Value delivery system

Value Delivery System 


In this page we review the proximate value delivery system. 

Extrenal linkages are reviewed.
Internal linkages are discussed. 
Key agents are identified. 


Many agents contribute to the customer value chain.

Our hospital provides value through the following value chains. 



The funnel provides one force driving the value delivery flow.

USA funnel model

2013 Jan, 

Value Chain

Analysis of the value chain forces the identification and characterization of the target customer, value proposition, who provides the value, and who communicates the value.

Enterprise structure 

End-to-end Product & Consulting/Services
Operating business units
Services organization
Core business

The VP of Research and Development takes ownership of these aspects from the CEO and business plan derived goals.  Once R&D resources have agreed to execute the goals they can be delegated: Jim and James are used in this example of R&D core delegates for want of an abstraction for the scope of any title.  In general you want real people named and roles they are doing described here rather than abstractions. 

<awffwranddexample James>

<awffwranddexample Jim>


Partner program

Systems and Solutions Marketing

Corporate Regional marketing

NA Marketing
Sales training



Corporate accounts




Marketing communications system

Marketing communications specialists


An example analyst
Business Analyst relations
Analyst feedback

Public Relations

Press relations


Competitor research
Publishing & events

Financial systems

Venture funds
Accel Partners, Amerindo Investment Advisors, Austin Ventures, Brentwood, Bowman Capital Management, Comdisco, Grosvenor, Kinetic Ventures, Matrix Partners, Meritech, J.P. Morgan, New enterprise associates, North Bridge Venture Partners, Oak, Pequot Capital, Sprout Group, TechnoInvest, Worldview Technology Partners
Kleiner, Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB)
KPCB is significant for its early investments by general partner Doerr in Tandem Computer, Compaq computer, Genentech, Cypress Semiconductor Symantec, Sun and others.

Value Delivery Systems:

Value Proposition - For <target> who have to <need>, the <proposed> solution is a <solution description> that <summary value>
Providing the value: <key roles in chain>
Communicating the value: <Evidence facets>
To key target agent.: <solution> is <situational benefit>
Solution construction agents and the value they add Communication agents and the value they add