales 1 Sales million Sales treatment Sales year ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hemophilia Sales Hemophilia Sales drug Sales treatments Sales expensive Sales dispensed Sales demodwbp Sales awffwpwgl Sales gl_Specialty_pharmacies Sales specialty Sales pharmacies Sales hiring Sales patients Sales relatives Sales gain Sales access Sales sell Sales more Sales products Sales National Sales Foundation Sales agree Sales lot Sales working Sales industry Sales argue Sales employing Sales hemophiliacs Sales improves Sales understanding Sales drugs Sales contaminated Sales HIV Sales hepatitis Sales made Sales sceptical Sales general Sales Specialty Sales focused Sales include Sales BioRx Sales awffwpwgco Sales Brothers_Specialty_RX Sales Factor_Support_Network Sales Support Sales owners Sales Alabama Sales recently Sales convicted Sales inflating Sales bills Sales Medicaid Sales paying Sales huge Sales commissions Sales members Sales community Sales recruit Sales Pharmaceutical Sales manufacturers Sales targeting Sales market Sales Companies Sales leader Sales Baxalta Sales Bayer Sales CSL Sales Pfizer Sales Novo Sales Nordisk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#biogen Sales entrants Sales Biogen Sales Roche ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Sales PBM Sales counteracting Sales awffwpwbeco13 Sales Jun_2014_NYT_Health_Insurers_pressing Sales use Sales specific Sales fulfillment

Drug NYT Libido Drug Aids Women Only Slightly - Economic situation /Drug NYT Libido Drug Aids Women Only Slightly
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_Libido_Drug_Aids_Women_Only Mar 2016 NYT Libido Drug Aids Women Only Drug Sabrina Drug Tavernise Drug reports Drug half Drug satisfying Drug sexual Drug encounter Drug month Drug average Drug benefit Drug women Drug gets Drug she Drug starts Drug take Drug Addyi Drug according Drug study Drug JAMA Drug Internal Drug Medicine Drug results Drug slightly Drug reduced Drug benefits Drug submitted Drug F Drug D Drug during Drug approvals Drug researcher Drug analyzed Drug 5 Drug 900 Drug using Drug pooling Drug data Drug concluded Drug treatment Drug flibanserin Drug resulted Drug sexually Drug Opponents Drug drug Drug commented Drug side effect Drug increased Drug risk Drug dizziness Drug sleepiness Drug nausea Drug fatigue Drug made Drug use Drug questionable

a NYT Once a neglected treatment, Now an Expensive Specialty Drug - Economic situation /a NYT Once a neglected treatment, Now an Expensive Specialty Drug
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2015_NYT_Once_a_neglected_treatment Sep 2015 NYT Once a neglected treatment Once Andrew Once Pollack Once reports Once former Once hedge Once fund Once manager ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Turing_Pharmaceuticals_ Once run Once startup Once Turing Once pharmaceuticals Once acquired Once 62 Once year Once old Once drug Once Daraprim Once overnight Once increased Once price Once 13 Once 50 Once 750 Once tablet Once noted Once process Once general Once While Once public Once attention Once focused Once pricing Once drugs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sovaldi_pricing Once Sovaldi Once Blincyto Once growing Once concern Once about Once older Once generic Once long Once mainstays Once treatment Once Especially Once based Once redefining Once neglected Once demodwbp Once awffwpwgl Once gl_Specialty_medications Once specialty ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Rodelis_cycloserine Once Cycloserine ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Eli_Lilly Once Eli Once Lilly Once Seromycin Once just Once 500 Once 30 Once pills Once 10 Once 800 Once after Once acquisition Once awffwpwgsu Once Rodelis_Therapeutics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Valients_Isuprel Once Isuprel Once 525 Once Nitropress Once 212 Once Valient_Pharmaceuticals Once Valeant Once purchased Once Marathon Once Pharmaceuticals Once previously Once quintupled Once prices Once Doxycycline Once went Once 20 Once bottle Once October Once 2013 Once 849 Once April Once 2014 Once US Once blocked Once flows Once Canada Once Hospitals Once likely Once control Once stocks Once high Once priced ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mount_Sinai_Hospital Once Mount Once Sinai Once awffwpwgco Once Mount_Sinais_Dr Once _Judith_Aberg Once Dr Once commented Once seems Once profit Once driven Once somebody Once think Once very Once dangerous

Effects NYT Side Effects of Hijacking Drug Prices - Economic situation /Effects NYT Side Effects of Hijacking Drug Prices
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Side_Effects_of_Hijacking Oct 2015 NYT Side Effects of Hijacking Effects Gretchen Effects Morgenson Effects Fair Effects Game Effects Until Effects recently Effects investors Effects positively Effects struck Effects drug Effects companies Effects raise Effects prices Effects indiscriminately Effects letting Effects patients Effects struggle Effects pay Effects freight Effects Lauded Effects laser Effects like Effects focus Effects shareholder Effects returns Effects demodwbp Effects awffwpwgsu Effects Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Effects multinational Effects awffwpwgl Effects gl_Specialty_medications Effects specialty Effects company Effects based Effects Quebec Effects received Effects high Effects marks Effects higher Effects valuations Effects besotted Effects shareholders Effects many Effects pharmaceutical Effects use Effects business Effects model Effects And Effects every Effects year ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anger Effects But Effects anger Effects US Effects politicians Effects led Effects stock Effects drops Effects adverse Effects publicity Effects pointing Effects downside Effects Turing Effects expelled Effects awffwpwgco Effects Biotechnology_Industry_Organization_ Effects Democratic Effects members Effects House Effects Committee Effects Oversight Effects Government Effects Reform Effects investigating Effects asked Effects provide Effects documents Effects about Effects increases Effects declined Effects September Effects 2015 Effects 18 Effects committee Effects Republican Effects chairman Effects subpoena Effects sending Effects significantly Effects lost Effects 30 Effects August Effects 262 Effects 52 Effects states Effects priced Effects treatments Effects factors Effects clinical Effects benefits Effects value Effects bring Effects physicians Effects payers Effects society

Find Hospitals Find Valeant Pledge of Drug Discount Hollow - Economic situation /Find Hospitals Find Valeant Pledge of Drug Discount Hollow
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_Hospitals_Find_Valeant May 2016 NYT Hospitals Find Valeant Find Katie Valeant Katie Find Thomas Valeant Thomas Find reports Valeant reports Find Cleveland Valeant Cleveland Find Clinic Valeant Clinic Find widely Valeant widely Find top Valeant top Find heart Valeant heart Find hospital Valeant hospital Find country Valeant country Find demodwbp Valeant demodwbp Find awffwpwgsu Valeant awffwpwgsu Find Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Valeant Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Find pledged Valeant pledged Find Congress Valeant Congress Find would Valeant would Find offer Valeant offer Find hospitals Valeant hospitals Find breaks Valeant breaks Find 30 Valeant 30 Find percent Valeant percent Find two Valeant two Find expensive Valeant expensive Find drugs Valeant drugs Find officials Valeant officials Find figured Valeant figured Find company Valeant company Find soon Valeant soon Find writes Valeant writes Find awffwpwgco Valeant awffwpwgco Find CC_Chief_pharmacy_officer_Scott_Knoer_ Valeant CC_Chief_pharmacy_officer_Scott_Knoer_ Find chief Valeant chief Find CPO Valeant CPO Find heard Valeant heard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Johns_Hopkins_ Find true Valeant true Find Johns Valeant Johns ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mayo_Clinic Find Hopkins Valeant Hopkins Find Mayo Valeant Mayo Find New_York_Presbyterian_Hospital_ Valeant New_York_Presbyterian_Hospital_ Find University_of_Utah_Hospital_ Valeant University_of_Utah_Hospital_ Find Health Valeant Health Find Care Valeant Care Find System Valeant System Find 640 Valeant 640 Find 000 Valeant 000 Find year Valeant year Find Senator Valeant Senator Find Susan Valeant Susan Find Collins Valeant Collins Find Maine Valeant Maine Find Pershing_Square_Capital_Management Valeant Pershing_Square_Capital_Management Find William Valeant William

Up Own - Economic situation /Up Own
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2018_NYT_Fed_Up_With_Drug_Companies Jan 2018 NYT Fed Up With Drug Companies Up Reed Up Abelson Up Katie Up Thomas Up report Up years Up hospital Up executives Up expressed Up frustration Up essential Up drugs Up like Up heart Up medicines Up scarce Up prices Up skyrocketed Up investors Up manipulated Up market Up More Up 300 Up hospitals Up demodwbp Up awffwpwgco Up Intermountain_Healthcare_of_Utah ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Ascension_Health_ Up Ascension Up Health Up Trinity Up responded Up fixing Up generic Up forming ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Project_Rx_ Up Project Up Rx Up own Up company Up Healthcare Up CEO Up Dr Up Marc Up Harrison Up commented Up shot Up across Up bow Up bad Up guys Up going Up lay Up down Up ahead Up try ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VA Up VA Up interest Up participating Up noted Up plan Up target Up areas Up where Up problems Up said Up would Up seek Up approval Up F Up recall Up notable Up Turing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Turings_Daraprim Up Daraprim ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Valeants_Nitropress Up Valeant Up Nitropress ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Valeants_Isuprel Up Isuprel Up But Up struggling Up shortfalls Up injectable Up morphine Up sodium Up bicarbonate Up Richard Up Gilfillan Up seeing Up acceleration Up shortages Up escalation Up There Up push Up back Up either Up Anthony Up Tersigni Up felt Up solve Up themselves Up took Up position Up collectively Up rather Up waiting Up hoping Up companies Up address Up head Up Carolyn Up Clancy Up pharmacy Up experts Up working Up details Up possible Up involvement Up Our Up strong Up here Up minimizing Up impact Up don Up necessarily Up control Up supply Up constantly Up scanning Up horizon Up attentive Up interruptions Up chains ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Duke_University_ Up Duke Up University Up School Up Medicine Up awffwpwgsu Up Duke_University_CRIs_Kevin_Schulman Up advising Up Schulman Up studies Up If Up agree Up buy Up enough Up sustain Up effort Up you Up huge Up threat Up people Up trying Up want Up think Up twice Up Other Up advisors Up include Up Nebraska Up Senator Up Bob Up Kerrey Up former Up CMS Up administrator Up Harvard_MSs_Donald_Berwick_Clinical Up Donald Up Amgen Up rely Up third Up party Up manufacturers Up make Up Initially Up sell ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#University_of_Utah_ Up Utah Up University_of_Utahs_Pharmacotherapy Up Erin

Management NYT Elliot Management Is Said Push for Changes at Alexion - Economic situation /Management NYT Elliot Management Is Said Push for Changes at Alexion
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_Elliot_Management_Is_Said Dec 2017 NYT Elliot Management Is Said Management Michael Management de Management la Management Merced Management reports Management demodwbp Management awffwpwgsu Management Alexion_Pharmaceuticals Management remade Management executive Management ranks Management past Management year Management bid Management turn Management around Management fortunes Management But ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Management biggest Management activist Management hedge Management funds Management thinks Management company Management efforts Management haven Management enough ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Elliott_Management_Corporation Management Elliott Management invested Management urging Management more Management Offering Management aggressive Management financial Management performance Management guidance Management Considering Management strategic Management alternatives Management selling Management itself Management lift Management stock Management price Management Otherwise Management begin Management proxy Management fight Management claim Management seat Management board Management expressed Management support Management strategy Management suggested Management improvements Management Perform Management cost Management cutting Management Set Management higher Management targets Management Better Management communicate Management investors Management analysts Management Add Management biotech Management experts Management directors Management Apparently Management recommended Management four Management names Management Avoid Management acquisitions Management outside Management core Management competence Management Activist Management control Management 125 Management billion Management searching Management leverage Management numerous Management problems Management under Management previous Management management Management Required Management internal Management investigation Management sales Management practices Management Acquistion Management Synageva Management failed Management main Management drug Management Kanuma Management value Management written Management off Management hired Management Ludwig Management Hantson Management Baxalta Management CEO ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#biogen Management Paul Management Clancy Management Biogen Management CFO Management Annual Management profits Management doubled Management 2016 Management 399 Management million Management Analysts Management positive Management about Management next Management ALXN1210 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Alexions_Soliris Management updated Management Soliris ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Leerink_Partners_ Management Leerink Management Geoffrey Management Porges Management said Management I Management absolutely Management doing Management everything Management ask Management However Management warned Management eventually Management takeover Management industry Management consolidates Management where Management whole

Scion Activist Campaign - Economic situation /Scion Activist Campaign
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2018_NYT_Bush_Scion_Is_Out_as_Health Jun 2018 NYT Bush Scion Is Out as Health Scion Kate Scion Kelly Scion David Scion Enrich Scion report Scion member Scion America Scion best Scion known Scion families Scion resigned Scion health Scion care Scion technology Scion company Scion started Scion more Scion two Scion decades Scion ago Scion victory Scion world Scion powerful Scion hedge Scion funds ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Elliott_Management_Corporation Scion Elliott Scion Management Scion having Scion made Scion hostile Scion takeover Scion attempt Scion AthenaHealth Scion 2018 Scion valued Scion 6 Scion 5 Scion billion Scion forces Scion founder Scion CEO Scion Bush Scion dynasty Scion cousin Scion amid Scion accusations Scion metoo Scion issues Scion staff Scion ex Scion wife Scion argued Scion strategic Scion management Scion errors Scion left Scion undervalued Scion Other Scion shareholders ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Janus_Henderson_Global_Investors Scion Janus Scion Henderson Scion ClearBridge Scion joined Scion criticism Scion pushing Scion consider Scion sale Scion acquired Scion 9 Scion 2017 Scion announced Scion departure Scion noted Scion evaluating Scion options Scion installed Scion chairman Scion Jeff Scion Immelt Scion run Scion interim Scion Jonathan Scion always Scion passionate Scion about Scion services Scion college Scion New Scion Orleans Scion ambulance Scion driver Scion medic Scion Army Scion cofounded Scion became Scion 1997 Scion public Scion 2007 Scion expanded Scion rapidly Scion healthcare Scion IT Scion 114 Scion 000 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EHR Scion providers Scion EHR Scion includes Scion 110 Scion million Scion patient Scion records

Fleeing With Insurers Fleeing, Hedge Funds Face Reckoning - Economic situation /Fleeing With Insurers Fleeing, Hedge Funds Face Reckoning
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_With_Insurers_Fleeing May 2016 NYT With Insurers Fleeing Fleeing James Fleeing Stewart Fleeing reports Fleeing like Fleeing many Fleeing sophisticated Fleeing investors Fleeing nations Fleeing largest Fleeing insurers Fleeing drank Fleeing hedge Fleeing fund Fleeing Kool Fleeing Aid Fleeing pooring Fleeing billions Fleeing high Fleeing fee Fleeing investment Fleeing funds Fleeing helping Fleeing assetts Fleeing 3 Fleeing trillion Fleeing Now Fleeing comes Fleeing hangover Fleeing Insurance Fleeing company Fleeing earnings Fleeing last Fleeing quarter Fleeing damaged Fleeing steep Fleeing losses Fleeing responded Fleeing AIG Fleeing said Fleeing would Fleeing cut Fleeing exposure Fleeing 5 Fleeing end Fleeing 2017 Fleeing 11 Fleeing today Fleeing Metlife Fleeing reduce Fleeing portfolio Fleeing 600 Fleeing million Fleeing 8 Fleeing Pension Fleeing endowments Fleeing similarly Fleeing impacted

Capital NYT Perry Capital Fund Closing as Clients Flee - Economic situation /Capital NYT Perry Capital Fund Closing as Clients Flee
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_Perry_Capital_Fund_Closing Sep 2016 NYT Perry Capital Fund Closing Capital Alexandra Capital Stevenson Capital Matthew Capital Goldstein Capital report Capital Richard Capital C Capital Perry ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Capital hedge Capital fund Capital industry Capital successful Capital investors Capital shuttering Capital flagship Capital clients Capital leave Capital after Capital steep Capital losses Capital company Capital performance Capital started Capital suffer Capital Mr Capital Leff Capital senior Capital managers Capital left Capital firm Capital around Capital 2014 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Perry_Capital_ Capital latest Capital casualty Capital wave Capital closures Capital high Capital fees Capital low Capital returns Capital amid Capital difficult Capital markets Capital grew Capital pulling Capital billions Capital dollars Capital public Capital pension Capital funds Capital endowments Capital But Capital competition Capital made Capital harder Capital find Capital niches Capital where ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Third_Point Capital Third Capital Point Capital Daniel Capital Loeb Capital catastrophic Capital period Capital first Capital innings Capital washout Capital Investors Capital MetLife Capital CalPERS Capital AIG Capital New York Capital City Capital plan Capital pushing Capital back Capital model Capital withdrawn Capital money Capital firms Capital capital Capital beginning Capital October Capital liquidate Capital assets Capital returned Capital later ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Perry_Capital_ Capital managed Capital 15 Capital peak Capital From Capital 1988 Capital 2016 Capital averaged Capital 10 Capital taken Capital long Capital term Capital positions Capital against Capital Argentine Capital Greek Capital demodwbp Capital awffwpwbeco13 Capital June_2016_NYT_The_Soup_Kitchens_of Capital defaulted Capital US Capital governments Capital robsstrategystudio Capital org Capital awfcascb Capital Government_chartered_investing_companies Capital Fannie Capital shareholder Capital dividend Capital policy Capital led Capital lawsuit Capital treatment Capital bullish Capital about Capital Puerto Capital Rican Capital debt Capital opportunities Capital Aug_2015_NYT_Krugman_Americas_Un

Damage Shortages Nationwide - Economic situation /Damage Shortages Nationwide
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_NYT_Hurricane_Damage_in_Puerto Oct 2017 NYT Hurricane Damage in Puerto Damage Katie Damage Thomas Damage Sheila Damage Kaplan Damage report Damage federal Damage officials Damage major Damage drug Damage makers Damage scrambling Damage prevent Damage nationwide Damage shortages Damage critical Damage drugs Damage treating Damage cancer Damage diabetes Damage demodwbp Damage awffwpwgl Damage gl_Heart_disease Damage heart Damage well Damage medical Damage devices Damage supplies Damage manufactured Damage 80 Damage plants Damage hurricane Damage ravaged Damage Puerto Rico Damage Drugs Damage main Damage exports Damage world Damage largest Damage pharmaceutical Damage manufacturers Damage generating Damage revenue Damage 15 Damage billion Damage year Damage 13 Damage top Damage selling Damage brand Damage name Damage produced Damage Humira Damage Xarelto Damage disruption Damage significant Damage Diesel Damage needed Damage backup Damage generators Damage Roads Damage cleared Damage 100 Damage 000 Damage employees Damage reach Damage business Damage sites Damage Phone Damage networks Damage operational Damage Companies Damage incented Damage setup Damage tax Damage breaks Damage access Damage US Damage mainland Damage skilled Damage low Damage salary Damage But Damage years Damage ago Damage terminated Damage many Damage factories Damage closed Damage companies Damage consistent Damage refrigeration Damage avoid Damage Fuel Damage power Damage concerns Damage Advamed Damage requesting Damage priority Damage grid Damage restored Damage awffwpwgsu Damage Johnson__Johnson Damage said Damage strong Damage team Damage working Damage incredible Damage logistical Damage challenges Damage seeing Damage progress Damage day Damage Tylenol Damage Prezista Damage island ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Damage commissioner Damage awffwpwbpol13 Damage May_2017_NYT_Senate_Confirms_Scott Damage Scott Damage noted Damage Some Damage impacted Damage products Damage Americans Damage public Damage health Damage consequences Damage list Damage about Damage 40 Damage very Damage concerned Damage reflects Damage maybe Damage firms Damage Thirteen Damage sole Damage source Damage HIV Damage medications Damage injectable Damage Methotrexate Damage used Damage childhood Damage leukemia Damage scarce Damage several Damage five Damage reported ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mylan_ Damage Mylan Damage makes Damage methotrexate Damage closely Damage help Damage address Damage take Damage opportunity Damage shift Damage production Damage overseas Damage University Damage Utah Damage expert Damage Erin Damage Fox Damage awffwpwgco Damage Hospital_pharmacy_ Damage hospital Damage monitoring Damage storms Damage exacerbate Damage already Damage dire Damage problem Damage hard Damage estimate Damage consider Damage where Damage trade Damage secret Damage Baxter Damage center Damage previous Damage Intravenous_solution_supplies

Crisis NYT The Next Crisis for Puerto Rico; A Crush of Foreclosures - Economic situation /Crisis NYT The Next Crisis for Puerto Rico; A Crush of Foreclosures
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT_The_Next_Crisis_for_Puerto Dec 2017 NYT The Next Crisis for Puerto Crisis Matthew Crisis Goldstein Crisis reports Crisis Puerto Rico Crisis awful Crisis decade Crisis about Crisis worse Crisis While Crisis financial Crisis trouble Crisis demodwbp Crisis awffwpwbeco13 Crisis Dec_2015_NYT_Pfizers_Long_War_on Crisis May_2017_NYT_Message_of_Puerto_Rico_Debt Crisis before Crisis hurricane Crisis Maria Crisis Oct_2017_NYT_Hurricane_Damage_in_Puerto Crisis devastated Crisis housing Crisis meltdown Crisis match Crisis devastation Crisis Detroit Crisis where Crisis half Crisis houses Crisis abandoned Crisis Already Crisis third Crisis 425 Crisis 000 Crisis homeowners Crisis behind Crisis mortgage Crisis payments Crisis Wall Crisis Street Crisis firms ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Credit_Suisse_ Crisis Credit Crisis Suisse Crisis Goldman Crisis Sachs Crisis Blackstone Crisis Finance ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#TPG_Capital_ Crisis America Crisis Reverse Crisis TPG Crisis Capital Crisis Cayman Crisis affiliate Crisis already Crisis purchased Crisis distressed Crisis debt Crisis 90 Crisis borrowers Crisis became Crisis delinquent Crisis consequence Crisis 35 Crisis foreclosure Crisis delinquency Crisis rate Crisis more Crisis twice Crisis US Crisis average Crisis 14 Crisis height Crisis crisis Crisis collapse Crisis Rican Crisis economy Crisis removes Crisis income Crisis needed Crisis make Crisis But Crisis currently Crisis million Crisis people Crisis struggling Crisis survive Crisis moratorium Crisis foreclosing Crisis imposed Crisis federal Crisis government Crisis HUD Crisis expire Crisis early Crisis 2018 Crisis expected Crisis trigger Crisis surge Crisis foreclosures Crisis fix Crisis market Crisis would Crisis require Crisis banks Crisis investors Crisis rework Crisis terms Crisis forgo Crisis missed Crisis guaranteeing Crisis reverse Crisis mortgages Crisis little Crisis incentive Crisis holds Crisis 40 Crisis reschedule

Rising NYT Woes Rising, Valeant Puts A Staid Spin On Its Plans - Economic situation /Rising NYT Woes Rising, Valeant Puts A Staid Spin On Its Plans
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_Woes_Rising_Valeant_Puts_A Mar 2016 NYT Woes Rising Valeant Puts A Rising Katie Valeant Katie Rising Thomas Valeant Thomas Rising reports Valeant reports Rising back Valeant back Rising stock Valeant stock Rising soared Valeant soared Rising investors Valeant investors Rising fawned Valeant fawned Rising just Valeant just Rising six Valeant six Rising months Valeant months Rising ago Valeant ago Rising demodwbp Valeant demodwbp Rising awffwpwgsu Valeant awffwpwgsu Rising Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Valeant Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Rising billed Valeant billed Rising itself Valeant itself Rising kind Valeant kind Rising drug Valeant drug Rising company Valeant company Rising Now Valeant Now Rising old Valeant old Rising fashioned Valeant fashioned Rising Executives Valeant Executives Rising talking Valeant talking Rising about Valeant about Rising investing Valeant investing Rising R Valeant R Rising D Valeant D Rising paying Valeant paying Rising down Valeant down Rising debt Valeant debt Rising number Valeant number Rising issues Valeant issues Rising limit Valeant limit Rising actions Valeant actions Rising more Valeant more Rising market Valeant market Rising cap Valeant cap Rising 24 Valeant 24 Rising billion Valeant billion Rising share Valeant share Rising price Valeant price Rising fall Valeant fall ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Rising Channel Valeant Channel Rising around Valeant around Rising PBM Valeant PBM ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Philidor_Rx_Services Rising Philidor Valeant Philidor Rising closed Valeant closed Rising awffwpwgco Valeant awffwpwgco Rising CVS_Caremark_Pharmacy_Beneftis_Manager Valeant CVS_Caremark_Pharmacy_Beneftis_Manager Rising Express Scripts Valeant Express Scripts Rising announced Valeant announced Rising limits Valeant limits Rising coverage Valeant coverage Rising Jublia Valeant Jublia Rising Powerful Valeant Powerful Rising people Valeant people Rising angry Valeant angry Rising awffwpwbeco13 Valeant awffwpwbeco13 Rising Oct_2015_NYT_Side_Effects_of_Hijacking Valeant Oct_2015_NYT_Side_Effects_of_Hijacking

Makers Drug Makers Sidestep Barriers On Pricing - Economic situation /Makers Drug Makers Sidestep Barriers On Pricing
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Drug_Makers_Sidestep Oct 2015 NYT Drug Makers Sidestep Makers Andrew Makers Pollack Makers reports Makers Duexis ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Horizon_Pharma_ Makers Horizon Makers costs Makers 1 Makers 500 Makers month Makers combination Makers two Makers old Makers drugs Makers Motrin Makers Pepcid Makers combined Makers generic Makers prices Makers 60 Makers sales Makers growing Makers catalytic Makers lifier Makers demodwbp Makers awffwpwgsu Makers Horizons_Prescriptions_Made_Easy Makers Prescriptions Makers strategy Makers adopted Makers pharmaceutical Makers companies Makers high Makers market Makers capitalizations Makers Valeant Makers Valeant_and_Philidor_Rx Makers awffwpwgl Makers gl_Specialty_pharmacies Makers specialty ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Philidor_Rx_Services Makers Philidor Makers Rx Makers helps Makers hide Makers sticker Makers shock Makers massive Makers increases Makers patients Makers allowing Makers continue Makers increasing

Stock NYT Valeant Stock Plunge Shows the Risk of Following the Leader - Economic situation /Stock NYT Valeant Stock Plunge Shows the Risk of Following the Leader
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Valeant_Stock_Plunge_Shows Oct 2015 NYT Valeant Stock Plunge Shows Stock Steven Valeant Steven Stock Davidoff Valeant Davidoff Stock Solomon Valeant Solomon Stock reports Valeant reports Stock hedge Valeant hedge Stock funds Valeant funds Stock often Valeant often Stock justify Valeant justify Stock high Valeant high Stock fees Valeant fees Stock saying Valeant saying Stock offer Valeant offer Stock distict Valeant distict Stock approaches Valeant approaches Stock investing Valeant investing Stock But Valeant But Stock recent Valeant recent Stock turmoil Valeant turmoil Stock shares Valeant shares Stock demodwbp Valeant demodwbp Stock awffwpwgsu Valeant awffwpwgsu Stock Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Valeant Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Stock International Valeant International Stock reveals Valeant reveals Stock dangerous Valeant dangerous Stock tendency Valeant tendency Stock engage Valeant engage Stock herd Valeant herd Stock behavior Valeant behavior Stock case Valeant case Stock Pershing Valeant Pershing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Paulson__Company Stock Polson Valeant Polson Stock Viking Valeant Viking Stock Global Valeant Global ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#ValueAct_Capital_ Stock ValueAct Valeant ValueAct Stock Except Valeant Except Stock long Valeant long Stock term Valeant term Stock investor Valeant investor Stock getting Valeant getting Stock huge Valeant huge Stock payback Valeant payback Stock J Valeant J Stock Michael_Pearsons_Valeant_strategy_ Valeant Michael_Pearsons_Valeant_strategy_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Goldman_Sachs_ Stock Goldman Valeant Goldman Stock Sachs Valeant Sachs Stock index Valeant index Stock list Valeant list Stock 50 Valeant 50 Stock stocks Valeant stocks Stock held Valeant held Stock widely Valeant widely Stock top Valeant top Stock 2015 Valeant 2015 Stock Allergan Valeant Allergan Stock 67 Valeant 67 Stock Second Valeant Second Stock Apple Valeant Apple ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Stock Third Valeant Third Stock Facebook Valeant Facebook Stock Amazon Valeant Amazon Stock Google Valeant Google Stock 10 Valeant 10 Stock only Valeant only Stock hold Valeant hold Stock about Valeant about

Tumbles NYT As Valeant Tumbles, So Does Billionaire's Hedge Fund Herd - Economic situation /Tumbles NYT As Valeant Tumbles, So Does Billionaire's Hedge Fund Herd
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_As_Valeant_Tumbles_So_Does Apr 2016 NYT As Valeant Tumbles So Does Tumbles Alexandra Valeant Alexandra Tumbles Stevenson Valeant Stevenson Tumbles Matthew Valeant Matthew Tumbles Goldstein Valeant Goldstein Tumbles report Valeant report Tumbles billionaire Valeant billionaire Tumbles investor Valeant investor Tumbles demodwbp Valeant demodwbp Tumbles awffwpwgsu Valeant awffwpwgsu Tumbles Pershing_Square_Capital_Management Valeant Pershing_Square_Capital_Management Tumbles William Valeant William Tumbles unofficial Valeant unofficial Tumbles leader Valeant leader Tumbles thundering Valeant thundering Tumbles herd Valeant herd Tumbles lost Valeant lost Tumbles billions Valeant billions Tumbles dollars Valeant dollars Tumbles betting Valeant betting Tumbles Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Valeant Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Tumbles past Valeant past Tumbles year Valeant year Tumbles Ackman Valeant Ackman Tumbles pitched Valeant pitched Tumbles best Valeant best Tumbles investment Valeant investment Tumbles ideas Valeant ideas Tumbles hedge Valeant hedge Tumbles fund Valeant fund Tumbles charity Valeant charity Tumbles 2015 Valeant 2015 Tumbles Since Valeant Since Tumbles purchased Valeant purchased Tumbles 9 Valeant 9 Tumbles stock Valeant stock Tumbles investments Valeant investments Tumbles fell Valeant fell Tumbles 200 Valeant 200 Tumbles 36 Valeant 36 Tumbles currently Valeant currently Tumbles While Valeant While Tumbles funds Valeant funds Tumbles employ Valeant employ Tumbles teams Valeant teams Tumbles analysts Valeant analysts Tumbles research Valeant research Tumbles companies Valeant companies Tumbles display Valeant display Tumbles instinct Valeant instinct Tumbles awffwpwbeco13 Valeant awffwpwbeco13 Tumbles Oct_2015_NYT_Valeant_Stock_Plunge_Shows Valeant Oct_2015_NYT_Valeant_Stock_Plunge_Shows Tumbles follower Valeant follower Tumbles Other Valeant Other Tumbles hotel Valeant hotel Tumbles stocks Valeant stocks Tumbles SunEdison Valeant SunEdison Tumbles performed Valeant performed Tumbles eratically Valeant eratically Tumbles leading Valeant leading Tumbles terrible Valeant terrible Tumbles results Valeant results Tumbles Greenlight Valeant Greenlight Tumbles Omega Valeant Omega Tumbles Glenview Valeant Glenview ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kynikos_Associates_ Tumbles James Valeant James Tumbles Chanos Valeant Chanos Tumbles Kynikos Valeant Kynikos ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Short_sell Tumbles placed Valeant placed Tumbles big Valeant big Tumbles short Valeant short Tumbles late Valeant late Tumbles 2014 Valeant 2014 Tumbles arguing Valeant arguing Tumbles huge Valeant huge Tumbles debt Valeant debt Tumbles building Valeant building Tumbles up Valeant up Tumbles would Valeant would Tumbles fail Valeant fail Tumbles ran Valeant ran Tumbles large Valeant large Tumbles pharmaceutical Valeant pharmaceutical Tumbles buy Valeant buy Tumbles looked Valeant looked Tumbles invested Valeant invested Tumbles instead Valeant instead Tumbles Appointed Valeant Appointed Tumbles board Valeant board Tumbles told Valeant told Tumbles Congress Valeant Congress Tumbles institute Valeant institute Tumbles proces Valeant proces Tumbles ensure Valeant ensure Tumbles considers Valeant considers Tumbles appropriate Valeant appropriate Tumbles factors Valeant factors Tumbles patient Valeant patient Tumbles access Valeant access Tumbles particular Valeant particular Tumbles setting Valeant setting Tumbles prices Valeant prices Tumbles drugs Valeant drugs Tumbles forced Valeant forced Tumbles departure Valeant departure Tumbles CEO Valeant CEO Tumbles Michael Valeant Michael Tumbles Pearson Valeant Pearson Tumbles repaced Valeant repaced Tumbles Joseph Valeant Joseph Tumbles Papa Valeant Papa Tumbles 31 Valeant 31 Tumbles manage Valeant manage Tumbles Shuttered Valeant Shuttered Tumbles Philidor Valeant Philidor Tumbles RX Valeant RX Tumbles revenue Valeant revenue Tumbles claimed Valeant claimed Tumbles channel Valeant channel Tumbles restated Valeant restated Tumbles years Valeant years Tumbles back Valeant back

One For One Hedge Fund, a Bet on the Affordable Care Act Sours - Economic situation /One For One Hedge Fund, a Bet on the Affordable Care Act Sours
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2017_NYT_For_One_Hedge_Fund_a_Bet Sep 2017 NYT For One Hedge Fund a Bet One Julie One Creswell One Reed One Abelson One report One wagering One federal One health One care One law One would One boon One billionaire One investor One Larry One Robbins One bet One big One hospital One stocks One five One years One ago One Those One investments One helped One propel One hedge One fund One demodwbp One awffwpwgsu One Glenview_Capital_Management One ranks One top One performing One funds One 2013 One But One weak One earnings One profit One hospital chains One uncertainty One about ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA One long One term One effects One ACA One impacted One performance One reduced One exposure One selling One awffwpwgco One Hospital_Corporation_of_America_ One HCA One Health_Management_Associates_Inc One _ One held One onto One Tenet_Healthcare_Corporation_ One largest One lost One 150 One million One last One three One drop One share One price One strategy One based One assumption One provide One hospitals One tens One millions One subscribers One previously One uninsured One undermined One Republicans One robsstrategystudio One org One awfcasdh One Disrupting_health_cares_hospital One disruptive One standalone One outpatient One clinics One imaging ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Standalone_Oncology_clinics_ One oncology One surgery ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Reference_Laboratories_ One laboratory ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#StandAlone_EDs One ED One urgent care One reported One 11 One admissions One between One 2016 One weaker One results One drove One prices One down One argue One Insurers One Anthem One taken One harder One line One expensive One treatments One MRI One CT One scan One HDHPs One used One 25 One Americans One encourage One consumers One limit One costly One response One invested One alone One facilities One purchased One physician One groups One gain One access One more One business ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Community_Health_Systems_Inc._ One Community One Systems One built One debt One finance One major One acquisitions One Jun_2013_Tenet_buys_Vanguard One 4 One 3 One improve One San One Antonio One Phoenix One markets ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Glenview_Capital_Management One preparing One control One board One pulled One two One members One mid One August One transforming One shifting One industry One Three One quarters One leading One proximate One aim One eight One US One Britain One burden One shifted One mix One 88 One revenue One 2012 One 61 One 2017 One added One poison One pill One measure One articles One Trevor One Fetter One announced One step One next

Settles Herbalife Settles With Regulators, Ending Billionaires' Battle - Economic situation /Settles Herbalife Settles With Regulators, Ending Billionaires' Battle
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2016_NYT_Herbalife_Settles_With Jul 2016 NYT Herbalife Settles With Settles Matthew Settles Goldstein Settles Alexandra Settles Stevenson Settles report Settles Wall Settles Street Settles dogfight Settles between Settles two Settles billionaire Settles investors Settles demodwbp Settles awffwpwgsu Settles Pershing_Square_Capital_Management Settles William Settles moral ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Icahn_Enterprises_ Settles victory Settles Carl Settles Icahn Settles won Settles war Settles future Settles Herbalife Settles nutritional Settles supplements Settles company Settles stiff Settles sanctions Settles placed Settles F Settles T Settles deceiving Settles buyers Settles sellers Settles products Settles But Settles regulators Settles close Settles business Settles down Settles settled Settles agreeing Settles pay Settles 200 Settles million Settles consumer Settles relief Settles hire Settles outside Settles monitor Settles make Settles substantial Settles changes Settles practices Settles United Settles States Settles complaint Settles filed Settles says Settles overwhelming Settles majority Settles distributors Settles pursue Settles opportunity Settles little Settles no Settles money Settles percentage Settles lose Settles Ackman Settles big Settles shorted Settles arguing Settles four Settles years Settles predatory Settles Ponzi Settles scheme ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Icahn_Capital_LP_ Settles Capital ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Third_Point Settles Daniel Settles Loebe Settles Third Settles point Settles George Settles Soros Settles invested Settles helping Settles ensure Settles stock Settles would Settles fall Settles 0 Settles After Settles settlement Settles rose Settles 10 Settles waits Settles see Settles effect Settles restructuring Settles expect Settles fully Settles implemented Settles fundamental Settles structural Settles cause Settles pyramid Settles collapse Settles wrote

Fund NYT Hedge Fund Outflows Reach Highest Level Since Crisis of 2009 - Economic situation /Fund NYT Hedge Fund Outflows Reach Highest Level Since Crisis of 2009
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Hedge_Fund_Outflows_Reach Oct 2016 NYT Hedge Fund Outflows Reach Fund Alexandra Fund Stevenson Fund reports Fund bruising Fund year Fund hedge Fund funds Fund Big Fund bets Fund disastrous Fund investors Fund voiced Fund discontent Fund managers Fund forced Fund rewrite Fund playbooks Fund call Fund quits Fund goes Fund list Fund data Fund problems Fund industry Fund Investors Fund pulled Fund 28 Fund billion Fund August Fund October Fund 2016 Fund Over Fund 50 Fund flowed Fund biggest Fund losses Fund companies Fund Associated Fund regulatatory Fund scandals Fund demodwbp Fund awffwpwgsu Fund Visium_Asset_Management_ Fund Omega Fund Partners ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Och-Ziff_Capital_ Fund Och Fund Ziff Fund Poor Fund performance Fund Pershing_Square_Capital_Management ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SEC Fund September Fund E Fund C Fund charged Fund Cooperman Fund insider Fund trading Fund denied Fund charges ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SEC Fund prosecutes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Fund major ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Och-Ziff_Capital_ Fund awffwpwbeco13 Fund Sep_2016_NYT_Och Fund Ziff_to_Pay_Over_400

Fund Hedge Fund Discloses A Federal Investigation - Economic situation /Fund Hedge Fund Discloses A Federal Investigation
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_Hedge_Fund_Discloses_A Mar 2016 NYT Hedge Fund Discloses A Fund Alexandra Fund Stevenson Fund reports Fund hedge Fund fund Fund demodwbp Fund awffwpwgsu Fund Visium_Asset_Management_ Fund Asset Fund investigated Fund Justice Fund Department Fund Securities Fund Exchange Fund Commission Fund told Fund investors Fund Monday Fund investigators Fund requested Fund information Fund valuation Fund certain Fund securities Fund Credit Fund Opportunities Fund authorities Fund looking Fund trading Fund firm Fund use Fund consultant Fund more Fund five Fund years Fund previously

Focused Tech-Focused Firm Raises $700 Million for Fifth Fund - Economic situation /Focused Tech-Focused Firm Raises $700 Million for Fifth Fund
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2016_NYT_Tech-Focused_Firm_Raises Jul 2016 NYT Tech-Focused Firm Raises Focused Michael Focused de Focused la Focused Merced Focused reports Focused Thrive Focused Capital Focused gained Focused fame Focused early Focused investments Focused technology Focused darlings Focused began Focused incubating Focused businesses Focused like Focused health Focused insurers Focused about Focused bigger Focused raised Focused 700 Focused million Focused fifth Focused round Focused assets Focused 1 Focused 5 Focused billion Focused Joshua Focused Kushner Focused commented Focused humbled Focused entrepreneurs Focused work Focused alongside Focused mindful Focused only Focused good Focused next Focused bat

Empire NYT A second Empire by Trump's Side - Economic situation /Empire NYT A second Empire by Trump's Side
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2017_NYT_A_second_Empire_by_Trumps Jan 2017 NYT A second Empire by Trumps Empire Susanne Empire Craig Empire Jo Empire Becker Empire Jesse Empire Drucker Empire describe Empire potential Empire conflicts Empire son Empire law Empire prepares Empire White Empire House Empire role Empire note Empire financial Empire personal Empire relationships Empire between Empire Jared Empire Kushner Empire leader Empire Companies Empire Wu Empire Xiaohui Empire chairman Empire Anbang Empire Insurance Empire Group Empire assert Empire toasted Empire President Empire elect Empire Trump Empire declared Empire desire Empire meet Empire private Empire dinner Empire asserts Empire talks Empire started Empire became Empire Republican Empire nominee Empire major Empire New York Empire real Empire estate Empire investor Empire Married Empire Ivanka Empire Affecting Empire Presidential Empire policy Empire personnel Empire choices Empire included ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Goldman_Sachs_ Empire Recommending Empire Goldman Empire Sachs Empire president Empire Gary Empire Cohn Empire chief ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Empire economic Empire advisor Empire Acting Empire middleman Empire foreign Empire leaders Empire central Empire Israel Empire Linked Empire family Empire investment Empire vehicle Empire Joshua Empire Thrive Empire Capital Empire far Empire flung Empire investments Empire Cadre Empire company Empire investors Empire Alibaba Empire Jack Empire Russian Empire billionaire Empire Yuri Empire Milner Empire Setting up Empire using Empire WilmerHale Empire advise Empire complying Empire federal Empire ethics Empire laws Empire concluded Empire anti Empire nepotism Empire covers Empire working Empire Federal Empire agencies Empire apply Empire Jamie Empire Gorelick Empire explained Empire Mr Empire taking Empire significant Empire steps Empire extricate Empire himself Empire business Empire resign Empire executive Empire divest Empire substantial Empire assets Empire 666 Empire Fifth Empire Avenue ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kushner_Companies_ Empire 2017 Empire Laurent Empire Morali Empire lot Empire debt Empire 1 Empire loan Empire comes Empire 2019 Empire commercial Empire office Empire space Empire vacant Empire Has Empire acquired Empire 7 Empire resources Empire 2007 Empire Since Empire 2012 Empire more Empire 120 Empire properties Empire around Empire Jersey Empire branched Empire Philadelphia Empire Baltimore Empire Ohio Empire Kansas Empire City Empire 000 Empire apartments Empire 14 Empire million Empire square Empire feet Empire 2016 Empire project Empire branded Empire luxury Empire tower Empire Leverages Empire opaque Empire money Empire funding Empire acquisitions Empire Donald Empire would Empire regulating Empire deals Empire known Empire Chinese Empire Some ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EB-5 Empire gain Empire access Empire EB Empire 5 Empire visa Empire program ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Goldman_Sachs_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Empire Blackstone ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Deutsche_Bank_ Empire Natixis Empire Deutsche

to Janus to Merge With Henderson, forming Asset Management Giant - Economic situation /to Janus to Merge With Henderson, forming Asset Management Giant
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Janus_to_Merge_With Oct 2016 NYT Janus to Merge With Amie Tsang Chad Bray Landon Thomas report demodwbp awffwpwgsu Janus_Capital_Group Capital ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Henderson_Group Henderson Group large London based investment manager said Monday would merge stock deal create asset greater global scope about 320 billion assets under management merger evidence smaller actively managed businesses needing respond BlackRock scale growth visibility low costs Formica recounted discussion CEO Richard Weil At point clear us achieve own ambitions transformational larger transaction give market operating just merged saying Well hang minute Let explore works transactions after Brexit acts best financial center pivot spans everything Asia Europe U S sort sits middle commented end day whenever discussions conclude K going remain core big products debate drop ocean 10 15 year time frame Fromica asserted company Janus_Henderson_Global_Investors Be joint CEOs Have 2 300 employees 29 locations revenues 2015 Improve stability cycle Add geographic reach strong North America bond king ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#PIMCO_ Bill Gross formerly Pimco But benchmark unconstrained fund remains 5 2016 showing little argued grown 4 9 outperforming equivalent heavily invested American equities Dai ichi Life largest shareholder agreed vote favor arguing combined 91 UK European stocks Save 110 million annually

Insurers Health Insurers pressing down on drug prices - Economic situation /Insurers Health Insurers pressing down on drug prices
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2014_NYT_Health_Insurers_pressing Jun 2014 NYT Health Insurers pressing Insurers Drug Insurers manufacturers Insurers produce Insurers drugs Insurers competitors Insurers forced Insurers bargain Insurers lose Insurers access Insurers health Insurers plan Insurers customers Insurers Health Insurers plans Insurers requesting Insurers price Insurers discounts Insurers cover Insurers certain Insurers Since Insurers precipitous Insurers decline Insurers market Insurers share Insurers Advair Insurers Victoza Insurers companies Insurers appear Insurers more Insurers responsive ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Express_Scripts Insurers occurred Insurers Express Insurers Scripts Insurers demodwbp Insurers awffwpwgco Insurers Express_Scripts_halt_payment_for_some Insurers stopped Insurers many Insurers patients Insurers Executives Insurers pharmacy Insurers benefit Insurers management Insurers firms Insurers argue Insurers something Insurers cope Insurers rising Insurers prices Insurers particularly Insurers speciality Insurers pharmaceuticals Insurers used Insurers treat Insurers complex Insurers diseases ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Insurers like Insurers cancer Insurers awffwpwgl Insurers gl_Multiple_sclerosis Insurers multiple Insurers If Insurers insurance Insurers successful Insurers effect Insurers lower Insurers premiums Insurers rather Insurers list Insurers But Insurers difficult Insurers compete Insurers So Insurers latest Insurers approach Insurers remove Insurers formularies Insurers CVS_Caremark_excludes_drugs_from Insurers Catamaran ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Insurers doing Insurers Other Insurers PBM Insurers sparing Insurers exclusions Insurers Prime_Therapeutics_is_Blue_Crosss_Blue

Scripts NYT Express Scripts Will Cover 2 New Cholesterol Drugs - Economic situation /Scripts NYT Express Scripts Will Cover 2 New Cholesterol Drugs
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Express_Scripts_Will_Cover Oct 2015 NYT Express Scripts Will Cover Scripts Andrew Scripts Pollack Scripts reports Scripts Express ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Amgens_Evolocumab._ Scripts pay Scripts Repatha ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Praluent Scripts Praluent Scripts cost ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Scripts 14 Scripts 000 Scripts year Scripts PBM Scripts expressed Scripts concerns Scripts about Scripts prices Scripts concluded ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCSK9 Scripts PCSK9 Scripts inhibitors Scripts major Scripts category Scripts drugs Scripts subscribers Scripts Last Scripts only Scripts included Scripts competing Scripts set Scripts high Scripts induce Scripts competition Scripts Express scripts Scripts said Scripts good Scripts terms Scripts companies Scripts ensure Scripts prescribers Scripts using Scripts appropriately Scripts 750 Scripts million Scripts 2016 Scripts supply Scripts 25 Scripts demand Scripts proof Scripts doctors Scripts patients Scripts cholesterol Scripts already Scripts tried Scripts statins Scripts demodwbp Scripts awffwpwgsu Scripts Institute_for_Clinical_and_Economic Scripts would Scripts no Scripts more Scripts 4 Scripts 800 Scripts considered Scripts 200 Scripts avoid Scripts straining Scripts budgets Scripts Drug Scripts routinely Scripts copayments Scripts reducing Scripts effectiveness Scripts tiers Scripts bargaining Scripts chip

Reducers Heart Patients Getting Them? - Economic situation /Reducers Heart Patients Getting Them?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_These_Cholesterol-Reducers Oct 2018 NYT These Cholesterol-Reducers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_disease Reducers Gina Reducers Kolata Reducers reports Reducers heart Reducers runs Reducers Mackenzie Reducers Ames Reducers family Reducers Her Reducers grandfather ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_attack Reducers fatal Reducers attack Reducers age Reducers 30 Reducers while Reducers dancing Reducers her Reducers grandmother Reducers Elks Reducers Lodge Reducers Bath Reducers N Reducers Y ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FH Reducers heterozygous Reducers F Reducers struggle Reducers keep Reducers low Reducers density Reducers lipoproteins Reducers safe ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Statins Reducers range Reducers Statins Reducers don Reducers help Reducers 1 Reducers million Reducers Americans Reducers situation ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCSK9 Reducers PCSK9 Reducers inhibitors Reducers treat Reducers reducing Reducers risk Reducers stroke Reducers D Reducers authorized Reducers use ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Amgens_Evolocumab._ Reducers Repatha ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Praluent Reducers Praluent Reducers treatment Reducers sufferers Reducers finding Reducers demodwbp Reducers awffwpwgl Reducers gl_Prior_authorization Reducers prior Reducers requirements Reducers insurers Reducers Cigna Reducers PBM Reducers Express Scripts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Harvard_Pilgrim_Health_Care_ Reducers Harvard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Reducers Pilgrim Reducers Medicaid Reducers constraining Reducers access Reducers drugs Reducers targetted Reducers many Reducers millions Reducers cost Reducers US Reducers 100 Reducers billion Reducers year Reducers rest Reducers patients Reducers lives Reducers For Reducers authorization Reducers forms Reducers process Reducers byzantine Reducers medical Reducers records Reducers demonstrating Reducers proof Reducers required Reducers faxed Reducers explained Reducers Cleveland Reducers Clinic Reducers cardiologist Reducers Dr Reducers Leslie Reducers Cho Reducers hospital Reducers hired Reducers two Reducers staff Reducers cope Reducers Fulcrum Reducers Strategies Reducers Ron Reducers Howrigon Reducers benefit Reducers barriers Reducers encourage Reducers switch Reducers another Reducers data Reducers building Reducers life Reducers saving Reducers capabilities Reducers improved Reducers recently Reducers agreed Reducers deal Reducers Regeneron Reducers Sanofi Reducers suppliers Reducers cut Reducers price Reducers made Reducers only Reducers formulary Reducers make Reducers simple Reducers setup Reducers Amgen Reducers where Reducers reduced Reducers refunded Reducers simplified

Slashes NYT Amgen Slashes the Price of a Promising Cholesterol Drug - Economic situation /Slashes NYT Amgen Slashes the Price of a Promising Cholesterol Drug
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_Amgen_Slashes_the_Price_of Oct 2018 NYT Amgen Slashes the Price of Slashes Katie Amgen Katie Slashes Thomas Amgen Thomas Slashes reports Amgen reports Slashes years Amgen years Slashes drug Amgen drug Slashes maker Amgen maker Slashes Amgen Amgen Amgen Slashes struggled Amgen struggled Slashes sell Amgen sell Slashes anti Amgen anti Slashes cholesterol Amgen cholesterol Slashes Repatha Amgen Repatha Slashes after Amgen after Slashes insurers Amgen insurers Slashes balked Amgen balked Slashes list Amgen list Slashes price Amgen price Slashes about Amgen about Slashes 14 Amgen 14 Slashes 000 Amgen 000 Slashes demodwbp Amgen demodwbp Slashes awffwpwbeco13 Amgen awffwpwbeco13 Slashes Oct_2018_NYT_These_Cholesterol Amgen Oct_2018_NYT_These_Cholesterol Slashes Reducers Amgen Reducers Slashes Now Amgen Now Slashes optionally Amgen optionally Slashes reducing Amgen reducing Slashes 5850 Amgen 5850 Slashes hopes Amgen hopes Slashes induce Amgen induce Slashes sales Amgen sales Slashes Medicare Amgen Medicare Slashes beneficiaries Amgen beneficiaries Slashes see Amgen see Slashes significant Amgen significant Slashes reduction Amgen reduction Slashes copayments Amgen copayments Slashes estimates Amgen estimates Slashes 75 Amgen 75 Slashes patients Amgen patients Slashes prescribed Amgen prescribed Slashes PCSK9 Amgen PCSK9 Slashes inhibitors Amgen inhibitors Slashes fill Amgen fill Slashes prescription Amgen prescription Slashes Insurers Amgen Insurers Slashes responded Amgen responded Slashes high Amgen high Slashes limited Amgen limited Slashes benefit Amgen benefit Slashes Praluent Amgen Praluent Slashes compared Amgen compared Slashes statins Amgen statins Slashes applying Amgen applying ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Prior_authorization Slashes onerous Amgen onerous Slashes prior Amgen prior Slashes authorization Amgen authorization Slashes conditions Amgen conditions Slashes Manufacturers Amgen Manufacturers Slashes maintain Amgen maintain Slashes prices Amgen prices ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Drug_distributors_ Slashes distributors Amgen distributors ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Slashes PBM Amgen PBM Slashes move Amgen move Slashes drugs Amgen drugs Slashes channel Amgen channel Slashes intermediaries Amgen intermediaries Slashes revenue Amgen revenue Slashes But Amgen But Slashes Merck Amgen Merck Slashes already Amgen already Slashes reduced Amgen reduced Slashes Zepatier Amgen Zepatier Slashes hepatitis Amgen hepatitis Slashes C Amgen C Slashes selling Amgen selling Slashes poorly Amgen poorly

to In Plan to Cut Cost of Drugs, Complications - Economic situation /to In Plan to Cut Cost of Drugs, Complications
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_In_Plan_to_Cut_Cost_of Sep 2016 NYT In Plan to Cut Cost of Katie Thomas reports Americans expressed outrage drug companies raising prices products like EpiPen severe ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Allergies allergy treatment needed thousands children Daraprim rarely used essential parasitic infection But insurers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Employers_as_insurers employers seeing more impact expensive anti inflammatories Humira Enbrel taken millions rheumatoid arthritis psoriasis ulcerative colitis etc drugs doubled recent years account 10 spending ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Express_Scripts among Express Scripts members US 7 5 billion while ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM PBM Express Scripts responded altering recommendations saying cover fewer many inflammatory conditions push down maintain lists prefered medications manufacturers discounts provide payers rebate patients switch Some complaining restrictions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pain injectables keep pain symptoms under control Now approved work extra steps using ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Accredo_ Accredo mail order access demodwbp awffwpwgl gl_Specialty_medications specialty industry watchers argue move

Feel NYT Druggists Feel the Squeeze - Economic situation /Feel NYT Druggists Feel the Squeeze
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2017_NYT_Druggists_Feel_the_Squeeze Jan 2017 NYT Druggists Feel the Squeeze Feel Katie Feel Thomas Feel reports Feel storefront Feel Union Feel City Feel N Feel J Feel Prime Feel Aid Feel Pharmacy Feel caters Feel patients Feel wide Feel range Feel ailments Feel rheumatoid ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hepatitis_C Feel arthritis Feel hepatitis Feel business Feel prides Feel itself Feel getting Feel necessary Feel drugs Feel employs Feel staff Feel speaks Feel 10 Feel languages Feel delivers Feel medications Feel care Feel New York Feel Jersey Feel advent Feel Sovaldi Feel Viekira Feel Pak Feel resulted Feel significant Feel ramp ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Express_Scripts Feel But Feel Express Scripts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Specialty_pharmacies Feel concluded Feel specialty Feel pharmacy Feel failed Feel contracts Feel PBM Feel canceled Feel payments Feel quickly Feel enough Feel pickup Feel prescriptions Feel tell Feel about Feel 750 Feel settlement Feel state Feel forcing Feel customers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Accredo_ Feel Accredo Feel half Feel dozen Feel pharmacies Feel gone Feel court Feel protect Feel businesses Feel said Feel only Feel 16 Feel switched Feel dismissed Feel explaining Feel notify Feel lockout Feel needed Feel high Feel cost Feel transferred Feel PBMs Feel consolidated Feel Script Feel CVS Feel Caremark Feel Optum Feel RX Feel handle Feel decisions Feel concentrates Feel power Feel companies Feel market Feel grown Feel size Feel 100 Feel billion Feel revenue Feel 2015 Feel escalating Feel price Feel demodwbp Feel awffwpwgl Feel gl_Specialty_medications Feel more Feel flowing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVSSpecialty_ Feel CVSSpecialty Feel Some Feel Express scripts Feel contractually Feel constrained Feel mailing Feel lawyers Feel argued Feel targeting Feel biggest Feel competitors Feel constraint Feel Cystic Feel Fibrosis Feel terminated

Scripts Express Scripts to Offer Cheaper Drugs for Uninsured Customers - Economic situation /Scripts Express Scripts to Offer Cheaper Drugs for Uninsured Customers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2017_NYT_Express_Scripts_to_Offer May 2017 NYT Express Scripts to Offer Scripts Katie Scripts Thomas Scripts reports Scripts acute Scripts indignities Scripts uninsured Scripts country Scripts Those Scripts robsstrategystudio Scripts org Scripts awfcaspuh Scripts least Scripts ability Scripts pay Scripts asked Scripts spend Scripts prescription Scripts drugs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Express_Scripts Express Scripts developed Scripts discount Scripts scheme Scripts InsideRx Scripts program Scripts subsidiary Scripts take Scripts fee Scripts participating Scripts pharmacies Scripts help Scripts expand Scripts customer Scripts base Scripts offers Scripts discounts Scripts list Scripts 40 Scripts commonly Scripts used Scripts Crestor Scripts Branded Scripts Insulins Scripts Nexium Scripts average Scripts third Scripts price Scripts consumers Scripts sign Scripts up Scripts free Scripts service Scripts card Scripts presented Scripts pharmacy Scripts mobile Scripts app Scripts well ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Scripts Can Scripts Kroger Scripts CVS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Walgreens Scripts Walgreens Scripts Patients Scripts payments Scripts towards Scripts deductibles Scripts covered Scripts Medicare Scripts Medicaid Scripts excluded Scripts recently Scripts announced Scripts largest Scripts Anthem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Scripts competing Scripts PBM Scripts integrated Scripts insurers Scripts UHC Scripts OptumRx ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Scripts chains Scripts PBMs Scripts designing Scripts programs Scripts customers Scripts shifted Scripts cost Scripts burden Scripts kept Scripts portion Scripts based Scripts rebates Scripts negotiated Scripts companies Scripts Price Scripts increases Scripts benefited ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Patients_for_Affordable_Drugs_ Scripts Affordable Scripts Drugs Scripts demodwbp Scripts awffwpwgco Scripts PFAD_2017_Executive_director_Ben_Wakana Scripts Ben

Joins Anthem Joins With CVS to Start Its Own Pharmacy Business - Economic situation /Joins Anthem Joins With CVS to Start Its Own Pharmacy Business
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_NYT_Anthem_Joins_With_CVS_to Oct 2017 NYT Anthem Joins With CVS to Joins Reed Anthem Reed Joins Abelson Anthem Abelson Joins reports Anthem reports Joins Anthem Anthem Anthem Joins nation Anthem nation Joins major Anthem major Joins health Anthem health Joins insurance Anthem insurance Joins companies Anthem companies Joins said Anthem said Joins planned Anthem planned Joins own Anthem own Joins business Anthem business Joins manage Anthem manage Joins prescription Anthem prescription Joins drug Anthem drug ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Joins plans Anthem plans Joins partnering Anthem partnering Joins CVS Anthem CVS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Joins Health Anthem Health Joins large Anthem large Joins PBM Anthem PBM Joins drugstore Anthem drugstore Joins chain Anthem chain Joins terminated Anthem terminated Joins operation Anthem operation Joins Express Scripts Anthem Express Scripts Joins demodwbp Anthem demodwbp Joins awffwpwbeco13 Anthem awffwpwbeco13 Joins May_2017_NYT_Express_Scripts_to_Offer Anthem May_2017_NYT_Express_Scripts_to_Offer Joins claiming Anthem claiming Joins overcharged Anthem overcharged Joins PBMs Anthem PBMs Joins criticized Anthem criticized Joins secretive Anthem secretive Joins deals Anthem deals Joins manufacturers Anthem manufacturers Joins partnership Anthem partnership Joins IngenioRx Anthem IngenioRx ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ Joins similar Anthem similar Joins UnitedHealth Anthem UnitedHealth Joins Groups Anthem Groups Joins OptumRX Anthem OptumRX ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Joins integration Anthem integration Joins Amazon Anthem Amazon ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Whole_Foods_Market Joins leverage Anthem leverage Joins Whole Anthem Whole Joins foods Anthem foods Joins purchase Anthem purchase Joins integrate Anthem integrate Joins too Anthem too Joins Swedish Anthem Swedish Joins noted Anthem noted Joins landscape Anthem landscape Joins radically Anthem radically Joins changed Anthem changed Joins explain Anthem explain Joins why Anthem why Joins having Anthem having Joins sold Anthem sold Joins off Anthem off Joins few Anthem few Joins years Anthem years Joins ago Anthem ago Joins reversing Anthem reversing Joins course Anthem course

Oct 2017 Oct 2017 NYT CVS Is Said to Be in Talks to Buy Aetna in Landmark Acquisition - Economic situation /Oct 2017 Oct 2017 NYT CVS Is Said to Be in Talks to Buy Aetna in Landmark Acquisition
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_NYT_CVS_Is_Said_to_Be_in_Talks Oct 2017 NYT CVS Is Said to Be in Talks CVS Amdrew CVS Ross CVS Sorkin CVS Michael CVS J CVS de CVS la CVS Merced CVS Katie CVS Thomas CVS report CVS Health CVS giant CVS drugstore CVS chain ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#_MinuteClinics CVS runs CVS walk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM CVS clinics CVS PBM CVS business ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ CVS talks CVS buy CVS Aetna CVS nation CVS largest CVS health CVS insurance CVS companies CVS according CVS people CVS briefed CVS nacsent CVS 60 CVS billion CVS deal CVS reflects CVS operating CVS 2010 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA CVS ACA CVS driven CVS transformation CVS care CVS delivery CVS market CVS blocking CVS demodwbp CVS awffwpwgco CVS Pressure_to_Merge_health_insurers CVS merger CVS Humana CVS 2016 CVS Employers CVS consumers CVS frustration CVS high CVS medical CVS costs CVS especially CVS prescription CVS awffwpwbeco13 CVS Nov_2015_NYT_A_Prescription_for_Sticker CVS Increased CVS power CVS 240 CVS revenue CVS company CVS would CVS improved CVS leverage CVS negotiations CVS pharmaceutical ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#_Health_Strategy CVS long CVS term CVS strategy CVS shift CVS beyond CVS pharmacy CVS diversified CVS services CVS able CVS match CVS United_HealthCare_ CVS manage CVS employers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ CVS Respond CVS Amazon CVS entry CVS Oct_2017_NYT_Hearing_Amazons_Footsteps

to Cigna to Buy Express Scripts in $52 Billion Health Care Deal - Economic situation /to Cigna to Buy Express Scripts in $52 Billion Health Care Deal
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2018_NYT_Cigna_to_Buy_Express Mar 2018 NYT Cigna to Buy Express Katie Thomas Reed Abelson Chad Bray report health ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CIGNA_ insurance giant Cigna said agreed buy Express Scripts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM nation largest PBM 52 billion deal reshape roiling care landscape Express scripts supports prescription plans 80 million Americans argued acquisition would allow integrate medical records pharmacy histories provide improved treatments lower costs CEO David Cordani combined company Tim Wentworth president business after integration last independent government ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS approve pending CVS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ Aetna Deal demodwbp awffwpwbeco13 Oct_2017_NYT_CVS_Is_Said_to_Be_in_Talks Federal regulators already blocked merger major insurers 2016 HHS awffwpwbpol13 2018_HHS_secretary_ _Alex_Azar_ secretary considering reducing Medicare drug pocket PhRMA PBMs benefiting keeping rebates Feb_2018_NYT_Lower_Drug_Prices _New ../demodwbp/awffwpwbpol13.htm#FDA_Commissioner_ commissioner May_2017_NYT_Senate_Confirms_Scott Scott noted speech currently misaligned incentives delivery pricing But experts see allowing better compete against UHG Anthem strategy partly response Amazon potential market Oct_2017_NYT_Hearing_Amazons_Footsteps

Oct 2018 NYT Oct 2018 NYT CVS Health and Aetna $69 Billion Merger Is Approved With Conditions - Economic situation /Oct 2018 NYT Oct 2018 NYT CVS Health and Aetna $69 Billion Merger Is Approved With Conditions
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_CVS_Health_and_Aetna_69 Oct 2018 NYT CVS Health and Aetna 69 CVS Reed Health Reed CVS Abelson Health Abelson CVS reports Health reports CVS justice Health justice CVS Department Health Department CVS approval Health approval CVS 69 Health 69 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm# CVS billion Health billion CVS merger Health merger CVS between Health between ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ CVS Health Health Health CVS Aetna Health Aetna CVS caps Health caps CVS wave Health wave CVS consolidation Health consolidation CVS among Health among CVS giant Health giant CVS health Health health CVS care Health care CVS players Health players CVS leave Health leave CVS American Health American CVS consumers Health consumers CVS control Health control CVS medical Health medical CVS prescription Health prescription CVS drugs Health drugs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM CVS Huge Health Huge CVS independent Health independent CVS PBM Health PBM CVS no Health no CVS longer Health longer CVS broker Health broker CVS prices Health prices CVS manufacturers Health manufacturers CVS insurers Health insurers CVS employers Health employers CVS Newly Health Newly CVS emergent Health emergent CVS insurance Health insurance CVS combinations Health combinations CVS 20 Health 20 CVS million Health million CVS plan Health plan CVS subscribers Health subscribers CVS 60 Health 60 CVS revenue Health revenue CVS 185 Health 185 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CIGNA_ CVS Cigna Health Cigna CVS Express Scripts Health Express Scripts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ CVS UHG Health UHG CVS OptumRx Health OptumRx ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Anthem_Inc._Wellpoint_until_2014 CVS Anthem Health Anthem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Anthems_IngenioRx CVS IngenioRx Health IngenioRx CVS more Health more CVS powerful Health powerful CVS activities Health activities CVS transparent Health transparent CVS harm Health harm CVS choice Health choice ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DOJ CVS quality Health quality CVS DOJ Health DOJ CVS antitrust Health antitrust CVS review Health review CVS viewed Health viewed CVS distinct Health distinct CVS businesses Health businesses CVS ask Health ask CVS demodwbp Health demodwbp CVS awffwpwgl Health awffwpwgl CVS gl_Medicare_Part_D Health gl_Medicare_Part_D CVS private Health private CVS sold Health sold CVS off Health off CVS purchased Health purchased CVS WellCare Health WellCare CVS State Health State CVS attorneys Health attorneys CVS general Health general CVS California Health California CVS Florida Health Florida CVS Hawaii Health Hawaii CVS Mississippi Health Mississippi CVS Washington Health Washington CVS joined Health joined CVS acceptance Health acceptance CVS likely Health likely CVS state Health state CVS regulators Health regulators CVS interested Health interested CVS actions Health actions CVS pharmacy Health pharmacy CVS managers Health managers CVS Payers Health Payers CVS entering Health entering CVS aspects Health aspects CVS provision Health provision ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Humana_ CVS Humana Health Humana CVS largest Health largest CVS hospice Health hospice CVS space Health space CVS awffwpwbeco13 Health awffwpwbeco13 CVS Jun_2018_NYT_When_a_Health_Insurer_Also Health Jun_2018_NYT_When_a_Health_Insurer_Also CVS owns Health owns CVS awffwpwgco Health awffwpwgco CVS Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Health Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers CVS surgery Health surgery CVS Jan_2017_NYT_UnitedHealth_To_Buy_Chain Health Jan_2017_NYT_UnitedHealth_To_Buy_Chain CVS physician Health physician CVS practices Health practices CVS Dec_2017_NYT_UnitedHealth_Buys_Large Health Dec_2017_NYT_UnitedHealth_Buys_Large CVS able Health able CVS leverage Health leverage CVS real Health real CVS estate Health estate CVS deliver Health deliver CVS chronic Health chronic CVS robsstrategystudio Health robsstrategystudio CVS org Health org CVS awfcasdh Health awfcasdh CVS Once_the_tools_and_knowledge Health Once_the_tools_and_knowledge CVS chain Health chain CVS cheaply Health cheaply CVS community Health community CVS PBMs Health PBMs CVS blamed Health blamed CVS high Health high CVS May_2017_NYT_Drug_Lobbyists_Battle_Cry Health May_2017_NYT_Drug_Lobbyists_Battle_Cry CVS helped Health helped CVS patients Health patients CVS adopt Health adopt CVS low Health low CVS cost Health cost CVS generic Health generic CVS But Health But CVS hugely Health hugely CVS expensive Health expensive CVS biologics Health biologics CVS gl_Specialty_medications Health gl_Specialty_medications CVS specialty Health specialty CVS changed Health changed CVS pricing Health pricing CVS dynamic Health dynamic CVS delivery Health delivery CVS channel Health channel CVS potential Health potential CVS role Health role ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ CVS entrants Health entrants CVS Amazon Health Amazon CVS provoked Health provoked CVS tactical Health tactical CVS response Health response CVS incumbents Health incumbents CVS Oct_2017_NYT_Hearing_Amazons_Footsteps Health Oct_2017_NYT_Hearing_Amazons_Footsteps CVS Employers Health Employers CVS responded Health responded CVS Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway Health Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway

Amazons NYT Hearing Amazon's Footsteps, the Health Care Industry Shudders - Economic situation /Amazons NYT Hearing Amazon's Footsteps, the Health Care Industry Shudders
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_NYT_Hearing_Amazons_Footsteps Oct 2017 NYT Hearing Amazons Footsteps Amazons Rick Amazons Wingfield Amazons Katie Amazons Thomas Amazons report Amazons little Amazons more ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Amazons whiff Amazons Amazon Amazons interest Amazons business Amazons company Amazons crater Amazons stocks Amazons potential Amazons competitors Amazons prompting Amazons consider Amazons acquisitions Amazons drastic Amazons measures Amazons response Amazons Just Amazons ask Amazons companies Amazons home Amazons improvement Amazons meal Amazons kit Amazons grocery Amazons appears Amazons likely Amazons demodwbp Amazons awffwpwgco Amazons Retail_drugstores_and_pharmacists_and Amazons pharmacy Amazons warn Amazons clear Amazons aggresively Amazons act Amazons date Amazons received Amazons wholesale Amazons cosmetics Amazons medical Amazons device Amazons licenses Amazons least Amazons dozen Amazons states Amazons And Amazons needed Amazons licences Amazons able Amazons sell Amazons line Amazons supplies Amazons businesses Amazons considered Amazons interested Amazons creating Amazons better Amazons customer Amazons experience Amazons across Amazons healthcare Amazons overall Amazons multiple Amazons options Amazons Provide Amazons products Amazons cash Amazons only Amazons customers Amazons covers Amazons about Amazons 5 Amazons 10 Amazons 560 Amazons billion Amazons prescription Amazons drug Amazons market Amazons Comsumers Amazons already Amazons use Amazons would Amazons find Amazons attractive Amazons extension Amazons Express Scripts Amazons Express_scripts_Tim_Wentworth_2015 Amazons Timothy Amazons willing Amazons support Amazons strategy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Amazons PBM Amazons providing Amazons service Amazons insurers Amazons enterprises Amazons acquire Amazons try Amazons partner Amazons unattractive Amazons PBMs Amazons offer Amazons care Amazons services Amazons adding Amazons Virtual Amazons doctor Amazons consults Amazons via Amazons Echo ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Amazons CVS Amazons Health Amazons moved ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Aetna_ Amazons Aetna Amazons awffwpwbeco13 Amazons Oct_2017_NYT_CVS_Is_Said_to_Be_in_Talks Amazons disruptions Amazons induced

to Business - Economic situation /to Business
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2018_NYT_Amazon_to_Buy_Online Jun 2018 NYT Amazon to Buy Online Claire Ballentine Katie Thomas report world health ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#PillPack_ care PillPack online pharmacy pretty small player work force 1 000 people pales comparison 235 Walgreens significance vast ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Amazon acquire billion licensed distribute prescription drugs 50 US states So gains entry 560 market prior attempt 1999 purchase 40 Drugstore failed after logistical regulatory issues Americans without insurance HDHPs keen leverage bargain prices offered business model demodwbp awffwpwgco Retail_drugstores_and_pharmacists_and Traditional Rite Aid shares fell ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS 9 while CVS Health 6 90 filled retail try use change Independent pharmacies struggled Consumers mail order services often required plan fulfillment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM associated PBM PBMs provide incentives evolved lifier Short term prescriptions antibiotics immediately resolved help drugstore based Manchester New Hampshire founded 2013 pharmacist TJ Parker engineer Elliot Cohen key added value customers chronic conditions multiple easy packages sorted dose labeled picture pill directions about take met attending innovation program ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MIT MIT revenues 100 million 2017 br ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VC raised 118 VC funding

Amazons Success - Economic situation /Amazons Success
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2018_NYT_Why_Amazons_Push_Into Jul 2018 NYT Why Amazons Push Into Amazons Katie Amazons Thomas Amazons Claire Amazons Ballentine Amazons report Amazons Amazon Amazons announced Amazons demodwbp Amazons awffwpwbeco13 Amazons Jun_2018_NYT_Amazon_to_Buy_Online Amazons buying Amazons online Amazons pharmacy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#PillPack_ Amazons PillPack Amazons sent Amazons stocks Amazons drugstore Amazons companies Amazons like Amazons Walgreens Amazons Rite Amazons Aid Amazons tumbling Amazons investors Amazons worried Amazons retail Amazons behemoth Amazons would Amazons soon Amazons upend Amazons market Amazons But Amazons identify Amazons reasons Amazons doubt Amazons vision Amazons based Amazons business Amazons powerful Amazons entrenched Amazons Having Amazons backing Amazons disturb Amazons relationship Amazons able Amazons develop Amazons rest Amazons value Amazons delivery Amazons system Amazons making Amazons more Amazons threatening Amazons partner Amazons established Amazons relationships Amazons distribution Amazons channel Amazons gatekeepers Amazons insured Amazons American Amazons PBMs Amazons Express Amazons Scipts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Amazons CVS Amazons Health Amazons developed Amazons strategies Amazons Oct_2017_NYT_Hearing_Amazons_Footsteps Amazons Cigna ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS_Health_Strategy Amazons Aetna Amazons respond Amazons entry Amazons Express Scripts Amazons agreement Amazons expires Amazons July Amazons said Amazons investigating Amazons provider Amazons compliance Amazons many Amazons networks Amazons commercially Amazons consumers Amazons Medicare Amazons assessment Amazons obtains Amazons supply Amazons distributor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#AmerisourceBergen_ Amazons AmerisourceBergen Amazons owns Amazons 26 Amazons talks Amazons acquire

Berkshire Disrupt Health Care - Economic situation /Berkshire Disrupt Health Care
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway Jan 2018 NYT Amazon Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire Nick Berkshire Wingfield Berkshire Katie Berkshire Thomas Berkshire Reed Berkshire Abelson Berkshire report Berkshire three Berkshire corporate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Berkshire behemoths Berkshire Amazon Berkshire demodwbp Berkshire awffwpwgsu Berkshire Berkshire_Hathaway_ Berkshire J Berkshire P Berkshire Morgan Berkshire Chase Berkshire announced Berkshire would Berkshire independent Berkshire health Berkshire care Berkshire company Berkshire employees Berkshire US Berkshire Planning Berkshire led Berkshire managing Berkshire director Berkshire Marvelle Berkshire Sullivan Berkshire Berchtold Berkshire formerly ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Novartis Berkshire strategist Berkshire Novartis Berkshire senior Berkshire VP Berkshire Beth Berkshire Galetti Berkshire Hathaway Berkshire investment Berkshire officer Berkshire Todd Berkshire Combs Berkshire Analysts Berkshire doubtful Berkshire directly Berkshire transform Berkshire highly Berkshire distributed Berkshire network Berkshire providers Berkshire awffwpwbeco13 Berkshire Jan_2018_NYT_Can_Amazon_and_Friends Berkshire impact Berkshire probably Berkshire localized Berkshire Henry ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Henry_Ford_Health_System Berkshire Ford Berkshire hospital Berkshire Detroit Berkshire setup Berkshire deliver Berkshire quality Berkshire workers Berkshire 1915

Amazon Doubt - Economic situation /Amazon Doubt
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2018_NYT_Can_Amazon_and_Friends Jan 2018 NYT Can Amazon and Friends Amazon Margot Amazon Sanger Amazon Katz Amazon Reed Amazon Abelson Amazon report Amazon announcement Amazon demodwbp Amazon awffwpwbeco13 Amazon Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#J._P._Morgan_Chase_ Amazon JPMorgan Amazon Chase ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Berkshire_Hathaway_ Amazon Berkshire Amazon Hathaway Amazon would Amazon joining Amazon forces Amazon create Amazon health Amazon care Amazon company Amazon moved Amazon stock Amazon markets Amazon prompted Amazon optimistic Amazon predictions Amazon major Amazon reform Amazon notoriously Amazon complex Amazon industry Amazon Experts Amazon doubted Amazon succeed Amazon awffwpwgsu Amazon University_of_California_Berkeley Amazon UC Amazon Jonathan Amazon Kolstad Amazon Others Amazon tried ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Alphabet_ Amazon Microsoft Amazon Google ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Google_Health_ Amazon Health Amazon impact Amazon swamped Amazon massive Amazon effect Amazon highly Amazon broadly Amazon distributed Amazon network Amazon providers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Amazon Harvard Amazon Leemore Amazon Dafny Amazon three Amazon companies Amazon little Amazon experience Amazon New Amazon entrants Amazon cope Amazon powerful Amazon regulatory Amazon constraints Amazon incumbent Amazon effects Amazon technology Amazon Oscar Amazon 2017 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Amazon Amitabh Amazon Chandra Amazon Disruption Amazon doesn Amazon apply Amazon leverages Amazon just Amazon good Amazon enough Amazon offer Amazon lower Amazon cost Amazon price Amazon But Amazon people Amazon typically Amazon want Amazon best Amazon afford Amazon limiting Amazon strategies Amazon partners Amazon very Amazon different Amazon find Amazon synergy Amazon across Amazon businesses ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Northwestern_University_ Amazon NorthWestern Amazon Craig Amazon Garthwaite Amazon Selling Amazon saving Amazon services Amazon help Amazon competitors Amazon business models Amazon share Amazon holder Amazon value

Wants Tech Giants Already Have - Economic situation /Wants Tech Giants Already Have
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2018_NYT_Amazon_Wants_to_Disrupt Feb 2018 NYT Amazon Wants to Disrupt Wants Sui Wants Lee Wants Wee Wants Paul Wants Mozur Wants report Wants Amazon Wants two Wants American Wants titans Wants trying Wants shake Wants up Wants health Wants care Wants experimenting Wants own Wants employees Wants coverage Wants demodwbp Wants awffwpwbeco13 Wants Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway Wants By Wants Chinese Wants standards Wants behind Wants curve Wants Alibaba Wants Tencent Wants targetted Wants healthcare Wants years Wants China Wants laboratory Wants Government Wants encouraging Wants activities Wants goal Wants leading Wants artificial Wants intelligence Wants 2030 Wants Hospitals Wants overloaded Wants 1 Wants 5 Wants doctors Wants 1000 Wants people Wants technology Wants give Wants leverage Wants more Wants time Wants Rapidly Wants aging Wants population ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Obesity Wants Most Wants obese Wants children Wants world ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Type_2_diabetes Wants More Wants diabetes Wants patients Wants anywhere Wants wants Wants 110 Wants million Wants diabetics Wants eye ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#VoxelCloud_ Wants exams Wants VoxelCloud Wants hopes Wants 4 Wants billion Wants lax Wants privacy Wants build Wants database Wants eyes Wants allow Wants neural Wants network Wants perform Wants detection Wants Already Wants tested Wants online Wants medical Wants advice Wants drug Wants tracking Wants systems Wants Limited Wants success Wants far Wants 2014 Wants future Wants hospital Wants aimed Wants make Wants treatment Wants efficient Wants consultation Wants Internet Wants ordering Wants Tmall Wants regulators Wants stopped Wants sale Wants counter Wants drugs Wants Baidu Wants developed Wants booking Wants appointments Wants scrapped Wants Goals Wants Building Wants diagnostic Wants tools Wants Using Wants machine Wants awffwpwgl Wants gl_Deep_Neural_Networks Wants deep Wants 130 Wants companies Wants plan Wants use Wants unit Wants introduced Wants based Wants CT Wants scan Wants analysis Wants help Wants diagnoses Wants released Wants Miying Wants imaging ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Wants early Wants cancers Wants made Wants long Wants task Wants possible Wants seconds Wants deployed Wants hospitals Wants iFlyTek Wants robot Wants passed Wants licensing Wants Yitu Wants funds Wants Jack Wants Ma Wants personal Wants investment Wants Yunfeng Wants founded Wants Lin Wants Chenxi Wants aims Wants identification Wants lung ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VC Wants VC Wants Sequoia Wants awffwpwgsu Wants Matrix_Partners_ Wants invested Wants 7

Health A good Health Care Deal, but Only for Some - Economic situation /Health A good Health Care Deal, but Only for Some
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2018_NYT_A_good_Health_Care_Deal Feb 2018 NYT A good Health Care Deal Health Elizabeth Health Rosenthal Health opinion Health here Health good Health news Health about ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Health announcement Health week Health Amazon ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Berkshire_Hathaway_ Health Berkshire Health Hathaway Health JPMorgan Health Chase Health forming Health company Health cover Health health Health care Health employees Health demodwbp Health awffwpwbeco13 Health Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway Health If Health you Health re Health million Health plus Health people Health work Health companies Health family Health member Health likely Health cheaper Health better Health pretty Health soon Health But Health concludes Health short term Health 300 Health Americans Health bigger Health bills Health reasons Health land Health giants Health Hospital Health networks Health acquiring Health smaller Health hospitals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Monopoly Health achieve Health monopoly Health status Health many Health places Health justify Health high Health service Health prices ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Health explaining Health Medicare ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Health Medicaid Health payments Health don Health costs Health Costs Health include Health multi Health dollar Health executive Health salaries Health Device Health industry Health mergers Health left Health only Health four Health hip Health knee Health producers Health Smith Health Nephew Health US Health few Health major Health awffwpwgco Health Health_management_organizations_HMO Health influential Health enough Health negotiate Health drug Health discounts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MMA Health prohibited Health MMA Health negotiating Health able Health demand Health access Health Sloan Health Kettering ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Cleveland_clinic_ Health Cleveland Health Clinic Health And Health leverage Health technology Health telemedicine Health online Health monitoring Health When Health extract Health money Health pot Health players Health typically Health forced Health add Health back Health difference Health Commercial Health Safeway Health used Health awffwpwgl Health gl_Reference_pricing Health reference Health constraints Health cut Health expenses Health Some Health Boeing Health skip Health insurance Health contracting Health directly Health named

Profit Business - Economic situation /Profit Business
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2018_NYT_Amazons_Profit_Swells_to Apr 2018 NYT Amazons Profit Swells to Profit NIck Profit Wingfield Profit reports Profit Jeff Profit Bezos Profit Amazon Profit founder Profit chief Profit executive Profit long Profit ago Profit figured Profit keep Profit sales Profit figures Profit shooting Profit skyward Profit Now Profit doing Profit same Profit profit Profit last Profit quarter Profit more Profit doubled Profit year Profit revenue Profit 51 Profit billion Profit net Profit income Profit 1 Profit 63 Profit driven Profit contributions Profit Web Profit Services Profit cloud Profit 44 Profit Advertising Profit businesses Profit Revenue Profit boosted ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Whole_Foods_Market Profit addition Profit Whole Profit Foods Profit 26 Profit announced Profit 20 Profit increase Profit price Profit Prime Profit membership Profit 119 Profit Subscription Profit service Profit increased Profit 60 Profit 3 Profit argued Profit value Profit provided Profit significantly Profit continued Profit spend Profit aggressively Profit financing Profit New Profit television Profit shows Profit Movies Profit video Profit streaming

Sales Amazon's Sales Growth Slows, Even as Cloud Business Stays Hot - Economic situation /Sales Amazon's Sales Growth Slows, Even as Cloud Business Stays Hot
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2019_NYT_Amazons_Sales_Growth Feb 2019 NYT Amazons Sales Growth Sales Karen Sales Weise Sales reports Sales Amazon Sales held Sales off Sales stiffer Sales competition Sales online Sales shoppers Sales during Sales holiday Sales season Sales again Sales increasing Sales sales Sales But Sales company Sales said Sales growth Sales slowed Sales usual Sales breakneck Sales pace Sales came Sales cost Sales spending Sales far Sales more Sales shipping Sales win Sales customers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Sales Retail Sales 17 Sales while Sales costing Sales generate Sales 23 Sales increase Sales costs Sales 9 Sales billion Sales Competitors Sales Target Sales Best Sales Buy Sales WalMart Sales learn Sales leverage Sales physical Sales infrastructure Sales fulfill Sales orders Sales faster Sales cheaper Sales forcing Sales respond Sales Dependence Sales 3rd Sales parties Sales shopping Sales VDS Sales hurt Sales revenue Sales share Sales increased Sales margin Sales lower Sales direct Sales Prime Sales membership Sales plateauing Sales India Sales strategy Sales constrained Sales huge Sales Growth Sales AWS Sales 45 Sales Advertising Sales based Sales awareness Sales consumer Sales choices

the Amazon, the Brand Buster - Economic situation /the Amazon, the Brand Buster
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2018_NYT_Amazon_the_Brand_Buster_ Jun 2018 NYT Amazon the Brand Buster Julie Creswell reports started simple battery Around 2009 Amazon quietly entered private label business offering handful items under brand AmazonBasics Early offerings kinds unglamorous products consumers typically bought hardware store power cords cables electronics particular batteries prices 30 percent lower national brands like Energizer Duracell few years captured third online market outselling site ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ But success ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Monopoly risks monopoly monopsony legal actions competitors attracting interest lawyers economists admit appear harming marketing strategies Private labeling 100 iteratively PDCAd test repeat productizing segment targeting taking 25 essentials Mama Bear Spotted Zebra Good brief Goodthreads higher end men clothing Wag dog food Pinzon bedding Rivet Lark Ro Promotion emails etc users searched matching features backed up only available prime support incentives data transactions word searches providing preferences customer review networks Vine Voices incents reviewers reviews free costly branded Experiments platform Only provided suppliers Retail Analytics Premium Analysts conclude favors channels Alexa crowds contributing flat growth 4 labels

I Opinion I am Paying for Your Expensive Medicine - Economic situation /I Opinion I am Paying for Your Expensive Medicine
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Opinion_I_am_Paying_for Nov 2015 NYT Opinion I am Paying for Opinion I Oncologist Opinion I demodwbp Opinion I awffwpwgsu Opinion I UPen_dme_hp_chair_Ezekiel_Emanuel_ Opinion I Ezekiel Opinion I comments Opinion I impact Opinion I F Opinion I D Opinion I approval Opinion I two Opinion I PCSK9 Opinion I inhibitors Opinion I awffwpwbpol13 Opinion I Jul_2015_F Opinion I _approve_two_PCSK9 Opinion I demonstrated Opinion I trial ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_attack Opinion I drugs Opinion I reduce Opinion I heart Opinion I attacks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Ischemic_stroke Opinion I ischemic Opinion I strokes Opinion I deaths Opinion I awffwpwgl Opinion I gl_Heart_disease

Are Opinion Are Hospitals Becoming Obsolete? - Economic situation /Are Opinion Are Hospitals Becoming Obsolete?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2018_NYT_Opinion_Are_Hospitals Feb 2018 NYT Opinion Are Hospitals Are Oncologist Are demodwbp Are awffwpwgsu Are UPen_dme_hp_chair_Ezekiel_Emanuel_ Are Ezekiel Are comments Are hospitals Are disappearing Are While Are never Are completely Are away Are continue Are shrink Are number Are importance Are inevitable Are good Are Emanuel Are places Are where Are poor Are died Are robsstrategystudio Are org Are awfcasag Are Hospitals_ Are _cesspools_to_curing_disease Are until Are anesthesia Are sterile Are technique Are improved Are surgery Are ray Are Now Are third Are medical Are spending Are 1 Are trillion Are And Are patient Are care Are volumes Are declining Are 1981 Are decline Are Problems Are service Are offer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HAI Are 7 Are million Are cases Are HAI Are causing Are 100 Are 000 Are deaths Are Falls Are Medical Are errors Are Competition Are Oral Are chemotherapy Are treatments Are don Are require Are admission ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Orthopedics Are Orthopedic Are awffwpwgco Are Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Are standalone Are Births Are home Are birthing Are center ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CHF Are CHF Are pneumonia Are infection Are IV Are provided Are visiting Are nurses Are more Are rapid Are recovery Are lower Are cost Are suggests Are trends Are accelerating Are downsizing Are merging Are converting Are outpatient Are clinics Are doctors Are offices Are closing Are Those ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Are remain Are focus Are ED ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_NICU Are NICU Are brain Are organ transplants Are Growth Are visits Are physician Are Imaging_Centers_Free_standing_Radiology Are imaging Are surgical Are centers Are awffwpwgl Are gl_Urgent_care_clinic Are urgent care Are etc Are Calls Are higher Are payments Are government Are insurers Are groups Are induce Are monopoly Are markets Are hopes Are resisted Are federal Are antitrust Are regulators

Sales Low Sales Drag Down Drug Makers' Shares - Economic situation /Sales Low Sales Drag Down Drug Makers' Shares
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2014_NYT_Low_Sales_Drag_Down_Drug Oct 2014 NYT Low Sales Drag Down Drug Sales Andrew Sales Pollack Sales writes Sales shares Sales Sanofi Sales Gilead Sales Sciences Sales fell Sales after Sales reported Sales lower Sales expected Sales sales ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofis_Lantus Sales important Sales drugs Sales Lantus ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Sovaldi Sales 2billion Sales Sovaldi ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Gilead_Q3_2014 Sales 8 Sales billion ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pricing_of_Lantus Sales demodwbp Sales awffwpwbeco13 Sales Jun_2014_NYT_Health_Insurers_pressing Sales diabetes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Novo_Nordisk Sales especially Sales Novo Sales Nordisk Sales dropped Sales competition Sales just ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvoni_ Sales released Sales Harvoni

European NYT Two European Drug Makers In Talks About Asset Swaps - Economic situation /European NYT Two European Drug Makers In Talks About Asset Swaps
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_Two_European_Drug_Makers_In Dec 2015 NYT Two European Drug Makers In European Chad European Bray European reports European French European pharmaceutical European company European Sanofi European German European drug European maker European Boehringer European Ingelheim European said European exclusive European negotiations European potential European asset European swap European would European world European largest European manufacturers European nonprescription European medicines European bigger European retail European presence European Germany European Japan European animal European health European business European Merial European move European key European markets European products European pets European farm European animals European veterinary European public European brands European include European Frontline European Heartguard European receive European 4 European 7 European billion European euros European consumer European care European excluding European Chinese European operations European valued European 6 European Dulcolax European laxative European Pharmaton European multivitamin European Bisolvon European Mucosolvan European cough European treatments

Makers Drug Makers Accused of Fixing Prices on Insulin - Economic situation /Makers Drug Makers Accused of Fixing Prices on Insulin
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2017_NYT_Drug_Makers_Accused_of Jan 2017 NYT Drug Makers Accused of Makers Katie Makers Thomas Makers reports Makers lawsuit Makers accused Makers three Makers makers Makers insulin Makers conspiring Makers drive up Makers prices Makers lifesaving Makers drugs Makers harming Makers patients Makers asked Makers pay Makers growing Makers share Makers bills ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofi_ Makers manufacturers Makers Sanofi ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Novo_Nordisk Makers Novo Makers Nordisk Makers Eli Makers Lilly Makers raising Makers list Makers near Makers lock Makers step Makers years Makers very Makers high Makers impacting Makers action Makers filed Makers Massachusetts Makers contends Makers colluded Makers PBMs Makers leverage Makers relative Makers insurers Makers after Makers rebate Makers demodwbp Makers awffwpwbeco13 Makers Feb_2016_NYT_Break_Up_the_Insulin_Racket Makers High Makers hurt Makers pocket Makers essential

Wars Insulin Wars - Economic situation /Wars Insulin Wars
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2019_NYT_The_Insulin_Wars Jan 2019 NYT The Insulin Wars ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Bellevue_Hospital_Center_New_York Wars Bellevue Wars Hospital Wars Dr Wars Danielle Wars Ofri Wars opinion Wars recalls Wars patient Wars plea Wars Doctor Wars you Wars please Wars redo Wars my Wars insulin Wars prescription Wars gave Wars me Wars wrong Wars My Wars frustration Wars obvious Wars phone Wars She Wars standing Wars pharmacy ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Diabetes Wars unable Wars her Wars diabetes Wars medication Wars asserts Wars physicians Wars patients Wars forced Wars Insurer Wars dirty Wars work Wars Over Wars week Wars valid Wars invalidated Wars insurer Wars no Wars longer Wars covered Wars brand Wars prescribed Wars already Wars participated Wars series Wars calls Wars rewritten Wars preferred Wars But Wars changed Wars three Wars times Wars year Wars forces Wars doctor Wars discover Wars latest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofis_Lantus Wars might Wars Lantus ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Novo_Nordisks_Levemir Wars Levemir Wars Novolog Wars Humalog Wars Admelog Wars Tresiba Wars Insulin Wars prices Wars tripled Wars between Wars 2002 Wars 2013 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biologics Wars typically Wars biologics Wars generic Wars alternative Wars Most Wars diabetic Wars use Wars 4 Wars 300 Wars vials Wars month Wars control Wars blood Wars sugar Wars levels Wars avoid Wars confusion Wars dehydration Wars coma Wars death Wars Dangerous Wars self Wars rationing Wars common Wars Patients Wars doctors Wars frustrated Wars process Wars Original Wars discoverers Wars sold Wars patent Wars 1 Wars making Wars product Wars affordable Wars Biologic Wars ensures Wars pure Wars used Wars sustain Wars manufacturers Wars patents Wars high Wars attractive ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Wars discounts Wars PBM Wars inducing Wars lawsuit Wars demodwbp Wars awffwpwbeco13 Wars Jan_2017_NYT_Drug_Makers_Accused_of

for NYT A Prescription for Sticker Shock - Economic situation /for NYT A Prescription for Sticker Shock
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_A_Prescription_for_Sticker Nov 2015 NYT A Prescription for Sticker Jane Brody reports drug prices keep rising confounding consumers exasperating doctors Noting government allowed negotiate prescription drugs assuming Congress going change situation soon details JAMA study National Health Nutrition Survey demodwbp awffwpwgco Memorial_Sloan Kettering_Cancer_Center Epidemiologist Elizabeth Kantor 1999 2012 number American adults using rose 11 classes 59 51 taking more five medications 15 8 Americans manage High cholesterol ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hypertension blood pressure sugar awffwpwbeco13 Jul_2015_NYT_The_Death_Toll_of_Sugary ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Depression Depression ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pain Pain Acid reflux Breathing problems Relax muscles implications raise importance understanding increase obesity Nov_2015_NYT_Obesity_Rises_Despite affecting use continues rise people develop consequences remains treating

Companies Drugs - Economic situation /Companies Drugs
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2016_NYT_Web_Companies_Are_Pulling Feb 2016 NYT Web Companies Are Pulling Companies Katie Companies Thomas Companies reports Companies Americans Companies come Companies rely Companies smartphones Companies help Companies seemingly Companies everything Companies like Companies hailing Companies taxi Companies comparing Companies prices Companies dog Companies food Companies But Companies comes Companies buying Companies prescription Companies drugs Companies consumers Companies find Companies process Companies maddeningly Companies antiquated Companies Prices Companies varied Companies wildly Companies same Companies ZIP Companies code ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#GoodRx_ Companies Now Companies startups Companies GoodRx ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blink_Health_ Companies Blink Companies Health Companies allowing Companies customers Companies generics Companies select Companies lowest Companies before Companies commit Companies ordering Companies Customers Companies keen Companies avoid Companies huge Companies impacts Companies high Companies deductible Companies health Companies plans ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Express_Scripts Companies Express scripts Companies argue Companies more Companies insight Companies about Companies patients Companies total Companies medication Companies history

Prescription Than Without It - Economic situation /Prescription Than Without It
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2017_NYT__ProPublica_Prescription Dec 2017 NYT ProPublica Prescription Prescription Charles Prescription Ornstein Prescription Katie Prescription Thomas Prescription report Prescription having Prescription health Prescription insurance Prescription supposed Prescription save Prescription you Prescription money Prescription your Prescription prescriptions Prescription But Prescription increasingly Prescription consumers Prescription finding Prescription isn Prescription case Prescription found Prescription 40 Prescription prescribed Prescription 100 Prescription drugs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#GoodRx_ Prescription lower Prescription prices Prescription GoodRx ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Wal-Mart_ Prescription Walmart Prescription OptumRX ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Express_Scripts Prescription Express Prescription Scripts ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare Prescription subscriber Prescription using Prescription Medicare Prescription purchase Prescription generic Prescription crestor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Walgreens Prescription Walgreens ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Copayment Prescription payment Prescription 83 Prescription 94 Prescription three Prescription month Prescription supply Prescription Blink Prescription Health Prescription offering Prescription medicine Prescription 45 Prescription 89 Prescription deal Prescription insurer Prescription UnitedHealthcare Prescription requires Prescription always Prescription set Prescription pharmacies Prescription cash Prescription UHG Prescription noted Prescription four Prescription ordered Prescription cheaper Prescription And Prescription said Prescription dropping Prescription reduce Prescription next Prescription year ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Rx_Savings_Solutions Prescription Rx Prescription Savings Prescription Solutions Prescription Michael Prescription Rae Prescription chance Prescription figure Prescription without Prescription help ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Prescription While Prescription PBM Prescription negotiate Prescription good Prescription branded Prescription generics Prescription treated Prescription differently Prescription Insurer Prescription clients Prescription often Prescription employers Prescription many Prescription workers Prescription interested Prescription reducing Prescription overall Prescription costs Prescription encourages Prescription insurers Prescription contract Prescription batches Prescription want Prescription ensure Prescription coverage Prescription groups Prescription rather Prescription ensuring Prescription lowest Prescription particular Prescription amounts Prescription individual Prescription Insurers Prescription requiring Prescription subscribers Prescription reimbursement Prescription pharmacy Prescription premium Prescription HDHPs Prescription higher Prescription share ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Clawback Prescription applying Prescription clawbacks Prescription dispense Prescription products ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#GoodRx_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Health_care_oriented_social_networks Prescription others Prescription building Prescription businesses Prescription improving Prescription offers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS Prescription CVS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#GoodRx_ Prescription coupons Prescription demodwbp Prescription awffwpwgco Prescription CVS_Caremark_Pharmacy_Beneftis_Manager ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blink_Health_ Prescription impacted Prescription Publix Prescription refusing Prescription accept Prescription discount Prescription cards Prescription sued Prescription MedImpact Prescription November Prescription 2017 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Pharmaceutical_Care_Management Prescription Pharmaceutical Prescription Care Prescription Management Prescription Association Prescription CEO Prescription Mark Prescription Merritt Prescription outlier Prescription cases Prescription There Prescription billion Prescription scripts Prescription written Prescription vast Prescription majority Prescription going Prescription better

Up NYT A Start-Up Suggests a Fix to the Health Care Morass - Economic situation /Up NYT A Start-Up Suggests a Fix to the Health Care Morass
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYT_A_Start-Up_Suggests_a_Fix Aug 2017 NYT A Start-Up Suggests a Fix Up Farad Up Manjoo Up reports Up you Up watched Up drama Up Washington Up last Up month Up come Up away Up impression Up American Up health Up care Up system Up hopeless Up mess Up But Up reveals Up Dr Up Farzad Up Mostashari Up startup Up Aledade Up way ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Up integrating Up PCP Up network Up while Up reducing Up costs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HCIT Up HCIT ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HHS Up national Up coordinator Up HHS Up His Up idea Up align Up incentives Up between Up society Up doctors Up patients Up achieved Up hospital Up readmissions Up visits Up specialists Up software Up Collects Up data Up variety Up sources Up provide Up helicopter Up view Up PCPs Up So Up estimate Up visiting Up tests Up ordered Up likely Up streaming Up real Up time Up possible Up intervene Up see Up going Up ED Up treat Up more Up cheaply Up directly Up Similarly Up ensure Up funded Up utilized Up And Up transitional Up management Up scheduled Up Medicare Up reimburses Up saving Up Uses Up collected Up generate Up series Up checklists Up physicians Up practices Up help Up track Up reduce Up raised Up 75 Up million Up investors Up operate Up 15 Up states Up connect Up 200 Up Investors Up wait Up long Up costly Up expansion Up occurs Up before Up expecting Up profits ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACO Up use Up ACO Up core Up business Up model Up shares Up savings Up efficiencies Up signed Up up Up insurance Up companies Up first Up year Up operations Up cut Up many Up procedures Up match Up goals

Drug Kitchens - Economic situation /Drug Kitchens
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2017_NYT_A_Vital_Drug_Runs_Low May 2017 NYT A Vital Drug Runs Low Drug Katie Drug Thomas Drug reports Drug hospitals Drug around Drug country Drug scrambling Drug stockpile Drug vials Drug critical Drug drug Drug postponing Drug operations Drug putting Drug off Drug chemotherapy Drug treatments Drug only Drug two Drug suppliers Drug run ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Hospira_ Drug Hospira Drug Pfizer Drug hastar Drug develop Drug manufacture Drug market Drug high Drug volume Drug low Drug cost Drug generic Drug injectables Drug sodium Drug bicarbonate Drug February Drug 2017 Drug announced Drug supply Drug shortage Drug led Drug spike Drug demand ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Duke_University_ Drug Duke Drug University ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Duke_University_Medical_Center_ Drug Medical ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#DUMC_Pharmacy_ Drug Center Drug pharmacy Drug demodwbp Drug awffwpwgco Drug DUMC_Associate_chief_pharmacy_officer Drug Kuldip Drug explained Drug situation Drug accustomed Drug juggling Drug old Drug standby Drug suddenly Drug unavailable Drug like Drug haven Drug here Drug before ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pfizer Drug worsened Drug shipping Drug five Drug regional Drug warehouses Drug national Drug distribution Drug center Drug reorganization Drug after ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Hospira_ Drug acquisition Drug derailed Drug said Drug using Drug awffwpwgl Drug gl_Compounding_pharmacies Drug compounding Drug make Drug batch Drug But Drug setting up Drug process Drug time Drug ensure Drug pure Drug sterile Drug spokesman Drug Biegi Drug issue Drug caused Drug problem Drug outside Drug raw Drug chemical Drug system ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Drug spokeswoman Drug Andrea Drug Fischer Drug companies Drug asked Drug notify Drug agency Drug problems Drug requirements Drug firms Drug keep Drug emergency Drug supplies Drug up Drug prior Drug changes Drug She Drug exploring Drug possible Drug solutions Drug temporary Drug importation Drug help Drug until Drug resolved Drug Ms Drug made Drug progress Drug preventing Drug 2011 Drug 251 Drug shortages Drug occurred Drug 2016 Drug 23 Drug 50 Drug drugs Drug classified Drug prevented Drug noted Drug targeting Drug given Drug priority Drug approval

Drugs Sometimes, Drugs Are Not Costly Enough - Economic situation /Drugs Sometimes, Drugs Are Not Costly Enough
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_Sometimes_Drugs_Are_Not May 2016 NYT Sometimes Drugs Are Not ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#BUSPH_Dr._Austin_Frakt_ Drugs Austin Drugs Frakt Drugs reports Drugs important Drugs drugs Drugs prices Drugs too Drugs low Drugs Generic Drugs injectables Drugs administered Drugs doctors Drugs offices Drugs hospitals Drugs often Drugs demodwbp Drugs awffwpwgsu Drugs Hospital_ED_and_Pharmacies_generic Drugs short Drugs supply Drugs profit Drugs margin Drugs high Drugs production Drugs Prices Drugs held Drugs check Drugs Group Drugs purchasing_hospital_supplies Drugs group Drugs Outages Drugs last Drugs more Drugs nine Drugs months Drugs include ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Drugs Anti Drugs Cancer Drugs agents Drugs Heart Drugs attack Drugs medications ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anesthesia Drugs Anesthetics Drugs number Drugs peaked Drugs 2014 Drugs 320 Drugs majorities Drugs generic Drugs There Drugs nearly Drugs 200 Drugs 2015 Drugs And Drugs University Drugs Utah Drugs pharmacist Drugs Erin Drugs Fox Drugs paper Drugs Health Drugs Affairs Drugs emergency Drugs critical Drugs care Drugs pain Drugs sedatives Drugs electrolyte Drugs solutions Drugs antibiotics Drugs antidotes Drugs anesthesia Drugs assists Drugs grown Drugs recent Drugs years Drugs Shortage Drugs causes Drugs dangerous Drugs delays Drugs search Drugs alternatives Drugs One Drugs third ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Drugs used Drugs ED Drugs treat Drugs problems Drugs respiratory Drugs distress Drugs heart Drugs overdoses Drugs half Drugs physicians Drugs life Drugs threatening Drugs conditions Drugs Ten Drugs no Drugs good Drugs sugstitute ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDA Drugs D Drugs responded Drugs Accelerating Drugs approvals Drugs Advising Drugs manufacturers Drugs overcome Drugs shortages Drugs Devising Drugs workarounds Drugs purify Drugs contaminated Drugs during Drugs faulty Drugs Seeking Drugs supplies Drugs world Drugs wide Drugs Resulting Drugs averting Drugs 80 Drugs 2013 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Drugs health Drugs economist Drugs wonders Drugs authority Drugs raise Drugs would Drugs help Drugs reduce

on Discounts on Hepatitis C Drug Dent Gilead's Earnings - Economic situation /on Discounts on Hepatitis C Drug Dent Gilead's Earnings
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_Discounts_on_Hepatitis_C Apr 2016 NYT Discounts on Hepatitis C ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Gilead_Sciences_ AP reported Gilead Sciences tumbled 17 percent first quarter steeper discounts rebates blockbuster hepatitis C drugs cut sales ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvoni_ Harvoni fell 15 3 billion argued decline given private insurers higher ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid patients Medicaid ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Sovaldi At same time Sovaldi grew 28 US many eligible able afford already received ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Gileads_Truvada Sales Truvada ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Gileads_Tenofovir Viread Stribild continued climb ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Gileads_TAF Genvoya reached 150 million

the Heading Off the Next Epidemic - Economic situation /the Heading Off the Next Epidemic
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2015_Heading_Off_the_Next_Epidemic_ Aug 2015 Heading Off the Next Epidemic ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Vaccines Vaccine development discouraged way modern medicine works make vaccine Scientists design experimental forms test cells animals cost around 25 million basic research typically covered governments donations Reserchers put vaccines several rounds trials humans Small initial studies validate safety dosing Larger looked effectiveness side effects hundreds millions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Capital requires capital major pharmaceutical company Currently no interested investing Many offer only modest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer returns relative cancer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_disease heart treatments Dr Plotkin demodwbp awffwpwgsu Merck_Vaccines_President_1998_ _2006_Dr Jeremy Farrar director Wellcome Trust proposed creation global fund supported companies philanthropies billion seed MERS would probably target justification awffwpwbpol13 CDC_processes_for_Ebola 8 Ebola crisis

and Epidemics - Economic situation /and Epidemics
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2017_NYT_Donors_and_Drug_Makers Jan 2017 NYT Donors and Drug Makers Donald McNeil Jr reports stung lack vaccines fight ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Ebola West African Ebola epidemic group prominent donors announced Wednesday raised almost 500 million partnership epidemics before spiral control ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Coalition_for_epidemic_preparedness CEPI aims Solve business problem development Vaccines take 20 years bring market cost 1 billion Most companies collapse during expensive stages between showing activity monkeys large scale production approved injectables Intellectual property constraints exist requires products would priced poor countries afford issues resolved Liability likes US NVICP potential solution But manufacturers prefer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PREP PREP ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_UN hope UN ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_WHO WHO protection global Develop stockpile against three known viral ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Lassa threats Lassa Fever ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Nipah Nipah virus MERS Two experimental selected paid prove work safe humans induce assumed protective levels antibodies Modest amounts successful stockpiled allow demonstrate subsequent outbreak manufacturing technology ensure rapid response emerging Zika ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DNA DNA RNA focus developing plug play platform hoped able faster growing chicken eggs typical immune reactions danger targeting vehicles etc overcome engineered delivery AWF Ligandal initial announcement Davos World Economic Forum capture donations attendees Largest demodwbp awffwpwgsu Bill_and_Melinda_Gates_Foundation_ Gates views catastrophic kill 10 people likely unless world better prepared combat Foundation director Dr Penny Heaton ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Lassa explained key ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Wellcome_Trust_ Wellcome Trust Stanley Plotkin previously advocated fund awffwpwbeco13 Aug_2015_Heading_Off_the_Next_Epidemic_

Adel Vaccines, Dies at 76 - Economic situation /Adel Vaccines, Dies at 76
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2018_NYT_Dr._Adel_Mahmoud_Who_Was Jun 2018 NYT Dr. Adel Mahmoud Who Was Adel Denise Adel Grady Adel reports Adel demodwbp Adel awffwpwgsu Adel Merck_Vaccines_President_1998_ Adel _2006_Dr Adel Dr Adel infectious Adel disease Adel expert Adel played Adel vital Adel role Adel development Adel lifesaving Adel vaccines Adel died Adel June Adel 11 Adel Manhattan Adel 76 Adel Mahmoud Adel president Adel Vaccines Adel 1998 Adel 2006 Adel where Adel drove Adel clinical trial ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Rotavirus Adel Rotavirus ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk Adel others Adel risky Adel prior Adel removed Adel market Adel after Adel bowel Adel obstruction Adel complications ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Gardasil Adel Gardasil Adel F Adel approved Adel MMR Adel chickenpox Adel Shingles Adel advocated Adel creation Adel global Adel fund Adel 2014 Adel awffwpwbeco13 Adel Aug_2015_Heading_Off_the_Next_Epidemic_ Adel realized Adel CEPI Adel Jan_2017_NYT_Donors_and_Drug_Makers Adel West Adel Africa Adel Ebola Adel outbreak Adel spread Adel US

Vaccine HPV Vaccine Expanded for People Ages 27 to 45 - Economic situation /Vaccine HPV Vaccine Expanded for People Ages 27 to 45
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_HPV_Vaccine_Expanded_for Oct 2018 NYT HPV Vaccine Expanded for Vaccine Denies Vaccine Grady Vaccine Hoffman Vaccine report Vaccine HPV Vaccine vaccine ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cervical_cancer Vaccine prevents Vaccine cervical Vaccine cancer Vaccine malignancies Vaccine approved Vaccine men Vaccine women Vaccine 27 Vaccine 45 Vaccine years Vaccine old Vaccine F Vaccine said ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CBER Vaccine CBER Vaccine extended ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Gardasil Vaccine approval Vaccine Gardasil Vaccine 9 Vaccine minors Vaccine up Vaccine adults Vaccine aged Vaccine 26 Vaccine based Vaccine study Vaccine showed Vaccine highly Vaccine preventing Vaccine genital Vaccine warts Vaccine vulvar Vaccine vaginal Vaccine precancers Vaccine cancers Vaccine associated Vaccine virus Vaccine types Vaccine covered Vaccine inferred Vaccine effectiveness Vaccine studies Vaccine efficacy Vaccine younger Vaccine evidence Vaccine immunity Vaccine Numbers Vaccine oropharyngeal Vaccine rising Vaccine director Vaccine demodwbp Vaccine awffwpwgocu Vaccine 2017_CBER_Director_Dr Vaccine _Peter_Marks_ Vaccine Peter Vaccine noted Vaccine Today Vaccine represents Vaccine important Vaccine opportunity Vaccine help Vaccine related Vaccine diseases Vaccine broader Vaccine range ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CDC Vaccine CDC Vaccine ACIP Vaccine discussing Vaccine recommendation Vaccine make Vaccine typically Vaccine initiate Vaccine insurance Vaccine coverage

Approves NYT Mexico Approves Degue Fever Vaccine - Economic situation /Approves NYT Mexico Approves Degue Fever Vaccine
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_Mexico_Approves_Degue_Fever Dec 2015 NYT Mexico Approves Degue Fever Approves Andrew Approves Pollack Approves reports Approves dengue Approves fever ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofis_Dengvaxia Approves vaccine Approves Dengvaxia ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofi_ Approves developed Approves Sanofi Approves approved Approves use Approves Mexico Approves first Approves approval Approves world ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Vaccines Approves disease Approves afflicts Approves tens Approves millions Approves people Approves around Approves becoming Approves increasing Approves threat Approves But Approves until Approves decides Approves deploy Approves vaccination Approves campaign Approves sales Approves remain Approves low

health health care configuration emerges in California - Economic situation /health health care configuration emerges in California
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2014_NYT_New_health_care Sep 2014 NYT New health care ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#WellPoint_ health Wellpoint health Anthem health Blue Cross ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCLA_Health_ health UCLA health Health health Cedars health Sinai health demodwbp health awffwpwgco health Good_Samaritan_Hospital_Los_Angeles_ health Huntington_Memorial_Hospital_Pasadena health MemorialCare_Health_System ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#PIH_Health_ health PIH health Torrance_Memorial_Health_ health joining health together health joint health venture health build health virtual health Geisinger ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Vivity_ health Vivity

Surgery NYT How Surgery Got Cheaper for Many Californians - Economic situation /Surgery NYT How Surgery Got Cheaper for Many Californians
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_NYT_How_Surgery_Got_Cheaper_for Aug 2016 NYT How Surgery Got Cheaper for ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Surgery Health Surgery economist Surgery Austin Surgery Frakt Surgery time Surgery health Surgery care Surgery spending Surgery seems Surgery only Surgery up Surgery initiative Surgery California Surgery slashed Surgery prices Surgery many Surgery common Surgery procedures Surgery CalPERS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Reference_pricing Surgery started Surgery using Surgery reference Surgery pricing Surgery paying Surgery hospitals Surgery maximum Surgery contribution Surgery 450 Surgery 000 Surgery members Surgery knee Surgery hip Surgery replacement Surgery colonoscopies Surgery cataract Surgery removal Surgery several Surgery elective Surgery 2011 Surgery patients Surgery foot Surgery excess Surgery At Surgery initiation Surgery approach Surgery 41 Surgery hundred Surgery provide Surgery 30 Surgery acceptable Surgery quality Surgery Some Surgery charging Surgery more Surgery 100 Surgery reduced Surgery cost Surgery sharing Surgery chose Surgery demodwbp Surgery awffwpwgco Surgery Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Surgery free Surgery standing Surgery opposed Surgery general ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#University_of_California_Berkeley Surgery UC ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Surgery Berkeley Surgery economists Surgery James Surgery Robinson Surgery Timothy Surgery Brown Surgery reported Surgery flocked Surgery lower Surgery priced Surgery surgical Surgery centers Surgery Prices Surgery total Surgery plummeted Surgery Knee Surgery market Surgery share Surgery increased Surgery 28 Surgery Higher Surgery responded Surgery reducing Surgery average Surgery fell Surgery saving Surgery 6 Surgery million Surgery two Surgery years Surgery Cataract Surgery surgery Surgery dropped Surgery nearly Surgery Colonoscopy Surgery shoulder Surgery arthroscopy Surgery 17 Surgery Quality Surgery found Surgery affected Surgery study Surgery services Surgery declined Surgery during Surgery period Surgery paid Surgery employer Surgery sponsored Surgery plans Surgery rose Surgery 5 Surgery Reference Surgery 40 Surgery But Surgery requires Surgery access Surgery understand Surgery details Surgery enough Surgery providers Surgery develop Surgery competitive Surgery There Surgery administrative Surgery calculating Surgery additionally Surgery large Surgery employers Surgery contracting Surgery excellence Surgery Cleveland Surgery Clinic Surgery choice Surgery outside

Limited KQED Forum Limited Behavioral health support from doctors - Economic situation /Limited KQED Forum Limited Behavioral health support from doctors
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_KQED_Forum_Limited_Behavioral Jun 2016 KQED Forum Limited Behavioral Limited Forum Limited talked Limited Bert Limited McGee Limited Access Limited Institute ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Stanford_school_of_medicine Limited Stanford ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Stanford_health_policy_ Limited Health Limited Policy Limited psychiatrist Limited Keith Limited Humphreys Limited explained Limited although Limited ACA Limited PAMA Limited made Limited behavioral Limited health Limited primary Limited priority Limited coverage Limited area Limited experience Limited Bay Limited Area Limited residents Limited mental Limited issues Limited find Limited doctors Limited Most Limited insurance Limited operated Limited low Limited cost Limited specialists ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Magellan_Health_ Limited Magellan Limited demodwbp Limited awffwpwgco Limited Behavioral_health_systems_ Limited Reimbursements Limited But Limited psychologists Limited psychiatrists Limited build Limited up Limited long Limited term Limited relationship Limited patient Limited often Limited reimbursement Limited recalled Limited avoid Limited taking Limited prospective Limited patients

Shun As Investors Shun Debt, Banks are Left Holding the Bag - Economic situation /Shun As Investors Shun Debt, Banks are Left Holding the Bag
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_As_Investors_Shun_Debt Nov 2015 NYT As Investors Shun Debt Shun Peter Shun Eavis Shun Leslie Shun Picker Shun report Shun recent Shun years Shun Wall Shun Street Shun firms Shun reaped Shun big Shun profits Shun scrappy Shun reaches Shun credit Shun markets Shun selling Shun debt Shun companies Shun weak Shun ratings Shun investors Shun crave Shun higher Shun returns Shun But Shun skittish Shun about Shun FED Shun rate Shun increase Shun demodwbp Shun awffwpwgsu Shun Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Shun troubles Shun awffwpwbeco13 Shun Oct_2015_NYT_Side_Effects_of_Hijacking Shun leveraged Shun slowing Shun banks Shun stuck Shun piles Shun struggling Shun write Shun down Shun positions Shun booking Shun multi Shun million Shun dollar Shun losses Shun 600 Shun large Shun portion Shun paper Shun issued Shun Veritas Shun Carlyle Shun Group Shun buying Shun 5 Shun billion Shun buyout Shun Morgan Shun Stanley ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Bank_of_America_ Shun Bank Shun America Shun led Shun transaction Shun Banks Shun build Shun cushions Shun deals Shun construct Shun appear Shun used Shun up Shun more Shun late ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Morgan_Stanley_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#RBC_Capital_Markets Shun RBC Shun Capital Shun Markets Shun underwriting Shun Lannett Shun acquisition ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kremers_Urban_ Shun Kremers Shun Urban Shun 1 Shun 23 Shun cash Shun hand Shun Losses Shun follow Shun lost Shun important Shun customer Shun while Shun marketing

Cashes NYT Mars Cashes Out Buffett to Take Control of Wrigley - Economic situation /Cashes NYT Mars Cashes Out Buffett to Take Control of Wrigley
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Mars_Cashes_Out_Buffett_to Oct 2016 NYT Mars Cashes Out Buffett to Cashes Michael Cashes J Cashes de Cashes la Cashes Merced Cashes reports Cashes Mars Cashes Inc Cashes finally Cashes taken Cashes full Cashes control Cashes Wrigley Cashes formally Cashes putting Cashes Ms Cashes Altoids Cashes mints Cashes same Cashes division Cashes cashing Cashes partner Cashes Warren Cashes E Cashes Buffett Cashes process Cashes said Cashes would Cashes combine Cashes chocolate Cashes business Cashes creating Cashes Confectionery Cashes By Cashes paying Cashes back Cashes demodwbp Cashes awffwpwgsu Cashes Berkshire_Hathaway_ Cashes retiring Cashes pricey Cashes financing Cashes helped Cashes buy Cashes about Cashes 23 Cashes billion Cashes 2008 Cashes arrangement Cashes Received Cashes preferred Cashes shares Cashes worth Cashes 1 Cashes paid Cashes 5 Cashes annual Cashes dividend Cashes 4 Cashes bonds Cashes carrying Cashes 11 Cashes 45 Cashes interest Cashes rate Cashes Typically Cashes charges Cashes premium Cashes early Cashes commented Cashes enjoyed Cashes experiences Cashes family Cashes management Cashes wish Cashes very Cashes best Cashes Both Cashes profited Cashes investment Cashes way Cashes provided Cashes profitable Cashes funding Cashes stretched Cashes corporations Cashes during Cashes after Cashes robsstrategystudio Cashes org Cashes awfcasfw Cashes Deregulation_Triumphant Cashes _The_Clinton Cashes bought Cashes billions Cashes dollars Cashes Goldman Cashes Sachs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#G.E._-_General_Electric_ Cashes General Cashes Electric Cashes Overall Cashes reported Cashes poured Cashes 15 Cashes world Cashes otherwise Cashes only Cashes look Cashes federal Cashes government Cashes high Cashes Bank Cashes America Cashes 2011

E Challenges Still Loom - Economic situation /E Challenges Still Loom
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2019_NYT_G.E._Earnings_Show_Glimmers Feb 2019 NYT G.E. Earnings Show Glimmers Challenges Still Steve Challenges Still Lohr Challenges Still reports Challenges Still H Challenges Still Lawrence Challenges Still Culp Challenges Still Jr Challenges Still demodwbp Challenges Still awffwpwgco Challenges Still G Challenges Still E Challenges Still _ Challenges Still _General_Electric_ Challenges Still General Challenges Still chief Challenges Still executive Challenges Still faces Challenges Still two Challenges Still major Challenges Still tasks Challenges Still Fix Challenges Still big Challenges Still ailing Challenges Still power Challenges Still generation Challenges Still business Challenges Still Sell Challenges Still assets Challenges Still trim Challenges Still costs Challenges Still generate Challenges Still enough Challenges Still cash Challenges Still stabilize Challenges Still company ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#G.E._-_General_Electric_ Challenges Still general Challenges Still results Challenges Still mixed Challenges Still Power Challenges Still problem Challenges Still 121 Challenges Still billion Challenges Still debt Challenges Still financed Challenges Still higher Challenges Still rate Challenges Still environment Challenges Still plans Challenges Still cut Challenges Still 50 Challenges Still selling Challenges Still rail Challenges Still locomotive Challenges Still oil Challenges Still field Challenges Still equipment Challenges Still health Challenges Still care Challenges Still stressed Challenges Still GE Challenges Still capital Challenges Still aviation Challenges Still services Challenges Still sale Challenges Still jet Challenges Still engines Challenges Still well Challenges Still Former Challenges Still subsidiary Challenges Still WMC Challenges Still robsstrategystudio Challenges Still org Challenges Still awfcascb Challenges Still The_subprime_and_prime_residential Challenges Still prime Challenges Still settled Challenges Still DOJ Challenges Still penalty ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#GE_Capital_ Challenges Still However Challenges Still Capital Challenges Still investigated Challenges Still aside Challenges Still 15 Challenges Still reserves Challenges Still awffwpwpacu Challenges Still Uncertainty_with_long Challenges Still term_care Challenges Still awffwpwgsu Challenges Still Long Challenges Still term_care_solutions Challenges Still long Challenges Still policies

Buffett Bill - Economic situation /Buffett Bill
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2017_NYT_Warren_Buffett_at May 2017 NYT Warren Buffett at Buffett Michael Buffett J Buffett de Buffett la Buffett Merced Buffett reports Buffett Every Buffett year Buffett tens Buffett thousands Buffett investors Buffett descent Buffett Omaha Buffett attend Buffett annual Buffett meeting Buffett demodwbp Buffett awffwpwgsu Buffett Berkshire_Hathaway_ Buffett conglomerate Buffett controlled Buffett Warren Buffett hear Buffett directly Buffett billionaire Buffett Charles Buffett Munger Buffett argued ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AHCA Buffett AHCA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Wealth Buffett giveaway Buffett wealthy Buffett individuals Buffett like Buffett Health Buffett care Buffett costs Buffett high Buffett taxes Buffett huge Buffett problem Buffett affecting Buffett American Buffett businesses Buffett Medical Buffett tapeworm Buffett economic Buffett competitiveness Buffett previous Buffett management Buffett Wells Buffett Fargo Buffett rebuked Buffett happy Buffett remain Buffett biggest Buffett shareholders Buffett stood Buffett ownership Buffett United Buffett Airlines Buffett Coca Buffett Cola ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#IBM_ Buffett But Buffett defend Buffett IBM Buffett sold Buffett third Buffett stake Buffett recently ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Private_Equity_ Buffett Private equity Buffett companies Buffett judged Buffett critically Buffett load Buffett up Buffett acquire Buffett debt Buffett defended Buffett 3G Buffett Capital Buffett agreeing Buffett company Buffett strategy Buffett layoffs Buffett sometimes Buffett necessary Buffett productive Buffett seeing Buffett nothing Buffett morally Buffett fault Buffett noted Buffett would Buffett invested Buffett 15 Buffett merged Buffett Kraft Buffett Unilever Buffett talked Buffett while Buffett drinking Buffett eating Buffett See Buffett Candies Buffett suggested Buffett next Buffett CEO Buffett already Buffett rich Buffett successes Buffett And Buffett added Buffett board Buffett hired Buffett compensation Buffett consultant Buffett take Buffett back Buffett position

Hees Bernardo Hees of Kraft Heinz: 'New Mistakes Are Welcome' - Economic situation /Hees Bernardo Hees of Kraft Heinz: 'New Mistakes Are Welcome'
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2018_NYT_Bernardo_Hees_of_Kraft May 2018 NYT Bernardo Hees of Kraft Hees David Hees Gelles Hees reports Hees powerful Hees force Hees food Hees business Hees defends Hees famously Hees frugal Hees culture Hees admits Hees C Hees E Hees O Hees don Hees answers Hees Bernardo Hees Kraft Hees Heinz Hees reviews Hees history Hees Father Hees CEO Hees Bechtel Hees Brazil Hees mother Hees teacher Hees child Hees liked Hees mathematics Hees Worked Hees tour Hees guide Hees Rio Hees helped Hees learn Hees connect Hees people Hees see Hees groups Hees behave Hees Attended Hees college Hees Obtained Hees scholarship Hees foundation Hees operated Hees 3G Hees Capital Hees private equity Hees firm Hees founders Hees No Hees legal Hees agreement Hees just Hees handshake Hees would Hees repay Hees loan Hees 5 Hees annual Hees salary Hees Studied Hees University Hees Warwick Hees England Hees Asked Hees founding Hees partner Hees Alex Hees Behring Hees run Hees Latin Hees America Hees largest Hees failing Hees privatized Hees railroad Hees 12 Hees years Hees neither Hees knew Hees anything Hees about Hees railroads Hees Initially Hees analyst Hees CFO Hees want Hees back Hees New York Hees His Hees approach Hees careful Hees ask Hees questions Hees allow Hees others Hees supply Hees revealing Hees Recognize Hees fast Hees mistakes Hees welcome Hees Try Hees make Hees same Hees twice Hees Was Hees Burger Hees King Hees based Hees Miami Hees Has Hees 2013 Hees merged ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kraft_ Hees philosophy Hees intend Hees fight Hees global Hees hunger Hees provide Hees billion Hees micro Hees nutrition Hees package Hees meals Hees 2021 Hees Provide Hees options Hees ever Hees US Hees 2018 Hees 70 Hees breakfast Hees eaten Hees People Hees time Hees under Hees pressure Hees take Hees kids Hees school Hees different Hees countries Hees things Hees Spends Hees purchase Hees assets Hees Mergers Hees costly Hees generate Hees long Hees term Hees value Hees So Hees focuses Hees situations Hees where Hees two Hees plus Hees more Hees four Hees very Hees thrifty Hees operating Hees policies Hees uses Hees zero Hees budgeting Hees explains Hees treat Hees company Hees money Hees own Hees organizations Hees staying Hees five Hees star Hees hotels Hees flying Hees first Hees managing Hees investments Hees layoffs Hees organizational Hees optimizations Hees setup Hees creation Hees generating Hees resources Hees reinvested Hees behind Hees brands Hees important

Some In Texas, Some Rare Good News About CIties WIth Pension Woes - Economic situation /Some In Texas, Some Rare Good News About CIties WIth Pension Woes
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2017_NYT_In_Texas_Some_Rare_Good Jun 2017 NYT In Texas Some Rare Good Some Mary Some Williams Some Walsh Some reports Some Detroit Some Stockton Some Puerto Rico Some demodwbp Some awffwpwbeco13 Some May_2017_NYT_Message_of_Puerto_Rico_Debt Some list Some places Some bankrupted Some ballooning Some pension Some obligations Some Dec_2016_NYT_CalPERS_Lowers_Projected Some debt Some growing Some But Some comes Some good Some news Some about Some two Some cities Some Dallas Some Houston Some pulled Some back Some brink Some After Some warned Some credit Some downgrades Some required Some calculate Some number Some years Some before Some funds Some run Some money Some 10 Some 15 Some decided Some act Some watch Some police Some firefighters Some already Some opted Some federal Some social Some security Some funding Some left Some no Some backstop Some pensioners Some collapsed Some Six Some months Some after Some mayor Some Michael Some Rawlings Some probable Some city Some bankruptcy Some Nov_2016_NYT_Dallas_a_Hive_of_Growth Some retirees Some pulling Some half Some billion Some dollars Some panic Some went Some Austin Some lobby Some state Some laws Some would Some reduce Some creditor Some pressure Some Democratic Some Sylvester Some Turner Some having Some persuaded Some labor Some groups Some concessions Some 3 Some 30 Some asked Some legislative Some help Some State Some lawmakers Some developed Some legislation Some averts Some crises Some signed Some Governor Some Greg Some Abbott Some included Some bills Some tailored Some problems Some involved Some Constraining Some elected Some officials Some delaying Some resolution Some future Some Reductions Some accruals Some workers Some Inflation Some adjustments Some Lump Some sum Some payouts Some exchange Some increased Some protect Some core Some benefits Some officers Some union Some accept Some increases Some slowed Some stopped Some argue Some current Some check Some reduced Some withdrew Some support Some Establishing Some benchmarks Some coming Some cuts Some meet Some measure Some only Some stabilizes Some previously Some collapsing Some time Some withdrawls Some allowed Some under Some DROP Some provisions Some Raising Some retirement Some age Some Slowing Some Ending Some cost Some living Some contribution Some 8 Some 5 Some 13 Some 2001 Some legislators Some based Some 1990s Some bull Some market Some raise Some crash Some making Some yearly Some contributions Some Under Some provide Some better Some stream Some gain Some stabilization Some changes Some Reduce Some certain Some secondary Some Remove Some If Some costs Some continue Some rise Some sharply Some requires Some reductions Some switch Some defined Some plan Some cash Some balance Some caps Some citiy Some downside Some risk Some strategy Some used Some currently Some illegal Some states Some California Some Rule Some applies Some Illinois Some Oragon Some Pennsylvania Some Kansas Some public Some pensions Some unions Some defending Some doctrine Some court

Lowers CalPERS Lowers Projected Return on Investment - Economic situation /Lowers CalPERS Lowers Projected Return on Investment
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2016_NYT_CalPERS_Lowers_Projected Dec 2016 NYT CalPERS Lowers Projected Lowers Mary Lowers Williams Lowers Walsh Lowers reports Lowers board Lowers California Lowers state Lowers public Lowers pension Lowers system Lowers CalPERS Lowers voted Lowers lower Lowers expectations Lowers future Lowers investment Lowers returns Lowers 7 Lowers phased Lowers three Lowers years Lowers step Lowers increase Lowers pressure Lowers budgets Lowers towns Lowers cities Lowers across Lowers changing Lowers business Lowers plan Lowers covering Lowers cost Lowers retirees Lowers pensions Lowers force Lowers governments Lowers pay Lowers more Lowers via Lowers higher Lowers taxes Lowers reduced Lowers services Lowers Public Lowers workers Lowers too Lowers extra Lowers 2 Lowers billion Lowers Pension Lowers costs Lowers significant Lowers component Lowers city Lowers bankruptcies Lowers Vallejo Lowers Stockton Lowers San Lowers Bernardino Lowers refusing Lowers payments Lowers But Lowers Loyalton Lowers left Lowers pensioners Lowers demodwbp Lowers awffwpwbeco13 Lowers Oct_2016_NYT_Small_Town_Reals_Under Lowers risk Lowers non Lowers volunteer Lowers fire Lowers districts Lowers rural Lowers areas Lowers largest Lowers governmental Lowers fund Lowers US Lowers influential Lowers smaller Lowers funds Lowers expected Lowers projections Lowers Critics Lowers systems Lowers see Lowers big Lowers issues Lowers remaining Lowers Investment Lowers overly Lowers optimistic Lowers 5 Lowers 8 Lowers 0 Lowers used Lowers calculate Lowers liabilities Lowers Sep_2016_NYT_A_Sour_Surprise_for_Public Lowers argue Lowers free Lowers Treasury Lowers bond Lowers rates Lowers only Lowers wishes Lowers withdraw Lowers CEO Lowers Ted Lowers Eliopoulos Lowers concerned Lowers about Lowers increased Lowers numbers Lowers drawing Lowers benefits Lowers So Lowers scaling Lowers back Lowers profile Lowers portfolio Lowers Stocks Lowers domestic Lowers global Lowers 46 Lowers 51 Lowers creates

Are NYT The Fees Are Sky-High, Yes, but Just Look at Those Returns - Economic situation /Are NYT The Fees Are Sky-High, Yes, but Just Look at Those Returns
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_The_Fees_Are_Sky-High_Yes Dec 2015 NYT The Fees Are Sky-High Yes Are Steven Are Solomon Are reports Are critics Are love Are complain Are about Are private equity Are exorbitant Are fees Are But Are imagine Are retail Are investors Are people Are like Are you Are me Are suddenly Are allowed Are funds Are managed Are giants Are Blackstone Are Group Are demodwbp Are awffwpwgsu Are Kohlberg_Kravis_Roberts__Company_ Are Apollo_Global_Management_ Are CalPERS Are underfunded Are 2015 Are best Are returns Are 2014 Are 15 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Yale_University_ Are Yale Are years Are 36 Are betting Are third Are 24 Are billion Are assets Are model Are David Are Swensen Are assumes Are endowment Are infinite Are life Are illiquidity Are reasonable Are benefited Are success Are venture Are capital Are investments Are Small Are pension Are beg Are large Are regularly Are turned Are down Are Academics Are study Are include Are Josh Are Lerner Are Kaplan Are concluded Are Seeking Are fantastic Are typically Are wise Are Bigger Are longer Are lasting Are more Are profitable Are KKR Are consistently Are top Are quartile Are Recent Are reduced Are performance Are until Are Fed Are supercharged Are stock Are market Are better Are outperform Are goal Are buy Are poor Are performers Are improve Are sell Are again Are One Are use Are highly Are capable Are managers Are Successful Are firms Are generate Are strong Are take Are share Are deal Are profits Are charge Are E Are investigating Are charged Are agreed Are penalty Are 10 Are million Are payments Are misallocation Are Jun_2015_KKR_fees_and_the_S Are _ Are 39 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fenway_Partners_ Are Fenway Are Partners

K K.K.R. to Buy WebMD and Take Majority Stake in Nature's Bounty - Economic situation /K K.K.R. to Buy WebMD and Take Majority Stake in Nature's Bounty
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2017_NYT_K.K.R._to_Buy_WebMD_and Jul 2017 NYT K.K.R. to Buy WebMD and Buy WebMD Chad Buy WebMD Bray Buy WebMD reports Buy WebMD private equity Buy WebMD giant Buy WebMD demodwbp Buy WebMD awffwpwgsu Buy WebMD Kohlberg_Kravis_Roberts__Company_ Buy WebMD struck Buy WebMD two Buy WebMD deals Buy WebMD focused Buy WebMD health Buy WebMD wellness Buy WebMD agreeing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#HealtheonWebMD_ Buy WebMD buy Buy WebMD WebMD Buy WebMD taking Buy WebMD majority Buy WebMD stake Buy WebMD Nature Buy WebMD Bounty Buy WebMD Company Buy WebMD KKR Buy WebMD portfolio Buy WebMD company Buy WebMD Internet Buy WebMD Brands Buy WebMD agreed Buy WebMD acquire Buy WebMD founded Buy WebMD 1996 Buy WebMD Medical Buy WebMD Equipment Buy WebMD executive Buy WebMD Jeffrey Buy WebMD Arnold Buy WebMD merged Buy WebMD Jim Buy WebMD Clark Buy WebMD Healtheon Buy WebMD 1999 Buy WebMD information Buy WebMD consumers Buy WebMD care Buy WebMD workers Buy WebMD plans Buy WebMD via Buy WebMD portals Buy WebMD journals Buy WebMD 2016 Buy WebMD revenue Buy WebMD 705 Buy WebMD million Buy WebMD Robert Buy WebMD Brisco Buy WebMD noted Buy WebMD Since Buy WebMD founding Buy WebMD established Buy WebMD itself Buy WebMD trusted Buy WebMD resource Buy WebMD look Buy WebMD forward Buy WebMD delivering Buy WebMD more Buy WebMD users Buy WebMD leveraging Buy WebMD combined Buy WebMD resources Buy WebMD presence Buy WebMD online Buy WebMD catalyze Buy WebMD future Buy WebMD growth Buy WebMD seperately Buy WebMD acquiring Buy WebMD manufacturer Buy WebMD distributor Buy WebMD Carlyle Buy WebMD Group

K NYT K.K.R. Said to Be Near Deal to Acquire Envision Healthcare - Economic situation /K NYT K.K.R. Said to Be Near Deal to Acquire Envision Healthcare
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2018_NYT_K.K.R._Said_to_Be_Near_Deal Jun 2018 NYT K.K.R. Said to Be Near Deal K.K Michael K.K J K.K de K.K la K.K Merced K.K reports K.K K K.K R ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity K.K private equity K.K giant K.K near K.K deal K.K buy K.K demodwbp K.K awffwpwgco K.K Envision_Healthcare_ K.K person K.K briefed K.K matter K.K said K.K months K.K after K.K company K.K put K.K itself K.K up K.K sale K.K controversy K.K hospital K.K billing K.K practices K.K mounted K.K gained K.K business K.K hospitals K.K rely K.K outside K.K contractors K.K increase K.K efficiency K.K otherwise K.K financially ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED K.K draining K.K areas K.K ED K.K lost K.K 228 K.K million K.K 2017 K.K revenues K.K 7 K.K 8 K.K billion ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#EmCare_ K.K EmCare K.K come K.K under K.K scrutiny K.K Senator K.K Claire K.K McCaskill K.K subject K.K lawsuits K.K investors K.K already K.K agreed K.K acquire K.K Rural K.K Metro K.K ambulance K.K owned K.K Air K.K Medical K.K Group K.K 4

Was Model Is 'Broken.' - Economic situation /Was Model Is 'Broken.'
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2018_NYT_Britain_Was_a_Pioneer_in Feb 2018 NYT Britain Was a Pioneer in Was Kimiko Was de Was Feeytas Was Tamura Was reports Was residents Was Millbrow Was Care Was Home Was already Was frail Was old Was age Was illness Was started Was losing Was weight Was alarming Was speed Was Four Was Seasons Was Health Was owns Was reduced Was spending ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_UK Was protect Was margins Was UK Was government Was budgets Was last Was 10 Was years Was required Was agreement Was tough Was terms Was outsourcing Was care Was elders Was major Was participant Was But Was Carillion Was Capita Was Cleave Was Link Was Mears Was Group Was demanding Was cuts Was economy Was slows Was under Was Brexit Was pressures Was slowing Was growth Was exit Was low Was cost Was European Was workers Was collapsed Was while Was pushed Was homes Was costs Was third Was Britain Was 5 Was 500 Was providers Was risk Was failing Was When Was failed Was cope Was providing Was social Was services Was taking Was owned Was private equity Was company Was demodwbp Was awffwpwgsu Was Terra_Firma_Capital_Partners_ Was bonds Was financed Was hedge Was fund Was 2 Was Capital Was National Was Audit Was Office Was concluded Was changing Was economic Was situation Was increase Was relative Was operation Was Schools Was 40 Was Hospitals Was 70

Private NYT Leading Private Equity Firm Accused of Misusing Funds - Economic situation /Private NYT Leading Private Equity Firm Accused of Misusing Funds
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2018_NYT_Leading_Private_Equity_Firm Feb 2018 NYT Leading Private Equity Firm Private Landon Private Thomas Private reports Private Abraaj Private Group Private reputation Private developing Private world Private largest Private influential Private investors Private private equity Private firm Private based Private Dubai Private United Private Arab Private Emirates Private manages Private nearly Private 14 Private billion Private institutions Private development Private agencies Private US Private UK Private France Private Some Private demodwbp Private awffwpwgsu Private Bill_and_Melinda_Gates_Foundation_ Private Gates Private 100 Private million Private World Private Bank Private 300 Private Proparco Private CDC Private Government Private Overseas Private Investment Private Corporation Private 150 Private claim Private misused Private funds Private health Private care Private money Private misunderstanding Private about Private operates Private Delays Private getting Private approval Private regulators Private Nigeria Private Pakistan Private prevented Private deployment Private While Private governments Private foundations Private used Private direct Private loans Private grants Private past Private support Private projects Private Jim Private Yong Private Kim Private see Private potential Private leveraging Private sector Private capital Private risky Private enable Private generate Private profits Private Mr Private promoted Private praise Private enabling Private approach Private International_Finance_Corporation_IFC Private invested Private 145 Private purchase Private CARE Private network Private Hyderabad Private India Private But Private changing Private regulations Private undermined Private hospitals Private where Private earnings Private fallen Private year Private 8 Private 2016 Private began Private using Private 545 Private buy Private goal Private improving Private productivity Private London Private September Private 2017 Private 200 Private sitting Private asked Private bank Private statements Private showing Private disbursed Private Naqvi Private argued Private needed Private cash Private hand Private became Private available Private noted Private slow Private down Private satisfied Private independent Private audit Private wanted Private forensic Private proof Private own Private operations Private returned Private December

a Festered - Economic situation /a Festered
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2018_NYT_Inside_a_Powerful_Silicon May 2018 NYT Inside a Powerful Silicon Festered David Festered Gelles Festered reports Festered Silicon Festered Valley Festered technology Festered executives Festered amassed Festered enormous Festered fortunes Festered recent Festered years Festered relatively Festered obscure Festered group Festered demodwbp Festered awffwpwgsu Festered Silicon_Valley_Community_Foundation_ Festered emerged Festered charity Festered choice Festered SVCF Festered formed Festered 2007 Festered merger Festered two Festered charities Festered managed Festered 13 Festered 5 Festered billion Festered assets Festered 2018 Festered makes Festered larger Festered Ford Festered Rockefeller Festered Foundations Festered Only ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Bill_and_Melinda_Gates_Foundation_ Festered Gates ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Open_Society_Foundations_ Festered Open Festered Society Festered achieved Festered size Festered 11 Festered Focus Festered fund Festered raising Festered Mari Festered Loijens Festered major Festered raiser Festered Mark Festered Zuckerberg Festered donated Festered 45 Festered million Festered Facebook Festered shares Festered Reed Festered Hastings Festered founder Festered Netflix Festered donor Festered providing Festered 100 Festered Paul Festered Allen Festered Allen_Institute_for Festered Jack Festered Dorsey Festered Twitter Festered donors Festered Nickolas Festered Woodman Festered GoPro Festered stock Festered worth Festered 500 Festered Koum Festered cofounder Festered WhatsApp Festered 566 Festered Driven Festered CEO Festered Emmett Festered Carson Festered brought Festered run Festered foundation Festered Minneapolis Festered where Festered defined Festered broad Festered mission Festered making Festered largest Festered philanthropies Festered using Festered endowment Festered provide Festered grants Festered national Festered international Festered causes Festered Provided Festered Dartmouth_College Festered Research Festered Institute Festered Industrial Festered Economics Festered Sweden Festered But Festered accused Festered former Festered staff Festered ignoring Festered bullying Festered toxic Festered culture Festered rapid Festered turnover Festered placed Festered administrative Festered leave Festered HR Festered head Festered resigned Festered law Festered firm Festered Boies Festered Schiller Festered Flexner Festered asked Festered investigate Festered issues

Bank - Economic situation /Bank
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2018_NYT_The_World_Bank_Is_Remaking Jan 2018 NYT The World Bank Is Remaking Bank Landon Bank Thomas Bank reports Bank Jim Bank Yong Bank Kim Bank World Bank president Bank trying Bank revitalize Bank hidebound Bank institution Bank But Bank embrace Bank Wall Bank Street Bank controversial Bank original Bank mission Bank provide Bank loans Bank distressed Bank developing Bank nations Bank support Bank infrastructure Bank projects Bank using Bank capital Bank supplied Bank Developed Bank governments Bank membership Bank fees Bank 1 Bank 3 Bank billion Bank people Bank living Bank poverty Bank limited Bank comparison Bank financing Bank available ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Bank markets Bank And Bank current Bank US Bank highly Bank critical Bank effectiveness Bank Trump Bank administration Bank paid Bank reimbursed Bank staff Bank consultants Bank beneficiaries Bank see Bank financial Bank far Bank better Bank placed Bank perform Bank traditional Bank role Bank anthropologist Bank physician Bank problems Bank model Bank His Bank goal Bank end Bank extreme Bank 2030 Bank aims Bank increase Bank leverage Bank win Bank Pushing Bank sovereign Bank wealth Bank funds Bank private equity Bank firms Bank insurance Bank companies Bank lend Bank world Bank Visiting Bank capitals Bank meeting Bank bankers Bank managers Bank CEOs Bank Leveraging Bank demodwbp Bank awffwpwgsu Bank International_Finance_Corporation_IFC Bank 7 Bank sector Bank development Bank 30 Bank year Bank Raising Bank 5 Bank insurers Bank 2016 Bank protect Bank investors Bank against Bank possible Bank losses Bank Offering Bank guarantees Bank incentives Bank encourage Bank Using Bank middle Bank Shifting Bank match Bank Making Bank himself Bank popular Bank Davos Bank oligarchs Bank criticizing Bank bureaucratic Bank coached Bank Apollo ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Carlyle_Group_ Bank Leon Bank Black Bank Carlyle Bank David Bank Rubenstein Bank Befriending Bank working Bank closely Bank Ivanka Bank Jared Bank Kushner Bank Gary Bank Kohn Bank Dina Bank Powell Bank Fitting Bank President Bank America Bank First Bank policy Bank critics Bank approach Bank argue Bank becoming Bank another Bank Private Bank solutions Bank involving Bank profits Bank morally Bank questionable Bank Many Bank economists Bank view Bank proposals Bank way Bank chief Bank Paul Bank Romer Bank recently Bank resigned Bank abruptly Bank after Bank push Bank back Bank asserted Bank business Bank conditions Bank different Bank countries Bank altered Bank political Bank reasons

Bond Junk Bond Fund Will Liquidate, and Reimburse Investors Slowly - Economic situation /Bond Junk Bond Fund Will Liquidate, and Reimburse Investors Slowly
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_A_Junk_Bond_Fund_WIll Dec 2015 NYT A Junk Bond Fund WIll Bond Landon Bond Thomas Bond reports Bond large Bond mutual Bond fund Bond specializing Bond risky Bond high Bond yielding Bond bonds Bond blocked Bond investors Bond getting Bond money Bond back Bond citing Bond difficult Bond trading Bond conditions Bond securities Bond Junk Bond 1 Bond 6th Bond based Bond energy Bond stocks Bond deteriorating Bond debt Bond companies Bond struggling Bond slumping Bond oil Bond gas Bond prices Bond market Bond assumes Bond many Bond issuers Bond pushed Bond default Bond Investors Bond buying Bond theses Bond funds Bond response Bond central Bond banks Bond aggressively Bond purchasing Bond fixed Bond income Bond assets Bond 2009 Bond Investment Bond stopped Bond making Bond junk Bond leveraged Bond loans Bond emerging Bond regulatory Bond constraints ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Third_Avenue_Management_ Bond Third Bond Avenue Bond Management Bond demodwbp Bond awffwpwgsu Bond Third_Avenues_Focused_Credit_Fund Bond Focused Bond value Bond shrunk Bond 790 Bond million Bond 5 Bond billion Bond rushed Bond redeem Bond shares Bond Credit Bond Fund Bond percentage Bond bankrupt Bond near Bond clear Bond Channel Bond Communications Bond Energy Bond Future Bond Holdings Bond Liberty Bond Tire Bond Recycling Bond High Bond worst Bond returns Bond among Bond year Bond decided Bond fulfilling Bond sell Bond orders Bond liquidate Bond remaining Bond transferred Bond liquidating Bond trust Bond sold Bond off Bond gradually Bond aim Bond driving Bond down Bond too Bond sharply Bond process Bond take Bond Many Bond niches Bond taken Bond more Bond cash Bond help Bond cover Bond selling Bond waves

Bond A Junk Bond Fund Freezes Out Investors, and the Chills Spread - Economic situation /Bond A Junk Bond Fund Freezes Out Investors, and the Chills Spread
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_A_Junk_Bond_Fund_Freezes Dec 2015 NYT A Junk Bond Fund Freezes Bond Landon Bond Thomas Bond reports Bond two Bond months Bond ago Bond Lapointe Bond lead Bond portfolio Bond manager Bond demodwbp Bond awffwpwgsu Bond Third_Avenue_Management_ Bond Avenue Bond Third_Avenues_Focused_Credit_Fund Bond Focused Bond junk Bond bond Bond mutual Bond fund Bond delivered Bond bullish Bond presentation Bond conference Bond Waldorf Bond Astoria Bond hotel Bond arguing Bond value Bond investors Bond stay Bond course Bond By Bond awffwpwbeco13 Bond Dec_2015_NYT_A_Junk_Bond_Fund_WIll Bond said Bond would Bond bar Bond getting Bond money Bond back Bond lock Bond rattled Bond markets Bond already Bond worried Bond Fed Bond interest Bond rate Bond rise Bond Investors Bond withdrawing Bond risky Bond areas Bond Avenues Bond actions Bond interpreted Bond indicating Bond funds Bond having Bond loaded Bond up Bond hard Bond sell Bond securities Bond bonds Bond leveraged Bond loans Bond emerging Bond debt Bond similar Bond predicament Bond Credit Bond Fund Bond large Bond position Bond Level Bond 3 Bond assets Bond causing Bond problems Bond And Bond sold Bond liquid Bond level Bond percentage Bond kept Bond rising Bond 15 Bond 25 Bond unacceptable Bond regulators Bond cope Bond bolstered Bond cash Bond emergency Bond bank Bond line Bond credit Bond But Bond moved Bond against Bond offering Bond State Bond Street Bond 10 Bond billion Bond high Bond yield Bond exchange Bond traded Bond trading Bond lower Bond directly Bond after Bond Lehman Bond Brothers Bond crisis Bond 2008 Bond Morningstar Bond Sumit Bond Desai Bond argued Bond murkiest Bond owning Bond stuff Bond traditional Bond never Bond touch Bond Ivy Bond High Bond Income Bond CCC Bond rated Bond 48 Bond lost Bond 8 Bond 6 Bond American Bond 16 Bond 30 Bond redemptions

Focus A New Focus on Liquidity After a Fund's Collapse - Economic situation /Focus A New Focus on Liquidity After a Fund's Collapse
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2016_NYT_A_New_Focus_on_Liquidity Jan 2016 NYT A New Focus on Liquidity Focus Landon Focus Thomas Focus reports Focus college Focus seminar Focus drawing Focus close Focus October Focus Martin Focus J Focus Whitman Focus pondering Focus hits Focus misses Focus long Focus career Focus top Focus demodwbp Focus awffwpwgsu Focus Third_Avenue_Management_ Focus Avenue Focus Wall Focus Street Focus better Focus known Focus value Focus investment Focus firms Focus noted Focus issues Focus distressed Focus bonds Focus But Focus problems Focus small Focus compared Focus awffwpwbeco13 Focus Dec_2015_NYT_A_Junk_Bond_Fund_Freezes Focus dec Focus Now Focus Securities Focus Exchange Focus Commission Focus signalling Focus line Focus board Focus crossed Focus ensuring Focus fund Focus adequate Focus liquidity Focus according Focus Mercer Focus Bullard Focus University Focus Mississippi Focus School Focus Law

Bonds Junk Bonds Aren't Done Going Sour - Economic situation /Bonds Junk Bonds Aren't Done Going Sour
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2016_NYT_Junk_Bonds_Arent_Done Jan 2016 NYT Junk Bonds Arent Done Bonds Gretchen Bonds Morgenson Bonds reports Bonds tide Bonds turned Bonds against Bonds junk Bonds bond Bonds investors Bonds Falling Bonds oil Bonds commodity Bonds prices Bonds contributed Bonds problem Bonds demodwbp Bonds awffwpwgsu Bonds Third_Avenue_Management_ Bonds Avenue Bonds awffwpwbeco13 Bonds Dec_2015_NYT_A_Junk_Bond_Fund_Freezes Bonds redemption Bonds added Bonds fear Bonds 1 Bonds 5 Bonds trillion Bonds market Bonds more Bonds problems Bonds remain Bonds going Bonds beyond Bonds drops Bonds Commodities Bonds companies Bonds major Bonds issuers Bonds bonds ../demodwbp/awffwpwbeco13.htm#China Bonds struggling Bonds China Bonds slowdown Bonds demand Bonds Shale Bonds issued Bonds 27 Bonds high Bonds yield Bonds debt Bonds 2014 Bonds business models Bonds reversed Bonds low Bonds made Bonds attractive Bonds broadly Bonds held ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mutual_Funds_ Bonds mutual Bonds funds ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Franklin_Templeton_ Bonds Franklin ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Franklin_High_Income_fund Bonds High Bonds Income Bonds Nuveen ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Nuveen_High_Income_Bond_fund_ Bonds Bond Bonds Fund Bonds Both Bonds down Bonds peaks Bonds 2015 Bonds holding Bonds currently Bonds troubled ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Valeant_Pharmaceuticals Bonds Valeant Bonds Pharmaceuticals Bonds causing Bonds concerns Bonds cash Bonds cushions Bonds 4 Bonds vs Bonds 8 Bonds Oil Bonds falling Bonds 30 Bonds barrel Bonds likely Bonds lower Bonds sustain Bonds sector Bonds There Bonds appear Bonds many Bonds buyers Bonds quality Bonds credit Bonds Investors Bonds invested Bonds exposed Bonds currency Bonds emerging Bonds risks Bonds markets Bonds presently Bonds unravelling Bonds strong Bonds dollar Bonds pushing Bonds currencies Bonds Canada Bonds Brazil Bonds May_2016_NYT_Mistakes_In_Policy_Dash

In Mistakes In Policy Dash Hopes In Brazil - Economic situation /In Mistakes In Policy Dash Hopes In Brazil
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_Mistakes_In_Policy_Dash May 2016 NYT Mistakes In Policy Dash Eduardo Porter reports too long ago Brazilians might counted optimistic people world From 2008 2013 United States Europe grappled aftermath crisis wrought blind trust unfettered finance income person grew 12 percent inflation Wages soared poverty rate plummeted Even inequality narrowed explains emerged BRICS appeared developing first economy says didn happen Instead between 2015 2017 M expects shrink 8 Unemployment 11 2016 asserts public policy mistakes High commodity prices driven China buying iron soybeans Very low US interest rates pushed bonds boom allowed Lula Rousseff delay changes areas Alejandro Werner issues Judicial reform tax education labor market opening access foreign trade continued strategy using state closed Average applied tariff 10 highest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_WTO according WTO Increased subsidies protection favored sectors like autos Federal development banks account half lending minimum wage Put caps gasoline electricity By 2014 stalling responded owned loans obscure growing budget deficit cooling monetary tightening downturn poor choices made Bad turned rising debt rest learn lessons Populist policies working financial conditions stopped positive You don pit free markets against combat help social inclusion started 1990s Businessmen support interventions Typically up country Left leaning extremes Bolivia Ecuador more cautious avoided problems Development hard Avoid turning inwards ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Productivity results productivity growth Invest human capital manage bonanzas caution Recognize openness competition necessary

to struggle to Quell Investor Fears Over Unsettled Emerging Markets - Economic situation /to struggle to Quell Investor Fears Over Unsettled Emerging Markets
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2016_NYT_A_struggle_to_Quell Jan 2016 NYT A struggle to Quell Landon Thomas reports currency turmoil China fears global slowdown led investors abandon emerging markets droves rattling large asset management firms long promoted investments hunt higher returns star managers big funds demodwbp awffwpwgsu Franklin_Templeton_ PIMCO ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Aberdeen_Asset_Management Aberdeen ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Oppenheimer_Funds_ Oppenheimer globetrotting find Internet companies oil Brazil gold mines South Africa risk represented necessary portfolio diversity And generated fees But fled struggling cope losses 105 billion pulled mutual 2015 26 US Three years bond equity flows Traders note institutional exiting Capitulating Typically would expected scoop up underpriced assets retail sales concerned Problems bring down growth rates Emerging illiquid hard price sell declining awffwpwbeco13 Jan_2016_NYT_Junk_Bonds_Arent_Done

Seeks Fund Seeks to Grow as Others Stumble - Economic situation /Seeks Fund Seeks to Grow as Others Stumble
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2017_NYT_Fund_Seeks_to_Grow_as Jan 2017 NYT Fund Seeks to Grow as Seeks Anita Seeks Raghavan Seeks reports Seeks decade Seeks ago Seeks hedge Seeks fund Seeks manager Seeks Chris Seeks Rokos Seeks bought Seeks two Seeks tired Seeks hotels Seeks fashionable Seeks Notting Seeks Hill Seeks neighborhood Seeks here Seeks She Seeks explains Seeks abandoned Seeks redevelopment Seeks focus Seeks expanding Seeks scale Seeks demodwbp Seeks awffwpwgsu Seeks Rokos_Capital_Management_ Seeks Mr Seeks won Seeks scholarship Seeks Eton Seeks studied Seeks maths Seeks Pembroke Seeks College Seeks Oxford Seeks raises Seeks funds Seeks scholarships Seeks institutions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#UBS_ Seeks initially Seeks joined Seeks UBS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Goldman_Sachs_ Seeks Goldman Seeks Sachs Seeks October Seeks 1993 Seeks Over Seeks three Seeks years Seeks generated Seeks 165 Seeks million Seeks 1997 Seeks moved Seeks Credit Seeks Suisse Seeks met Seeks Alan Seeks Howard Seeks helped Seeks Brevan Seeks interest Seeks rate Seeks trades Seeks made Seeks 4 Seeks billion Seeks included Seeks 400 Seeks 2012 Seeks left Seeks company Seeks managed Seeks own Seeks money Seeks leveraging Seeks Greek Seeks debt Seeks during Seeks global Seeks recession Seeks decided Seeks setup Seeks 2014 Seeks After Seeks litigation Seeks terminate Seeks non Seeks compete Seeks contract Seeks clause Seeks formed Seeks 500 Seeks investment Seeks Blackstone Seeks Capital Seeks fixed Seeks 2017 Seeks benefitted Seeks Brexit Seeks Although Seeks assumed Seeks UK Seeks would Seeks vote Seeks stay Seeks purchased Seeks cheap Seeks puts Seeks pound Seeks falling Seeks When Seeks exited Seeks hugely

Dives Income Dives 70% for Blackstone, but Assets Keep Climbing - Economic situation /Dives Income Dives 70% for Blackstone, but Assets Keep Climbing
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2016_NYT_Income_Dives_70_for Jan 2016 NYT Income Dives 70 for Dives Landon Dives Thomas Dives reports Dives long Dives running Dives campaign Dives Blackstone Dives Group Dives chief Dives executive Dives Stephen Dives Schwarzmann Dives investors Dives pile Dives stock Dives hurt Dives reported Dives 70 Dives percent Dives decline Dives core Dives income Dives fourth Dives quarter Dives Shwarzmann Dives contends Dives price Dives set Dives similarly Dives traditional Dives asset Dives managers Dives like Dives BlackRock Dives Row Dives Price Dives But Dives view Dives profits Dives more Dives volatile Dives Analysts Dives agree Dives company Dives continue Dives grow Dives strong Dives business Dives model Dives dislike Dives volatility Dives market Dives retreating Dives demodwbp Dives awffwpwbeco13 Dives Jan_2016_NYT_A_struggle_to_Quell Dives performance Dives fees Dives receives Dives unloads Dives various Dives investments Dives private equity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Dives real Dives estate Dives hedge Dives funds Dives distressed Dives bonds Dives rising Dives heart Dives almost Dives vanished Dives resulted Dives sinking Dives 435 Dives million Dives 1 Dives billion Dives year Dives down Dives 41 Dives recent Dives high Dives small Dives increase Dives assets Dives under Dives management Dives 336 Dives large Dives withdrawals Dives Jan_2016_NYT_Junk_Bonds_Arent_Done Dives requires Dives lockup Dives periods Dives up Dives 10 Dives years Dives remain Dives withdrawn Dives generate

Placid NYT Normally Placid, BlackRock Throws A Surprise Punch - Economic situation /Placid NYT Normally Placid, BlackRock Throws A Surprise Punch
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_Normally_Placid_BlackRock Apr 2016 NYT Normally Placid BlackRock Placid Steven Placid Davidoff Placid Solomon Placid reports Placid BlackRock Placid enormous Placid American Placid asset Placid manager Placid 4 Placid 6 Placid trillion Placid assets Placid under Placid management Placid waged Placid first Placid significant Placid activist Placid campaign Placid around Placid G Placid Resources Placid Group Placid Hong Placid Kong Placid company Placid owned Placid gold Placid mine Placid only Placid companies Placid fearful Placid asserts Placid typically Placid investor Placid case Placid invested Placid Indonesia Placid listed Placid Bermuda Placid legal Placid resident Placid set Placid up Placid funding Placid EMR Placid Capital Placid Farallon Placid two Placid Indonesian Placid investors Placid 775 Placid million Placid disturbed Placid learn Placid changed Placid strategy Placid Initially Placid setup Placid develop Placid sell Placid close Placid down Placid returning Placid profits Placid However Placid annouced Placid changing Placid use Placid money Placid sale Placid enter Placid principal Placid investment Placid financial Placid services Placid businesses Placid members Placid team Placid hired Placid run Placid would Placid continue Placid office Placid lobbied Placid institutional Placid Investment Placid advisors Placid ISS ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Glass_Lewis_ Placid Glass Placid Lewis Placid unsuccessful Placid 59 Placid voting Placid shareholders Placid agreeing Placid strategic Placid shift

Companies Test - Economic situation /Companies Test
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_As_More_Companies_Invest_in Apr 2016 NYT As More Companies Invest in Companies Randall Companies Smith Companies reports Companies first Companies glance Companies maker Companies cheerios Companies Cocoa Companies Puffs Companies might Companies fit Companies image Companies cutting Companies edge Companies venture Companies capital Companies investor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#General_Mills_ Companies But Companies General Companies Mills ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#301_Inc_ Companies unit Companies led Companies 3 Companies million Companies investment Companies Rhythm Companies Superfoods Companies Old Companies economy Companies companies Companies scouting Companies products Companies services Companies promising Companies business Companies partners Companies moves Companies accompanied Companies surge Companies crest Companies valuations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Capital Companies many Companies backed Companies ups Companies Critics Companies argue Companies funds Companies contributed Companies bubble Companies having Companies sell Companies sagging Companies holdings

Raises NYT Sapphire Raises $1 Billion for Investment in Start-Ups - Economic situation /Raises NYT Sapphire Raises $1 Billion for Investment in Start-Ups
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_Sapphire_Raises_1_Billion Sep 2016 NYT Sapphire Raises 1 Billion Raises Katie Raises Benner Raises reports Raises Sapphire Raises Ventures Raises closed Raises 1 Raises billion Raises fund Raises invest Raises privately Raises held Raises ups Raises easing Raises fears Raises about Raises downturn Raises venture Raises capital Raises industry Raises year Raises investors Raises worried Raises VC Raises market Raises overheated Raises assumed Raises would Raises freeze Raises raising Raises But Raises raised Raises money Raises H1 Raises 2016 Raises whole Raises 2015 Raises Various Raises players Raises started Raises funds ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Accel_Partners Raises Accel Raises Partners ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Andreessen_Horowitz_ Raises Andreessen Raises Horowitz Raises 5 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Founders_Fund_ Raises Founders Raises 3 Raises demodwbp Raises awffwpwgsu Raises Kleiner_Perkins_Caufield__Byers_ Raises 4 Raises across Raises two ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Northwest_Venture_Partners Raises Norwest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Technology_Crossover_Ventures_ Raises Technology Raises Crossover

Capitalists Venture Capitalists See Promise After a Tight Year for Start-Ups - Economic situation /Capitalists Venture Capitalists See Promise After a Tight Year for Start-Ups
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2016_NYT_Venture_Capitalists_See Dec 2016 NYT Venture Capitalists See Capitalists Michael Capitalists J Capitalists de Capitalists la Capitalists Merced Capitalists reports Capitalists investors Capitalists poured Capitalists money Capitalists nation Capitalists ups Capitalists abandon Capitalists began Capitalists tighten Capitalists belts Capitalists year Capitalists 2016 Capitalists number Capitalists deals Capitalists flowing Capitalists venture Capitalists funds Capitalists fell Capitalists PitchBook Capitalists estimated Capitalists investments Capitalists dropped Capitalists 15 Capitalists 67 Capitalists 8 Capitalists billion Capitalists reflecting Capitalists 7 Capitalists 841 Capitalists 25 Capitalists reduction Capitalists IPOs Capitalists sharply Capitalists 105 Capitalists down Capitalists 38 Capitalists 2015 Capitalists according Capitalists Renaissance Capitalists Capital Capitalists Start Capitalists Laid Capitalists off Capitalists staff Capitalists Focused Capitalists profitability Capitalists Far Capitalists fewer Capitalists unicorns Capitalists 12 Capitalists companies Capitalists corresponding Capitalists 70 Capitalists Former Capitalists stars Capitalists stumbled ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Theranos_ Capitalists Theranos ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Zenefits_ Capitalists Zenefits ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Benchmark_Capital_ Capitalists VC Capitalists Benchmark Capitalists Bill Capitalists Gurley Capitalists argued Capitalists current Capitalists funding Capitalists keeping Capitalists lot Capitalists bad Capitalists alive Capitalists But Capitalists funneled Capitalists finance Capitalists high Capitalists network Capitalists effects Capitalists businesses Capitalists Uber Capitalists Lyft Capitalists Didi Capitalists Chuxing Capitalists Panatir Capitalists Snap Capitalists Inc Capitalists Other Capitalists successful Capitalists business models Capitalists purchased Capitalists Jet Capitalists early Capitalists Forerunner ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Wal-Mart_ Capitalists Wal Capitalists mart Capitalists major Capitalists funders ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Capitalists hedge ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mutual_Funds_ Capitalists big Capitalists mutual ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Capitalists Hedge Capitalists reluctant ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mutual_Funds_ Capitalists Big Capitalists Some Capitalists hoping Capitalists Expanded Capitalists capital Capitalists 40 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Andreessen_Horowitz_ Capitalists Andreessen Capitalists Horowitz ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Founders_Fund_ Capitalists Founders ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#SoftBank_ Capitalists SoftBank Capitalists Low Capitalists regulation Capitalists Trump Capitalists administration Capitalists environment Capitalists like Capitalists Snapchat Capitalists Spotify Capitalists encourage Capitalists more Capitalists Increased Capitalists return Capitalists relative Capitalists draw ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mutual_Funds_ Capitalists 2017

Biochemist Biochemist Joins Financing Round for Genetic Engineering Start-Up - Economic situation /Biochemist Biochemist Joins Financing Round for Genetic Engineering Start-Up
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2017_NYT_Top_Biochemist_Joins Jan 2017 NYT Top Biochemist Joins Biochemist Michael Biochemist J Biochemist de Biochemist la Biochemist Merced Biochemist reports Biochemist genetic Biochemist engineering Biochemist up Biochemist Synthego Biochemist founded Biochemist two Biochemist brothers Biochemist no Biochemist formal Biochemist background Biochemist field Biochemist But Biochemist won Biochemist support Biochemist investors Biochemist Founders Biochemist Fund Biochemist Menlo Biochemist Ventures Biochemist 8VC Biochemist include Biochemist scientists Biochemist helped Biochemist pioneer Biochemist important Biochemist editing Biochemist technique Biochemist raised Biochemist 41 Biochemist million Biochemist round Biochemist investment Biochemist demodwbp Biochemist awffwpwgsu Biochemist UC_Berkeley_Professor_Jennifer_Doudna Biochemist Dr Biochemist invested Biochemist her Biochemist trust Biochemist fund Biochemist venture ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Synthego_ Biochemist She Biochemist knows Biochemist company Biochemist head Biochemist synthetic Biochemist biology Biochemist commented Biochemist platform Biochemist uniquely Biochemist enables Biochemist conduct Biochemist genome Biochemist research Biochemist highly Biochemist efficient Biochemist affordable ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_RNA Biochemist scalable Biochemist way Biochemist RNA Biochemist synthesis Biochemist capabilities Biochemist team Biochemist represent Biochemist significant Biochemist leap Biochemist forward ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#8VC_ Biochemist Drew Biochemist Oetting Biochemist noted Biochemist ability Biochemist execute Biochemist vision Biochemist truly Biochemist impressive ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Synthego_ Biochemist believe Biochemist positioned Biochemist push Biochemist bounds Biochemist providing Biochemist biotech Biochemist industry Biochemist innovative Biochemist solutions Biochemist make Biochemist world Biochemist tools Biochemist accessible

Capital Venture-Capital Firm Kleiner Perkins Plans to Split - Economic situation /Capital Venture-Capital Firm Kleiner Perkins Plans to Split
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2018_WSJ_Venture-Capital_Firm Sep 2018 WSJ Venture-Capital Firm Capital Tomio Capital Geron Capital reports Capital KPCB Capital splitting Capital two Capital surprise Capital rupture Capital reflects Capital storied Capital VC Capital firm Capital struggle Capital balance Capital making Capital smaller Capital bets Capital young Capital startups Capital jumbo Capital investments Capital companies Capital cusp Capital initial Capital public Capital offerings ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_VC Capital funds Capital balloon Capital while Capital stayed Capital private Capital far Capital longer Capital Well ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#SoftBank_ Capital capitalized Capital firms Capital Softbank Capital joined Capital later Capital stage Capital competition Capital Low Capital barriers Capital entry Capital early Capital encouraged Capital seed Capital investors Capital specializing Capital specific Capital niche Capital sectors Capital Intense Capital during Capital fundraising Capital left Capital VCs Capital fighting Capital same Capital reflected Capital Later Capital funding Capital growth Capital focused Capital team Capital led Capital former Capital Morgan Capital Stanley Capital analyst Capital Mary Capital Meeker Capital 2010 Capital made Capital successful Capital Uber Capital Spotify Capital Square Capital Peloton Capital Early Capital Google Capital Amazon Capital Netscape Capital targeting Capital broad Capital areas Capital technology Capital biotech Capital clean Capital green Capital But Capital missed Capital Facebook Capital Twitter Capital Snap Capital Whatsapp Capital added Capital expertise Capital Mamoon Capital Hamid Capital Social Capital founder Capital Mist Capital seedfunding Capital Index Capital Venture Capital Ilya Capital Fushman Capital productboard Capital Now Capital groups Capital competing Capital company Capital decided Capital up Capital General Capital partner Capital Ted Capital Schlein Capital noted Capital different Capital execute Capital Mood Capital Rowghani Capital Noah Capital Knauf Capital Juliet Capital Baubigny Capital separate Capital raise Capital own Capital specialization Capital key Capital future

Suisse NYT Credit Suisse Swings to a Loss After a Large Write-Down - Economic situation /Suisse NYT Credit Suisse Swings to a Loss After a Large Write-Down
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2016_NYT_Credit_Suisse_Swings_to_a Feb 2016 NYT Credit Suisse Swings to a ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Credit_Suisse_ Suisse Chad Suisse Bray Suisse reports Suisse Credit Suisse reported Suisse multibillion Suisse dollar Suisse fourth Suisse quarter Suisse Far Suisse more Suisse analysts Suisse expected Suisse largest Suisse seven Suisse years Suisse largely Suisse write Suisse down Suisse 3 Suisse 8 Suisse billion Suisse francs Suisse revaluing Suisse investment Suisse bank Suisse environment Suisse demodwbp Suisse awffwpwbeco13 Suisse Jan_2016_NYT_A_struggle_to_Quell Suisse deteriorated Suisse shifting Suisse banking Suisse wealth Suisse management Suisse focused Suisse Asia Suisse emerging Suisse markets

Moves Purchase - Economic situation /Moves Purchase
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_IBM_Moves_Deeper_Into Sep 2016 NYT IBM Moves Deeper Into Moves Michael Moves J Moves de Moves la Moves Merced Moves reports Moves recent Moves years Moves IBM Moves known Moves forays Moves artificial Moves intelligence Moves cloud Moves computing Moves Now Moves technology Moves privider Moves moving Moves deeper Moves financial Moves consulting Moves acquisition Moves prominent Moves times Moves controversial Moves Washington Moves firm Moves buying Moves demodwbp Moves awffwpwgsu Moves Promontory_Financial_Group Moves add Moves Watson Moves platforms Moves industry Moves SVP Moves Bridget Moves van Moves Kralingen Moves explained Moves doing Moves transform Moves oncology Moves working Moves world Moves leading Moves oncologists Moves regulation Moves risk Moves compliance Moves initial Moves offering Moves Financial Moves Services Moves emblematic Moves transformative Moves based Moves solutions Moves bring Moves clients

Highlights NYT Scandal Highlights Perils Of Inflated Expectations - Economic situation /Highlights NYT Scandal Highlights Perils Of Inflated Expectations
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2016_NYT_Scandal_Highlights_Perils Feb 2016 NYT Scandal Highlights Perils Highlights Farhad Highlights Mangoo Highlights reports Highlights you Highlights ve Highlights never Highlights heard Highlights human Highlights resources ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Zenefits_ Highlights up Highlights Zenefits Highlights ready Highlights forget Highlights business Highlights enabling Highlights offer Highlights early Highlights growth Highlights rate Highlights resulted Highlights 500 Highlights million Highlights raised Highlights company Highlights 2015 Highlights implying Highlights 4 Highlights billion Highlights market Highlights valuation Highlights demodwbp Highlights awffwpwgsu Highlights Andreessen_Horowitz_ Highlights invested Highlights more Highlights But Highlights 2016 Highlights Founder Highlights Parker Highlights Conrad Highlights resigned Highlights COO Highlights David Highlights Sacks Highlights became Highlights CEO Highlights explaining Highlights email Highlights staff Highlights overseen Highlights derelict Highlights culture Highlights ethics Highlights Insurance Highlights regulators Highlights California Highlights Washington Highlights State Highlights investigating Highlights investigation Highlights centered Highlights software Highlights Mr Highlights developed Highlights allowed Highlights employees Highlights cheat Highlights online Highlights Broker Highlights license Highlights course Highlights endemic Highlights problem ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leadership Highlights leadership Highlights given Highlights impossible Highlights goals Highlights venture Highlights valuations Highlights accepted Highlights promised Highlights huge Highlights returns Highlights board Highlights Horowitz Highlights representative Highlights Lars Highlights Dalgaard Highlights three Highlights executives Highlights Laks Highlights Srini Highlights founder Highlights chief Highlights technologist Highlights helped Highlights expectation Highlights problems Highlights certainly Highlights rain Highlights Hired Highlights people Highlights little Highlights experience Highlights selling Highlights highly Highlights regulated Highlights environment Highlights Sold Highlights larger Highlights firms Highlights scaled Highlights cope Highlights demands Highlights Bugs Highlights delay Highlights development Highlights Instead Highlights hired Highlights find Highlights fix Highlights seconded Highlights non Highlights roles Highlights testing Highlights There Highlights always Highlights too Highlights Drinking Highlights during Highlights work Highlights day Highlights began Highlights miss Highlights revenue Highlights targets Highlights Recurring Highlights reached Highlights 70 Highlights rather Highlights 100 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fidelity_Investments Highlights Fidelity Highlights Investment Highlights investors Highlights marked Highlights down Highlights stake Highlights half Highlights decided Highlights primary Highlights operating Highlights integrity

Never You'll Never Guess Which Company Is Reinventing Health Benefits - Economic situation /Never You'll Never Guess Which Company Is Reinventing Health Benefits
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2018_NYT_Youll_Never_Guess_Which Sep 2018 NYT Youll Never Guess Which Never Reed Never Abelson Never reports Never hard Never think Never company Never seems Never likely Never transform Never health Never care Never isn Never headquartered Never Silicon Never Valley Never venture Never backed Never startups Never among Never corporate Never giants ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Never Amazon Never demodwbp Never awffwpwgsu Never Berkshire_Hathaway_ Never JPMorgan Never Chase Never recently Never announced Never fanfare Never awffwpwbeco13 Never Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway Never plan Never employees Never quizzing Never about Never largest Never cable Never US Never Comcast Never 169 Never billion Never Philadelphia Never based Never employer Never 225 Never 000 Never spends Never 3 Never year Never last Never 5 Never years Never costs Never increased Never compared Never average Never employers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Venrock_ Never Venrock Never Kocher Never interesting Never creative Never comes Never benefits Never Companies Never portfolio Never business Never rejected Never Getting Never take Never more Never burden ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HDHP Never HDHP Never Deductibles Never 500 Never before Never insurance Never starts Never set Never deductible Never 250 Never Employees Never having Never experts Never Instead Never Shawn Never Levitt Never explains Never Our Never model Never providing Never support Never assistance Never making Never right Never decisions Never themselves Never families Never feel Never alone Never confused Never overwhelmed Never understanding Never selecting Never companies Never innovation Never search Never leveraging Never instead ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Accolade_ Never Accolade Never navigators Never help Never investor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Grand_Rounds_ Never Grand Never Rounds Never second Never opinions Never finding Never doctor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Doctors_On_Demand_ Never Doctors Never On Never Demand Never tele Never access Never doctors ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Brightside_ Never Brightside Never provide Never low Never pressure Never consultations Never Comcast_Ventures_ Never sponsored Never recruited Never COO Never Tom Never Spann Never CEO ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#National_Business_Group_on_Health_ Never NBGH Never agrees Never up Never community Never where Never real Never disruption Never taking Never place Never asserts Never success Never controlling Never directly Never confronting Never problems Never rather Never depending Never middlemen Never allows Never use Never multiple Never strategies Never together Never limit Never number Never claims Never Workers Never told Never first Never And Never helps Never handling Never overtreatment Never able Never EHR Never details Never Insurers Never protective Never data Never Fidelity Never successfully Never push

Toll The Death Toll of Sugary Drinks - Economic situation /Toll The Death Toll of Sugary Drinks
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2015_NYT_The_Death_Toll_of_Sugary Jul 2015 NYT The Death Toll of Sugary Toll analysis Toll concluded Toll consumption Toll sugary Toll drinks Toll results Toll 184 Toll 000 Toll deaths Toll worldwide Toll 25 Toll US Toll year Toll 133 Toll diabetes Toll 45 Toll demodwbp Toll awffwpwgl Toll gl_Cardiovascular_disease Toll cardiovascular ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cancer Toll 6 Toll 450 Toll cancers Toll Data Toll pooled Toll 62 Toll national Toll dietary Toll surveys Toll large Toll prospective Toll studies Toll effect Toll sweetened Toll beverage Toll intake ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_BMI Toll BMI Toll type Toll disease

Moves NYT Mexico Moves to Scale Back A Successful Tax on Soda - Economic situation /Moves NYT Mexico Moves to Scale Back A Successful Tax on Soda
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Mexico_Moves_to_Scale_Back Oct 2015 NYT Mexico Moves to Scale Back Moves Elizabeth Moves Malkin Moves reports Moves soft Moves drinks Moves deeply Moves embedded Moves diet Moves here Moves merged Moves dining Moves tradition Moves taco Moves stall Moves white Moves linen Moves restaurant Moves typical Moves meal Moves say Moves corn Moves tortillas Moves beans Moves sauces Moves infused Moves cacao Moves fragrant Moves spices Moves Aztec Moves origin Moves usually Moves goes Moves something Moves fizzy Moves And Moves sugary Moves high Moves use Moves sodas Moves made Moves industry Moves economically Moves politically Moves powerful Moves Mexico Moves Vicente Moves Fox Moves rose Moves Coca Moves Cola Moves executive Moves consumption Moves contributed Moves obesity Moves epidemic Moves So Moves 2013 Moves Mexican Moves government Moves imposed Moves national Moves tax Moves 10 Moves turned Moves more Moves 70 Moves adults Moves 33 Moves children Moves overweight Moves international Moves experiment Moves evidence Moves suggests Moves beginning Moves work Moves lower Moves house Moves Congress Moves Chamber Moves Deputies Moves voted Moves cut Moves half Moves five Moves grams Moves 100 Moves mls Moves legislators Moves argue Moves change Moves encourage Moves producers Moves reduce Moves products Moves advocates Moves pushing Moves Senate Moves block Moves using Moves adverts Moves newspapers Moves radio Moves demodwbp Moves awffwpwgco Moves American_Heart_Association_ Moves advocating Moves keeping Moves Purchases Moves fell Moves 6 Moves average Moves poor Moves households Moves outcry Moves encouraged Moves Senators Moves pull Moves away Moves reduction

Tax NYT A Soda Tax in Britain Could Spur Drink Innovation - Economic situation /Tax NYT A Soda Tax in Britain Could Spur Drink Innovation
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_A_Soda_Tax_in_Britain_Could Mar 2016 NYT A Soda Tax in Britain Could Tax Margot Tax Sanger Tax Katz Tax reports Tax public Tax health Tax advocates Tax push Tax taxes Tax soda Tax say Tax reduction Tax sugary Tax drinks Tax help Tax fight Tax obesity Tax diabetes Tax tooth Tax decay Tax Yet Tax treat Tax same Tax amount Tax Mexico Tax works Tax way Tax demodwbp Tax awffwpwbeco13 Tax Oct_2015_NYT_Mexico_Moves_to_Scale_Back Tax So Tax Berkeley Tax California Tax apply Tax surcharge Tax liter Tax British Tax treats Tax different Tax levels Tax differently Tax Sugar Tax free Tax low Tax products Tax three Tax spoons Tax 12 Tax oz Tax subject Tax Three Tax five Tax 9 Tax cents Tax Standard Tax colas Tax more Tax pay Tax extra Tax Coke Tax Pepsi Tax released Tax lower Tax calorie Tax versions Tax mainline Tax response Tax consumer Tax demand Tax voluntary Tax pledge Tax US Tax count Tax before Tax 2025

to Pointing to Cash, Not Health, To Make a Soda Tax Palatable - Economic situation /to Pointing to Cash, Not Health, To Make a Soda Tax Palatable
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_Pointing_to_Cash_Not Apr 2016 NYT Pointing to Cash Not Margo Sanger Katz reports mayor Jim Kenney elected Philadelphia last year after promising bring city universal prekindergarten needed way pay budgeted novel soda tax fund popular projects raise 400 million five years would libraries parks community schools municipal pension program price 20 ounze bottle 60 cents industry successfully fought against taxes lobbying voters nanny state But economic argument incentives line

Backers NYT Sugar Backers Paid to Shift Blame to Fat - Economic situation /Backers NYT Sugar Backers Paid to Shift Blame to Fat
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_Sugar_Backers_Paid_to_Shift Sep 2016 NYT Sugar Backers Paid to Shift Backers Anahad Backers O Backers Connor Backers reports Backers sugar Backers industry Backers paid Backers scientists Backers 1960s Backers play Backers down Backers link Backers between ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_disease Backers heart Backers promote Backers saturated Backers fat Backers culprit Backers instead Backers newly Backers released Backers historical Backers documents ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCSF_Medical_Center_ Backers UCSF Backers Professor Backers medicine Backers Stanton Backers Glantz Backers published Backers JAMA Backers Internal Backers Medicine Backers detailing Backers Cristin Backers Kearns Backers discovery Backers archived Backers demodwbp Backers awffwpwgsu Backers Harvard_University_ Backers University Backers Illinois Backers libraries Backers concludes Backers five Backers decades Backers research Backers role Backers nutrition Backers disease Backers many Backers today Backers dietary Backers recommendations Backers significantly Backers shaped Backers Sugar Backers Research Backers Foundation Backers Association Backers three Backers D Backers Mark Backers Hegsted Backers Dr Backers Fredrick Backers Stare Backers collude Backers New England Backers Journal Backers 1967 Backers review Backers association Backers picked Backers studies Backers reviewed Backers defined Backers logic Backers article ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Backers went Backers head ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_DOA Backers helped Backers draft Backers forerunner Backers federal Backers government Backers guidelines Backers used Backers influence Backers emphasized Backers driver Backers while Backers largely Backers characterizing Backers empty Backers calories Backers linked Backers tooth Backers decay Backers warnings Backers key aspects Backers department Backers For Backers health Backers officials Backers encouraged Backers Americans Backers reduce Backers intake Backers led Backers people Backers consume Backers low Backers high Backers foods Backers said Backers very Backers smart Backers thing Backers papers Backers especially Backers you Backers prominent Backers journal Backers tend Backers overall Backers scientific Backers discussion Backers 1964 Backers two Backers competing Backers activities Backers looking Backers relationship Backers rates Backers One Backers pointing Backers diets Backers focused Backers fats Backers cholesterol Backers John Backers Hickson Backers top Backers executive Backers developed Backers plan Backers shift Backers public Backers opinion Backers information Backers legislative Backers programs Backers proposed Backers countering Backers alarming Backers findings Backers funded Backers data Backers refute Backers detractors Backers IN Backers 1965 Backers Mr Backers enlisted Backers researchers Backers write Backers 6 Backers 500 Backers selected Backers outlined Backers favor Backers reassured Backers well Backers aware Backers your Backers particular Backers interest Backers cover Backers dismissed Backers weak Backers gave Backers more Backers weight Backers implicating Backers shared Backers discussed Backers early Backers drafts Backers pleased Backers wrote Backers Let Backers assure Backers quite Backers mind Backers forward Backers appearance Backers print Backers asserted Backers several Backers concluded Backers unique Backers awffwpwgl Backers gl_Heart_disease

Back Butter, Back From Exile - Economic situation /Back Butter, Back From Exile
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_Butter_Back_From_Exile_ Nov 2016 NYT Butter Back From Exile Back Jane Back Brody Back reports Back no Back longer Back vilified Back butter Back remains Back significant Back source Back saturated Back fat Back huge Back observational Back study Back demodwbp Back awffwpwgsu Back Harvard_school_of_public_health Back Dr Back Dong Back Wang Back reported Back JAMA Back Internal Back Medicine Back studied Back 83 Back 349 Back female Back nurses Back followed Back 32 Back years Back 42 Back 884 Back male Back health Back professionals Back 26 Back found Back among Back consuming Back least Back trans Back fats Back replacing Back polyunsaturated Back monounsaturated Back Total Back death Back rates Back reduced ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Heart_disease Back Deaths Back Heart Back Respiratory Back disease Back Cancer Back Dementia Back Substituting Back 5 Back calories Back 27 Back Replacing Back 13 Back main Back problem Back caused Back appears Back chronic Back inflammation Back promotes Back atherosclerosis Back leading Back cholesterol Back clogged Back arteries Back subsequent Back heart Back attacks Back strokes Back vascular Back dementia Back memory

Starts NYT America Starts to Push Away From the Plate - Economic situation /Starts NYT America Starts to Push Away From the Plate
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2015_NYT_America_Starts_to_Push_Away Jul 2015 NYT America Starts to Push Away Starts Margot Starts Sanger Starts Katz Starts reports Starts US Starts adult Starts daily Starts calorie Starts consumption Starts peaked Starts 2003 Starts sustained Starts decline Starts first Starts time Starts Federal Starts records Starts kept Starts declines Starts include Starts higher Starts lower Starts income Starts families Starts blacks Starts whites Starts substantial Starts households Starts children Starts There Starts no Starts amongst Starts heaviest Starts Americans Starts public Starts health ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Obesity Starts emphasis Starts childhood Starts obesity Starts driving Starts changes Starts amount Starts full Starts soda Starts drunk Starts average Starts dropped Starts 25 Starts late Starts 1990s Starts Obesity Starts rates Starts appear Starts stopped Starts rising Starts adults Starts school Starts age Starts come Starts down Starts youngest Starts suggesting Starts reductions Starts make Starts difference Starts reversal Starts appears Starts people Starts realizing Starts harming Starts eating Starts drinking Starts too Starts awareness Starts built Starts campaigns Starts CDC Starts study Starts published Starts JAMA Starts 1999 Starts showed Starts blight Starts blue Starts maps Starts illustrating Starts worsening Starts 50 Starts states Starts 1980s Starts 90s Starts followed Starts 2001 Starts Surgeon Starts General Starts issuing Starts call Starts action Starts By Starts 60 Starts said Starts wanted Starts lose Starts weight ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Starts ACA Starts required Starts chain Starts restaurants Starts counts Starts anti Starts messages Starts focused Starts more Starts anything Starts 1998 Starts purchased Starts 40 Starts gallons Starts year Starts 2013 Starts fallen Starts 30 Starts But Starts outside Starts beverages Starts few Starts clear Starts trends Starts end Starts epidemic Starts More Starts third Starts considered Starts obese Starts And Starts fruits Starts vegetables Starts junk Starts food Starts just Starts would Starts reduce Starts intake Starts 220 Starts day Starts current Starts fraction Starts data Starts came Starts Food Starts diaries Starts tracked Starts government Starts scientists Starts bar Starts codes Starts Estimates Starts production

Rises Obesity Rises Despite Efforts to Fight It - Economic situation /Rises Obesity Rises Despite Efforts to Fight It
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Obesity_Rises_Despite Nov 2015 NYT Obesity Rises Despite Rises Sabrina Rises Tavernise Rises reports Rises despite Rises years Rises efforts Rises reduce Rises obesity Rises America Rises major Rises push Rises Michelle Rises Obama Rises federal Rises health Rises officials Rises reported Rises share Rises Americans Rises obese Rises declined Rises recent Rises edged Rises up Rises slightly Rises two Rises yearly Rises National Rises Health Rises Nutrition Rises Examination Rises Survey Rises 38 Rises percent Rises 2013 Rises 14 Rises 35 Rises 2011 Rises 12 Rises 32 Rises 2003 Rises 04 Rises statistically Rises significant Rises change Rises Obesity Rises percentage Rises unchanged Rises among Rises young Rises previous Rises period Rises 17 Rises 19 Rises olds Rises 57 Rises black Rises women Rises 46 Rises Hispanic Rises 39 Rises men Rises 36 Rises white Rises 34 Rises Asian Rises trends Rises uneven Rises Educated Rises getting Rises where Rises diets Rises improving Rises Poor Rises people Rises Middle Rises aged Rises worst Rises results Rises Adults Rises 40 Rises 59 Rises highest Rises rates Rises Older Rises 60 Rises 37 Rises 29 Rises Nutritionists Rises noted Rises junk Rises food Rises cheap Rises prevalent

the Setting the Table for Overeating - Economic situation /the Setting the Table for Overeating
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2015_NYT_Setting_the_Table_for Sep 2015 NYT Setting the Table for Nicholas Bakalar reports adults consistently consume more food given larger portions plates siverware review studies US high income countries published Cochrane Library found Children authors present various potential explanations Normal sizes supersized People perceive unit consumed independent Larger make people unconsciously choose fill suggest reductions packages tableware achieved average daily energy intake would decrease 8 5 percent 13 K

Bottle NYT Bigger Bottle, Fatter Baby - Economic situation /Bottle NYT Bigger Bottle, Fatter Baby
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_NYT_Bigger_Bottle_Fatter_Baby Jun 2016 NYT Bigger Bottle Fatter Baby Bottle Roni Bottle Caryn Bottle Rabin Bottle reports Bottle big Bottle baby Bottle bottle Bottle make Bottle study Bottle found ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pediatrician Bottle Pediatricians Bottle demodwbp Bottle awffwpwgsu Bottle Chapel_Hill_School_of_Medicine_ Bottle led Bottle CHSM_Professor_Perrin_ Bottle Dr Bottle Eliana Bottle reported Bottle Pediatrics Bottle asked Bottle parents Bottle babies Bottle fed Bottle infant Bottle formula Bottle bottles Bottle sizes Bottle varied Bottle two Bottle eleven Bottle ounces Bottle using Bottle large Bottle month Bottle old Bottle associated Bottle more Bottle rapid Bottle increase Bottle weight Bottle six Bottle Rapid Bottle gain Bottle infants Bottle predictor Bottle later Bottle obesity

Big NYT How Big Business Got Brazil Hooked on Junk Food - Economic situation /Big NYT How Big Business Got Brazil Hooked on Junk Food
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2017_NYT_How_Big_Business_Got_Brazil Sep 2017 NYT How Big Business Got Brazil Big Andrew Big Jacobs Big Matt Big Richtel Big report Big children Big squeals Big rang Big muggy Big morning Big air Big woman Big pushed Big gleaming Big white Big cart Big along Big pitted Big trash Big strewn Big streets Big She Big making Big deliveries Big poorest Big households Big seaside Big city Big bringing Big pudding Big cookies Big packaged Big foods Big customers Big her Big sales Big route ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Nestle_ Big representative Big Nestle Big Many Big people Big Brazil Big access Big supermarket Big But Big supplied Big processed Big individual Big vendors Big going Big door Big sagging Big economy Big helped Big make Big direct Big attractive Big consumers Big global Big industry Big responded Big stalled Big growth ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Big developed Big economies Big increased Big carbonated Big beverages Big goods Big fast Big developing Big China Big South Big America Big Africa Big markets Big very Big important Big supply Big high Big taste Big calorie Big contributed Big more Big world Big obese ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Public_Health Big underweight Big Public Big health Big specialists Big globally Big keen Big executed Big highly Big plan Big protect Big channel Big Brazilian Big 2000 Big proposed Big W Big H Big O ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Milk Big breast Big feed Big six Big months Big At Big time Big recommendation Big four Big would Big major Big reduction Big revenue Big baby Big formula Big Infant Big companies Big succeeded Big stalling Big year Big Until Big 2015 Big Supreme Court Big ban Big donated Big 158 Big million Big members Big Congress Big Coca Big Cola Big gave Big 6 Big 5 Big 2006 Big politicians Big measures Big limit Big advertising Big sugary Big leveraged Big links Big lobbying Big group Big Association Big Food Big Industries Big directors Big Cargill Big Unilever Big lobbyists Big deep Big pockets Big money Big financed Big Academics Big funded Big appear Big television Big argue Big economically Big damaging Big wrote Big articles Big arguing Big fight Big childhood Big obesity Big needed Big stricter Big parenting Big exercise Big Lobbyists Big denouncing Big restrictions Big censorship Big suggested Big government Big subverting Big parental Big authority Big retreated Big national Big association Big biscuit Big manufacturers Big corn Big growers Big chocolate Big cocoa Big candy Big added Big lawsuits Big against Big top Big lawyer Big Attorney Big General Big Adams Big sided Big When Big Dilma Big Rousseff Big became Big president Big she Big repaid Big support Big replacing Big leader Big Anvisa Big former Big shifted Big position Big recommending Big counter Big value delivery system Big generates Big 10 Big output Big employs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Nestle_ Big 21 Big 000 Big reformulated Big many Big products Big reduce Big salt Big fat Big positions Big itself Big nutrition ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Wellness Big wellness Big company Big regarded Big 800 Big buy Big 30 Big sweetened Big 1990s Big public Big programs Big introduced Big alleviate Big provided Big energy Big overweight Big recipients Big Improved Big economics Big encouraging Big use Big convenience Big status Big intense Big flavors Big Parents Big toddlers Big instant Big noodles Big frozen Big chicken Big nuggets Big washed Big down Big soda Big Trips Big McDonalds Big treats Big Traditional Big rice Big beans Big salad Big grilled Big meats Big favor Big Fear Big violence Big encourages Big parents Big keep Big indoors

Food Breakfast. - Economic situation /Food Breakfast.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_Fast_Food:_Its_Whats_for Oct 2018 NYT Fast Food: Its Whats for Food Nicholas Food Bakalar Food reports Food more Food third Food adults Food US Food patronize Food fast Food food Food restaurants Food pizza Food parlors Food given Food day Food And Food higher Food income Food likely ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CDC Food CDC Food reported Food Nhanes Food survey Food data Food consumption Food 10 Food 000 Food people Food 2013 Food 2016 Food concluded Food 37 Food American Food eat Food point Food Of Food 44 Food lunch Food 42 Food dinner Food 45 Food 39 Food year Food olds Food percentage Food falls Food age Food rose Food previously Food consume Food 11 Food daily Food calories

Took Silenced. - Economic situation /Took Silenced.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2017_NYT_She_Took_On_Colombias_Soda Nov 2017 NYT She Took On Colombias Soda Took Andrew Took Jacobs Took Matt Took Richtel Took report Took debate Took taxing Took sugary Took drinks Took turned Took ferocious Took global Took policy Took brawl Took Colombia Took proponents Took faced Took intimidation Took censorship Took Educar Took Consumidores Took consumer Took advocacy Took group Took promoting Took 20 Took soda Took slow Took progression Took obesity Took diabetes Took head Took organization Took Dr Took Esperanza Took Ceron Took threatened Took during Took her Took commute Took organizations Took computers Took malfunctioned Took found Took spyware Took cell Took phones Took identified Took antivirus Took software Took disabled Took reports Took federal Took investigators Took little Took But Took complaint Took nation Took largest Took company Took Postobon Took distributor Took Pepsi Took suggesting Took advert Took misleading Took resulted Took government Took agency Took prohibiting Took publicly Took discussing Took health Took risks Took 250 Took 000 Took fine Took initially Took proposed Took Columbia Took minister Took 2016 Took broader Took package Took structured Took generate Took 340 Took million Took revenue Took service Took constrain Took huge Took growth Took 1980 Took highest Took rate Took young Took aged Took 5 Took 17 Took Local Took groups Took setup Took support Took proposal Took supported Took demodwbp Took awffwpwgsu Took Bloomberg_Philanthropies_ Took sent Took expert Took advisors Took 260 Took While Took majority Took population Took only Took 42 Took 268 Took legislators Took TV Took presented Took H Took O Took data Took along Took graphics Took illustrating Took effects Took diseases Took escalated Took national Took responded Took complaining Took Columbian Took protection Took Presidentially Took appointed Took agreed Took unusually Took rapid Took two Took weeks Took legal Took experts Took ordered Took commercial Took withdrawn Took conclusions Took leveraged Took language Took decision Took news Took media Took El Took Espectador Took Vice Took covered Took aiming Took maintain Took balance Took industry Took like Took coverage Took advertising Took powerful Took conglomerate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Signalling Took Signalled Took country Took would Took cost Took jobs Took hit Took independent Took shop Took owners Took undermine Took economy Took Funded Took 90 Took lobbyists Took influence Took allowed Took sit Took law Took makers Took chamber Took Has Took adopted Took education Took programs Took vitamin Took enhanced Took help Took align Took strategic Took wellness Took messages Took removed Took overall Took taxes Took existential Took spent Took hundreds Took millions Took push Took back Took against Took US Took overseas Took tactics Took more Took aggressive Took Major Took manufacturers Took Coke ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Took represented ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#American_Beverage_Association_ Took American Took Beverage Took Association Took globally Took International_Council_of_Beverages Took ICBA Took successful Took stalling Took Russia Took Germany Took Israel Took New Took Zealand Took Well Took connected Took politically ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Took Able Took economic Took Coordinating Took campaigns Took challenge Took threats Took before Took proposals Took enacted Took 30 Took countries Took India Took Saudi Took Arabia Took South Took Africa Took Thailand Took Britain Took awffwpwbeco13 Took Mar_2016_NYT_A_Soda_Tax_in_Britain_Could Took Brunei Took prices Took higher Took billion Took people Took significant Took imposed Took Mexico Took capita Took worldwide Took Oct_2015_NYT_Mexico_Moves_to_Scale_Back

Cola NYT Coca-Cola Funds Effort To Alter Obesity Battle - Economic situation /Cola NYT Coca-Cola Funds Effort To Alter Obesity Battle
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2015_NYT_Coca-Cola_Funds_Effort_To Aug 2015 NYT Coca-Cola Funds Effort To Cola front Cola page Cola article Cola describes Cola formation Cola demodwbp Cola awffwpwgsu Cola The_Global_Energy_Balance_Network Cola Global Cola funding Cola infrastructure Cola support ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Coca-Cola_ Cola Coca Cola issues Cola bias Cola food Cola drink Cola companies Cola sponsor Cola science Cola noted Cola Coke Cola donated Cola money Cola build Cola fitness Cola centers Cola more Cola 100 Cola schools Cola across Cola country Cola sponsors Cola program Cola Exercise Cola Medicine Cola encourage Cola doctors Cola prescribe Cola physical Cola activity Cola patients Cola And Cola wrote Cola When Cola Chicago Cola City Cola Council Cola proposed Cola soda Cola tax Cola 2012 Cola help Cola address ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Obesity Cola city Cola obesity Cola problem Cola 3 Cola million Cola establish Cola programs Cola 60 Cola community

Spends Coke Spends Lavishly to Sugar-Coat Science - Economic situation /Spends Coke Spends Lavishly to Sugar-Coat Science
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2015_NYT_Coke_Spends_Lavishly_to Sep 2015 NYT Coke Spends Lavishly to ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Coca-Cola_ Spends Anahad Spends O Spends Connor Spends reports Spends Coca Spends Cola Spends influencing Spends scientists Spends see Spends point Spends view Spends generous Spends funding Spends Coke Spends spent Spends 3 Spends million Spends AAP Spends support Spends web Spends site Spends gold Spends sponsor Spends HealthyChildren Spends org Spends praises Spends distinguished Spends company Spends commitment Spends better Spends health Spends children Spends worldwide Spends But Spends responding Spends pressure Spends demodwbp Spends awffwpwgco Spends Sep_2015_AAP_responds_to_publicity Spends 1 Spends provided Spends ACC Spends 5 Spends AAFP Spends 2 Spends ACS

Giants Soda Giants Back, Then Lobby Against, Public Health - Economic situation /Giants Soda Giants Back, Then Lobby Against, Public Health
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Soda_Giants_Back_Then Oct 2016 NYT Soda Giants Back Then Giants Anahad Giants O Giants Connor Giants reports Giants beverage Giants giants Giants Coca Giants Cola Giants PepsiCo Giants given Giants millions Giants dollars Giants nearly Giants 100 Giants prominent Giants health Giants groups Giants recent Giants years Giants while Giants simultaneously Giants spending Giants defeat Giants public ../demodwbp/awffwpwbpol13.htm#Legislation Giants legislation Giants would Giants reduce Giants Americans Giants soda Giants intake Giants according Giants researchers Giants Following Giants demodwbp Giants awffwpwbeco13 Giants Sep_2015_NYT_Coke_Spends_Lavishly_to Giants article Giants awffwpwgsu Giants Boston_University_School_of_Public Giants professor Giants Michael Giants Siegel Giants medical Giants student Giants Daniel Giants Aaron Giants authors Giants study Giants published Giants Journal Giants Preventive Giants Medicine Giants found Giants evidence Giants deep Giants financial Giants ties Giants community Giants past Giants five Giants strategy Giants silence Giants critics Giants gain Giants allies Giants against Giants tracked Giants industry Giants donations Giants lobbying Giants 2011 Giants 2015 Giants explained Giants wanted Giants look Giants companies Giants really Giants stand Giants And Giants looks Giants like Giants helping Giants fact Giants opposing Giants almost Giants across Giants board Giants calls Giants sponsorships Giants question Giants Save Giants Children Giants actively Giants supported Giants tax Giants campaigns Giants several Giants states Giants withdrew Giants 2010 Giants accepted Giants 5 Giants grant Giants seeking Giants major Giants Coke Giants pay Giants education Giants programs Giants children Giants told Giants decision Giants supporting Giants taxes Giants unrelated Giants corporate Giants received Giants AND Giants New York Giants city Giants proposed Giants ban Giants extra Giants large Giants sodas Giants 2012 Giants citing Giants conflicting ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#American_Diabetes_Association_ Giants Diabetes Giants Association Giants 140 Giants 000 Giants between Giants 2014 Giants awffwpwgco Giants American_Heart_Association_

C C.D.C. Chief Saw Coca-Cola as Ally in Obesity Fight - Economic situation /C C.D.C. Chief Saw Coca-Cola as Ally in Obesity Fight
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2017_NYT_New_C.D.C._Chief_Saw Jul 2017 NYT New C.D.C. Chief Saw Chief Saw Sheila Chief Saw Kaplan Chief Saw reports Chief Saw she Chief Saw health Chief Saw commissioner Chief Saw Georgia Chief Saw state Chief Saw highest Chief Saw rates Chief Saw child Chief Saw obesity Chief Saw Dr Chief Saw Brenda Chief Saw Fitzgerald Chief Saw faced Chief Saw two Chief Saw enormous Chief Saw challenges Chief Saw How Chief Saw children Chief Saw slim Chief Saw down Chief Saw pay ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CDC Chief Saw C Chief Saw director Chief Saw developed Chief Saw promoted Chief Saw Power Chief Saw Up Chief Saw 30 Chief Saw program Chief Saw pushed Chief Saw schools Chief Saw give Chief Saw minutes Chief Saw exercise Chief Saw day Chief Saw Governor Chief Saw Nathan Chief Saw Deal Chief Saw Shape Chief Saw obtained Chief Saw funding ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Coca-Cola_ Chief Saw Coca Chief Saw Cola Chief Saw strategy Chief Saw resulted Chief Saw backlash Chief Saw public Chief Saw advocates Chief Saw argue Chief Saw major Chief Saw cause Chief Saw crisis Chief Saw demodwbp Chief Saw awffwpwbeco13 Chief Saw Jul_2015_NYT_The_Death_Toll_of_Sugary Chief Saw note Chief Saw Coke Chief Saw employees Chief Saw advisory Chief Saw board Chief Saw friendly Chief Saw former Chief Saw chief Chief Saw science Chief Saw officer Chief Saw Rhona Chief Saw Applebaum Chief Saw wrote Chief Saw essay Chief Saw Solving Chief Saw Childhood Chief Saw Obesity Chief Saw Requires Chief Saw Movement

Nooyi to Step Down - Economic situation /Nooyi to Step Down
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2018_NYT_Indra_Nooyi_PepsiCo_C.E.O. Aug 2018 NYT Indra Nooyi PepsiCo C.E.O. Nooyi Julie Nooyi Creswell Nooyi reports Nooyi her Nooyi 12 Nooyi years Nooyi chief Nooyi executive Nooyi PepsiCo Nooyi Indra Nooyi elite Nooyi club Nooyi She Nooyi only Nooyi small Nooyi number Nooyi women Nooyi leading Nooyi large Nooyi corporations Nooyi position Nooyi often Nooyi meant Nooyi every Nooyi move Nooyi received Nooyi greater Nooyi scrutiny Nooyi actions Nooyi male Nooyi peers Nooyi announced Nooyi she Nooyi would Nooyi step Nooyi down Nooyi E Nooyi O Nooyi passing Nooyi role Nooyi Ramon Nooyi Laguarta Nooyi transformational Nooyi Expanded Nooyi international Nooyi footprint Nooyi Shifted Nooyi products Nooyi healthier Nooyi beverage Nooyi snack Nooyi choices Nooyi half Nooyi companies Nooyi revenues Nooyi come Nooyi drink Nooyi up Nooyi 38 Nooyi 2006 Nooyi Lifewtr Nooyi Bubly Nooyi introduced Nooyi Acquired Nooyi Bare Nooyi Foods Nooyi shift Nooyi angered Nooyi activist Nooyi investors Nooyi argued Nooyi strategy Nooyi wrong Nooyi Increased Nooyi 35 Nooyi billion Nooyi 63 Nooyi 5 Nooyi 2018 Nooyi Noori Nooyi forced Nooyi defend Nooyi strategies Nooyi demodwbp Nooyi awffwpwgl Nooyi gl_Activist_strategy Nooyi Trian Nooyi Fund Nooyi Management Nooyi Nelson Nooyi Peltz Nooyi company Nooyi broken Nooyi giant Nooyi king

Honey Are Honey Nut Cheerios Healthy? We Look Inside the Box - Economic situation /Honey Are Honey Nut Cheerios Healthy? We Look Inside the Box
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2017_NYT_Are_Honey_Nut_Cheerios Nov 2017 NYT Are Honey Nut Cheerios Honey Danny Honey Hakim Honey reports Honey I Honey bowl Honey Nut Honey Cheerios Honey recently Honey while Honey Regular Honey Cherios Honey more Honey my Honey thing Honey But Honey sometimes Honey finish Honey box Honey faster Honey kids Honey find Honey myself Honey straying Honey side Honey cupboard ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#General_Mills_ Honey General Honey Mills Honey America Honey best Honey selling Honey breakfast Honey cereal Honey 151 Honey million Honey containers Honey sold Honey last Honey year Honey found Honey incredibly Honey sweet Honey three Honey top Honey six Honey ingredients Honey sweeteners Honey sugar Honey brown Honey honey Honey nine Honey times Honey regular Honey Only Honey Fruity Honey Pebbles Honey analysis Honey Environmental Honey Working Honey Group Honey Center Honey Science Honey Public Honey Interest Honey salt Honey no Honey nuts Honey There Honey just Honey almond Honey flavor Honey spokesman Honey Mike Honey Siemienas Honey responded Honey You Honey mentioned Honey you Honey number Honey oats Honey singularly Honey focused Honey irresponsible Honey doesn Honey help Honey consumers Honey look Honey total Honey nutrition Honey offered Honey announced Honey initiative Honey 2009 Honey drop Honey figure Honey single Honey digits Honey cereals Honey marketed Honey children Honey reducing Honey recommended Honey serving Honey size

Real Opinion Real Food Challenges the Food Industry - Economic situation /Real Opinion Real Food Challenges the Food Industry
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Opinion_Real_Food Nov 2015 NYT Opinion Real Food Real Hans Real Taparia Real Pamela Real Koch Real argue Real large Real food Real processing Real companies Real having Real respond Real shift Real US Real consumer Real choices Real away Real iconic Real brands ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#General_Mills_ Real General Real Mills Real aims Real drop Real artificial Real colors Real flavors Real cereals Real purchased Real demodwbp Real awffwpwgsu Real Annies_Homegrown ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Perdue_ Real Perdue Real Tyson Real Foster Real Farms Real awffwpwbeco13 Real Aug_2015_NYT_Perdue_Sharply_Curtails_Its Real limiting Real chicken Real products ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kraft_ Real Kraft Real announced Real dyes Real macaroni Real cheese ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Hersheys_ Real Hershey Real plans Real ingredients Real like Real polyglycerol Real polyricinolate Real Consumers Real spending Real little Real time Real isles Real supermarkets Real Instead Real congregating Real fresh Real areas Real around Real edges Real markets Real Sales Real prepared Real fruit Real vegetables Real growing Real especially Real children Real young Real adults Real Big Real manufacturers Real cleaning Real up Real lists Real acquiring Real healthier Real adding Real But Real core Real associated Real deceptive Real marketing Real foods Real stripped Real nutrition Real loaded Real sugar

Sharply Rivals - Economic situation /Sharply Rivals
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2015_NYT_Perdue_Sharply_Curtails_Its Aug 2015 NYT Perdue Sharply Curtails Its ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Perdue_ Sharply Perdue Sharply working ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Antibiotics Sharply antibiotic Sharply free Sharply packaged Sharply chicken Sharply process Sharply ten Sharply years Sharply demodwbp Sharply awffwpwgsu Sharply Perdue_no_antibiotics_ever_strategy Sharply no ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Tyson Sharply Competitors Sharply Tyson Sharply Foster Sharply Farms Sharply moving Sharply towards Sharply same Sharply goal Sharply major Sharply customers Sharply McDonalds Sharply Chick Sharply fil Sharply demanding Sharply But Sharply use Sharply ionophores Sharply mainstream Sharply product line ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Public_Health Sharply Public Sharply health Sharply officials Sharply expressed Sharply concern Sharply consumption Sharply meat Sharply raised Sharply antibiotics Sharply contribute Sharply awffwpwgl Sharply gl_Antibiotic_resistance

Wars Grocery Wars Turn Small Chains Into Battlefield Casualties - Economic situation /Wars Grocery Wars Turn Small Chains Into Battlefield Casualties
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2018_NYT_Grocery_Wars_Turn_Small Mar 2018 NYT Grocery Wars Turn Small Wars Michael Wars Corkery Wars reports Wars Tops Wars Market Wars Main Wars Street Wars recently Wars Mega Wars Meat Wars Sale Wars buy Wars pork Wars chop Wars another Wars free Wars But Wars cutting Wars prices Wars filed Wars bankruptcy Wars business Wars model Wars disrupted Wars demodwbp Wars awffwpwgsu Wars Discount_chain_stores_ Wars discount ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Dollar_General_ Wars Dollar Wars General Wars nonunion Wars commerce Wars models Wars Amazon Wars Wal Wars Mart ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Winn-Dixie Wars Soon Wars after Wars parent Wars Winn Wars Dixie ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Bi-Lo_ Wars Bi Wars Lo Wars entered Wars chapter Wars 11 Wars protection Wars closing Wars 94 Wars stores Wars classical Wars chain Wars employ Wars lifelong Wars careers Wars union Wars labor Wars pension Wars funds Wars Today Wars failing Wars owned Wars private equity Wars companies Wars loaded Wars up Wars debt ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#A__P_ Wars P Wars went Wars 7 Wars 000 Wars late Wars 1970s Wars two Wars bankruptcys Wars 2015 Wars collapsed Wars just Wars 125 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Morgan_Stanley_ Wars Morgan Wars Stanley Wars Investment Wars Management Wars added Wars 300 Wars million Wars burden Wars via Wars dividend Wars payments Wars started Wars Niagra Wars Falls Wars 1962 Wars founded Wars Italian Wars immigrants Wars expanded Wars acquisition Wars 1990s Wars acquired Wars Ahold Wars 2001 Wars sold Wars 2007 Wars large Wars commitments Wars used Wars focus Wars strategy Wars avoid ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Wal-Mart_ Wars pressure ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Dollar_General_ Wars entry Wars niche Wars markets Wars disruptive ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Winn-Dixie ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Lone_Star_Funds_ Wars Lone Wars Star Wars transferred Wars 980 Wars dividends Wars 2011 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Marsh_Supermarkets_ Wars Marsh Wars Supermarkets Wars laid Wars off Wars staff Wars federally Wars supported ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fairway_ Wars Fairway ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Wars Blackstone Wars Group Wars 2016 Wars investing Wars worried Wars impact

Follow NYT Few Follow Healthy Habits - Economic situation /Follow NYT Few Follow Healthy Habits
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_Few_Follow_Healthy_Habits Mar 2016 NYT Few Follow Healthy Habits Follow Roni Follow Caryn Follow Rabin Follow reports Follow Americans Follow know Follow heart Follow healthy Follow lifestyle Follow includes Follow eating Follow healthful Follow diet Follow smoking Follow physically Follow active Follow keeping Follow weight Follow body Follow fat Follow down Follow But Follow study Follow Mayo Follow Clinic Follow proceedings Follow National Follow Health Follow Nutrition Follow Examination Follow Survey Follow found Follow fewer Follow 3 Follow percent Follow adults Follow claim Follow four Follow elements Follow 2 Follow 7 Follow group Follow nonsmokers Follow good Follow vegetables Follow whole Follow grains Follow little Follow saturated Follow 150 Follow minutes Follow exercise Follow week Follow low Follow percentage Follow Some Follow measures Follow based Follow objective Follow tests Follow blood Follow samples Follow X Follow rays Follow determine Follow accelerometer Follow readings Follow activity

of Toll of America's Obesity - Economic situation /of Toll of America's Obesity
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2018_NYT_The_Toll_of_Americas Aug 2018 NYT The Toll of Americas ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Boston_Childrens_Hospital_ Boston Children Dr David Ludwig Harvard Kenneth Rogoff assert beyond human suffering diet related ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics diseases impose massive economic costs continue ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Obesity Obesity rates ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US US worsen income inequality flat during 1950s 1960s From 1970 2000 obesity doubled adults tripled children ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CDC New CDC data shows four 10 obese two increases risk heart cancer Alzheimer researchers models suggest 60 aged 35 accentuating impact complications hypertension ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Steatohepatitis fatty liver orthopedic issues sleep apnea demodwbp awffwpwbsoc13 Jul_2015_NYT_Sleep_Apnea_Can_Hurt type diabetes affects regions demographics But Rates increasing fastest among low racial minorities Mortality highly correlated centered South Midwest ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#American_Diabetes_Association_ ADA 2017 327 billion 237 medical spending 90 reduced productivity Huge insulin mean many diabetics afford treatment argue Removing would provide hundreds billions dollars tax cuts social government Farm policies support processed food supply Opportunities burn off calories foods declining physical activity school increased use transportation For steps shift healthy environment Federal commission coordinate policy Fund Tax subsidize whole Increase priority quality National School Lunch ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SNAP Program SNAP Ban junk advertising young

the Deception - Economic situation /the Deception
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2015_NYT_Assessing_the_Possible Sep 2015 NYT Assessing the Possible Margot Sanger Katz John Schwartz report Volkswagen VW emission defeat device unleashed 46 000 tons extra pollutants US harm human health Health researchers developed formulas modelling numbers people would killed argue likely around 124 But note volume far higher Europe where diesel cars more common Nitrogen oxides linked respiratory demodwbp awffwpwgl gl_Cardiovascular_disease cardiovascular premature deaths At ground level generate ozone And contribute smog soot cause inflammation increase risks ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Asthma sufferers asthma ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_COPD COPD Nearly 41 percent Americans live areas unhealthy levels So increasingly tight regulations applied nitrogen emissions California worst air quality diesels Air Resources Board says 73 state population 28 million lives counties particle pollution experimental used estimate impact deceit By comparing power plant caused drop others apply looking relative mortality rates spending care estimated reduced resulted five fewer 100 affected lower prescription drugs elderly impacted about output predicted 106 lots caveats analysis complexity real situation remind EPA standards went effect 90 quantified

In Dissonance In Mission Of Chamber On Tobacco - Economic situation /In Dissonance In Mission Of Chamber On Tobacco
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2015_NYT_Dissonance_In_Mission_Of Jul 2015 NYT Dissonance In Mission Of Danny Hakim reports Anthem executive vice president Wayne DeVeydt serves board demodwbp awffwpwgco United_States_Chamber_of_Commerce_ S working undermine anti smoking laws outside US while help customers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#CVS CVS Health July_2015_NYT_Tobacco_Stance_Costs decided position legislation By lobbying against well established widely accepted evidence based tobacco control public health policies Chamber Commerce undermines own credibility issues Dr Margret Chan director general ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_WHO O said So long companies continue influential members chamber legitimate businesses tarred same brush reported lobbies antismoking many countries pits another trade forums Washington defends ability industry sue future deals branch Brussels AmCham EU drafted plain packaging garnered more support positions framing defense intellectual property rights There concern among supporters Big Tobacco use up important campaigns why opposed steps like restricting places extreme measure proposed Moldova

Cant Can't Stop': Schools Struggle WIth Vaping Explosion - Economic situation /Cant Can't Stop': Schools Struggle WIth Vaping Explosion
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2018_NYT_I_Cant_Stop:_Schools Apr 2018 NYT I Cant Stop: Schools Cant Kate Cant Zernike Cant reports Cant student Cant caught Cant vaping Cant school Cant three Cant times Cant before Cant sat Cant vice Cant principal Cant office Cant Cape Cant Elizabeth Cant High Cant School Cant Maine Cant winter Cant shamefacedly Cant admitted Cant obvious Cant I Cant told Cant Nate Cant Carpenter Cant schools Cant finding Cant exponentially Cant increasing Cant problems Cant addiction Cant while Cant device Cant manufacturers Cant JUUL Cant Labs Cant public Cant health Cant experts Cant argue Cant help Cant smokers Cant kick Cant habit Cant increase Cant enabled Cant New Cant generation Cant easily Cant concealed Cant devices Cant sleek Cant high Cant tech Cant design Cant Devices Cant ubiquitous Cant students Cant use Cant Juul Cant verb Cant produce Cant little Cant vapor Cant trail Cant allowing Cant vape Cant Little Cant characterize Cant risks Cant associated Cant Ashley Cant Gould Cant company Cant products Cant intended Cant solely Cant adults Cant want Cant quit Cant smoking Cant kids Cant using Cant Our Cant only Cant non Cant nicotine Cant users Cant But Cant quotes Cant Boulder Cant County Cant Colorado Cant tobacco Cant prevention Cant program Cant leader Cant Jennifer Cant Kovarik Cant If Cant didn Cant youth Cant would Cant sold Cant 18 Cant establishments Cant available Cant Circle Cant across Cant country ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCSF_Medical_Center_ Cant Research Cant UCSF Cant professor Cant pediatrics Cant Dr Cant Mark Cant Rubinstein Cant found Cant substantially Cant increased Cant levels Cant five Cant carcinogenic Cant compounds Cant urine Cant teenagers Cant Vaping Cant liquids Cant contain Cant additives Cant Propylene Cant glycol Cant glycerol Cant heated Cant Diacetyl Cant flavor Cant linked Cant popcorn Cant lung Cant noted Cant cigarettes Cant studying Cant many Cant years Cant pretty Cant good Cant idea Cant just Cant don Cant know Cant wht Cant inhaling Cant flavorings Cant dyes Cant already Cant scary ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#National_Academies_of: Cant NA Cant Science Cant Engineering Cant Medicine Cant concluded Cant led

Rivalries Tech Rivalries Impede Digital Medical Record Sharing - Economic situation /Rivalries Tech Rivalries Impede Digital Medical Record Sharing
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2015_NYT_Tech_Rivalries_Impede May 2015 NYT Tech Rivalries Impede Rivalries Robert Rivalries Pear Rivalries reports Rivalries 29 Rivalries billion Rivalries government Rivalries spent Rivalries EHR Rivalries systems Rivalries doctors Rivalries hospitals Rivalries resulted Rivalries digital Rivalries silos Rivalries suggests Rivalries technology Rivalries companies Rivalries laboratories Rivalries intentionally Rivalries blocking Rivalries electronic Rivalries exchange Rivalries health Rivalries information Rivalries fear Rivalries lose Rivalries business Rivalries share Rivalries Dr Rivalries Karen Rivalries DeSalvo Rivalries national Rivalries coordinator ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ONC Rivalries ONC Rivalries received Rivalries many Rivalries complaints Rivalries And Rivalries sellers Rivalries try Rivalries lock Rivalries customers Rivalries make Rivalries difficult Rivalries switch Rivalries competing Rivalries vendors Rivalries becoming Rivalries increasingly Rivalries concerned Rivalries about Rivalries practices Rivalries Reid Rivalries Blackwelder Rivalries chair Rivalries American Rivalries Academy Rivalries Family Rivalries Physicians Rivalries complains Rivalries communicate Rivalries adjacent Rivalries When Rivalries I Rivalries admit Rivalries patients Rivalries printo Rivalries my Rivalries send Rivalries copy Rivalries incorporated Rivalries records ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pediatrician Rivalries Peter Rivalries Masucci Rivalries pediatrician Rivalries Everett Rivalries Mass Rivalries trying Rivalries more Rivalries five Rivalries years Rivalries connect Rivalries EMR Rivalries where Rivalries sends Rivalries never Rivalries happened Rivalries reported Rivalries problems Rivalries congress Rivalries pay Rivalries high Rivalries fees Rivalries transfer Rivalries another Rivalries network Rivalries refuses Rivalries providers Rivalries outside Rivalries Even Rivalries needed Rivalries support Rivalries treatment Rivalries Doctors Rivalries obtain Rivalries laboratory Rivalries services Rivalries company Rivalries let Rivalries willing Rivalries connection Rivalries technically Rivalries possible Rivalries said Rivalries discover Rivalries details Rivalries use Rivalries constraints Rivalries enhance Rivalries market Rivalries dominance Rivalries Companies Rivalries prohibit Rivalries reporting Rivalries discussing Rivalries terms Rivalries contracts Rivalries working Rivalries FTC Rivalries issues ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#EPIC Rivalries Epic Rivalries VP Rivalries DeVault Rivalries participate Rivalries activities Rivalries described Rivalries knowledge Rivalries very Rivalries rare Rivalries exist ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Athenahealth Rivalries AthenaHealth Rivalries Dan Rivalries Haley Rivalries serious Rivalries Some Rivalries T Rivalries business models Rivalries create Rivalries real Rivalries impediments Rivalries sharing Rivalries medical Rivalries Under Rivalries typical Rivalries arrangement Rivalries Mr Rivalries tells Rivalries cost Rivalries you Rivalries 1 Rivalries million Rivalries build Rivalries charge Rivalries 500 Rivalries 000 Rivalries maintain Rivalries top Rivalries ll Rivalries time Rivalries different Rivalries April Rivalries 2015 Rivalries Congress Rivalries responded Rivalries signed Rivalries law Rivalries deliberatley Rivalries bock Rivalries federal Rivalries bonus Rivalries payments Rivalries using Rivalries EHRs Rivalries House Rivalries committee Rivalries defined Rivalries offense Rivalries civil Rivalries fine Rivalries up Rivalries 10 Rivalries Our Rivalries demodwbp Rivalries awffwpwgco Rivalries Our_Lady_of_Lourdes_Medical_Center Rivalries Lady Rivalries communicating

Doctor Business of Medical Care - Economic situation /Doctor Business of Medical Care
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2018_NYT_The_Disappearing_Doctor: Apr 2018 NYT The Disappearing Doctor: Doctor Reed Doctor Abelson Doctor Julie Doctor Creswell Doctor report Doctor big Doctor corporations Doctor giant Doctor retailers Doctor health Doctor insurance Doctor companies Doctor teaming Doctor up Doctor your Doctor doctor ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Doctor Standalone Doctor PCP Doctor practices Doctor becoming Doctor scarce Doctor robsstrategystudio Doctor org Doctor awfcasdh Doctor Disrupting_primary_care_businesses Doctor undermined Doctor more Doctor accessible Doctor cheaper ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urgent_care_clinic Doctor offerings Doctor urgent Doctor care Doctor clinics Doctor While Doctor people Doctor using Doctor specialists Doctor office Doctor visits Doctor PCPs Doctor declined Doctor 18 Doctor 2012 Doctor 2016 Doctor People Doctor flocking Doctor opportunity Doctor deliver Doctor medical Doctor helps Doctor justify Doctor integration Doctor CVS Doctor Health Doctor Aetna Doctor Wal Doctor Mart Doctor Humana ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Doctor Harvard Doctor demodwbp Doctor awffwpwgsu Doctor Harvard_Medical_School_ Doctor Medical Doctor associate Doctor professor Doctor policy Doctor medicine Doctor Dr Doctor Ateev Doctor Mehrotra Doctor researched Doctor concluded Doctor quality of care Doctor see Doctor equal Doctor superior Doctor ED Doctor And Doctor while Doctor worry Doctor prescribe Doctor antibiotics Doctor everybody Doctor rates Doctor occurring Doctor between Doctor offices Doctor leverage Doctor shift Doctor attraction Doctor older Doctor Americans Doctor similarly Doctor better Doctor compete Doctor UHG Doctor awffwpwgco Doctor Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Doctor free Doctor standing Doctor MedExpress Doctor urgent care Doctor Truyen Doctor Brennan Doctor evolving Doctor concept Doctor requires Doctor different Doctor work Doctor nurse Doctor practitioners Doctor trying Doctor buy Doctor entire Doctor layer Doctor primary care Doctor aims Doctor reduce Doctor cost Doctor complex Doctor conditions Doctor option Doctor use Doctor make Doctor sure Doctor hypertension Doctor diabetes Doctor controlled Doctor tests Doctor counseling Doctor well Doctor medications Doctor Large Doctor Hospital Doctor Groups Doctor HCA Doctor adding Doctor centers Doctor moving Doctor directly Doctor employ Doctor DIgnity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Northwell_Health_ Doctor Northwell Doctor partnering Doctor GoHealth_Urgent_Care_ Doctor Urgent ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#One_Medical_ Doctor Venture Doctor backed Doctor One Doctor flexible Doctor service Doctor annual Doctor fee ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HCIT Doctor 200 Doctor leverages Doctor HCIT Doctor 300 Doctor employed Doctor doctors Doctor staff Doctor remove Doctor bureaucracy Doctor minute Doctor consultations Doctor eight Doctor cities ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Aledade_ Doctor Aledade Doctor attempting Doctor reinvent Doctor provide Doctor close Doctor management Doctor patients Doctor risk Doctor differentiate Doctor large Doctor starting Doctor workers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Berkshire_Hathaway_ Doctor Berkshire ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Amazon_ Doctor Hathaway Doctor Amazon ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#J._P._Morgan_Chase_ Doctor Morgan Doctor setting up Doctor joint Doctor venture Doctor awffwpwbeco13 Doctor Jan_2018_NYT_Amazon_Berkshire_Hathaway Doctor Apple Doctor opening Doctor treat Doctor employees Doctor mergers Doctor lock Doctor combined

Apple NYT Why Apple Is the Future of Capitalism - Economic situation /Apple NYT Why Apple Is the Future of Capitalism
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2018_NYT_Why_Apple_Is_the_Future_of Aug 2018 NYT Why Apple Is the Future of ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Apple Harvard Apple professor Apple Mihir Apple Desai Apple Inc Apple exceeding Apple 1 Apple trillion Apple market Apple capitalization Apple tempting Apple understand Apple moment Apple terms Apple dominance Apple too Apple large Apple companies Apple technology Apple lives Apple continues Apple arguing Apple pioneered Apple financial Apple model Apple envy Apple corporate Apple America Apple avoid Apple investing Apple hard Apple assets Apple leaving Apple role Apple suppliers Apple spins Apple cash Apple returning Apple shareholders Apple exceptionally Apple rapidly ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk Apple There Apple risks Apple Six Apple years Apple ago Apple owed Apple no Apple debt Apple paid Apple dividends Apple purchased Apple back Apple shares Apple after Apple revolt Apple 2013 Apple performing Apple slow Apple motion Apple leveraged Apple buyout Apple 115 Apple billion Apple outstanding Apple 288 Apple distributed Apple buybacks Apple rewards Apple flow Apple profits Apple generated Apple 16 Apple more Apple operating Apple 2017 Apple asserts Apple strategic Apple position Apple protects Apple disintermediation ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mutual_Funds_ Apple But Apple suggests Apple mutual Apple funds Apple pension Apple wary Apple management Apple promote Apple strategy Apple retail Apple stores Apple capture Apple consumers Apple quickly Apple use Apple just Apple time Apple processes Apple inventory Apple particularly Apple paying Apple financing Apple business Apple moving Apple subscription Apple models Apple ensure Apple predictable Apple flows Apple Amazon Apple structured Apple similarly Apple light Apple minimizes Apple external Apple Instead Apple Asian Apple low Apple projects Apple create Apple products

a NYT When a Health Insurer Also Wants to Be a Hospice Company - Economic situation /a NYT When a Health Insurer Also Wants to Be a Hospice Company
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2018_NYT_When_a_Health_Insurer_Also Jun 2018 NYT When a Health Insurer Also When Reed When Abelson When reports When death When always When lucrative When enterprise When whether When involves When mahogany When caskets When teams When estate When tax ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hospice When lawyers When But When hospice When business When caring When nearing When booming When multibillion When dollar When industry When attracting When more When profit When companies When nation When major When insurers When Hospice When many When Medicare When started When spending When 17 When billion When year When care When Hospices When paid When around When 200 When day When routine When up When 1000 When round When clock When services When highly When profitable When generating When 40 When cents When revenue When Congress When advisor When MedPAC When found When about When two When thirds When average When margin When 16 When compared When break When operation When non When profits ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Humana_ When Humana When teaming ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity When private ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Private_Equity_ When equity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#TPG_Capital_ When TPG When Capital When demodwbp When awffwpwgsu When Welsh_Carson_Anderson__Stowe_WCAS When market When leader ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hospice When purchasing When division When awffwpwgco When Kindred_Healthcare_ When Curo_Health_Services_ When Health ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Curo_Health_Services_ When already When owned When investment When company When THL When strategy When leverage When health When provision When older When Americans When If When make When benefit When awffwpwgl When gl_Medicare_Advantage When Plans When patients When costly When end When life When hospital When treatments When However When entered When space When government When detecting When reductions When quality When palliative When federal When increasing When number When suits When against When overbilling When fined When 3 When million When 2016 When penalties When 25 When 2012 When stinting When enrolling When Evercare When paying When kickbacks When doctors When nurses When induce When refer When particular When hospices When 12 When settlements ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#United_HealthCare_ When UnitedHealth When sold When unit When hit When lawsuits

Clinics Retail Health Clinics Result in Higher Spending, Survey Finds - Economic situation /Clinics Retail Health Clinics Result in Higher Spending, Survey Finds
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_NYT_Retail_Clinics_Result_in Mar 2016 NYT Retail Clinics Result in Clinics Reed Clinics Abelson Clinics reports Clinics insurers Clinics employers Clinics eager Clinics workers Clinics explore Clinics ways Clinics getting Clinics care Clinics like Clinics visiting Clinics clinic Clinics drugstore Clinics sore Clinics throat Clinics receive Clinics only Clinics more Clinics convenient Clinics costs Clinics emergency Clinics room Clinics doctor Clinics office Clinics But Clinics study Clinics Health Clinics Affairs Clinics RAND Clinics Harvard Clinics demodwbp Clinics awffwpwgsu Clinics Harvard_Medical_School_ Clinics Medical Clinics professor Clinics Ateev Clinics Mehrotra Clinics Carnegie Clinics Mellon Clinics University Clinics Martin Clinics Gaynor Clinics casts Clinics doubt Clinics clinics Clinics saving Clinics money Clinics Researchers Clinics looked Clinics insurance Clinics claims Clinics data Clinics Aetna Clinics concluded Clinics led Clinics slightly Clinics higher Clinics spending Clinics people Clinics went Clinics 58 Clinics time Clinics treat Clinics minor Clinics medical Clinics conditions Clinics would Clinics previously Clinics treated Clinics own Clinics use Clinics generated Clinics 14 Clinics person Clinics year Clinics outweighed Clinics savings Clinics cheaper Clinics noted Clinics retail Clinics serve Clinics important Clinics function Clinics making Clinics doctors Clinics hospitals Clinics respond Clinics lower Clinics prices Clinics expanded Clinics hours Clinics Executives Clinics argue Clinics flawed Clinics say Clinics failed Clinics demonstrate Clinics overall Clinics achieve Clinics Dr Clinics Andrew Clinics Sussman Clinics president Clinics MinuteClinic Clinics argued Clinics patients Clinics going Clinics better Clinics prevent Clinics very Clinics expensive Clinics stay Clinics research Clinics studying Clinics CVS Clinics employees Clinics indicated Clinics provided Clinics preventative Clinics services Clinics vaccines Clinics resource Clinics without Clinics regular

RAND EDs - Economic situation /RAND EDs
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2016_Market_Place_RAND_finds_retail Mar 2016 Market Place RAND finds retail RAND study RAND demodwbp RAND awffwpwbeco13 RAND Mar_2016_NYT_Retail_Clinics_Result_in RAND found RAND more RAND people RAND using RAND retail RAND clinics RAND But RAND tend RAND users RAND health RAND care RAND having RAND cold RAND ache RAND diagnosed RAND treated RAND just RAND increases RAND cost RAND payers RAND assumed RAND urgent care RAND would RAND reduce RAND primary care RAND competing RAND subscribers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP RAND PCP RAND internists RAND awffwpwsigov RAND Jul_2014_NYT_Race_Is_On_to_Profit_From RAND Worse RAND management RAND perspective ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED RAND ED RAND uninsured RAND seeking RAND hours RAND access RAND hot RAND spot RAND patients RAND diminished

Cost NYT The Hidden Cost of Retail Health Clinics - Economic situation /Cost NYT The Hidden Cost of Retail Health Clinics
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_The_Hidden_Cost_of_Retail Apr 2016 NYT The Hidden Cost of Retail Cost demodwbp Cost awffwpwgsu Cost Indiana_University_School_of_Medicine_ Cost pediatrics Cost professor Cost IU_SOM_Dr Cost _Aaron_Carroll Cost Aaron Cost discusses Cost costs Cost benefits Cost retail Cost clinics Cost Use Cost increased Cost tenfold Cost between Cost 2007 Cost 2009 Cost key Cost Extended Cost hours Cost access Cost People Cost attend Cost PCPs Cost use Cost normal Cost surgery Cost Otherwise Cost people ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Cost ED Cost achieve Cost level Cost cover Cost three Cost quarters Cost children Cost ailments Cost sore Cost throats Cost 35 Cost ear Cost infections Cost upper Cost respiratory Cost adult Cost immunizations Cost visit Cost lower Cost 110 Cost versus Cost 155 Cost urgent care Cost 166 Cost main Cost issue Cost volume Cost care Cost treated Cost resulted Cost reimbursements Cost insurers Cost awffwpwbeco13 Cost Mar_2016_Market_Place_RAND_finds_retail Cost Physicians Cost groups Cost argue Cost based Cost PCMH Cost coordinated Cost extended Cost team Cost But Cost research Cost reported Cost Annals Cost Internal Cost Medicine Cost found Cost aggregate Cost quality Cost scores Cost awffwpwgl Cost gl_Urgent_care_clinic Cost similar

Market Market Shock: AAA Rating May be junk - Economic situation /Market Market Shock: AAA Rating May be junk
awffwpwbeco13.htm#2007_Jul_Market_Shock:_AAA_Rating_May_be 2007 Jul Market Shock: AAA Rating May be Market stock Market market Market rally Market 2002 Market 2007 Market built Market liquidity Market derived Market financial Market engineering Market allowed Market highly Market risky Market investments Market financed Market investors Market thought Market taking Market no Market known Market wrong ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Bear_Stearns_ Market Bear Market Stearns Market admission Market demodwbp Market awffwpwbeco13 Market 2007_Jun_Bear_Stearns_mortgage_finance Market two Market expected Market lose Market 100 Market value Market unprecedented Market declines Market valuations Market rated Market AA Market AAA Market securities Market However Market nothing Market like Market bonds Market issued Market companies Market ratings Market Such Market backed Market viability Market parent Market Instead Market money Market invested Market hedge Market funds Market went Market mortgage Market loans Market subprime Market customers Market logic Market Most Market prime Market mortgages Market would Market never Market default Market rising Market home Market prices Market insulate Market defaults Market So Market security Market protected Market first Market losses Market portfolio Market safe ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#G.E._-_General_Electric_ Market General Market Electric Market Hence Market given Market Those Market made Market junk Market leveraged Market buyout Market found Market securitize Market sell Market enough Market assure Market themselves Market profit Market before Market owners Market Any Market came Market later Market riskier Market lenders Market often Market kept Market icing Market buyers Market 2007_Jul_The_role_of_the_ratings Market supposedly Market suffering Market occurred Market fears Market many Market more Market future Market agencies Market threatening Market downgrade Market paper Market nervousness Market about ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#MBIA_ Market MBIA Market Ambac Market guaranteed Market shares Market smaller Market insurer Market ACA Market Capital Market lost Market half Market few Market weeks Market For Market markets Market net Market effect Market increased Market difficulty Market firms Market activities Market demanding Market higher Market yields Market parts Market buyouts Market expensive Market impact Market values Market where Market come Market option Market selling Market private

Countrywide Countrywide Financial see debt issue extend to 'good' risks - Economic situation /Countrywide Countrywide Financial see debt issue extend to 'good' risks
awffwpwbeco13.htm#2007_Jul_Countrywide_Financial_see_debt 2007 Jul Countrywide Financial see debt Countrywide More Countrywide borrowers Countrywide good Countrywide credit Countrywide falling Countrywide behind Countrywide loan Countrywide repayments Countrywide Chairman Countrywide Mozillo Countrywide commented Countrywide home Countrywide prices Countrywide almost Countrywide like Countrywide never Countrywide before Countrywide exception Countrywide great Countrywide depression Countrywide see Countrywide recovery Countrywide occurring Countrywide until Countrywide 2009 Countrywide stock Countrywide market Countrywide reacted Countrywide significantly Countrywide significance Countrywide report Countrywide idea Countrywide worthy Countrywide homeowners Countrywide default Countrywide mortgages Countrywide higher Countrywide rates

Private Keeping Private Equity Shrouded in Shadows - Economic situation /Private Keeping Private Equity Shrouded in Shadows
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2016_NYT_Keeping_Private_Equity Jul 2016 NYT Keeping Private Equity Private Gretchen Private Morgenson Private reports Private promising Private push Private few Private states ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Private require Private private Private equity Private firms Private invest Private behalf Private public Private pension Private funds Private university Private endowments Private more Private forthcoming Private getting Private undermined Private Bills Private California Private Kentucky Private tasked Private revealing Private fees Private practices Private working Private watered Private down Private One Private bill Private required Private modest Private disclosures Private publication Private handful Private pages Private confidential Private limited Private partnership Private agreements Private killed Private Another Private private equity Private transparency Private recently Private amended Private eliminate Private about Private related Private party Private transactions Private between Private portfolio Private companies Private own Private paid Private cost Private investors Private money Private More Private would Private assist Private CalPERS Private Michael Private Flaherman Private concluded Private net Private effect Private receive Private full Private picture Private missing Private portion Private pocket Private Law Private makers Private Congress Private trying Private roll Private back Private newer Private regulations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SEC Private given Private S Private E Private window Private currently Private executing Private enforcement Private actions Private against

- Economic situation /private equity firms are already under
awffwpwbeco13.htm#private_equity_firms_are_already_under private equity firms are already under private equity firms private equity already private equity under private equity pressure private equity poor private equity performance private equity Recent private equity studies ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics private equity Center private equity Economic private equity Policy private equity Research private equity Are private equity Lower private equity Private Equity private equity Returns private equity New private equity Normal private equity 2016 private equity Eileen private equity Appelbaum private equity Rosemary private equity Batt private equity shows ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Private_Equity_ private equity equity private equity recent private equity years private equity about private equity overall private equity stock private equity market private equity For private equity beat private equity wide private equity margin private equity 2006 private equity no private equity longer private equity case private equity Past private equity returns private equity manager private equity reliable private equity predictor private equity future private equity Before private equity 2000 private equity high private equity performing private equity fund private equity managers private equity well private equity later private equity work private equity But private equity Private equity private equity funds private equity cyclical private equity investments private equity used private equity round private equity Morgenson private equity lack private equity headache private equity underfunded private equity pension private equity plans private equity loaded private equity up private equity cost private equity One private equity third private equity money private equity comes private equity public private equity pensions private equity generate private equity outsize private equity meet private equity retiree private equity obligations private equity priced ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ private equity share private equity prices private equity Blackstone ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fortress_Investment_Group private equity Fortress private equity KKR private equity down private equity significantly private equity wonders private equity If private equity you private equity look private equity investors private equity foundations private equity universities private equity thing private equity surprising ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Happiness private equity very private equity happy private equity put private equity back private equity And private equity doing private equity time private equity themselves private equity tell private equity really private equity find private equity place private equity How private equity going private equity pay private equity off private equity end

Boom NYT Endowments Boom as Colleges Bury Earnings Overseas - Economic situation /Boom NYT Endowments Boom as Colleges Bury Earnings Overseas
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2017_NYT_Endowments_Boom_as_Colleges Nov 2017 NYT Endowments Boom as Colleges Boom Stephanie Boom Saul Boom reports Boom American Boom universities Boom using Boom offshore Boom strategies Boom swell Boom coffers Boom skirt Boom taxes Boom obscure Boom investments Boom spark Boom campus Boom protests Boom Recently Boom leaked Boom legal Boom papers Boom Appleby Boom Global Boom reveal Boom demodwbp Boom awffwpwgl Boom gl_Blocker_corporations Boom blocker Boom enhance Boom value Boom endowments Boom reached Boom more Boom 500 Boom billion Boom largest Boom concentrated Boom small Boom group Boom mainly Boom private ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CRS Boom CRS Boom found Boom 2015 Boom 11 Boom institutions Boom ivy Boom league Boom elite Boom schools Boom hold Boom 74 Boom funds Boom technique Boom helpful Boom Hides Boom details Boom social Boom issues Boom investing Boom fossil Boom fuel Boom companies Boom extractive Boom industries Boom associated Boom destruction Boom rain Boom forests Boom Minimizes Boom paid Boom College Boom university Boom earnings Boom usually Boom exempt Boom But Boom leverage Boom borrowed Boom money ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Boom equity Boom hedge Boom subject Boom designed Boom prevent Boom nonprofits Boom competing Boom unfairly Boom profit Boom businesses Boom Putting Boom corporate Boom entity Boom between Boom private equity Boom stops Boom taxable Boom income Boom flowing Boom Congress Boom subsidizing Boom allowing Boom engage Boom borrowing Boom build Boom up ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Hofstra_University_ Boom explains Boom Hofstra Boom Norman Boom Silber Boom Universities Boom lobbyists Boom argue Boom maintenance Boom breaks Boom wealthy Boom obtain Boom three Boom forms Boom current Boom system Boom Donations Boom colleges Boom Tax Boom free Boom municipal Boom bonds Boom low Boom rates Boom Most Boom returns Boom concerned Boom about Boom Loss Boom treasury Boom Potential Boom corporation Boom practice Boom legitimize Boom entities Boom illegal Boom activities Boom Huge Boom increases Boom raised Boom tuition Boom far Boom excess Boom inflation Boom leaks Boom F Boom Investors Boom Blocker Boom used Boom Columbia ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Dartmouth_College Boom Dartmouth Boom awffwpwgsu Boom University_of_Southern_California_USC Boom Stanford

Endowment Yale Endowment, Often a Pacesetter, Is a Laggard This Time - Economic situation /Endowment Yale Endowment, Often a Pacesetter, Is a Laggard This Time
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2017_NYT_Yale_Endowment_Often_a Oct 2017 NYT Yale Endowment Often a Endowment Geraldine Endowment Fabricant Endowment reports Endowment Yale Endowment University ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Yale_University_endowment_ Endowment endowment Endowment second Endowment largest Endowment among Endowment nation Endowment colleges Endowment distinguished Endowment recent Endowment years Endowment handsome Endowment returns Endowment turning Endowment money Endowment managers Endowment follow Endowment investment Endowment principles Endowment chief Endowment David Endowment Sensen Endowment But Endowment latest Endowment card Endowment issued Endowment Tuesday Endowment disappointing Endowment judgement Endowment based Endowment grew Endowment 27 Endowment billion Endowment having Endowment generated Endowment 11 Endowment 3 Endowment fiscal Endowment 30 Endowment 2017 Endowment Many Endowment endowments Endowment reporting Endowment midteen Endowment gains ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_MIT Endowment MIT Endowment 14 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Stanford_University_ Endowment Stanford Endowment 13 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Princeton_University_ Endowment Princeton Endowment 12 Endowment 5 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Dartmouth_College Endowment Dartmouth Endowment 4 Endowment 96 Endowment 6 Endowment Cambridge Endowment associates Endowment tracking Endowment 450 Endowment institutions Endowment 7 Endowment Swensen Endowment noted Endowment modest Endowment holdings Endowment US Endowment equities Endowment helped Endowment reduce Endowment exposure Endowment risk Endowment commented Endowment last Endowment left Endowment benefiting Endowment booming Endowment stock Endowment market Endowment Swenson Endowment added Endowment strategy Endowment outperformed Endowment domestic Endowment stocks Endowment bonds Endowment continues Endowment historic Endowment diversity Endowment moving ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Endowment Hedge Endowment funds Endowment where Endowment 25 Endowment assets ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Venture_companies Endowment Venture Endowment capital Endowment 17 Endowment Foreign Endowment equity Endowment Leveraged Endowment buyouts Endowment Real Endowment estate Endowment Bonds Endowment Cash Endowment managed Endowment outside Endowment uses Endowment distributions Endowment operating Endowment budget Endowment expected Endowment contribute Endowment 34 Endowment leaders Endowment university Endowment Seth Endowment Alexander Endowment Robert Endowment Wallace Endowment Andrew Endowment Golden Endowment trained Endowment under Endowment similar Endowment model ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Harvard_University_ Endowment Harvard Endowment differs Endowment using Endowment internal Endowment management

Funds - Economic situation /Funds
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2018_NYT_Hedge_Funds_Should_Be Jul 2018 NYT Hedge Funds Should Be Funds James Funds B Funds Stewart Funds reports Funds highly Funds paid Funds hedge Funds fund Funds managers Funds complained Funds years Funds unfair Funds compare Funds performance Funds broad Funds stock Funds market Funds during Funds prolonged Funds bullish Funds periods Funds Hedge Funds funds Funds designed Funds mitigate Funds risk Funds argument Funds goes Funds investors Funds might Funds sacrifice Funds gains Funds markets Funds rise Funds while Funds waiting Funds prove Funds themselves Funds more Funds challenging Funds times Funds So Funds far Funds 2018 Funds delivered Funds weak Funds returns Funds bond Funds negative Funds volatility Funds bet Funds against Funds individual Funds stocks Funds whereas Funds mutual Funds profit Funds flat Funds down Funds And ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Merger_arbitrage Funds claim Funds merger Funds arbitrage Funds long Funds short Funds strategies Funds aren Funds associated Funds overall Funds trends Funds But Funds results Funds first Funds six Funds months Funds poor Funds On Funds average Funds underperformed Funds P Funds 500 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Quantitative_fund Funds Quantitative Funds lost Funds 4 Funds algorithms Funds cope ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Funds altered Funds US ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Long-short_strategy Funds gaining Funds 0 Funds 25 Funds main Funds problem Funds pulling Funds statistics ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Macro_funds Funds Macro Funds strategy Funds modeling Funds commodities Funds currencies Funds performed Funds weakly Funds robust Funds earnings Funds management Funds fees Funds charged Funds huge Funds assets Funds invested Funds averse Funds original Funds hedged Funds aggressively Funds managed Funds capturing Funds Institutional Funds worry Funds end Funds amid Funds trade Funds tariff Funds issues Funds placing Funds 3 Funds trillion Funds marketing Funds promoted Funds risks Funds note Funds relatively Funds good Funds demodwbp Funds awffwpwbeco13 Funds 2008_Mar_A_fed_bailout_crosses_a_line_ Funds bonds

Global Million Fine - Economic situation /Global Million Fine
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_NYT_Apollo_Global_Settles Aug 2016 NYT Apollo Global Settles Global Ben Global Protess Global reports Global federal Global regulators Global delivered Global latest Global blow ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Global giant Global private Global equity Global firm Global announcing Global enforcement Global action Global against Global affiliates Global demodwbp Global awffwpwgsu Global Apollo_Global_Management_ Global array Global securities Global law Global violations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_SEC Global S Global E Global C Global penalty Global 53 Global million Global paid Global without Global admission Global charges Global accused Global transparent Global investors Global Crucial Global details Global withheld Global would Global revealed Global conflict Global interest Global accelerating Global monitoring Global fees Global lump Global sum Global payments Global companies Global sold Global went Global public Global resulted Global reduced Global returns Global sales Global And Global explain Global practice Global clients Global interested Global investing Global Additionally Global accurately Global disclose Global loan Global took Global private equity Global funds Global ment Global allocated Global joins Global 10 Global firms Global Blackstone ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Jun_2015_KKR_fees_and_the_S.E.C._ Global KKR Global punished Global last Global few Global years

Ziff Och-Ziff to Pay Over $400 Million In Bribery Case - Economic situation /Ziff Och-Ziff to Pay Over $400 Million In Bribery Case
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_Och-Ziff_to_Pay_Over_400 Sep 2016 NYT Och-Ziff to Pay Over 400 Ziff Alexandra Ziff Stevenson Ziff reports Ziff Africa Ziff represented Ziff lucrative Ziff market Ziff giant Ziff New York Ziff hedge Ziff fund Ziff More Ziff decade Ziff later Ziff demodwbp Ziff awffwpwgsu Ziff Och Ziff Ziff_Capital_ Ziff Capital Ziff founder Ziff Daniel Ziff paying Ziff price ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Ziff US Ziff government Ziff charged Ziff more Ziff 100 Ziff million Ziff bribes Ziff paid Ziff OZ Ziff Management Ziff officials Ziff Libya Ziff Chad Ziff Niger Ziff Guinea Ziff Democratic Ziff Republic Ziff Congo Ziff secure Ziff natural Ziff resources Ziff deals Ziff investments Ziff global Ziff commodities Ziff boom Ziff starting Ziff fade Ziff 2008 Ziff saw Ziff opportunities Ziff acquire Ziff assets Ziff exploratory Ziff mining Ziff energy Ziff concessions Ziff Federal Ziff prosecutors Ziff Brooklyn Ziff E Ziff regulators Ziff investigating Ziff five Ziff years Ziff showed Ziff meetings Ziff high Ziff level Ziff Qaddafi Ziff Mugabe Ziff regimes Ziff director Ziff Andrew Ziff Ceresney Ziff commented Ziff Senior Ziff executives Ziff cannot Ziff turn Ziff blind Ziff eye Ziff acts Ziff employees Ziff agents Ziff aware Ziff suspicious Ziff transactions Ziff risk Ziff partners Ziff foreign Ziff countries Ziff led Ziff Michael Ziff Cohen Ziff guilty Ziff conspiracy Ziff 413 Ziff fines Ziff deferred Ziff prosecution Ziff agreement Ziff settles Ziff criminal Ziff civil Ziff charges Ziff record Ziff keeping Ziff violoation Ziff deeply Ziff disappointing Ziff episode Ziff conduct Ziff inconsistent Ziff core Ziff values Ziff representative Ziff hundreds Ziff worldwide Ziff dedicated Ziff serving Ziff clients Ziff utmost Ziff integrity Ziff learned Ziff experience Ziff taken Ziff significant Ziff stepts Ziff strengthen Ziff CFO Ziff Joel Ziff Frank Ziff agreed Ziff ignored Ziff red Ziff flags Ziff issued Ziff administrative Ziff order Ziff noted Ziff emailed Ziff Mr Ziff describe Ziff important Ziff Libyan Ziff sons Ziff Viena Ziff 2007 Ziff Meetings Ziff amazing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Wealth Ziff soverign Ziff wealth Ziff 77 Ziff billion Ziff half Ziff cash Ziff idea Ziff give Ziff inquired Ziff about Ziff progress Ziff replied Ziff I Ziff thought Ziff you Ziff against Ziff haven Ziff pursued Ziff fixer Ziff wanted Ziff follow Ziff up Ziff responded Ziff K Ziff August Ziff 2016 Ziff federal Ziff investigators Ziff arrested Ziff Samuel Ziff Mebiame Ziff former Ziff Gabonese Ziff prime Ziff minister Ziff routinely Ziff behalf Ziff joint Ziff venture Ziff Ltd

Landlord Europe's Landlord: Wall Street - Economic situation /Landlord Europe's Landlord: Wall Street
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2016_NYT_Europes_Landlord:_Wall Dec 2016 NYT Europes Landlord: Wall Landlord Liz Landlord Alderman Landlord reports Landlord investors Landlord made Landlord big Landlord profits Landlord tenants Landlord face Landlord eviction Landlord fighting Landlord back Landlord After Landlord Europe Landlord fiscal Landlord crisis Landlord Goldman Landlord Sachs Landlord affiliates Landlord Beltany Landlord Property Landlord Finance Landlord snapped Landlord up Landlord huge Landlord swaths Landlord distressed Landlord debt Landlord Ireland Landlord American Landlord banks Landlord role Landlord housing Landlord recovery Landlord And Landlord process Landlord last Landlord four Landlord years Landlord financial Landlord services Landlord firms Landlord bought Landlord greater Landlord 223 Landlord billion Landlord euros Landlord troubled Landlord real Landlord estate Landlord loans Landlord across Landlord Cerberus Landlord Capital Landlord Management Landlord Lone Landlord Star Landlord Funds ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Landlord Blackstone Landlord Group Landlord nearly Landlord 80 Landlord total Landlord purchased Landlord cheaply Landlord during Landlord crash Landlord pay Landlord little Landlord tax Landlord leveraging Landlord subsidiaries Landlord no Landlord operations Landlord staff Landlord strategy Landlord hugely Landlord profitable Landlord companies Landlord generating Landlord resentment Landlord among Landlord renters Landlord whose Landlord rents Landlord increased Landlord 20 Landlord evicted Landlord former Landlord Homeowners Landlord fall Landlord behind Landlord mortgage Landlord repayments Landlord forced Landlord accept Landlord harsher Landlord terms Landlord pushing Landlord towards Landlord foreclosure Landlord Additional Landlord fees Landlord adding Landlord residents Landlord difficulties Landlord essential Landlord restructuring Landlord bad Landlord property Landlord Spain Landlord boom Landlord bust Landlord government Landlord helped Landlord offload Landlord setting up Landlord National Landlord Asset Landlord Agency Landlord Wall Landlord Street Landlord invested Landlord 100 Landlord discounted Landlord 70 Landlord value Landlord But Landlord political Landlord protests Landlord resulted Landlord politicians Landlord putting Landlord protections Landlord place Landlord homeowners Landlord evictions Landlord Spanish Landlord Irish Landlord activists Landlord gain Landlord power Landlord promising Landlord stricter Landlord oversight Landlord entered Landlord quietly Landlord setup Landlord network Landlord employees Landlord offices Landlord owned Landlord holding Landlord Netherlands Landlord Using Landlord 17 Landlord properties Landlord Britain Landlord two Landlord period Landlord 6 Landlord promoted Landlord structures Landlord allow Landlord disappear Landlord view Landlord Dutch Landlord lent Landlord money Landlord high Landlord interest Landlord rates Landlord ensured Landlord businesses Landlord making Landlord deductible Landlord significantly Landlord reduced Landlord Loans Landlord worth Landlord pounds Landlord charges Landlord 2000 Landlord performed Landlord similar Landlord engineering Landlord capture Landlord avoid Landlord taxes

From NYT Lessons From the Collapse of Banco Popular - Economic situation /From NYT Lessons From the Collapse of Banco Popular
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2017_NYT_Lessons_From_the_Collapse Jun 2017 NYT Lessons From the Collapse From Grethchen From Morgenson From reports From Banco From Popular From Spain From fifth From largest From bank From 100 From billion From loans From collapsed From earlier From month From forcing From arms From rival From Santander From latter From bought From failing From institution From nominal From sum From euro From after From depositors From withdrew From money From en From masse From company From stock From price From plunged From big From losers From investors From 4 From debt From like From instruments From used From build From capital From cushion From financial From markets From shrugged ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_eurozone From eurozone From regulators From pleased From accounts From rescued From without From impacting From tax From payers From Investors From seem From agree From reason From confidence From problems From toxic From home From 2000 From housing From boom From bust From While From suggest From illustrates From effectiveness From post From 2008 From banking From regulations From Don From trust From stress From test From results From passed From 2016 From Tier From better From many From banks From adverse From scenario From indicated From would From excess From 6 From But From vanished From rapidly From along From emergency From assistance From Spanish From central From real From event From Boston From College From Edward From Kane From concluded From rosy From picture From allowed From savy From unguaranteed From bad From investment From Regulator From demodwbp From awffwpwgl From gl_Leverage_ratios From leverage From requirements From too From low From raised ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FDIC From FDIC From Thomas From Hoenig From During From crisis ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TARP From lost From TARP From financing From required From about From US From currently From requires ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EU From 5 From while From EU From only From 3 From 2018 From area From Trump From administration From Treasury From aims ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US From lower From reach From yield From your From ready From risk From Contingent From convertible From securities From bulk ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mutual_Funds_ From mutual From funds From insurance From companies From find From attractive From slightly From higher From yields From European From sector From having From nonperforming

Rental Recover - Economic situation /Rental Recover
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2017_NYT_Major_Rental-Home_Companies Aug 2017 NYT Major Rental-Home Companies Rental Mathew Rental Goldstein Rental reports Rental after Rental housing Rental market Rental collapsed Rental more Rental decade Rental ago Rental investors Rental poured Rental buy Rental foreclosed Rental homes Rental rent Rental Now Rental 4 Rental 3 Rental billion Rental deal Rental suggests Rental bargain Rental hunting Rental binge Rental finally Rental lack Rental low Rental price Rental limits Rental private equity Rental strategy Rental leveraging Rental foreclosure Rental auctions Rental capture Rental cheap Rental mass Rental But Rental only Rental able Rental about Rental 200 Rental 000 Rental 17 Rental million Rental rented Rental single Rental family Rental Most Rental suburban Rental areas Rental avoiding Rental constraints Rental like Rental Section Rental 8 Rental controls Rental urban Rental stock Rental based Rental assumption Rental bad Rental credit Rental scores Rental would Rental create Rental lots Rental renters Rental lately Rental potential Rental buyers Rental competing Rental PE Rental companies Rental Two Rental biggest Rental institutional Rental landlords Rental demodwbp Rental awffwpwgsu Rental Blackstones_Invitation_Homes_ Rental Invitation Rental Starwood Rental Waypoint Rental Homes Rental US Rental planning Rental merge Rental 82 Rental across Rental dozen Rental markets Rental improve Rental business Rental cost Rental structure Rental own Rental 59 Rental combined Rental company Rental operate Rental rest Rental prices Rental rising Rental many Rental making Rental affordable Rental hard Rental find Rental deals Rental scarce Rental growth Rental come Rental Consolidation Rental Reducing Rental operating Rental costs Rental Increasing Rental share Rental rents Rental consilidation Rental started Rental four Rental years Rental small

Tenants California Tenants Take Rent Control Fight to the Ballot Box - Economic situation /Tenants California Tenants Take Rent Control Fight to the Ballot Box
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2018_NYT_California_Tenants_Take Oct 2018 NYT California Tenants Take Tenants Conor Tenants Dougherty Tenants reports Tenants pulpits Tenants across Tenants Los Tenants Angeles Tenants Pastor Tenants Kelvin Tenants Sauls Tenants spent Tenants past Tenants few Tenants months Tenants delivering Tenants sermons Tenants spiritual Tenants benefits Tenants fasting Tenants food Tenants rent Tenants landlords Tenants My Tenants role Tenants bring Tenants moral Tenants perspective Tenants dealing Tenants around Tenants housing Tenants crisis Tenants explained Tenants supports Tenants Proposition Tenants 10 Tenants California Tenants state Tenants 2018 Tenants ballot Tenants initiative Tenants repeal Tenants Costa Tenants Hawkins Tenants funded Tenants demodwbp Tenants awffwpwgsu Tenants AIDS_Healthcare_Foundation_ Tenants leverages Tenants lack Tenants affordable Tenants contributing Tenants increasing Tenants rents Tenants evictions Tenants homelessness Tenants commutes Tenants overcrowding Tenants debt Tenants Proponents Tenants prop Tenants note Tenants association Tenants between Tenants President Tenants Trump Tenants Stephen Tenants Schwarzman Tenants CEO Tenants Blackstone Tenants private equity Tenants giant Tenants huge Tenants US Tenants owning Tenants 40 Tenants Blackstones_Invitation_Homes_ Tenants Invitation Tenants Europe Tenants Opponents Tenants include Tenants builders Tenants building Tenants unions Tenants economists Tenants Stanford Tenants Rebecca Tenants Diamond Tenants found Tenants control Tenants laws Tenants slow Tenants displacement Tenants accelerate Tenants gentrification Tenants Economists Tenants prefer Tenants tax Tenants credits Tenants would Tenants take Tenants revenue Tenants budget

Mac Provider - Economic situation /Mac Provider
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2018_NYT_Freddie_Mac_Examines_Loan Apr 2018 NYT Freddie Mac Examines Loan Mac Matthew Mac Goldstein Mac reports Mac Freddie Mac huge Mac government Mac housing Mac finance Mac company Mac reviewing Mac whether Mac inadvertently Mac lent Mac support Mac specializes Mac type ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Rent-to-own Mac rent Mac own Mac program Mac critics Mac call Mac predatory Mac pilot Mac develop Mac market Mac affordable Mac single Mac family Mac rental Mac homes Mac More Mac 2000 Mac multiple Mac states Mac financed Mac enable Mac renting Mac But Mac lawsuit Mac advocacy Mac group Mac Fair Mac Housing Mac Center Mac Central Mac Indiana Mac asserts Mac demodwbp Mac awffwpwgsu Mac Casas_Baratas_Aqui_ Mac Baratas Mac selling Mac rundown Mac using Mac offers Mac 13 Mac million Mac Such Mac purchase Mac prohibited Mac loan Mac 161 Mac bond Mac issued Mac CoreVest Mac Finance Mac guaranteed Mac against Mac defaults

Profiteers NYT How Profiteers Lure Women Into Often-Unneeded Surgery - Economic situation /Profiteers NYT How Profiteers Lure Women Into Often-Unneeded Surgery
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2018_NYT_How_Profiteers_Lure_Women Apr 2018 NYT How Profiteers Lure Women Profiteers Matthew Profiteers Goldstein Profiteers Jessica Profiteers Silver Profiteers Greenberg Profiteers report Profiteers Jerri Profiteers Plimmer Profiteers home Profiteers Arkansas Profiteers watching Profiteers television Profiteers her Profiteers three Profiteers children Profiteers stranger Profiteers warn Profiteers life Profiteers danger Profiteers call Profiteers marketer Profiteers behalf Profiteers network Profiteers finance Profiteers legal Profiteers medical Profiteers marketing Profiteers sales Profiteers organizations Profiteers developing Profiteers Mass Profiteers Torts Profiteers targeting Profiteers device Profiteers makers Profiteers Boston Profiteers Scientific ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Johnson__Johnson Profiteers capture Profiteers awards Profiteers personal Profiteers injury Profiteers Millions Profiteers women Profiteers implants Profiteers deployed Profiteers treat Profiteers pelvic Profiteers prolapse Profiteers Now Profiteers tens Profiteers thousands Profiteers say Profiteers harmed Profiteers devices Profiteers There Profiteers 100 Profiteers 000 Profiteers plaintiffs ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Profiteers US Profiteers alone Profiteers Sliver Profiteers explain Profiteers identified Profiteers court Profiteers rewards Profiteers higher Profiteers patients ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Pelvic_mesh_implants Profiteers mesh Profiteers removed Profiteers Some Profiteers people Profiteers struggling Profiteers problem Profiteers encouraged Profiteers seems Profiteers likely Profiteers themselves Profiteers answering Profiteers advertisements Profiteers However Profiteers others Profiteers appear Profiteers connected Profiteers only Profiteers doctors Profiteers attended Profiteers assisted Profiteers process Profiteers deciding Profiteers surgery Profiteers making Profiteers payment Profiteers dependent Profiteers winning Profiteers law Profiteers suit Profiteers Hotels Profiteers nurses Profiteers surgical Profiteers centers Profiteers allocated Profiteers flown Profiteers funding Profiteers surgeries Profiteers provided Profiteers loan Profiteers companies Profiteers Law Profiteers Cash Profiteers Banyan Profiteers Finance Profiteers Medstar Profiteers Funding Profiteers obtained Profiteers private equity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Profiteers hedge Profiteers funds ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#EJF_Capital_ Profiteers EJF Profiteers demodwbp Profiteers awffwpwgsu Profiteers Melody_Capital_Partners_ Profiteers Partners Profiteers banks Profiteers DZ Profiteers Bank Profiteers keen Profiteers leverage Profiteers capital Profiteers whole Profiteers opportunity Profiteers promoted Profiteers developed Profiteers conferences Profiteers Made Profiteers Perfect Profiteers Coordination Profiteers evolved Profiteers lifier Profiteers performed Profiteers Surgical Profiteers Assistance Profiteers firms Profiteers specializing Profiteers malpractice Profiteers litigation Profiteers Alpha Profiteers McSweeney Profiteers Langevin Profiteers pursue Profiteers manufacturers Profiteers setup Profiteers contracts

Funds NYT Hedge Funds Look to Profit From Personal-Injury Suits - Economic situation /Funds NYT Hedge Funds Look to Profit From Personal-Injury Suits
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2018_NYT_Hedge_Funds_Look_to_Profit Jun 2018 NYT Hedge Funds Look to Profit Funds Matthew Funds Goldstein Funds Jessica Funds Silver Funds Greenberg Funds report Funds hedge Funds funds Funds private equity Funds firms Funds deepening Funds involvement Funds big Funds ticket Funds personal Funds injury Funds lawsuits Funds against Funds drug Funds companies Funds medical Funds device Funds manufacturers Funds Law Funds issue Funds mass Funds torts Funds plaintiffs Funds involved Funds cases Funds obtaining Funds funding Funds investment Funds loans Funds annual Funds interest Funds charges Funds up Funds 18 Funds banks Funds pulled Funds back Funds market Funds performance Funds tied Funds overall Funds economy Funds stock ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#EJF_Capital_ Funds 2018 Funds EJF Funds began Funds raising Funds money Funds third Funds vehicle Funds 300 Funds million Funds lending Funds lawyers Funds bringing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fortress_Investment_Group_ Funds Fortress ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pravati_Capital_ Funds Pravati Funds Capital ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Virage_Capital_Management_ Funds Virage Funds funded Funds operations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fir_Tree_Partners_ Funds Fir Funds Tree Funds Partners Funds board Funds member Funds works Funds Deer Funds Finance Funds focusing Funds consumer Funds focused Funds recent Funds potentially Funds highly Funds profitable Funds lenders Funds worth Funds 10 Funds billion Funds growing Funds Previously Funds litigation Funds finance Funds complex Funds commercial Funds Hedge Funds aiming Funds help Funds purchase Funds Mass Funds Girardi Funds Keese Funds argue Funds necessary Funds compete Funds health Funds care Funds unlimited Funds budgets Funds Federal Funds prosecutors Funds investigating Funds aggressive Funds practices Funds occurring Funds luring Funds women Funds having Funds surgery Funds demodwbp Funds awffwpwbeco13 Funds Apr_2018_NYT_How_Profiteers_Lure_Women Funds New York Funds State Funds makers Funds developing Funds legislation Funds cap Funds rates Funds Jim Funds Terlizzi Funds CEO Funds DRB Funds owned Funds Blackstone Funds Group Funds settlement Funds advances Funds individuals Funds meet Funds pressing Funds financial Funds wherewithal Funds pursue Funds often Funds powerful Funds interests

Hits NYT Private Equity Hits Close to Home - Economic situation /Hits NYT Private Equity Hits Close to Home
awffwpwbeco13.htm#2016_Jun_NYT_Private_Equity_Hits_Close 2016 Jun NYT Private Equity Hits Close Hits Mathew Hits Goldstein Hits Rachel Hits Abrams Hits Ben Hits Protess Hits report Hits private equity Hits owned Hits mortgage Hits companies Hits repeat Hits mistakes Hits banks Hits made Hits Millions Hits people Hits lost Hits homes Hits after Hits 2008 Hits financial Hits crisis Hits demodwbp Hits awffwpwbeco13 Hits Jun_2016_NYT_Time_Doesnt_Heal_Wounds_Of Hits Private equity Hits firms Hits sold Hits tens Hits thousands Hits discounted Hits mortgages Hits federal Hits government Hits few Hits constraints Hits Post Hits rising Hits importance Hits equity Hits housing Hits market Hits highly Hits significant Hits transformation Hits rebuilding Hits selected Hits areas Hits economy Hits 2012 Hits collapse Hits dozen Hits face Hits little Hits oversight Hits cleanup Hits operation Hits post ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Lone_Star_Funds_ Hits Lone Hits Star Hits Funds Hits awffwpwgsu Hits Caliber_Home_Loans Hits Home Hits largest Hits buyers Hits delinquent Hits aggressively Hits pushed Hits homeowners Hits toward Hits foreclosure Hits interviews Hits analysis Hits data Hits freedom Hits information Hits requests Hits indicated Hits assert Hits avoided Hits modification Hits program Hits asserts Hits type Hits loan Hits offered Hits five Hits year Hits deal Hits during Hits borrower Hits either Hits reduced Hits monthly Hits payments Hits simply Hits paid Hits interest Hits But Hits modifications Hits revert Hits original Hits terms Hits sixth Hits sometimes Hits deferred Hits unpaid Hits principal Hits added Hits back Hits end ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Hits Blackstone Hits Blackstones_Bayview_Assett_Management_ Hits Bayview ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fortress_Investment_Group_ Hits Fortress Hits Investment Hits NationStar_Mortgage_ Hits Nationstar Hits fourth Hits collector Hits bills Hits repeatedly Hits Lost Hits files Hits Failed Hits detect Hits errors Hits documents Hits placed Hits borrowers Hits risk Hits servicing Hits abuse Hits found Hits Rental Hits bifurcated Hits like Hits Blackstones_Invitation_Homes_ Hits Invitation

Payoff NYT Big Payoff After Blackstone Courted a Saudi Prince - Economic situation /Payoff NYT Big Payoff After Blackstone Courted a Saudi Prince
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2017_NYT_Big_Payoff_After_Blackstone May 2017 NYT Big Payoff After Blackstone Payoff Kate Payoff Kelly Payoff Landon Payoff Thomas Payoff Jr Payoff report Payoff little Payoff year Payoff ago ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Payoff private equity Payoff titan Payoff Stephen Payoff Schwarzman Payoff sat Payoff down Payoff Mohammed Payoff bin Payoff Salman Payoff deputy Payoff crown Payoff prince Payoff Saudi Payoff Arabia Payoff chairman Payoff kingdom ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Wealth Payoff largest Payoff sovereign Payoff wealth Payoff fund Payoff hopes Payoff expanding Payoff relationship ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Payoff Blackstone Payoff Group Payoff already Payoff Public Payoff Investment Payoff Fund Payoff client Payoff proposed Payoff investment Payoff tunnels Payoff bridges Payoff airports Payoff infrastructure ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Payoff US Payoff Infrastructure Payoff investments Payoff typically Payoff generate Payoff steady Payoff returns Payoff 10 Payoff attractive Payoff pension Payoff insurance Payoff company Payoff portfolio Payoff managers Payoff see Payoff needing Payoff refresh Payoff assets Payoff Subsequently Payoff increased Payoff centralization ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leadership Payoff leader Payoff Business Payoff advisors Payoff President Payoff Trump Payoff met Payoff Riyadh Payoff announced Payoff while Payoff aligns Payoff trillion Payoff proposal Payoff resulted Payoff 20 Payoff billion Payoff commitment Payoff Saudis Payoff plans Payoff double Payoff size ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Payoff James Payoff said Payoff No Payoff catagories Payoff regions Payoff world Payoff different Payoff classes Payoff think Payoff opportunity Payoff establish Payoff overnight Payoff leadership Payoff position Payoff note Payoff find Payoff strategic Payoff thrust Payoff challenged Payoff Low Payoff interest Payoff rates Payoff pulled Payoff many Payoff funds Payoff investing Payoff raised Payoff 376 Payoff Many Payoff focused Payoff area Payoff captured Payoff permits Payoff after Payoff years Payoff waiting Payoff demodwbp Payoff awffwpwgsu Payoff Global_Infrastructure_Partners Payoff niche Payoff buying Payoff selling Payoff pipelines Payoff sector Payoff nascent Payoff compared Payoff Canada Payoff Australia Payoff Depending Payoff strategy Payoff operational Payoff require Payoff results Payoff Ogunlesi Payoff commented Payoff If Payoff anything Payoff encouraging Payoff about Payoff direction Payoff administration Payoff want Payoff streamline Payoff regulatory Payoff approval Payoff process Payoff necessary Payoff don Payoff concerned Payoff environment Payoff dependence Payoff investor Payoff unusual Payoff mean Payoff freedom Payoff normal Payoff Will Payoff domestic Payoff projects Payoff sponsors Payoff OK Payoff money Payoff flowing Payoff back ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Payoff Began Payoff 2008 Payoff hired Payoff Macquarie Payoff Bank Payoff executives Payoff financial Payoff crisis Payoff hit Payoff inhibiting Payoff investors Payoff capitalizing Payoff 2011 Payoff recently Payoff specialists Payoff left Payoff Stonepeak_Infrastructure_Partners Payoff without Payoff dedicated Payoff 2017 Payoff named Payoff Sean Payoff KLiczak Payoff group Payoff goal Payoff generating Payoff 100 Payoff spending Payoff capability Payoff Schools Payoff Hospitals Payoff Highways Payoff based Payoff potential

Private How Private Equity Firms Quietly Cash In on Political Capital - Economic situation /Private How Private Equity Firms Quietly Cash In on Political Capital
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2016_NYT_How_Private_Equity_Firms Jul 2016 NYT How Private Equity Firms Private Ben Private Protess Private Jessica Private Silver Private Greenberg Private Rachel Private Abrums Private report Private inside Private cramped Private committee Private room Private cactus Private dotted Private campus Private Arizona Private Capitol Private Kelsey Private Lundy Private stepped Private podium Private detail ../demodwbp/awffwpwbpol13.htm#Legislation Private legislation Private higher Private costs Private would Private impose Private struggling Private borrowers Private lobbyist Private demodwbp Private awffwpwgsu Private Springleaf_Financial_Services Private largest Private subprime Private loan Private providers Private owned Private private equity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fortress_Investment_Group Private giant Private Fortress Private Investment Private Group Private written Private state Private legislators Private passed Private bill Private became Private law Private 2014 Private making Private easier Private charge Private interest Private 36 Private percent Private prime Private strategy Private loosen Private consumer Private protection Private laws Private Texas Private supported Private lawmakers Private allowed Private administrative Private fees Private Indiana Private permitted Private maximum Private allowable Private rate Private far Private more Private loans Private previously Private pushed Private bundle Private insurance Private policies Private reported Private instances Private where Private inflating Private assets Private applicants Private Similarly Private companies Private Florida Private freight Private rail Private company Private developing Private billion Private Miami Private Orlando Private speed Private passenger Private Aboard Private share Private same Private tracks Private owns Private land Private around Private rental Private housing Private If Private development Private proves Private successful Private used Private template Private infrastructure Private investments Private viable Private Governor Private Rick Private Scott Private rejected Private 4 Private federal Private stimulus Private money Private between Private Tampa Private 2011 Private saying Private made Private tax Private payers Private liable Private losses Private aide Private Adam Private Hollingsworth Private worked Private rejection Private later Private went Private sister Private coordinated Private Susan Private Wiles Private former Private campaign Private manager Private helped Private meetings Private founder Private Wes Private Edens Private hopes Private exempt Private bonds Private Development Private Finance Private Corporation Private authorized Private nonprofit Private operates Private golf Private courses Private good Private reputation Private many Private municipalities Private developed Private partnership Private Newcastle Private American Private Golf Private And Private acts Private deal Private broker Private partnering

Sales NYT Loan Sales in Future Will Address Foreclosure - Economic situation /Sales NYT Loan Sales in Future Will Address Foreclosure
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2016_NYT_Loan_Sales_in_Future_Will Jul 2016 NYT Loan Sales in Future Will Sales Matthew Sales Goldstein Sales reports Sales federal Sales program Sales sold Sales more Sales 100 Sales soured Sales mortgages Sales private Sales investors Sales discounted Sales prices Sales demodwbp Sales awffwpwbeco13 Sales 2016_Jun_NYT_Private_Equity_Hits_Close Sales getting Sales major Sales overhaul ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HUD Sales HUD Sales officials Sales announced Sales changes Sales after Sales months Sales criticism Sales loan Sales owners Sales enough Sales keep Sales homeowners Sales foreclosure Sales HUDs Sales rules Sales Private Sales investment Sales firms Sales buying Sales delinquent Sales would Sales consider Sales reducing Sales total Sales amount Sales money Sales owed Sales potential Sales modification Sales make Sales affordable Sales Make Sales difficult Sales buyers Sales offer Sales low Sales teaser Sales rates Sales increase Sales number Sales years Sales easier Sales nonprofit Sales community Sales groups Sales loans Sales creating Sales smaller Sales pools Sales cheaper Sales bid Sales simplify Sales process Sales governments Sales distressed Sales setting Sales goal Sales selling Sales percent Sales either Sales organizations Sales agencies Sales Buyers Sales barred Sales abandoning Sales hard Sales homes Sales poorer Sales neighborhoods Sales foreclosing Sales apply Sales 105 Sales 000 Sales already Sales sales Sales reduce Sales cost Sales guaranteeing Sales against Sales default Sales longer Sales covered Sales Federal Sales Housing Sales Administration Sales insurance Sales fund

the of the ratings agencies in sub-prime system - Economic situation /the of the ratings agencies in sub-prime system
awffwpwbeco13.htm#2007_Jul_The_role_of_the_ratings 2007 Jul The role of the ratings Credit ratings agencies play more important role debt markets stock analysts regard equities Regulators require banks insurance companies pension managers purchase only high quality judged Ratings active structured finance system original models used rate collateralized obligations created close cooperation between investment designed securities Fitch Moody S P actively advise issuers achieve desired appear helping hedge funds whom fiduciary investors develop worst possible product would certain While small number non financial AAA 90 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CDO CDO rated benefit partnership rapid growth But wonder demodwbp awffwpwbeco13 2007_Jul_Countrywide_Financial_see_debt corporations claim obligated verify information conduct investigations review take action obtain provided puts code stated reason call question accuracy initial data concern gained revenue items hence reducing bar

Surprise NYT A Sour Surprise for Public Pensions - Economic situation /Surprise NYT A Sour Surprise for Public Pensions
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2016_NYT_A_Sour_Surprise_for_Public Sep 2016 NYT A Sour Surprise for Public Surprise Mary Surprise Williams Surprise Walsh Surprise reports Surprise tiniest Surprise pension Surprise funds Surprise imaginable Surprise Citrus Surprise Pest Surprise Control Surprise District Surprise No Surprise 2 Surprise serving Surprise just Surprise six Surprise people Surprise California Surprise decided Surprise last Surprise year Surprise convert Surprise itself Surprise 401 Surprise plan Surprise seemed Surprise like Surprise no Surprise brainer Surprise currently Surprise managed Surprise CalPERS Surprise received Surprise indicated Surprise held Surprise more Surprise money Surprise needed Surprise pay Surprise pensions Surprise But Surprise performed Surprise transfer Surprise demanded Surprise payment Surprise half Surprise million Surprise dollars Surprise Calpers Surprise interim Surprise based Surprise actuarial Surprise books Surprise typically Surprise used Surprise help Surprise employers Surprise stable Surprise annual Surprise budgets Surprise reflect Surprise market Surprise value Surprise reflecting Surprise values Surprise assets Surprise liabilities Surprise earned Surprise full Surprise cost Surprise today Surprise providing Surprise steady Surprise guaranteed Surprise income Surprise life Surprise Even Surprise valuations Surprise costs Surprise owed Surprise governments Surprise pensioners Surprise growing Surprise US Surprise populations Surprise aging Surprise public Surprise workers Surprise retire Surprise doubt Surprise afford Surprise plans Surprise asked Surprise exit Surprise leave Surprise calculates Surprise point Surprise bills Surprise gap Surprise funding Surprise way Surprise going Surprise back Surprise later Surprise asking Surprise keeps Surprise separate Surprise termination Surprise pool Surprise hidden Surprise underfunding Surprise Retired Surprise taxpayers Surprise municipal Surprise bond Surprise buyers Surprise exposed Surprise risk Surprise aware Surprise Amy Surprise Morgan Surprise noted Surprise exist Surprise make Surprise exists Surprise fully Surprise benefits Surprise promised Surprise members Surprise law Surprise required Surprise complete Surprise evaluation Surprise after Surprise date Surprise passed Surprise recover Surprise ensure Surprise retirees Surprise would Surprise paid Surprise available Surprise published Surprise Stanford Surprise Institute Surprise Economic Surprise Policy Surprise Research Surprise web Surprise site Surprise numbers Surprise unknown Surprise 49 Surprise states Surprise Society Surprise Actuaries Surprise 2003 Surprise meeting Surprise discuss Surprise Great Surprise Controversy Surprise arguing Surprise allowing Surprise systemic Surprise train Surprise wreck Surprise baby Surprise boomers Surprise retired Surprise explained Surprise problem Surprise affected Surprise 3 Surprise 7 Surprise trillion Surprise rating Surprise take Surprise account Surprise strength Surprise weakness Surprise assume Surprise discounting Surprise rates Surprise Treasury Surprise 5 Surprise evaluations Surprise hence Surprise misleading Surprise investors Surprise bonds Surprise future Surprise payments Surprise discounted Surprise todays Surprise using Surprise returns Surprise around Surprise target Surprise contributions Surprise reduce Surprise yearly Surprise match Surprise hiding Surprise compounding Surprise shortfalls

Town Small Town Reals Under Pension Debt - Economic situation /Town Small Town Reals Under Pension Debt
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Small_Town_Reals_Under Oct 2016 NYT Small Town Reals Under Town Mary Town Williams Town Walsh Town reports Town until Town certified Town letters Town Sacramento Town started Town coming Town last Town month Town Layalton Town Calif Town just Town another Town hole Town wall Town fading Town town Town 700 Town made Town news Town gold Town rush Town 1849 Town lifeblood Town sawmill Town closed Town 2001 Town wiping Town jobs Town paychecks Town about Town reason Town outsider Town might Town giving Town Loyalton Town second Town glance Town four Town pensioners Town retired Town population Town base Town economy Town collapsing Town council Town decided Town CalPERS Town administered Town obligations Town But Town analysis Town used Town actuarial Town estimation Town funding Town demodwbp Town awffwpwbeco13 Town Sep_2016_NYT_A_Sour_Surprise_for_Public Town After Town dropping Town 2012 Town pensions Town calculated Town market Town value Town needed Town fully Town sent Town bill Town 6 Town million Town paid Town Legally Town pursue Town city Town final Town demands Town Accrue Town interest Town unpaid Town bills Town Pay Town board Town meet Town November Town 2016 Town find Town default Town cut Town payments Town 50 Town California Town state Town government Town backstop Town small Town towns Town Wayne Town Davis Town explains Town State Town responsible Town public Town agency Town unfunded Town liabilities Town And Town forgive Town would Town similar Town treatment Town 290 Town billion Town assets Town protect Town committed Town cities Town contracted Town commitments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bankruptcy Town Already Town Stockton Town bankruptcy Town resulted Town Judge Town Christopher Town Klien Town concluding Town right Town break Town switch Town cheaper Town plan Town without Town abrogating Town labor Town contracts Town stayed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Fear Town fear Town able Town health Town care Town reduced

a Dallas, a Hive of Growth, Flirts With Bankruptcy - Economic situation /a Dallas, a Hive of Growth, Flirts With Bankruptcy
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_Dallas_a_Hive_of_Growth Nov 2016 NYT Dallas a Hive of Growth Dallas, Mary Dallas, Williams Dallas, Walsh Dallas, reports Dallas, picture Dallas, next Dallas, major Dallas, American Dallas, city ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bankruptcy Dallas, bankrupt Dallas, springs Dallas, mind Dallas, Probably Dallas, swagger Dallas, sprawl Dallas, Dallas Dallas, Michael Dallas, Rawlings Dallas, told Dallas, state Dallas, oversight Dallas, board Dallas, heading Dallas, bankruptcy Dallas, accepts Dallas, fast Dallas, growth Dallas, population Dallas, extensive Dallas, building Dallas, But Dallas, public Dallas, pensions Dallas, fund Dallas, police Dallas, firefighters Dallas, requires Dallas, huge Dallas, bailout Dallas, And Dallas, after Dallas, recommendation Dallas, retirees Dallas, no Dallas, longer Dallas, allowed Dallas, withdraw Dallas, large Dallas, amounts Dallas, money Dallas, pulled Dallas, 220 Dallas, million Dallas, Police Dallas, Fire Dallas, Pension Dallas, System Dallas, asked Dallas, infusion Dallas, 1 Dallas, billion Dallas, Even Dallas, fully Dallas, system Dallas, funding Dallas, gap Dallas, 7 Dallas, Moody Dallas, reported Dallas, struggling Dallas, more Dallas, debt Dallas, relative Dallas, resources Dallas, except Dallas, Chicago Dallas, looking Dallas, alternatives Dallas, Raising Dallas, property Dallas, taxes Dallas, capped Dallas, Borrowing Dallas, borrowing Dallas, capacity Dallas, limited Dallas, Delaying Dallas, works Dallas, Taking Dallas, back Dallas, would Dallas, lawsuits Dallas, controlled Dallas, lawmakers Dallas, Austin Dallas, Democratic Dallas, worried Dallas, pushed Dallas, convert Dallas, 401 Dallas, defined Dallas, contribution Dallas, plan Dallas, explains Dallas, problem Dallas, caused Dallas, 1993 Dallas, improved Dallas, adding Dallas, individual Dallas, savings Dallas, accounts Dallas, paying Dallas, 8 Dallas, 5 Dallas, interest Dallas, year Dallas, workers Dallas, reached Dallas, retirement Dallas, age Dallas, 50 Dallas, made Dallas, change Dallas, appear Dallas, cost Dallas, neutral Dallas, fixing Dallas, annual Dallas, contributions Dallas, 36 Dallas, payroll Dallas, comply Dallas, rules Dallas, Review Dallas, Board Dallas, Since Dallas, failed Dallas, investments Dallas, 9 Dallas, hoped Dallas, growing Dallas, financing Dallas, appears Dallas, trustees Dallas, used Dallas, goals Dallas, justify Dallas, investing Dallas, exotic Dallas, land Dallas, deals Dallas, frequent Dallas, site Dallas, inspections Dallas, administrators Dallas, Still Dallas, hurt Dallas, Museum Dallas, Tower Dallas, luxury Dallas, condominium Dallas, high Dallas, rise Dallas, decided Dallas, take Dallas, 200 Dallas, development Dallas, When Dallas, audit Dallas, carried Dallas, showed Dallas, significantly Dallas, valued Dallas, assets Dallas, failing Dallas, return

Ricans - Economic situation /Ricans
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2015_NYT_Puerto_Ricans_Brace_for Aug 2015 NYT Puerto Ricans Brace for Ricans There Ricans steady Ricans stream Ricans doctors Ricans leaving Ricans Puerto Rico Ricans More Ricans 3 Ricans 000 Ricans left Ricans five Ricans years Ricans better Ricans paying Ricans US Ricans mainland Ricans jobs Ricans Now Ricans faces Ricans heavy Ricans ACA Ricans driven Ricans cuts Ricans VI Ricans IX Ricans Medicare Ricans 11 Ricans percent ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare_Advantage Ricans Advantage Ricans three Ricans quarters Ricans Medicaid Ricans My Ricans Health Ricans programs Ricans struggles Ricans shortage Ricans funds Ricans Cuts Ricans higher Ricans copays Ricans medication Ricans hospitalization Ricans among Ricans highest Ricans rates Ricans diabetes Ricans asthma Ricans United Ricans States Ricans 60 Ricans residents Ricans receive Ricans poor Ricans aging Ricans population Ricans But Ricans Federal Ricans funding Ricans states Ricans contributing Ricans 25 Ricans billion Ricans 73 Ricans debt Ricans burden Ricans Congress Ricans placed Ricans cap Ricans Medical Ricans payments Ricans territories Ricans 1968 Ricans So Ricans using Ricans finance Ricans share Ricans For Ricans means Ricans gets Ricans 373 Ricans million Ricans federal Ricans government Ricans picks Ricans up Ricans rest Ricans 5 Ricans reimbursements Ricans 40 Ricans lower Ricans allowed Ricans use Ricans Healthcare Ricans chose Ricans provide Ricans own Ricans exchange ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Managed_care Ricans Managed Ricans care Ricans companies Ricans dropped Ricans several Ricans hundred Ricans cope Ricans reductions

Americas - Economic situation /Americas
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2015_NYT_Krugman_Americas_Un-Greek Aug 2015 NYT Krugman Americas Un-Greek Americas exodus Americas key Americas workers Americas demodwbp Americas awffwpwbeco13 Americas Dec_2015_NYT_Pfizers_Long_War_on Americas Aug_2015_NYT_Puerto_Rico_Fails_to_Pay Americas increasing Americas potential Americas death Americas spiral Americas scenario Americas comments Americas Paul Americas Krugman Americas editorial Americas But Americas far Americas human Americas consequences Americas economic Americas problems Americas limited Americas Consumption Americas risen Americas Puerto Rico Americas Receipts Americas federal Americas government Americas social Americas security Americas Medicare Americas Medicaid Americas etc Americas actually Americas rose Americas after Americas 2008 Americas Still Americas cautions Americas integrated Americas US Americas budget Americas struggle Americas cope Americas 73 Americas billion Americas debt Americas giving Americas hedge Americas funds Americas scooped Americas up Americas full Americas payment Americas destroy Americas Rico Americas education Americas system

Rico - Economic situation /Rico
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2015_NYT_Puerto_Rico_Fails_to_Pay Aug 2015 NYT Puerto Rico Fails to Pay Rico Puerto Rico approprate Rico 58 Rico million Rico funding Rico payments Rico municipal Rico bond Rico market Rico moral Rico obligation Rico bonds Rico used ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Development Rico Government Rico Development Rico Bank Rico school Rico construction Rico infrastructure Rico development Rico demodwbp Rico awffwpwbeco13 Rico Oct_2015_NYT_A_Chilly_Reception Rico trying Rico influence Rico US Rico Congress Rico provide Rico So Rico far Rico down Rico 10 Rico value Rico 2015 Rico Default Rico constrains Rico buyers Rico end Rico up Rico no Rico access Rico And Rico financial Rico institutions Rico holding Rico debt Rico able Rico unwind Rico positions Rico without Rico realized Rico losses

Reception Chilly Reception - Economic situation /Reception Chilly Reception
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_A_Chilly_Reception Oct 2015 NYT A Chilly Reception Reception Mary Reception Williams Reception Walsh Reception reports Reception Treasury Reception Department Reception presented Reception plan Reception Senate Reception Energy Reception Natural Reception Affairs Reception Committee Reception Senator Reception Elizabeth Reception Warren Reception said Reception while Reception she Reception would Reception fight Reception debt Reception restructuring Reception framework Reception Puerto Rico Reception found Reception proposal Reception unimpressive Reception committee Reception critical Reception officials Reception Governor Reception Alejandro Reception Garcia Reception Padilla Reception Government Reception development Reception bank Reception president Reception Melba Reception Acosta Reception Febo Reception providing Reception confusing Reception date Reception numbers Reception failed Reception detail Reception balance Reception sheet Reception accepted Reception major Reception default Reception possible Reception people Reception suffering Reception Some Reception island Reception creditors Reception insisting Reception islands Reception finances Reception dire Reception predictions Reception collapse Reception blown Reception 300 Reception million Reception servicing Reception payment Reception 1 Reception 2015 Reception rescue Reception expand Reception federal Reception support Reception Medicaid Reception health Reception care Reception extend Reception certain Reception tax Reception credits Reception cover Reception Medical Reception payments Reception demodwbp Reception awffwpwbeco13 Reception Aug_2015_NYT_Puerto_Ricans_Brace_for Reception currently Reception Health Reception makes Reception up Reception Rican Reception economy Reception transfers Reception free Reception money Reception repaying Reception debts Reception Antonio Reception Weiss Reception counselor Reception led Reception drafting Reception absolutely Reception case Reception investment Reception reporting Reception systems Reception administration Reception calls Reception better Reception I Reception infrastructure Reception Senators Reception argued Reception taken Reception US Reception budget Reception wanted Reception understand Reception spending Reception Mr Reception fully Reception open Reception worried Reception pushing Reception outside Reception auditors Reception move Reception faster Reception mistakes Reception hedge Reception funds Reception spent Reception millions Reception lobbying Reception Congress Reception disinformation Reception clarity Reception situation Reception placed Reception bets Reception against Reception success Reception Vulture Reception buying Reception little Reception dollar Reception securities Reception yielding Reception 11 Reception percent Reception asking Reception issued Reception unlawfully Reception aware Reception Detroit Reception bankruptcy Reception accelerated Reception Judge Reception Steven Reception Rhodes Reception asked Reception about Reception validity Reception 2005 Reception pension Reception obligation Reception bonds Reception city Reception filed Reception lawsuit Reception started Reception forward Reception Ms Reception negotiations Reception necessary Reception access Reception include Reception Certain Reception secured Reception very Reception powerful Reception pledges Reception Slowing Reception down Reception schedule Reception using Reception restore Reception sustainable Reception growth Reception five Reception years Reception allow Reception setup

Signal Debt - Economic situation /Signal Debt
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2015_NYT_Creditors_Signal_Potential Nov 2015 NYT Creditors Signal Potential Signal Michael Signal Corkery Signal reports Signal half Signal dozen Signal influential Signal hedge Signal fund Signal based Signal creditors Signal general Signal obligation Signal bonds Signal signalling Signal support Signal broad Signal outline Signal government Signal proposal Signal overhaul Signal island Signal demodwbp Signal awffwpwbeco13 Signal Aug_2015_NYT_Krugman_Americas_Un Signal Greek Signal crushing Signal funds Signal include Signal awffwpwgsu Signal Monarch_Alternative_Capital_ Signal Capital Signal Fundamental_Credit_Opportunities_ Signal Autonomy Signal Jim Signal Millstein Signal presented Signal exchange Signal existing Signal superbond Signal would Signal burdensome Signal Puerto Signal Rico Signal viewed Signal constructive Signal first Signal step Signal give Signal holders Signal highest Signal priority Signal Many Signal agree Signal bondholder Signal discussions Signal likely Signal affect Signal Oct_2015_NYT_A_Chilly_Reception Signal Washington

of NYT Message of Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: Easy Bets Sometimes Lose - Economic situation /of NYT Message of Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: Easy Bets Sometimes Lose
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2017_NYT_Message_of_Puerto_Rico_Debt May 2017 NYT Message of Puerto Rico Debt Michael Corkery Mary Walsh Williams report Wall ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund Street savviest hedge funds piled Puerto Rico debt 2014 seemed like easy bet Buy up island bonds discount pocket high interest persuade politicians make decisions would raise value investments ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Hedge_fund strategy leverages fact insolvent nations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IMF bailed IMF before collapse completely But qualify loans assumed economy collapsed government unraveled legal barring states commonwealths declaring bankruptcy Roco essentially filed federal ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PROMESA court based PROMESA law Investors include US retirement managed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Mutual_Funds_ Mutual Fund managers Oppenheimer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Franklin_Templeton_ Franklin Templeton note holders demodwbp awffwpwgsu Aurelius_Capital_Management_ employ skilled dealmakers relentless litigators working alongside mutual Bond Fundamental_Credit_Opportunities_ FCO Hector Negroni commented oversight board failed honor constitutional protections bondholders carry duty force tighten spending actions hurting only people access markets indefinitely frozen promised Promesa wouldn change rules against creditors Here find ourselves attempted solution us exact opposite

Long Pfizer's Long War on Taxation - Economic situation /Long Pfizer's Long War on Taxation
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_Pfizers_Long_War_on Dec 2015 NYT Pfizers Long War on Long Andrew Long Ross Long Sorkin Long reports Long long Long before Long Pfizer Long conceived Long merging ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Allergan Long Allergan Long 150 Long billion Long deal Long rid Long itself Long chief Long executive Long uncompetitive Long tax Long rate Long United Long States Long company Long deploying Long various Long avoidance Long strategies Long dating Long back Long least Long 1976 Long Legislators Long Congress Long setting up Long credit Long stimulate Long Puerto Rico Long economy Long passed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IRC Long Section Long 936 Long IRC Long gave Long mainland Long companies Long full Long exemption Long profits Long earned Long eventually Long costing Long US Long 24 Long 7 Long lost Long taxes Long corporate Long code Long incentives Long establish Long subsidiaries Long setup Long subsidiary Long spent Long ten Long years Long lobbying Long keep Long GAO Long estimates Long saved Long 759 Long million Long 10 Long pharmaceutical Long industry Long up Long Rico Long But Long phased ../demodwbp/awffwpwbpol13.htm#Legislation Long starting Long 1996 Long legislation Long signed Long President Long Clinton Long left Long island Long contributing Long current Long problem Long demodwbp Long awffwpwbeco13 Long Aug_2015_NYT_Krugman_Americas_Un Long Greek

Rico NYT Puerto Rico Begins Choosing Which Payments to Make - Economic situation /Rico NYT Puerto Rico Begins Choosing Which Payments to Make
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2015_NYT_Puerto_Rico_Begins_Choosing Dec 2015 NYT Puerto Rico Begins Choosing Rico Mary Rico Williams Rico Walsh Rico reports Rico Puerto Rico avoided Rico first Rico major Rico default Rico making Rico payments Rico 354 Rico million Rico debt Rico island Rico governor Rico said Rico already Rico taken Rico steps Rico halt Rico certain Rico coming Rico 1 Rico forced Rico make Rico tradeoff Rico order Rico run Rico cash Rico ordered Rico lower Rico priority Rico paid Rico pushing Rico Congress Rico allow Rico bankruptcy Rico protection Rico Without Rico move Rico probably Rico unconstitutional Rico bonds Rico protected Rico pledge Rico full Rico faith Rico credit Rico troubles Rico increased Rico seems Rico more Rico likely Rico would Rico initiate Rico cascade Rico lawsuits Rico investors Rico strive Rico standing Rico highly Rico complicated Rico 20 Rico seperate Rico government Rico issuers Rico guarantees Rico between Rico different Rico branches Rico unresolved Rico questions Rico about Rico priorities Rico If Rico implements Rico reduce Rico interest Rico future Rico creditors

Chief NYT Treasury Chief Puts a Face on Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis - Economic situation /Chief NYT Treasury Chief Puts a Face on Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_Treasury_Chief_Puts_a_Face May 2016 NYT Treasury Chief Puts a Face Chief Jackie Chief Calmes Chief reports Chief Washington Chief remains Chief deadlocked Chief solution Chief Puerto Rico Chief rapidly Chief worsening Chief debt Chief crisis Chief Treasury Chief secretary Chief Jacob Chief Lew Chief traveled Chief here Chief Monday Chief put Chief human Chief faces Chief dry Chief numbers Chief underlying Chief island Chief woes Chief seeking Chief pressure Chief Republicans Chief Congress Chief move Chief quickly Chief rescue Chief package Chief Visited Chief struggling Chief major Chief hospital Chief Centro Chief Medico Chief school Chief Talked Chief business Chief leaders Chief officials Chief Noted Chief financial Chief just Chief question Chief bondholders Chief lives Chief led Chief three Chief half Chief million Chief Americans Chief ability Chief restructure Chief means Chief oversight Chief authority Chief government Chief work Chief structure Chief path Chief toward Chief sustainable Chief economic Chief future Chief previously Chief written Chief Paul Chief Ryan Chief warning Chief without Chief change Chief law Chief series Chief cascading Chief defaults Chief force Chief federal Chief bailout Chief Conservative Chief groups Chief legislators Chief holding Chief hedge Chief funds Chief hostile Chief passing Chief bill Chief worked Chief Recently Chief defaulted Chief 422 Chief payments Chief 2 Chief billion Chief July Chief 1st Chief 2016 Chief governments Chief mismanaged Chief finances Chief caused Chief problems Chief removing Chief access ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bankruptcy Chief bankruptcy Chief 1984 Chief Rican Chief moving Chief mainland Chief US Chief undermining Chief tax Chief base Chief And Chief many Chief doctors Chief teachers Chief professionals

of Facing Many Troubled Cities and States - Economic situation /of Facing Many Troubled Cities and States
awffwpwbeco13.htm#May_2016_NYT_A_harbinger_of_U.S._Woes_-- May 2016 NYT A harbinger of U.S. Woes -- Mary Williams Walsh reports tourists Puerto Rico means pina coladas sunbathing Ricans looks very different unemployment rate 45 percent schools hospitals closing government debt huge makes Detroit modest pay 2 billion bond holders July 1st demodwbp awffwpwbeco13 May_2016_NYT_Treasury_Chief_Puts_a_Face obvious borrowing cover up deficits accruing pension obligations workers letting public works lapse Congress expected introduce relief soon Even island issues years Many mainland residents similarly fiscally stressed Illinois New Jersey Philadelphia St Louis Jacksonville Florida San Bernardino Jose California New York City Flint Michigan East Cleveland Ohio asserts core deferred costs Generous promises made ago without matching funding coming Bonds issued past building bridges highways projects paid maintenance 85 retiree health dwindling impacting tax base repairs infrastructure submitted chapter 9 bankruptcy protection century worth opted commitments So 17 least 111 Jeferrson County filed municipal 2011 after deferring sewer system 100

Votes Senate Votes to Approve Puerto Rico Relief Bill - Economic situation /Votes Senate Votes to Approve Puerto Rico Relief Bill
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_NYT_Senate_Votes_to_Approve Jun 2016 NYT Senate Votes to Approve Votes Jackie Votes Calmes Votes reports Votes just Votes two Votes days Votes before Votes Puerto Rico Votes plans Votes default Votes large Votes debt Votes payment Votes demodwbp Votes awffwpwbeco13 Votes May_2016_NYT_A_harbinger_of_U Votes S Votes _Woes_ Votes Senate Votes passed Votes sent Votes White Votes House Votes relief Votes measure Votes help Votes financially Votes desperate Votes island Votes surmount Votes fiscal Votes crisis Votes ending Votes grueling Votes months Votes long Votes effort Votes rescue Votes commonwealth Votes President Votes Obama Votes sign Votes bill Votes designed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Treasury Votes negotiated Votes Treasury Votes secretary Votes Jacob Votes Lew Votes May_2016_NYT_Treasury_Chief_Puts_a_Face Votes majority Votes leader Votes McConnell Votes noted Votes won Votes cost Votes taxpayers Votes dime Votes restructure Votes obligations Votes provide Votes needed Votes oversight Votes put Votes place Votes reforms Votes package Votes Promesa Votes Does Votes prevent Votes missing Votes current Votes 2 Votes billion Votes But Votes retroactively Votes creditors Votes nonpayment Votes lawsuits Votes Instigates Votes control Votes board Votes four Votes Republican Votes three Votes Democratic Votes appointees Votes 72 Votes develop Votes budget Votes Board Votes members Votes Andrew Votes Biggs Votes resident Votes scholar Votes American Votes Enterprise Votes Institute Votes Carlos Votes Garcia Votes head Votes Boston Votes based Votes awffwpwgl Votes gl_Private_equity Votes private Votes firm Votes awffwpwgsu Votes Victoria_Capital_Partners_ Votes Provides Votes restructuring Votes powers Votes typically Votes only Votes available Votes bancruptcy Votes agrees Votes sets Votes lower Votes minimum Votes wage Votes young Votes workers Votes limits Votes overtime

Rico Puerto Rico Said to Face 'Death Spiral' Over Debt - Economic situation /Rico Puerto Rico Said to Face 'Death Spiral' Over Debt
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Puerto_Rico_Said_to_Face Oct 2016 NYT Puerto Rico Said to Face Rico Mary Rico Williams Rico Walsh Rico reports Rico reach Rico your Rico wallets Rico going Rico expensive Rico pull Rico America Rico largest Rico territory Rico death Rico spiral Rico Puerto Rico outgoing Rico governor Rico warned Rico island Rico federal Rico oversight Rico board Rico first Rico substantive Rico meeting Rico similar Rico framework Rico earlier Rico control Rico boards Rico used Rico New York Rico City Rico 1970s Rico except Rico case Rico Governor Rico Mr Rico Garcia Rico Padilla Rico given Rico authority Rico draft Rico 10 Rico year Rico fiscal Rico plan Rico road Rico map Rico covered Rico delivery Rico urged Rico act Rico quickly Rico argued Rico His Rico improve Rico financial Rico reporting Rico merge Rico branches Rico government Rico end Rico duplication Rico ease Rico certain Rico regulations Rico court Rico investors Rico especially Rico interested Rico financing Rico infrastructure Rico energy Rico projects Rico Current Rico efforts Rico collect Rico more Rico tax Rico revenue Rico reduce Rico spending Rico would Rico continue Rico suggested Rico doubling Rico down Rico austerity Rico You Rico soon Rico realize Rico reduction Rico implies Rico intolerable Rico effects Rico aggregate Rico demand Rico throw Rico directly Rico affect Rico creditors Rico recoveries Rico across Rico Without Rico help Rico Washington Rico up Rico total Rico accumulated Rico debt Rico 59 Rico billion Rico next Rico years Rico Federal Rico assistance Rico based Rico improved Rico Medicare Rico Medicaid Rico programs Rico measures Rico competitive Rico offshore Rico manufacturer Rico US Rico companies Rico Questions Rico Andrew Rico Biggs Rico asked Rico questions Rico about Rico where Rico cash Rico moved Rico last Rico spring Rico money Rico parked Rico commercial Rico banks Rico far Rico fallen Rico behind Rico paying Rico vendors Rico There Rico bills Rico outstanding Rico 350 Rico million Rico written Rico checks Rico sent Rico Carlos Rico questioned Rico premise Rico lacked Rico enough Rico said Rico currently Rico high Rico collections Rico service Rico Why Rico provide Rico essential Rico services Rico actions Rico review Rico decide Rico amendments Rico Board Rico members Rico know Rico decisions Rico taken Rico precidents Rico struggling Rico S Rico states Rico like Rico unfunded Rico pension Rico promises Rico rapidly Rico crowding Rico increasing Rico cost Rico borrowing Rico protected ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bankruptcy Rico bankruptcy Rico laws Rico Illinois Rico Pennsylvania Rico Jersey Rico structure Rico complex Rico stopped Rico bondholders Rico Congress Rico proscribed Rico lawsuits Rico just Rico few Rico months Rico demodwbp Rico awffwpwbeco13 Rico Jun_2016_NYT_Senate_Votes_to_Approve

Patents NYT Drug Patents Are a Hurdle for the U.S. in Trade Talks - Economic situation /Patents NYT Drug Patents Are a Hurdle for the U.S. in Trade Talks
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Patents_Are_a_Hurdel Jul 2015 NYT Drug Patents Are a Hurdel ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TPP Patents US Patents T Patents P Patents negotiators Patents finding Patents themselves Patents squeezed Patents between Patents activists Patents pressing Patents secure Patents access Patents low Patents cost Patents pharmaceuticals Patents Republicans Patents say Patents Congress Patents reject Patents deal Patents without Patents strong Patents patent Patents protections Patents drug Patents industry Patents Maui Patents talks Patents failed Patents conclude Patents agreement Patents resume Patents 2016 Patents Current Patents issues Patents include Patents Patent Patents section Patents intellectual Patents property Patents chapter Patents Japan Patents want Patents language Patents saying Patents lack Patents enforcement Patents resources Patents no Patents excuse Patents failure Patents ensure Patents compliance Patents position Patents opposed Patents New Patents Zealand Patents Vietnam Patents Mexico Patents Peru Patents Australia Patents Malaysia Patents Brunei Patents And Patents eleven Patents nations Patents propose Patents judicial Patents authorities Patents power Patents force Patents company Patents abuses Patents procedures Patents compensate Patents party Patents wrongfully Patents enjoined Patents restrained Patents case Patents lost Patents USA Patents Definition Patents car Patents truck Patents Japanese Patents vehicles Patents parts ../demodwbp/awffwpwbeco13.htm#China Patents supplied Patents China Patents Thailand Patents wants Patents only Patents 65 Patents components Patents qualify Patents lower Patents tariffs Patents Mexican Patents manufactured Patents trucks Patents would Patents threshold Patents closer Patents 50 Patents cars Patents Poultry Patents dairy Patents largest Patents exporter Patents products Patents Canada Patents barriers Patents imports Patents election Patents Rice Patents State Patents owned Patents legal Patents action Patents against Patents treatment Patents marine Patents mammals Patents bilateral Patents deals Patents 11 Patents participants Patents Chile Patents goal Patents change Patents rules Patents internationally Patents global Patents norms Patents monopoly Patents cheaper Patents companies Patents stronger Patents said Patents Judit Patents Ruis Patents Sanjuan Patents policy Patents adviser Patents demodwbp Patents awffwpwgl Patents gl_Doctors_Without_Borders Patents Doctors Patents medical Patents campaign Patents Activists ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_AIDS Patents experienced Patents AIDS Patents wars Patents generic Patents makers Patents compete Patents soon Patents drugs Patents reach Patents market Patents Senator Patents Orrin Patents Hatch Patents Utah Patents chair Patents Senate Patents Finance Patents Committee Patents warned Patents regulatory Patents data ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biologics Patents biologics Patents vital Patents securing Patents congressional Patents support Patents trade Patents developing Patents 900 Patents 3 Patents 372 Patents generate Patents 800 Patents billion Patents economy Patents year Patents collect Patents during Patents awffwpwgco Patents Hospital_clinical_trials_ Patents clinical Patents exclusive Patents protected Patents longest Patents period Patents possible Patents add Patents type Patents investments Patents clinical trial Patents industries Patents costs Patents Data Patents exclusivity Patents TPP Patents extrajudicial Patents tribunals Patents law Patents protects Patents collected Patents development Patents medicines Patents 12 Patents years Patents allowing Patents recoup Patents before Patents generics Patents Representative Patents Sander Patents Levin Patents Michigan Patents Democrat Patents easily Patents align Patents window Patents final Patents using Patents transition Patents Countries Patents windows Patents eight Patents dug Patents national Patents health Patents services Patents direct Patents Government Patents reason Patents compromise Patents countries Patents argue Patents six Patents seven Patents biosimilars Patents International Patents groups Patents arguing Patents keep Patents prices Patents high Patents drain Patents government Patents funds Patents limit Patents world Patents novel Patents arguments Patents pushing Patents mandate Patents open Patents Internet Patents antipiracy Patents Hollywood Patents use Patents streaming Patents video Patents cut Patents DVDs Patents easy Patents copy Patents obligated Patents defend Patents ACA Patents VII Patents President Patents Obama Patents bioligic Patents reduced Patents seems Patents likely Patents accept Patents team Patents trying Patents middle Patents ground Patents encourage Patents innovation Patents while Patents ensuring Patents Options Patents Transition Patents periods Patents poorer Patents alternatives Patents keeping Patents older Patents Incentives Patents mandatory Patents finance Patents remove Patents protective Patents supporting Patents unlikely Patents acceptable Patents Once Patents signed Patents assumed Patents more Patents join Patents standard

S NYT U.S. Proposes Provision On Tobacco in Trade Pact - Economic situation /S NYT U.S. Proposes Provision On Tobacco in Trade Pact
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_U.S._Proposes_Provision_On Oct 2015 NYT U.S. Proposes Provision On U.S Jackie U.S Calmes U.S Sbrina U.S Tavernise U.S report U.S United U.S States U.S proposed U.S bar U.S tobacco U.S companies U.S using U.S special U.S trade U.S tribunals U.S sue U.S threaten U.S countries U.S passed U.S antismoking U.S laws U.S hoping U.S remove U.S roadblock U.S passage U.S P U.S demodwbp U.S awffwpwbeco13 U.S Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Patents_Are_a_Hurdel U.S US U.S proposal U.S more U.S limited U.S alternatives U.S tabled U.S Australia U.S Malaysia U.S But U.S would U.S place U.S burden U.S proof U.S Previously U.S wording U.S allowed U.S company U.S challenge U.S country U.S regulations U.S arguing U.S hurt U.S expectations U.S profit U.S Senators U.S states U.S set U.S against U.S language U.S Senate U.S Finance U.S House U.S Ways U.S Means U.S committees U.S wrote U.S negotiator U.S Michael U.S Froman U.S Treasury U.S Secretary U.S Jacob U.S Lew U.S cautioned U.S hasty U.S deal U.S While U.S tentative U.S inclusion U.S discussions U.S viewed U.S major U.S victory U.S public U.S health U.S advocates U.S Tobacco U.S existing U.S international U.S agreement U.S awffwpwgl U.S gl_Investor U.S State_Dispute_Settlement U.S Investor U.S awffwpwgco U.S Chamber_campaign_to_block_antismoking U.S United_States_Chamber_of_Commerce_ U.S counter U.S developing U.S nations U.S use U.S settlement U.S arbitration U.S actions U.S widespread U.S many U.S poorer U.S abandoning U.S efforts U.S growth U.S markets U.S global U.S shrinking U.S developed U.S Philip U.S Morris U.S International U.S sued U.S Uruguay U.S under U.S ISDS U.S WHO U.S noted U.S spend U.S 50 U.S million U.S defend U.S mandate U.S plain U.S packaging U.S cigarettes U.S Namibia U.S Gabon U.S Togo U.S Uganda U.S received U.S warnings U.S industry U.S conflict U.S treaties

On NYT Negotiations On Trade Pact Are Extended - Economic situation /On NYT Negotiations On Trade Pact Are Extended
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_Negotiations_On_Trade_Pact Oct 2015 NYT Negotiations On Trade Pact ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TPP On Jackie On Calmes On reports On T On P On nation On trade On ministers On extended On negotiations On saying On close On enough On resolution On continue On complete On deal On But On differences On resolved On next On two On days On demodwbp On awffwpwbeco13 On Oct_2015_NYT_The_Pacific_Trade_Deal_ On US On Australia On wants On access On market On sell On sugar On Seven On democratic On congressmen On Senate On Agriculture On committee On consequently On wrote On Michael On Froman On arguing On against On concessions On would On harm On dairy On industries On protections On drug On industry On Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Patents_Are_a_Hurdel On put On forth On language On aims On same On weakened On final On accord On Japan On Provisions On included On phase On tariffs On between On 12 On require On autos On percentage On parts On made On treaty On nations On lift On nontariff On barriers On emission On regulations On mandates On keep On American On setup On dispute On procedure On governments On suspected On violations On Sander On Levin On Michigan On lead On Democrat On House On Ways On Means On Committee On jurisdiction On present On site On discussions On about On soon On Japanese On imports On phased On snapback On provision On requested On violates On Currently On longer On agreement On Korea On Mexico On Canada On Rules On origin On define On car On truck

Trade The Pacific Trade Deal - Economic situation /Trade The Pacific Trade Deal
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2015_NYT_The_Pacific_Trade_Deal_ Oct 2015 NYT The Pacific Trade Deal ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TPP Trade agreeing Trade T Trade P Trade leaves Trade President Trade Obama Trade champion Trade Congress Trade up Trade down Trade vote Trade allow Trade congress Trade 90 Trade days Trade before Trade signs Trade expected Trade pressure Trade renegotiate Trade aspects Trade When Trade more Trade 95 Trade percent Trade potential Trade customers Trade live Trade outside Trade borders Trade let Trade counties Trade like Trade China Trade write Trade rules Trade global Trade economy Trade opening Trade markets Trade American Trade products Trade while Trade setting Trade high Trade standards Trade protecting Trade workers Trade preserving Trade environment Trade Congressional Trade Democrats Trade argue Trade give Trade companies Trade opportunities Trade move Trade US Trade jobs Trade low Trade cost Trade nations Trade final Trade agreement Trade Thousands Trade import Trade tariffs Trade barriers Trade phased Trade demodwbp Trade awffwpwbeco13 Trade Oct_2015_NYT_Negotiations_On_Trade_Pact Trade There Trade 18 Trade 000 Trade S Trade goods Trade removed Trade uniform Trade corporation Trade intellectual Trade property Trade Internet Trade supported Trade 12 Trade gain Trade access Trade Canada Trade milk Trade Japan Trade protection Trade beef Trade industry Trade 15 Trade years Trade Brunei Trade Malaysia Trade Vietnam Trade ban Trade child Trade labor Trade unions Trade collective Trade negotiations Trade constrain Trade human Trade trafficking Trade Overfishing Trade subsidies Trade 20 Trade billion Trade trade Trade wildlife Trade reduced Trade required Trade follow ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cites Trade environmental Trade treaties Trade Cites Trade until Trade no Trade enforcement Trade World Trade Wildlife Trade Fund Trade pleased Trade Negotiators Trade claim Trade tobacco Trade exempted Trade investor Trade clauses Trade Oct_2015_NYT_U Trade _Proposes_Provision_On ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biologics Trade Biologics Trade protected Trade minimum Trade 5 Trade having Trade reveal Trade data Trade needed Trade make Trade generics Trade Orin Trade Hatch Trade see Trade issue Trade continue ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Trade ACA Trade Generic Trade drug Trade allowed Trade compete Trade branded Trade drugs Trade But Trade awffwpwgl Trade gl_Doctors_Without_Borders Trade doctors Trade said Trade driven Trade protections Trade pharmaceutical Trade would Trade developing Trade countries Trade Public Trade Citizen Trade For Trade us Trade making Trade things Trade worse Trade many Trade tools Trade defend Trade monopoly Trade business Trade model Trade against Trade currency Trade manipulation Trade Ford Trade motor Trade company Trade condemned Trade TPP Trade saying Trade effect Trade lowering Trade prices Trade competitors Trade exports Trade Instead Trade partners Trade meet Trade periodically Trade strengthen Trade macroeconomic Trade cooperation Trade Foreign Trade governments Trade enforcements Trade Singapore Trade strongly Trade opposed Trade Many Trade put Trade subsidiaries Trade legal Trade tax Trade reasons

Noticed NYT Little-Noticed Trade Fact: It's No Longer Rising - Economic situation /Noticed NYT Little-Noticed Trade Fact: It's No Longer Rising
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Little-Noticed_Trade_Fact: Oct 2016 NYT Little-Noticed Trade Fact: Noticed Binyamin Noticed Appelbaum Noticed reports Noticed constant Noticed flow Noticed goods Noticed Asia Noticed United Noticed States Noticed briefly Noticed interrupted Noticed last Noticed month Noticed after Noticed Hanjin Noticed South Noticed Korean Noticed shipping Noticed line Noticed filed Noticed bankruptcy Noticed stranding Noticed several Noticed dozen Noticed cargo Noticed ships Noticed high Noticed seas Noticed Applebaum Noticed asserts Noticed illustration Noticed stagnation Noticed globalization Noticed Growth Noticed trade Noticed continuous Noticed outside Noticed recessions Noticed 1940s Noticed But Noticed volume Noticed no Noticed longer Noticed rising Noticed globally ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US Noticed US Noticed where Noticed fell Noticed 200 Noticed billion Noticed 2015 Noticed Reduced Noticed consumption Noticed investment Noticed reducing Noticed vice Noticed versa Noticed suggests Noticed slowdown Noticed structural Noticed China Noticed growth Noticed more Noticed internally Noticed focused Noticed national Noticed leaders Noticed abandon Noticed deals Noticed impact Noticed vocal Noticed voters Noticed networks Noticed unravel Noticed Britain Noticed exiting Noticed EU Noticed WTO Noticed reported Noticed July Noticed members Noticed raised Noticed 100 Noticed restrictions Noticed 2008 Noticed And Noticed round Noticed talks Noticed collapsed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TPP Noticed T Noticed P Noticed floundering Noticed reduction Noticed surprised Noticed transportation Noticed infrastructure Noticed companies Noticed like Noticed left Noticed struggling Noticed capacity ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IMF Noticed IMF Noticed director Noticed Christine Noticed Lagarde Noticed wrote Noticed Curbing Noticed free Noticed would Noticed stalling Noticed engine Noticed brought Noticed unprecedented Noticed welfare Noticed gains Noticed around Noticed world Noticed many Noticed decades Noticed McKinsey Noticed Global Noticed Institute Noticed note Noticed 15 Noticed developed Noticed nations Noticed account Noticed 63 Noticed services Noticed larger Noticed share Noticed financial Noticed workers Noticed countries Noticed feel Noticed victims

Influence Pact - Economic situation /Influence Pact
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_Chinas_Influence_Grows_in Nov 2016 NYT Chinas Influence Grows in Influence Gardiner Influence Harris Influence Keith Influence Bradsher Influence report Influence rival Influence deal Influence gains Influence traction ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TPP Influence argue Influence T Influence P Influence designed Influence move Influence chess Influence match Influence between Influence China Influence US Influence economic Influence military Influence influence Influence fastest Influence growing Influence strategically Influence uncertain Influence world Influence excluded Influence intended Influence give Influence eleven Influence signatories Influence more Influence leverage Influence providing Influence viable Influence alternative Influence moving Influence network Influence Obama Influence administration Influence viewed Influence George Influence W Influence Bush Influence access Influence growth Influence demise Influence appears Influence centric Influence Australia Influence pushing Influence ahead Influence Chinese Influence led Influence trade Influence pact Influence R Influence E Influence cover Influence Asian Influence nations Influence India Influence Japan Influence Pacific Influence Peru Influence talking Influence join Influence well Influence despite Influence territorial Influence disagreements Influence demands Influence paying Influence attention Influence vision Influence global Influence bargaining Influence years Influence But Influence adjunct Influence Shinzo Influence Abe Influence commented Influence parliament Influence If Influence doesn Influence forward Influence no Influence doubt Influence focus Influence shift Influence meetings Influence making Influence progress Influence accelerate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leadership Influence American Influence business Influence leaders ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_RCEP Influence looking Influence discussions Influence too ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#G.E._-_General_Electric_ Influence GE ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#G.E._International Influence International Influence John Influence RIce Influence Two Influence thirds Influence ends Influence up Influence another Influence country Influence So Influence going Influence lower Influence tariffs Influence barriers Influence region Influence ll Influence find Influence ways Influence used Influence accept Influence security Influence guarantees Influence while Influence running Influence surpluses Influence helped Influence industrial Influence powerhouses Influence Now Influence powerful Influence partner Influence claims Influence conflict Influence neighbors Influence conflicts Influence offer Influence would Influence lessen ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Influence hold Influence partners Influence WIth Influence policy Influence position Influence strengthened Influence Shanghai Influence Fudan Influence University Influence Song Influence Guoyou Influence specialist Influence Since Influence Mr Influence Trump Influence interested Influence requiring Influence integration Influence liberalization Influence why Influence countries Influence follow Influence free Influence proposal

Resistance NYT Bucking Resistance, Canada and E.U. Sign Trade Deal - Economic situation /Resistance NYT Bucking Resistance, Canada and E.U. Sign Trade Deal
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Bucking_Resistance_Canada Oct 2016 NYT Bucking Resistance Canada ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EU Resistance James Resistance Kanter Resistance reports Resistance EU Resistance Canada Resistance signed Resistance far Resistance reaching Resistance trade Resistance agreement Resistance commits Resistance opening Resistance markets Resistance greater Resistance competition Resistance after Resistance overcoming Resistance last Resistance minute Resistance political Resistance obstacle Resistance reflected Resistance growing Resistance skepticism Resistance toward Resistance globalization Resistance developed Resistance world ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CETA Resistance signing Resistance CETA Resistance demodwbp Resistance awffwpwbeco13 Resistance Oct_2016_NYT_How_Belgian_Farmers_Nearly Resistance possible Resistance T Resistance I Resistance P Resistance attempt Resistance move Resistance forward Resistance power Resistance Wallonia Resistance farmers Resistance stall Resistance suggests Resistance more Resistance overarching Resistance face Resistance broad Resistance resistance Resistance Both Resistance bilateral Resistance deals Resistance viewed Resistance mechanisms Resistance allow Resistance regulators Resistance harmonize Resistance rules Resistance ensure Resistance governments Resistance protect Resistance companies Resistance investments Resistance contrast Resistance includes Resistance developing Resistance nations Resistance aims Resistance cut Resistance tariffs Resistance boost

Group Drug Group Consider A Producer of Generics - Economic situation /Group Drug Group Consider A Producer of Generics
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2016_NYT_Drug_Group_Consider_A Jul 2016 NYT Drug Group Consider A Group Robert Group Pear Group reports Group decades Group brand Group name Group generic Group drug Group companies Group fought Group another Group Congress Group international Group trade Group negotiations Group court Group So Group world Group largest Group company Group moved Group year Group join Group powerful Group association Group producers Group medicines Group pharmaceutical Group lobbyists Group swivet ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Pharmaceutical_Researchers_and Group PhRMA Group received Group request Group Teva Group Brand Group members Group group Group expressed Group alarm Group broadens Group membership Group include Group emphasis Group innovation Group diluted Group commented Group AbbVie Group Carlos Group Alban Group noted Group taken Group positions Group directly Group opposed Group views ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biosimilars Group patents Group biosimilars Group sought Group invalidate Group 29 Group cases Group 2011 Group longtime Group Eli Group Lilly Group battling Group about Group opposing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_TPP Group TPP Group demodwbp Group awffwpwbeco13 Group Jul_2015_NYT_Drug_Patents_Are_a_Hurdel Group application Group shows Group wall Group between Group names Group generics Group breaking Group down Group argued Group Generic Group manufacturers Group products Group thrive Group copy Group drugs Group work Group together Group pay Group delay ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Anger Group Much Group anger ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_FTC Group F Group Generics Group limit Group pressure Group governments Group act Group Impact_of_economics Group Democrats Group often Group worked Group while Group Republicans Group favor Group And Group More Group firms Group fit Group spectrum Group pure ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Pfizer Group branded Group Pfizer Group sells Group wholly Group owned Group subsidiary Group Greenstone ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Hospira_ Group acquired Group Hospira ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Novartis Group Novartis Group division Group Sandoz Group Some Group developing Group Amgen Group compete Group Humira

Up NYT Break Up the Insulin Racket - Economic situation /Up NYT Break Up the Insulin Racket
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Feb_2016_NYT_Break_Up_the_Insulin_Racket Feb 2016 NYT Break Up the Insulin Racket ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Yale_University_ Up Yale Up endocrinologist Up Kasia Up Lipska Up opinion Up my Up patients Up whom Up I Up call Up Mrs Up B Up 78 Up year Up old Up type Up 2 Up diabetes Up 30 Up years Up She Up several Up injections Up insulin Up day Up Her Up blood Up sugars Up running Up too Up high Up she Up doen Up want Up increase Up dose Up her Up told Up me Up simply Up afford Up explains ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Biologics Up Biologic Up manufactured Up three Up pharmaceutical Up companies Up US Up hold Up patent Up rights Up Eli Up Lilly Up Humulin Up R ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Sanofi_ Up 500 Up Sanofi Up Lantus Up Novo Up Nordisk Up Levemir Up only Up competitors Up pricing Up risen Up Biosimilars Up might Up competition Up manufacturers Up extending Up patents Up via Up incremental Up improvements Up See Up TAF Up alternative Up demodwbp Up awffwpwbeco13 Up Jan_2016_NYT_Gilead_Faces_Fights_Over Up And ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PBM Up PBM Up appear ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#PBM_rebates_ Up incented Up rebates Up select Up biologic Up insulins Up process Up opaque Up clear Up margins Up 90 Up percent Up privately Up insured Up prescribed Up latest Up protected ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare_Part_D Up Medicare Up D Up During Up coverage Up doughnut Up hole Up pay Up pocket Up skimps Up treatment Up Europe Up costs Up about Up sixth Up price Up Governments Up negotiate Up transparently

raises - Economic situation /raises
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2005_European_Bank_raises_rates_ Dec 2005 European Bank raises rates raises Jean raises Claude raises Trichet raises announced raises European raises Central raises Bank raises would raises raise raises rates raises first raises time raises 5 raises years raises 2 raises 25 raises careful raises stress raises series raises adjustments raises basic raises goal raises ECB raises keep raises inflation raises just raises under raises announcement raises fell raises against raises Dollar ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EU raises EU raises nations raises like raises Germany raises keen raises maintain raises low raises interest raises environment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics raises many raises fragile raises economies raises slowest raises growing raises recent raises up raises tick raises encouraged raises bank raises act raises council raises representing raises vocal raises divided raises about raises happen raises uses raises consensus raises decision raises making raises France raises argued raises rise raises Typically raises national raises politicians raises blame raises struggling

German economic issues show up as cash crunch - Economic situation /German economic issues show up as cash crunch
awffwpwbeco13.htm#German_economic_issues_show_up_as_cash_crunch German economic issues show up as cash crunch German economic Germany German economic seeing German economic many German economic old German economic companies German economic running German economic Cash German economic problems German economic 18 German economic 800 German economic filed German economic insolvency German economic H1 German economic 2002 German economic number German economic mature German economic Banks German economic just German economic bail German economic more German economic Cyclical German economic Economy German economic growing German economic 5 German economic 1990s German economic 0 German economic Q2 German economic Flood ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_GDP German economic damage German economic reduce German economic GDP German economic Q3 German economic Some German economic sectors German economic shrinking German economic Building German economic 7 German economic tight German economic credit German economic 10 German economic unemployment German economic consumer German economic pessimism German economic kept German economic retail German economic check German economic causes ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EU German economic EU German economic rules German economic general German economic financial German economic controls German economic results German economic competition German economic non German economic Introduction German economic Euro German economic labor German economic Proposed German economic solutions German economic Companies German economic relief German economic labour German economic laws German economic political German economic process German economic won German economic enable German economic flat German economic growth German economic economy German economic expected German economic beyond German economic current German economic modest German economic rates German economic according German economic Bundesbank German economic monthly German economic report German economic central German economic bank German economic estimated German economic gross German economic domestic German economic product German economic 25 German economic real German economic terms German economic continuing German economic slow German economic Assuming German economic private German economic consumption German economic investment German economic remain German economic weak German economic winter German economic warns German economic negative German economic sentiment German economic possibly German economic consolidate German economic policy German economic currently German economic extending German economic budget German economic deficit German economic point German economic where German economic fined German economic breaking German economic constraints German economic Greece

to deals - Economic situation /to deals
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2010_Greece_admits_to_off-balance Mar 2010 Greece admits to off-balance 2010 Greece admits off balance sheet manipulation derivative deals major banks ability hide real debt level potential future contracts allowed submit sheets EU met Euro Zone requirements

June The Soup Kitchens of Athens - Economic situation /June The Soup Kitchens of Athens
awffwpwbeco13.htm#June_2016_NYT_The_Soup_Kitchens_of June 2016 NYT The Soup Kitchens of June Yanis June Varoufakis June writes June opinion June after June last June summer June clash June between June Greece June Syriza June government June insolvent June state June creditors June ended June world June media June moved June rebellion June against June austerity June measures June imposed June snuffed June July June 2015 June Prime June Minister June Alexis June Tsipras June folded June endured June years June By June 2013 June more June third June Greeks June living June below June poverty June line June Between June 2009 June 2014 June GDP June fell June 26 June 6 June matching June US June during June Great June Depression June 2010 June wages June pensions June cut June 12 June times June tried June respond June politically June voting June finance June minister June proposed June robsstrategystudio June org June awfcasbw June The_General_Theory_of_Employment June Keynesian June showing June good June faith June negotiated June deficit June break June automatically June hike June tax June rates June revenues June pick June up June lender June frame June But June lenders June pushed June Higher June sales June taxes June Cuts June companies June paying June next June estimated June advance June Incomes June Along June bank June closures June forced June country June back June recession June banks June balance June sheets June 45 June non June performing June loans June credibility June foreign June traders June Exports June impacted June Small June businesses June crushed June punitive June home June foreclosures June come June hospitals June running June basic June necessities June Only June soup June kitchens June flourishing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IMF June laments June F June backed June off June position June program June counterproductive June Berlin June insisted June budget June surplus June 3 June 5 June every June 2018 June service June debt June load June proposing June use June process ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IMF June protested June level June achieve June Germany June targets June Christine June Lagarde June noticeably June absent June her June stand June Poul June Thomsen June eurogroup June meeting June agreed June postpone June relief June until June earliest

in the I.M.F. - Economic situation /in the I.M.F.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_Infighting_in_Background_of Oct 2016 NYT Infighting in Background of ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IMF Landon Thomas Jr reports International Monetary Fund years criticized byzantine intrigues workplace where domineering department heads zealously guard turf detriment fund broader mission ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_IMF promised more transparent But contradicted response highly critical own awffwpwgsu IMF_Independent_Evaluation_Office_IEO Independent Focused two key areas Minutes informal board meetings during crisis Secret executives 2010 discussed strategies handling Greece blunt analysis debt problems Notes staff bullied partners Europe Says ignored early signs stress enough push restructuring Noted releasing documents evaluators sought finally released 16 months later comments set off retribution senior members asked sections removed full argued vast number examined caused delay setup review outside panel experts tasked drawing conclusions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Treasury Former Treasury official Edwin Truman Mr commented O up access Staff management no right withhold anything Both many powerful European Department pushed back request Christine Lagarde tried open So especially shocking find officials acting Ms responded involvement eurozone qualified success would continue commitment accountability transparency role

Euro problems - Economic situation /Euro problems
awffwpwbeco13.htm#2004_Euro_strength_problems 2004 Euro strength problems Euro weak Euro dollar Euro pegged Euro Chinese Euro Japanese Euro currency Euro policy Euro very Euro strong Euro creating Euro export Euro drags Euro European Euro companies Euro sticking Euro G7 Euro difficult Euro Europeans Euro change Euro central Euro banks Euro goals Euro political Euro banking Euro vitoes

Euro Tumbles on Economic and Political tensions in EU - Economic situation /Euro Tumbles on Economic and Political tensions in EU
awffwpwbeco13.htm#2005_Euro_Tumbles_on_Economic_and 2005 Euro Tumbles on Economic and ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Euro divergent Euro economic Euro strategies Euro Political Euro disagreements Euro CAP Euro budget Euro contributions Euro two Euro voter Euro rejections Euro European Euro Constitution ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ECB Euro tumbled Euro central Euro bank Euro rumored Euro planning Euro interest Euro rate Euro reduction Euro help Euro stalling Euro economies Euro rise Euro recent Euro years Euro considered Euro reflect Euro weakness Euro US Euro economy Euro burdened Euro huge Euro current Euro account Euro deficit Euro Now Euro falling Euro events Euro Italy Euro populist Euro politicians Euro calling Euro scrapping Euro Ten Euro countries Euro applying Euro join Euro zone Euro diverged Euro radically Euro neighbors Euro performance Euro damaging Euro competitiveness Euro against Euro Asian Euro exports Euro dried Euro up Euro recession Euro Without Euro option Euro devaluing Euro currency Euro face Euro painful Euro adjustments Euro Greece Euro Spain Euro danger Euro recessions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leadership Euro French Euro German Euro leaders Euro pleased Euro helping

tensions Euro zone tensions show in plan to support Greece - Economic situation /tensions Euro zone tensions show in plan to support Greece
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2010_Euro_zone_tensions_show_in_plan Mar 2010 Euro zone tensions show in plan tensions likelihood tensions Greece tensions obtain tensions financing tensions roll tensions long tensions term tensions debt tensions receded tensions package tensions announced tensions eurozone tensions However tensions includes tensions pledges tensions financial tensions support tensions members tensions along tensions state tensions veto tensions requires tensions IMF tensions requirement tensions driven tensions Germany tensions Angela tensions Merkel tensions under tensions pressure tensions voters tensions block tensions demodwbp tensions awffwpwbeco13 tensions Mar_2010_Greece_admits_to_off tensions balance tensions profligate tensions likely tensions pick tensions up ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EU tensions majority tensions tab tensions EU tensions based tensions bail tensions worried tensions about tensions implied tensions commitment tensions sustain tensions Italian tensions Spanish tensions Portuguese tensions economies tensions came tensions markets tensions plan tensions fix tensions EUs tensions lack tensions ability tensions constrain tensions Euro tensions Zone tensions meet tensions commitments tensions growth tensions limits tensions wage ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Productivity tensions improved tensions productivity tensions levels tensions say tensions push tensions expel tensions countries tensions break tensions zone tensions agreements tensions Still tensions France tensions pushed tensions ignored tensions became tensions concerned tensions envelope tensions going tensions force tensions policy tensions measures tensions would tensions hamper tensions insisting tensions core tensions problem tensions suggests tensions response tensions radical tensions cuts tensions public tensions spending tensions fear tensions hyper tensions inflation tensions considers tensions vital tensions while tensions economy tensions recession

CETA - Economic situation /CETA
awffwpwbeco13.htm#CETA CETA ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ CETA trade CETA deal CETA between ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EU CETA E CETA U CETA Canada

Belgian NYT How Belgian Farmers Nearly Sank an E.U. Trade Deal - Economic situation /Belgian NYT How Belgian Farmers Nearly Sank an E.U. Trade Deal
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_How_Belgian_Farmers_Nearly Oct 2016 NYT How Belgian Farmers Nearly Belgian Milan Belgian Schreuer Belgian reports Belgian Christian Belgian Wiertz Belgian worked Belgian usual Belgian 14 Belgian hours Belgian Thursday Belgian milking Belgian 85 Belgian cows Belgian family Belgian farm Belgian village Belgian eastern Belgian Belgium Belgian near Belgian border Belgian Netherlands ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leadership Belgian leader Belgian group Belgian dairy Belgian farmers Belgian Wallonia Belgian region Belgian speaks Belgian French Belgian rather Belgian Dutch Belgian On Belgian 14th Belgian 2016 Belgian regional Belgian parliament Belgian vetoed Belgian approval Belgian CETA Belgian trade Belgian deal Belgian Canada Belgian But Belgian 28th Belgian gave Belgian added Belgian guarantees Belgian genetically Belgian modified Belgian crops Belgian protection Belgian certain Belgian foods Belgian competition Belgian pledged Belgian ask Belgian Court Belgian Justice ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EU Belgian E Belgian U Belgian legal Belgian opinion Belgian about Belgian arbitration Belgian procedures Belgian agreement Belgian accounts Belgian only Belgian 0 Belgian issue Belgian more Belgian state Belgian power Belgian devolved Belgian regions ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Belgian Economic Belgian stagnation Belgian Steel Belgian mills Belgian closed Belgian down Belgian Region Belgian losing Belgian ground Belgian speaking Belgian Flanders Belgian Milk Belgian prices Belgian dropped Belgian four Belgian years Belgian running Belgian Exports Belgian Russia Belgian blocked Belgian sanctions Belgian coalition Belgian D19 Belgian 90 Belgian member Belgian organizations Belgian backing Belgian major Belgian left Belgian leaning Belgian political Belgian parties Belgian activity Belgian signal Belgian coming Belgian between Belgian US

China - Economic situation /China
awffwpwbeco13.htm#China China China huge China potential China market China low China cost China workforce China Capital China flowing China leverage China investment China Japan China US China building China manufacturing China base China south China east China asia China global China home China 1 China 5 China high China tech China component China plants China However China thirty China year China term China decision China limit China population China child China family China likely China strains China economy China old China look China young China support China struggles China transform China demodwbp China awffwpwbeco13 China Jun_2016_NYT_How__Fell_Off_the China slows China Oct_2016_NYT_As_s_Economy_Slows_a China debt China burden ../demodwbp/awffwpwbeco13.htm# China punishes China Glaxo China awffwpwgsu China Glaxo_in_ China Chinese China Glaxo_punished_by__for_fraud_and China corrupt China awffwpwbpol13 China Nov_2016_NYT__Tightens_Its_Grip

China How China Fell Off the Miracle Path - Economic situation /China How China Fell Off the Miracle Path
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_NYT_How_China_Fell_Off_the Jun 2016 NYT How China Fell Off the ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Morgan_Stanley_ China Morgan China Stanley ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#MSIM_cgs_Ruchir_Sharma China Ruchir China Sharma China opinion China piece China years China Donald China J China Trump ../demodwbp/awffwpwbeco13.htm#China sounding China alarm ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics China calling China economic China bully China eating China lunch China crux China Mr China attack China Beijing China manipulates China currency China keep China cheap China give China Chinese China exports China unfair China advantage China But China narrative China last China decade China threat China United China States China strong China fragile China identifies China four China forces China shaping China rise China fall China nations China 2008 China Debts China risen China dangerously China fast China emerging China world China especially China Trade China growth China collapsed China everywhere China sharp China blow China leading China exporters China again China led China Countries China becoming China more China autocratic China effort China fight China global China slowdown China none China self China destructively China Growth China working China age China population China slowing China turned China negative China depleting China response China demodwbp China awffwpwbeco13 China 2008_Mar_A_fed_bailout_crosses_a_line_ China caused China current China problems China where China cursed China vast China growing China debt China recalls China just China prior China crash China generated China long China run China double China digit China investing China industries China capita China average China income China rising China above China 8 China 000 China would China forced China down China And China Lehman China brothers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bankruptcy China filed China bankruptcy China demand China impacting ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Leadership China suggests China leaders China panicked China Wen China Jiabao China spent China lent China trillions China stimulate China industrial China investment China writes China fell China off China miracle China path China describes China generation China bubble China pulling China suspect China borrowers China state China banks China found China themselves China competing China shadow China front China companies China government China lenders China supplying China financing China real China estate China speculators China Much China building China sitting China empty China asserts China pushing China wasteful China projects China seven China sustain China higher China 6 China GDP China economy China reduce China burden China financial China crisis China struggling China renminbi China falling China nationals China overseas China moved China 675 China billion China country China 2015 China largest China post China war China 230 China 2014 China via China 80 China increase China explains China during China 30 China worst China manias China past China 50 China private China rose China five China 40 China share China cases China slowed China sharply China next China authoritarian China undermining China stability China His China research China autocracies China far China unstable China democracies China back China leadership China Indeed China encouraged China stock China purchase China patriotic China act China Many China simple China investors China borrowed China enter China market China April China 2016 China initiating China another China stimulus China campaign China three China times China faster

Economy NYT As China's Economy Slows, a Look at What Could Happen - Economic situation /Economy NYT As China's Economy Slows, a Look at What Could Happen
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2016_NYT_As_Chinas_Economy_Slows_a Oct 2016 NYT As Chinas Economy Slows a ../demodwbp/awffwpwbeco13.htm#China Economy Neil Economy Gough Economy reports Economy China Economy economy Economy slowing Economy How Economy bad Economy widely Economy expected Economy grew Economy about Economy 6 Economy 7 Economy percent Economy third Economy quarter Economy year Economy ago Economy would Economy match Economy growth Economy pace Economy set Economy first Economy second Economy quarters ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Economy economics Economy stability Economy like Economy remarkable Economy usually Economy believed Economy world Economy engine Economy years Economy factors Economy suggest Economy sustained Economy government Economy lending Economy program Economy progressively Economy Enodo Economy Diana Economy Choyleva Economy reached Economy end Economy road Economy comes Economy export Economy investment Economy led Economy model Economy three Economy scenarios Economy Chinese Economy future Economy Financial Economy meltdown Economy gap Economy between Economy outstanding Economy credit Economy shadow Economy financing Economy widening Economy views Economy unlikely Economy Keep Economy tight Economy control Economy financial Economy system Economy Control Economy largest Economy banks Economy big Economy companies Economy borrow Economy Limits Economy money Economy leave Economy Controls Economy value Economy currency Economy spends Economy way Economy slowdown Economy areas Economy generating Economy more Economy consumers Economy while Economy restructuring Economy problem Economy debt Economy looks Economy Of Economy vast Economy size Economy burden Economy Inneficiency Economy building Economy society Economy private Economy pulling Economy back Economy public Economy finance Economy pumping Economy up Economy housing Economy bubble Economy Japan Economy Here Economy inability Economy fear Economy making Economy tough Economy choices Economy similar Economy 1990 Economy lost Economy decade Economy But Economy huge Economy growing Economy middle Economy So Economy able Economy avoid Economy Japanese Economy risks Economy Some Economy economists Economy worried Economy expansion Economy demodwbp Economy awffwpwbeco13 Economy Jun_2016_NYT_How_China_Fell_Off_the Economy see Economy 3 Economy best Economy case

Limits - Economic situation /Limits
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_China_Limits_Currency_Use Nov 2016 NYT China Limits Currency Use Limits Keith Limits Bradsher Limits reports Limits exodus Limits money Limits adds Limits pressure Limits slowing Limits economy Limits regulators Limits trying Limits put Limits brakes Limits overseas Limits use Limits China Limits currency Limits increasing Limits scrutiny Limits certain Limits deals Limits pushing Limits make Limits renminbi Limits global Limits reserve Limits So Limits move Limits restrict Limits strategically Limits inconsistent Limits And Limits constrain Limits Chinese Limits companies Limits consult Limits before Limits borrow Limits spend Limits outflows Limits exacerbated Limits strong Limits dollar Limits encourages Limits shifts Limits abroad Limits placed Limits controls Limits transfers Limits 5 Limits million Limits dollars Limits value Limits constrained Limits offshore Limits accounts Limits government Limits want Limits constraints Limits made Limits public Limits Companies Limits used Limits swap Limits betting Limits Regulators Limits stressed Limits households Limits invest Limits But Limits seem Limits likely Limits require Limits prior Limits approval Limits Beijing Limits very Limits large Limits corporate Limits acquisitions Limits 10 Limits billion Limits Still Limits well Limits understood Limits top Limits levels

Pledge NYT A Titan's Pledge Will Test Bankers - Economic situation /Pledge NYT A Titan's Pledge Will Test Bankers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2017_NYT_A_Titans_Pledge_Will_Test Jan 2017 NYT A Titans Pledge Will Test Pledge Landon Pledge Thomas Pledge Jr Pledge reports Pledge many Pledge business Pledge titans Pledge made Pledge trek Pledge Trump Pledge Tower Pledge private Pledge audience Pledge Donald Pledge elected Pledge president Pledge none Pledge bigger Pledge splash Pledge Masayoshi Pledge Son Pledge billionaire Pledge telecommunications Pledge entrepreneur ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#SoftBank_ Pledge 100 Pledge SoftBank ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#SoftBank_Vision_Fund_ Pledge Vision Pledge Fund Pledge target Pledge 50 Pledge US Pledge Bankers Pledge advising Pledge fund Pledge argue Pledge 75 Pledge targeted Pledge large Pledge investments Pledge public Pledge markets ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity Pledge private equity Pledge deal Pledge purchase Pledge technology Pledge corporation Pledge upper Pledge limit Pledge startup Pledge sector Pledge lack Pledge scale Pledge 45 Pledge Saudi Pledge Arabia Pledge 25 Pledge Smaller Pledge contributions Pledge Apple Pledge Larry Pledge Elison Pledge Oracle Pledge etc Pledge Investors Pledge commit Pledge leave Pledge funds Pledge 12 Pledge years Pledge Investment Pledge committee Pledge Mr Pledge Rajeev Pledge Misra Pledge Ronald Pledge Fisher Pledge There Pledge five Pledge deadline Pledge Team Pledge based Pledge London Pledge Mayfair Pledge formerly Pledge Deutsche Pledge demodwbp Pledge awffwpwgsu Pledge Deutsche_Bank_global_markets_division Pledge global Pledge led Pledge Akshay Pledge Naheta Pledge proprietary Pledge trader Pledge founder Pledge activist Pledge investor Pledge Knight Pledge Assets Pledge Saleh Pledge Romeih Pledge senior Pledge makers Pledge built Pledge portfolio Pledge work Pledge team Pledge include Pledge Alok Pledge Sama Pledge CFO Pledge board Pledge member Pledge involved Pledge successful Pledge structuring Pledge Sprint Pledge acquisition Pledge Deep Pledge Nishar Pledge LinkedIn Pledge Will Pledge growth Pledge companies Pledge purchased Pledge cash Pledge focus Pledge disruption Pledge media Pledge health Pledge care Pledge asset Pledge management Pledge Robotics Pledge Artificial Pledge intelligence Pledge Financial Pledge Large Pledge corporations Pledge supported Pledge analysts Pledge San Pledge Francisco Pledge Tokyo Pledge division Pledge staffed Pledge derivative ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Merrill_Lynch_ Pledge specialists Pledge Merrill Pledge Lynch Pledge trusted Pledge deputy Pledge Anshu Pledge Jain Pledge closely Pledge associated Pledge strategic Pledge commitment Pledge selling

Looks SoftBank Looks to Invade Wall Street's Turf - Economic situation /Looks SoftBank Looks to Invade Wall Street's Turf
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2018_NYT_SoftBank_Looks_to_Invade Mar 2018 NYT SoftBank Looks to Invade Looks Landon Looks Thomas Looks Jr Looks reports Looks private equity Looks industry Looks long Looks dominated Looks Wall Looks Street Looks elite Looks Firms ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Blackstone_ Looks like Looks Blackstone Looks Group Looks demodwbp Looks awffwpwgsu Looks Kohlberg_Kravis_Roberts__Company_ Looks Carlyle ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#SoftBank_ Looks Now Looks SoftBank Looks Japanese Looks conglomerate Looks best Looks known Looks US Looks ownership Looks Sprint Looks looking Looks muscle Looks lucrative Looks business Looks views Looks Financial Looks Services Looks company Looks strategy Looks uncompetitive ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Fortress_Investment_Group Looks Fortress Looks small Looks player Looks Original Looks founders Looks Briger Looks looks Looks distressed Looks assets Looks purchase Looks cheap Looks Edens Looks invests Looks prominent Looks projects Looks available Looks help Looks But Looks fund Looks growth Looks large Looks players Looks tech Looks investments Looks Uber Looks WeWork Looks focused Looks rather Looks profit Looks leaving Looks little Looks interest Looks investors Looks keen Looks see Looks cash Looks returns Looks Complex Looks tier Looks 1 Looks firms Looks complex Looks build Looks Softbank Looks experience Looks Misra Looks worked Looks opportunities Looks catching Looks up Looks larger Looks market Looks Middle Looks East Looks br Looks Health Looks education Looks drivers

news bad news for local job markets - Economic situation /news bad news for local job markets
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Oct_2013_The_bad_news_for_local_job Oct 2013 The bad news for local job news op news ed news Aaron news K news Chatterji news Professor news slow news growth news shown news economy news reflects news limits news strategies news adopted news governments news around news US news many news analysts news banking news job news two news key news sectors news education news health news care news Ed news meds news already news accounted news significant news share news employment news past news several news years news More news important news jobs news only news thing news keeping news small news midsize news American news cities news sliding news deeper news decline news Several news regions news consciously news building news services news under news logic news cannot news sourced news demand news continue news Unfortunately news assumptions news wrong news mean news bad news markets news country news Growth news meet news expectations news Education news attractive news unlike news manufacturing news steadily news declined news last news 25 news largely news shielded news global news competition news society news spend news sums news money news public news private news educating news students news caring news citizens news Since news good news increasingly news require news more news population news aging news long news term news outlook news looks news positive news create news across news income news distribution news providing news work news home news aides news well news college news professors news However news while news total news number news likely news would news benefit news equally news For news might news take news granted news growing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Orthopedics news orthopedic news surgeons news Toledo news Ohio news educational news administrators news Iowa news City news But news same news forces news led news industries news cluster news specific news think news technology news Silicon news Valley news New York news sweeping news Consider news rise news online news specifically news massive news open news courses news expanding news top news university news educate news Wharton news School ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#University_of_Pennsylvania_ news University news Pennsylvania news business news schools news world news recently news announced news offer news four news foundation news free news Coursera news receive news certificate news verification news 49 news completed news valuable news your news 5 news 10 news happen news enrollment news lower news ranked news opportunity news carte news cost news monthly news cellphone news bill news best news middle news tier news institutions news struggle news leading news tutors news faculty

Wal strategy may dis-intermediate general hospitals - Economic situation /Wal strategy may dis-intermediate general hospitals
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Wal-Mart_strategy_may_dis-intermediate Wal-Mart strategy may dis-intermediate Wal Health Wal care Wal jobs Wal might Wal seem Wal very Wal different Wal first Wal glance Wal Every Wal city Wal large Wal small Wal always Wal emergency Wal room Wal staff Wal obstetricians Wal reasonable Wal distance Wal But ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Orthopedics Wal true Wal orthopedic ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Cardiology Wal surgeons Wal cardiologists Wal power Wal high Wal margin Wal services Wal pump Wal significant Wal sums ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics Wal economies Wal happen Wal more Wal employers Wal follow Wal Mart Wal announced Wal last Wal fall Wal would Wal send Wal employees Wal demodwbp Wal awffwpwgco Wal 2012_Mart_contracts_with_centers_of Wal transplants Wal heart Wal spine Wal surgery Wal six Wal leading Wal medical Wal centers Wal rather Wal hospital Wal making Wal move Wal notorious Wal variation Wal across Wal country Wal health Wal costs Wal If Wal accelerates Wal hurt Wal hospitals Wal leave Wal fewer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Service_line Wal profitable Wal lines Wal certainly Wal mean Wal facilities Wal Thus Wal while Wal number Wal education Wal indeed Wal grow Wal significantly Wal coming Wal years Wal directly Wal imply Wal growth Wal midsize Wal cities Wal spend Wal sectors Wal fact Wal opposite Wal situation Wal unfold Wal places Wal world Wal leaders Wal providing Wal category Wal includes Wal outside Wal major Wal metro Wal areas Wal Toledo Wal Iowa Wal City Wal quite Wal typical Wal heavy Wal reliance Wal Without Wal industries Wal remaining Wal left Wal make Wal up Wal difference Wal Instead Wal same Wal dynamic Wal winners Wal losers Wal observed Wal industrial Wal top Wal universities Wal larger Wal absorb Wal increase Wal students Wal patients Wal nation Wal While Wal shifts Wal economic Wal efficiency Wal gross Wal domestic Wal product Wal opportunities Wal good

Equity - Economic situation /Equity
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2017_NYT_The_Private_Equity_Firm Jul 2017 NYT The Private Equity Firm Equity Randall Equity Smith Equity reports Equity cashing Equity rising Equity drug Equity prices Equity often Equity unleashes Equity outcry Equity consumers Equity politicians ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Royalty_Pharma_ Equity Royalty Equity Pharma Equity developed Equity 15 Equity billion Equity portfolio Equity buying Equity rights Equity 3 Equity 5 Equity royalties Equity future Equity sales Equity owns Equity partial Equity seven Equity top Equity 30 Equity selling Equity drugs Equity Humira Equity Remicade Equity Lyrica Equity Januvia ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Vertexs_Kalydeco Equity Kalydeco Equity Rituxan Equity US Equity uses Equity low Equity cost Equity debt Equity financing Equity outbid Equity competitors Equity revenues Equity risen Equity average Equity increase Equity yearly Equity 161 Equity million Equity 2005 Equity 47 Equity 2016 Equity paid Equity 700 Equity royalty Equity interest Equity allowed Equity AstraZeneca Equity finance Equity purchase Equity Cambridge Equity Antibody Equity Technology Equity originally Equity 2006 Equity business Equity model Equity resulted Equity large Equity payments Equity Universities Equity researchers ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Emory_University Equity Emory Equity University Equity 40 Equity 525 Equity Emtriva ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Northwestern_University_ Equity Northwestern Equity Richard Equity Silverman Equity 100 Equity UCLA Equity owners Equity prostate cancer ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Medivations_Xtandi_ Equity Xtandi Equity 14 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Cystic_Fibrosis_Foundation_CFF Equity CFF ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Perrigo_ Equity Perrigo Equity 85 Equity Tysabri Equity eventually Equity purchased Equity Elan Equity MSKCC Equity 400 Equity two Equity cancer Equity therapies Equity developers Equity potential Equity stream Equity taking Equity discount Equity overall Equity return Equity limit ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Risk Equity risk Equity gain Equity access Equity capital Equity upfront ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Northwestern_University_ ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#NWU_Chemistry_Dr._Richard_Silverman_ Equity Dr

of Bankruptcy of Ambulance Firm Poses Tough Questions for City - Economic situation /of Bankruptcy of Ambulance Firm Poses Tough Questions for City
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2016_NYT_Bankruptcy_of_Ambulance Apr 2016 NYT Bankruptcy of Ambulance Jim Dwyer reports effects collapse TransCare provided Ambulance Service large parts Bronx areas Manhattan During Major Guiliani time office NYC city made arrangements private hospitals demodwbp awffwpwgco St _Barnabus_Hospital_ Barnabas permitted operate own ambulances 911 network Many chose contract suppliers saved expenses needed support running fleet Other operators failed 81 tours 200 medical workers causing call services across extended periods There abundance firefighters trained medically transport patients But more popular powerful politically

you NYT When you Dial 911 and Wall St. Answers - Economic situation /you NYT When you Dial 911 and Wall St. Answers
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2016_NYT_When_you_Dial_911_and_Wall Jun 2016 NYT When you Dial 911 and Wall you Danielle you Ivory you Ben you Protess you Kitty you Bennett you report you squeezed ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity you profit you private you equity you emergency you services you fail you deliver you There you profound you shift you financing you 2008 you financial you crisis you regulation you applied you banks you private equity you able you move you previous ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Economics you economic you niches you attaches you systemic you risk you demodwbp you awffwpwgsu you Wall_Street_finance you Street ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Warburg_Pincus_ you Warburg you Pinkus ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Kohlberg_Kravis_Roberts__Company_ you KKR you large you firms you purchased you companies you Recently you twelve you ambulance ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Private_equity you Three ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Bankruptcy you filed you bankruptcy you 2013 you 2016 you Patriarch you TransCare ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#RuralMetro_ you Rural you Metro you First you Med ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_EMS you EMS you business you requires you costly you investment you medical you gear you limited you free you cash you flow you slow you downs you inducing you collapse ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA you ACA you expected you increase you size you insured you customer you pool you many you users ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid you covered you Medicaid you constrains you billing you practices you businesses you Instead you forced you conserve you working you capital you sold you bottom you feeding you hedge you fund you Oaktree_Capital_Management_ you health you care you provider you awffwpwgco you Envision_Healthcare_ you started you adding you staff you paramedics you improve you response you times you strategies you similarly you failed you turn you Transcare you around you While you cities you towns you required you education you residents you essential you tied you Michelle you Wilde you Anderson you Stanford you resulted you lows you public you safety you philanthropic

to NYT Going to the E.R. Without Leaving Home - Economic situation /to NYT Going to the E.R. Without Leaving Home
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_Going_to_the_E.R._Without Nov 2016 NYT Going to the E.R. Without Paula Span reports community paramedics tend elderly without always taking hospital While old people often prefer living home struggle Chronic diseases Diabetes kidney demodwbp awffwpwgl gl_Cardiac_arrhythmia heart Falls Shortness breath ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Northwell_Health_ Northwell Health House Calls program published Journal American Geriatrics Society looking 1 602 ailing homebound patients EMTs responded shortness neurological psychiatric complaints cardiac blood pressure problems weakness evaluate treat 78 16 month study period Paramedics working contacted via service travel U V rather ambulance 40hrs training targeted allowing meet directly ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Internist PCP Dr Karen Abrashkin explains lot R safely safest place frail health ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED ED visits serve gateways longer stays Time spent bed tends decondition requiring Rehab Therapy regain mobility ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_HAI HAI gl_Clostridium_difficile Clashing medications Delirium impacts more 50 older hospitalized common among cognitively impaired High cost medicine hospitalization noted Often sickest don want And she teams able identify enough really led remotely doctors phone secure video link Performed physical exams ran EKGs Treated breathing nebulizers Administered diuretics oxygen failure symptoms Provided IV fluids dehydration 80 taken admitted ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Medstar_Texas Medstar Mobile Healthcare adopted mobile integrated healthcare paramedicine 2009 Now strategy widely used EMS services State regulations differ Texas based usually makes scheduled responding emergency calls teaches manage chronic But different state programs share Additional approach Emphasis preventing unnecessary transportation ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicare inhibitor Medicare ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Medicaid Medicaid only reimburse ferrying negotiating Insurers Currently fund Foundation grants Referral payments Hospital financed

Service With Room Service and More, Hospitals Borrow From Hotels - Economic situation /Service With Room Service and More, Hospitals Borrow From Hotels
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Aug_2016_With_Room_Service_and_More Aug 2016 With Room Service and More Service Julie Service Weed Service reports Service demodwbp Service awffwpwgco Service Henry_Ford_West_Bloomfield_Hospital_ Service outside Service Detroit Service patients Service arrive Service uniformed Service valets Service professional Service greeters Service Wi Fi Service free Service meals Service served Service demand Service 24 Service hours Service day Service Members Service spa Service staff Service give Service room Service massages Service treatments Service explains Service hospitals Service many Service incentives Service move Service toward Service hotel Service inspired Service features Service services Service training Service Medical Service researchers Service Amenities Service improve Service health Service outcomes Service reducing Service stress Service anxiety Service among Service Private Service rooms Service cut Service down Service transfer Service disease Service And Service interested Service improved Service marketing Service Attracting Service private Service insurance Service choice Service where Service receive Service care Service includes Service competing Service international Service against Service Singapore Service Bangkok Service etc Service Encouraging Service word Service mouth Service recommendations ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Stanford_University_Medical_Center_ Service Stanford Service Health Service Care Service Senior Service Program Service Manager Service Zig Service Wu Service author Service Journal Service Healthcare Service Management Service article Service hospitality Service medical Service field Service commented Service way Service compete Service There Service little Service reliable Service comparative Service data Service Patients Service look Service quality Service environment ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_CICARE Service adoption Service I Service building Service loyal Service customer Service base ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Henry_Ford_Health_System Service Ford Service System Service Robert Service Riney Service says Service help Service feel Service more Service control Service focus Service getting Service better Service Bloomfield Service started Service 2009 Service If Service someone Service feeling Service poorly Service after Service tough Service procedure Service taking Service medication Service aren Service going Service eat Service just Service time Service won Service nutrition Service recovery Service able Service 50 Service outpatient Service centers Service choose Service location Service tests Service procedures Service appointments Service using Service online Service system Service modeled Service airline Service reservation Service portal Service When Service introduced Service 2014 Service cancellation Service no Service rates Service dropped Service immediately Service explained Service Outside Service donors Service financed Service West Service 1 Service million Service hydroponic Service greenhouse Service education Service Federally Service mandated Service surveys Service evolving Service helped Service satisfaction Service ratings Service number Service Length Service stay Service readmission Service decreased Service Deloitte Service study Service found Service profitability Service associated Service high Service scores Service New Service construction Service opportunities Service use Service design Service Curved Service hallway Service walls Service Sound Service proofing Service More Service friendly Service gathering Service spaces Service Cupboards Service keep Service instruments Service sight ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#New_York_Presbyterian_Hospital_ Service York Service Presbyterian Service Hospital Service Alan Service Lee Service noted Service amenities Service increase Service operating Service expenses Service billing Service absolutely Service rely Service grant Service funding Service But Service tradeoffs Service On Service site Service stores Service spas Service places Service attract ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_OR Service resources Service ORs Service cope

New Why New York Lags So Far Behind on Natural Childbirth - Economic situation /New Why New York Lags So Far Behind on Natural Childbirth
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Dec_2018_NYT_Why_New_York_Lags_So_Far Dec 2018 NYT Why New York Lags So Far New Julie New Satow New reports New Lisa New Binderow New envisioned New her New labor New thousand New times New She New bought New birthing New ball New hired New doula New practiced New hypnotherapy New Her New plan New deliver New demodwbp New awffwpwgco New Mount_Sinai_Health_System_ New West New Birthing New Center New area New hospital New marked New pastel New curtains New family New size New beds New large New tubs New Separated New regular New delivery New floor New women New want New natural New childbirth New minimal New medical New intervention New But New explains New service New operating New terrible New experience New demand New strong New rising New York New hospitals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mount_Sinai_Health_System_ New Sinai New New_York_Presbyterian_Hospital_ New Allen New Hospital New Lower New Manhattan New Bellevue New reduced New services New associated New infrastructure New And New state New regulations New require New midwifes New centers New supervised New doctor New states New run New limitations New constraints New opportunity New births New Reducing New available New facilities New Encouraging New seek New profitable New FFS New interventions New section New reimbursed New 10 New 000 New more New vaginal ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Episiotomy New Episiotomies ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Sleep New sleep New injections New plans New 13 New NICU New 15 New private New postpartum New 900 New night New Presbyterian New building New Alexandra New Cohen New Women New Newborns New 75 New rooms New 60 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_OR New proximate New OR New art New maternity New facility New compete New hotel New like New awffwpwsigov New Aug_2016_With_Room_Service_and_More New City New African New Americans New die New 12 New often New whites New Home New viewed New risky New insurance New network New home New Doulas New Midwifery New practices New closed New response New high New malpractice New low New reimbursements ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#New_York_City_Health_and_Hospitals New NYCHHC New Metropolitan New bucks New partnership New Village New Maternity New offers New no New extra New charge New four New remaining New Brooklyn New Buffalo New Jersey New accommodating New Texas New 70 New California New 44

Close NYT Repurposing Closed Hospitals as For-Profit Medical Malls - Economic situation /Close NYT Repurposing Closed Hospitals as For-Profit Medical Malls
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Mar_2014_NYT_Repurposing_Close_Hospitals Mar 2014 NYT Repurposing Close Hospitals Close New Close Jersey Close lost Close 26 Close hospitals Close last Close 20 Close years Close required Close provide Close charity Close care Close challenging Close urban Close lots Close uninsured Close patients Close lose Close fee Close paying Close custom Close outpatient Close departments Close insurers Close constraining Close use Close high Close cost Close inpatient Close treatment Close And Close maintain Close call Close specialists Close nursing Close staff Close recent Close former Close buildings Close repurposed Close developers Close reopening Close private Close medical Close complexes Close offer Close many Close services Close provided Close Since Close 2008 Close struggling Close cities Close Paterson Close Hammonton Close Trenton Close converting Close often Close ideal Close structures Close uses Close demodwbp Close awffwpwgco Close For Close Profit_Medical_Malls Close Medical Close Barnert_Medical_Arts_Complex Close housing ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urgent_care_clinic Close Urgent Close centers Close leveraging Close ED Close subacute Close based Close floor Close Doctors Close offices ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Dialysis_centers Close Dialysis Close Stand_alone_value_added_surgery_centers Close Outpatient Close operating Close theaters Close Global Close life Close Enterprises Close restructuring Close Mercer Close Hospital Close make Close way Close 540 Close million Close state Close art Close facility Close Hopewell Close aim Close health Close wellness Close plans Close hotel Close like Close lobby Close waterfall Close adutl Close day Close spa Close possibly Close yoga Close create Close mall Close explained Close founder Close Priti Close Pandya Close Patel Close Critics Close complain Close no Close substitute Close original Close Unlike Close individual Close providers Close Mall Close serve Close community Close non Close profit Close malls Close necessarily Close same Close ones Close prior Close PCP Close pediatrician Close might Close prioritized Close relative Close Medical_Group_Management_Association_ Close oncologist Close Often Close network Close translating Close higher Close pocket Close costs Close Communities Close mix Close find Close remaining Close burdened Close poor Close while Close customers Close targeted Close David Close Knowlton Close president Close Health Close Care Close Quality Close Institute Close comments Close You Close increasingly Close hard Close safety Close survive Close downward Close spiral

R E.R., Not a Hospital, Is Set to Open at St. Vincent's Site - Economic situation /R E.R., Not a Hospital, Is Set to Open at St. Vincent's Site
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2014_NYT_E.R._Not_a_Hospital_Is Jul 2014 NYT E.R. Not a Hospital Is ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Not a reports Not a free Not a standing Not a ED ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Lenox_Hill_HealthPlex Not a Lenox Not a Hill Not a HealthPlex Not a open Not a old Not a St Not a Vincent Not a Hospital Not a site Not a driven Not a bottom Not a line Not a profits Not a demodwbp Not a awffwpwgco Not a North_Shore Not a Long_Island_Jewish_Health Not a System Not a owns Not a facility Not a community Not a wants Not a Since Not a Vincents Not a closure Not a residents Not a across Not a town Not a Bellevue_Hospital_Center_New_York Not a Bellvue Not a Mount_Sinai_Hospital Not a Sinai Not a Beth Not a New_York_University_Langone_Medical Not a NYU Not a Others Not a argue Not a hospital Not a groups Not a intend Not a use Not a high Not a profile Not a branded Not a alone Not a EDs Not a competition Not a awffwpwgl Not a gl_Urgent_care_clinic Not a urgent care Not a charge Not a far Not a higher Not a prices Not a usually Not a treat Not a anyone Not a visits Not a Similarly

R An E.R. That Treats You Like a V.I.P. - Economic situation /R An E.R. That Treats You Like a V.I.P.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Apr_2018_NYT_An_E.R._That_Treats_You Apr 2018 NYT An E.R. That Treats You E.R Paul E.R Sullivan E.R reports E.R 3 E.R recent E.R Sunday E.R Herb E.R Wilson E.R wife E.R fell E.R backward E.R bathroom E.R New York E.R apartment E.R hit E.R her E.R head E.R first E.R fall E.R She E.R demodwbp E.R awffwpwgl E.R gl_Parkinsons_disease E.R Parkinson E.R fallen E.R many E.R times E.R causing E.R worry E.R leveraged E.R having E.R contracted E.R awffwpwgco E.R Focused_high_value_private_practice_ E.R concierge E.R Priority_Private_Care_ E.R Hospitals E.R providing E.R service ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Mount_Sinai_Hospital E.R Mount E.R Sinai E.R Exclusive E.R Services E.R Department E.R Hospital_for_Special_Surgery_in_New_York E.R Ambassador ../demodwbp/awffwpwgsu.htm#Weill_Cornell_Medicine_ E.R Weill E.R Cornell E.R Medicine E.R International E.R Patient E.R Private E.R Care E.R business E.R leverages E.R legal E.R constraint E.R EDs E.R treat E.R sickest E.R patients E.R law E.R You E.R wait E.R more E.R high E.R risk E.R attended E.R And E.R lot E.R people E.R visiting E.R often E.R problems E.R don E.R care E.R State E.R average E.R before E.R sent E.R home E.R three E.R hours E.R City E.R five E.R Texas E.R standalone E.R ERs E.R allowed E.R Coppell E.R framework E.R offer

Is The Doctor Is In, Co-Pay? $40,000. - Economic situation /Is The Doctor Is In, Co-Pay? $40,000.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jun_2017_NYT_The_Doctor_Is_In_Co-Pay Jun 2017 NYT The Doctor Is In Co-Pay Nelson Schwartz reports John Battelle teenage son broke leg suburban soccer game naturally first call parents made 911 second demodwbp awffwpwgco Private_Medical_is_a Dr Jordan concierge doctor here treats Mr family ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Private_Medical_Group Shlain Medical ensured treatment carried respected orthopedic surgeon California_Pacific_Medical_Center_CPMC San Francisco just like plane flights cruise ships amusement parks money buys access faster better health care ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_US US delays lengthen gaining doctors wealthy families able immediate ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#MD_Squared MD Squared MD_Squareds_Dr _Harlan_Matles_ internist seeing 20 25 patients day while previously working Stanford Hospital allowed little time At Matles says I give energy deserves wish offered everyone my old practice wasn feasible Private_Medicals_Dr _Sarah_Green _Rex_Chiu motivated quality dedicate hospitals responding opportunity serve super rich Stanfords_focus_on_leading_edge help compete red blanket service major donors signal staff importance ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Lenox_Hill_Hospital_ Lenox Hill hired Joe Leggio Louis Vuitton Nordstrom create ambience luxury boutique hotel five star services maternity ward Park Avenue Suite costs 400 night attracted Beyonce Chelsea Clinton Simon Cowell girlfriend suite includes separate sitting room kitchenette full wardrobe closet view

Wait The Long Wait to See a Doctor - Economic situation /Wait The Long Wait to See a Doctor
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jul_2014_NYT_The_Long_Wait_to_See_a Jul 2014 NYT The Long Wait to See a Wait editorial Wait sites Wait findings Wait demodwbp Wait awffwpwgsu Wait Merritt_Hawkins_and_Associates Wait 2013_Merritt_Hawkins_survey_of_wait Wait Americans Wait already Wait experiencing Wait long Wait waits Wait doctor Wait appointments Wait note ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ACA Wait worse Wait ACA Wait expands Wait number Wait people Wait covered Wait insurance Wait survey Wait showed Wait little Wait change Wait across Wait specialities Wait surveys Wait 2009 Wait 2004 Wait consistent Wait international Wait 2013_Commonwealth_Fund_international Wait 11 Wait industrialized Wait countries Wait The_Commonwealth_Fund_ Wait Commonwealth Wait When Wait sick Wait 26 Wait percent Wait six Wait days Wait longer Wait better Wait only Wait Canada Wait Norway Wait national Wait health Wait systems Wait Britain Wait Netherlands Wait Patients Wait Switzerland Wait reported Wait shorter Wait see Wait specialist Wait patients Wait US Wait reduce Wait wait times ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Wait Increase Wait PCP Wait Allow Wait nurses Wait physician Wait assistants Wait provide Wait more Wait care Wait Open Wait primary care Wait clinics Wait Add Wait political Wait pressure Wait happened Wait problems Wait Veterans Wait add

Many Welcoming. Until Now. - Economic situation /Many Welcoming. Until Now.
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Sep_2017_NYT_For_Many_Medical_Students Sep 2017 NYT For Many Medical Students Many Anemona Many Harticollis Many Amy Many Harmon Many report Many Hurricane Many Maria Many roared Many island Many Dominica Many Tuesday Many dozens Many parents Many students Many demodwbp Many awffwpwgsu Many Ross_University_School_of_Medicine_ Many posted Many anguished Many messages Many school Many Facebook Many page Many searching Many children Many praying Many survived Many unscathed Many There Many medical Many schools Many Caribbean Many Most Many profit Many leverage Many cash Many reserve Many clinical Many training Many posts Many target Many people Many gain Many access Many limited Many number Many places Many US Many willing Many pay Many higher Many fees Many charge Many qualification Many allow Many doctors Many typically Many focused ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_PCP Many poor Many urban Many rural Many PCP Many jobs Many supplied Many universities Many usually Many see Many tropical Many paradise Many current Many hurricane Many season Many tampered Many view Many If Many rebuilding Many delays Many dates Many huge Many loans Many more Many problematic Many 2004 Many St Many _Georges_School_of_Medicine_ Many responded Many damage Many moving Many New York Many ensure Many graduated Many time Many American Many negatively Many competitors Many Arguing Many provide Many inferior Many education Many Limiting Many rotations Many trained

Much SJMN How Much Is That Aspirin At The Hospital? - Economic situation /Much SJMN How Much Is That Aspirin At The Hospital?
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Jan_2019_SJMN_How_Much_Is_That_Aspirin Jan 2019 SJMN How Much Is That Aspirin Much John Much Woolfolk Much Kaitlyn Much Bartley Much report Much Oakland Much Highland Much Hospital Much lists Much price Much single Much chest Much X Much ray Much 131 Much while Much Bay ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCSF_Medical_Center_ Much UCSF Much MC Much say Much ll Much set Much you Much back Much 2 Much 618 Much compare Much prices Much California Much Area Much hospitals ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#UCSF_Medical_Center_ Much Medical Much Center ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Aspirin Much 325 Much Mg Much Aspirin Much 0 Much 00 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_ED Much ED Much level Much 922 Much Vaginal Much delivery Much 5 Much 497 Much Chest Much Penicillin Much 10 Much demodwbp Much awffwpwgco Much Santa_Clara_Valley_Medical_Center Much 02 Much 662 Much 970 Much 358 Much 15 Much 19 Much Stanford Much University Much N Much 477 Much 962 Much 771 Much Muir Much Walnut Much Creek Much 30 Much 489 Much 50 Much 607 Much 75 Much 242 Much Mateo Much 08 Much 235 Much 757 Much 278 Much 90 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Seton_Medical_Center_ Much Seton Much 430 Much 698 Much Good_Samaritan_Hospital_Los_GatosSan Much Jose Much 176 Much 638 Much 129 Much 52 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Highland_Hospital_ Much 029 Much 994 Much Alta Much Bates Much Summit Much Campus Much 013 Much 126 Much 565 Much Lucile Much Packard Much Children Much 40 Much 162 Much 91 Much Washington Much Freemont Much 632 Much 68 Much 500 Much 490 Much 58 Much 20 Much 31 ../demodwbp/awffwpwgco.htm#Kaiser_Permanente Much Kaiser Much Permanente Much Clara Much 148 Much 566 Much 600 Much 89 Much Marin Much General Much 127 Much 86 Much 659 Much 575 Much Dominican Much Research Much 18 Much 152 Much 683 Much federal Much government Much requiring Much post Much chargemaster Much web Much sites Much CMS Much assert Much Trump Much administration Much priority Much payer Much bill Much rights Much required Much state Much provide Much similar Much details Much average Much common Much procedures Much Office Much Statewide Much Health Much Planning Much Development Much note Much finding Much pages Much very Much difficult Much And Much insurance Much plan Much agreement Much discounts Much deductibles Much copayments Much correspond Much patients Much pocket Much costs Much wide Much variation Much standardization Much items Much means Much consumer Much comparisons Much little Much meaning Much inpatient Much DRG Much charges Much vaginal Much without Much complications Much 53 Much 184

Came - Economic situation /Came
awffwpwbeco13.htm#Nov_2016_NYT_First_Came_the_Emergency._ Nov 2016 NYT First Came the Emergency. Came Margot Came Sanger Came Katz Came Reed Came Abelson Came report Came Doug Came Moore Came town Came Florida Came conference Came information Came technology Came October Came 2015 Came struck Came terrible Came abdominal Came pain Came tried ../demodwbp/awffwpwgl.htm#gl_Urgent_care_clinic Came urgent Came care Came center Came several Came doctors Came No Came see Came So Came headed Came n