In this page we introduce the administration of a AWF dark web. 

In this page we introduce the adaptive plans covered in the frame. 

Each plan is an aggregate of data and analysis focused by the mission of the particular business within the corporate portfolio.

Context sensitive help
In this page we first introduce the problem of complexity increasingly affecting business.  We discuss how adaptive planning can help cope with complexity.  The adaptive planning process that is supported by the AWF is outlined. 

Each plan is an aggregate of data and analysis focused by the mission of the particular business within the portfolio.  AWF's set of template documents, tools and processes is introduced. 

Planning web

Our vision


This page describes the vision that motivates and directs AWF is the adaptive web framework.  's missions and strategies. 


Our vision is: building a thinking means operating by iteratively:
  • Executing a planning network. 
  • Validate the results relative to the predictions of models associated with the plan's goals and developed to qualify these goals. 
  • Adjust the goals, strategies and priorities based on the validation. 
  • Update the planning network. 

By building we mean to supply supporting tools, processes and ideas to help enterprises in understanding and coping with complexity, M. Mitchell Waldrop describes a vision of complexity via:
  • Rich interactions that allow a system to undergo spontaneous self-organization
  • Systems that are adaptive
  • More predictability than chaotic systems by bringing order and chaos into
  • Balance at the edge of chaos 

Organizational thinking will use a planning network by which we mean business and execution plans developed by the individuals working in the enterprise but integrated:

AWF is the adaptive web framework.  's tools, processes and templates are delivered as frameworks is the AWF's installation directory within which the template files are organized.  Within any particular framework (such as healthcarepp) there are a number of subdirectories:
  • Awf - contains a template environment.txt file and admin.txt. 
  • en/HTML - contains the us english html source templates of the adaptive plan. 
  • filters - contains a stage directory which has a template filter.txt file. 
  • istrings - contains the merge process example frame configuration files. 
  • jquery - contains the JavaScript for a consistant version of jQuery. 
  • js - contains example javascript. 
  • stage - contains sub directories: css, images, ys
  • templates - contains merge template files referenced by the framework's istrings/ frame configuration files.  
focused by our
This page describes the mission that focuses AWF's vision onto particular markets. 

current mission
onto particular market's strategic challenges.