Infrastructure execution plan


In this page we discuss Infrastructure strategies derived from the strategic SWOT analysis and clustering. 


The Operational Strategies
The operational strategies provide a detailed cascading description of the business's adaptive goals through their status is a formatted part of an AWF execution plan strategy which describes within square brackets '[]' the strategy type (update or PDCA), and the status (not done, part done or done).  If the type keyword is associated with an HTML link to a child exection plan the link can be monitored by the dark web generator.  The state of a monitored region in the child will be represented by a generated link associated with the strategy status description's "done" keyword. 
structure "[update|pdca not done|part done|done] <resource>" where special HTML linkages are added by the dark web generator is a Perl script, typically launched as a child process within the configuration editor, by clicking 'generate web', which executes frame configuration file instructions merging the configuration variables with an HTML template file to generate target web pages.  The configuration instructions can be tailored by filters from the configuration file specified filter file. 
.  The status's 'done' linkages signal, by turning back to red, changed situations in the associated action plan's related region, while status resource name linkages can allow traversal to the resource's open dark web is a web site that is not open to the Internet.  It is a set of deployed HTML files in a directory which refer to each other via file based references relative to the directory.   instance where more details of the actions will exist. 

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Resource Management

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