Questions for value chain participants


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This set of questions is intended to provide <name of health care provider> with an accurate characterization of the health care business to support the development of an effective mission and business strategies. 


Questions about the person:
  • What business problem keeps you awake at night?
Questions about the health care supply chain:
Questions for the teaching hospital staff:
Questions about the acute hospital business:
Questions about the chronic hospital business:
  • What chronic diseases does your hospital focus on?
  • Is the percentage of patients with multiple chronic problems reducing? (It was 40% nationally in 2001.)
Questions for the PCP is a Primary Care Physician.  PCPs are viewed by legislators and regulators as central to the effective management of care.  When coordinated care had worked the PCP is a key participant.  In most successful cases they are central.  In certain Medicare ACO models (Pioneer) PCPs are committed to achieve meaningful use requirements.  Working against this is the: replacement of diagnostic skills by technological solutions, low FFS leverage of the PCP compared to specialists, demotivation of battling prior authorization for expensive treatments. 
Questions for Regulators and Lawmakers: